Explore Inc 3: The Island?

by Steff469

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© Copyright 2004 - Steff469 - Used by permission

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Part 3: The Island?
(Sequel to Explore Inc)

My finals were finally over and I did really great. I spent the next two days partying and then two more recovering. I finally went back to Explore Inc to take some picture for David. After a really interesting shoot David pulled me aside to talk.

“I’m glad to hear you did so good on finals. I have a proposition for you. I really think that you’ll like it,” David said.

I was kinda intrigued so I asked, “What kinda proposition do you have for me?”

He took me to his office were I found Julie lying on the floor mummified in some kind of latex body bag. She was gagged but from the look in her face she was in the middle of a really intense orgasm. David smiled and said, “Have a seat.” After I sat down and David checked on Julie, leaving her tied up. “Explore Inc has finished building it’s own new ‘amusement park of sorts. It’s an island where we have some of our more interesting things on them. What happens is we drop four women off and ya’ll try to get to prearranged point on the island, like say the other side. The catch is that there are some of our toys scattered throughout the island. The toy will catch you, have there way with you then let you go. If you are caught four times then the toy won’t let you go until the contest is over.”

It sounded intriguing but a little spooky. “It sounds interesting but why me and what kind of toys are you talking about?” I asked.

“The reason I want you is that I like you and the first person to make it to the finish line gets a week long all expense paid trip to the Caribbean. The other three people are Julie and two others are Explore Inc models. Nobody knows what to expect on the island. All the people that tested the toys aren’t coming.”

“These toys… What exactly are they and how are they controlled?”  I asked.

“They are mainly programmed to capture and mess with the players. Each one uses different forms of sexual stimulation to make your capture really interesting. All there activities will be monitored at the island control room” He replied. “So you see there are no major losers in this contest. What do you say?”

After I thought about it for a few minutes I said, “I guess. It does sound like it will be fun.”

He told me a few more things then, after messing with Julie I went home. The rest of the week went by slowly because I was looking so forward to my island trip. Finally Saturday came and I was picked up by a limo and taken to the airport. Like I was told I didn’t pack much, since on the island I would be running “for my life” as David said. When I got the airport David met me and introduced me to my competition. We recognized each other and said our greetings. We were all taken out to the Explore Inc VIP jet, we had it all to ourselves. The flight was long but fun. We arrived on an island then taken to the boat docks and boarded a really nice boat.

After two days on the boat we arrived at the island. David said, “This is the island. I recommend ya’ll take your time and be careful. Once you’re caught the fourth time it might me a few hours till someone comes around to release you. Good luck to all of you.”

With that said he stepped aside and we all left the boat. Julie decided to try to make it by going through the middle of the island. Cathy and Ann, the two models, decided to stick together and they too decided to try to go through the center of the island. I decided that I would take a more round about way. I went inland a little bit then headed around the middle of the island. The island was beautiful. It looked just like the tropical islands you see in travel brochures. After about two hours of walking I came to a stream and followed it inland. After about an hour of following the stream it came to a small lake. Since I was warm I decided to take a swim and get something to drink. The water was really cool and tasted good and clean. 

I removed my clothes then jumped into the water. The water felt really cool and it felt great. After some time, about 30-45 minutes, I heard a splash from the other side of the lake. When I looked I saw what looked like a gigantic black and green glob coming towards me. I tried to swim around it so I could get to my clothes but it was moving too quickly and I was forced to get out of the water away from my clothes. I tried to walk around the lake before the glob got to me but once it got started it seemed to move even faster. I ran into the woods hoping that the foliage might slow it down. I ran for a few second then turned to see if it was following me. I couldn’t see anything so I made a sharp turn so I could hide from it. When I jumped over the bush I was going to hide in I got caught in something. It felt like I broke through parts of what ever it was but I just fell and rolled a little. When I was finally done bouncing and twisting I was able to see what happened. I had jumped over the bush right into what looked like a giant spider web. I had hit it toward the upper part and rolled down till I was in the middle. I started to wiggle and squirm to see if I could get myself loose without tangling myself up any more then I already was. At first it seemed like I was getting close when I heard a spraying sound and I was soaked in a sticky creamy white liquid. The liquid hardened to a strong but minorly stretchy substance. I tried to look the direction the spray came from but my head was stuck looking the other direction. I felt the web begin to move and all I could do was lay there. I now knew what fly felt like stuck in a web.

I screamed when I finally saw what had caught me. It looked like a giant black widow spider. Besides size I saw a good-sized cock sticking out from the middle of his middle body. The spider began to cut one of my legs loose from the web only to press it firmly against my other one. Both my legs stuck together because of the sticky stuff already covering them. The next thing it did was remove one arm and then stick it to my side. My second arm followed. After my arms and legs were stuck the spider then backed away turned and sprayed me again with some more of the creamy liquid. I was able to breath through it but that was all. I had closed my eyes and now they were stuck closed.

I felt it cut me loose from the web and carry me somewhere. After about five minutes I felt a cool liquid begin to penetrate the goo that covered my legs. The sticky stuff dissolved and my legs where spread out and the secured in that position. I tried to fight but my upper body stuck or tied to something and I could move much at all. Each arm was release from my side but quickly pulled up and out and then restrained. The liquid was then poured over my head and the rest of the white goo dissolved off me. 

I opened my eyes and I saw I was stuck inside a large web and the spider was walking down towards me. It’s walked over me, upside down, and its head stopped at my crotch. It pinched my pussy lips causing me to scream, not really in pain but in surprise. My scream was cut short as the spider’s spinners filled my mouth with a ball of web. The spinners then spun webs around my whole lower head. I was able to breath through a hole that was inside the ball but all sounds I tried to make where gagged really well. As I was being gagged the spider spread my lips and filled my pussy with lots of little feelers. They all moved around inside me and all over my clit. I was quickly brought to my first orgasm. The feelers continued as I was brought to a second and more intense orgasm. I jerked and pulled but the web I was stuck in held tightly. I rode waves of pleasure from two more orgasms before the spider released my pussy lips and walked down the web leaving me to rest.

I recovered from my orgasms and began to look around. I was in a large cave. The web stretched from the floor to the ceiling. I was stuck spread eagle twenty feet up in the center of the web. My arms were wrapped in the web from the elbows up and my legs from the knees down. I could see that light was coming from somewhere behind me but I was unable to turn my head enough to see where. The spider must’ve felt the web moving because it climbed back up to me.

This time the spider stopped over top of me and slid his cock into my wet pussy. The cock felt really good despite its size. As the spider began to fuck my pussy its mouth opened up and the feelers began to play with my breasts. The feelers wrapped around and gently squeezed and pulled. The cock started to rotate as it was fucking me. I came in no time. I was just about done with my orgasm when the spider’s cock shot its load inside me. The stuff being shot inside me caused the orgasm to start again. This time it was extremely intense. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me. All I could do hang there and convulse in pure ecstasy.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground next to the little lake where my clothes were. I was covered from head to toe in the sticky white goo. I was able to pull my arms and legs free so I walked to the lake. The goo washed right off. I was shocked to find out that the gag wouldn’t come off. I tried everything I could but it was too tight and strong for me to get off without help. I got out of the water and found out that my clothes had been taken. I remembered the slime that chased me so I left the lake and headed towards the center of the island. After a few minutes I heard some moaning and decide to be nosy and check it out. I followed the noise for about 100 feet and looked into a clearing. I saw Cathy hanging from a large plant that was fucking her.

Cathy was hanging off the ground about three feet. Her arms where tied behind her back with vines from the plant. Her legs were pulled apart and where also tied with vines. There were vines holding her up by her waist and shoulders. Over all the suspension looked kinda fun. It was the other things the plant was doing that made things look interesting. Her breasts where completely enclosed inside large vines from the plant. From the looks of it each breast was being sucked on. Between her legs were two other vines, each vine was fucking each of her holes. Since both of her holes were leaking liquid and from the sounds coming from her gagged mouth it look like she was enjoying herself. I made a point remember what the “Rape Plant” looked like and left Cathy to her fate.

I walked for about a mile before I found a water station. I found a bowl next to the drinking fountain. I was able to fill the bowl and suck water through the hole in the gag. Just as I finished drinking I heard what sounded like a bug buzzing my ear. I looked up and saw four or five large bugs. Each one was about two to three feet long. They looked like dragonflies except each on had dildos for tails. When they started to dive at me I screamed into my gag and ran towards the woods. I was able duck behind a tree and avoid their first wave. I continued to run through the woods for about 50 yards before they caught up with me. 

I heard one coming at me and I dove into some bushes. The bug flew by and I started to run in a different direction. I got maybe three steps before one of them landed on my back. It wrapped four of its legs around my waist. It used its remaining two to reach up and grab my wrists. It pulled my wrists behind my back and secreted some kind of liquid that quickly hardened into a tight firm rubbery substance. The rubber held my arms behind my back as the bug started to work its way down my back. I was able to evade another bug that was trying to grab me. Every time I turned and ducked another one was coming after me. I had almost forgot about the bug on my back until it started to work its dildo tail between my legs even as I ran. In a panic I stopped running and tried to grab the bug but the rubber held my arms in place. When I stopped the bug shoved his cock into my ass. The dildo must’ve been lubed because it slid in without much force.

My moans into my gag were cut short when two more bugs grabbed onto me. One grabbed onto my left leg just above my knee. The other landed on my chest. My other leg was grabbed shortly after. The one that was on my chest crawled up to my shoulders then all four bug lifted me off the ground. I screamed into the gag but I was still carried up. I was carried for a few hundred feet then I was lowered down a hole. The hole wasn’t deep and after a short time I was in what looked like a large beehive. 

I saw 13 honeycombs going into the floor, each one about four feet wide. The bugs that grabbed my legs began to secrete some more of the rubbery liquid that held my arms. The liquid they secreted covered my legs from my knees down. Once my legs were covered the bug released my legs and crawled up my body. One of the bugs stopped at my waist and slid its dildo tail into my pussy. The other one crawled up to my breasts and began to suck and nibble on them. The bug behind me began to move its tail around inside my ass. After a few seconds the bugs were fucking both my holes. I must really tell you bondage is fun but I was really having a wild time been fucked while bound and being carried at the same time. I came in no time. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. I rode wave after wave of some of the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt. When I finally began to recover I realized the bugs were lowering me into one of the honeycombs. The honeycomb was filled with some kind of gold colored liquid. The liquid was thick and cool. It felt like I was being lowered into a vat filled with a yellowy syrup. I was lowered till I was up to the bottom of my neck in liquid. The bugs still filled my holes and continued to play with my breasts.

Once I was lowered till my feet could touch. Several smaller bugs started to crawl down and spray something onto the liquid. The bugs that were inside me began to fuck me again. This time their tails vibrated and grew studs. The bug fucked slower this time and it took a long time before I had another orgasms. After the little orgasm the bugs pulled out and crawled out to the honeycomb. The little bug flew away also. Another bug came over to me. This one looked like a snake with four little arms. The snake dove into my liquid filled hole. I looked down but really couldn’t see too much, the liquid was starting to cloud up. The snake slithered down my back. As it went the rubber that held my arms behind my back began to dissolve. I was able to pull my arms apart and move them. The snake squirmed up the rubber that held my legs together. I figured it was going dissolve that rubber so I let it go and I tried to climb out of the honeycomb. The top of the liquid had formed a rubbery skin that I couldn’t push my arms through. Like I figured the rubber that held my legs together started to dissolve. 

Because I tried so hard to break the rubber holding my legs together when it finally did break loose my legs spread out. When that happened the snake shot up and into my pussy. It filled me really full. I reached down and tried to pull it out but its little arms had reached out and grabbed onto my inner thighs. If I pulled hard I would just pull my own skin. When I stopped pulling the snake’s body began to vibrate and its tongue began to move around inside me. The snake also started to fuck me, without letting go of my thighs. I couldn’t believe that a mechanical snake was getting me off, but I could feel an orgasm building inside me. 

The snake continued to fuck me till I had a good long orgasm. Throughout the orgasm its tongue continued to work deep inside me. The tongue split up and both of them flicked and wiggled. They kept the orgasm going for a long time. I felt something begin to suck on and play with my breasts. I didn’t care I was too busy enjoying my orgasm. When the orgasm finally stopped I looked down and saw two hoses had attached themselves to my breast. I wasn’t surprised to find out that because of the suction I couldn’t remove the hoses from my breasts. The snake continued to work me up to another orgasm. This time just as I started to cum I was shocked all over by electricity. The electricity came through the liquid that I was standing in. Between the electricity, the breast suction and the snake the orgasm was the most intense I’d felt that day. Waves of ecstasy washed over me. They were so intense that I was in heaven, till I passed out from sheer pleasure.

When I woke up I was laying in the woods, in about the same place I was in when the bugs caught me. I was wearing a thick coat of painted on latex. Yellow latex covered me from my neck down to my toes. There were openings around my breast and the crotch. The latex stayed stuck to me even though I tried to pull it off. 

I was thirsty so I walked back to the fountain and sucked water through my gag. I just finished when I heard a scream. Despite my better judgment I decided to go and see what was happening. After a few steps I heard strange sloshing noises and followed then for about 35 feet when I came into a clearing. Inside the clearing I saw the slime monster that chased me earlier in the day had caught Julie. She was completely inside it breathing through some kinda tube. Her arms were pulled behind her and pulled till her elbows touched. Her legs were spread out and some kinda red tentacle was fucking her. From the look in her eyes she was having good time so I though about it and decided to leave her to her pleasures. 

I left Julie there and returned to my quest of looking for the finish line. I walked for about three hours till I found the coast. I was on top of a 10-foot cliff. The waves were breaking against the cliff throwing water about 15 feet over my head. 

“Man am I glad I’m not down there,” I thought. I walked along the cliff for about a hundred yards when I was knocked down by a large splash from a big breaker. I stood up and looked out to the ocean again. The sky was still clear but the waves here were just bigger than other places. I turned to walk back to the woods when I saw what looked like a manta ray flying over the tree straight towards me. I ran straight towards it hoping that it wouldn’t be able to catch me. 

I’m glad all I wasn’t betting my life because the manta ray just stopped and fell right on top of me. I knew I wasn’t getting away till it let me get away, the thing was gigantic. It must’ve been at least 20 foot across. A thin coat of the underside of the ray’s belly opened up and six hands shot out and grabbed me. They grabbed me around my waist, each wrist and each ankle. I was pulled up into its belly. My legs were spread wide and the thin coating closed in around me. My head and legs from the knees down were the only parts of me not inside the manta ray. The “pocket” I was in filled up with a warm liquid, my ankles were released then the ray took off into the air. 

I screamed into my gag but the manta ray just flew higher and began to circle the island. My arms were force behind my back and pushed into some kinda rubbery restraining device that tightened up till my lower arm were touching all the way up to my elbows. Next something skinny began to work its way into my ass. It slid easily into me then inflated. It kept inflating till I felt minor discomfort, and then it shrunk just enough to make itself tolerable. Something then spread my pussy lips and began to massage the very opening of my pussy. Once I was really hot and bothered the attention my pussy was getting stopped but my lips were held opened. 

My arms were lifted away from my back as a warmer liquid was poured onto my back and it wrapped all the way around me. It spread evenly over my whole upper body, from just above my crotch to just below my breasts. Once that was done my pussy again was the center of attention. This time a little finger dove into me they had studs and where moving all around inside me. After a couple of minutes I, when I was again really worked up, my clit was gently squeezed and twisted. When I was just about ready to cum a mild electric shock was sent throughout my whole body. Since my pussy was so opened it also felt the shock and that launched me into an intense and long orgasm. 

As I recovered I felt my waist being squeezed. In fact my whole upper body was. It felt like the warmer liquid that was poured on me had solidified and was shrinking. Once it was done shrinking I could tell that my waist was noticeably thinner. I then felt something attaching to the front of my gag. When I tried to look around to see what it was, my head was forced up so I could only looks straight ahead. A cool liquid began to leak through the hole in the gag. It tasted like a sports drink so I sucked it down. I drank for a few minutes before the liquid stopped and my head was released.

Without warning the manta ray opened up and I was dropped. My waist and ankles were still attacked so the ray still had me. The wind was cool on my wet skin and we flew over the island. The ray rolled over and put us into a dive straight down. It pulled up really low to the ground and then slowly began to climb. I looked back just in time to see its tail bend forward between my legs. The tail slid itself into my pussy and began to fuck me. The tail not only fucked me but it also vibrated intensely. The ray knew exactly what to do with it’s tail because I came really quickly. The orgasm hit me with almost no warning. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over me as I hang in the air and cum. The first orgasm finally subsided but the tail continues to fuck through three more mind-shattering orgasms.

The ray finally landed and released me but not before it attached the drinking hose to my gag. I was so spent that all I could do was lay there and drink. After I sucked down fluid for a few minutes the ray disconnected the hose and flew away. I lay there for a few minutes before I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of rustling leaves and water drops hitting me. I looked around to find the sun had gone down, it was dark and starting to rain. I was stiff and tired but I got up and decided it was time to win or lose this game. I headed the direction that I thought I was heading before the ray caught me. It was going slowly since the ray left me wearing the tight corset that had my hands secured behind my back. After several minutes the rain picked up and I was totally soaked. I really wanted to get out of the rain so I sped up. 

I saw something out of the corner of my eye but when I looked I didn’t see anything, so I just continued walking. A few minutes latter I saw the same thing and again I saw nothing but this time I speed up to a jog. When I started to jog I heard something beside me. This time when I looked I saw a large eye that was carrying itself on lots of tentacles. I screamed into my gag and began to run. It was difficult to run in a corset and with my hand tied behind me it was almost impossible. I ran till I entered a clearing. When I got about half way across I stepped on some plastic or something on the ground. I was just about to look down when the “tentacle” monster grabbed me. 

It grabbed my around my skinny waist and one of my arms. I was unable to pull free as more tentacles grabbed me. I was picked up off the ground and my legs were spread. The eye portion of the body rotated some only to expose a large mouth. The mouth was so large that it closed around both my breasts. One of the tentacles attached itself to my gag and forced my head back. It also began to give me something to drink.

The tentacle monster let me drink for a couple on minutes then the fluid stopped and its mouth began to suck on my breast. As it sucked on both breasts I felt several little “tongues” begin to play with my nipples. First they just moved around then they started to wrap around each nipple and pull on them. I was so distracted by the sucking and pulling that I didn’t notice a tentacle move down between me spreading my legs. The tentacle began to slide itself through my opened crotch. It was slimy but bumpy. As it slid the bumps rubbed my clit and pussy in just the right way. I was rocked by an orgasm that came up some quickly it took me by surprise. I screamed into the gag and squirmed and kicked but I was unable to get loose. All my squirming did was open myself up to the tentacle so it had better access. It rubbed me through two more intense orgasms before it finally stopped and let me rest. 

After a couple minutes the tentacle slid back until its head was in line with my pussy. It slowly began push its way inside me. I moaned as it started because I was tired and really didn’t want to play anymore. Once the tentacle was deep inside my pussy another smaller one was began to push its way into my ass. Once that one was deep enough for the creatures liking both began to vibrate and start to fuck me. The suction on my breasts all started again. I kicked and fought as hard as I could but between the tentacle holding my legs and waist and the corset that my arms were lock to I wasn’t able even slow down the tentacles that were fucking me. Despite my best effort the monster brought me to yet another orgasm. As the orgasms subsided my breasts were released I was reposition and my opened crotch was lowered into the monster’s mouth. Just before the monster lowered me into its mouth the tentacles that filled me down there were removed. 

I was lowered into the awaiting opening and it closed its mouth. The mouth wrapped around the thighs of my spread legs. The monster’s lips wrapped tightly around my waist. The creature’s little “tongues” spread my pussy and a large round tongue slid its way deep inside me. One of the little tongues wrapped around my clit and began to gentle massage it. The large tongue began to fuck my pussy too. Many of the little tongues pushed there way into my ass and began to wiggle and vibrate. Once again I was brought to 2 mind shattering orgasms. Once the monster figured I was spent its tentacles wrapped around my waist and pulled me out of its mouth. To my surprise the tongue in my pussy and ass remained inside me as did the little tongue that was still massaging my clit. The monster held me in the air for about 10 minutes then it lowered me to the ground. All the time I was hanging in the air the vibrations and fucking continued and brought me to another orgasm.

I was put on the ground and David was waiting for me. “Good job you won. You’re the only person that reached the finish,” He said. “Since you reached the finish and were caught at the same time I decided to let the monster play first, besides I think you’ll like the present it left you.” He reached between my legs and rubbed the latex looking material that had now formed a chastity belt. The belt continued to fuck me and lick my clit.

I was still gagged so all I could do was moan and wiggle as his added attention to the belt brought me to another orgasm. “I’m sorry I forgot you’re tied and gagged. None of the items can be removed or stopped till we reach the house. Follow me and I’ll take you there,” he said.

We walked for about an hour and two orgasms before we reach a clearing on a beach with a large house on it. Once we entered the clearing the chastity belt finally stopped all it’s activities. I relived some and walked with David to the house. 

After we entered he said, “I have a deal for you. You can have me remove all the stuff now and just relax or you can come to the monitoring room and see what happened to the other girls. You know me. If I remove the stuff then you can’t see, you’ll just have to ask them for yourself. Do you want to see what happened to them?” I nodded and he grinned. “Follow me.”

I followed him to the control room… but that’s another story