Girl Time 2: Demonstration

by Lobo De La Sombra

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Girl Time 2: Demonstration

Helpless to escape the layers of clear plastic that pinned her naked body to the chair on which she sat, Carol could only watch as Myra dragged Sandy to the bed. Above the strips of tape that covered a mouth stuffed full of cloth, her eyes were wide, nearly frantic.

"Sorry I'm in such a rush," Myra said, lifting Sandy onto the bed, "but I need to get this done. My stun gun is the best available, but I've made my own modifications to it. It doesn't just incapacitate the body like normal stun guns. My design actually causes brief periods of unconsciousness. She'll only be out for ten to fifteen minutes, and I definitely want to be done here before she wakes up." She smiled. "I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I'm done here."

Unable to move or speak, Carol could only watch as Myra removed Sandy's clothing. Once the unconscious woman was naked, Myra carefully positioned her on the bed, her arms stretched above her head, her feet drawn apart. Ropes soon connected each limb to one of the bed's corner posts, holding her body stretched. Once this was done, Myra grabbed something from the wardrobe and bent over Sandy, her own body blocking Carol's view of her actions. When she stepped away, Carol could see some kind of panel covering Sandy's mouth, straps from the visible end seeming to stretch around the back of her head.

"That's better." Smiling, Myra removed her own clothing. Naked, she moved toward Carol, straddling her legs and sinking onto her lap.

"Sandy," she said softly, running one hand over the plastic covering the valley between Carol's breasts, "does talk too much at times. Some of what she told you, it was not her place to say. Still, she is right." Gently, she cupped one breast, squeezing softly. "I do love you," she whispered. "I think I always have. All these years, my one great dream has been that, one day, you would discover that you loved me, as well.

"In a way," she went on, her smile becoming a grin, "it's because of my feelings for you that Sandy and I got together, but she doesn't know that. My feelings for you, the ways I've dreamed of showing those feelings to you, taught me that only another woman could make me truly happy. And, since I couldn't have you, Sandy was the obvious choice. Oh," she added, "don't get me wrong. I do love her, I love her with all my heart. But you..." Leaning forward, Myra pressed herself against Carol, laying her head on the helpless woman's shoulder. "You are my heart, my life, and there is nothing I wouldn't do to make you happy." For long moments, she pressed herself against Carol, until a soft moan from the bed caused her to draw back. Slowly, she rose.

"And now," she said, turning toward the bed, "I get to show you exactly what I could do for you." She grinned over her shoulder. "Not to mention to you. I won't pretend it's actually you I'm touching," she said, sliding onto the bed. "That wouldn't be fair to her. But you can watch, and you can pretend it's you. If you want to."

As Carol watched, Myra stretched herself out beside Sandy, who'd begun tugging at the bonds holding her. Above the panel covering her mouth, Sandy's eyes opened, glaring at the smiling face beside her. Muffled grunts began to emerge from behind the panel.

"Now, now," Myra said teasingly, "don't act all mad on me. I know you prefer to be the one doing the tying, and I love it just as much when you tie me. I also know you love it when I can turn the tables on you." Reaching up, she cupped one small breast, gently squeezing the soft flesh as the tips of her fingers pinched the nipple. Lowering her head, she took the other nipple between her lips. Slowly, Sandy's body seemed to relax, her eyes drifting closed as Myra continued her attentions. When Myra raised her head, Sandy moaned softly.

"Besides," Myra whispered, "we want to put on a good show for our guest, don't we?" At this, Sandy's head turned, her eyes opening to gaze at Carol. "Look at her," Myra went on, "so helpless, so beautiful. And I think she's enjoying the show. Look at how hard her nipples are getting."

Carol glanced down at herself. She shook her head, but there was no denying the sight of her own nipples hardening, poking into the clear plastic that covered them. Hearing another moan, she glanced up to see Myra's hand slip between Sandy's helplessly spread thighs.

"She likes this," Myra said, smiling as Sandy's hips began to rock slowly. "Maybe even as much as you do right now. I wonder how much she'll like it when you're begging to cum." At this, Sandy's eyes closed again, another long, low moan slipping from behind the panel over her mouth. "Let's find out."

Slowly, Myra began to work her way over Sandy's body. With her hands, her mouth, she covered nearly every available inch with soft touches, pinches, kisses. After what seemed hours to the helplessly watching Carol, she began to focus her attention on Sandy's breasts. By now, the shorter woman's whole body had begun undulating, seeming almost to pulse with Myra's soft, brief touches. Her eyes, once again open, seemed to stare into nothing, while a soft, continuous moan filled the room.

"Are we almost ready?" Slowly, Myra slipped one hand between Sandy's thighs, causing the bound woman's body to buck slightly. "My," Myra whispered with a smile, "you are so wet right now." Raising her eyes, she grinned at Carol. "Are you wet, too?"

Carol lowered her gaze, unwilling to admit even by her expression that, indeed, there was a growing wetness, a growing warmth, between her thighs. She was, she suddenly realized, slowly squirming within the plastic that held her. Her hands, pinned so securely to the tops of her thighs, seemed to twitch, as if trying to reach for what lay between them, so close but out of reach.

Defeated, Carol glanced up to see Myra sliding down Sandy's body, her head dropping between the helpless woman's thighs, her hands reaching up to squeeze and knead small breasts. Sandy's body bucked, then again, after which Myra raised her head with a smile.

"I think it's time," she said, then dropped her head again. Suddenly, Sandy's body arched upwards, until only the back of her head and her heels touched the bed. For long seconds, she remained bowed, loud, panting moans filling the room. Then, with equal suddenness, she went limp, her body collapsing to the mattress.

Rising, Myra knelt beside Sandy. "That," she said, smiling, "looked like a good one. I think I even heard the bed creaking that time."

Still lying limp in her bonds, Sandy grunted softly. Hearing this, Myra's smile became a grin.

"I don't think so," she said softly, rising to her feet. "Oh, I know what you're trying to say. You want me to let you go. Problem is, I remember what happened the last time I got the upper hand on you. I woke up the next morning hogtied, spent the rest of the weekend bound, gagged and so horny I couldn't see straight. I think I want a good night's sleep before you get your revenge."

As the two helpless women watched, Myra turned to the wardrobe, then the bureau. Moving toward the door, she quickly covered her own mouth with the panel of a gag, pulling and buckling the straps securely. At the door, she doused the lights, leaving only the spillover from the hallway to light the room as she moved back to the bed. Seating herself, she quickly cuffed her ankles together, then rolled onto her stomach. After cuffing one wrist, she drew her feet up to her ass, feeding the chain from her wrist cuffs around her ankle chains and cuffing her other wrist, securing herself into a hogtie. After a bit of squirming, she pressed herself against Sandy, her head resting on the still securely bound woman's shoulder. For a moment, Sandy tugged at her bonds, then both women fell still.

Still trapped in her chair, Carol watched the others for a moment. Then, slowly, her eyes began to drift closed. Soon, the darkened room was filled only with the sounds of three helpless women breathing as they slept.

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