Found Video Part 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M+/f; kidnap; captive; bond; boxed; transported; susp; bdsm; torment; enslave; video; blackmail; mast; sex; anal; cons/nc; XX

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Part Two

The couple went to sleep sexually satisfied, but by there own hands, and Dawn dreamed about the disturbing movie...

Unknown to them, while they were sleeping the video store was broken into, but the thieves were only interested in a certain movie that was missing from a certain collection, accidentally put onto the wrong box. The men in question wanted to recover the incriminating evidence before somebody else saw it. When it was discovered to be rented from the store, it was a simple thing to open up the store's computer and find the address of the customer who had it. It was better for everybody if the store owner didn't find out he had a private collection movie on his shelf, mistakenly put into the wrong box. The last time that happened he was pissed! The second part of the plan would be carried out in the morning.

Kevin went out to do some errands and let Dawn sleep in, he took the movie with him and intended to return it to the store, after he had it copied. It was strictly illegal to do so, but Kevin had a feeling this wasn't a normal porno movie at all. Even if it was, he reasoned to himself, it was the most erotic kinky movie he had ever seen and he wanted to see it again, and again and again! There was only one place he knew that would copy a movie and not ask too many questions, and that is where he went. He didn't know that all these video guys knew each other.

When Dawn woke she saw Kevin's note saying he went out to copy the movie and do some other things, and she rewarded herself with a nice long bath. When she got out she was shocked to see several men in her apartment dressed as movers. She wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing, and made a comical gesture of covering her mound with one hand and her ample chest with the other. Before she could scream a hand was placed over her mouth and she was given something to make her sleep. Had she realized the implication of the men not concealing their identities, she would have fought back harder. The large men placed her inside the entertainment center they had just moved into the apartment, complete with straps and a gag to keep her from moving around and getting damaged.

Another man had followed Kevin that morning, and they knew what he did with the video, and knew he would be gone long enough for the collection of Dawn. The entertainment center had been used for this purpose so many times that it didn't even look new anymore and would be replaced shortly. They had plans for the sexy Dawn, and they didn't want her bruised, at least not yet! Nobody saw the "movers" at that hour of the morning, and if somebody did it would only look like somebody was getting new furniture.

Kevin came home to an empty apartment and found a note written by one of the men, in crayon with his left hand, telling him they needed the movie he had back if he ever wanted to see Dawn again. The note said if he went to the cops she would be returned to him one little piece at a time, in a process that would keep her living for weeks. It went on that if he cooperated he would be seeing her soon, and that he was to call her work and make up some excuse as to why she wouldn't be in for the following week. The note finished by saying they knew more about them than he could imagine, and that they would know if he lied.

Kevin was terrified, and realized he had to go back to the video store right away and rent the movie back he just returned. When he got there the owner wasn't there, but his son was, and he noticed his stressed attitude, but gave him back the real "Special Delivery" movie. Kevin had little choice but to follow his instructions, and wait by his phone for it to ring. It did later that evening, and a meeting was arranged for him to return the movie. Kevin had called Dawn's boss at home to tell him she wouldn't be in due to a death in the family. He didn't know why he had to do this as he expected to get her back that day, but he wasn't thinking clearly and saw it as a test by her abductors.

They agreed to an exchange later in the evening at a cemetery, and Kevin had the video with him. He laid it down where he was instructed, and walked back to his car expecting to find Dawn in the front seat. When he got there he found a note instead telling him he lied and didn't disclose the second copy of the movie he had had made. He would have only one more chance to see Dawn again, the note said, and that would come at the end of the week now. Kevin had no choice in his mind but to go to work like everything was OK and wait. His co-workers could tell something was bothering him!

While he was at work the men displayed their ability to come and go in his apartment as they liked, and they retrieved their notes and left some incriminating evidence behind. The end of the week came and Kevin was a wreck, he knew what the men could do by the video of theirs he had, and he couldn't think about what Dawn could be subjected to if he screwed up again.

Kevin brought the second copy to the same place and expected to find Dawn in his car when he walked back to it. He never saw the men once and they knew this. There was a note on his front seat again that said he would see Dawn by mid morning at his apartment. He had little choice but to return home without even any evidence to bring to the cops if something went wrong, with the exception of the note he now had of course.

Kevin had a fitful night and was awoken early by the phone, all they said was look in your mail box! Kevin ran outside expecting to find Dawn tied to it or something, and when he didn't see her he opened the box to find a parcel in it. There was no postage on it and that meant it was likely placed there by the men. He went inside and opened the box, half expecting to find some body part gruesomely removed from Dawn's still living body. Inside, to his relief, was a video tape, and oddly enough a wad of cash.

He popped the tape into the player and it started black, but there was a disguised voice over saying this was the movie he asked for and the agreed purchase price for the actress. He was warned it should be considered "blood money" and spent carefully. Neither was true, but who would believe him?

Spot lights came on in the video, and a woman wearing a bikini came into distant focus, her arms and legs were weaved into a cargo net and tied off. She was spread widely and hoisted out of an open hatch of what appeared to be a small yacht at night. The woman had a canvas sack over her head and her cargo net was being secured perpendicular to the deck as the boat swayed gently. The camera man then apparently moved in for a better shot and Kevin had a sick feeling in his stomach.

The deck men, with their faces covered, had finished their job and the cargo net with it's embedded human cargo was secured tautly on the deck at all four corners. The dark made identifying the ship impossible as the powerful deck lights formed a light well everywhere but on the illuminated woman. There were several men who were walking toward the net and the woman, and they were all wearing masks to hide their identity.

A man with a cat o nine tails soundly thrashed her chest ten times before he stopped. The poor creature couldn't see the blows coming, but her screams were drowned out by the yacht's engine intake, and the camera's proximity to it. The frantic motions her abused body made were easily interpreted though. Her skimpy bikini didn't survive the assault either, and she was literally stripped with the whip! Despite Kevin's sick feeling he was stroking his engorged cock that he didn't even remember freeing from his sleep shorts.

The woman was whipped in similar fashion to the movie he had only seen last week, and despite his foreboding feeling he laid back and blasted cum everywhere before the whipping scene was even over. Kevin instantly regretted it in his post orgasmic lull, and the men in the movie took turns with the whip all over her body as he intently watched. The men were big enough to be the same ones from the movie he had saw last week, and wielded the whip with a savage furry.

When the last man put down the whip they all stripped out of their shorts and one of them nodded his head like he was being given instructions from off camera. That man pulled the hood off of the woman and Kevin saw who he was dreading to see. He obviously recognized her body, but held out hope that he was mistaken. Dawn was struggling for her life with the realization of what she was in for, and had yet to come to the conclusion that it was hopeless.

Kevin knew he was watching something that already happened, but he was both horrified, and unable to turn it off. The men took her two at a time and had their hands all over her tits, mashing them painfully as Kevin couldn't look away or even blink. Her grunting noises could be more clearly heard without the hood, and she swung in the cargo net sandwiched between two men at a time... The men continued until she was unresponsive, and the camera man had several close ups and different angles before the video ended. Kevin knew how the last movie ended, and didn't need to see that part...

Two years later the video store owner was on vacation in a third world country, and he found himself in the bad part of town behind a run down bar. He was told by a good friend of a sex show that he just had to see, and he left his wife at the nicest hotel in town while he looked for it. He was early and the men were just setting up as he intended. The star of the show was strapped to a frame, and she had just had her ring gag put in.

When Dawn saw the video shop man and recognized him, she was sure her two years of hell were over. She didn't know how he was the one to find her, and two years ago she would have died if he saw her like this. But since that time hundreds had, and the only time she wore anything now was in preparation for it to be stripped from her. The video man asked her handelers how much it would cost for him to have some alone time with her. He pulled one hundred dollars American out of his pocket and was told that would be enough. He made no attempt to remove her bindings, or even the ring gag as he wheeled her into a tiny back room on her frame. She was trying to tell him to remove her gag, but the noises were unintelligible.

When they were alone the video store guy told her she and Kevin had caused a lot of problems for his amateur porn business back home. He told her his film group thought it was unfortunate the way things worked out for her, but that she should be happy to know her movie made him well over half a million dollars on the dark market. He needlessly explained the dark market was snuff films, and people would pay handsomely for ones like she was in for their private collections. He said as she probably realized by now, the only way to make people think it was real was for the actress never to be seen again.

"So after your only film," he told her, "we sold you off to do what ever your employers wanted you to do. This way none of us can be acused of a capitol crime, if we were ever caught."

Dawn looked on in horror, she realized she had been abducted and used, and sold off again, but not why.

The kindly video man told her he bet she was used as a high end sex toy for a while, and then probably not so high end. And he bet the longer she did this the worst the jobs got. He could see the answer in her eyes, he knew the story. And now he told her she would be used to entertain men's darker desires, and in this part of the world they could be pretty dark. He told her it could likely end with her spitted and turning slowly over an open fire as a living roast.

He told her he checked and she was still disease free, and that was pretty amazing all things considered. The man climbed up on her suspended body and revealed he had a massive cock, and he plunged into Dawn with it as she closed her eyes. She had been so stretched and used up that she easily accommodated his large girth. He was grunting into her violently and her shoulders were being shaken... In moments she couldn't ignore the shaking, and she opened her eyes expecting to see the grinning video man's face inches from her own as he took her helpless body...

Dawn opened her eyes to see Kevin inches from her's and looking concerned, he told her she had several noisy nightmares last night and he was afraid to wake her from them, but that this was the worst of them. It was early morning and Kevin explained that he was told if you wake a person from a nightmare they could die. Dawn was pissed off at the part Kevin played in her nightmares and acted like she didn't even hear his stupid wives tale, she only asked where the movie was. Kevin said it was still in the player, and Dawn had a tone that he knew better than to ignore when she told him to explain the movie to her. When he did and it matched her recollection of it she reached over and dialed the police. Kevin acted like she was nuts and went to hang up the phone on her like she was joking with him, but stopped dead at her stare.

She told the police dispatcher that she believed she had evidence of a serious crime and asked if a police officer could come over right now. When she described what she had to the dispatcher she said she would sent over two officers as soon as she could. The police arrived quickly, probably being bored on the night shift of the sleepy little town. Dawn only had the time to throw on a short bathrobe, and the cops, being young men first, liked their first call of the morning. That would change before they left.

They heard her story, Kevin thought she over reacted, but they told her she did the right thing. The cops watched the first few minutes of the tape, and thought they recognized the star of the movie, but that wasn't good news. The cops wanted to know what made her call then, and not earlier, and she started to explain about her dreams. All three men listened to her respectfully until she said "moving men". At that statement the one cop looked at the other and said, "Remember the moving van we saw on the way over here... "

The end.