Girl Time 3: Decisions

by Lobo De La Sombra

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Storycodes: F/ff; FF/f; hogtie; wrap; saranwrap; gag; naked; escape; punish; D/s; slave; chast; reluct/cons; X

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Girl Time 3: Decisions

Carol awoke to a room beginning to brighten with the light of morning. For a moment, she glanced around the room, her eyes eventually coming to rest on the bed. Her friends lay as she'd last seen them. Sandy, her body still stretched by the ropes that bound her limbs to the bed's corner posts, snored softly. Beside her, wrists and ankles cuffed, the chains intertwined in a way that held her heels close to her ass, Myra lay face down, her face snuggled into the shorter woman's shoulder. Both, obviously, were still sound asleep.

Watching them, Carol squirmed slightly. She'd been sitting in this chair all night, and the position was getting to be more than a little uncomfortable. To make matters worse, she had to pee. Knowing it was useless, she threw her upper body forward against the plastic wrapped around her, only to freeze as she felt something give.

For a moment, she held still, pondering what she'd just felt. The plastic around her had been tight, holding her immobile. Now, somehow, it felt looser. Not much, but enough that she knew it wasn't her imagination. But how could this...

Carol's eyes widened. Sandy! Yesterday, Myra had stunned her just as she was preparing to cut the plastic holding Carol. Evidently, she'd managed to make at least a small cut. Not much, probably, but just enough that the force of her lunge had started to tear the plastic. Which meant she could get free, if she had the strength.

Eyes narrowing, Carol began to throw herself forward again and again. Each time, the plastic encasing her upper body loosened just a bit as the tear grew. Finally, after she knew not how many tries, the plastic felt loose all the way to her waist. Her hands were still pinned to the tops of her thighs, but now, with her arms a bit more mobile, she was able, after several tries, to wrench them from beneath the plastic.

Her hands now free, Carol reached up and carefully peeled away the tape covering her mouth, allowing her to remove the cloth stuffed inside. With a frown, she recognized the cloth as two pairs of panties.

"Myra, you little..." Dropping the panties to the floor, Carol attacked the plastic still holding her lower body. After several long moments, she was finally able to stand, free of her plastic prison. For a moment, she gazed at the bed, then a sharp sensation from her bladder sent her rushing to the bathroom.

Returning moments later, Carol moved to stand by the bed. Glancing down, she noticed that Myra seemed to be holding something in one hand. Gently, she pulled Myra's fingers apart to find a key. Probably, she thought, the key to her cuffs, a way to make sure she could get loose once she woke up. Smiling, she lifted the key from Myra's hand. Glancing up, she froze at the sight of Sandy's eyes watching her.

For a moment, the two women simply gazed at each other. Then, slowly, Carol raised one finger to her lips, nodding toward Myra as she did so. Seeing this, Sandy returned the nod. Carefully, Carol began untying the rope holding Sandy in place. Once the last knot was untied, Sandy carefully slid her shoulder from beneath Myra's head, sliding from the bed and rising to her feet. Raising her hands, she unbuckled and removed the gag from her mouth, setting it carefully on one of the chairs. Then, following a gesture from Carol, she followed the other woman from the room.

Without a word, Carol led the way downstairs and to the kitchen, settling onto one of the chairs there. Sandy moved to seat herself as well, only to pause as Carol shook her head.

"Coffee." Nodding, Sandy moved to the counter. Within moments, the smell of fresh coffee filled the room. When it was done, Sandy handed Carol a cup, then glanced at one of the other chairs. After taking a careful sip, Carol nodded, watching as Sandy seated herself.

"Carol, I..." Sandy's fell silent as Carol raised one hand. Silently, she watched as Carol continued to drink her coffee. Finally, Carol placed her empty cup on the table and turned to her friend.

"You," she said softly, "were about to apologize. The question is, for what? For not releasing me as soon as you saw what Myra had done? For underestimating Myra, again? Or maybe you were thinking of apologizing for not telling me all of this when it happened? Myra I could understand, if only just. But you? How could you keep this from me for so long?"

"Remember Janine, back in advanced Physics? She was a lesbian, and you always hated her for it. How could we tell you we were the same as her?"

"I hated Janine," Carol replied, "because she called Myra an overstuffed sex toy, and you a stunted freak. Should I have liked her for talking that way about the two of you? You've been so close for so long, you're almost a part of me."

"So it wasn't because she was a lesbian?"

Carol shook her head. "I didn't even know she was one. And it wouldn't have changed my opinion of her either way if I had known."

"I'm sorry," Sandy whispered. "I honestly didn't know. And we thought..."

"That," Carol said, interrupting her, "was precisely the problem. You thought. When it comes to science, you're the smartest person I've ever known, maybe the only one I would ever admit is smarter than me. But when it comes to people, you can be so dense at times."

Sandy gazed at Carol, her eyes hopeful. "So," she said softly, "will you forgive us?"

"For not telling me," Carol replied, "yes. Your reasons were invalid, but I can understand them. For last night..." She shook her head. "That," she said slowly, "is another matter altogether." Seeing Sandy cringe at her words, Carol grasped the other woman's hand. "I don't blame you," she said softly. "What happened, all of what happened, was Myra's doing. Now that I've had my coffee, it's time to deal with her."

"Carol," Sandy said pleadingly, "don't. What she did was wrong, but losing you would destroy her. She does love you, more than she could ever love anyone else, including me." She shook her head. "I know the only reason she's with me is because she couldn't have you. I know she loves me, and I love her as well, but nobody will ever take your place in her heart. Do you have any idea what you're about to do to her?"

Carol rose. "I," she told Sandy, "know exactly what I'm about to do." Turning, she left the kitchen, Sandy following close behind.

Upstairs, they found Myra wide awake, squirming around the bed, her hands groping as if searching for something. For a moment, the other women simply watched, then Carol stepped forward.

"Looking for this?"

Myra's eyes widened at the sight of the key in Carol's hand. Rolling onto her stomach, she waved her hands in Carol's direction, grunting softly into her gag. To the women watching, it was obvious she was asking to be released. Instead, Carol grasped her upper arms, lifting her to a kneeling position.

"You," she said, stepping back and glaring at Myra, "have a lot to answer for. First off, you claim that you love me, and Sandy says it's true." At this, Myra nodded vigorously. "If that's true, why have you never said anything to me? And don't try to tell me it's because of Janine. As long as I've known you, nothing or nobody has ever kept you from expressing your feelings about anything, so why couldn't you express yourself to me?" Slowly, Myra's eyes dropped.

"But that," Carol went on, "isn't the worst of it. Last night, you stunned me. Actually, I can almost accept that, assuming you didn't know who I was, which I seriously doubt. If you truly love me as much as you claim, you would have recognized me from any angle. Still, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on that one. Maybe you saw a shape, and maybe you reacted before you realized who I was. So I'll let you slide on that part."

Slowly, Myra raised her eyes, the hopeful look fading as she saw the frown on Carol's face.

"What happened after," Carol told her, "is a different matter entirely. You stripped me while I was unconscious. This is my body, Myra, and the choice of who will or will not be allowed to see it is also mine. You took that choice from me, made the decision for me. Now I have to wonder, is looking all you did?"

"Carol..." Sandy fell silent as Carol raised one hand. "Carol," she finally said, her voice soft, "please."

"When you lifted me onto that chair," Carol went on, "when you started wrapping me to it, what parts of me did you touch without my permission? And afterwards, did you ask my permission before you played with my chest? If you did, I certainly missed it. They call that molesting, Myra. You molested me, someone you claim to love. Is that how you show your love? If it is, I want no part of it."

Slowly, Myra's head fell. As the other women watched, her shoulders began to shake softly. Muffled sobs leaked from behind her gag as tears flowed down her cheeks. Watching her, Carol sank onto the bed in front of her.

"Now," she said, reaching up and fumbling with the straps holding Myra's gag in place, "I've had my say. It's your turn. You have once chance, Myra, to convince me to forgive you. I would suggest you make the most of it." Carefully, she pulled the gag away. Myra's words began rushing out even before the gag was completely clear.

"Carol," she sobbed, "please don't hate me. I'll do anything you want, just don't leave me!"

Frowning, Carol pushed the gag back into Myra's mouth, turning the remainder of her words into muffled, sobbing grunts. After the other woman had fallen silent, she once more removed the gag.

"Now," she said sternly, "enough of that. Why did you do what you did to me?"

"Carol, I..." Myra paused. "I honestly don't know," she finally said. "When I first saw you, I didn't know it was you, I swear. All I saw was someone in the wardrobe, someone discovering our secret. I always carry my stun gun in a holster on my belt, and I guess I used it too quick. It wasn't you, I swear. I was just trying to protect our secret. I didn't know it was you until I turned you over."

"And then?"

"When I saw your face, when I knew it was you," Myra replied, "I guess I panicked a little bit. I just knew you'd never forgive me for stunning you. I was so afraid that, once you recovered, you'd just get up and walk out. I just couldn't...I couldn't..."

"So you stripped me and wrapped me to a chair."

"I'd already lost you," Myra said slowly. "I knew it, and I couldn't stand it. And you looked so beautiful lying there. I couldn't lose you without making you mine, at least for a little while. And then Sandy came in, and I had an idea. If you saw what I could do, if you saw how much Sandy enjoyed what I did to her, how much it pleased her, maybe you'd give me a chance to please you. After, I knew you'd leave, that you wouldn't be here when I woke up, so I left you there. I couldn't bear to see you go. I cuffed myself in punishment for what I was doing to you."

With wide eyes, Myra gazed pleadingly into Carol's face. "Please," she whispered, "please don't hate me. All I ever wanted was to please you, to make you happy."

Carol held up the gag. "Open." Reluctantly, Myra opened her mouth, allowing Carol to insert the gag. "I couldn't hate you," she said, buckling the straps securely. "You've meant too much to me for way too long. On the other hand, I can't just forget what you did to me. That was wrong, on several levels." She glanced toward Sandy. "Still," she said slowly, "we're all smart girls here. I'm sure we can figure something out."


"Long day?"

"Long week." Dropping with a sigh into a chair, Carol glanced over at Sandy. "I am so glad to be here." Relaxing slightly, she looked around the room. "It's coming along very nicely, isn't it? But I still want to know how you managed to hang that chandelier all by yourself."

Sandy grinned. "Never underestimate the power of a determined woman," she said.

Carol glanced around. "Speaking of determined," she said, "where's Myra?"

"Getting the room ready. She wants everything to be perfect."

"She would." Raising her head, Carol called out, "Myra!"

After a brief silence, the two women heard the sound of rushing feet pounding their way down the stairs. Seconds later, a naked Myra rushed into the room, dropping to her knees in front of Carol.

"Hello, Mistress, yes, Mistress?"

"One of these days," Carol observed, watching as Myra's large breasts continued to bob slightly, "you're going to hurt yourself doing something like that."

"Never, Mistress," Myra declared. "I would never hurt Mistress' property without her permission."

Carol nodded. "We finished that project at the lab today," she said. "The directors were so pleased, they're even talking about a promotion to team leader for me. That's why I stayed after the two of you left, so we could discuss it."

Myra beamed. "Oh," she gushed, "I'm so happy for you, Mistress."

"Are you?" Carol locked eyes with the kneeling woman. "Are you happy, Myra?"

Myra's smile faded. "May I speak freely, Mistress?"

Carol laughed. "When," she asked, "have you ever not spoken freely. Of course you may."

"Thank you, Mistress." Slowly, Myra rose to her feet. "Carol," she said slowly, "all I ever wanted was to please you. After what happened last month, I just knew I would never get that chance. So when you suggested that I earn your forgiveness by being your slave, it was like all my dreams coming true at the same time. Now there are no more secrets, and I can love you the way I love Sandy, with all my heart."

"So you don't mind being a slave?"

Now Myra laughed. "What choice do I have? I belong to you, heart and soul, mind and body. I always have, even when you didn't realize it." Reaching up, she fingered the collar adorning her neck. "This," she said softly, "just makes it official. And I don't care if nobody but us knows it. Out there, at work, you're just my boss." She grinned. "Well," she amended, "you will be now. Everyone else will think I obey you because of that, and that's fine. "We," she glanced around, "know the truth. All I've wanted was to be yours, and now I belong to both of you. How could I possibly be any happier?"

"In that case," Carol told her, "you can take your happy ass out to my car. We've got the next week off, while they finalize plans for our next project. I stopped by the apartment on my way here and brought a week's worth of clothes. Well, clothes for me and Sandy. You, of course, won't need any. But I didn't forget you, either. In the front seat, there's a package I picked up just for you. It's a chastity belt."

Myra's eyes widened. "Chasitiy...?"

"I know," Carol told her, "how much you enjoy serving both of us. Problem is, you sometimes enjoy it a little too much, and without asking permission. So yes, a chastity belt. It has two keys." She glanced toward Sandy. "One for each of us. So from now on..." Reaching up, she gently stroked betwen Myra's firm thighs. "From now on, we will decide when this deserves attention. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Carol nodded. "So get moving."

"Yes, Mistress." Leaning down, Myra hugged her tightly. "I love you, Mistress." Turning, she hugged Sandy just as tightly. "I love you, Mistress." Smiling, she dashed from the room.

"It's a good thing we don't have neighbors anywhere close," Sandy observed with a grin. Glancing toward Carol, she shook her head. "A chastity belt? Seriously?"

Carol laughed. "It was either her or us," she replied. "This old house isn't going to finish restoring itself, you know. And if we have to unlock her before we play, maybe we'll actually get some work done around here."

Sandy echoed the laugh. "Maybe you should make her wear it to work," she suggested.

"That," Carol said, smiling, "is an excellent thought." Smiling, the two awaited the return of the most eager and energetic slave that could ever be.

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