Five Senses 2: Tuesday 5pm

by giveitago

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; naked; hood; mitts; bond; gag; inflate; restraints; dungeon; chains; toys; climax; cons; X

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Part 2: Tuesday 5pm

As I mentioned in part one my next meeting was Tuesday 5pm and that time was fast approaching. I made all my preparations shaving and showering and using my Masters' favourite perfume. I made my way to the car and put the key in the ignition and began driving to house.

The traffic was nice and light and I arrived just at the right time. I rang the doorbell and was let in and went straight into the dressing room. Empty? What was happening? No toys to insert.... no catsuit to sliver into and no shoes. I saw the note on the wall at my station. “Nothing to be worn today”. I couldn't begin imagining what was planned for today, but remembered that the invite said not to make any plans for Wednesday. I stripped off my day clothes and waited for the dungeon door to be opened.

The cool air made my naked body have goose pimples and I was hoping that I would get to wear something. Master was standing the middle of the dungeon head to toe clad in his black latex, my goodness he looked hot, if only I could see what he looked like underneath. Maybe I have passed him on the street or supermarket and not realised.

In his hand was my hood which he slipped onto me and tightened up the laces, oh well that's my sight gone, no further chances to see him until he chooses to release me. Click and the lock is on.

“Hands in front” he whispers in my ear. He slips on a mitten and my hands were made useless – click and they were not coming off.

“Walk with me” he led me across the dungeon to the area I knew well – the block.

He guided me to the edge and got me to sit down. I could just hear him move away to the other side of the dungeon and then heard the squeak of the latex as he returned. He got me to stand and his hand carrassed me and the lube wasn't really needed, but I was grateful as he inserted my dildo and then proceeded to deftly tie a crotch rope to prevent it from being removed in a hurry – oh yeah that was likely with the mitts on!

On the block I could feel that there was something on there. Damm I wish I could see and feel it.

“This is my new toy” the Master said, “ I purchased it from a medical supplier and I think that you will like it”

Well my heart skipped a beat, what the hell has he bought. He knew that I used to be a first aid trainer, but I never thought that he would bring it into our sessions.

“It's a Vacuum mattress and I know you know what it is!”

Well my heart pounded, we had used one of these during a training session and I was the “casualty” and I loved the feeling and now my master was going to encase me. Willingly, I got up onto the block and Master helped to position me onto the mattress. Now don't be under the impression that the mattress is all nice and squashy with a pillow for my head, it isn't and you will find out why shortly.

Before applying the mattress straps, I could feel something around my legs and neck. The spinal collar was applied and I could hear the velcro being tightened and my head movement was removed. Around my legs he placed box splints and the velcro was once again tightened and any bending of my legs was taken away.

Now he tightly pulled the straps, I remembered the straps were just clips, but I guess that Master had adjusted them to meet his needs. The mattress came up and hugged me, I knew what was coming next and my thoughts were confirmed when the sound of the hand pump came to me. The sides of the mattress started to become rigid and still the Master kept going.

Just in case you don't know what the mattress is it's used for moving people with spinal injuries. Because the air is sucked out of it, the sides go rigid and there is no chance of the patient moving a finger – much like a vacbed, but so much stronger.

And so, back to me now..........................

The sides were tight round me now and I knew that it was nearly at maximum. But Master was not going to stop until all the air had been removed. Wow, it was snug and to be honest, I nearly came while he was doing the straps up, but I knew that I had to be patient. Then he stopped and removed the pump, and I knew that I was not going to be going anywhere soon and I really didn't want to.

So there I lay, how long for? What else was going to happen?

Time seemed to drag, until all of a sudden there was movement between my legs and the gentle humming brought me to a climax and boy was it a good one. If I hadn't been so immobile, I would have been rolling around with pleasure. Then it was all over, and I could feel the mattress being released. With the other pieces on I still couldn't move and my Master came to my aid.

“How was that?”

“Better that the last time I was in it, wonderful, thank you”. I was hoping that this wasn't it as I was sure that it wasn't Wednesday already.

“Want to play with some of my other toys?” I knew that the answer had to be yes, yes, yes.

My leg splints were removed, but the collar remained. Master took me by the gloved mitt and got me to stand in the middle of the room, cuffs were put on my wrists and ankles and I heard the chains being attached. From my memory of the room (and as I had been there a number of times, it was pretty good) those chains were going to be attached to the D-rings cemented into the floor. Oh I know my master and they were. It allowed slight movement, but nothing much. My collar was removed at this stage, and my own one put on. Again this had rings on it front and back and chains were attached to it and then to the ceiling reducing my ability to move around.


So this is how I spent the night, when the morning arrived, I heard the door open but I could tell that it wasn't Master... who was it …... only time would tell.

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