by Alina Aamu

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Storycodes: F+/f; fpov; bond; D/s; strip; gag; zipties; cons; X

I was shivering down to my core as I approached the address I had been given. It was a cold evening, but admittedly the shivering was not completely due to the weather, since the anticipation was strong enough to make me quiver.

It had been a rough day. Focusing on anything had been pretty much impossible. I had to make an effort to remember to eat and to keep myself hydrated. I wanted to be ready for this and didn't want hunger or thirst to distract me from what was about to happen.

One thing I hadn't been able to control was fatigue. The anticipation had built over the days and finding sleep had been rough. I wasn't too worried about it, though. I was sure that once adrenaline started kicking in, I would be wide awake. I was just glad I hadn't been given any more advance notice or I might've stayed awake for a month!

It had been four days earlier that I had been presented with the opportunity that I simply couldn't turn down, even though it did worry almost as much as it did excite me. Susan and Janet weren't close friends of mine, but we had hung around in the same circles long enough that I trusted enough. If it had been their idea, I wouldn't have had the courage to accept. But since it was Jenny who had arranged it all, it was all too simple to go along with it.

It was still a couple months to my birthday, but Jenny hadn't wanted to wait that long after she’d gotten the idea. Knowing that I rarely have the opportunity to really explore my sub side, she had arranged a weekend retreat where I'd be completely subservient to Susan and Janet. And when she said completely, she meant completely.

Jenny was just about the only person on the planet I trusted enough to give free hands in planning something like this. She knew me and my preferences better than anyone, so the fact that they didn't let me in on anything didn't worry me as much as it perhaps should've.

They had obviously briefed me about all the aspects relating to safety, safewords and assured me that I could pull out at any time before or during the session. Not that it's something that one in the lifestyle needs to be reminded of, but them going over it all and being meticulous about making sure I was ok with it did assure me they knew what they were doing.

Once I had preliminarily agreed that this was actually something I wanted to do, I was handed an envelope. Susan and Janet had immediately departed and I had been left alone with Jenny, who seemed to be almost as excited as I should've been. At the time, the only thing I had managed was bewilderment.

But later, when I had the chance to read the letter, my stomach churned as the realization set in. The letter contained instructions as to what I was to bring and what I was to wear going in. But most importantly, it had included a time and an address. And the fact that the time was the very next weekend had my mind racing. One more point to Jenny, she knew me well enough to know that the weekend would be suitable for me. And she also knew me well enough to not give me too much advance warning.

Had I been given too much time to think it over, I was sure I wouldn't have been right here and now, on the prescribed day, walking to the address given in the letter. I didn't know the neighbourhood, but I knew where I was headed. The small clubhouse had worked as a small dungeon-for-rent for a few years, but I had never been. I didn't know if Jenny had pulled some strings to get it for cheap or if this was one of the most expensive birthday gifts I had ever been given, but I decided that I would find out.

My knees started to feel a bit wobbly and my stomach turned ever more violently as I took the final steps across the tiny yard. I concentrated on keeping my steps calm and steady, keeping up my appearances although I knew nobody was watching.

I raised my arm to push the doorbell. And when the button pressed in and the bell rang, I knew that this was it.

I was fully expecting Susan and Janet to be dressed as full on latex dominatrixes, but I was actually very relieved to see that this was not the case. Instead, they were in their normal home clothes, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. And that was the most striking thing about them; it really did look like there was nothing out of the ordinary, greeting me with casual smiles and exchanges of hellos.

I stepped in and their demeanour didn't change even when the door was closed behind me. I put aside my backpack and hung up my coat on the rack with theirs. They still didn't act in any way that would've indicated that there was anything out of the ordinary.

"Do you need to use the bathroom before we begin?" Janet asked. I nodded and she pointed me to the end of the hallway.

The small house was set up so that the small corridor that made the hall split the building in two. At the far end of the hall was the door to the bathroom and two doors on either side of the hallway lead into separate places that I couldn't see as they were closed.

Having taken care of my immediate needs, I returned to Susan and Janet, who were still waiting for me in the hall.

Even though we hadn't been the utmost of friends, I had always liked the two. Susan was slightly older than Janet, approaching her 40's. Tall and lean, she had a commanding presence.

Janet was shorter than I was, and while not overweight by any means, her rounder features made her seem like the friendliest of aunts you could ever have. She always found ways to accentuate her lush bosom with tasteful but flirty outfits that she often scavenged from second hand stores.

"Are you all ready to begin then?" Susan asked as I joined them. I nodded sheepishly.

"Very well, then," Janet said and immediately grabbed my coat from the rack and threw it to the ground next to where my backpack lay. "Your clothes don't belong next to ours."

"From this point on, you no longer decide what you wear, or when you do anything," Susan chimed in. "Is that clear?"

I nodded again.

"Is that clear?" Susan asked again with more force.

"Yes," I said, but my voice was weak from the building excitement within me.

"Good," Janet continued. "You no longer have a right to call us by our names, that is too good for a worthless slut like you. You will call me Princess."

"And you will call me Mistress," Susan said. "Is that clear?"

"Yes," I said again.

"Yes?" Susan repeated, clearly expecting me to continue.

"Yes, Susan," I said.

I had realised what a blunder I had made as soon as it had come out of my mouth. I was just about to correct myself when Susan grabbed me firmly from my hair and yanked my head sideways. I couldn't help but yelp out in surprise.

"What did you just say?" she asked.

"I'm sorry! Yes, Mistress," I said quickly and Mistress let go. It hadn't taken me long to find a way to mess things up, but the punishment had been just the kind I had hoped.

"A quick learner. I like that," Princess said. "Now you on the other hand, you do not have a name. Not while you're here. You don't need one and you don't deserve one."

"I understand, Princess," I said, my insides roaring with delight.

"Now stand still and do not resist," Mistress said.

Resisting was just about the last thing on my mind as they came closer and started stripping away my clothes. Mistress concentrated on my top while Princess knelt to unzip my trousers.

Mistress spent a deliciously long time caressing my breasts as she lifted my shirt from behind, wrapping her arms around me. When she directed me to raise my arms, I did as commanded and she slowly lifted my sweater, revealing the pink lacy bra I was wearing underneath.

While Mistress had been working on my sweater, Princess pulled down my trousers, revealing the black plain knickers I had worn for the day. She traced her finger all around the edges of the fabric, momentarily coming tantalisingly close to my delicate folds. A trace of moisture had already started forming, but if Princess had noticed it, she did not react.

Mistress spent quite a while unhooking my bra, spending extra time each time she had contact on my skin. She touched me only very lightly, making me want something more tangible. I could've leaned in, but I did not dare.

Meanwhile, Princess had suddenly yanked my knickers down to my ankles and she commanded me to step out of them. Mistress paused her work with my bra and stepped forward with me, not breaking the contact. She unhooked my bra and directed me to put my arms and shoulders forward. The bra dropped to the floor next to my other clothes.

"Take your clothes and put them in your pack," Mistress said. "You have no right to use them in our presence."

"Yes, Mistress," I said and swooped the clothes to my arms. This explained why they had wanted me to bring an almost empty backpack. In my excitement to find out what they had in store for me next, I just hastily crammed the clothes in, not bothering to separate or fold them.

When I had closed the pack, Princess walked behind me and started to fasten something around my neck. At first I assumed it to be a collar, but as I felt the weight on my neck, I saw that it was a respectfully sized ball gag.

"We will not collar you," Mistress said. "That is a privilege you'd have to earn. So you will keep this gag on your neck at all times so that it's ready for use. You didn't think we'd be interested in what you'd have to say anyway, I hope."

"No, Mistress," I said.

"You will keep it there until we set you free," Princess said. "We want to be able to shut that filthy mouth of yours whenever we want. Even if your hands are free, you're not allowed to take it off."

"I wouldn't dream of it," I said and got a mild slap on my face as a reward.

"We are not interested in your dreams, or your opinions," Mistress said. "Little worthless whores like you only get to speak when asked to. Understood?"

"Understood, Mistress," I said.

"Good," Mistress said. "Maybe you can be taught after all. Now, when we tell you to assume the position, you will immediately get down on your knees, hold your back straight and place your hands behind your back. We want to see you in a presentable way. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Assume the position," Mistress said and I immediately complied.

I wasn't sure how exactly they wanted me to place my hand, but thinking about it while I went down to my knees, I decided to put my palms against my elbows, ready for a boxtie. It took me a moment to find balance as I wasn't used to having to keep my back straight while on my knees. The pressure was pretty considerable on my ankles, starting to make them ache only after a few seconds. 

But I was very presentable and my breasts stood out handsomely. Keeping my hands behind my back allowed them pretty much anywhere they wanted. I could see why the two were fond of having me like this.

"Very good," Mistress said and cupped my chin. "Somebody's clearly been training you before."

While Mistress talked, Princess quickly looped a zip tie around my right wrist, pulling it tight enough to not slip off. Then she grabbed my other wrist and brought it close to the one with the zip tie. She wrapped another one around the left wrist, pulling it through the one on my right wrist before locking it, having therefore inseparably interlocking them and keeping my wrists closely together. I let my arms fall to my buttocks as it seemed this was all the restraints I’d have for now.

Princess then fiddled with the buckle of the strap of the ballgag and it wasn't hard to guess what would come next.

"Open," Princess dictated and I complied without protest. As soon as I opened my mouth, she pushed the ball behind my teeth and pulled the strap tight.

She clearly was not holding back as she pulled with considerable strength to get the buckle as tight as possible. It would've been too much, but as she got the prong through a hole, the pressure eased just enough to make it manageable. But it was still much tighter than usual. And not only that, the ball was large enough that it almost filled my entire mouth. That in and of itself was telling of it, since my mouth was usually too large for normal sized ball gags.

"Get up," Mistress said and I once again complied without delay. Princess helped me up, holding me firmly so I kept my balance even without the use of my hands.

Mistress came close to me, checking out the gag. She put her fingers on my cheeks and grabbed the straps, pulling on them to check the tightness. Then she grabbed the actual ball with her thumb and index finger, trying to pry it from my mouth. It didn't move more than a smidgeon and she chuckled.

"Impressive," Mistress said. "To be honest, I didn't believe it when Jenny told me that you liked gags this big, but now I see why."

She playfully pushed the tip of my nose with her finger and then turned away.

"Let's give her the grand tour," she said.

"Sure," Princess said, still holding me by my elbow. "Move it!"


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