Ever Increasing Bondage 8

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2015 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/fm; F+/f; captive; spandex; catsuits; latex; bond; gag; tape; encase; wrap; darlex; sack; tazer; shock; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

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Part 8

Cautiously, the figure resumed his journey into the depths of the cellar. It was obvious to Lauren, as he reached the bottom of the stairs, that he hadn’t yet seen her but had been made aware of someone’s presence by her unintentional yet stifled cry. She realised now that this part of the room where she lay, not far from the corner where Amber had been tethered, was in shadow, and that her view into the light was much clearer than his must have been peering into the darkness.  He took a few steps further until he was standing in the middle of the room, directly beneath the only source of light, and to Lauren’s surprise she noted that he was dressed from the neck downwards in tight black spandex that shimmered slightly as he moved. It was, she knew immediately, a cat-suit almost identical to her own. She gasped again and without thinking shifted her position on the floor, and these two actions combined seemed to alert the unexpected visitor to her whereabouts. Cautiously, he took a couple of steps in the direction of what must have seemed like a wriggling, murmuring bundle in the shadows.

“Hello?  Is anyone there?”

Suddenly he stopped, as the nature of the object in front of him became apparent.  He appeared startled for a few seconds then he smiled. However, unlike the last time she’d been smiled at - by Amber - this was not some devious smirk that spoke of evil intentions and punishments to come. No, his was more of a friendly greeting to a fellow traveller on bondage’s obstacle strewn highway; a show of recognition that betrayed the fact that he understood the reasons that she was here and could relate to her state of mind. In other words, he assumed she was one of Amber’s paying customers, who was here of her own volition – and probably loving every minute of it.

Slowly he approached her prone form and knelt down beside her, his spandex covered knee only inches from her shoulder.

“Hi there. I was hoping to find Mistress de Sade here, just on the off-chance that she was free at the moment. I thought maybe she could fit me in with a session now, but I see that you’ve beaten me to it.”

His eyes scanned Lauren’s body, from her toes along to her head.

“Wow, this is a great. You obviously like your bondage nice and tight, you lucky girl.”

Although Lauren knew that she should be wary of strangers, especially given the vulnerability of her situation at that moment, for some reason she found herself attracted to this uninvited guest. Maybe it was her female intuition kicking in, but she seemed to instantly recognise in him a kindred spirit; someone who she could relate to and share her feelings about all-things-bondage. Could this be – she hardly dared to allow the thought to take shape – the soul-mate that she had so recently been dreaming of finding? And as his monologue continued, her hopes seemed to grow by the second that here, indeed, was someone very much on the same wavelength as herself. 

“Sorry, I should have introduced myself properly. My name’s Steve. I write stories about bondage and suchlike, which I then get published through the internet. Most of my stories are ‘damsel in distress’ type fantasies. The reason that I utilise Mistress de Sade’s service is to get inspiration for my little tales. I love being tied up, as long as it’s a woman doing the tying. But then again, I also love the other side of things; being the rigger and tying a woman up all nice and tightly. Just like you are right now. ”

He stopped and looked into Lauren’s eyes, a worried expression suddenly haunting his face.

“Always consensually, of course. Sorry, I realise that could sound a bit scary -what with you all helpless and everything. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Lauren found herself more fascinated than fearful.  But she was in a bit of a dilemma here. At the moment he was assuming that she was tied up because she wanted to be, which was sort of semi-true. But equally she had to try to communicate the fact that she really wasn’t happy being here any longer. How did she make him understand, without the full use of her vocal chords, that she really needed to get away from here before either Amber or the twins returned?  She tried to convey this message in words, but her gag ensured that the sound emitted was a garbled jumble of grunts and squeals that bore no resemblance to anything remotely comprehensible. So, in lieu of her vocalising abilities being available to her, she furrowed her brow, shook her head  and wriggled in her bonds as frantically as she could, hoping that this would have the desired effect of soliciting his assistance in helping her escape from the dungeon.

Steve’s smile, which had been almost ever-present since he’d first laid eyes on her, now turned to a frown.

“You are here of your own freewill, aren’t you?”


“Of course she is.”

The female voice that echoed around the underground room must have startled Steve just as much as it did Lauren.  Within a second, he was on his feet and Lauren watched as he took two steps back into the centre of the room; blocking, momentarily, her view of the stairs, from where the voice had emanated. But she needed no visual confirmation to be certain of the new-comer’s identity, and as Steve moved further into the centre of the room, the unmistakable form of Amber entered her line of vision. As always, she was wearing a latex cat-suit, but unlike yesterday, this one was bright crimson in colour; making her appear, in Lauren’s eyes at least, like some sort of red devil. If anything, this outfit was even more figure hugging than her black one, if that were possible. To match this attire, her latex hood was of similar hue.  Her blonde hair, which cascaded in a plume from an opening in the hood at the top of her head, was now clean and shining again, unlike Lauren’s last sight of her. Her lipstick and eye make-up had also been reapplied, and her dark eyes were no longer red-rimmed and bloodshot. She stood at the foot of the stairs, legs slightly apart and arms akimbo. She was scowling. In fact, this was the Amber of old; the one Lauren feared and hoped she would never see again.  For several seconds the silence was deafening, before Amber spoke again.

“She’s here because she wants to be, but the question is what the hell are YOU doing here?”

Steve shuffled nervously for a brief moment then seemed to recover his composure.

“I’m sorry Mistress de Sade, but I was at a bit of a loose end and I thought that perhaps, if you were free, we could come to some arrangement for the next few hours. Also I wanted to apologise for not being able to keep our appointment last Saturday.”

On hearing this, Lauren remembered that the only reason that Amber had turned up at the twins’ house that day was because her scheduled client had cancelled. And it was that one innocuous occurrence that had in turn set in motion this whole rollercoaster ride that she’d been involved in ever since.  Her musings on this chain of events were interrupted, however, by Amber’s response.

“Never, ever turn up here again without my permission, do you understand? As you can see, I’m busy with this creature at the moment.”

She pointed at Lauren.

Steve looked sheepishly at the dominatrix, who had by now closed the gap between them and was staring sternly at him from a distance of no more than three feet.

“Yeah, sorry. It was just that I was in the area and I thought...”


Amber cut him short with her barked command, and Lauren watched in dismay as her potential saviour meekly obeyed by heading for the stairs, with Amber’s eyes following him all the way.   As he placed his foot on the bottom step, Lauren knew she had to act now before it was too late. She screamed for all she was worth, in a renewed effort to make him realise that things weren’t all as they seemed, and that she really wasn’t happy with circumstances as they stood at present. And to a certain extent, this had the desired effect, as he stopped in his tracks and looked back to where she writhed in her bonds.

“Are you sure she wants to be here? She seems to be a little bit upset about something.”

Amber already had her quick-fire response planned, however.

“If it’s any of your business, she’s fine. She enjoys role play and delights in playing the hapless heroine who gets kidnapped and kept in severe restraints. Don’t be fooled. All this “save me, I’m in peril” routine is just an act. She loves it. If she didn’t, why would she keep coming back here?”

Steve didn’t appear one hundred percent convinced by this, but seemed to decide that arguing with Amber wasn’t worth the effort. He shrugged and turned once more to leave. He had climbed only three or four steps, however, when Amber appeared to have a brainwave.

“Hold on just a minute.”

He turned and faced her, looking down from his lofty position.

“Maybe I was being a little bit hasty. Perhaps I can fit you in for a while. And besides, I could do with the extra money at the moment. What shall we say, six hours for the usual price?”

Cautiously, as if not quite sure of her motives, he slunk back down the stone steps. He looked across at the now silent Lauren, who hoped that her eyes were wide and pleading enough to express her displeasure with her continued incarceration. Amber, however, was getting impatient.

“Come on, I haven’t got all day. This is what you came here for in the first place, isn’t it?”

Steve nodded.

“Okay then, assume the position.”

Lauren watched as Steve turned around and placed his hands behind his back. Within seconds he was handcuffed.  Then, with her new prisoner still standing, ankle and knee bonds of tightly secured white rope were added. Then a gag, consisting of a rolled up pair of tights, found its way into his mouth, followed by several circuits of duct tape around his head to stop them from being removed. As she worked, Amber decided to formally introduce Lauren to her new cell-mate.

“I’m not sure how far you got with the pleasantries before I arrived, but Steve, this is Lauren. Lauren, this is Steve. Actually, now I come to think of it, you’ve got plenty of shared interests, what with your love of bondage and spandex clothing. I reckon that you’ll get on well together.”

She looked across to where Lauren sat.

“Steve’s a writer, in case he hasn’t already told you; although, by all accounts he’s not a very good one. But whereas you’re only interested in being tied up, Steve here likes both sides of the equation. In other words, he not only likes being tied up, but he enjoys doing the tying as well. Especially when it comes to sweet little females like you. Isn’t that right Steve?”

Steve confirmed that Amber spoke the truth by nodding and making a muffled sound into his gag.

Amber finished lashing Steve’s arms to his back with more ropes, before turning her attentions to Lauren. Grasping her by the shoulders, she dragged her into a standing position. Making sure that she was steady on her feet and wasn’t likely to fall, she pulled Steve towards Lauren and manoeuvred the pair ever closer, until they were face to face with no more than an inch between them.

“So what I thought I’d do, seeing as you have so much in common, is let you get better acquainted with each other for a few hours. I’m sure you’d both enjoy that.”

As she uttered these words, Lauren watched as a length of rope was looped around them collectively. Seconds later this rope tightened dramatically, forcing her breasts against the chest of her fellow prisoner. This produced a soft swishing sound as their spandex outfits brushed against each other. As Amber cinched the rope between them, the stringency of this bond increased still further, so that it was clear to Lauren that she and her co-captive would be staying in fairly intimate contact for the foreseeable future. And this rope proved to be only the first of many such restraints, as more were added further down their now combined torsos, until they were trussed together from shoulder to waist in severely cinched and knotted ligatures. But even then, Amber’s mission to make sure that every inch of their bodies remained inseparable continued, as their thighs, knees, calves and ankles all received enhancements to their existing bonds; thus ensuring that neither one of them would be going anywhere or doing anything without the other being inextricably involved.

Whilst this intricate rope work-of- art had been taking shape, Lauren’s and Steve’s eyes met on several occasions, and each time she could tell, despite the tape covering his lower face, that he was enjoying the whole experience of being lashed to her. Lauren felt embarrassed, and kept trying to avoid his gaze, but there was clearly another emotion mixed in with this. It took her a few minutes to admit this to herself, but she found being pressed snugly up against this man and unable to move away to be a rather exciting concept. She also took some comfort in the fact that, with Steve here, she was no longer alone and vulnerable in her bondage. For some reason, although he was as bound and helpless as she was, she no longer felt quite so frightened of Amber’s intentions. It was as if he were in some way protecting her, and that nothing untoward could happen while he was in attendance.

 Only once Lauren’s and Steve’s ankles had been lashed in close proximity to each other, was Amber finally content with her morning’s work. And it was at this point that she gently eased their now conjoined forms back to the floor. She strutted around the bound and gagged pair, checking that all the ropes were secure and unlikely to allow either of her prisoners to escape, her heels clicking on the echoing stone slabs as she did so.

“Well my trussed up twosome, I guess it’s time to leave you to get to know each other a bit better. I think we said six hours, didn’t we? Although you know how notoriously bad I am at time keeping. But I will return at some point. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some unfinished family business to attend to.”

And with that, Amber headed off into the outside world.


Lying side by side on the cold stone slabs, Lauren found herself once more staring directly at her partner-in-bondage.  And he in turn seemed fascinated with gazing back into her eyes. The closeness of their bodies meant that every little movement made by either one of them could be felt intimately by the other. Lauren, as well as being able to hear her own heart pounding in her chest, could also detect his, seemingly beating in harmony with hers. She felt his chest gently expand and retract as he breathed; each inhalation causing their bodies to compress even closer together.

From ankles to shoulder, the smooth yielding fabric of their identical skin-tight attire glided effortlessly against that of their bound colleague, and Lauren found this such an enjoyable phenomenon, that she began deliberately wriggling and shimmying her body against his, in an effort to heighten the pleasure. And it appeared that he found her initiative very much to his liking, as what could only be interpreted as a sigh of contentment issued forth from behind his gag. His eyes, too, were most definitely betraying an air of satisfaction. But the most obvious clue that alerted her of his fondness for her antics was the fact that, being in such close communion, she could feel his erection growing by the second, as it thrust against the tight spandex in an effort to get to her.

At that moment, she would have gladly given herself to this man who she had met less than an hour ago, such was her need for human contact, comfort, reassurance and protection after so long in solitary bondage.  She worked her hips and rubbed harder against him as she felt the excitement grow ever stronger. She giggled into her gag and nuzzled her head gently into Steve’s neck, as he groaned with what must have been a mixture of excitement and frustration. For several minutes, the bound duo writhed in an ever more frenzied attempt to get themselves off. Lauren pulled on the crotch rope and found herself almost instantly exploding into orgasm, whilst her partner rubbed himself against her abdomen with as much force as his bonds would allow, until he too reached his climax.

Lauren sighed contentedly into her gag, and buried her head into Steve’s shoulder. Although they had been unable to properly consummate their newly found kinship, she felt a wave of blissful wellbeing wash over her. And he too seemed at peace, as they lay motionless together, simply relishing their close proximity and the afterglow of their shared experience. Slowly, Lauren found herself falling asleep.


Some disturbance directly in front of her face made Lauren drowsily open her eyes. It took her a minute or so to remember where she was and who she was with, but as Steve’s initially blurred features gradually sharpened, she saw that he was moving his head slightly from side to side and working his jaw up and down. It took her a while to work out the precise reason for these actions, but as she looked on she noticed that, slowly but surely, the tape that shielded his lower face from her view was gradually coming away from his flesh.  After maybe two minutes of contorting his facial muscles in every direction possible, Lauren noticed a gap between skin and grey adhesive begin to appear just below his nose. And this gap gradually became wider, until the whole wrapping finally came away from his top lip. It took several more minutes before he was able to loosen the stubborn bonding agent sufficiently to create a chasm big enough to allow him to push with his tongue and spit the tights out, but his perseverance paid off and he triumphantly ejected the now sodden fabric onto the floor. Although the tape still adhered to his chin, Lauren marvelled at the achievement of a feat that she had thought of as impossible.

“Sorry if I woke you, but I just had this feeling that Mistress de Sade hadn’t smoothed that tape down quite as securely as she usually does. She must be slipping.”

Lauren made some noise that even she didn’t recognise as intelligible speech. He smiled playfully at her.

“Sorry, I can’t understand a word you’re saying. But I think I may be able to find a cure for that.”

He moved his mouth as close to Lauren’s face as he could. At first Lauren thought he was kissing her through the layers of sealant, but it soon became apparent that his purpose was of a far more practical nature than this. Lauren could feel his teeth working at the tape that hid her mouth, biting and gnawing at a section which he presumably saw as a weak point. Every few seconds he would briefly stop and seek reassurance that he wasn’t hurting her. Lauren would confirm each time that she was fine, and after a matter of a few minutes she heard a short sharp ripping sound, as the top layer of tape finally succumbed and came away from the mass beneath. Patiently, he stuck to his task and after about fifteen minutes he had worked all but the lower, skin bonding layer away from the area directly over her mouth.

“Try opening and shutting your mouth a few times.”

Lauren did as he requested, and to her surprise she felt the sensation of the solitary strip of tape gradually slipping away from her lips. Even then, it needed one final effort from Steve’s teeth to uncover her mouth to the extent that the rolled up tights beneath could be viewed from without. She tried to evict these from what had become an almost permanent residency within her oral cavity, but unlike Steve, she was unable to propel the defiant ball from behind her teeth. Once again, he came to her aid. Their lips touched briefly as he set to work relieving her of this final stumbling block in their desire to converse unhindered.

Gently his teeth scraped at the mesh of the wet tights, as he tried to find some purchase whilst ensuring that he didn’t push the bundle further into her mouth. After only a minute or two, however, he seemed to have grasped a portion of the material, and he began to pull the gag past her teeth and lips. Suddenly, the bundle popped out of her mouth and he swiftly shook his head to one side and sent it flying across the floor. 

Lauren gasped and took big gulps of air through her mouth for the first time in more than a day. She was glad to be rid of the vocal restrictor, not because she disliked gags as such, but due to the fact that she would now to able to more easily articulate her concerns to her bound companion; to let him know that she really did want to get away from here and that she would probably need his help to do so, as her prospects of either Amber or the twins letting her walk free seemed slim.

“Are you okay?”

His words were soft and gentle as he gazed into her eyes. Under less stressful circumstances, Lauren would have loved to have simply swapped bondage and spandex tales with this man who she had taken quite a shine to. But she wasn’t sure how long she’d slept, and the knowledge that Amber could return at any moment meant that time was of the essence, and that she had to relay her message as quickly as she could. Taking a deep breath, she began to blurt out the saga of the past four days’ events.

“Listen Steve, you’ve got to help me get away from here. What Amber told you isn’t true... well only partly. I’m not here of my own freewill... not now anyway...  although originally I was... but now, if you don’t help me I might never get out of here... especially if Amber catches up with the twins and...”

“Whoa, calm down a bit. You’re not making much sense. Who are the twins, and what have they got to do with you being here?”

Lauren realised that she needed to make sure she painted a more coherent picture of the events of the preceding days if she was to be believed. And so she began imparting the relevant circumstances that had befallen her since arriving at the twins’ house on Saturday morning. She was careful to highlight the fact that she really did enjoy being tied up to a severe degree, and that the only reason she wanted to get away from this dungeon was that the whole episode had spiralled out of control between Amber and her cousins, and that someone was going to get badly hurt, or even killed, if things escalated any further.  She finally brought him up to date with the events of yesterday evening, before ending her speech with the desperate plea “you’ve got to believe me... please help!”

It was clear that he was finding all this a bit bewildering. After all, he’d found her in the dungeon of a woman renowned for tying people up for pleasure, so the fact that she was now asking for assistance in getting away would have seemed rather odd. And then there were the seeds of the idea that Amber had planted in his mind, about how she liked to play the helpless bondagette to the full by really getting into the part and making out she was in mortal peril, when in reality she was quite content with her lot. Had she convinced him that her desire to get out of here was genuine and not just role play?


Whether he could be persuaded of her sincerity or not soon became a moot point, however. The sound of the door opening above them, followed by the clicking of those heels slowly down the stone steps, informed the bound pair of their captor’s return. Lauren gazed up as the shiny red latex of Amber’s suit hove into view.

“Well, well. Someone’s been busy while I was away. Looks like I should have made those gags a bit more secure.  She walked around the two bound and spandex-clad figures until she was standing at Lauren’s back, so that she could address her male prisoner to his face.

“I expect Lauren’s been filling your head with rubbish about how she’s being kept here against her will, hasn’t she? Well as I said before, you can’t trust a word that comes out of that cute little mouth of hers. She’s a fantasist of the highest order, and after a while she probably even begins to believe all that nonsense herself.”

With her back to Amber, Lauren couldn’t see what was happening, although she sensed that she had crouched down behind her. Seconds later, she encountered the familiar taste and texture of the still damp rolled up tights, as they were once more inserted into her mouth. Lauren squealed and tried to convey with her eyes the displeasure that she felt at this latest turn of events. But Steve was powerless to help, and seconds later the familiar sensation of tape bonding with flesh was experienced all across her lower face.

“There, all back to normal again. You love it really, don’t you sweetie?”

Lauren shook her head and looked at Steve in as pitiful a manner as she could muster, in the hope that he would perceive that she was the one telling the truth, and that their captor’s words were a pack of lies. 

Amber now turned to Steve again.

“I’m sure that you must have had something to do with getting those gags loose, and under normal circumstances you’d be punished for that. But I have other, more important matters to deal with right now. Your six hours are up.”

With that, she bent down and began untying the cords that had kept Steve and Lauren in such close contact for the past few hours. Once the two had been separated, she released his leg bonds and allowed him to get to his feet.

”Aren’t you going to let Lauren go too?”

Amber looked at him with disdain.

“It’s none of your business what I do with my other clients. If you must know, Lauren’s session isn’t up for quite some time yet.”

She turned Steve around and, reluctantly it seemed to the watching Lauren, released his hands from the manacles.

“Lauren and I have a few issues to sort out, so I’d like you to leave now.”

Steve looked down quizzically at Lauren’s bound and helpless form, as if not quite sure whether this was all just a game, or whether she really was in grave danger.  He managed a half smile and winked at her.

“I really enjoyed our time together Lauren. I hope we can do it again some time.”

Amber turned on him.

“Don’t be so absurd. You’ll never see her again. Now get out of my sight.”

She spat these words out in anger. But then, as he started towards the stairs, she added, slightly more calmly.

“And don’t turn up here again unannounced. Next time go through the proper channels – either phone or email to book an appointment.”

Lauren made one last pleading whimpering noise, to try to make him turn around and come back to her, but Amber followed him up the steps to ensure he didn’t hesitate. She was gone no more than thirty seconds or so, and when she returned she was alone.

“Now then my little angel, I hope you enjoyed your time with what’s- his- name. Consider that as a little thank you for helping me escape last night. Now we’re even, so don’t expect any more favours.”

She looked down on Lauren, as if daring her to put up some show of dissent. When none was forthcoming, she continued.

“So what are we going to do eh? I’ve searched high and low for those cousins of mine, but they’ve gone to ground at the moment. They’re obviously running scared of me, as well they should be, given what’s going to happen when I do eventually catch up with them. ”

She paced across the room, her eyes never leaving those of her trembling spandex-clad captive.

“But no matter, I can wait. Eventually they’ll come crawling out of the woodwork, and when they do I’ll be waiting for them. All I need to do is set a little trap for them. And you, my darling, will make the perfect bait to lure them in.”

She neared Lauren’s head and crouched down, the tight latex squeaking softly as she bent her knees.

“So it might be some time before you get out of here, sweetie. But I know how you love being tied up, so I’m sure you won’t have any problems with remaining here for a day or two longer.”

But as she spoke, they both heard the door creak open again. Thinking Steve must have returned, Amber shouted over her shoulder.

“I told you to go. What the hell are you still doing here?”


It was, to both Lauren and Amber, obvious straightaway that this wasn’t a male presence entering the cellar, nor a solitary visitor. As soon as she heard the familiar voice calling out from the top of the stairs, Amber stood up and her whole body tensed.

“Amber! We’re back!”

Lauren watched the image of the twins appear in her line of sight as they descended the stairs; Jade in front, Jasmine one step behind. They were dressed identically in their habitual tight black spandex cat-suits. They wore broad leather belts that had been buckled extremely tightly to constrict their already slender waists and accentuate their figures. Black boots of leather that had been polished to perfection adorned their feet and legs to just below the knee.  When they reached the flat surface of the cellar floor, they separated, with Jade taking a right turn and Jasmine slipping away to the left. Each taking up a position roughly ten feet from their cousin, they stood stock-still and gave Amber steely, hated-filled glares. Such was the focus and determination etched on their faces, that neither let their gaze waver for even a second. Their slim, lithe frames seemed to be taut like coiled springs, as if ready to pounce at any moment, should their prey try to make a run for the door. The tension in their arms was visible and their fingers twitched anxiously, as if spoiling for a fight.

“Hello Amber, this is where you finally get your just deserts. We’re here to put an end to your reign of terror... permanently. Now we can either do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

But if they were thinking that Amber was going to be in any way fazed or intimidated by their threats or demeanour, they would be sorely disappointed. Amber looked from Jade to Jasmine, then back to Jade again and snorted with contempt.

“You two? What exactly do you think you’re going to do? Overpower me? You got lucky last time when Dave did most of the dirty work for you. But now?”

She took a step towards Lauren, but kept her eyes on the twins, just in case either of them decided to make a move towards her.

“Just because it’s two against one, you think that you can take me on and tie me up again? You’ve no chance. Come on then, let’s see what you’re made of.”


“Make that three against one.”

It was obvious that this latest contribution to the standoff was uttered by a woman, although Lauren realised instantly that this voice originated from neither of the twins’ mouths. Nor did it emanate from close at hand, but seemed instead to have its genesis somewhere in the vicinity of the top of the stairs. Her eyes strained into the gloom to see who this new arrival could be, as slowly a figure made its way downwards, the click of her high heels seeming to fill the void left by the absence of speech. Lauren’s gaze fell upon a woman that she had never seen before, although her clothes were all too familiar. For this latest visitor wore an outfit not dissimilar to that favoured by Amber, although hers was entirely in black. Like Amber, she wore a hood over her head from which sprouted a ribbon of jet black plaited hair that seemed to reach nearly down to her waist. Piercing blue eyes blazed from the two eye holes in the hood. She wore elbow length latex gloves and in one hand she carried a riding crop of patent black leather. Lauren also noticed that two sets of handcuffs hung from her belt, alongside a holster-like pocket that held another contraption, the nature of which was at present unclear.

The newcomer slowly approached the centre of the room, until she was no more than six feet from where Amber stood. She had a sly, not particularly welcoming smile on her face. For some reason, Lauren found herself cowering away from this latest addition to the gathering. She had, she realised, taken an instant dislike to this female. Maybe it was because, in so many ways, she seemed similar to Amber.  And it was the latter that finally shattered the uneasy silence.

“Lady Hazel Paine. What a very unpleasant surprise. You’ve got one hell of a nerve just brazenly walking into my domain like you own the place. Get out, before I throw you out.”

The woman now identified as Hazel took another step forward and stared at Amber with menacing authority.

“Your domain? Once, maybe, but not for much longer.  You see, your cousins here called me last night. Said they had a problem that needed fixing and wondered if I could help. When I heard the nature of the assignment, I told them I’d be only too delighted to assist in getting rid of the cause of their irritation.”

She took the riding crop in her right hand and whacked it against the gloved palm of her left, sending a sharp cracking sound echoing throughout the stone chamber.

“And as I’m sure you’re now aware Mistress de Sade - or whatever you’re calling yourself these days - that problem is YOU!”

Immediately, Amber went into defensive mode; feet apart, knees slightly bent, her open palmed hands held out in front of her, martial arts style. However, she had made the fatal error of thinking that Hazel’s weapon of choice was to be the crop. Instead, her adversary reached for and instantly withdrew the item in the holster, and in an instant Lauren was enlightened as to the nature of the mystery object. A Taser! She’d seen a programme on TV only a few weeks ago explaining how they worked. But this was her first ever sighting of the real thing, and it was only feet away from her. And more importantly, it was being aimed directly at Amber.   

Whether or not Amber had grasped the significance of the strange gun-like object being pointed at her, it was impossible to know. But she made the fatal mistake of picking that precise second to lunge at her opponent. There was loud snap, then a brief swishing sound as Hazel activated the device, and for a split second something flashed across Lauren’s line of vision in the direction of its intended target. Being at such close range, the two small dart-like electrodes hit Amber in the upper body almost instantaneously; the resulting electric shock sending her flying backwards and dropping her to the floor around ten feet from Lauren’s helpless form.

For a few seconds Amber lay lifelessly on the stone floor, groaning in agony from the voltage that had coursed through every fibre of her being.  This was the cue for the twins to spring into action. With handcuffs at the ready, they quickly released the Taser’s barbs from where they’d become lodged in the breast region of the red latex costume. Working in tandem, like a well oiled machine, they rolled the dazed and groggy woman onto her stomach, pulled her hands up behind her and snapped the bracelets down upon her wrists.

Still reeling from the shockwaves that had temporarily debilitated her, Amber was powerless to resist as Jade began wrapping ropes around her lower limbs, whilst her sister concentrated on the upper part of their stunned prey’s anatomy.  Within a minute or two, Amber’s legs were bound tightly and securely to each other from thigh to ankle, and her elbows and upper torso were encircled in a multiple criss-cross pattern of cords that pressed deeply into the latex of her garment, forcing her breasts outwards in the process.

It took a few minutes for her to compose herself sufficiently to find her voice, but as soon as she did, Jasmine put a stop to any form of coherent protestation by ramming a pair of rolled up tights into her mouth and sealing the deal with several circuits of elephant-grey duct tape around her head.  Lauren could only watch, as Amber, who had been free from her last period of captivity for less than twenty four hours, found herself being once more treated to the twins’ over-zealous binding techniques.

Whilst all this had been taking place, Hazel had taken a leisurely stroll across the room, reloaded the Taser with a new cartridge – presumably in case another shock was necessary - and had placed it absentmindedly down on Amber’s workbench. The reverse journey was taken at a similarly relaxed pace, until she was standing a short distance from the binding exhibition that was going on before her.

“At last Mistress de Sade, I’ve got you exactly where I want you. For all these years I’ve watched as you stole my customers and did everything within your powers to undermine my business. Well those days are now well and truly in the past. As you may or may not know, as well as my usual BDSM services, I occasionally dabble in the sex-slave trade.  I’ve built up quite a few contacts and business partners all around the world, and I’ve supplied slavegirls to more than twenty different countries. It’s quite a lucrative business, I can tell you. ”

As she began to comprehend where this line of monologue was leading, Amber tried to kick out at the twins and started screaming as loudly as she’d ever done. But by this stage her bonds were unbreakable, and her gag reduced her decibel level to nothing more than a shrill whisper.

Hazel took a step closer to her old adversary and continued.

“So I expect you’re wondering what exotic part of the world your one-way ticket is booked for, aren’t you?  Well your CV is the perfect match for a buyer I know who’s in the market for a feisty bitch just like you, so you’re going to be shipped off to the Far East.... and by that I don’t mean Lowestoft.”

By now Jasmine and Jade had finished roping Amber up to their satisfaction and had retreated to the sidelines, where they awaited Hazel’s instructions. Amber took this as her cue to begin thrashing wildly in her bonds, which made Hazel laugh. It wasn’t the kind of jovial laugh that spoke of shared amusement between friends, but more the spiteful evil chuckle of one who has got the better of their arch-enemy and can now pile misery upon misery onto their hapless victim. From somewhere she produced her phone and began filming the writhing and bucking woman at her feet.

“Keep it up Amber. My client – your new owner – likes to see his slaves struggling.”

For about three minutes she continued to film, until Amber seemed to realise that no amount of wriggling and contorting was going to get her free. 

“Excellent. That should be a good enough audition to get you accepted into my client’s harem.”

She turned once more to the twins and gestured towards their stricken cousin.

“Go on girls, you might as well have a bit of fun with her one last time. I know you’re itching to add to those bonds and make her even more helpless than she is already.”

Jade and Jasmine needed no more prompting, and immediately set about treating Amber to their multi –layered mummification routine.  The first layer, it soon transpired, was to be encasement in several pairs of black tights. Hazel, meanwhile, was once more keeping her distance from the creation of this bondage masterpiece; standing aloof and detached as the twins became more and more engrossed in their labour of love. Almost by accident, it seemed, she caught sight of Lauren watching the unfolding drama. She came across to where the stricken woman lay and addressed her for the first time.

“My apologies for ignoring you darling, but as you can see we’ve been rather busy. It’s Lauren isn’t it? The twins have told me all about you. How you absolutely love being kept tied up for days on end. And now I can see that those tales were all true.”

She looked up briefly, distracted by the twins, who had completed sheathing Amber in the black hosiery and were just beginning the process of wrapping her from head to toe in swathes of cling-film.  Her attention was diverted for only a few seconds, however, before she once more concentrated on Lauren.

“I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself properly. I’m known as Lady Hazel Paine. As you probably already gathered, Amber and I go back a long way. We’ve been rivals in the B&D business for years now; always trying to get the better of each other. We were friends once, but then the devious bitch double-crossed me and stole some of my punters away with her lies and deception. Seems she was jealous and thought she could monopolise the scene. Well she got more than she bargained for when she made an enemy of me.  Since then we’ve been at each other’s throats continually. I’ve always known that, with her out of the way, I could clean up on the BDSM scene around here, but I’ve never had the chance to finally put her out of business... until now. So when the twins rang me and said they wanted their cousin liquidated, I was only too pleased to be able to offer my support.”

She once more looked up to check on how the twins were doing. The roll of cling-film had been used up by now, and was being supplemented with circuit after circuit of duct tape that was gradually wending its way from Amber’s already securely wrapped shoulders to her tightly parcelled feet.

Once more her gaze strayed back to Lauren. This time, she looked her up and down, surveying her bondage and taking in the spandex outfit. She reached out and placed her hand on Lauren’s thigh and began gently stroking her leg.

“You know something? There are a lot of people out there who’d pay a great deal of money for someone like you. There’s a guy out in Arizona who lives in a big, remote ranch, way out in the desert. He’s got a whole team of ponygirls all roped, tied and at his command out there, and I’m sure he’d welcome a lovely young thing like you into his stables.”

Lauren squirmed as this information reached her ears. Although she loved her bondage, the thought of being sold into a life of servitude halfway around the world was a step too far. Very occasionally, she liked to be free to go for long walks on the beautiful Suffolk coast, or through the picturesque wool towns of Constable Country; to feel the wind in her hair and the sun on her skin; to meet with friends and go out clubbing; to relax by the fireside with a good book; to watch ‘EastEnders’ on television; to go to Portman Road to cheer on the ‘Tractor Boys’.  Yes, bondage was her main passion in life, but it had to be interspersed with periods of freedom to allow her to enjoy a well rounded lifestyle. What Hazel was suggesting seemed to preclude any of these other activities.

Hazel, however, seemed rather taken with her idea. She turned back to the twins.

“Hey girls, how much do you want for this one? There’s a huge market for submissives out there. In fact, you’ll get a far better deal for a sweet, compliant thing like her want you will for that bitch.”

She pointed at Amber, whose red cat-suit was by now completely invisible beneath several layers of expertly applied tape. Jade had hold of Amber’s feet now, and Jasmine was busy feeding them into a darlex sheath that appeared much too small to fit her. However, Lauren watched as the yielding fabric stretched and then contracted around the contours of her figure, as her immersion within the tight fitting sack continued apace.

“Sorry Hazel, Lauren’s not for sale.”

Hazel wasn’t going to give up that easily, however.

“Come on girls. Everyone has their price.”

She stood up from her crouching position and walked slowly over to where Amber’s shoulders were just disappearing inside the sleep-sack.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you double the fee that I’m paying for this bitch here.”

With her riding crop she gestured at Amber, whose head had just been enclosed in the form hugging fabric. Jasmine pulled the zipper closed and looked across at her sister, and Lauren felt she could almost see the ‘£’ signs flash in their eyes.

“What do you think Jade?”

“Tempting isn’t it? After all, she did betray us yesterday.”

Lauren’s fear ratcheted up a notch as the twins appeared to be wavering. But she needn’t have worried, as suddenly Jasmine seemed to come to her senses.

“But no, we can’t. Despite her disloyalty, she’s still our friend.”

“And besides” continued Jade “she needs to be punished for her crime, and we’re going to have a lot of fun teaching her a lesson. So sorry, she’s staying here with us.”

Hazel shrugged and held up her hands in resignation.

“Okay, if that’s how you feel. But you’ve got my phone number if you change your minds in the next few days.”

As they had been speaking, broad leather belts were being applied around Amber’s ankles, knees, thighs, waist and breasts. Each was buckled according to the twins’ standard ‘zero tolerance’ escape policy, causing an extremely muffled groan of anguish to emanate from somewhere within the still writhing package. A studded leather collar was also affixed around the victim’s neck.

“Right, I think that little lot should hold her for a while. She’s all yours Hazel.”

The dominatrix smiled and knelt down beside the parcelled woman. She ran her hand over Amber’s breasts, and continued downwards over her stomach to her crotch, then onwards to her thighs.

“Well Amber. It’s time to say goodbye to your friends and family once and for all. I’ve got a nice strong metal crate back at my place which will serve as a holding pen for the next couple of days, before you’re shipped out to your new home on Friday.”

A long, drawn out, mournful cry could be heard from somewhere within the layered cocoon. Amber was still trying to fight her way out, but it was clear from the rather feeble movement of the outer darlex layer, that she was barely capable of moving a muscle.

“Thanks girls, you’ve done a great job there. I call this a win-win situation. We’ve put a stop to your cousin terrorising you, and I get rid of my main business competitor. In other words, we’ve both done away with a major annoyance in our lives. So everyone’s happy... except Amber of course. Now if you’ll just help me get her upstairs to my car...”

Once more, the twins swung into action. With Jade grabbing her cousin’s mummified shoulders, Jasmine lifted her feet, and the two of them slowly transported their human cargo across the floor towards the exit. Hazel followed on in their wake. As the twins neared the top of the stairs, Jade called back down to Lauren.

“We’ll be back in a minute Lauren. We’ve still got a few bones to pick with you.”

The twins disappeared from Lauren’s view, and she was expecting the latex clad figure of Lady Hazel Paine to follow directly afterwards. But instead she stopped in the doorway.

“You go ahead girls and put her into the boot of my car. I’ve left something downstairs. I won’t be a minute.”

Hazel hesitated a few seconds, making sure that the twins were clear of the building, before making her way cautiously down again on her high heels. Lauren had assumed that the item she’d been intent on retrieving was the Taser, but this seemed to have been forgotten about. Instead, she made a beeline for the bound woman on the floor. Kneeling down beside her, a hint of a mischievous smile played at the corners of her mouth. She turned to make certain that the twins weren’t within earshot, before whispering.

“Just as soon as I’ve sorted those three out, I’ll be back for you. I’m afraid your old life is over. You’re going to be taking a little trip abroad very shortly...”

She stood up, turned her back and started her reverse journey out of the cellar. As she reached the foot of the stairs, she turned her head and their eyes met briefly. Lauren shivered. There was definitely something evil about this woman.

“...and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


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