A Friend in Deed

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; Sbf; toys; cons; X

A Friend in Deed
(A Sequel To A Friend In Need)

"Okay, I give up. What are you smiling about?" Steven asked his wife as she drove them home.

"Oh I was just thinking some kinky thoughts, dear," Lori replied, glancing over at her husband of eight years.

Steven looked over at his wife and grinned, "And what kinky thoughts might those be, my darling?"

A mischievous smile crossed Lori's lips, "You will just have to wait and see, dear. But I know you will like it."

Steven would have tried to prod an answer out of his raven-haired wife, but he knew her too well. She would not say another word about it, even if he threatened her with binding and flogging her. Of course, that is what she would have wanted anyway. The thoughts of his wife being bound and perhaps having some new toy to play with flooded his mind as they crept through rush hour traffic on their way home. Steven was very, very glad that their house was not that far of a drive.


Kim didn't know how long she lay there hogtied and naked on her friend's wooden floor. She could hear Lori's grandfather clock silently ticking away in the hallway but she couldn't see it no matter how much she struggled. Kim tried not to struggle too much though, since she was now exhausted from not one but two orgasms that she had while she laid there. The warm, lusty afterglow still filled her and she was afraid that any more friction between her legs would start something she would be too worn out to finish.

The blonde could see herself in the reflection off of the glass cabinet doors and she could hardly believe it was herself. Her pale skin was flushed from her exertions and her long blonde hair was in tangles. But it was what she saw in her dark-blue eyes that told her that she had made the right choice by letting her friend Lori tie her up. Now all she could do is savor the anticipation of having Lori's husband Steve enjoy her like this.

Kim listened to what little traffic passed the house, hoping one would finally pull into the driveway. One finally did. A flood of wanton feelings flowed through Kim as she heard the car doors slam shut and the muffled sounds of Lori and her husband Steve walking towards the front door.

"Now dear, you will wait fifteen minutes before you come in so I can get things ready," Kim heard Lori say, "Everything you see you have permission to use. And I do mean everything."

"You are sounding more and more like a Dom, you know?" Steven replied.

"I have a good teacher," Lori leaned over and kissed her husband, "Now stay here and don't peek or you won't get your surprise."

Kim heard the keys in the lock and squirmed enough around so she could see Lori come through the door. She put a slender finger to her lips as she set down her purse and knelt down beside her captive friend with all the gracefulness of a cat.

"Now, Kim, you don't want to spoil Steve's surprise, now, do you?" She asked, looking down at her friend with those dark, trusting eyes.

Kim shook her head.

"That is a good girl," Lori said patting her friend on the head as if she were a beloved pet, "Now, not another sound. . .sshhhhhhhh."

Kim watched as her friend and former professor get up and begin to unbutton her blouse. It wasn't like the first time she watched her friend disrobe, rather this time was much more seductive. Lori took her time; knowing Kim was watching, slowly easing the blouse over her shoulders and onto the floor. Lori's lace bra was next followed by her dark skirt and matching thong. Tall and slender and beautifully olive skinned, Lori was one of the most attractive people that Kim had ever met. Lori always kept her raven-colored hair long and curly and her dark eyes always seemed to speak of unrestrained kindness.

Kim's friend had not moved the black nylon athletic bag and Kim watched in fascination as Lori pulled from it a carefully chosen selection of padlocks, black leather straps and a black gag similar to Kim's red one. After setting each on the floor beside Kim, Lori knelt down beside her friend and fastened the gag tightly into her mouth. The brunette looked over at her bound blonde friend and smiled around the gag.

Next Lori picked up a pair of leather straps and fastened them around her slight ankles before fastening another pair around her thighs. Bending her calves tightly against her thighs, she fastened each ankle strap to the one on her thigh, welding her legs into a kneeling position. The last pair of leather straps she buckled around each of her wrists and then, carefully, locked them behind her back.

Lori tested her bindings a bit, making sure that there wasn't any slack before scooting in beside Kim. Kim could just picture what Lori's husband would see when he walked through the door, both of them bound and ready for him to do as he pleased. The thought sent ripples of pleasure through Kim.

It seemed like forever before the door opened and Steve to walk in. When he did, he took one glance at the both of them and just froze. He could not believe his eyes. One of his most desired fantasies was lying on the floor in front of him. Two lovely women, naked, bound and gagged, squirming for his attention.

"Is this for real or just a dream?" Steve finally asked.

Lori nodded her head and moaned a 'yes' through her gag.

"Kim," he looked down at the young blonde, "I am shocked, though in a very good way. Are you okay with this?"

Kim nodded her head. It was VERY okay with her. Already she had started rocking her hips, letting the rope between her legs begin to pleasure her again. It was really the first time she had really looked at Steve to see how attractive he really was. He was powerfully built from the years he had spent in the gym. He had at one time he had played football for his high school team but really didn't have the talent to go much further than that. He had a curly black hair, a 'chiseled' but handsome face and dark eyes that seemed full of mischief and laughter. Now those dark eyes were drinking in all of Kim's naked loveliness.

"Lori didn't trick you into this, did she?" he asked Kim.

The blonde girl shook her head.

"You made you decision on your own," Steve said, more of a statement than a question.

Kim nodded her head again, the desire within her growing.

"Did Lori explain to you the safe words and such?"

"Uuuuh-huuhhh," Kim moaned into her gag, nodding her head.

"So you are ready to get started?"

Again, Kim nodded and squirmed in her bonds. She had never felt so wanton and sexy before in her entire life. Here she was, bound and helpless and Steve could do anything he wanted to her and she was helpless to stop it. True, she could stop it is she said the safe word or hummed the safe tune into her gag, but he could always ignore it. That is what made the rush so hot. She just wished he would take her and release her lust now.

To Kim's chagrin, Steven turned from her and knelt down beside his wife. Without a word, he kissed her just behind her ear and whispered a thank you to her. His touches were gentle as he cradled her and looked into each other's eyes. He never loved someone so much in his life. She had given him the ultimate gift and there were really no other words to express it. He mouthed the words 'I Love You' and got up.

Steve knelt over his new blonde captive and undid her gag. Not that it would remain out for very long, but he had to ask her a few questions that could not be answered by a simple yes or no.

Kim's jaw ached a bit after Steve removed her gag, but not unpleasantly so. Gently he rolled the blonde unto her side and looked her in her eyes. He could tell that she was hungry for some attention not only by the way she was straining against the ropes, but also the messages her blue eyes flashed.

"Now I know Lori must have discussed limits with you and you know we are not into the pain thing at all. Are there any other boundaries you I need to know about?" Steve asked.

Kim just looked straight into Steve's eyes, "Just fuck me."

Steve laughed.

"That is all I need to know," he said as he pushed the gag back into Kim's mouth before turning to his wife.

"Is that okay with you, my darling?" Steven asked.

Slowly, Lori nodded her head. Actually, she didn't think the question would feel so disheartening as it did. However, she had only herself to blame and she knew that whatever might transpire between Kim and her husband, it would not affect Steve's love for her.

"Well, my two slaves, we need to get you to a more comfortable place. I think the bedroom will be much better suited for this endeavor. Lori, you first."

Steven wrestled his wife up into a kneeling position before lifting her up onto the couch. He took a breath, enjoying the sight of his wife's nude, bound body. He then hoisted her over his shoulder and started up the stairs, giving her well-rounded ass a playful slap or two just to keep his wife in the mood.

A little while passed as Kim lay there, wondering what was going on up stairs and what Steve would do to her. The blonde's libido was crammed into
high gear but the rope between her legs was not doing the job. Thank goodness it didn't take long for Steve to come back down stairs to collect his new slave.

"Ready," he asked.

Kim nodded, moaning into her gag.

"I have something very special in mind for you," Steven said as he wrestled her up onto the couch and into a kneeling position then put her over his shoulder like he had his wife Lori.

Kim wasn't the only one horny as hell. Steve's mind was in a whirlwind of erotic fantasies and scenarios. However, there was one thing that troubled him and that was his commitment to his wife. Even though they had discussed numerous times about having a third person join them in their games, it was always in context of a fantasy and something that he never thought would really happen. Steven was in love with his wife, very much so, and the thought of possibly hurting her by making love to Kim kept pricking at him like a painful hangnail.

Then, as he reached the top of the stairs, he thought up a solution, one that would not force him to make a choice to whom to make love with first. Steve grinned at his solution as he went down the short hallway and into their bedroom. It was if a heavy blanket had been whisked away and all that remained was the fresh excitement of a new frontier.

Kim strained to see how he had Lori tied as he carried her into the bedroom. She also was looking for any hints about how she would be made helpless as well. The bedroom of the Schroeder house was one of the few rooms of the house she had never seen. Like the rest of the house, it had been lovingly restored with polished wood floors, dark wood beams and wainscoting throughout the room. A huge, canopied four-post bed dominated the room with its carved cherry-wood columns and forest green velvet drapes. However, it was Lori that captured Kim's attention the most.

The brunette stood beside the bed, bent over. Lori's legs were held wide apart by rope tied to her ankles and looped around the bed's feet. Her wrists were bound tightly together and pulled up towards the canopy frame, binding Lori into a helpless strappado position. A smile caressed Lori's lips around her bright red ballgag as her dark eyes met Kim's.

Steven plopped the blonde down on the bed opposite his wife. His member ached with desire and he what he wanted more than anything to take Kim and his wife and fuck them for all he was worth. But good things come to those who wait and Steve mentally chanted that mantra as he began to undo Kim's wrists from her ankles.

"Are your bindings okay?" Steve asked as checked the ropes around her wrists and elbows.

Kim nodded, moaning into her gag. The feel of Steve's fingers was electric as he gently pushed her from side to side, unweaving the rope dress that Lori had wove her into. Lastly, he eased the rope from between her legs, causing her to gasp with a bolt of pleasure.

"Me thinks she's a bit sensitive," Steven grinned as he untied the blonde's ankles.

Kim blushed. She couldn't remember the last time anybody had caused her to blush in such a wanton fashion. Perhaps it was as far back as the first tentative unbuttoning of her blouse in the backseat of her high school boyfriend's Plymouth Valiant. Whenever it was, it was not nearly as powerful as the one that heated her soul at this moment.

Grabbing Kim's hips, Steve pulled her off the bed and helped her to stand, facing her friend Lori.

"Okay, spread your legs apart," Steven ordered her.

The blonde hesitated a bit before complying, spreading her legs apart as she had seen Lori had done.


Again, Kim did as she was told, stretching her legs out further.

"Good girl," Steven smiled as he gave his captive blonde a playful swat on her ass.

Kim looked down to see Steve kneeling at her feet, tying her legs apart just as he had Lori's. She knew now that she was going to be tied exactly like her friend. Steve then pulled Kim's bound wrists up toward the canopy frame, forcing her to bend forward a bit.

Steven stepped back and admired his handiwork. Both women looked stunning as they stood bound facing each other. Both women wriggling and checking their bonds. Steve knew Lori did it to turn him on. Kim, however, was genuinely testing her bondage and finding out just how helpless she really was. As pleasing as it was to watch both of his captives, there were things he needed to get done.

"Well, if you will excuse me ladies, I have one last little thing to get prepared. Please continue without me. It should only take a moment."

Both women moaned their disapproval as Steven left the room to retrieve the black bag downstairs.

Lori looked up at her friend Kim and wondered what was going through the young blonde's mind. Kim was probably as horny as she was, maybe even more so. Lori knew how well Steven could tease a woman. One of the first times Steven had tied her, she remembered, it felt like ages before he let her orgasm. But what an orgasm it was. It flooded her with a mind-numbing bliss that she had never ever had felt before. Even the thoughts of that night started to fan the embers of lust within Lori and she wanted so badly to feel her husband within her.

"Ladies, I am glad to see you are both still here," Steven said hold a coil of twine and two identical slender wand vibrators.

When Lori found something that worked, she usually bought multiples of them just to make sure she would have a supply of them. Her toys were no exception. The slick chrome vibrators wove their magic spell on more than one occasion, especially in Steven's expert hands. The brunette noticed, however, that the twine was tied around the base of each one.

"Since Kim is our guest, I think I will start with her," Steven said as he placed one of the vibrators on the bed and stepped around in back of Kim with the other.

Gently, Steve passed the chrome wand between the blonde's legs. Kim moaned with his touch. After pulling the vibrator through as well as some length of twine, he gently opened the moistened lips of Kim's sex.

Kim felt his fingers tenderly slip up and down her slit, causing her to whine loudly into her gag. Waves of pleasure began to radiate through Kim as she thrust herself back at him. Her furnace of wanton desire was now glowing hot and getting hotter with every stroke. Kim found herself nearly wailing when he stopped his caresses only to feel the hard, cold shaft of the vibrator being pushed into her.

"Now, Kim, it is important that you keep your silver friend within you and not loose him. If you do, you will spend the night hogtied on the end of the bed while I pay attention only to my lovely wife."

Steven knew as he grabbed the other vibe that his Lori was going to be just as wet as their guest. Just as he had Kim, Steven passed the slender wand between Lori's legs as well as some of the twine and he began to ease it into her.

Though it was not her husband filling her, the vibrator was a very welcome substitute. Without turning it on, he slowly began to thrust it in and out of her, adding to her already smoldering desire. However, just as she was enjoying the rhythm, he stopped leaving the device inside her.

Moaning her displeasure through her gag, she watched as her husband climbed onto the bed and produced from his pocket two large 'S' hooks which he hung in the center of the canopy frame about a foot apart from each other. Carefully, he took the center of the twine to which each of the vibrators were attached and hung it over each of the hooks. Lastly, he pulled out a pair of narrow looking pinecones.

"Okay, ladies, pay attention. These are a pair of weights stolen from an old, defunct cuckoo clock. I am going to hang these weights from the twine after I turn on each of your toys. The first one to loose her vibrator will spend the rest of the evening hogtied, watching the other get my full, undivided attentions. If you understand, please nod your head.

Both women nodded the heads, though the look on their faces was not altogether happy.

"Good, let us begin."

Steven crawled off the bed and went behind his wife, giving her a playful swat on her ass. Tenderly, he reached between her legs and turned her vibrator on high. It's hum soon sent flares of bliss raging through Lori, making her moan loudly behind her gag. Even as the pleasure blazed through her, Lori knew with the vibrator buzzing as it was it was going to be hard to concentrate and grip the vibe within her.

Next, Steve went around and did the same to Kim's slender vibe. The feeling was absolutely electric as Steven slipped it in and Kim found herself shuddering as a mini-orgasm engulfed her. Steven felt sorry for poor Kim and held the vibe within her as she thrashed in her bonds, letting the orgasm consume her. Only when she calmed down did he let go of the humming dildo and climb onto the bed.

One at a time, Steven the hung the weights on the twine between the two hooks. The slack in the line drew taught and Lori could feel it pressing against her swollen clit, sending a sharp flash of pleasure through her. Even though she wanted Kim to feel what it was like to be bound and made love to, Lori wanted her husband even more and she was determined to win this little competition of Stevens. Equally, Kim wanted Steve to fuck her more than she had ever wanted a man to fuck her before. She was like a cat in heat, writhing to the hum of her vibrator as she clamped down as hard as she could to make sure that it did not pull out of her.

It was a terrible torture to the bound blonde. She could feel another fiery orgasm building within her as the vibe hummed it's magic inside her. Her moans from behind her gag became louder and louder as the fires stoked by the first orgasm began to build a grander pyre within her.


Kim yelped into her gag more out of surprise than any sort of pain as Steven swatted her rear. The spank nearly caused her to loose her vibrating implement. She then felt his fingers brushing gently over the curves of her shoulders and down the curves of her sides. Each of his touches was another flicker of pleasure. His hands ran over her skin as he pressed against her. Through Steven's Dockers, she could feel his erection and Kim tried to grind her ass against him, trying to get him to forget this maddening game and take her.

The captive blonde mewled as Steve roughly kneaded her nipples. Her very soul was a firestorm of ecstasy as the orgasm that was building within her crested in an eruption of pure bliss. In her writhing, Kim's vibrator slipped out, causing her to scream in frustration. Steven reached down behind her and slipped his finger between her lips, tickling her swollen clit until she cried and thrashed about, unable to take any more but unable to stop him. Finally, he took pity on Kim, giving her another swat before going over to his bound wife.

Steven quickly stripped and positioned himself behind Lori. He could tell by the quickening of her whimpers that she was very close to the edge. He eased the vibrator from within her and spread her swollen lips. Then, he pushed himself into her.

The feel of her husband inside of her was ecstatic and nearly caused her to cum right then. But she forced herself back onto him and began to match his thrusts. Lori wanted to cum when he did.

Faster and faster Steven pounded her, grasping her hips and pulling her back onto him. All the sexual desire building up within him was now focused on his wife. Her moans became more like gruntings as their pace quickened. After years of marriage, she knew when he was about to cum. His hot seed sprayed into her and fed her own volcanic orgasm as she exploded into a frenzy of pure ecstasy.

Slowly, they both slowed and Steven slipped from between his wife's legs, spent. Both women were limp from their pleasure as Steven began to relieve them of some of their bonds.

Steven turned to Kim, "I guess you are going to have to stay the night. Let's get you a bit more comfortable."

The End (?)

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