A Fetish Marriage

by Lambrètto

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© Copyright 2011 - Lambrètto - Used by permission

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[Authors‘ note: after the initial story of A Fetish Honeymoon (originated after a story contest in 2005), I felt I had to revisit Citore Lauxes lady Ynroh-N-Toh & her Llud husband Rewollof again, to see how they were doing after some years of marriage. After all, married life is quite different then a honeymoon, even if it is on the planet Yoj-Xes!

For the new readers: if the names seem confusing, simply read them backwards and it’ll tell you more about the characters.

I owe a word of thanks to the folks of “Charlotte Fetish”, whose steel constructions (or should I say contraptions?) inspired me to some of the toys used.]


1: An Office Party.

Ynroh-N-Toh was excited. She had a delicious new outfit and she was going to show it to her husband, Rewollof, who had not seen it yet. “Be representative, my dear, we will have business associates attending the party” he had said that morning.

“Well, an outfit called “the perfect housewife trainer” should be representative enough”, she thought as the servants off-loaded her, outfit and all, outside the restaurant where the reception would be taking place. They wheeled her into the entry, while one went ahead to tell Rewollof she had arrived.

She was anxious to see his face when he would see her, and she was not disappointed.

Rewollof was used to some quite creative outfits his wife would wear, or lock herself into, but this one had him wide-eyed nonetheless. His eyes roamed over her latest creation, or better, a combination of things he had seen before and some he had not.

True enough, she was all dressed up representatively in a head-to-toe leather cat suit, shiny dark blue, with her face being the only the skin visible. Her figure was accentuated by a heavy leather corset, in very dark red, tightening her waist and propping up her breasts underneath the cat suit. Evidence that she was not about to be playing around that night was given by the padlocked stainless steel chastity belt, visible just below the corset. Quite likely she would have left the key at home. Her shapely legs were resting in buckled boots, the same deep red as the corset, with modest heels (by her standards any way), only 4 inch.

He guessed the reason for the heels though: she could not move about and had to stand on the spot, for she was locked into some steel contraption. Ballet boots would have been too uncomfortable for the duration of the reception.

Smiling and shaking his head in both admiration and disbelief, he took a closer look at the steel thing. A base plate on wheels, so she could be rolled around, or tagged along. A full length pole with a curve quite like the spine of a well-heeled lady, and a series of 2” steel cuffs welded in anatomically correct places…. These cuffs locked her ankles to each side of the pole, as well as her thighs and her waist. Between her legs a big curving bar came forward, so she could easily be pulled forward, if one had no objection of grabbing just in front of the chastity belt. The pole took a big curve backwards above her hips, where other similar cuffs held her wrists and her elbows well behind her. A half cuff served as resting place for her neck and a hinging cuff was left open for her head.

On close inspection (he noticed her delighted eyes following his inspection) he saw he could easily put her head into the top half ring, and twist the front half over her head to lock her head into immobility as well. He did not need to look to know it would click into place.

The central pole ended with a strong ring on top, no doubt to suspend the entire construction, with occupant of course, if so desired.

The overall effect was of a tightly packed up lady, held firmly in a standing position.

He smiled at her, and kissed her gently. “Congratulations, my dear, once again you have outdone yourself. Where on earth did you find this …. thing?” he said.

“Lovely, isn’t it? I call it “The Perfect Housewife Trainer”. I thought of it myself and had it made by Nori Ffits, the smith from your village. He knows my style by now and only needed half a word and some dimensions. It arrived this morning, just when I was wondering what to wear tonight. “

She smiled proudly, taking in the admiring looks of the passers by and the other guests of the reception. She knew she would be the talk of the town again tomorrow.

“Oh, and by the way dear, depending how representative I have to be for you tonight, I have a ring gag trainer in my hand bag, which I believe is dangling somewhere behind me. Do you know if you need me to engage in conversation with other people tonight? You know how I can always can get just that tid-bit of information out of seemingly sharp business men when they think I am totally helpless. I had the wheels well oiled, so they can take me across the dancing floor, if it’s a slow dance. But please, do not put on the blind-fold if we are going to dance, I’m not sure if I won’t get motion sickness, and that would spoil the effect.”

Rewollof listened with pride to her total self confidence and brashness. Indeed she had dug up some useful information at other receptions where all the partners where bound in some fetish outfit. Mostly the wives, yet with ever more husbands, as women worked their way up in the company. Such parties were quite common in Ygro, the capital of Citore Lauxes where he and Ynroh-N-Toh now lived, after a few years in his home town of Llud (“the village” as she always called it teasingly). Even private parties often had fetish or bondage dress codes.

Tonight would not be one of those however, it was “just a product launch”. “You’ll be fine, my dear, feel free to talk. I’ll plug you when you misbehave” he said, and kissed her again. “Once again, you look stunning, I’m proud of you.”

He took hold of the pulling bar protruding from her loins and rolled her alongside him into the party, where drinks were waiting.

After a while of polite chit-chat, Ynroh-N-Toh grew bored. There was no business intelligence to be gathered, and no new bondages around to admire. These parties were often the same, with rarely a surprising outfit, bondage or conversation showing up. She regretted not packing some vibrators into herself when she dressed up, it would have been much more enjoyable with something working inside herself. She wondered what she would look like, shuddering to a climax in a public place while she was held rigid and trying to keep up polite conversation. Not that she was ashamed of public climaxing, she had even managed to do so at her wedding. Hopefully Rewollof would have some energy tonight, she hoped.

“Could you please roll me to my husband please, there is something I need to ask him” she interrupted the man speaking with her on something she had already forgotten.

“My dear, I am afraid I have not been behaving as I should have. Please feel free to apply appropriate measures” she said to him when she arrived. He looked at her, understanding the hidden message she was giving him: please let me escape into my own world.

He was not yet ready to leave though, some customers still needed his attention. He frowned, took out the ring gag trainer and swiftly put it into place, tightly. “How dare you damage my reputation in front of my guests! We shall discuss this firmly when we get home!” he said sternly and slapped her on her buttocks. Without the customers seeing though, he had winked at her, and she had understood that he had gotten her message.

She lowered her head demurely and smiled to herself. She had seen some people, whom she knew were critical customers, nodding approvingly that he had showed his authority. Well, at least she had helped him there, she thought, as she slowly retreated with her thoughts into herself.

Feeling the smug fit of Nori Ffits latest creation holding her up, her mind wandered back to the days she had in “the village”, the first years with Rewollof after her honeymoon trip to BeeDeeSeM.

2: “Sex and the village”, or "Not so desperate housewives"

She had been looking forward to his home town, especially after the almost continuous penetrations during her honeymoon. In fact, she had arrived in full, double penetration, as he had taken her home inside the glass sculpture which held her like a giant full-body corset. It was fitting for a lady of noble descent, yet his home town proved less progressive to sexuality and fetish than her home town. But then again, her home town, Ygro, was the capital of the Yoj Xes planet, and enjoyed the cultural peak of eroticism and fetishism.

The people in “the village”, as she always called it, were open and friendly in person, but kept their private life, well, private. After inquiring into fetish shops or local bondage designers, Ynroh discovered this region enjoyed more simple alternative use of existing stuff. Farmers would use horse straps and ropes, carpenters would make their own bondage furniture, people would have many other uses for house hold equipment, etc.

It took Ynroh quite some time to get settled. Fortunately, her big supply of play-toys from the honeymoon trip helped, and Rewollof proved eager enough to pack her up, tie her up or whatever when he came home. Ynroh being a true Citore Lauxes, he would often find her already dressed & tied up in some exotic way, or a trap waiting for him to be tied up. She was glad he was progressive enough, he could be change between the dominant or submissive role, as did she.

She got on well with his sister too, Tilc-Toh. It wasn’t long before they were confiding in each other during cosy & intimate tea-sessions in 69-positions, exchanging gossip as well as bondage techniques. It was the same Tilc-Toh who introduced Ynroh into country style bondage, with household items & simpler straps versus the city’s designer bondage she was used to, as well as into other house-wife groups. It was during these Hogtie Tea parties that Ynroh-n-Toh discovered she did like steel after all. Being bound in steel was much more merciless then in pliable bondage such as leather or rope.

She fondly remembered her first Hogtie Tea Party with all the ladies in steel hogtie trainer. Upon arrival, Ynroh-N-Toh looked around the room. At first it had seemed like your average room for guests in one of the better houses, where a group of ladies was about to meet for tea. This room however had no chairs, but a circle of steel contraptions, with protruding bars in strategic places. They had a base plate, a steel column about 2ft high, with another bar welded horizontally to the column. Several wide rings appeared openable and lockable, but Ynroh-N-Toh could not immediately guess which ones were for arms or feet.

Ynroh-N-Toh looked quizzingly at Tilc-Toh, who nodded her to go in.

“Have no fear, Ynroh, this will be fun. I’ll show you how to get in, but knowing you, you’ll find it easy enough once you know how it works.  Watch me.”

With that, Tilc-Toh stripped of her dress and wriggled herself, on her belly, backwards onto the base plate. It was obvious the lower and shorter steel bar was going inside her, although Ynroh-N-Toh could not see into which orifice. Tilc-Toh fiddled the rings open, folded her legs towards her hips and clicked her ankles into the rings. She put her arms into the other rings, holding her elbows and wrists tightly together. She was held in a hogtie position, held merciless by steel. Her breast were just free of the floor, she held her head up. Only now did Ynroh-N-Toh see the half circle of steel behind the head, apparently to hold a head with a strap or something likewise if the occupant had to remain totally fixed.

Tilc-Toh smiled at Ynroh. “See, once you know how, it’s quite fun. Of course, once you’re in, somebody locks the rings, you’re not supposed to get out.”

“Aha, Tilc-Toh, I see you’re on the mood today, couldn’t wait again, couldn’t you?” said a voice behind them. Ynroh-N-Toh turned around, to see their host Erom Esaelp smiling at them. “And you must be Ynroh-N-Toh, Tilc-Toh told us about you. Welcome in our little circle, where we meet, where we chat and, well, where we enjoy ourselves and each other. I see Tilc-Toh has shown you how the Steel Hogtie Holder works. It can be quite comfortable, you know, if you’re well strapped in.”

Ynroh-N-Toh nodded, she had recognised the padding and saw how Tilc-Toh was held tightly, yet could hold this for some time.

Erom Esaelp motioned her towards one of the other hogtie holders. “We all strip and strap ourselves in, minus one of course. We draw lots, you see, who will be the one not to be strapped in for the day. That person locks all the holders, switches on the power in the dildo-bars, or not of course, and gets to play with us, while we chat about whatever we chat about.”

Ynroh-N-Toh looked at her. “That’s seems harsh, everyone will have fun but her?”

“Oh not to worry, my dear. Before she straps us in, we strap her in too: 2 vibrators with long-life batteries, locked into place with a steel chastity belt, the key of which sits in an ice-cube. We fairly share our joy & orgasms, you see.” Erom Esaelp said with a smile.

Ynroh-N-Toh raised her eyebrows. This was obviously not quite your average village tea-circle ….”Just how do you actually drink tea then” she asked with a smile, while she casually locked the rings holding Tilc-Toh, which in turn switched on some humming inside the machine. “Hey, I was just getting out!” Tilc-Toh protested briefly.

“No you’re not, it seems our guest knows how to take initiative. Get ready for a longer stay, dear” Erom Esaelp said, and smiled at Ynroh-n-Toh. “For drinks we either have straws, or the free person gives you a drink, depending on her mood, and depending on the gags we may apply. Oh, by the way, for guests we have a special hogtie holder, with a bit more padding to lessen the strain on the shoulders. Here, let me show you.” Erom was about to guide Ynroh to one holder, but Ynroh stopped her. “That’s very kind of you, but I’d like to be part of the group like anyone else. And besides, I’ve had my share of restrictive bondage, I think I can handle a position or two for a tea session.”

Erom briefly looked at Ynroh and saw the pride in her eyes.

“Very well, why don’t you take the one next to Tilc-Toh then?” she said with a sparkle in her eyes, after which she turned around to let in some other guests.

Ynroh dropped her dress and hobbled backwards as she had seen Tilc-Toh do, only to find out that this particular hogtie holder had two sizable bars sticking out horizontally, aiming at the usual openings. It took Ynroh a fair bit of wiggling backwards on her stomach to get them both inside, the steel being inflexible, cold and unhelpful, yet very filling. Her experience helped her to get into position, after which she deftly clicked her ankles into position. She was about to look for the rings & holders for her elbows and wrists, when she realised some ladies had been watching her intently.

“Oh Erom, what a way to treat new guests!” one said seemingly indignified. “The one with the tightest back-curve and the biggest vibrators!....and I had been hoping to get that one!” she added with a smile.

“Well, I did offer her the guest holder, but she wanted to be treated like anyone else in the group. And as she was introduced by Tilc-Toh, I thought it only fair to put them next to each other” Erom Esaelp said to the other women, as she clicked Ynroh’s cuffs shut, clicked the head ring around her head into place and switched on the vibrators. Ynroh gulped when the machines came into action. She was used to quite some powerful intruders, but stretched as she was into a strict hogtie position, she was not quite prepared for two very powerful steel vibrators getting into action. She had to really concentrate to listen to Erom’s introductions to all the other ladies, and to listen to the conversation while the lots were drawn for the remaining lady. The lady who had been hoping for Ynroh’s hogtie holder, Gib Emmig, lost (or won?), and Ynroh watched as she was penetrated by two equally sizable machines before the chastity belt locked them into place.

Just as the belt locked shut, Erom seemed to remember something. “You know, Gib, my dear, the weirdest thing happened this morning. I accidentally froze the key to the belt in a much larger ice cube then normal, you may be stuck with these toys until early evening. Now I hope you’ll appreciate we gave you the largest ones in each opening…” she said with a devious smile. Gib Emmig looked not pleased at first, it turned out she would be having guests that evening, business guests for her husband.

“Oh dear, you’ll have to hide these visitors and their noise then” Erom said apologetically, albeit not very convincing. Needless to say, by the time Erom herself was clicked in, Gib made her pay….. which may have been her objective all along. It turned out a very pleasant afternoon, and Ynroh was pleased to have found other “partners in crime”, or as she preferred to call it, “partners in pleasure”. As a club tends to do with newcomers, Ynroh was tested for her stamina, her experience, her gossip, etc. Being a Citore Lauxes of high pedigree however, she passed all tests, including the one for juiciest orgasm or juiciest bondage gossip. Once she passed, the group quickly accepted her as one of their own and they enjoyed regular “tea sessions” at each others’houses. Each host would have a different bondage and play theme however.

Erom Esaelp turned out to be the wife of the local aristocrat and large landowner, which explained why she could afford to have the circle of steel hogtie holders made, and have a room to spare to house them. She confided there were similar “machines” for the men, but would not show them. Apparently she and her husband made a game to hide the male & female techniques for each other. As Erom’s husband was fairly well off, she did not have to work, like Ynroh, so they would meet more often then with the others.

It was the same Erom who introduced Ynroh to horse back riding, as her husband had considerable fields and tracts of land to ride through privately. Ynroh quickly took a fancy to the special ”saddles”, which were not much more then a wide band around the horse’s chest with two dildo’s on top. A brief sanitary cloth was the only thing between the rider and the horse. A true rider would have to hold himself, of herself, on the back of the horse by using his legs and by squeezing the internal muscles around the dildos. Ynroh never got that far, as she liked the beginner’s set much better. The beginner’s set had some strong cloth “socks” laced around the feet, the long end of these socks would be tied tightly around the horse. It took a bit of gymnastics to attach or release yourself to or off the horse, but she quickly figured a way to do so, while holding herself on top by means of the double penetrators. Ynroh compared it to tying herself down upside down by her feet to bondage suspension cuffs.

As it assured she could absolutely not fall off, she could relax much more and enjoy the waves and motions of the trotting or galloping horse underneath her. A gallop across a long field would thus turn into a long orgasmic ride, as the dildo’s, or vibrators, would do their work unpredictably yet strongly & mercilessly. She would tie herself tightly, so she would feel every muscle of the powerful horse, and he could feel her. In due time, she learned to direct the horses by shifting her weight, a gentle pressure of her thighs, so she could let go of the reins and feel like flying with her arms spread wide, while galloping across the fields.

After a while, Erom reverted back to the beginners saddle as well, although she allowed herself more play in tying down her feet, so she would be thrown upwards, and of course would nicely fall downwards onto the dildo’s, with every step. In sunny weather, they would ride naked, and have lovely intimate picnic pauses at a lake, or small river. Over the course of spring and summer, they would get a wonderful summer tan all over, much to the delight of their husbands.

The village was not that progressive as to condone ladies riding around naked on a horse. The solution was to leave dressed and on conventional saddles and ride to a small cabin just inside the private part of the forest. Here they would shed clothes and saddles, having taken the small saddles and whatever they needed for the picnic in saddle bags.

On weekend rides, the husbands would join them, having their own minimal saddles of course. These trips made for even more pleasant picnics at the lakes or rivers. Yrnoh discovered intimate play and bondage play in the open air, in water and even under water, as Erom sometimes brought some weights and breathing tubes. Being caressed and loved under water, seemingly weightless and with the sunlight sparkling above, was among Ynroh’s (and Rewollof’s for that matter) fondest memories.

The village also had fond memories of Ynroh though, as she had given them, and the world, a wonderful creation, inspired by Gib Emmig’s husband. He was a bicycle maker, and, to help his wife maintain her fitness, had converted a bicycle into a home-trainer annex fucking machine. By cycling, she would rotate three cam-plates, two actuating separate dildo’s doing their wonderful jobs, while the third had a smaller motion rubbing the rider’s clit. Needless to say, Gib did not mind her daily exercise and one day proudly showed the machine to Ynroh.

Ynroh had seen, and used, fucking machines before, most of them using a crank-shaft mechanism. Being the Citore Lauxes that she was, Ynroh-n-Toh immediately grasped the erotic significance of using cam-actuators. It allowed each motion its own rhythm, its own stroke or penetrating thrust, even its own sense of vibration.

She had the female business sense to shape it like a fashionable designer toy (Gib’s had been, well, a converted bicycle), with Gib’s husband upgrading the design to allow different cam-plates for different tastes in stroke and thrust. Rewollof activated his family’s enterprise to mass market and mass-produce it. It sold fantastically, and made the three of them a good fortune. Pretty soon, hundred’s of households in every city saw housewives fuck-cycling themselves. Very un-Llud like, it was Rewollof who devised a working male version, with the front dildo actuator replaced by a dick pumper, and the clit massager replaced by a ball fondler. Naturally, sales doubled and many marriages had very fit husbands and wives as a result.

As if she still needed convincing, after this “invention” Ynroh was convinced the Llud reputation must have been out-dated, for Rewollof was anything but one.

3: Party and the city.

One beautiful summer evening Ynroh-n-Toh and Rewollof organised a party with and for their friends. She had invited her old-time friends Em Ekat, Em Ekop (two wild sisters), Erom Erom and finally Ssob Gib. Sobb Gib was a minority case in Ygro: she was the dominant one in their relationship, and her husband Sreh M’I enjoyed being the sub. This sometimes meant re-arrangements for toys and furniture, as he had to sit (or lay, or hang, or whatever was on the bondage menu of the day) in between the ladies. Ssob Gib on the other hand felt at ease being among men, discussing how best to please their bound partners, when to switch on which vibrator, etc.

A party in Ygro was obviously not your usual party. Ynroh-n-Toh had specified a clear dress code: “Ladies: put on your most designerish armbinder, full body & hooded leather or latex catsuit, high heels locked on; make sure your orifices and breasts can be easily reached. Gents, leather outfit as outrageous as you have, keep orifices and tool available for use.”

True enough, the friends had kept their word. Em Ekat showed up in a transparent latex catsuit, the transparency strategically blanked out in places which should not be seen yet. To keep with the transparent theme, her arms were held in a solid glass two-piece armbinder, held together with small clips. It was beautifully made, one could see precisely how her muscles and arms battled against the glass, a futile battle of course.

Her sister Em Ekop was wearing a chrome coloured latex suit, with openings closed with studded covers. Her arms were held in a chrome arm binder, which resembled a giant blob of molten metal, aerodynamically shaped like a raindrop with the point at her fingertips, the wide round part around her shoulders.

Erom Erom had always been a lover of nature, and true enough, her armbinder was made of bamboo twigs. Not just a few twigs, but lots of carefully pruned and cultured bamboo shoots which had grown to form a nest around her arms. Her catsuit was of bare & white cotton, all natural of course. The laces which made sure it hugged every curve of her body were made of thin leather shoe laces.

All were curious how Ssob Gib would show up. Indeed she had managed to find a strong and dominant leather outfit, highlighting her every curve, yet in a feminine soft colour. Sreh M’I had done his homework too. His limbs & joints had been trained well over many years of bondage and his body was quite flexible. His arms were tied to his back, with the elbows almost meeting and his hands pointing up. He could have scratched the back of his head, so tight were his arms, if he would have had his hands to himself of course. His arms were pinned to his torso by a skin-coloured full body corset, toned and laced to such an effect it almost appeared he had no arms at all. Every one admired his nimbleness, and asked how he could hold out for the evening. “Oh he’ll manage, he’s been tied tighter and longer then that” Ssob Gib replied with a proud smile on his behalf, as a ring gag trainer prevented him from speaking.

In the entrance they all admired, commented and judged each other’s outfit, and unanimously had to admit that no matter how outrageous their own armbinders were, they once again had been topped by Ynroh-n-Toh.

She had gone for the minimalist approach. Her catsuit consisted of body paint, beautiful stripes of bright colours. Her armbinder was very strict and yet was not: a coin between her taped hands and a small stick between her elbows. She had to keep them in place with will-power and concentration, for of course, if either one should drop…..well, the group would think of a suitable penalty. So her arms were bound by peer pressure, so to speak.

“What a wonderful creation, my dear. And knowing you, I can very well imagine you will drop the stick just for the heck of the punishment”, Erom Erom said with a devious smile.

After the appetizers, which the husbands dutifully fed to their wives through straws, Ynroh-n-Toh and Rewollof led the guests to the dining room, where they had the Grand Surprise of the evening waiting. Dinner would be taken in a somewhat unusual configuration, with the wives sitting, well sort of, at the table, and the husbands behind them to feed both. Ynroh-n-Toh and Rewollof had had special seats made, and soon enough all of them were Oooing all around them in admiration.

Basically, the dinner bondage seat resembled an inverted Y-shape at a slight angle, with a large dildo approximately at loin height, some 2" diameter, pointing skyward from the Y-junction. Above was a padded area, with two cut-outs for the breasts. On the table facing side, some large ratcheting cuffs would grab the breasts and hold them tight (like police hand-cuffs), as soon as the lady had seated herself on top of the dildo and had put her breasts through the holes. Ynroh-n-Toh had obviously remembered the cup-sizes of her friends, for every “seat" had tailor-sized "breast-cuffs". As the dinner table was round, all guests would be feasting their eyes on a circle full of bound breasts, bulging out of the “seats”.

To make sure the ladies felt well impaled onto the dildo, they would sit on their knees on adjustable knee-rests (comfortably padded, of course). Once they sat, their calves would be pulled upwards and tied to their thighs with a wide strap. The height adjustment of the knee-rests could be adjusted to assure the lady's weight would push her well onto the dildo, as well as hang her almost from her breasts.

One by one the ladies straddled onto their seats, hmmpf-ing as the large penetrators found their way in.

"Please let us know if they are too small", Ynroh-n-Toh said with a grin, "We took the small ones to make sure everyone would fit."

"Too small, are you kidding? What do you think we are, professional fisters?" Erom Erom said with a painful smile as she settled herself and watched how her husband fondled her breasts a tad more then needed to guide them through the openings. Soon all the ladies were impaled, breast-tied and leg-tied. The men walked around them, admiring the cleverness of the bondage furniture design, the total immobility of the ladies and the free access to their asses. Some joyful spanking could be heard, before the men turned to take their seats.

These were also custom built, of course. The men's seats were designed to position them with legs wide and right behind their wives, ready to take them from behind. To make sure the men would stay in position, the seats had butt-plugs protruding from the seats, inflatable to a bulb-sphere shape so the gentleman could not get up without lifting the seat with him .... dangling from his ass. A small hole in the seat was right-sized to drop his balls through, with a similar cuff-mechanism as the lady’s breasts to double-secure them. As a final touch, a small strap went over the manhood, resulting in a triple lock for each man.

"My god, Rewollof, you don't do half-work when you want to tie a man down", grunted Em Ekat’s husband when everything was clasped, inflated and done. "I can hardly move about, just about sit, eat and talk".

"Precisely, my dear fellow", replied Rewollof. “After all, during dinner one is not supposed to wander about, but pay proper attention to his table lady. And as soon as the servants push us in place, our ladies will have our finest attention very much in them". As if they had waited for the command, the servants indeed pushed all the men-seats gently forward, so they had no choice but to enter their wives from behind. Every couple was closely together, the husbands feeding the wives during dinner, with the occasional caress of their bound breasts.

Naturally, everyone wanted to know where they had found these "deviously delicious machines", as Erom Erom put it. "Actually, it is our own design, and these are all prototypes" Ynroh-n-Toh said after the soup. "Back in Ludd, our friend Nori Ffits, who also made my perfect wife trainer of that party recently, made the prototypes. If tonight is any success, we might try to market these too.  We're glad you seem to like them. Oh, by the way, Ssob, how is your model?"

For Ssob Gib, the furniture had to be slightly different of course. For her husband Sreh M’I, the Y-seat had a large hole for his manhood with two vacuum-pipes on the other end, one pointing upwards for his manhood, one smaller one pointing downwards for his balls. Once both vacuums had been applied, he was very careful not to move the slightest. As he obviously had no breasts, to grab, a 4”wide strap with double buckles went all around to assure his upper torso stayed just as put as his loins. The seat for Ssob Gib had the same butt-plug, but at the front it had a dual dildo to take them both.

She nodded her agreement that she liked the arrangement, and said her husband liked it too. Even though the ring gag had been taken away for dinner, he still could not answer as she deftly filled his mouth with a bite of chicken ("edible gags" as Ynroh-n-Toh called this). He never gave his opinion on his bondage anyay, that was her domain.

During dinner, all the men stayed in their wives, but could not come as everyone was fixed in position.

After the main course was served and they had a break until dessert, the final surprise was shown. Although anyone who knew Ynroh-n-Toh and Rewollof should not have been surprised, they nevertheless all were. All the dildo's came to life, moving up and down, vibrating and sometimes inflating, while all the butt-plugs came to life, inflating and/or buzzing and/or pumping away as well. Conversations soon stopped and were replaced with moaning and sighing in ever increasing tempo, until all around the table people started climaxing.

When the servants entered with brandy for the dessert, they were greeted with cheers, as everybody needed a boost.

“Oh, I am so looking forward to a weekend trip into the forest we’ve got planned with some old friends.” Ynroh said when everyone had recovered enough to speak again. “We’ll be using the latest sample of Rewollof’s bondage container, you know, the design which is selling so well?”

Nodding heads all around. “I know them, but what does Rewollof have to do with them?” Erom Erom asked

“One day when I saw those freight containers on the move, I wondered what it’d be like to be shipped inside something like that, like a standardized bondage container. We designed them together, and he managed to get them mass-produced. The franchising fees are a nice shopping income” Ynroh added with an understatement smile.

“The latest model is of an even leaner frame construction, every one can see you inside from all angles, or touch you for that matter. Yet the padding is more comfortable, it allows longer trips. And they can be stacked more securely, just like on a cargo ship.

When I get in, my ankles and calves are strapped to the V-shaped bottom, no more solid plate so I can look down, or others below can look up. Once I sit down, my thighs will be strapped down too with 2 wide belts. Then I bend over to have my torso strapped down. If I’m lucky, I can travel without corset or breast binder, they’re good fun but hard on longer trips when you’re all folded up. The latest model has a choice of binding the arms with cuffs on the torso-belt, or above your back along the lid when they lower that to close the container. When I’m all strapped in and down, Rewollof will usually have his way with me in some of my exposed orifices, before locking the back-bar in place with the two vibrators for the trip. If I’ve been nice to him, he may add a clit vibrator as well to keep me busy during the trip.

That hasn’t changed: with all the belts and the vibrators on the bar, you are seriously locked in position. No matter how they tumble that container, you never move an inch inside.

Oh yes, another thing the new model has, is adjustable head position. You no longer have to hold your head, it is fixed for you, either down between your knees, or up and forward looking. For either position, there is a penis-gag fixture, with drinking fluid if you suck hard enough. I’ve tried the down position, and it allows you to see the person stacked below you. The up position gives more view to the rest of the vehicle, but it also positions your mouth to you know what.”

Ynroh paused and seemed to smile at the thought.

“We’ll be six of us in one float coach, the men will have 3 of the seats and us ladies will be stacked three high in our containers. I hope to be the middle one, so I can see the lady underneath and hear the one above, they are both staunch “orgasmers” on bumpy rides and I just love that sound around me.”

This was again greeted with nodding heads, Ynroh’s reputation was well known.

“I’ve seen the ads and they do seem like a dream, yet it seems a lot of money for something you use only occasionally” Em Ekop said.

“Occasionally? Oh, but then you haven’t seen the option for click-on wheels and a spandex cover” Ynroh replied. “With those, you become like roll-on luggage tagging along with your husband, dressed in a thin catsuit for warmth and the spandex shielding you from dirt. And when the luggage carriers drop you down on the side like a suitcase, you can really feel yourself sinking onto those vibrators even more.” Her face showed she had made such trips.

Behind her Rewollof smiled. He also remembered those trips, and was looking forward to the weekend trip. And, being the merchant that he was, he also recognised the faces around him to expect more sales to come.

He put his arm around Ynroh and fed her a grape, gently caressing the wedding ring piercing in her left breast on the return. Thus the conversation continued.

When dinner was finished, tradition had it that the men retreat to the library to discuss “truly important manners, like business and such”. Ynroh often muttered this was probably about nothing more then float coaches and sports, but that the men are afraid to say so. Either way, once dinner was over, the ladies had penis gags, earplugs and blindfolds attached, and were rolled into the library. Here the men smoked their cigars and butt-fucked their circle of wives, in a liberal swap and exchange. The wives themselves were treated to a random setting in the visitors up front, stimulating and probing them too. The penis gags had a portion of brandy in them, available once the sealing glazing had been licked off and when the gags were sucked properly. This kept the ladies busy, as they couldn’t hear what their husbands were up to anyway. They could feel it of course.

Having had a few of such ceremonies, Ynroh always took pride in recognizing who had butt-taken her and when, by the thrust, by the size, by the sensitivity (or lack thereof) of the penetrator. More often then not she would properly identify her visitors. Rewollof too had learned her skill and could recognise the ladies he visited if he were blindfolded.

Should one of the men be tired while courtesy would have it that he take a certain wife at the time, one of the servants would politely step in, fresh as they still were at this point in the evening.

Gib Ssob had a special role of course, as it was her husband who sat hooded among the other ladies, while she smoked cigars with the other men. She had brought several size strap on dildo’s, depending on who she could visit. It had taken some time for the conservative men to accept her in this role, but by now every one accepted

All in all, every body received his and her fair share of penetration and stimulation all evening. Upon the goodbye hugs, every guest received a well sized designer butt plug to take home. The servants were given the next day off with tickets to the nearest fuck-cycle gym.

Once again, Ynroh-n-Toh & Rewollof had maintained their reputation for hosting excellent parties. Exhausted but satisfied, they retreated to their large bedroom, where they chose to sleep spoon wise in their vacuum bed, once again tightly together for the night.

4: Girlie talk near the Fountain of Mating Statues

It was some days after that furniture trial party, that Ynroh had a date with her friends downtown. They had agreed to meet at a terrace on the city centre square, facing the fountain with mating statues. As ever, Yrnroh was the last to arrive, something the others had grown used to. She simply had to have “an entrance”. Usually, they forgave her, as Ynroh’s arrivals were quite often quite remarkable. This morning, they were not disappointed.

Ynroh arrived tied to Rewollof’s front, as if he was using a adult-sized baby carrier. He carried her in front of him, while she led the way since he was hooded. They shared some kind of shirt and pants for two, they seemed like one person with too many heads and legs. Her legs appeared to be folded, while his arms seemed to be across her chest.

After the first Ooh’s and aah’s and coffee’s, Ynroh had to explain how it all tied together.

It started with each wearing a body harness, almost like a safety harness as seen in construction work, or with sky divers. He would enter her from behind, then hook the two harnesses together with firm straps at the hips. Sometimes they used a crotch-strap from her front all the way through their legs to buckle to his back. This would not only hold their hips even firmer together, but could also lock plugs and dildo’s in place. Some other straps at the shoulders would hold their torso’s together, fusing them skin to skin. Other straps, or sometimes a special leg-binder, would tie her calves to her thighs, resulting in her hanging from his Rod in her behind and from the straps.

Rewollof’s right hand then would go underneath her right arm to grasp her left breast, while his other arm would go over her left shoulder to grasp her right breast. When this was done, some foil or wrap would pack up their torso’s and bind his hands on her breasts. By now, they were like one body, with his legs and her arms acting like one. Sometimes Rewollof would be hooded or blindfolded, so he had to rely on her to guide them. Amazingly enough, this proved quite safe to walk around, as she learned direct his movements with her muscles. They would think as one, joined as intimately as possible.

They had some special garments and clothing made, to fit both of them. Whenever he would sit down, her legs would “drop” beside his.

As she was telling all this, Ynroh-n-Toh occasionally, and almost absentmindedly, lifted her drink over her head to give him a drink, never missing his lips once. Even though Rewollof could hear everything, he seemed content to be silent, leaving the girlie-talk to the ladies.

“Sometimes when it’s my turn to be sub, we are tied facing each other, with my arms taped around him. This way I am like a little monkey clinging to her parent, and Rewollof takes me wherever he needs to go. I love it to feel his skin tightly against mine, rubbing up and down on every step. The only thing is that these harness straps sometimes start irritating, we’re thinking of having some sort of dual corset made. That is still in the sketching phase, though.”

All the girls listened breathlessly, looking at Rewollof who seemed to squeeze her breasts in approval when she mentioned the dual corset plan. After a fresh drink. Ynroh continued. “Apart from taking a walk together, we sometimes go out, strapped together. We’ve been a few times to the Gang Bang Bar, you know, where they employ staff from the Duts tribe? Boy, I tell you, these guys last many times! Imagine us on our backs, with a group of anonymous hooded man taking me strongly and continuously, while Rewollof underneath me can see it happening. As much as I can feel the men entering me, I can also feel Rewollof holding me tightly, growing large inside me, knowing he can feel every thrust of those men.

After we’d recovered, we went to the “back end”-room. This is where Rewollof got it from a horde of unknown men. He lay on top of me, I could feel his weight pressing on my breast, as his hands were bound to them. With every thrust into him, I could feel his Willy being pushed into me as well. It felt as if we were both taken at the same time.

Apparently we were so inspiring to the other guests, that the bar management gave us a free “sandwich treatment”. We stood on the podium in the middle of the bar, with yet another group of the Duts-staff taking us on either side. And throughout the evening, we moved like one, we felt like one, we almost climaxed as one … well, me more them him of course” she concluded with a smile, as her hand went over her head to caress Rewollof.

The girls had listened without interruption while Ynroh described the “contraption” and how they enjoyed it.

When Ynroh finished, it was Em Ekat who spoke first. “You know, you two are probably the only couple I know who have no fixed dom or sub role. Most couples stay fixed in one being the dom, or sub. Take Ssob Gib for example, they have clearly fixed roles. I’ve seen a few couples who will switch occasionally, but this invention of yours really proves each of you is both sub and both a dom. I mean, you are all tied up, legs folded and poked from behind, you rely on Rewollof to take you places, yet you seem to be the one in control, you are the one who tells him where to go. It’s really remarkable. And about that Gang-Bang Bar, you really must tell me their opening times. I might just organise a girls tea-party there”.

The other girls nodded in agreement and anticipation.

“And you switch publicly too”, Erom Erom said. “My husband does not mind if I tie him up occasionally, or take him. You’ve seen him the other day at Ynroh’s party, he is all right if others take me and I enjoy it. But he wouldn’t dream of walking the streets like this, not with me in charge. If we ever did, I would be the hooded one, or at least gagged, while he would determine where we’d go.”

Conversation went astray, as it does on such occasions. After a while, they were discussing trips.

"Oh yes, remember that weekend trip I spoke about the other day?" Ynroh-n-Toh said. "I'm afraid it got cancelled. Rewollof has to go to a tradeshow, to replace a sick colleague."

"Oh, what a bummer, you were so looking foward to it, to test out your new bondage container" Em Ekat said.

"True, but instead we'll test it in business trip conditions" Ynroh-n-Toh replied. "We'll use the click-on wheels and Rewollof will roll me along with him bound & plugged as carry on luggage, while I enjoy the rechargable batteries and get to support business deals."

On Yoj-Xes, it is customary among business people that when a deal is made, it is sealed by swapping wives upon contract signature. It is considered a good omen for the deal just struck if the wives actually climax during this swap. Ynroh did not need to tell her friends that she knew her stuff and always managed to do this, even with large joint venture contracts involving multiple parties.

"The bondage container is wonderful for this. I have been sitting about all relaxed and charged from the plugs  inside of me. You know, on such occasions I always pity the wives of the other busness men", Ynroh-n-Toh said. “So many men have their wives "on parade' in corsets and high heels, sometimes with armbinders and all. These poor things will already have walked the entire fair in their ballet boots and strict corsets, so when contract signature comes, they really struggle to climax to seal their husbands deals. I’m glad Rewollof thinks of me too, this container keeps me fit enough to seal all the deals he makes during a busy convention."

She looked at the nodding heads around her. Her friends agreed  this made much more business sense. It was a sizable factor in Rewollof's business success, Ynroh-n-Toh always supported his business with her own skills.

As this topic went across the table, she could feel him stir inside her, apparently he liked the prospect of taking her with him in a trip again. She squeezed her ass-muscles to comfort him, as she followed the conversation.

Em Ekop had raised the question which corsets went well for dancing parties, and what vibrator setting best suited which music.

Now here was a topic they all had an opinion about.....


The End.