A Fetish Honeymoon

by Lambrètto

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© Copyright 2011 - Lambrètto - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; group; D/s; bond; leather; gag; susp; insert; toys; latex; oral; anal; sex; climax; display; packaged; glass; cons; X

A small reading hint: the names may appear fantasy names, until you read them backwards. Except of the city where it all takes place…..Just pronounce it; This story is a saucier and more story-like rewrite of the original “Fetish and the Feast” of 2005 1: Landing and arrival.

As the hover-cruiser circled over the city, Ynroh-N-Toh looked out of the window.

The cabin crew had just given her a drink through the small ring-gag trainer which was strapped to her head. She had seen it in the mirror briefly, and she thought the purple colour of the straps looked good with the rest of her wedding outfit. She was glad the ring was small, about 1”, for she had worn it quite some time. She could wriggle her lips a little bit around them to keep them from falling asleep, and to sort of smile at her wedding reception. Unfortunately, wriggling her lips increased the drooling, and the cabin crew was polite enough to wipe the worst away.

They could not wipe away her juices though, which by now were overflowing her wedding outfit and wetting the seats. Oh well, she thought, it had been a wonderful feeling, being held horny and on the edge throughout your wedding day, even though she was longing for more orgasms to release the accumulated tension in her loins.

She thought back about the day, the day they say you will remember always.

Her mother and her maids had dressed her early in the morning, with the most wonderful new clothes and outfit. They had started by shaving all her bodily hair and filled her loins with a well sized dildo and anal plug. Her mother would have been surprised (or perhaps not, Ynroh-N-Toh being who she was) if she’d known her daughter had recognised both toys as the random setting, long power remote control versions. Just seeing them being unpacked, and feeling them being inserted without lube, made her excited, and no lube was really necessary.

Her hips & loins were sealed with a wonderful purple leather chastity belt, with a wide strap which kept her buttocks apart. She tried to see where the key went after her mother locked it, but she lost sight. She took some time to admire herself in the mirror, secretly tensing her inner muscles to squeeze and welcome the intruding toys. Already she could feel her senses gearing up. If only her mother would not notice…. she hoped the chastity belt would keep the scent of her arousal inside as it would the intruders. Next, her figure was accentuated with a richly embroidered silken corset lovingly tightened by her mother. It had a number of soft leather circles sewn onto it, each with a D-ring sticking out. When her mother was finally satisfied, the corset gave her a wonderful small waist.

It was topped by a red leather strap bra, which held her breasts firmly up & forward. Her sisters had put on 2” wide purple leather cuffs, each with multiple D-rings, at her wrists, her elbows and her thighs. The matching ankle cuffs had to wait, as they would not fit inside the knee high boots with 5” heels, which had black straps to close them. Her sisters then put larger bondage straps over the boots. To top it off, her mother had draped a see-through dress over her, so all the marriage guests could just make out what was underneath.

Ynroh-N-Toh paraded proudly in front of the mirror, looking at herself, how the straps, the corset, the cuffs made her curves look wonderfully bound, trussed, captivated…. ready to be presented to her future husband. She would have given anything to turn the intruders on to their high setting, it just felt so good. Yet she knew she had to restrain herself, her moment would come.

“Good luck, my little girl, remember everything we have taught you about men and married life” her mother had said when they were done. If only she knew how much her little girl had already practiced on men who were in a married life. But that’s another story.

They had been transported to the ceremony by a wonderful float-coach, with four well-built male servants in torso-harnesses and shiny PVC-jeans at each corner, to protect the precious load. Her Mother was wearing a beautiful silver-shine latex catsuit, with a crimson red leather waistcincher and same colour breast binder over it. Her sisters had the same outfit, but in more subdued colours. As they could not out-dress a bride, they wore their hooded catsuits, with eyes & mouth openings. The servants had everything polished to the glossiest shine, including all the 5” heel boots.

Looking at the shine in their eyes, Ynroh-N-Toh knew her sisters had vibrators in them, and they clearly were doing their work. “Lucky bastards to have their own remote control”, she thought, “just wait till our next evening together, and I’ll show you how to win an orgasm contest!”

She had looked at the coach servants and secretly thought of being served breakfast by two of them, to try and get herself over the edge. It almost worked, as she tried to feel the silent toys in her, but then she remembered she had to stay calm for a little time yet, being the bride.

At the wedding temple, her father had escorted her to the room for the bride & family. When he was sure no-one could see him, he winked away a tear as he looked as his little girl, all bound up for her wedding. “This is both a painful and proud moment, sweetheart. You are all grown up and soon we will no longer have you in our house. I hope you will remember us and come to see us sometimes.” He kissed her on the cheek and gave her a last glance.

“Now hold still. It is my father’s right, the last right I have with you, to give you the last item to make you ready to meet your husband”.

He had taken out the head-trainer, again in purple leather, with a ring gag. He had strapped it over her head with numerous buckles, to make sure she could not speak. “You take care now, little girl, I know you’ll do well”, he said, as he clicked on the blind-fold.

She had felt excited, her marriage was now really close. She also felt a pang of tears, as her father had seemed sad to give her away. She had heard the clang of some delicate chains and felt her arms being pulled backwards. Someone had attached them to all the D-rings of the cuffs and the corset, so she could no longer use her arms. Then her father had guided her into a large room, she could tell by the sound of many people.

In the hover cruiser, Ynroh-N-Toh had only just calmed down a little from all the excitement of the marriage, and now the air-ship was about to land in her honeymoon city, chosen by her husband. She moved her arms about a little, to keep them awake. After the ceremony, they had readjusted the small chains, to keep her elbows tied behind her back to the corset, with her hands in front of her tied to the belly-rings. She could just about shake hands, as you are supposed to do, on your wedding reception.

On the planet of Yoj-Xes, the parents choose the partner, the husband chooses the honeymoon city.

She looked over to Rewollof, her new husband, and saw he was also looking out. He blinked at her, excitement in his eyes too.

He looked handsome, powerful, trust-worthy. The shiny leather harness around his torso which could be seen under his jacket made him look even more manly, especially in combination with the leather pants in royal blue, with shoe-laces going down from his hips.

In her mind, Ynroh-N-Toh thanked her mother again for choosing this husband for her. Apart from his good looks, Rewollof came from a rich family, from the people of Llud. The Llud’s are known to be sportive, though sometimes rather unimaginative. Rewollof lived in Seniom Sed, the capital.

Instinctively, she knew he would take care of her well. She imagined Rewollof was happy to have been married to a Citore-Lauxes as well.

Ynroh-N-Toh was from the tribe of Citore-Lauxes, who are well known for their physical elasticity, sportive talents, sexual prowess, creativity. Her family was one of the older and noble ones in Ygro, the heart of Citore-Lauxes, and the capital. Her name means Source of Power (in Citore-Lauxes dialect) or Master of Harmony (in Llud dialect).

No wonder Rewollof had been glad with the choice of his parents.

After she had nodded in agreement to the question of the major, they were pronounced man and wife. Someone had operated the remote controls on those words, and the dildo and anal plug had sprung to life inside of her almost immediately. Full blast too. She welcomed the vibrations, she had felt so excited all day already. She knew she was about to see her husband, and hoped quietly she would not orgasm too early. Someone had put his hands around her, behind her back. He held her tight, this unknown man, her husband. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, the strap-bra made sure she felt it alright. She could feel his masculine presence, smell his skin and his leather outfit, feel him breathing on her.

His blindfold was taken off before hers, so he could see this future wife before she could see him. She could hear him sigh when he saw her, all strapped up and wrapped up in high quality bondage.

When her blindfold was taken off too, the first thing she saw were his eyes, wonderfiul blue eyes looking at her, at her face behind the trainer gag straps. Then she saw his mighty chest held together by leather straps. He looked great, and the build up of all the tension of the day plus the onslaught of the vibrations inside of her, made her come almost directly after she leant against him. The audience must have recognised her shuddering for what it was, for there was applause and the occasional “Aaah”.

You must know that in Ygro, it is considered a very good sign for a marriage if the bride climaxes upon seeing her husband. That is why they are often stimulated to the boiling point just before the ceremony. This has led to some embarrassing situations in some marriage ceremonies….but that’s yet another story.

After the ceremony and the piercing of their wedding-rings in the left nipples, they had danced the opening dance, with him leading her gently with one hand on her bound arms, one on her corsetted belly. He whispered in her ear where he came from. His eyes had lit up when he found out her back-ground, just as they had lit up when her beautiful and well filled breast was exposed for the nipple ring (performing weddings was always an attractive position among the civil servants, as they were the ones who applied the nipple piercings).

Given the rich families Ynroh-N-Toh and Rewollof came from, the wedding, and the rings, had been done by the major himself.

She must have been staring at him in the hover-cruiser, for he seemed to answer a question in her eyes. “Welcome to Bi Dee-SeM, my dear. This is where we will spend our honeymoon. I hope you will like it, the Festival is precisely this week, we were lucky to get rooms”.

Her mouth dropped, or actually, would have if it could have. Honeymoon in Bi Dee-SeM?! At the time of the renowned Fetish Feast & Festival? This would be a week!

And what a choice for a Llud! Rewollof must have quite some hidden talents.

The Fetish Feast & Festival of Bi Dee-SeM was notorious all over Yoj-Xes, as it brought every possible dream & fantasy to life, and out in public too.

During the Fetish Feast & Festival, every possible fetish wear or toy can be bought and tried. In the evenings, a parade rolls through the city, and people can show their new outfits and toys on the cars to the cheering public. Newcomers can show their coming out to their newly discovered fetish. Even live action on the cars is possible, there are spanking cars, tickling cars, SM cars, etc. The people of Bi DeeSeM are among the most liberal of Xoy-Xes, anything goes. At the end of the festival, a extra festive parade takes place, where the pro's from the exhibition show their shows one last time, with all the public in their best, their most shiny, their tightest, outfits.

Ynroh-N-Toh had guessed Rewollof was rich, otherwise he would not have been able to afford such a honeymoon. She got excited about all the things she would see, try, and do. Just at that time, the dildo's sprung to life again. They had gone to a random vibrating sequence, occasionally annoying, otherwise pleasant surprises. She often wondered who had the remote. Her fantasies took hold of her and she imagined what she looked like, beautifully bound and just married. She shuddered once again, softly in her seat.

After landing, their luggage was carried for them, all pre-arranged. Rewollof guided her carefully through customs and to a waiting float-coach. Once they were inside, he gave her a drink, and a kiss on the nose. "This is great, my darling, the Festival of Bi Dee SeM and we are in the middle of it all. I can't wait to see the markets and show, can you?" She shook her head, her eyes shiny with excitement. In the hotel she looked around while the luggage was brought up and Rewollof took care of this. Being a true Citore Lauxes, she was totally at ease walking around bound & gagged. Her sisters had tied her up many times over the years, and had obviously gotten the treatment returned. In times of Peace, she and her sisters had watched secretly at their brothers and their own bondage experiments. She fondly remembered those moments, especially when the older sisters had explained what tool can do what, having themselves nicked the books or magazines from their parents bedrooms…

The hotel bed was big with rings in all sorts of places, even pulleys at the ceiling. Big mirrors on wheels could be placed wherever one wanted to see himself. A large bear skin in front of a fire place, a similar skin on the balcony, where one had absolute privacy while overlooking the city. Obviously, this was the wedding suite for the sexually active! Ynrhoh-N-Toh could see herself enjoying herself in here, or being enjoyed for that matter.

When they were finally alone, Rewollof came over to her and looked deep into her eyes.

"Finally alone, my dear, now I can kiss you, unlock you" It was not done for a husband on Yoj-Xes to have his wife "run free" too quickly.

Very delicately he unstrapped her trainer and took the ring out. She made him smile with the funny faces she drew to get her muscles back in normal order. They looked at each other.

“You look….beautiful, like a strong knight who will protect me” she finally said. Her first words to her new husband.

“You too, my dear, like a princess a knight would die for to protect” he said, while untying the delicate chains which had kept her arms. “And yet, I can see the strength in you, the kind of strength with which I can relax, trusting you will protect me too if need be.” He embraced her, carefully at first, stronger when she replied the gesture with full compassion.

When he let her go, his hands lovingly traced the outlines of the corset, played with the rings. He admired the cuffs, the boots, the bondage straps, the chastity belt. She looked at him admiring her, smiled. His movements were of adoration and love, care, firm perhaps but fair.

“And where will you go for in the festival” she said quietly, hesitantly but curious.

He smiled. “This had been burning on your lips ever since I told you where we were going, hasn’t it?”

She nodded, the question repeated in her eyes.

“There is much I want to explore. My imagination has dreamt for many years of restraint gear, and big plugs. I do not know my preference for leather, latex, steel, or perhaps all of them. I do not think I fancy gasmasks and the like. What about you?”

She looked deep into is eyes, believed him. She still had to get used to him being her husband, that she could confide her deepest fantasies to him, fantasies she had kept to herself for years. “Me too” she replied. “I like things to hold me tight, yet allow me to play around, or be played with. I really loved the corset my mother gave me, it made me feel so strong. I know I like my toys active and big. The trainer gag felt good”.

“It looked good on you too” he said with a dry voice.

A thought struck her, and her smile became devious.

“If you like restraint gear, how about this?” she said, and pulled her head trainer over his head. He looked surprised, then his curiosity got the better of him. A bit hesitantly, he opened his mouth and let the ring in.

For him too, he had to get used that he could share his fantasies with someone else, that he could enact them.

She closed the buckles, had to pull to make them fit, as his head was bigger then hers.

“You know, it really looks good on you, although I think we need a different colour for you” she said, as she examined him carefully. “How does it feel for you?”.

Unable to speak, he raised a thumb.

“Good, let’s see how you like this then” she replied and clicked her blindfold onto the gear.

As soon as she had clicked it on, she moved position behind him. She let her hands caress his body in different places, surprise him. As he turned around, so did she.

She slowly took off his jacket. “I guess I can do this now, now that we’re married” and ran her nails delicately over his chest. She gently pulled the straps across his torso. “That looks wonderful, it makes you look so strong. We will definitely get you more of these.”

When she undid his pants though, she had a surprise. He was also wearing a leather chastity belt, with his rod fighting against a few straps which held him up. She searched for a key, and found one in a delicately small pocket at the back of the belt. However, it would not fit his locks.

She thought for a moment, then realised something. She tried the key on her own chastity belt, and sure enough, it fit. With a relief, she took it off and both the vibrators fell out. Good as they were, after over 12 hours she had had enough.

She examined her own belt and found a key-pocket at the back as well, holding both a key and a small remote. She examined the remote and clicked it, saw him jump.

“Aha, so we both….” She mumbled. She quickly released him, and his first movement was indeed to take out a fairly large anal plug as well. She smiled. “12 hours is enough for you too?” He nodded, tried to smile.

She re-examined his belt and found a remote control, activated every time he leaned to something hard, like a seat. Now she understood the randomness of her own “visitors”.

Very carefully she examined his body with her eyes, her hands, avoiding his rod at first.

His hands were searching for her, and she let him catch her sometimes. She had taken off the dress and strap bra, so his hands could examine her breasts. Oh, how delicately they did so, she instantly loved his hands, gentle yet firm. She turned around and let him unleash the corset, which he was amazingly good at, considering the blindfold. Wearing only the cuffs on her wrists and thighs, she undid his blindfold and showed herself to him, with her arms up.

“Here I am, your wife, with nothing to hide.” She could see his eyes feasting on her every curve, drooling through the gag. She kissed him gently on his nose, chest and elsewhere.

“I guess we can talk again now, my dear” and took off the trainer straps.

He did not use many words, but they sure researched each other the rest of that night.

2: First day at the festival.

After breakfast in their room, Rewollof and Ynroh-N-Toh were about to dress up for their first day. Ynroh-N-Toh searched her luggage, to see what her mother has packed for her. "I really liked what you wore yesterday" Rewollof said behind her, when he saw her contemplating.

She looked over her shoulder, and gave him the women's look. "Yesterday was my wedding, I can't possibly wear that again on a normal day, you dippo. I'll save that outfit for real festive days. But I may have something for you yet. Don't look and be back when I call you."

Rewollof retreated to the salon of the suite, waiting anxiously.

Ten minutes later Ynroh-N-Toh emerged, dressed to visit the Fetish & Feast Festival. His mouth dropped, his eyes became big. She looked gorgeous.

A glued-to-the-skin black latex shirt with holes for the breasts would have showed her lovely breasts dangling, had it not been for a red leather breast-strap bra ("a booby-trap", she called it later). Her wrists and neck had 2" cuffs and collar, in matching red, steel this time. "The first cuff 'n collar set I bought, with my big sister, when I turned 18" she giggled, seeing his eyes going over it. "I'm so glad mother packed it, it feels so good."

With body-paint, she had painted her arms & shoulders apple green, with her breasts fresh green. Nipples and lips were crimson red. A small gold chain hung between the collar's D-rings and her wedding piercing. Looking lower, he saw a short rubber skirt, in the same green of the paint, touching just about some red thigh-high boots, buckled all the way down to the 4" heels.

She looked at him."I guess we do have to show we are married, my dear." she said and quickly got the collar she wore the day before. She locked it on him, pocketed the key, and added a small chain from the collar to his wedding piercing, sticking out proudly through the hole in his leather shirt.

“Almost ready now. Lower your pants, please” she said. He looked surprised, but did as told. Standing behind him, she pulled down his underwear, skillfully inserted a sizable vibrator and pulled his clothes back up. “We’ll have to get you some thong underwear, my dear Rewollof, it looks much better on your buttocks and….it holds the plugs better inside!” she said, the last line with a big grin.

He had gulped when being invaded and was about to say something, when she handed him a remote control. “Here, this is mine, I’ll keep yours. Can we go onto the street now, my dear? I would think we are ready." she asked, while turning around showing him proudly all the details, "I do want to try and be worthy of your pride." She pushed the button to activate his butt-visitor with a smile on her face. “Like it?”

He reveled in the moment, the movements inside him and the sight of his wife. "Believe me, you are very much ready for the street.", pressed the button of her remote to “Full Blast” and took her down and onto the streets, buzzing both in his butt and in his head from excitement.

As they were approaching the festival grounds, Rewollof put his arms around her and said: “You know I come from a well off family. You & I can buy anything we like, but on one condition only: it is to be used at least once. Understand?”

She looked up at him. “Really, anything? Oh Rewollof, this is going to be great! I’ll get you some really nice things to wear. Oh yes, and to play”.

They strolled through the city and let their eyes feast around.

Bee-Dee-SeM was already a sensual city, where something in the air, the ground or whatever it was, made all the locals easily intimate, walk naturally with sensual moves. Over the centuries, it had become the epicentre of the planet Xoj-Zes for making fetish clothing that brought out the best of people on the outside, as well as making great erotic toys to bring the best of people inside.

With the Fetish Feast & Festival about, the people of the city were doing their best even more to show why they deserved this title. The buildings, already sculptured in a flowing architecture that often resembled human forms, were decorated with high-scent flowers, the kind of scent to stimulate a certain mood. Every where you looked, people were dressed to look seductive, attractive, shiny, submissive, dominant.....even the air seemed to be loaded with eroticism. The street artists would show erotic arts, sell bondage gadgets, you name it.

They oriented themselves at the Festival plan, to find an abundance of workshops, a dating service for people of same interest to find each other (“4 Inexperienced ladies from Evals-Tneidebo, looking for spanking initiation by strong Masters from Ssob” and the like), and of course the large shopping area. On Rewollof’s suggestion, they went for the workshops, to see what they would like before going shopping. Ynroh-N-Toh agreed, she was curious like a child going into a candy factory, and did not need the plugs in her to vibrate her to excitement.

First they went to Shibari workshop, the art of rope bondage from the distant continent of Noppin, where rope bondage has become something mystical, putting you in a trance. The Master, Epor Fo Ytnelp, had both Ynroh-N-Toh and Rewollof bound in various positions by his assistants, themselves dressed in roped body bondage. At one point they found themselves facing each other, Rewollof on the table in a hogtie, with Ynroh-N-Toh suspended upside down with her arms and legs trussed up to her body, while Epor Fo Ytnelp calmly explained at length how it was all done so they could try it at home as well. Ynroh-N-Toh liked it, the tight rope cutting-into-your flesh, but Rewollof was less excited. Nonetheless, Ynroh-N-Toh bought some lengths of colourful bondage ropes, to experiment later on.

While walking on the street, Rewollof’s eye was caught by a book at a street-shop, “Bondage and physical limits”. It seemed very useful with do’s and don’ts in spanking, suspension bondage, gags, tight binds, insertables. Even though Rewollof was not looking for advice on clamps or candle wax, he bought the book anyway.

It was Rewollof who spotted the Captivity Café and they found a seat. The seats and tables were sculptured as if made from human furniture, depicting tightly bound men and women. The waitresses too were dressed appropriately. A black, hooded latex body corset was tight around their body and held up their heads, with their breasts pointing forward, half open. Over the hood, they wore a white multi-strap gag, with a speaker in their mouths. Hobbling around on ballet boots and a hobble skirt, their elbows were clasped to their waists, and they held a tray in front of them.

“Hi, this is your waitress Lucy” a deep male voice says from the mouth speaker. “Please place your order into the microphone in between her breasts”.

Ynroh-N-Toh looked a bit surprised at the waitresses at first, although Rewollof clearly liked the sight. She was relieved to see there were male waiters in similar outfits as well. Rewollof slowly placed the order for a small lunch, his eyes clearly taking his time, after which Lucy hobbled to another table for orders. When Lucy brought the plates, they had to take them off themselves and put the money on the plate too.

 “Here, give her a tip, will you?” Rewollof said with a grin and gave Ynroh-N-Toh some coins. Wondering where to put it, she followed his gaze. Shaking her head with a smile, she put the coins in between Lucy’s breasts. Ynroh-N-Toh felt a bit awkward, even though she had touched other women’s breasts before, while playing experiments with her sisters or friends fore example. Lucy didn’t seem to mind, and bowed her head politely, you could almost imagine her smiling under the gag.

“Well, why else would they have left an opening there, the rest of the outfit was all sealed off” he said innocently.

“So, where did you learn your first knots & ropes?” Rewollof asked after they toasted.

“Oh well, as girls do, from peeking at their sisters, stories from girlfriends, shawl & rope binding parties when we had sleep-overs with each other. One of my bigger sisters discovered the combinations to Mom & Dad’s Toy Box. Needless to say we had fun evenings when they were out and as soon as the baby sitter thought we were asleep. To tell you the truth, I learned many roping techniques at a girl scout sailing camp. In the evenings we were trying all the sailing knots we had learned that day on each other, tying each other to the beds, outside to trees, you name it. One evening we were caught red handed, or red roped actually, by one of the attendants. Boy, we thought we were really in trouble then. Suddenly, one of the girls, clearly one who was going to make it to higher levels later, interrupted his angry ranting mid sentence and said: “Actually, I’m rather surprised to see you so upset, mr Evol-Epor. You seemed to like rope experiments so very much the last few evenings with miss Egadnob. Would you like to see some of the pictures I took to memorize your knotting techniques?” She smiled innocently & triumphantly, as he turned from angry red to pale white in a moment. Needless to say, us “innocent girl scouts” blackmailed him, and miss Egadnob too by the way, to teach us all their rope & knot tricks for bondage use. The sailing trips became pretty short, to have plenty of time on shore.”

They both laughed at the experience and the story. “Whatever became of the teacher?” Rewollof asked.

“Oh, I believe his sailing camps became immensely popular, as obviously word got around. He retired quickly though, as he couldn’t bear the pressure of being blackmailed by all the girl scouts from the region. Perhaps he wanted his dominatrix to be a bit older.” she replied.

“Actually, this story is remarkably similar to how I got to learn some of my tricks. I was sent to a riding camp, to learn working with the horses, training them, exploring nature and all that. Similar to what happened with you, I ended up learning much more about different uses for leather straps, saddles, pony-girl training, etc. I sure got going on leather after that camp, although my parents probably never knew what memories it had with it for me. Man, what a great summer that was!” Rewollof said with a smile.

“Hmm, interesting that camp leaders in various regions are so easily blackmailed. They should know the youth of today is certainly not so innocent anymore. Perhaps this is why they became camp leaders in the first place, all the smart people knew better then to do that…” Ynroh replied.

After lunch, they came by a shop named BodyCast. It was a shop where they could make a “copy” of your body, after which you can have any outfit made in steel, wood, decorated plaster, you name it, to precisely match your own curves. Some iron outfits would be cast around your “body copy” as obviously molten steel is not something to sit through. Both Rewollof and Ynroh-N-Toh took an instant liking to this and spent the rest of the afternoon having several casts made in various positions.

Rewollof had a print made of his torso for a stainless steel “shirt” to be made, whereas Ynroh-N-Toh did the same for a polished wooden shirt. She had the cast made while leaning forward, so her breasts would be nicely pointing forward. Each outfit should be ready well before their departure. Lastly, they indulged in a full body cast, holding them together in an intimate position. When finished, this cast needed to be closed and opened by a servant, and featured reinforcements so the cast could be suspended with both of them inside.

“Oh Rewollof, this is so wonderful” she whispered in his ear while the cast was being made. She was on top of him, with his arms around her, his rod inside her. “I can’t wait to be sleeping firmly in your arms, with you penetrating me, all tied down for the night”. They both climaxed several times, trying not to move too much, while the cast dried.

After the body casts had been made, they walked slowly back to the hotel in the fading afternoon light. The daytime street artists, showing their pole dancing skills, their self bondage skills, their bondage products etcetera, were slowly being replaced by the evening artists. These offered other kinds of dancing, seductive music, quick-bondage, etc, usually themselves dressed provocatively in latex, rubber, leather, etc.

Back in the hotel, they called in the health club service for a thorough massage for each. In the spirit of the Festival, each of them was massaged by three persons while they were tied down to the table, Rewollof by three ladies in leather strap harnesses, Ynroh by three muscular men in similar outfits.

They enjoyed dinner, sitting naked at the suite terrace overlooking the city.

After dinner, Rewollof wanted to try some things. With strong leather bondage straps from his luggage (“I also bought something with my bigger brothers too when I turned 18, you know”), he strapped Ynroh-N-Toh’s ankles together, her elbows behind her back and her hands together. She looked at him curiously, wondering what he was up to.

From his Stag Party Gift Bag, he took a collection of Toys for Boys. “Let’s see how you like getting something inside you” he whispered into her ears, as he gently strapped a penis-gag in between her lips. While his eyes remained on hers, he slowly inserted 2” thick vibrator into her front entry, buzzing and twisting and all. She didn’t flinch when the Monster invaded her and returned his stare, and after a some moments closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations being brought into her by electric power. Rewollof was not finished yet, and added an inflatable dildo into her back entry. He pumped it up until her eyes went wide, yet she still did not make a sound. He tried various settings to test her limits, played with her breasts and nipples, but she never made a protesting sound, taking everything standing up while looking at him proudly. Only when she experienced a shuddering climax, from all the stimulations, did she close her eyes.

Finally, he released her back entry to enter her personally, squeezing and fondling her breasts while pumping in and out of her buttocks. With a loud groan he exploded his load into her, his fingers grabbing her boobs tightly.

When he recovered after a while, he released her. “You are amazing as to what you can take. Not a peep, even with two 2” thick inserts inside of you” he added admiringly.

“I was simply planning my revenge” Ynroh-N-Toh said with a devious smile and threw Rewollof, off-guard, face down onto the bed. With an experienced hand she tied his arms crossed behind his back and his ankles with the straps. With help of some tape they bought earlier that day she wrapped him as much as she could, which was surprisingly much. It was all topped off with her wedding ring gag strapped into place. He took it with a surprised look, too baffled (or excited?) to react. “Typical Ludd”, she thought, “do something unexpected and they freeze up.”

“Get ready for something new, my dear”, she said wickedly, as she produced a triply whammy strap-on dildo from her shopping bags and quickly put it on (or better, put it in), her orifices still wet enough to slide in smoothly. She rolled him on his stomach and applied a generous dose of lubricant where it was needed. “You know, for so long I wondered what it was like to take a man from behind, and you make me feel comfortable enough to try it out.” Rewollof’s moans gave an inkling he thought otherwise about being comfortable, but she ignored him. “Oh how I know plenty about being taken in the rear myself. I love it when done well, but it is just not the same if you don’t know the other side, don’t you think?”

With that last comment, she entered him, and as much as he was used to this exit being used as an entry, he still gulped. It was his first time while bound and with somebody else riding him. With a girlish delight, she rode him fiercely, thrusting her hips to penetrate her husband deeply and strongly, and at the same time pleased herself with the other 2 “attachments” in her own openings. The hotel bed was especially designed for action, and she quickly found a good rhythm to bounce up & down, in & out. Finally after several climaxes, she had enough and stopped. He thought the ordeal was over, but had forgotten he had married a Citore Lauxes, who always have one more thing up their sleeve. She undid the strap-on belt, while the big intruder was still inside him, and strapped it around his hips, sealing it in place.

“Good night my dear. We had a really busy day. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Sweet dreams” she whispered into his ears.

She cuddled up next to of him and almost immediately fell asleep, leaving him tied, and poked, for the night.

3: Shopping at the fair.

By the time they went shopping next morning, Ynroh-N-Toh had to muster all her strength to walk upright and keep up a decent appearance. Rewollof had been none to pleased about being left tied up and penetrated all night. After she had woken up, she had untied him partly and went for the shower, leaving him to untie himself. When she had returned, she was caught by surprise by his strong arms and was put on the bed, face down, with him on top. In a flash, he had attached strong leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles and had lowered a large wooden X from above (this was after all a premium Bee-Dee-SeM hotel, with all kinky wished taken care off… including pulleys and winches!), to which she was attached. He had then raised her just enough to have her arms & legs stretched, a bit.

“Get ready for this position, my dear, while I get the other things” he had said, and proceeded to order something via Room Service. She had strained to hear what he ordered, as she had had no clue what her husband was planning for her.

She found out soon enough, when a large fucking machine, oops, correct that, a double barrel fucking machine with 2 mean looking dildo’s stacked vertically had been rolled in by a butler, plus a breakfast trolley by another butler. Unfazed by the cuffed lady on the bed, they had explained the workings to Rewollof and disappeared again. Rewollof had proceeded to position the machine at the height he desired, and then had raised Ynroh accordingly. She was totally free of the bed, in a face down, wide spread eagle suspension. Her arms and legs were stretched, her back curved, her breasts were dangling with every movement she made to try & accommodate herself. A few moments later, the machine was in position at both her entries.

With a smile, Rewollof had sat beneath her and positioned the breakfast beside him. If she lifted her head, it was precisely positioned above his loins. She had looked at him questioningly yet proudly.

Rewollow had explained his intentions.

“You may be thinking, “Oh what a treat, “a double barrel fucking machine!”, but this will definitely NOT be a treat, my dear. Just like last night when you gave me no treat. ”

“This breakfast is just for me, and you will have to suck your own breakfast out of me, from you know where. The better you suck, the more you get. Meanwhile, you are to hold your back still, as it will serve as my plate for my breakfast. If you drop my orange juice for example, the glass of which I am now placing between your shoulders, I will have to add something to your peril. So while the machine will be busy pushing in and out of you like you may not have experienced it yet, and pushing you with it, you will also have to excite me with your mouth to get your breakfast, while at the same time you can not move in order to preserve my breakfast. I think you may not appreciate the machine as you thought you would a few minutes ago. Now good luck, and good suck!”

With those last words, he had switched on the machine. To her surprise, the machine had acted independently: each dildo had moved in his own rhythm, with different strokes and different thrust. What a wonderful machine, she had thought briefly, I must get one when I’m back home. She moaned and had to struggle not to drop the juice, not to mention the plate of eggs had had also placed lower on her back.

She had also been surprised at Rewollof’s ingenuity, quite unlike a Ludd.

“What a devious plan, my dear husband. Yet, I will do you proud and show you my best” she had said while looking him in the eye, before dropping her head into his lap and put her lips & mouth to work.

It had been hard work, but with all her effort she had managed not to drop a single drop of his breakfast, get a decent load of protein herself and even somehow enjoy being worked by the machine. Doing this all while hanging upside down was quite stretching her limbs, and when Rewollof had decided she had had enough, she had collapsed on the bed, sweat dripping from her head. Her pride made her show nothing of the hard workout, and she had dressed in high heels for the walk through the town. She walked slowly down the stairs, and was secretly glad he ordered a taxi.

As they boarded the taxi, Rewollof kissed her gently. "You did great my dear, I guess that makes us even. Now be quiet, we're going to Leather Square.".

Indeed they had. The organisation had split the various offerings by material, so visitors could quickly find what they wanted. Behind Leather Square was Latex Street, to the left was Rubber Alley, further down was the Steel Mall. Both Ynroh-N-Toh and Rewollof felt a preference for leather goods, and went there first.

They were not disappointed. Ynroh-N-Toh was amazed at first at all the possibilities and creativity of the designers (in spite of what her mother taught her and what she secretly found in parents closets). Being a Citore-Lauxes, she was of course more aware of what the market may have then a LLud like Rewollof, yet even she drowned in the impressions of colours, styles, craftwork, etc.

They spent quite some time at the "Hood Do You Do" shop, where they tried zippered hoods, laced hoods or buckled ones. Ynroh-N-Toh preferred lacing ones, whereas Rewollof favoured buckled hoods. They both bought a few and on a hunch, they each left the hoods with openings on and walked back into the street. This being BeeDee-Sem, the main looks they got werefrom admiring people: “Wonder where they got those?”

"You look lovely, my dear" she said looking at the black man next to her. They admired themselves and each other in mirroring windows and kissed.

"I am evermore grateful to our parents for bringing us together"  he said.

Having just bought hoods, they almost feel sorry when they bumped into a trainer shop. Again Ynroh-N-Toh admired the creativity of the makers, the sheer variety in colours and models. She tried some simple ones, but felt better in the elaborate, multi-strap trainers. In the end she bought herself a white leather trainer with red ball-gag, holding her face like a giant hand, and a similar one in purple with a ring-gag big enough for blow-jobs.

It took a while to find one for Rewollof that they both liked. Ynroh-N-Toh reckoned a ball-gag suited him, but in the end he settled for a royal blue, multi-strap, ring-gag trainer, with extra wide straps. After trying the various kinds, he felt better with rings, not just for breathing, but also to let his tongue play around on Ynroh-N-Toh if need be.

By now, both Ynroh-N-Toh and Rewollof were fully immersed in leather smells. Wearing their hoods again into the street, inhaling the smell of the leather every second, they got even more excited when they reached the leather superstore L-mart. They felt like kids in the candy store.

For Rewollof, Ynroh-N-Toh bought some more strap body harnesses. He kept the red one on and he looked gorgeous, especially with the hood.

In turn, Ynroh kept on a lovely black, thick leather corset, tightened with buckles, strong as a harness. Rewollof tried corsets too, but Ynroh-N-Toh decided he looked better in harnesses.

The biggest fun however, was at the armbinder and breast binder section. Ynroh-N-Toh never thought she'd like it so much to have her arms held tight behind her back, or her breasts held by strong straps. Unable to make a choice, she has bought a black single sleeve with buckles, with four 1" straps holding her arms.

For "her boys", she could not choose either. In the end, Rewollof chose three breast binders of different tightness.

Ynroh-N-Toh had been parading proudly through the shop, hooded, corseted and with the single sleeve, looking for other things. She gave a cry through the whole shop when she saw the body bag, and instantly began to crawl in. "Oh Rewollof, this feels fantastic, I could sleep in this. Not all-night with the sleeve, but otherwise it's great." After he had strapped her into the body bag, Rewollof had carried her to the lunch area. She had kissed his chest and his lips while in his strong arms. "mmmh, my Knight, please hold me, and bring me home safely" she murmured, and leaned her head to his torso, smelling his skin and his leather.

After she had been fed her lunch, Ynroh-N-Toh was freed of the armbinder and body bag, so they could walk hand in hand again. She kept on the corset though, had sent her other clothes to the hotel with the new things they’d bought.

By now, Ynroh-N-Toh's brain had really opened up to what she likes, and she was loving it.

They were quickly finished in the Steel Mall row of shops. They tried handcuffs and chains, but they both felt to be too cold and hard. Apart from some cock & ball rings, which she decided he had to have. What they did like however, were the stainless steel chastity belts. “You know darling, these are much more protective then the leather ones we wore on our wedding. When I would lock this onto you, I know for sure you ain’t going nowhere”, she said when admiring herself in the mirror, locked in steel herself. He agreed, and made sure her belt could be locked with a five-digit lock.

Rubber Alley had as much choice as Leather Street does, but Rewollof was not that keen after having tried some things. "I guess I am starting to know what I like" he says. Ynroh-N-Toh allowed herself one item, which even Rewollof has to admit looked good: a full body, black rubber catsuit with hood, called Catwoman. She looked amazing, and couldn’t wait to show it to her friends back home.

Rewollof had other thoughts. He bought 5 Catwoman catsuits in white, for the servants back home, especially fitted with elbow-cuffs at the waist, like seen in the Captivity Café the day before. "This will be one of the uniforms, my dear. We'll think of one or two other ones as well. How do you like it?" Ynroh-N-Toh thought it looked gorgeous, but had one remark. "Surely we'll have to get male uniforms as well. I like to have something to look at too, you know!"

He laughed, knowing she would surely think of something suitable for the gardener or cook.

After a small coffee break, they walked into Ye Olde Furniture Shoppe, which sold bondage furniture. The collection included very sturdy X-crosses with hooks & belts, dentist chairs with ankle & wrist restraints. Rewollof decided not to buy it. "I know a great carpenter in our home town" he said, "If I explain the principle of these babies, he can make us one custom size, padded and all, for half that price."

"Hmm, that'll be great, make sure it's strong enough to hold you too, dear" she smiled.

4: An active afternoon, a packed evening

They both felt they had done enough shopping for now, and simply let fate and their eyes guide them. They visited the Museum of Cuffs, studied the theatre announcement of "The bedroom life of a Ninja warrior couple", strolled through the Liquid Latex Body Painting contest in the park, until they came across a workshop that intrigued them both: "Stranger's Circle Bondage, add to some one else’s fantasy".

The concept was simple enough: couples would line up in a big circle, dom's on the outside, subs on the inside. There were tables with all sorts of bondage gear. Each Dom would bind the sub in front of him (or her, of course) with one item. Then the Dom circle would move one table to the left, while the sub-circle moved one table (or were helped to move) in the other direction. That way, each dom would find a sub partially bound by somebody else’s fantasy, to which he (or she, sorry) could add an element of his own. The result could be a curious mix of tape-strapped arms with cuffed wrists, chain-wrapped ankles hogtied with rope, to name just one option. The one main rule was to keep at least one orifice open and reachable, so the sub could be taken by his/her own Dom once the circles had made their round.

Both Ynroh-N-Toh  and Rewollof liked it instantly, but had to toss a coin who would be in which circle. She lost and took the sub-round. Rewollof tied her face down with wrapping foil onto a table. Quite some time later he found her back, with her arms tied to the table posts, one with rope (lots of it), one with red tape. A 2" wide leather thigh-cuff was linked to a similar ankle cuff, holding her left foot above her butt-cheek, while her right foot was rope-tied to her thigh, with a chain pulled it from the table as it was tied to her hair. Rewollof could see a something large in her rear entry, whatever it was was covered by lots of leather bolted to the table. She must have noticed it was him who was circling her (she could not see through the blindfold), for she raised her heads to meet him. She was hooded, and a large ring-gag was open and "waiting for him".

"Hello my darling, how lovely to see you again. Are you all right?" he whispered into her ear. The hood was thick, or they had been plugged, for she could not understand him. He had to speak loudly through her hood, until she nodded yes.

"Ready for dessert?" he asked, while unzipping his pants. She nodded, and while he was watching all the other doms taking their subs in one orifice or another, he took his newly wed wife in the mouth through the ring gag. Being a true Citore Lauxes, she did her best to please him, working her tongue and mouth where possible, even though she was tightly bound. Around them, other subs were bound as a ball, stretched along a board, cocooned, straight-jacketed, etcetera, etcetera. It was a great setting to see other tastes and fantasies come alive.

After unwrapping and releasing her, Ynroh-N-Toh  and Rewollof took an audience seat to look at the next round of couples, while enjoying a drink. Ynroh-N-Toh  had ordered a brief massage (hey, this was The Festival, where everything is catered for) to stretch her limbs again, while she pondered what to do the subs once she was on the Dom circle.

They noticed there were more male subs then expected, probably a third or so. Back in Ygro, male subs were much rarer. "You know, that's good, really, males being open about subbing. As much as I like being the Dom, sometimes I like to let go too and be the sub" Rewollof remarked. "I know dear, just you wait" Ynroh-N-Toh  smiled.

And indeed, about an hour later Rewollof thought of the old saying "Be careful what you wish for...you may get it" when he had completed the inner circle. Many strange hands had touched him, had added to his bondage step by step, to discover that female Dom's were much more cunning (or simply evil?) in binding subs then the male Dom's.

It had started when Ynroh-N-Toh  had squeezed him into an extra strong lacing latex catsuit, with loin openings. The lacing had been like a full body corset, leaving him hardly breath to breathe. The next dom, a lady on high heels with a wicked smile, had inserted the largest vibrator she could find into him, rocking with power. The third had put him into a straightjacket with thong body, pressing the intruder mercilessly even further into him. He could no longer move his arms and had to walk carefully, even more so after the fourth Dom had put him into knee high boots, with extremely high heels...obviously. He must have had a leather aura around him, for the next dom, a strong guy, had given him a posture collar, locking his head firmly upward. Next steps had added earplugs, blindfold, leather hood, rubber hood on top of that, and finally he arrived at back Ynroh-N-Toh again with a double penis gag strapped into his mouth.

"Hmmm, looks good, my dear, except you don't have an open orifice anymore" she purred into his ear. "I guess I have to settle for this as a negative orifice" she said as she stood on a chair, put her front opening over his gag and pushed him back & forth, fucking herself with the large penis sticking out of his mouth.

Once she was satisfied, she removed his gag first, to ask if he was OK. "Almost, but can I ask one more thing? Would it be possible to...."  he whispered. She looked surprised, but with a little help from others was able to accommodate him.

The butt plug was removed, and Rewollof was laid over a table, bound and all. While Ynroh-N-Toh stood guard sipping a drink (it was "Apres Rope" drinks after all), all the other circle contestants came by to gang-bang him. Ynroh-N-Toh  remembered Rewollof telling her the other day this had been a long running fantasy of his. As used as she was to being penetrated herself, she was impressed how much Rewollof could take with all his bonds, before he signalled "enough".

Ynroh-N-Toh and Rewollof returned to the hotel exhausted. They found their room full of the stuff they bought and had sent over directly. They briefly enjoyed a private show of the corsets, hoods, trainers, etc, before they laid down on a massage table. They had a good dinner served in their room, as Ynroh-N-Toh wanted to experiment with the new possessions.

She dressed in a new corset, hood and cuffs, after which Rewollof tied her to the table with the new ropes. She had expected, even hoped, he would go over her with his mouth, hands and rod, but instead he took his time. He tickled her all over, and tried various insertables. At one point, she had two inflatables inside her, back and front, while Rewollof took her in her mouth through the ring-gag he had applied. He climaxed wildly, as did she, feeling so fully penetrated and filled in every corner of her body. After she was released it was her turn.

Carefully she wrapped Rewollof's arms in tape, then his whole upper body in bondage wrap foil. With one of his new ring gag trainers strapped firmly in place, she stood him in a corner, while she put on a show for him, playing with herself and her toys. When she feared he could hold out no longer, she carefully straddled him after inserting a large, cold metal anal plug where it belonged. At first he gulped at the coldness being thrust into him, then he did his best to accommodate it. She rode both of them to a shuddering climax.

After Rewollof was unpacked, they showered together. "Wow, what a day. I have done enough shopping for a while, my head is full" she said.

"Your body will be full too" he replied dryly. "Let me make you ready for the night, my dear" he added with a devious smile.

He taped her wrists to her thighs, inserted two fully charged vibrators, then sealed off all entrances by packing her in foil wrap. A breathing tube was put into her mouth and small plugs in her ears, before her head was completely encased in layers of black foil, blindfolding her in the process, after which he strapped her tightly in the leather bondage bag. Carefully he laid Ynroh-N-Toh the Mummy on the bed.

“Good night, my love, enjoy your casing for tonight."

“Mmmmh” she mumbled faintly.

In spite of the vibrators humming away, she still managed to fall asleep, exhausted by all the events of the day, and evening.

5: An afternoon at the Parade

A few mornings later, at breakfast, Rewollof said he wanted to go to the parade. Ynroh-N-Toh looked at him, and said "Do you really want to go and see,  or.....do you want to participate?"

He looked at her. As in the previous days, his wife managed to surprise him regularly. "How would we participate? There is only the two of us" he asked.

"True, but with money, you can solve that, and we are here during Fetish Feast Time. Leave it to me, dear, and you'll have a parade to remember." she replied mysteriously.

True to her word, Rewollof found himself taking part in the parade a few hours later, but not quite in the way he had expected.

Ynroh-N-Toh had rented a car with some structures on it, which he hadn’t understood at first. Soon enough he did.

He also quickly understood what she had meant with Money at the Feast, as several servants had helped Ynroh-N-Toh in preparing her plan.

He was dressed in a black PVC catsuit, with a metal, gold covered chastity belt around his loins, holding a large plug in place. A delicate Karada red rope-web encircled his entire body, like a harness. Some bondage tape had tied him to a pole. Cuffs at his wrists and ankles had tied his arms and legs slightly apart to 2 other poles, themselves on a rotating platform, exposing him to the cheering and clapping audience. With a white buckled hood over his head, he was at least assured no one could recognise him. He couldn’t protest much anyway, as a ball-gag with flashlight was firmly buckled into place where it should be.

In the middle of the car he could see Ynroh-N-Toh, occasionally. She was wearing black ballet-boots, white thigh and elbow cuffs with rings, a laced hood with large mouth opening and a strong leather harness around her torso, tightly holding her breasts. With the harness, she was tied on her back to a rotating board in the middle of the car. She could be flicked over onto her back facing skyward, or downwards, exposing either her butt or her pussy to the sky. Two padded, curved steel bars came from underneath the board, to which her legs were taped. The curvature of the bars held her legs apart and up (or down, depending on her position). All of this was also on a rotating platform, so the audience on either side could see every “nook & entry” of her bound body, especially in the large mirrors hung over the whole structure which held her in place.

A small matching chain with lights was dangling from each of their nipple rings, so everybody could see they were husband and wife.

From his standing position, Rewollof could observe his wife in a position where she could not defend herself and was literally "open for all";

Throughout the entire parade, Ynroh-N-Toh was taken by gang of hooded men from the tribe of the S-Duts, in full public view. S-Duts were often hired for such events, as they can last a long time, or better, many times. They were dressed in latex catsuits, each in a different colour, with a small eye-mask to hide their identity. Taking turns. they took Ynroh-N-Toh up her behind and her mouth, flip her over, then take her from the front, then repeat the sequence. In either position, her hands were given work from some S-Duts loins as well.

Standing between the poles, Rewollof couldn’t help but admire Ynroh-N-Toh for her creativity to compile this car with all the gear, her prowess to take on the outfit and the men, knowing her husband was watching her. The ropes were tight over his body, yet they felt like a protective harness. The chastity belt was firmly holding his rod firmly in place, he was yearning dearly for a hand or mouth to relieve it of its pressure. The anal plug was pneumatically inflating and deflating in random speed, size and initervals, making him feel very penetrated. He wished he could scream out, to her, to the audience, to everybody, at the men taking her, but the flashlight was good at muffling all sounds.

When the platform turned him away from seeing her, he could see the car in front of him, where several hooded men and women were chained or strapped over a small stand and to the floor, with dildo-gag head trainers doing their work on others. At the far end of the car, a woman was tied to a flat table, spread eagle, dressed in her birthday costume. He had seen before they started that something had been inserted into her, humming away on the power of a large battery. Two men were dripping ample amounts of candle wax all over her, she was quickly becoming encased in covered in a multi-coloured candle-wax suit. Her head was on a raised cushion, so she could see what was being done to her. Her screams of pain were mixed with sounds of ecstasy as she saw herself becoming a wax statue.

On the car behind them, a latex, rubber & PVC fashion show took place. Rewollof could see men and women parading on the car in the most glorious outfits, and, even in his tied position, couldn’t help but imagine how gorgeous Ynroh-N-Toh would look in some of them.

Meanwhile, on the flip-over board, Ynroh-N-Toh had lost count of how many times she had been penetrated by unknown men. She didn’t not even know if some of them used vibrators as well. She could hardly move her limbs, only her hands and they were tired of all the pumping they had done. Yet every time she was flipped over (a scary experience being blindfolded), a new pair of hot rods was put in her hands. All of her openings had been filled almost continuously. When she is at her back, she hoped she would have a pause at the opening which was not in use, but the S-Duts had an ample supply of thick, fully charged oscillating vibrators, used in front or back. She couldn’t recall ordering this detail, yet as it happened, it was not unpleasant, for she was too much filled up at all her openings to have time to think.

She knew Rewollof could see her, and it gave her extra energy to show him how his wife would not be beaten by “some bondage and a few men”. She could hear the audience cheer occasionally and imagined it was for her.

She never knew she could so enjoy the feeling of being a public slut, helplessly taken by unknown men in full sight of her husband, but the mere thought of her self-chosen predicament had already given her orgasms when planning this, and the reality was proving even better.

6: A pleasant evening

After the parade, they were exhausted in all their orifices and needed some time to recover. After the baths, massage and the candle-light dinner on the balcony, where they had been watching the fireworks; Ynroh-N-Toh gently said to Rewollof “I love you, my darling husband, I really do. To show you how much I have grown to love you in these few short days, I have prepared something especially for you tonight.”

Rewollof was told to wait in the bed room, while Ynroh-N-Toh prepared something for him. Through the Festival Dating service, Ynroh-N-Toh had “arranged” five girls from Evals-tneidebo of about her size. People from Evals-tneidebo had a good reputation to take pleasure in serving others, and these visitors to the festival were happy to combine their own desires with Ynroh-N-Toh’s.

Both Ynroh-N-Toh and the girls were all dressed same way: white wig, ring-gag trainer, armbinder (each a different one), breast-binder, corset, high heel boots. Ynroh-N-Toh had no trainer, but had put on a triple-whammy strap-on dildo. All of them had applied white make-up with red lips, to make sure they looked as much like each other as possible.

When they all paraded into the bedroom, it took some time for Rewollof to recover and enjoy the feast before his eyes. Ynroh-N-Toh stood next to him while he watched the girls parade through the room, and whispered “My darling husband, these girls are there for you, they will follow whatever fancy you may have. It is my turn now to sit still and watch over you”.

Rewollof looked at her, disbelief in his eyes. “Are you sure?”. When he saw the look in her eyes, he wasted no time and dove into the group, enjoying himself in every possible way.

Ynroh-N-Toh watched this time, proud of his stamina, until he was about done. As a grand finale, she asked him to be on all fours, with all the ladies around him, with large vibrators and anal plugs purring away inside them. She then proceeded to take him herself from behind with the strap-on dildo, under his guidance. She now knew what it was like to make a pumping movement herself, and the triple whammy version gave her plenty of excitement. Rewollof was surrounded by similarly dressed bound beauties, one taking him , all the others being strongly stimulated around him. In a giant wave, they all orgasmed closely after each other, collapsing in a heap of bodies.

When they had recovered, they untied each other and drank champagne together, spraying it all around.

It was well past midnight, when Ynroh-N-Toh and Rewollof were finally alone and in their bed. The full-body cast for which they had posed a few days earlier had arrived that afternoon, and they had cuddled inside on top of each other. Rewollof was on his back with a anal plug preventing any movement, his head supported by half a shell. Ynroh was on top of him and he had his arms around her, one arm across her shoulders, the other lower down with his hand on her buttocks. She had her arms around his head and her hips around his Big John. When the lid had been closed, it had automatically inserted a plug into her as well, so their hips couldn’t go anywhere. The strong cast closed around them with strong precision, they would not move that night. Apart from their lips, perhaps, as she could move her head a bit.

“You were fantastic today, my dear” he said softly. “That parade and your act was a fantastic sight, burned into my memory forever.”

“Thank you my love. You were great too this evening. I enjoyed how you took care of all those girls. I believe you have given them a night to remember as well as myself.”

They kissed, and fell asleep, locked tightly in each others arms.

Still a few more nights of honeymoon and festival to go.

7: The trip home.

On the trip home, Ynroh-N-Toh felt fantastic. She was in full view of everyone on the hover-cruiser and felt exhilarated. What a change from how she had woken up!

Rewollof has guessed she would feel down or sad upon going home from this lovely honeymoon trip with almost continuous bondage & penetration. Indeed she had felt sad when waking up that morning. Her body had become addicted to full days of bondage, of being held tightly & inescapably in unusual positions for long periods, often with objects or men penetrating her & filling her.

She was sad over breakfast, in spite of the morning play they had had in the shower.

Sad, until Rewollow revealed his surprise for her. When they had been to the Body Shop some days earlier to have their bodies cast, he had ordered something else while she was being cast. It had secretly been delivered to their room the day before, and he unveiled it while she had her eyes closed.

It was a huge glass form of a bound lady. It could split in 2 half moulds so somebody could sit inside and be locked between two glass presses. The technicians had done a wonderful job. They had correctly guessed Ynroh’s size & dimensions from earlier casts, and made this form-press to show her in a different position. She did not need to put on any bondage before getting in, the entire glass sculpture was the bondage. And protective too: it was almost and inch and a half thick, and crystalline transparent from all angles.

“Here is your transport my dear”, Rewollof had said with a proud smile across his face. “You said on our first day I would protect you, and I surely will. When you are inside this for the home journey, no-one or nothing can hurt you, while I will safely take you home.”

She had jumped up & down with joy, had hugged him, kissed him all over and jumped at the chance to try it out and climb inside. But here he had restrained her. “No, not until we leave and until you are dressed”.

Dressed? How could one possibly be dressed inside this? Her expert eye had seen the shapes were form-fitting.

Again, Rewollof had shown her he was an unusual Ludd, for he had obviously learned a great deal over the last few days and had another surprise up his sleeve.

“Close your eyes again, my dear” he had said.

When she had done so, she heard some rustling, he was obviously taking some hidden things out. Then all of a sudden, something cold & hairy had stroked against her body, making her all wet. She had jumped, but kept her eyes closed. All over her body the strange hairy thing had spread some wetness, and it was only when she could feel it drying up did she realise what it was: body paint! Rewollof was dressing her up in paint. She longed to see her self, what artwork he would make of her.

When he had stopped for a while to let the paint dry, she asked if she could look. “Definitely not, not until you are inside” was his stern reply.

Shortly after this brief exchange, she could feel a small brush going over her body, making lines of some sort. She reckoned it had to be another colour. She had stood motionless for the paint to dry without cracking.

After some minutes (she could feel he was circling her to admire his handiwork)(she swayed her hips a bit to let him know she knew, and liked being on display for him), he guided her to the glass moulds. “All right, open your eyes and climb in quickly” he had said. Her eyes darted around quickly, only to see he had covered all the mirrors around them. Darn him, he had obviously thought this through, she thought admiringly.

When she extended her arms to get hold of the glass shapes, they appeared as two deep royal blue extensions, with thin gold lines on them, like a pilot’s uniform. She could not help look herself over and admire the new look: she was entirely dark blue, with gold lines here and there accentuating her curves. Remembering his orders, she climbed into the first half, the front half.

It wasn’t easy, as it had no room for her arms in the front half, and she had to be on her knees. Carefully Rewollof helped her inside, and eagerly helped her breasts into the moulds. The craftsmen had shaped the glass breast holders as if she was bending over forward and the breasts were dangling down. It looked funny to see this shape pointing forward. When she was in and her face positioned at the opening in the glass, Rewollof slowly & carefully moved the second half in place. Slowly, for the glass formed the occupant into a corset-like shape, and Ynroh had to hold her breath carefully to shape herself without some skin getting squeezed. In addition to this, she had to hold her arms backward as if they were in an armbinder, pinning her arms together by sheer will until the glass took over this role.

When the parts had come together, Ynroh-N-Toh relaxed her muscles against the sheer force of the glass holding her. Not that this moved her much, but it took some tension away. What a strange and lovely feeling to be held to tightly all over, she thought. Much different then ropes, straps or such things, which hold your body in a few places only.

She had taken stock of her position. She was firmly inside an almost solid glass shape, on her knees with the knees slightly apart, her back and her head straight and her arms behind her. Oddly enough, as well as the craftsmen had guessed her bodily shape, they seemed to have missed out on her face: she could move her jaw within the glass. There was a round opening around her eyes, cheeks and mouth, she could even speak.

She was about to do so, when Rewollof came into view holding a piece of glass. “You look absolutely fantastic, my dear. And I loved to see how eagerly you went inside.” He looked her in the eyes, she looked into his. He came forward and gently kissed her lips, then put his fingers on them when she wanted to say something.

“Hush, I know what you are about to say. And I am proud I can guess your thoughts by now. No, they have not made a mistake. This facial cutout is not just for breathing, it is simply an opening for inserts. Like this one…”

He had shown the glass piece in more detail. She realised why her jaw could still open without that insert: it was a mirror-picture of her face, with breathing openings in the nose section, and a glass gag protruding clearly. When this mask was fixed into position and the glass gag inside her mouth, she knew her jaw would be fixed…in the open position.

“I’ll let you guess a little while longer how this would feel, my dear. If you behave, I’ll let you watch the home journey. Not all the way, of course. My village and my house will remain a surprise for you until you see it from the inside first. But do not despair, I’ll give you something to do, and something to remember our active days here while we travel.”

While she was wondering these mysterious last words, she realised she had felt some fresh air in her nether regions. Was there an opening here too? She had not looked carefully when climbing in.

The answer came quickly enough. She could feel his fingers activating her front opening through what was indeed an opening in the glass, rubbing the special spot he had come to know so well over the last days. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his hands. She concentrated on exciting images, as she knew why he was doing this. Sure enough, her juices stared flowing. “Here is your companion for the trip, darling” he said and briefly help up a large crystal clear glass dildo in front of her. Just as soon as he had shown it, he had put it into place deep inside her. In spite of being well trained in large intruders as she was, she still had to gulp, for Rewollof had specified a big chunk of glass for this. She heard some clicks and the Intruder was firmly in place. She tried to breath and let her body accommodate this big thing, when suddenly she felt lubrication being applied at her rear entry, and sure enough another large visitor being pushed home.

She groaned.

She could have one large intruder, but two was pushing it. What’s more, she could not move a hair’s width in any direction to accommodate them. She felt as if she was being pushed against the glass shapes from the inside out. She was breathing heavily, feeling her insides being stretched. How long would the trip home take? Surely he would not leave these in for the duration?

“Excellent my dear, I am once again so proud how you took those in without a peep. Please let me know if they are too small, I’ve taken the medium sized ones for starters,” he said with a smile.

Medium size? What on earth was he thinking about female anatomy, she thought. She took a deep breath and proudly chose not to show him how closely to the max she already was. “My dear, you have excelled yourself. This glass feels wonderful, even if I am a bit full. I will do you proud and keep up as long as possible. Can I please see what I look like? You seem to have chosen a wonderful shade of blue.”

He had taken the drapes away from the mirrors and she had held her breath when she saw herself. An immobile royal sculpture, with gold trimming, her whole pose proudly showing to the world “Yes, I am bound in glass, and yes you can see every corner of my body up close. But no one can touch me. So consider yourself lucky to see such beauty in your lifetime.”

And that was exactly the reaction she had seen as she had been wheeled through the hotel, taken through the city and the hover cruiser terminal all the way on board. People had stared at her beautiful shape being so lovely displayed, the envious looks they had had at Rewollof for owning such a princess. He too, had looked back at all of them with pride: Yes, this is my wife, yes, she is gorgeous and no, she is not yours!

The shaking of the glass shape had shaken her body around the intruders, she had thought this impossible but it had. She felt wonderful: she looked gorgeous, everyone was envious of her and her admiring husband, and he was safely, very safely, taking her to his home.

Her new home.

Her only concern, in the far back of her mind, was that her juices would spoil the beautiful paintwork on her skin as she climaxed every so often.

Obviously that would not do for a Citore Lauxes from Ygro!

She determined to be worthy of her family and her tribe, and not show anyone how often she was climaxing, which obviously she would do as much as she could, again in the honour of her family, her tribe and her husband.

And so she travelled to her new home, with glass tightly all around her and all inside her.