Found Video

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M+/f; captive; force; bond; susp; bdsm; whip; torment; ceremony; video; mast; sex; anal; cons/nc; XX

A dark bondage story very loosely based on 8mm with Nick Cage:

Kevin and Dawn had been together long enough for their sex to get routine, not bad, just routine. Kevin wanted to spice things up some and started to bring home videos from the local shop near their house. At first Dawn didn't want any part of the tame porno movies, but they excited both of them to the point that they never seemed to finish one on their bedroom TV before having inspired sex. Kevin was happily surprised at the new things Dawn would try, things he tried to talk her into before like different positions, and even some light bondage. It seemed if Dawn saw it in a video then it wasn't too bizzar to try in real life. Kevin knew he had a good thing going and didn't want to screw it up with his sexy and more exciting partner, but they were running out of movies at the local video store that they hadn't seen yet.

Kevin asked Dawn if she would go to the video shop and pick out something for them to enjoy as he was stuck at work that night. Dawn was highly embarrassed, but agreed even though she knew the bald older man and his wife who ran the store. She went into the small closet like area where the adult videos were kept, out of the sight of kids, and looked for something new. The one she picked was a delivery man theme, "Special Delivery", and Dawn thought she might like a special delivery of her own some day, especially since Kevin worked for a delivery service! The bald video shop man said that one was not returned for some time and if it didn't work she could return it. Dawn was still highly embarrassed and didn't think of the two possible meanings of her statement, "I'm sure it will work fine," until she sat in her car for the short ride home with a smile on her face.

Dawn got home first and made a quick dinner for the newly inspired lovers, and when Kevin got home he found a freshly showered Dawn wearing only one of his long uniform shirts and a smile. Kevin could only say "WOW" at seeing sexy Dawn dressing up for sex like that in his shirt, and he thought tonight would be special. Dawn held up the video box with the delivery man on the cover and Kevin asked how he could have missed that one. Dawn told him it was only recently returned as they ate their simple meal with Kevin not able to take his eyes off of Dawn in his shirt.

Kevin got ready for bed quickly that night and the video was started as the couple held each other close for the first five minutes of "Special Delivery". It wasn't a typical start to a porno, cheesy music and all, the video started with a still shot of a barn surrounded by woods. The picture stayed like that and both Dawn and Kevin thought silently that this movie was mis-boxed.

Kevin and Dawn watched as a struggling screaming woman was dragged toward the barn by two masked men, the fear and terror in her eyes was a brilliant piece of acting they thought. The large rolling door was opened to reveal the barn well lit with lanterns, and some more masked men with black robes waiting inside. She was dragged into the building and the camera followed, and the door closed with a ominous thud.

The woman was pretty, red crying eyes and all, and Kevin wondered aloud why they had not seen her in any other porno movies. Dawn just shushed him, her focus was so intent on the movie and what would happen next. The two men who held her arms forced her to kneel and her pretty sun dress got dirt on it from the barn floor. The robed masked men formed a line and the man in the center spoke in a booming voice telling everybody that this woman and several others have been assigned lottery numbers for the privilege of becoming their fall sacrifice. He looked right at the cowering woman and told her she had won!

The woman was pleading and begging to be released like she sincerely meant it, her performance was perfect! The speaker went on like this was some kind of training video, "Remember, we never take sacrifices from where we live and work, and if a brother betrays us, his family will suffer for his sins." Dawn thought whoever wrote this script could work in Hollywood. The man with the booming voice thanked the two brothers who supplied their sacrifice and he encouraged them to return to their normal lives, and they would return the favor for their sacrifice.

Kevin couldn't believe his throbbing hard on caused by the kinky shit in this movie, and it just started! Several robed men took possession of the sacrifice from their distant brothers and shackled her arms high overhead to chains with thick leather cuffs hanging there for just that use. Her pitiful screams were ignored and she would eventually stop only because she would need the air she was wasting. Her high heels, one heel missing from one shoe, were removed and her sexy legs were spread wider than could possibly be comfortable, and attached the same way her arms were to the thick beams holding the barn up.

Dawn noticed her toes were the only thing touching the dirt floor giving her legs the profile of wearing eight inch heels. This also left her suspended by her thin wrists, and just her toes! Dawn thought whoever this actress was she was as flexible as a college gymnast, she didn't think SHE would last in that position for very long at all.

Kevin noticed Dawn rubbing her pussy under the sheets oblivious to his presence. Dawn would never even talk about masturbation with Kevin, and here she was so flustered she was doing it right next to him! Kevin would have been shocked to know that she was fantasizing about being that actress as she rubbed her wet pussy right next to him.

The robed man with the booming voice and mask went to the tightly stretched woman and told her the longer she endures the longer she gets to live, and he backed away with his hand in the neck of her thin dress and tore it from her. Kevin thought she even looked sexier in her plain white slip, it's hem hiked all the way up her sexy thighs by her stretched legs. Some of the other men finished stripping the woman and her body was perfect in every way, really the perfect sacrifice! Kevin couldn't get over how tightly her tendons were pulled right up to her furry pussy, like steel cables under her skin ready to snap!

The men started with whips, not the kind to draw blood from the actress, but the kind to leave welts all over her tan skin. Dawn thought the special effects were unbelievable, or to be more grammatically correct, very believable. When they whipped her back and legs the camera followed the action and her yelps were timed perfectly with the landing of the tail on her skin, and the marks were not instant like the tail was dipped in fruit juice or something. When they whipped her front side she was too out of breath to even scream, and her softer tits and stomach deflected with each blow. The first man actually got winded from whipping the helpless woman, and a second man took his turn next, crisscrossing her beautiful body with angry red welts as she swung in her restraints. The men obviously wanted her to experience as much pain as possible without passing out, this was only the start of her ordeal.

Dawn and Kevin looked at each other sheepishly, they had both achieved self inflicted orgasm during the whipping scene, Kevin's seed landing all over his chest. He could never recall producing so much cum in one shot in his life! Dawn's side of the bed was wet with her juices, and she looked exhausted.

The whipping continued until the woman passed out and Kevin noticed for the first time that the camera never stopped, like it was one continuous shoot with one camera. A man came forward with his black robe open to reveal that he was naked under it, and obviously highly aroused. He used what looked like smelling salts and cracked the small vial under her nose to revive her from her temporary relief from pain. He then wet his fingers in his mouth and used them to lube up her stretched open pussy for his comfort, not hers. He thrust up into the woman so hard that her toes came up off the dirt floor as she tried to get away from the impaling monster.

Dawn noticed that his cock was large, almost inhumanly so, and thought the actress would get split in two as he used her body as someplace to just dump his seed. The actor used her welted up tits as handles for his large hands, and Dawn thought of the relationship between a man's hand size and his cock size like her girl friends used to joke about. Dawn thought his treatment was so rough on her tits that he might actually rip them off.

Dawn noticed Kevin had another hard on again, a first for him as he is usually a "once and done" kind of man. She didn't notice her own hand rubbing at her pussy again, it wasn't all that unusual for her to achieve multiple orgasms in one session, always with Kevin's expert mouth on the job. Each of the eleven robed men in the video took their turn with the woman's body, actually they each looked like they took more than one turn each as she became less and less responsive to their abuse.

Her ass was taken and the first time that happened she came back to life and tried to struggle away from one of the men in the huge cock club, as Dawn thought of it. Her grunts and noises were less and less lifelike and when one of the men backed away from her she was just a mess with cum running down her legs and puddling under her. The men in the video finally got tired of her and she was uncuffed and reverently carried over to a long bench and laid on it with her arms at her sides, on her back. She was semi comatose and offered no resistance to them at all.

Kevin thought this woman and the special effects department deserved an award for this sexy but disturbing film. He was waiting for the closing credits to see if he could find who made it, and the actress name. Both Kevin and Dawn had orgasmed again, actually Dawn orgasmed seven times total watching this kinky movie.

The men with the robes and masks were gathered around the bench and the camera couldn't see the woman's upper body, just her legs and the backs of the men facing away from the camera. Then the cheapest special effect in the whole movie, one of the men takes a shiny ornate dagger and thrust down where the camera can't see and you see the woman's legs stiffen and a minute later the man with the dagger comes up with a beating heart.

Kevin thought they ruined the movie with that, but he could tell from looking at Dawn that she didn't agree. The last part of the movie shows the woman's torn clothes on fire in a fire circle and the heart on top of them. One by one the black robed men toss in their masks and robes as they walk away, the camera never seeing their faces or anything but their hands.



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