Guest of the Ghosts

by Steff

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© Copyright 2003 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; Sbf; bond; latex; toys; cons; X

Becky was a sophomore in a down town college. In addition to her studies she worked as an exotic dancer. Becky also played the lottery and entered many raffles. One Sunday John, her boyfriend, took her to his church bazaar. In addition to riding the rides she also bought a few raffle ticket. They were just about ready to leave when the drawing happened. Becky won the grand prize. 

The grand prize was an old house built on a large plot of land. The house was built many years ago. The owners of the house donated it to the church because they were being transferred. Becky was really excited to go and look at her new house. She decided that she was going there Friday. She did not have class so she would get up early and drive out there. John would meet her Saturday afternoon. When Friday finally came she got up early and left before 7. She arrived at the house at about 12.

The grounds around the house were heavily wooded. After the turn off from the main road it was another 5 miles to the house. The house was enormous. It was 3 stories plus a basement. As Becky walked up to the house she noticed a car on the side. The front door opened and man in a suit came walking down the stairs to greet here.

“Hi. I’m Mr. Wilson,” he said. “I’m the estate lawyer. I have a few forms for you to sign and then everything you see is all yours. If you will follow me to the study we can get started.”

She followed him inside. The house was fully furnished. When they arrived in the study she signed all the forms and was given the keys to the house. After the lawyer left she started to explore the house. The first floor was for normal living activities. It had two living rooms, a study, two game rooms, an event hall, the kitchen and a large dining room. The second floor was all bedrooms. Each room was bigger than the apartment she was living in downtown. The third floor consisted of a large pool and sun deck. One side of the pool had a natural looking rock formation and waterfall. Becky fell in love with the house right away. 

The master bedroom was fully stocked; from the king sized waterbed to the dressers. The bathroom was large also. It had a walk-in shower, hot tub, two sinks and a couple of large mirrors. The first walk in closet she looked in had clothes that the former owner left. She guessed that was what the lawyer meant when he said the owner asked that anything that she did not want should be donated to charity.

The second walk in closet was a real shock. Inside hung all kinds of kinky outfits made out of many different kinds of materials. She looked through the closet and saw latex, leather, silk and other types of outfits. There were catsuits, leotards, tights and other things of a slinky nature. Hanging on the back wall were many restraints and body harnesses. Many of the outfits looked like things she would wear to dance in but there were some, actually most of them, designed to restrain the wearer.

“The people that lived here were into some really kinky stuff,” she thought. 

Becky really got nosy and decided to check out the rest of the house. She hoped there was more. She had never tried bondage but was thinking of it and looking at pictures always got her excited. She looked in the dressers next. In one of the drawers she found kinky underwear, in the second she found tons of sex toys and in another one she found more bondage items. Becky spent the rest of the day looking around but found nothing else like that. After dinner she tried to look in the basement but the door was locked. She made a note to call the lawyer Monday and get the key from him. 

Becky was tired from the drive and all the looking around so she decided to turn in early. She went up to the master bedroom and took a nice long bath. She really enjoyed the large tub. After the bath she realized that she had left her luggage in the car. Since it had started to rain she figured she might as well try out some of the kinky looking panties, after all they were hers now. 

She went to the dresser and began to look through it. In the drawers she found mostly latex, but she also found leather. Some of the panties had dildos in them. Examining the bras was interesting to. Some had nubs to excite the wearers nipples, some had holes so the nipples stuck out and some had wires in them. Looking at each piece of underwear made her horny and she wished John were there. She decided to just wear a pair of latex panties and go to sleep. 

Becky pulled out the panties she wanted, threw them on the bed and went to the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed. She returned and put the panties on. As she pulled them up she felt something inside them. She looked and noticed there was a dildo inside them. “I cannot believe I didn’t notice that. It might be fun,” she said out loud. She guided the dildo into position and pulled the panties up. The dildo slid up into her pussy. She smoothed the panties out and then laid down to go to sleep. The dildo was sized just perfectly and filled her comfortably. As she stretched out she felt something in the corner of the bed. She sat up and looked. Attached to the corner was a padded steel cuff about an inch and a half wide. The cuff was attached to the headboard by a chain. She found another cuff attached to the other side. She also found similar cuffs at the foot of the bed.

Becky closed the one she found first and heard a click. The cuff stayed closed for a couple of seconds than it opened. A computer voice said the time wasn’t set. Becky looked around and found a dial on the side of the headboard. The dial had two clocks. One showed the current time and the other was set to 12. The one that read 12 was labeled “release time.” 

“These things might be fun,” she thought. She set the time for five minutes and closed the cuffs attached to the headboard. After the time was up the cuffs opened. “I think these panties are getting to me,” she thought as she set the time for 30 minutes. She laid on the bed, spread her legs and closed the cuffs around her ankles. When the cuffs closed they locked. Becky pulled on the cuffs and she could not close her legs or get the cuffs loose. She laid back and locked one around her wrist. As she laid her other wrist in the last cuff it snapped closed. “That was cool.”

She lay there and pulled against the cuffs. The pads did well and the cuffs were comfortable. As she fought against the cuffs, she could feel the dildo moving. Because the movement was so little all it did was get her hornier. After 30 minutes all the cuffs opened. She sat up and reached down into her panties and began to play with herself. Just before she orgasmed a picture fell off the dresser and into the opened drawer. She moaned and got up to pick up the picture. Becky removed the picture and a pair of panties came out with it. 

She put the picture back and then looked at the panties. They were made out of heavy red latex. In the crotch there were two dildos. One was smaller than the other. She decided to try them on. She removed the pair she had on. She then lubed the dildos on the other pair. She stepped into the new pair and pulled them up. They were really tight and the thick latex made then difficult to pull up. The dildos slid easily into her pussy. She slowly slid the other one into her ass. She felt really full and when she walked around she could feel something inside the dildos moving. The movements reminded her what she was doing before the picture fell. She walked back to the bed and began to play with herself again. After she had an orgasm she went to sleep.

Becky woke up to find her arms and legs spread out and locked in the padded cuffs. She could feel someone nibbling on her nipples and the dildos inside her began to fuck her. She couldn’t see anyone in the room but the attention was really doing a number on her. Before too long she could feel an orgasm building inside her.  Bound the way she was all she could do was lay there. Her body betrayed her and she was hit by the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. The wave of pleasure continued for a long time before she finally passed out. 

Becky woke again to find herself lying in bed comfortably covered. She figured her experience last night was just a dream. When she sat up she yelped as she dildos began to vibrate. Both of them vibrated with far more intensity than they did in the dream. She laid back and began to play with herself through the panties. Once she orgasmed she reached between her legs but was unable to find out how to turn off the vibrators. She was just about to remove the panties when she was rocked by a second orgasm. This one lasted for a long time. When she recovered she got up, removed the panties and took a shower. 

After her shower she realized she still had not gone out to her car for her clothes. Becky looked in the closet again and decided to wear one of the outfits. After looking for a couple of minutes she decided on green leather mini skirt and matching top. She went to the panty drawer and picked out a latex thong. The clothes fit her perfectly and looked like they were brand new.

“John is going to love this,” she said.

She went downstairs and made breakfast. When she was done eating there was a knock on the door. Becky answered it and found the lawyer standing there.

He said, “I’m sorry but yesterday I forgot a few things. Here are the rest of the house keys. I also forgot to tell you that the previous owners hired a maid service. The service was prepaid for 5 years. They come and clean three times a week. Lastly as part of the lottery deal the owners made they will cover the first $500 in monthly utilities for the next five years.”

“I take it they really wanted me to stay here for five years didn’t they,” I replied.

“Not really. They made it big on the stock market and are using this donation as a big tax write off, like over the next five years,” the lawyer said. 

Becky signed a few more forms, scheduled to have the house cleaned on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then the lawyer left. She cleaned up the dishes from breakfast then went out to her car and got her luggage. On her way inside she saw John driving up. She waited on the steps for him.

“You must have woke up early to get here so quickly,” Becky said.

“Well you know me, I can’t stand to be away from you for to long. Besides I wanted to check this place out,” he replied. “Where did you get that really nice looking outfit that you have on?”

“The old owners left it, along with all kinds of other interesting stuff. Come inside and take a look,” she said.

She led him on a quick tour of the house ending in the master bedroom. John seemed really interested in the stuff in the closet. His primary interest was in the bondage stuff.

“I didn’t know you were into that kinda stuff,” Becky commented.

“Well… Yes, I am, but I wasn’t sure how to bring it up to you and all the good stuff is really expensive. Are you into this stuff?”

She though about her dream and the way it felt being cuffed to the bed and said, “I haven’t really tried it, but I have wanted to try it. I mean the restraint part, not the whips and pain thing.” Becky really liked the shocked look on his face

“Are you for real?” he asked with an evil grin on his face.

Becky looked at him and realized that he would really enjoy tying her up. She said, “I thought so but then I saw that look on your face and now I’m not so sure.”

“What? Me? Whatever are you talking about?” John replied putting on his best innocent kid look. The look told her he really wanted to. She showed him the stuff in the dresser and judging by the bulge in his pants he was really hoping to tie her up.

“I know I’m going to regret this but what did you have in mind to do to me?” she asked.

“Nothing really. I was just going tie you up, use a lot of these toys on you and then fuck you till you scream and beg me to stop. After that I might untie you so you can get some rest,” he said. “Have you ever been tied up before?”

“There is a timer thing built into the bed. I tried that out last night,” she replied. She showed him the timer and the cuffs and told him how they worked. “Tell you what. I’ll set the time for an hour then you can cuff me down and play. After that…well we’ll just have to see.”

He looked at her longingly and said, “That sound like a good place to start. I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

Becky removed her clothes, set the timer clock for an hour, and then locked herself spread eagle on the bed. She could not believe that she’d just done that. She was naked and tied spread out so John could do anything he wanted to her. John walked around the bed looking at her like a hawk circles its prey. He pushed a button and the chains on the cuff pulled tight. The cuffs were pulled till all the slack was taken out of the chains and Becky couldn’t close her legs or pull her arms at all. “I don’t know what you did but all the slack in the cuffs is gone. I can’t move much at all.”

John laughed and said, “That was the plan. Now what to do with you… I mean to you?”

He walked over to the drawer with all the toys in it and removed almost everything in it. As he sorted all the stuff out with one hand he used his other to tease Becky. He tickled her and played with her tits and pussy. Once he was done sorting he got a vibrator out and began to use it all over her crotch. Becky tried to move so the vibrations would become more intense but she could not, bound the way she was. John laughed and continued to tease her.

“John, you really are evil,” she said.

John then shoved the vibrator all the way into her wet pussy. He held it in place and with his other hand he grabbed another one and used it on her clit. Becky could tell he knew what he was doing because in no time she had her first orgasm. It came on her quickly. She was caught by such a surprise she screamed and jerked against her bonds. John laughed and continued until she recovered from her second orgasm. Her second was more intense the first, and again she screamed when it hit.

“I guess that means you like bondage,” John said as he removed both the vibrators.

“Not being able to stop you really adds to the sensations. To answer your question yes I am having fun,” she said.

“Good because there’s more where that came from. This looks interesting,” he said as he climbed in between her spread legs.

He gentle shoved something into her pussy and moved it around some. He then removed it and began to slowly push it into her ass. 

“What are you doing?” Becky asked.

“What does it feel like I’m doing?” he replied, “Besides I bet you will enjoy this. Now just relax it will make life easier.” The butt plug continued to slid in until the largest part was past Becky’s sphincter muscle then the plugs progress was stopped by the base. John then lay on his stomach and began to lick her sensitive clit. He licked and sucked as she wiggled and squirmed but he didn’t stop. After a few seconds the butt plug began to vibrate. It did not take long before she had another orgasm.

He got off the bed and pulled something else out of the dresser. Before she really had time to full recover, he pulled a rubber hood over her head. The hood covered her whole head. There was a built in cock gag and eye covers. She was able to breath through a hole in the gag and through openings for her nostrils. 

Becky heard him doing something at the head of the bed when he said, “I’ve just increased the time for you. I am going down stairs to look around. I hope you don’t go anywhere soon.” He kissed here over the gag and walked out laughing as she pulled at her bonds and screamed into the gag. 

Becky struggled for about five minutes before she gave up and just relaxed. A few minutes after she gave up trying to get loose she felt someone begin to play with her clit. The person started by rubbing lightly. The intensity soon began to increase. Who ever it was also turn the vibrating butt plug on. She moaned into her gag as she approached orgasm. As she started to cum a dildo was shoved into her pussy. Between the vibrating plug, the attention on her clit and beginning fucked by the dildo her orgasm continued for a long time. When she started to come down the dildo quit moving and her clit was left alone. The butt plug was also turned off and in a few minutes she fell asleep.

Becky woke when she felt John releasing her from the bed’s restraints. She moaned into the hood’s gag as she began to stretch and get feeling back into her limbs. John removed the hood and gave he something to drink. After Becky was finished drinking he helped her to the bathroom so she could get cleaned up. After a long shower and a nap she went downstairs and found John sitting on the couch watching TV. 

“That was really fun,” she said.

He grinned and replied, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff, but I’m glad I found out.”

“I really enjoyed the last bit of fun you had with me, after you covered my head with the hood.”

“What do you mean?” John asked. “I went downstairs to watch the ball game and came up to find you asleep. You must’ve had a really interesting dream.”

Becky said, “I guess so. It felt so real I thought you came up and had some more fun with me.”

They spent the rest of the day exploring the house and grounds. In the woods outside the house they found a clearing that was also used for some kind of bondage games. There was a stone table with a padded cover. The pads were indented to hold the form of a woman. Also there were some trees that had hooks in them. The hooks were positioned at the perfect height to pull someone’s arms up and keep them apart. The trees also had hooks about a foot above the ground, used for spreading legs. They went for a swim after dinner and found that concealed in the rocks were anchor points that could also be used for bondage games.

“The people that built this house were really into their sex games,” Becky commented as they lay down to sleep.

They were woken up early in the morning by John’s cell phone. After a short conversation John said, “I have to go. There is a brush fire and my volunteer station has been called to help fight it. I’m sorry we can’t play today, but since the house is yours we’ll have more time.”

John left and Becky went back to sleep. Late in the morning she woke up and decided to try out another pair of panties. “The first pair I grab I will wear,” she said. She opened the drawer and pulled out a red pair of rubber ones. She went and took a shower. When she got out she grabbed the panties and noticed that they were blue. “I thought I grabbed a red pair. I must have been more tired than I thought. Oh well I guess one pair is as good as another.”  She examined the panties and noticed that there was a dildo built into them. Becky shrugged and decided to put the panties on. After lubing the dildo up she put the panties on. They were kinda tight but felt good. She walked over to the closet to decide what else she wanted to wear. When she started walking something inside the dildo moved. It felt like the dildo was filled with some heavy liquid. “It’s going to be a long day. I’m going shopping and with these things on I wonder how much I’m going to get done.”

Becky decided to wear a tight latex one piece blue mini dress. The dress was the same color as the panties. She found matching heels. Since the cars in the garage were hers too she took the convertible Mustang and went to a mall. The drive didn’t bother her much but when she started walking the movement in the dildo really started to get her wet. After a short time she was really glad the panties were so tight that none of the juices would get out and run down her legs. Two hours into her shopping trip she was so horny the she went into the ladies room to finger herself to an orgasm. Between her finger on her clit and her fucking herself with the dildo she had a large intense orgasm. She left the stall and went to fix her hair.

“Was that as nice as you made it sound?” someone asked. Becky turned around to see a tall women standing in the entrance to the stall next to the one she just left. The woman, about 5’10”; 150 lbs, long blond hair and blue eyes walked up to her and said, “I really like that dress.”

“Thanks,” Becky replied nervously.

The woman laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it. I have had to do things like that. I will tell you what; you come by my shop and look around. If there is anything that you like you ask for me. Here is my card. I work on commission. You stop by and look and I will keep your little secret.”

“What if I don’t?”

She laughed and said, “I’ll still keep your secret. After all who would I tell? I don’t know you. I just figure with the outfit you’re wearing and what I imagine you are wearing underneath I think you’ll enjoy my little store.” She walked out of the ladies room leaving Becky alone. The card was from “The Adult Superstore.” The name on the card read Monica Johnson.

“I’ll have to check it out,” Becky commented. She continued here shopping trip and decided to play the lottery before she left the mall. She had just enough time to buy a lottery ticket before the lottery numbers were chosen. She was filling out the ticket when the pencil broke; when she returned the numbers were already filled out. “I didn’t fill those in. What the hell, one set of numbers is as good as another.” She turned the selections in and picked up her tickets. Becky went to the food court eat so she could find out the number right way. 

When she returned to where she bought the lottery ticket there was a lot of excitement. “What is all the excitement?” she asked.

“Someone from here sold the winning ticket and he gets a bonus for selling it,” one of the employees replied.

“Can you see if I’m the BIG winner will you?” Becky asked jokingly. The guy took the ticket and ran them thought the computer.

He looked up with a shocked look and said, “Not only did you win the jackpot but you won $10,000 also. How would you like the $10,000? Cash or check?”

“Are you for real?” was all she could ask.

“Yes ma’am I am.”

“Then give me the 10 grand in cash please. How do I get the rest?” she asked

“You need to go to the main lottery office on 5th Street tomorrow,” he replied.

Becky filled out the paperwork and the left the mall with $10,000 in cash. She decided to go and checkout Ms Johnson’s store. She found it without any trouble. The building was huge. It was five stories and about as big major department store. Becky walked in and asked the first employee she saw were Ms. Johnson was. Becky went to the basement to find her.

“Hi,” Monica said, as Becky walked out of the elevator.


“I’m glad you came by,” she said

Becky replied, “You didn’t give me much choice. I don’t want my rep ruined.”

Monica rolled her eyes and asked, “So what are you interested in?”

“I’m an exotic dancer so I’m interested in things for that, but just show me what you got. Let’s start with what’s down here and work our way up the stairs.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Monica replied. “The only real problem is that the basement and first floor are just movies and storage. Why don’t we just start on the second floor?”

“This is your store, I’m just along for the ride,” Becky commented

Becky went on the tour of the store. The second floor was clothes. All the erotic clothes you could imagine. They had clothes made out of rubber, leather, silk, or anything you wanted. The third floor had all the toys, vibrators, dildos, and things like that. The fourth and fifth floors were devoted to bondage. The fourth floor had restraints of all kinds and accessories. The fifth floor had many different kinds of furniture and machines.

As they reached the fifth floor Becky sat down on one of the benches and an orgasm rolled over her. Monica looked down at her and said, “I guess you really like this kinda stuff.”

Becky blushed and replied, “It’s not that. It’s the panties I’m wearing.”

Monica licked her lips sat down next to her and said, “Whenever you’re ready.”

After a few minutes Becky got up and started to look around. She spent three hours looking throughout the whole store. She bought tons of stuff. She arranged to have the stuff delivered to the house on Saturday so John could help her set everything up and try it out. 

As Becky was walking out Monica asked, “Do you always walk around with that kinda money on you?”

“Not always, that was the money I won just before I came over.” 

Becky got in her car and drove home. Since it was late she just went upstairs, which caused another orgasm, stripped and went to sleep. She awoke to find the clothes that she thought she put on the floor hanging in the bathroom cleaned and drying. She climbed into the tub and took a good long soak. When she went into the bedroom she found an outfit laid out on the bed and a note. 

The note read, “Put on the outfit and go to the outside altar.”

She decided to play along so she got dressed. She put on first a latex leotard that was crotchless and had openings for her breasts. Then she put on latex leggings that went all the way up to her crotch. Long latex gloves and a collar were next. She decided to wait on the hood since it had a cock gag and she wanted breakfast. “This outfit is cool. I’ll play John’s game for now. I guess the ‘altar’ is that table in the clearing.” Becky though. 

After breakfast she put the hood on and walked out to the altar. “This feels strange walking outside with my pussy and breast hanging out and a cock gag in my mouth,” she thought as she walked. She entered the clearing and looked around but couldn’t see anyone. She did find another note on top of the altar.

The note read, “Lay down and make yourself comfortable. You should have no problem figuring out how to.” She examined the altar closely and found two holes in the rubber right about where the legs bent. Becky lay down on top of the altar and stuck her feet into the openings which caused her legs to be spread wide. Along the indentions for her arms she found straps that would loosely hold her arms spread out. They were located at wrists and elbows. She slid her arms through the openings. As soon as both her arms were all the way in the straps tightened. The padding inside the holes also tightened up around her legs. She pulled and wiggled but wasn’t able to even begin to get loose. After a few minutes of struggling, because she wanted to give John a good show; she relaxed to wait for what would happen next. When she laid her head down she relaxed and realized too late that there was now a recess that her head fell into. She heard a click at the top of her hood and felt a slight tension being applied. Because of the tension she couldn’t raise her head. All she could she was the area directly over her head.

Becky flinched when she felt someone run their hand up her leg, stopping just before touching her exposed pussy. Next Becky’s breasts were rubbed and gently squeezed. After a few minutes someone began to lick her pussy.  Becky knew it wasn’t John because of the skill used. She started to really struggle against the altar but again wasn’t able to get loose. With all the attention she was getting it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. She was allowed to rest for a couple of minutes before her pussy was again the center of attention. This time a vibrator was used as her clit was sucked on. It took no time at all before she was cumming again. She came several times in rapid succession before the vibrator was removed and she was given a break. 

When she finally recovered her head was released and the indention that it was pulled into had risen and she could look around some. She looked around as much as her bonds would allow and wasn’t able to see anyone.

“Don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you,” she heard. She looked the direction the voice came from. Two figures appeared out of thin air. They appeared to be semi-transparent people, a man and woman. “I’m Josh and this is my wife, Amy. As you can see we are ghosts. We used to live here many years ago. Since you really like bondage and our little games we would like for you to live here. If you decide you don’t want to live in a haunted house then all we ask is that you leave everything and sell the house or at least don’t destroy the house. We have already arranged for you finical security, so please just think it over. We will leave so you can think things over.”

All the restraints loosened up and Becky climbed off the altar and walked back to the house. Like the ghost said, she had a lot to think about.


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