Ever Increasing Bondage 9

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2015 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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Part 9

Lady Hazel Paine strolled slowly across the cellar floor and began climbing the steps back to the outside world, leaving Lauren feeling chilled to the bone by her final remarks. Was she just teasing or trying to scare her? Surely she didn’t really sell people into slavery and have them shipped to the four corners of the earth, did she? Although Lauren knew she wasn’t exactly in the twins’ good books at this precise moment, they wouldn’t really sell her to this decidedly creepy woman. Or would they? She’d seen what had just happened to Amber, and it seemed that the rivals really did hate each other.  So Lauren couldn’t rule out the possibility that Hazel would come back and whisk her away as well. She had to warn the twins. But that could prove difficult bearing in mind how efficiently she was gagged right now.

Within no more than a minute of Hazel’s departure, Lauren’s thought processes were interrupted by the return of the twins to the cellar. Understandably, given the fact that they’d just rid themselves of their hated cousin, they seemed in good spirits. Not good enough to show any mercy to the woman that they now perceived as a traitor, however.

“Well, Jasmine, that’s Amber gone for good. Now what are we going to do with this one?”

Lauren sensed that this was merely part of a rehearsed dialogue, and that they’d already decided exactly what course of action to take in their desire to punish her for helping Amber out of her bonds yesterday.

“I think we’ll leave her here for a few days Jade, just so that she realises how mad we are at her. I’m sure by then she’ll be well and truly sorry for her wrong-doing.”

Lauren tried to impart the information that she was deeply sorry that she had offended her friends, and that she’d already learnt her lesson. She also tried to warn the twins of what Hazel had in mind for her. But if they did comprehend any of her garbled utterances, they showed no sign of being in any way sympathetic.

“What’s she trying to say Jas? I can’t understand a word of it.”

“I don’t know Jade. But one thing I do know is that she’s way too comfortable at the moment. I think we ought to make her stay here a little bit less pleasant, don’t you?”

Jade was clearly in agreement with her sister on this point, as within seconds both had retrieved an array of fresh ropes and other bondage equipment, and had started to carry out their threat to make life less comfortable for Lauren than had it been up to now.

“I think a nice tight ball-tie would look good on her, don’t you Jade? It will certainly stop her moving around the cellar.”

Before Lauren could even think of trying to obstruct the inevitable process, Jade had grabbed her bound ankles and bent her knees back as far as they would go, so that her heels were in contact with her buttocks. She held her in this position while Jasmine fashioned a loop from one long piece of rope, slipped it over Lauren’s knees and worked it up her legs until it incorporated both her ankles and her thighs within its circumference. This was then pulled tightly and wound around her legs three or four more times, before being cinched between her legs and knotted securely. Once they were satisfied that this bond came up to their usual high standards, the pair momentarily backed off, allowing Lauren to test this latest affront to her liberty. And, as feared, she found that her legs were now stuck in this position, and straightening them out was no longer an option.

But that was only the first stage in the process to make Lauren’s bondage ever more restrictive and unpalatable. Firstly Jasmine placed a leather collar around her neck and pulled it so tightly that Lauren felt as if she was almost being strangled. Then, as they had done with her legs, Lauren found herself being forced to double up, so that her head was pushed down to meet her knees. A short chain, attached to the collar, was yanked down and twisted around the rope that had hours ago been tied just above her knees, before this was pulled back up to the leather choker again. A small padlock clicking into place informed Lauren that this chain was now secured, and any attempt to lift her face away from the shiny stretch spandex at her knees would prove to be out of the question. 

And to supplement this uncomfortable addition to her bonds, another length of rope was quickly passed under her armpits, before being  threaded through the tight gap between her thighs and calves, then once more brought up to encircle her back and leather-sheathed arms. This encircling procedure was then repeated several more times . Pulling this rope so that it was incredibly taut, the twins lashed and knotted the ends in order to ensure that there was no likelihood of this latest ligature being worked loose.

Once again, the twins left Lauren to her own devices for a brief period of time. Her tentative attempts to flex her muscles and stretch out of this extreme foetal position that she found herself in, however, proved, as she had already guessed would be the case, to be a complete impossibility. In fact, she could hardly move at all.

For a minute or two, with the twins making no further move to add to her already dire predicament, Lauren began to wonder if this was to be the full extent of her punishment, and that this was the way she was going to be left for the foreseeable future. But of course, she should have known better than that; where the twins were concerned things were never going to be that simple.

Lying on her side and being so helplessly stuck, Lauren’s field of vision was now limited to simply staring at her knees or, if she moved her head slightly to the side and cast her eyes upwards, a view of one corner of the room. So, with the twins behind her, she was unprepared for the next outrage that the twins were about to inflict upon her. Rolling their human ball over so that she was left sitting virtually upright, Jasmine began unwinding the end of a huge roll of cling-film. Starting at her knees, the first thin but durable sheet was wound tightly around her back and brought back to its starting point. Several more circuits soon followed, each overlapping the last, but gradually working their way either up to her shoulders and neck, or down to her feet. For what seemed like several minutes, the twins manoeuvred their one-time friend into various positions to ensure that every inch of her being was covered except for her head, until at last the film was all used up.

But running out of one particular type of binding agent was only ever going to be a minor inconvenience to the twins. Their mind-set in situations like this had always been that if one form of restraint was no longer available, then they would use whatever else was to hand. And in this case, the next best thing proved to be the seemingly endless reels of duct tape that they habitually carried around with them.  As with the transparent wrap, the tape followed a similar path around her tightly curled body and limbs, circumnavigating her over and over again; each circuit seeming to make the overall cocoon tighter and more claustrophobic.

“There you go Lauren, all nicely parcelled up now. I know you like being immobilised, but a day or two of being all scrunched up like that, without being able to exercise your legs, is going to get really uncomfortable after a while. Still, that’s the price you have to pay for your crimes.”

Lauren once more tried to get through to the twins that Hazel was intent on coming back here to kidnap and enslave her, and that she wasn’t in the least bit happy about the prospects of this theoretical situation being turned into reality. But as before, she found Jade and Jasmine in no mood to listen. And even if they did comprehend the stifled words, or take note of her highly emotional state as she tried to express herself, they clearly didn’t believe her; assuming that this was merely a tactic to force them to relent on their threat to leave her here for an extended period of time.

“Right, we’re off now. Tomorrow we’re going to London for the day to see what new bondage equipment we can pick up in Soho,  which means we won’t be able to pop in and see you until Thursday at the earliest. But you’ve still got the crotch rope in place, so you should have plenty to occupy your time.  Jade seems to have managed to misplace the key to the cellar door, which means that we’re not able to lock it. I’ll be punishing her for that when we get home with some extremely tight ropes.”

“We will, of course, still use the bolts to seal you in.” Jade cut in, seemingly unfazed in any way by her sister’s promise of retribution for being so careless. 

Not facing in the right direction to view the stairs anymore, Lauren had to rely on the sound of their slowly receding heels to tell her that they were in the process of heading for the exit. The fact that they’d reached the door was confirmed by the light above her suddenly being extinguished, and this was followed seconds later by the slamming of the heavy bolts into their staples.


By now Lauren had lost all track of time. Had her stint with Steve really been six hours, as Amber had suggested, or perhaps longer? Was it night-time already? Or maybe only early evening? The fact that neither sound nor light penetrated the thick subterranean walls of this isolated and derelict building meant that there was absolutely no clue as to what time of day or night it might be. One thing she did know for certain, however, was that if the twins said they wouldn’t return until Thursday, they would be as good as their word, and were unlikely to be back any sooner - which pointed to the fact that she was in for a very long wait.

That is, unless Hazel decided to pay a return visit, as threatened.  Lauren found herself shuddering at this possibility.  With the twins unable to lock the door due to the missing key, anyone could, if they wanted to, simply pull back the two bolts and walk in. Before today, this would have been only a very remote possibility, and thus merely a minor concern. But now that Hazel knew of her presence here, the danger had increased a thousand-fold.

Lauren tried to change the position that she had been left lying in, but she could barely move at all, and the darkness and silence all seemed to contract around her until she found herself overwhelmed with a sadness that she had never known during a bondage session before. Without warning, tears welled up in her eyes and she wished more than anything in the world that someone would get her out of this mess.

And with this yearning to be saved, her thoughts turned to Steve. If only he would return right now and take her away from this quicksand-like madness, into which she seemed to be getting sucked deeper and deeper.  But what were the chances of him turning up again? She hoped and prayed that she’d been convincing enough to at least plant the seed of doubt in his mind and realise that she was telling the truth about wanting to get out of here, and that Amber was being her usual devious self when she suggested otherwise. But no, this was just wishful thinking, wasn’t it? Sadly, she resigned herself to the fact that the chances of someone – anyone - showing up to save this damsel-in-distress were virtually nonexistent.  


But reminiscing about Steve had stirred something in her. It hadn’t been many hours since Amber had let him go, and the memory of their intimately shared bondage was still very vivid in her mind. She found herself cherishing the memory of the way their bodies had gently caressed each other in their helplessness. She remembered his warm smile and caring eyes gazing at her from such close quarters. And most of all she remembered the sensation of his cock pushing hard against her abdomen as she simultaneously got herself off by means of her crotch-rope. She would have given anything for a repeat performance right now. 

Lauren pulled as best she could on the crotch-rope – not an easy task considering her virtual inability to move more than a fraction of an inch – and did her best to recreate the earlier events with her new-found playmate. Thrusting harder and working up a rhythm, she could almost believe that he was there, tied and helpless beside her. Her climax was explosive and spectacular, as she imagined him inside her.  She found herself calling out his name into her gag, and wept with anguish at the realisation that she might never see him again. 

Her energies finally spent, Lauren once more lapsed into a state of motionless stupor. Okay, the memory of Steve had temporarily fortified her and revived her spirits, but it was merely a temporary respite from the overriding gloom that pervaded her thoughts; a fleeting mirage in a desert of despair; a will-o-the-wisp that dissolves into the mist as soon as you try to follow it. Lauren spent the next few hours the only way she could: immobile and helpless. At the slightest sound, her ears would prick up; a mixture of hope and terror mingling in her troubled head. Finally, fatigue overcame the dread, and she fell into a disturbed, fitful slumber.


The sound of the door banging loudly against the wall had Lauren wide awake in an instant. As her befuddled senses slowly cleared, she noticed that the light had been switched on. There was a sound also; the noise emitted by footsteps coming down the stone steps. And these were gradually getting louder as they approached. In desperation, she cried out, and tried to turn in the direction of the commotion. Could this be her saviour, Steve, come to rescue her?

But it was obvious straight away that the ‘click-clack’ on the stone was the sound of a woman’s high heels. Could it be the twins? Maybe their threat to leave her for two days had just been a malicious lie in order to frighten her? Lauren desperately wanted this to be the case - the lesser of two evils, so to speak - but her optimism was soon shattered when a voice she had never heard before today, but that was now etched indelibly on her brain, echoed around the room. And she realised that her worst nightmare had come to pass.

“Well, well, if it isn’t little Lauren. How extremely nice of you to wait here for me.”

Hazel strutted right up to where Lauren lay and turned the helpless human ball around so that she was now facing outwards into the room, although all she could see at that moment was Hazel’s  boot within an inch of her face.

“I have to say Lauren, that I love your line in bondage. The twins have certainly excelled themselves this time. I was going to add a few more bonds of my own to your rigging, but it doesn’t look like there’s too much more I could do to enhance this wonderful cornucopia of restraints.”

She paced back across the room, before turning to face her cowering captive once more.

“I thought you might like to know that the twins are - how shall I put it? – unlikely to disturb you again.  You see, as well as having a ready buyer for Amber out in Thailand, I also have another client – a Russian billionaire, as it happens – looking for a couple of young slaves to add to his collection.  He owns this dacha out in the wilds of Siberia, hundreds of miles from the nearest town. It has its own underground nuclear fallout shelter with reinforced concrete walls several feet thick ,in which he keeps his young ladies all tied and chained. Once you’re in there, you’re not getting out again. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’ve arranged for Jasmine and Jade to take a little one way trip to meet him.”

She paused for a few seconds and looked down at Lauren, trying to gauge the reaction that this news was having on the parcelled woman at her feet.

“If I’d had to overpower both twins at once, then I might have had my work cut out. But they’re so predictable... and stupid.  I knew if I simply waited until an hour or so after they’d gone home, that the chances were that one of them would have trussed the other up and saved me the trouble. So I turned up at their house under the pretence of paying them their fee for Amber. Then, all I had to do was chloroform and bind the free one, add some handcuffs, ropes and various other wrappings to the one already conveniently bound, and put them both in the boot of my car.”

Once more she began pacing the room.

“They’re back at my house now, along with Amber. You saw the way they subdued their cousin, didn’t you? Well that’s more or less the same level of bondage that I inflicted on the pair of them; done up like caterpillars in nice tight cocoons.”

She paused and looked thoughtful for a second.

“Although I guess that’s about as far as the analogy goes. When they’re finally released from their bindings, they’re not very likely to be allowed to fly off on newly formed wings. No, the only butterflies they’re likely to bear any resemblance to, are the ones you see in museums pinned and mounted in glass display cases.”

She stopped speaking, a slight smile playing at the corner of her mouth, and it was clear that she was pleased with the lepidopterous comparison.  After a few seconds, however, she resumed.

“Anyway, I’m digressing. All three of them are packed up in metal crates ready for shipment. Amber goes east on Friday, whilst the twins will be packed off in Saturday morning.” 

She came back to where Lauren lay and knelt down beside her.

“And you, my pretty one, are off to America on Monday. And the good thing is that you won’t need to pack a thing... not even your passport.”

Lauren tried to scream and beg for mercy, but it was obvious that Hazel wasn’t the type to take on board the feelings or wishes of her victims, and so she simply carried on with her monologue.

“So, all in all, not a bad couple of days work for me. Whereas originally I was going to have to settle for the mark-up between the commission I was receiving for Amber and the fee I had to pay out for her to the twins, now I’ll be getting paid for all four of you. And it will all be pure profit. They’ll be nominating me for the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award if I carry on like this!”

She gazed into space for a few seconds, obviously extremely pleased with herself.

“But I do have a slight dilemma. You see having three items of cargo in my cellar already means that I don’t have much space to accommodate a fourth. And besides, I only own three crates that are sufficiently escape-proof to hold a desperate woman in. So I’ve come up with a plan. This house is in such an out of the way spot that I don’t imagine anyone is likely to turn up here in the next few days.  So what I’ve decided to do is leave you here until it’s time for your date with destiny. I’ll bolt the door, so that even if you did miraculously escape from all those restraints, you’d still be trapped down here. I will, of course, come to visit you each day, just to make sure you’re fed and watered and not in too much discomfort. After all, I do need to protect my assets, and you’re no good to me dead.”

She walked back to the stairs, and Lauren noticed for the first time that there was a rucksack sitting on the bottom step; presumably deposited there by Hazel on her way down. She unzipped the bag and pulled something out. It was black and seemed to have straps attached to it. Lauren couldn’t immediately gauge the purpose of this item, but she guessed that its retrieval signalled that something of an unpleasant nature was about to befall her. And so it proved.

Hazel sashayed on her high heels back to where Lauren lay, wide eyed and trembling. She held out the offending article in front of her prisoner’s face, so that she was able to both see and smell that it was made from soft leather.

“This is what I call my ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ hood.  I’m sure you’ve seen the little ornamental statues and heard the old saying ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. Well when you’ve got your head enveloped in this little beauty, that’ll be how you’ll experience the world; unable to see, hear or speak any evil... or anything else for that matter.”

She began to get the contraption ready to pull over Lauren’s head.

“The twins did a very good job in binding you up all snug-as-a bug, but I just can’t resist adding this one last piece of the jigsaw.”

Although it was glaringly obvious that resistance was futile, Lauren offered a token gesture of defiance as Hazel slowly encased her head within the leather pouch. Once over her face, however, there was no going back, and Lauren felt the pressure of the fabric tighten as it was secured in position. It was clear straight away that the area around her ears was lined with foam padding, as almost immediately her hearing became muffled, and Hazel’s voice took on an indistinct and faraway quality, which made comprehension of her words difficult. She also found her vision exchanged for a pitch black void that seemed endless and all-consuming.

And to add insult to injury, there was padding around the lower part of her face, which pushed against her already gagged mouth. The one plus point in all this was that she could still breathe, which suggested that there had to be openings cut out around the nostril area of this otherwise unbroken barrier of leather . Hazel began tightening and securing the straps – firstly across her eyes, then her mouth, with the final one being wrapped under her chin to restrict the movement of her jaw.  Lauren whimpered, but it was obvious even to her that the sound she produced would carry no further than a few inches from its source.

Whilst this was going on, Hazel continued to speak, but the meaning of the majority of her words was now lost on Lauren. Her final utterance, “Goodbye Lauren, she you in about twelve hours” did seep through the dense soundproofing fabric, however, which suggested that it was spoken from within very close proximity to her head.

And then there was only silence.


Those twelve hours were the longest and most terrifying of Lauren’s young life. There was no chance of sleep overtaking her and allowing her at least some respite from the dire plight in which she found herself inescapably ensnared. Even the utilisation of the crotch-rope - on two separate occasions - did nothing to stave off the mood of deep depression that enveloped her. Unable to move, see, hear or speak, Lauren spent the vast majority of the countless hours in a state of what basically amounted to suspended animation; all hope of ever returning to her old life now lost.


So when the hint of a faint sound finally reached her ears, after being surrounded for so long in deathly silence, Lauren failed to react.  Even as the first, jaw inhibiting, strap slowly loosened, her spirits still remained at a low ebb. This could only be Hazel come back to pile more agony on her; to gloat, to tease and to generally make life even more unbearable for her – if that were possible.  The second strap was being released from across her eyes now, but Lauren’s mood still failed to lighten.

These were clearly only to be temporary measures; allowing her to take on food and liquid before being thrust back into the sightless, soundless black hell once again. The slackening of the third strap from her mouth soon followed, but the slight relief that this allowed in the movement of her facial muscles, fell short of lifting the feeling of despondency and gloom that hung over her like a relentless black cloud.

Slowly - gently even - the leather began to shift upwards over her chin, her nose and her eyes, until it finally slipped away from the top of her head, sending her hair sprawling across her face. She shook her head to clear the matted tangles from her eyes, and tried to focus on what she was almost certain would be the latex-masked face of Hazel.

But suddenly her heart fluttered with renewed hope. This couldn’t be, could it? For several seconds, as the features before her gradually came into focus, she thought she must be hallucinating. Or had she fallen asleep after all and now found herself in some wish fulfilling dream? No, she was certain that she was awake. And everything else about the cellar seemed real enough. So in that case, it must be true. Steve really had come back to save her!

And her joy knew no bounds when he smiled and began speaking; obliterating once and for all any lingering doubts about the reality of the situation.

“Hi Lauren, I’m sorry I took so long to come back.  After yesterday, something kept nagging at the back of my mind and I just had to come and make sure that you were alright. Once I’d left here, I realised that there was something in what Mistress de Sade said that just didn’t ring true. I spent a sleepless night mulling things over, and knew that I had to make this trip to check that you were okay. If I hadn’t, and something bad had happened to you, I would never have forgiven myself.”

Cautiously, so as not to rip her flesh, he began peeling the tape away from her mouth.

“The truth is I couldn’t stop thinking about you after our little shared experience.”

With the tape removed, he slipped the tights from her mouth. And it was at this point that Lauren’s emotions got the better of her. All night she’d been on the verge of hysteria, but had known that crying would do her no good, especially as keeping her nasal airways clear was vital in order to breathe.  Now, though, with her mouth no longer sealed, she was free to vent her feelings. Hence the flood of tears that rolled down her cheeks as she began sobbing uncontrollably, whilst at the same time attempting to articulate to Steve the critical nature of the situation she was in. There could be no doubt in his mind now that her desire to be away from this place was very real. Tenderly, he reached out his hand and touched her cheek.

“Hey, what’s happened?  Don’t worry, you’re safe now that I’m here. Nobody’s going to lay a finger on you now.”

The tears, coupled with the fact that her throat was dry and sore, conspired to make her attempted explanation fragmented and disjointed.  But one sentence she did manage to string together coherently was “we’ve got to get out of here, fast!”

“Okay, calm down. I need to find something to cut you out of all this tape.”


“I don’t think so, somehow. Back off... she’s not going anywhere.”

For his second visit in a row to the dungeon, Steve was caught unawares by the unexpected arrival of someone behind him. And as with the previous occasion, when he jumped to his feet and spun around, he was greeted by the sight of a woman attired from head to toe in figure hugging latex. The difference was that on this occasion, it wasn’t Amber whose image confronted him but her nemesis, Hazel.

“Who are you? Where’s Mistress de Sade?”

The woman took two steps into the centre of the room. She was dressed much as she had been when Lauren had last seen her. This time, however, instead of the riding crop as an accessory, she carried a leather whip, five or six feet in length.

“My name is Lady Hazel Paine. But more to the point, who the hell are you?”

She didn’t wait for her question to be answered.

“Mistress de Sade, as you call her, has been – how shall I put it? – otherwise detained. Her business has been liquidated and all her assets turned over to me... including her client list. If you wish to make an appointment, that can be arranged easily enough... but not right now.”

She flicked her wrist and a sudden crack of the whip sent an echo ringing around the stone chamber.  Dismissively, she added,

 “I’d like you to leave now, as I have unfinished business here... as you can see.”

Lauren was comforted to note, however, that the unexpected report from the menacing weapon didn’t seem to have intimidated Steve.

“I’m not going anywhere without Lauren. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, but I know that she’s in a great deal of distress and that she wants to get out of here.”

Hazel glared at him, her eyes filled with fury. Vocally, however, she remained calm but menacing.

“How dare you speak to me like that?  Get out now, while you still can.”

The whip cracked again, the thong on this occasion being aimed at her opponent. He, however, was agile enough to avoid its sting by stepping quickly to one side. But this also had its disadvantages as far as Lauren’s safety was concerned, which Hazel had quickly sussed out. Prior to the second crack of the whip, Steve had been standing directly in front of her prone form, guarding her against danger. But his compulsory evasive action showed Hazel that by further use of this implement of torture, she would be able to force him away from his sentry post and into a corner. 

And this she did effectively; by cracking the whip just to his left, he had to step sharply to the right in the direction of the workbench, leaving Lauren unshielded and vulnerable. Two further cracks of the whip and he was several feet away from her. But as the latest snap of leather split the air, automatically he put out his hand against the table for support. Momentarily, his fingers touched something that happened to be lying there, and for a split second he glanced down to see what it was that he had chanced upon. Almost immediately, he seemed to comprehend the nature of this strange gun-like object, and Lauren looked on as, without hesitation, he picked it up and pointed it at Hazel.

“Ah, I’ve been searching high and low for that.  So that’s where I left it.”

This was Hazel’s cool response to having the Taser – her Taser – aimed in her direction.

“Leave Lauren alone, or I swear I’ll use this on you.”

She laughed harshly.

“You? Use that? You wouldn’t know how. Now give it to me.”

Steve continued to aim at the black latex-clad figure, who took one step closer to where he stood.

“It’s not a toy. Now give it here before you get hurt.”

She held out her gloved hand; the stern expression on her face unflinching. He didn’t move, but simply stared back at her.

“Hand it over, NOW!”

She cracked the whip once more and moved another step closer towards him.


If Hazel was thinking that Steve was either unwilling or incapable of unleashing the Taser’s excruciating electrical charge, then she had made a grave error of judgement. And this ultimately proved to be her downfall.

For no sooner had the whip’s latest outburst reverberated around the underground cavern, than another short, sharp sound was heard, accompanied by a flash of something flying at lightning speed in Hazel’s direction. The electrodes hit her in the abdomen, throwing her backwards across the room with a howl of anguish, and landing her, like a ragdoll, in a crumpled heap on the floor.

As if he’d planned this whole operation, in an instant Steve had leapt into action. Grabbing a handful of ropes from the bench, he crossed the floor in seconds and was upon Hazel before she knew what had hit her. Turning her over onto her stomach, he pulled the incapacitated woman’s arms behind her back and began winding one of the ropes around her wrists. Working with an expertise that the watching Lauren guessed must have been acquired through years of practice, he cinched and tightly secured the cord.

Hardly pausing for breath, he picked up another rope and swiftly treated her ankles to a similarly well applied restraint. By now, Hazel was just beginning to recover from the initial shock and pain of the Taser’s debilitating blow. However, now bound hand and foot, and with Steve sitting astride her, she was no match for his superior strength and freedom of movement. At a more leisurely pace now, he continued in his bid to ensure that Hazel could cause no more trouble; either for himself or Lauren. 

In fascination, Lauren gazed on as he secured more ropes around the now squirming woman’s elbows and upper arms. She marvelled at his proficiency in such matters, as he bound his victim’s legs both above and below the knees, before moving upwards to secure her thighs. A thrill rushed through Lauren as she watched him manoeuvre his now helpless captive into a sitting position, in order to apply a rope harness that lashed her arms to her torso.  But as well as a sense of wonder that his prowess in all things bondage-related awakened in her, there was another emotion that also stirred within Lauren at that precise moment; envy.

For she realised, as she watched Hazel’s state of captivity pass the point of no return, that she was jealous of the fact that it was someone else, and not herself, that Steve was pampering in this way.

Not that Hazel was seeing things in this light, of course; quite the opposite, in fact. The realisation that she was now unlikely to be able to free herself didn’t stop her, once the Taser’s aftermath had finally subsided and she was able to find her voice, from unleashing a verbal tirade of threats and abuse upon her attacker.


Her rant was cut off in its prime, as a pair of rolled up tights – the same ones that had so recently dwelt within Lauren’s oral cavity – proceeded to find their way unceremoniously into Hazel’s protesting mouth. And these were soon augmented with duct tape to ensure that they couldn’t be spat out.

But still the task of ensuring that Hazel no longer posed any threat hadn’t been completed to Steve’s satisfaction. Pushing her back down onto her stomach again, he took another length of rope and attached it to her wrist bonds, before running this down to the cord at her ankles. Bending Hazel’s knees up behind her, he pulled the rope taut and wove it around the bonds on her upper arms, before returning for a second time to her ankles. Tying the final knot behind her feet, where her stretching fingers would be unable to reach, he completed the stringent hog-tie.

To supplement this, he grabbed her long plait of braided hair and pulled this back to where her feet wriggled furiously in mid air. Hazel shrieked in agony as her head was pulled sharply upwards and backwards. But her strongly worded but muffled remonstrations, in regard to what she saw as the latest in a long line of atrocities being perpetrated against her, were ignored, as he twisted the ends of her hair around her ankle bonds and knotted the strands together.

So tight was the hair-enhanced hog-tie now, that Hazel’s head and shoulders were forced away from the ground, as were her knees. For several minutes she lay on her stomach swaying backwards and forwards like a rocking horse, until she finally managed to tilt over and flop inelegantly onto her side.

“Well, Lady Hazel Pain-in–the-Arse, or whatever it is you call yourself. It looks like you bit off more than you could chew this time. Let’s see how you like being left all alone and helpless without hope of escape for a few days.”

He stood and watched for a few seconds, as she tried to attain some sort of relief from the uncomfortable predicament that she found herself in. After satisfying himself that she couldn’t get free, he turned back to Lauren.

“Sorry I’ve been ignoring you. I don’t think she’ll be bothering us anymore. Now let’s get you out of all those wrappings.”

He crossed back to the bench and searched around for something to cut her free from her cocoon. Having located a pair of scissors, he returned to her and, against a soundscape of screams and groans from the other side of the room, began to release Lauren from the tape and cling-film. Once these had been discarded, he removed the collar and untied the ropes that had held her in a tight ball for countless hours, so that she was once again able to stretch her legs and ease her aching muscles. He was just about to begin loosening the bonds that held her legs together, when she stopped him.

“You don’t need to untie me any further, I’m quite comfortable like this. Will you just carry me please?”

A huge smile lit up his face, and he bent forward and kissed her on the lips.

“I was hoping you were going to say something like that.”

With her arms still strapped in the single-sleeve mitten, her legs trussed together at the knees and ankles, and the crotch rope still in situ as a reminder of triumphs past, she found herself being lifted into his arms. Slowly, to an incessant backdrop of caterwauling from the floor below, they climbed the steps.  

“You know something, I’ve been mulling over all the things you were telling me yesterday about the twins and Mistress de Sade, and I think I could turn all that’s happened to you into quite a story. How about we go back to my place and I’ll begin recording all the trials and tribulations you’ve gone through?”

Lauren looked up at her saviour. His voice was calm and soothing, and his smile spoke of kindness and love. She couldn’t believe how  at ease she felt in his presence. And after a sleepless night, she felt her eyelids getting heavier by the second.  Her dreamily whispered “aha” confirmed her acceptance of his proposition, and she found herself snuggling up against the warmth of his body.

“Good, that’s settled then. Now let’s get out of here.”

As they reached the cellar door, he stopped momentarily and contemplated the stifled protestations coming from far below.

“Don’t worry about her. I’ll call the police anonymously in a day or two to let them know she’s here.”

And with that, he turned out the light and they exited the ruined building for the final time.


Two days later.

“...in his statement, the Chancellor said that there would need to be further cuts in public funding, in order to reach the government’s target of significantly reducing the deficit by 2020.

Suffolk police today raided a house in Ipswich, where they found three women being held prisoner in the cellar. A police spokesman said that it appeared they were victims of a global organisation known to kidnap women and sell them into slavery. This follows the discovery earlier in the day, after an anonymous tip off, of another woman bound and gagged in a ruined farmhouse ten miles away, near Woodbridge.

And now the weather. Tomorrow will start off bright and sunny with light to moderate winds, but showers will move in from the east by midday. Temperatures will remain above average for the time of year...”

The writer stopped pounding the keys of his laptop and switched the radio off. For a few seconds he gazed into space, a wry smile on his face, before turning his attention back to the screen in front of him. The room was in semi-darkness, save for the desk light and the illumination given off by the screen itself.  After a few minutes, he lay back in his chair, stretched and yawned. Standing up, he walked a few paces over to the well stocked drinks cabinet. Pouring himself a large whisky, he took a sip and crossed the room into the gathering gloom of an autumnal evening. Switching on another lamp, the room was immediately filled with light, revealing a young woman sitting on an upright chair.

The woman’s long brown hair flowed effortlessly over her shoulders and down her back. She wore a one piece black spandex cat-suit that covered her from ankle to neck. Her arms were pulled rigidly behind the back of the chair and were lashed together with ropes situated at her wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders. Many more ropes had been used to lash her body tightly and securely to the chair. Further down, her legs had been treated to similarly strict bindings, at her thighs, knees, calves and ankles. Her bound lower limbs had been pulled up as far as they could reach beneath the seat of the chair, and a rope from her ankles had been pulled taut and fastened to the wooden frame, so that even the tips of her toes could no longer touch the floor. The lower half of her face was swathed in an unbroken vista of grey duct tape.  But her smiling eyes sparkled in the light, revealing the fact that this whole situation was of her own picking; indeed that she was a perfectly willing prisoner here.

He came over to her and gently kissed her on the forehead.

“Would you like a drink?”

Tempting as the offer was, Lauren decided to forego this pleasure. The rolled up tights in her mouth had a warm, familiar feel to them by now, whilst the tape felt like a second skin on her face, and she reasoned that the removal of either or both of these would disrupt the overall feng shui of her bondage. She therefore declined his kind offer with a shake of her head.

He moved closer to her, his skin-tight spandex outfit a perfect match for her own.

“I’ve just about finished the first chapter of your story, Lauren. I thought it would be a good idea if I read it back to you now, so that you can see what you think.”

He straddled the chair and sat on her lap, but avoided putting his whole weight down on her.

“Then when we’ve finished that, we can have a bit of fun.”

Tenderly, he cupped her breasts in his hands and began massaging them with his fingers. She responded by throwing her head back, closing her eyes and purring with contentment. Over the past couple of days, Lauren had become a convert to Steve’s idea of ‘fun’, and she was keen to sample more of the same. He sighed.

“But first, I really want to get the initial chapter of this story finished and sent off for publication.”

He kissed both her eyelids and rose reluctantly from the chair. Picking up his drink, he made his way back to the laptop.

“I’ve decided to the call the story ‘Ever Increasing Bondage’, as I think that works on more than one level. Not only does it accurately sum up your physical situation throughout, but it also alludes to the way you gradually get ever more entangled and entrapped in the machinations of Amber and the twins.”

He sat down behind the screen and took a sip of the golden liquid from his glass. He savoured the taste for a second or two before continuing.

“Okay, if there’s anything I’ve missed out, or if there are any inaccuracies that you want me to alter, just let me know.”

His attention turned to the screen and he began to read:

“The notion of being tied up had always held a strange fascination for Lauren, although until now her curiosity had lain dormant within her. Now, however, when the hint of an opportunity to actually participate arose, something stirred within her and she found herself desperately hoping that she was going to be able to experience firsthand something that had so far been merely a flight into fantasy....”

Continued in Part ONE


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