A Friend in Need

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2003 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; cons; X

Kimberly walked down the Mall downtown, glad to be out of her cracker box apartment.  It was Christmas break and she really didn't have anywhere to go.  Her parents were spending the holidays in London, something they had always wanted to do, and her older sister decided to spend some 'quality' time with her new boyfriend.  Kim had spent Christmas alone with her pet cat Simon, opening up her few presents and dangling the ribbons for Simon to play with. When Lori called and asked her to grab a bite to eat, Kim immediately said yes.

All the shops downtown seemed busy with people returning gifts or using the money found stuffed in Christmas cards or stockings.  Kim found her way into the soup and sandwich shop and spotted her friend immediately. 

The young woman was always a little envious of her friend and former professor.  Lori was tall, olive skinned and had beautiful long black hair.  She moved with the grace of a ballet dancer and her dark eyes always made one feel special when she looked at you.  She had it all, a career that she loved, and gorgeous husband and a nice house overlooking a lake.  It made Kim a little bit sad reflecting what a contrast her life was compared to Lori's.

"Hey kiddo, why such a glum look?" Lori asked as Kim undid her coat and sat down.

"I don't know.  Just things.  I guess being away from home this Christmas has gotten me a little down," Kimberly replied.

"Well why didn't you say something?" Lori said, wagging her long finger at her one-time pupil, "You could have spent Christmas with Steve and I."

"I didn't want. . ."

"Don't you even finish that sentence," the brunette interrupted, "You know very well you would have been more than welcome.  As it was, Steve and I spent Christmas alone as well and would have enjoyed the company."

"I'm sorry," Kim said, "I guess I am having a round or two of self-pity."

"Well, don't.  You are a very attractive girl with a bright future ahead of you.  Besides, I have heard that blondes have more fun anyway."

Kim smiled, "Don't believe the press releases.  I haven't had a date in nearly seven months, not since Bryan dumped me."

"I am really sorry to hear that, Kim.  However, you really were too good for that boy. . .and I do mean boy.  I am sure there is someone out there that will appreciate you and fulfill you."

"Yeah, vibrators alone just don't cut it," Kim said and was immediately shocked by her own words. 

Lori looked at her friend without saying a word, as if trying to compose herself.  Kim was sure that she had somehow offended her friend.  Before she could say another word, the waiter came and they both ordered some soup and a salad. 

"Kim, how open are you to new ideas?" Lori asked as soon as the waiter left.

Kim was a little puzzled by the question, "Pretty open-minded, I guess, why?"

"How long have we been friends, Kim?"

"Awhile," the blonde answered, "A couple years.  Ever since I took that class in art appreciation from you."

"And we have been pretty close since.  Sharing our stumbles and our victories and everything in between. . ."

"Yes," Kim nodded.

". . .we have even done trips together, like the one trip out to California to look at that exhibition by that new sculptor; the one whose works were both so elemental and erotic.  Mark German, that was his name. His use of metals and plastics and how he seamlessly melded the two together. . ."

"I remember.  That was fun.  I enjoyed getting away from here and classes for a bit and seeing just a little of California."

"I enjoyed it to, Kim.  A lot.  And I know Steve did too, though he stayed out of our way for the most part.  The thing is, we enjoyed each others company, Kim, did we not?"

Again Kim answered and nodded, "Yes."

"Well, after lunch, why don't you come home with me.  I want to show you a few things before Steve gets home, okay?"

"Sure," Kim said, "As if I have anything better to do."

Just then, their waiter appeared with their soups, salads and drinks.  All of them looked better than what was sitting in Kim's refrigerator at home.  Lori's questions and their possible implications whirled through Kim's head as they continued to talk about little things as they ate.  She was a bit apprehensive but at the same time intrigued.  What was Lori leading up too?

After lunch, Kim followed Lori as they drove out to Lori's home.  It was in the older part of town that had been designated a historic neighborhood.  Most of the bungalows and houses were built in the teens and twenties and their charm was reflected in the care everyone took in maintaining them.  Steve and Lori's house looked as if it came from a German fairy tale, with all of it's wooden bracings and painted shutters and trimmed evergreens still bedecked with Christmas lights.  Kim had been here many times before but this was the first time she ever felt a twitch of trepidation.

"Sit.  Make yourself comfortable," Lori said after she opened the door and took Kim's coat, "I will fix us some coffee."

Kim sat down on one of the sofas.  Lori's house was always warm and embracing, even more so than the one she grew up in.  She tried to relax, but it was had too.  She flipped through a copy of National Geographic as she waited for Lori to return.

"A thousand things must be going through your mind right now," the brunette said as she sat down beside Kim.

"You could say that," Kim smiled.

"Well, I guess I the best way to do this is to come right out with it.  Steve and I were wondering whether or not you would consider playing with us."

"Playing?" Kim said after a pause, "Define 'Playing'. Do you mean doing a Menage e' tois?" 

"In a matter of speaking, yes," Lori said, looking into Kim's face and trying to read her reaction, "Actually, it doesn't have to include sex if you don't want it to.  It is a little more different than that."

"What do you mean different, Lori?" the blonde girl asked cautiously.

"Well, Steve and I are into some unconventional things.  Have you ever heard of bondage?"

"Yeah," Kim answered, "Like with whips and chains."

Lori frowned a bit, "Actually, Kim, and little more chain and a lot less whip.  Steve and I are not into anything painful.  Bondage is about restraint and trust.  I love being tied up and teased.  You wouldn't believe the orgasms I have had while being bound, Kim.  Until I was first tied, I really didn't know what an orgasm actually was."

"You're joking," Kim said.

"No, I am completely serious.  I had been with other men before Steve, but none of them seemed to spend the time with me to make me feel special.  They all just wanted to climb right on and get done with it. . ."

"I know that kind," Kim said, "But not ever having an orgasm, Lori. . ."

"Hard to believe, Kim, but it is true.  However, I think I have been boring my husband as of late.  Our sex life is okay, but it isn't what it once was."

Kim looked directly into her friends dark eyes, "You want me to join you two?"


Kim sat back and looked at her friend and pondered what she had just been asked.  The question didn't surprise her as much as it should have.  She certainly was attracted to Steve.  He was as tall as Lori and you could tell that he worked out at least once a week.  Kim always had like curly-haired men and Steve dark hair certainly counted towards that score.  He also had an easy air about himself and had a wonderful way of making Kim laugh.  His dark eyes were as warm as Lori's and she had fantasized about Steve on more than one occasion.  The thought of actually being with Lori's husband made Kim a little bit horny and it was that little bit of horniness that answered Lori's question.

"Okay, Lori, sure, " Kim answered, "Are you sure you are alright with this?  I mean, Steve is your husband and I wouldn't want . . ."

Lori patted her friend on her leg, "It is very okay with me, Kim.  Steve and I had discussed having a third person join in our games but we always assumed it was just a fantasy; something we would never, ever have happen.  It has been one of Steve's greatest fantasies; having two women bound and at his pleasure."

"I am not so sure about the bondage part of it, though."

"Do you want to feel what it is like before you commit yourself any further?"

"I guess," Kim said, her libido talking for her. 

"Great," Lori said, "Why don't you draw the curtains and I will go get a few things upstairs."

Kim nodded as her hostess left.  Her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts and feelings she couldn't even name.  She was horny and excited and a bit scared and afraid of what may happen.  In the end, however, she knew Lori would never ask anything of her that would do any harm.  So she sat back and waited for Lori to come down.

I didn't take her friend all that long to come back.  In her hand was a black nylon athletic bag.  She placed it on the couch and smiled at Kim.

"Well, first of all, I guess we should get used to being a little less dressed around one another, don't you think?" Lori said as she began to unbutton her blouse.

Kim gave her friend a bashful smile and began to pull her sweater off.  It wasn't as if she was embarrassed about her figure.  She knew she looked good but not near the model-quality looks that her friend had.  Kim gave Lori some furtive glances as they both undressed.  Lori was indeed beautiful.  Her svelte, Italian frame was near perfect; long legs, a nice flare to her hips, a flat stomach and large breasts that were crowned by small, dark nipples.  Lori showed no hesitation in undressing, unlike Kim, who took off her clothes in spurts.  The only thing that surprised Kim was that Lori was shaven clean between her legs and Kim saw a glint of a ring in the brunette's labia.  The last thing Kim took off were her cotton panties, which she shyly slipped off.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it?" Lori asked, her dark eyes warmly smiling.

"I guess not," Kim replied.

"Now look, Kim, you are a very pretty woman.  Steve has always admired your wonderful looks," Lori said, drinking in her naked guest, "Of course, he would never admit it, but I have seen the way he looks at you.  I know he is mentally undressing you."

"And that doesn't bother you?" Kim asked, still blushing a bit.

"At first, it did.  But I know boys will always be boys and I cannot change that.  I know Steve loves me and I love him and we have a mutual trust that few couples seem to have these days.  That is why I have asked you here, Kim.  I trust you as a friend and I hope you know I would never, ever do anything that would jeopardize that."

Kim nodded, still a bit unsure.

"Now, shall we get down to business?" Lori asked with a wanton, crooked smile on her face, "Let see if you like being all trussed up and no where to go."

Hesitantly, Kim replied, "Okay.  But you will stop anytime if I don't like it."

"Of course silly.  Now, here are our safe words.  If you say 'Red', I will stop everything and untie you.  If you say 'Yellow', then I will stop what I am doing but you will remain as you are.  'Green' means that you are fine with what is going on and I will proceed.  Do you understand that?"

"If I say 'Red', you stop and let me go."

"Yes," Lori replied.


"Trust me, Kim."

"Okay", she replied, a bit more relieved, "How do you want me?"

Lori grinned, "Just the way you are."

Kim was one of those girls that looked better nude than clothed.  Though she was not as slender as she was, she made up for it in the gracefulness of her curves.  Kim had nice, athletic legs that rounded nicely over her wide hips.  The blonde had a nice, tight waistline and her breasts were large and full.  Her face was cherubic and her dark blue-gray eyes could sing when she smiled.  How ever, what was her most attractive feature was her platinum blonde hair that seemed to have been spun from pure gold.  Thick and lush, it spilled over her shoulders.  Lori was pleased to see that it was natural and its color also graced the soft curls between her legs.

Lori's touch was almost electric when she gently took Kim's wrists and eased them behind Kim's back. She heard Lori get something out of the bag then felt something wrap around both of her wrists.  Lori wound the rope around her wrists several times before slipping the ends between Kim's wrists, cinching them to together and tying them tight.

"I didn't tie them too tight, did I?" Lori asked.

Kim wriggled a bit, testing her bonds, "No.  It seems good."

Lori turned the blonde to face her, "So how does it feel?"

"Good," Kim said, though it wasn't the complete truth.  It felt like a heady mixture of all that was forbidden and wanton and little jolts of pleasure were already arcing through her.

Kim watched as her friend got out another length of black rope, "So I take it you are ready for a bit more."

Kim grinned, "Yes please."

Lori turned the girl back around and began to wind the rope around Kim's elbows.  She took care not to test her friend's limits just yet, rather, Lori wanted to introduce Kim to the feel of rope on skin, not the torture of it.  Next, she took a length of rope and looped it behind Kim's neck and under her arms, tying it off behind her.

The blonde felt a warm rush go through her as Lori finished tying the knot and stood back to survey her work.  Kim didn't think she could get turned on while being helpless and yet, here she was, hotter than she had been in a long, long time and all because of a few pieces of rope.

"Now, Kim, I am going to weave you into a net of rope.  The Japanese call this 'karada' and I just adore it and I am hoping that you will too."

With that said, Lori produced from the case a very long length of rope.  She found the halfway point and draped it over the blonde's shoulders.  Lori brought the rope together just above Kim's breasts and tied a knot.  She did the same just below Kim's breasts and tied three others down the length.  Lori gently nudged Kim's legs apart and the brunette passed the rope between them and up the student's back, tying some more knots along the way.

As her friend wove more rope around her, Kim felt a kind of warm, prickly feeling every time Lori's fingers brushed against her.  Lori would tighten here and there, pulling the rope around until Kim thought she looked like a piece a macramé. 

"There", Lori said, looking over her handiwork, "How does it feel?"

Kim struggled a bit before answering.  The rope hugged her just enough without constricting her breathing.  It was an unusual feeling but one which Kim decided she liked.

"Good," the blonde said, "Like being hugged by someone nice."

"Then you should really enjoy this," Lori said as she pulled out another length of rope from the bag. 

Looping it around Kim's waist, Lori threaded the rope so it encircled her friend.  She then brought the ends down and between her captive's legs. 

"Okay, my blonde captive, I need you to spread your legs a bit," Lori said as she tied knots in the rope every few inches.

Kim blushed a bit but did what her friend asked.  Looking down, Kim saw Lori take the rope and ease it between her swollen lips.  Kim gasped as she felt on of the knot brush against her clit, causing a bolt of pleasure to erupt through her.  Lori stepped around in back of Kim and tied the rope off.  The knotted rope was now firmly between her legs.  Kim struggled a bit and found the as she moved, the knot rubbed through her, send jolt after jolt of bliss coursing through her.

The brunette didn't say a word as she reached into the bag and pulled out a few more lengths of rope.  As she did, a red rubber ball with leather straps fell out onto the floor.

"What's that," Kim asked.

Lori looked at her friend, "It is a ballgag, Kim."

"A gag?  It looks uncomfortable."

Lori smiled a warm smile, as if she was thinking of past pleasures, "It is a little uncomfortable, but I know Steve loves the sounds I make while wearing it."

"Can I try it?" Kim asked.

"Are you sure you want to Kim?" Lori asked, holding it up.

"Do it before I change my mind, " Kim blurted out as she wiggled in her bindings, enjoying what they were doing to her.

"If you need to stop the session, Kim, just hum 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  Understand?"

Kim nodded as she rocked her hips a bit, enjoying the bolts of pleasure that the knots caused to erupt through her.

Lori eased the ballgag into her young friends mouth and pulled the straps tight.  Kim wasn't prepared for the slight rubber taste but it faded into the background as she felt an orgasmic storm starting to brew through her.

The bound blonde looked down to see Lori looping another rope around her knees and cinching them tight.  Her friend did the same to her ankles, making it hard for her to balance.  She could still writhe in her bonds, but the friction they caused wasn't nearly enough.  She was afraid if she struggled too much, she would fall over.

The brunette stood back and watched Kim strain and moan through her gag.  Lori had a feeling that Kim would enjoy this and her feelings about people were seldom wrong.  Kim opened her eyes and looked at her former teacher pleadingly. 

'She must be close,' Lori thought to herself but she waited a bit longer, letting the frustration build up in her friend.

Holding onto Kim, Lori eased her bound friend down onto the polished wooden floor.  The cool of the wood only emphasized how hot she was.  Now that Kim didn't have to worry about falling over, she began to hump against her ropes and letting the storm of pleasure rumble stronger and stronger through her.  Kim was concentrating so much on her wanton feelings that she hadn't noticed that Lori had gotten some more rope out and she was beginning to tie Kim up some more.  Looping the rope around her ankles, Lori rolled Kim onto her stomach and pulled her ankles back and lashed them to her wrists.  Kim found herself in a tight hogtie.

"There," Lori said, "Enjoy.  I need to get ready."

Kim scarcely heard the words as she bucked against her ropes.  She could feel the orgasm was just within reach yet the ropes kept her from reaching it.  She moaned in both frustration and pleasure as she continued to grind against the knots until a typhoon of white-hot bliss roared through her.  She screamed and bucked until the ecstasy ebbed away.

Slowly, Kim opened her eyes, smiling around her gag.  Standing over her was Lori, buttoning up her blouse and looking down at her friend.

"Enjoy that, did we?" Lori smiled, bending down to zip up the black bag.

Kim nodded, though she was a bit puzzled why her friend had gotten dressed.

Lori stroked her blonde friends hair, "Well, there is a lot more of that to come, Kim.  I am about to leave to go pick up Steve at work.  I hope you don't mind to terribly leaving you like this.  I am a bit late as it is and you seemed to be having so much fun."

Kim moaned into her gag and writhed in her ropes, but Lori didn't seem a bit concerned as she picked up her handbag and fetched out the keys. 

"I shouldn't be too long, Kim," she smiled as she walked to the door, "Trust me, Steve will find you very adorable."

With that, the tall brunette left, pulling the door shut behind her.  Kim struggled and bucked and as she did, she felt another orgasm starting to brew within her.

The End (?)

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26.05.06 The story of Steve, Lori & Kim now continues in A Friend in Deed