Explore Inc 2: Back Again

by Steff469

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Part 2: Back Again
(Sequel to Explore Inc)

I woke up a few hours later in the room David showed me. I looked around the room and saw a rubber bra and mini skirt sitting on a table. Next to them was a tray of food and a note. I sat down and read the note. It said: 

I tired Julie out. We are sleeping in a room across the hall. You are welcome to look around and play with anything you want just so long as you stay on this floor. I do want to give you a word of warning. If you play with some of the machines make sure that you read the instructions. We should be up and about in a few hours.

After I read the note I decided to eat then look around. After I ate I put on the rubber clothes and then left the room. I looked across the hall and, like the note said, David and Julie were in the room sleeping. I walked around and looked at the rest of the floor. There was a main room that had all kinds of sex and bondage stuff. There were benches, tables and chairs all designed for bondage. Along one wall there was every kind of sex toy imaginable. There was another room that had three machines that looked like they were turned on. 

I walked in and examined the machines. I found directions for each machine lying on top of each control panel. The first machine was designed to spray a rubber coating onto the person inside. The rubber would cover the person from the neck down. The suit would be able to be removed by the back. Apparently the back closed just like the gag that David made for me. The next machine would wrap the victim in tight thick rubber. She would be covered totally from head to toe. She would breath through breathing tubes. The direction to the third machine just said set the time, lay on top of the table, make sure you are nude. 

I was really curious but I decided that I would wait till later. I walked back into the main room. I spent about an hour looking around at everything in there. There were dildos and vibrators of all kinds and sizes. The bondage stuff was really interesting. It looked like many people could be tied up in any position imaginable. The restraints were made out of rubber, leather, silk, fur, metal and there were even some large plastic ties. Some of the bondage furniture was like nothing I’ve never seen. There was a padded table with indentions of a person in it. There were holes in pads for breasts. Another setup that got my attention consisted of two poles about 6 feet apart. Attached to the poles were leather cuffs at the base and about 5 feet up. Looking closer there was a hole in between the poles. I laughed when I thought about what might come out of that hole. On one of the poles there was a control pad.

I really wanted to try out a lot of the things but I did not know were to start. I decided to play with the poles. I removed my rubber clothes and put on an interesting looking metal bra that I seen earlier. The cups were lined with some kind of liquid and there was a long electrical wire attached to it also. When I connected the bra in back I heard a click and then the band tightened up. The bra stopped tightening when it was really tight around me. I walked over to the pole and set the timer for 30 minutes. I was able to pulled the cuffs from the poles because they were attached to cables. I decided it was time to get started. First I plugged the bra into one of the poles, then I attached the ankles cuffs then the wrist cuffs. 

A few seconds after I finished putting on the last cuff the cables were retracted quickly. I was soon tightly spread out between the poles. The bra started to heat up. After a couple minutes the liquid melted onto my tits. Once the liquid melted the bra began to cool off. When the bra started to cool down I felt something between my legs. I looked down and saw a dildo attached to a pole rising through the hole I noticed earlier. I decided not to fight and spread my legs. The dildo slid into me. It continued up deep inside me. The dildo stopped and then my breasts began to warm up. It was not long before they were really hot. The dildo then began to vibrate and move. 

I really wanted to remove the stuff that was all over my breasts. Spread out the way I was I could not reach the bra and I could not shake it off. After a few minutes my breasts began to cool off but the vibrator began to fuck me harder. A few minutes later I came, and the vibrator continued its assault. After I reached my second orgasm the activity inside my pussy stopped. I had been standing there for a minute or two when David and Julie walked into the room.

“I told you she could not resist playing,” Julie said. 

They walked over to me as David said, “I guess you were right.” 

David reached out and began to play with my clit. Julie slapped his hand and said “Hey stop that. You lost the bet. She is all mine. All you get to do is watch and not touch.”

I looked at her and asked, “Don’t I have anything to say about that?”

Julie walked over to one of the racks and returned with a ball gag. “No, you don’t have anything to say about it, or anything else,” she said as she held up the gag. 

I looked over to David but he said, “You know how she is when she wins a bet. I am not going cross her on this.”

“Thanks for your help,” I said. I knew I was not getting out of this till Julie was happy so I just opened my mouth so she could put the gag in.

She grinned and said, “That’s my girl.” She pushed the ball into my mouth till the ball was seated behind my teeth. After she tightened the strap behind my head she walked around the poles and began to mess with the controls. “What’s with this?” Julie asked as she thumped the metal bra I was wearing.

David pulled her to the opposite side of the room and whispered something to her. She walked over to me with a grin that told me I was in trouble. She walked over to controls and again began to mess with them. I screamed when my breasts were hit with an electric shock. The shock did not hurt really badly but it surprised me. Julie just laughed and continued with the controls, the vibrator began its vibrations and movements. Julie walked up behind me and began to play with my clit. In no time I was cumming again. This one was intense but all the activity continued though another hard orgasm. Julie walked around in front of me, as the vibrator continued its work.

She kissed my forehead and said, “That’s for luck my dear.” She then kneeled down and began to lick and suck on my clit. Between the cuffs holding me spread out and the vibrator deep inside me. I was not able to do anything except stand there and enjoy it. I was really close to the edge when my breasts got another electric shock. I screamed into the gag as I came really hard and long. The shocks and Julie’s tongue continued throughout the whole orgasm. When I recovered I was hanging limp by my arms. The dildo was lowering out of sight and Julie was standing in front of me to take picture of me with my camera. “I am glad you always keep this in your car. We would have missed this. Don’t worry, David has pictures of the whole thing.”

David walked over to me and stood me up. “Do you want to try out one of the machines?” he asked as he removed my gag.

As I caught my breath I asked, “Isn’t that up to Julie?”

“Thanks for reminding me why I love you so much,” Julie said. “What David really means is do you wish to continue. We’ll stop if you want.”

“I would love to continue but I have nothing left. I am really beat. Maybe next weekend,” I replied.

“We’ll see,” David said as he pressed a button and the cables loosened and the cuffs were removed. He walked me to the bench where I got the bra. After he plugged some kind of key in the back the bra loosened and was removed. I went and took a shower in the room were I woke up. When I was done I heard Julie moaning and knew what she was up to. I walked into the main room and found Julie tied up bent over a padded sawhorse. She was being fucked in all three of her holes. A machine was fucking her up her ass and pussy and David was fucking her mouth. 

When he was finish doing his business he asked, “Going casual are we?”

I just said, “Like you haven’t seen me nude. Besides I don’t have anything to wear. You destroyed the suit I wore when I got here.”

“I’m sorry. I forgot. Come here and you will get a brand new one.” David said as he turned and walked away from Julie leaving her to be fucked by the machine. I followed him into the machine room and he opened up one of them. “This will make a new rubber suit on you. Kinda like the machine that made your bra and panties. What options do you want?”

“What are my choices?” I asked.

“Color, thickness, dildos, things like that.” he replied.

“No dildos, but besides that, surprise me.” I said as I entered the machine, grabbed the handholds and stuck my feet in the appropriate indentions. David closed the machine it started to hum. A warm liquid was sprayed all over my body.

“Don’t move, the machine will spread multiple coats. It will take about a half hour. I will check in on you from time to time,” David said as he walked out. 

Another warm liquid was sprayed and it rinsed off the first one. After about 30 seconds the liquid stopped and the cool air was blown all over me. I figured the first two were some kind of skin rinse. After a few minutes I was sprayed by a different type of liquid. This time the liquid stayed. Once I was covered the air started again. A minute latter another coat of latex was sprayed followed by more air. This process continued for about 20 minutes. The machine opened up and I walked out. I was wearing a dark blue latex body suit that covered me from my neck down to my feet. 

“You look good,” David said.

“Thanks,” I said. “I like the way it feels. It looks good too.” I looked in a mirror and examined myself. The rubber was smooth and shiny. Looking in the back I could not tell where it came apart. Reaching behind I was able to pull it apart.

“Are you ready for the finishing coat?” he asked.

“What finishing coat? You mean it’s not done yet?” I asked

He picked up an aerosol can and walked over to me. “This will firm up and lightly shrink the rubber. It will also make it shine a little bit more.” 

I spread my arm and said, “OK” 

He sprayed the suit. After a couple of seconds the rubber started to warm up. The suit began to tighten up. The rubber only stayed warm for a minute or two then began to cool off. Soon after David asked, “Are you ready to go? Julie is getting showered then she will be ready. She will give you a ride home.”

About 15 minutes later Julie walked in wearing a latex dress and top. “Are you ready? You look really beat down,” she asked.

“Yes I am ready, and yes I feel beat down. Don’t worry, it is a good beat down feeling.” I replied.

Julie took me home and I went right to sleep. Over the next few weeks I took many pictures for Explore Inc. I did not stay after the photo shoot because I had to study for finals.


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