Five Senses

by giveitago

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© Copyright 2012 - giveitago - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; D/s; catsuit; bond; gag; bfold; straitjacket; inflat; pole; chair; dungeon; toys; climax; denial; cons; X

Well here we go my first delve into the bound story world.....................

A special day today, all 5 of us were going to be there and we were all told to leave our ballet shoes at home – that could only mean one thing – endurance.

We were all given times to arrive and whoa betide anyone who arrived at the wrong time, so at 12.35 I walked up to the front door and rang the bell, the door was open by the slave who ordered me into the changing room. Hanging there was my black catsuit and my favourite dildo which I gladly slipped in and pulled my catsuit on swiftly and went through to the holding room where the other girls were already.

Not a word was being spoken at the request of our master, and I must say that we all looked super. He came in and we all knelt on the ground. He had 5 bags with him which was unusual but no-one dared ask why. One by one we all took one piece of paper from the bag – mine read “hearing”, strange I thought but we will see how that pans out.

In silence we all went through to the dungeon area, where the master began to explain the way the weekend was going to go. Each one of us had picked out a sense that was going to be removed for the whole weekend, along with other pieces of bonage games – hearing that's not too bad, I am glad that I hadn't got taste or smell!!! We had to go and find the piece of equipment that matched out sense – I found mine and I had some industrial ear muffs and the small ones that go right into your ears – we were told not to put them on until we had picked from the other 4 bags – the sense of anticipation was big and all of us were excited to see what else our master had in store for us.

The second bag had the way our arms would be secured – I really didn't want to do this one as I knew I would get the armbinder which I hated – here we go - into the bag – phew it was a straightjacket. The third bag was the set of ballgags, the only people exempt from this was the ones who had lost their sense of taste or smell from the first bag – he is our master, but still has a heart. I had the bit gag, which wasn't too large, but I knew it was going to get uncomfortable over the weekend.

So onto the fourth bag – position to be secured. Oh no, I got “pole collared” which was the metal collar locked to the standing pole, I am really glad we didn't have to wear our ballet shoes although bare foot on the dungeon floor does start to get a bit chilly after a while. So finally onto the last bag – length of time. We all picked out numbers, but there was a lot more than just 5 in there so what was he up to? I got 3 hours which I thought was ok, but then he gathered all the times together and laughed – it didn't sound good. So we had all picked from the bags and we were informed that it was time to get ready.

So in went my earplugs and on went my ear muffs, damm it went so quiet and I normally love to hear things oh well, think of the pleasure that is to come. My bit gag was put in next, and pulled to the tightest hole possible, I tried to move it to a comfortable position but couldn't so I knew I had to live with it. Next came out the specially made straightjacket, our master had one made to each of our measurements, he is so thoughtful. The buckles were all done up to their tightest hole as you can imagine and the crotch strap held my dildo in place perfectly no chance of getting that out! But my arms weren't crossed so I guessed what was next.

Yes I was locked onto the pole and then my arms were secured tightly so no chance of moving away from the pole at all. These were also done up to their tightest setting and the pole began to dig into my back but I knew there was no point in complaining otherwise we would all suffer.

What did everyone else get? Well. Slave 1 lost her touch and had mittens locked on, handcuffs, an extra large ballgag which he knew she could take and she was vet wrapped to a chair – lucky girl sitting down. Slave 2 lost her taste and had to wear an inflatable ballgag, she had to wear the armbinder and was secured to the ceiling by the armbinder – ouch I am glad I didn't get that! Slave 3 lost her sight via a leather blindfold, her hands were secured behind her with a neck to wrist restraint bar, she had the O ring gag and was secured using a spreader bar across her ankles locked to the floor. Finally Slave 4 lost her smell and was forced to have rags shoved up her nose and secured using a latex hood. Her hands were not bound which I found strange, but the reason became clear when she was prized into the inflatable dress and it was blown up, her hands weren't going anywhere in there!

So where was she secured? To the bed lucky girl, her ankles were tied to the bottom rungs and straps went across her inflated body and head and there was no way she was going to get out of that.

So there we all were it must have been quite a sight – our master looked very pleased with his work. And there we were for the rest of the weekend. Oh yeah, the final bag. Well as you know I got 3 hours, our Master told us that Slave 1 picked out 2 hours, Slave 2 got 30 minutes, Slave 3 picked 5 hours. So at the moment we were up to 10 and a half hours so what did Slave 4 get? 7 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!

Boy I am really glad that we weren't in our ballet boots. We all settled down for a long time of pleasure and pain. Our vibrators were all set to random as normal and our master flicked the remote switch and it started. I could see what was happening and the orgasms were coming thick and fast for some girls and not for others.

I have to say that I was one of those not getting anything for the first little while, and then it hit me like a tidal wave, and I begged it to stop through my gag, and for a while it did. The cycle of orgasm, pain and frustration kept going and we had no idea of how long had passed, we all had our “safe” words, but knew that if we used them we would certainly pay for it next time.

So after 17 and a half hours our Master came back in and one by one we were unsecured and told to over to the corner of the room and the length of time it took us all to get over there would be the number of hours that we would remain with him in our current level of bondage, we all worked together, but it still took 5 minutes to get Slave 4 there, so another 5 hours, but at least we could move around if we wanted.

One by one we were taken out of the dungeon after the 5 hours and given time to thank our Master individually and then shower and change back into our day clothes.

The invites were given out to our next meeting....Tuesday 5pm – don't make plans for Wednesday.........................................

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