Ever Increasing Bondage 6

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2015 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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Part 6

Lauren sighed contentedly and curled up under the duvet. The warm bedding she’d been snuggled up in for the past few hours was in stark contrast to her experience of the night before, and she was grateful for the sense of security and wellbeing that she could now savour.  It was still dark outside, although the first signs that daybreak was imminent could be seen peeping through the gaps between the curtains. Her vision, however, as she gazed out into the twilight of the bedroom, was not as sharp as it would have been under normal circumstances.

Lauren rolled awkwardly onto her side and stared at the alarm clock on the bedside table. The green light from the digital display showed 6:41 am. She doubted that the twins would be in to see her for at least another couple of hours. A soft swishing sound accompanied the attempt to stretch her legs, as the mesh of the tights she was encased in brushed across the sheets and duvet cover. Apart from this, and the sound of her light breathing, the house remained in total silence.


Having left Amber’s lair the previous afternoon, the twins had bundled the handcuffed and gagged Lauren into the boot of their cousin’s car and driven back to their parents’ house, situated deep in the Suffolk countryside.  With their father and mother away for the foreseeable future, Jasmine and Jade had the run of the rambling old building, and had taken full advantage of this by planning what could only be described as a marathon bondage session; with Lauren the ‘victim’ of their expertise with all things restraint orientated.

Not that the submissive Lauren had any complaints about the ongoing situation. Ever since being introduced to the fine art of bondage earlier that year, her previously latent interest in the subject had exploded into a full-blown obsession, from which she had no wish to escape – either metaphorically or physically. Being bound and helpless was, she had come to understand, her natural state. Every waking hour, it seemed – whether she was at home, at work, or out with friends – she would find herself daydreaming about the next time she would be able to experience that indescribably exquisite sensation of being unable to move; whether this was achieved through her frequent self-bondage sessions or – better still – at the hands of her friends Jade and Jasmine.

After the ordeals of the past two days, the twins had, Lauren felt, gone rather easy on her that Sunday night. Having allowed her to remove the latex cat-suit that she’d been wearing, they’d tied her – naked - to an upright chair with ropes and spoon-fed her, before once more stuffing her mouth with rolled up tights and taping the lower half of her face and head. The rest of the evening had been spent tightly trussed up to that chair in front of the television, whilst the twins lazed in armchairs and made plans for the following day. It was a good job that she’d taken a few days off work this week, Lauren mused, because the nature of some of those plans suggested that she wouldn’t be doing very much at all of her own freewill in the near future.  

At around about midnight, the twins had decided that it was bedtime. Releasing Lauren from the ropes that had restrained her all evening, they’d led her up to the guest bedroom and made sure that she was snug and secure for the night. The final rope was then removed from her wrists, but had been immediately replaced by several circuits of grey duct tape that stuck to her flesh and held her hands, palm to palm, behind her back. Further tape had been used higher up her arms to keep her elbows as close to each other as possible; which for the supple and pliable young Lauren, meant that they almost touched. Her legs too had succumbed to the effect of multiple layers of tightly wound tape; at the ankles and both just below and just above the knees.

Then the cocooning process had commenced, utilising three pairs of black tights. One leg of the first pair of the silky soft hosiery had been eased and stretched over Lauren’s already inseparable legs and pulled up to her waist; with the other, redundant leg being allowed to hang, for the time being, like a tail behind her. The first leg of the second pair was then used to sheath her arms up to her shoulders, before the second leg was pulled over her head and forced past her breasts and down as far as it would stretch; almost, but not quite, meeting with the waistband of the first pair.

But that wasn’t the end of the binding process. More tape was now affixed to Lauren’s limbs, mirroring precisely the position of the now obscured first layers around her wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. This was supplemented by further circuits being wrapped around her torso, at waist level and both above and below her breasts, incorporating her arms within its adhesive caress and effectively lashing the latter to her body.  Her gag was also enhanced with a further circuit or two of tape.

Finally, the third pair of tights had been coaxed down over her already mesh-covered hair and pulled down past her neck, over her shoulders and down to her waist. Jasmine then took the spare leg of this pair and wrapped it around Lauren’s body as tightly as the pliable fabric would allow. She did likewise with the ‘tail’ from the first pair of tights, before fastening the two extremities together with a tight knot; thus neatly tidying up the loose ends. 

The twins then gently urged their now completely encased friend to lie down on the bed, before throwing the duvet over her.

“Goodnight Lauren. I’m sure you’ll be nice and comfortable for a few hours. See you in the morning.”

The light being extinguished and the closure of the door plunged Lauren into darkness and silence.


Lauren laid there in her warm cocoon, half asleep and half awake in the semi-light of dawn, waiting on the return of the twins. She stretched out and noted, with some delight, that the tape – both that adhering to her skin and also that affixed over the tights – had held firm during her slumbers. There was, she knew, absolutely no way she could escape, which was exactly as she wanted it.  There was only one niggling thought that kept her from being totally contented with life right at this moment; one thing that, try as she might, she just couldn’t quite banish from her mind. And that was the fate of Amber.

Amber had caused her much anguish and distress in the past. It was Amber who had kidnapped her and held her prisoner in her dungeon before Lauren even knew that she was the twins’ cousin.  It was Amber who, two days ago, had bundled the trussed up trio of Jade, Jasmine and Lauren into the boot of her car, before staging a mock car-jacking which had culminated in the helpless girls being buried up to their necks on a rapidly vanishing beach. It was Amber who, yesterday, had taken Lauren and the twins back to her dungeon, with the view to keeping them imprisoned there for... well, who knows how long? And it was Amber who, it seemed, had a crush on Lauren, and had, without ever being explicit, hinted that she would like some sort of sexual relationship. Lauren didn’t mind the bondage, of course, but she baulked at the thought of anything further happening between them. She had only ever had sexual fantasies that concerned the male of the species, and had never had the slightest interest in other members of her own gender. So why was she feeling sympathy for Amber now?

Having double-crossed Dave, the leader of the gang that had staged the fake kidnapping, he had taken his revenge on the dominatrix; overpowering her, handcuffing and gagging her, then hoisting her up with a chain attached to her ankles, so that she was left swinging helplessly upside down from the ceiling. And just to add insult to injury, this had all taken place in Amber’s own dungeon, utilising her own handcuffs and other bondage equipment.  Then he’d simply left her there. Not wanting Lauren and the twins to tamper with his handiwork, he’d decided to leave them in their bound state also, just in case they took pity on Amber and decided to let her loose.

But of course, with Jasmine and Jade, there was absolutely no chance of that happening.

The twins – once they’d managed to escape their own bonds – had shown their cousin no mercy, by increasing her bonds, blindfolding her and leaving her locked in the confines of her isolated domain for the night.  Lauren had been led from the cellar with Amber’s pathetic cries ringing in her ears; the sound not of the cruel, heartless woman that was her usual persona, but instead the pleading whine of a little girl desperate not to be abandoned and incarcerated in her own underground tomb.

Yes, Lauren had to admit that she was worried about Amber. Unlike herself, Amber wasn’t used to being tied up and kept that way for hours on end. How would she cope with being chained and taped up all night, swinging upside down with no hope whatsoever of either escaping or being found and rescued? Although Lauren loved being tied up, she also had firsthand knowledge of just how frightening it could be if things got out of control. She only had to think back to the time when the twins had sealed her in a coffin and interred her in the ground, or far more recently when she’d been buried up to her neck in sand with the sea fast approaching, to realise how the uncertainty of a situation could be a most terrifying experience.

She had a pretty good idea of how Amber, who had no control over her own destiny, must be feeling right now. It was somewhere in the region of sixteen hours since she’d been left to swing helplessly in her subterranean den, with the prospect of an even longer stretch still ahead of her.

She deserved it. That’s what the twins had told Lauren when she’d tried to communicate her unease over the plan to leave their cousin overnight.

“And after all that she’s put us through, you should be thinking the same way.”  This was how Jade had put it to Lauren.

And she was probably right. But even so, Lauren just couldn’t seem to find it within herself to be so cruel and heartless.  And now, being so comfortably bound under a nice warm duvet, brought home to Lauren the contrast between her situation and that of her former adversary. She would, she decided, try to get the twins to go easy on their cousin. It would be an extremely daunting task, as both Jasmine and Jade, once they’d set their sights on something, especially in anything pertaining to bondage, were single minded and stubborn, and would be unlikely to give in easily. However, Lauren’s conscience dictated that she simply had to try to convince them to show Amber some compassion.


Having dozed off again, Lauren woke suddenly at the sound of the bedroom door opening. Even through the mesh of two pairs of tights, she could tell that it was much lighter now, and when she glanced at the clock, the display indicated that it was 8:56 am. Only one of the twins stood before her, and with her vision impaired, it was impossible for Lauren to see the eye colour of the raven-haired young woman who stood by the bedside, which made her unidentifiable until she spoke.

“Jasmine’s in the process of trying to solve a knotty problem just at the moment.” 

Jade announced, answering the question which she must have known would be on Lauren’s lips, if she had been capable of coherent speech.  It was clearly just a way of saying that she’d tied her sister up.

Pulling the covers off the bed, Jade helped Lauren sit up.

“We originally looked in on you an hour or so ago, but you looked so peaceful and contented, that we decided to let you sleep for a while. We would have left you longer, but Jasmine and I have got a few things to sort out this morning, and we thought you might like to come along with us. It’s going to be fun.”

This, Lauren guessed, referred to the ongoing situation with Amber.

“But first” Jade continued “we’d better get you fed, watered and suitably attired.”

She eased Lauren’s legs over the edge of the bed and pulled her up into a standing position, before guiding her still helpless friend towards the bedroom door. Lauren’s limbs were stiff after being taped up so tightly for nearly nine hours, and the abnormal effort needed to hop across the floor, allied to the fact that her mouth was sealed and she was therefore forced to breathe through her nose alone, conspired to make her breathless very quickly. With Jade ensuring that she didn’t fall and hurt herself, however, they had soon traversed the length of the landing and descended the stairs. Once the ground floor was reached, Jade steered her nylon clad friend in the direction of the kitchen.

As they entered the room, Lauren’s attention was immediately caught by a shape writhing around on the floor on the far side of the room. Even through the mesh of the tights, it became obvious, as Jade urged Lauren closer, that this squirming object was Jasmine, and that she was in the process of freeing her hands from ropes which had – until very recently – held them in strict bondage behind her back. As soon as her hands were free, Jasmine unbuckled the huge ball-gag that Jade had forced into her mouth. She smiled.

“Hi Lauren, hope you got a good night’s sleep.”

She looked at the clock on the wall, then at her sister.

“Twenty minutes. That’s all it took me to get free. You really are slipping Jade. Next time you need to make sure those ropes are a lot tighter.”

She quickly untied the tight cords around her ankles and knees, before getting to her feet. Both she and her sister were dressed identically in figure hugging shiny black spandex cat-suits, and Lauren couldn’t help noticing a similar garment draped over the radiator. This, she guessed, was her own cat-suit that the twins had very kindly washed for her and left to dry overnight.

“Sit down Lauren, and we’ll get you some breakfast.”

Awkwardly, Lauren jumped to within a few inches of one of the chairs that were strewn haphazardly around the kitchen table.  As soon as she was seated, Jasmine began to work the outer pair of tights up over Lauren’s breasts, shoulders and head. She then began to peel the first layers of tape away from her face, arms and body, although the bindings around her legs remained untouched.  Next, the second pair of tights was stripped from her torso, face and arms, leaving the upper half of her anatomy bond free, except for the first layer of tape at her wrists and elbows. The final gagging tape had then been carefully peeled from her face, allowing her, with a little help from Jasmine, to spit the rolled up tights out.  

Lauren was under no illusion that she was being released from her bonds in their entirety, of course, and so it proved, as one set of bonds was swiftly replaced with another. These took the form of several lengths of rope that Jasmine, with an expertise honed from years of practice,  utilised to secure her friend to the chair; creating a strict harness that would, Lauren was in no doubt, keep her  and the sturdy piece of wooden furniture in inseparably close proximity for the foreseeable future.

Whilst this was going on, Jade, had been preparing breakfast for all three of them. The fare of steaming hot porridge followed by warm buttered toast with marmalade – fed to her by each twin in turn – was most welcome, and made Lauren realise that she’d eaten very little in the past forty eight hours. All this was washed down with a refreshing mug of tea.


With breakfast over, Jasmine and Jade released Lauren from the chair-tie, before helping her upstairs and into the bathroom. There they released the tape from her wrists and handed over the cat-suit, which was still warm to the touch from being on the radiator.

“Get yourself washed and dressed, then we’ll be back to get you ready for our little trip.”

Lauren stripped the first layer of tape from her legs, rid herself of the final sheath of the tights, and then gingerly removed the tape that had bonded to her skin around her ankles and knees. Now completely free of all bondage, she exercised her stiff limbs, before taking a leisurely wash. The last vestiges of the warmth from the radiator were still apparent as she slowly sheathed her legs in the tight spandex outfit; an activity that never failed to excite her, as the clinging fabric glided across her smooth flesh. For a minute or two, she admired her slim, svelte image in the mirror, before the door opening broke her reverie. Lauren noticed instantly that both Jade and Jasmine carried items that were, she knew at once, about to be used to bind her again. And this realisation was enough to send a shiver of anticipation through her. Without being asked, she turned her back on her friends, placed her hands in the required position behind her back and waited for the familiar feel of the soft white rope to caress her wrists once again. Within seconds this task had been completed and she was once more the twins’ prisoner. Her period of freedom had lasted no more than fifteen minutes.

“Right Lauren, let’s get you gagged and ready for our visit to see Amber.”

Jasmine held the rolled up tights towards Lauren’s mouth, expecting that the latter would be as compliant with the mouth filler as she had been with the wrist restraint. Lauren, although she had no problem with the gag – indeed was quite looking forward to once again being silenced – had decided that now was the last opportunity that she would have to coherently air her thoughts on the matter of Amber’s continuing incarceration. Instead of opening her mouth to accept the gag, she recoiled slightly.

“Look, about Amber. I really don’t think that you should keep her like that indefinitely. I know she hasn’t exactly treated us very well, but....”

That was as far as she got with her speech, however, and with hindsight it occurred to her that Jasmine and Jade had almost been expecting some sort of dissent, and had a contingency plan ready for just such an eventuality. Whilst Jade grabbed her by the shoulders and held her steady, Jasmine forcibly inserted the ball of fabric into her mouth. As soon as this part of the operation had been successfully carried out, Jade, who already had the tape in her hand, hurriedly began wrapping the grey adhesive around Lauren’s head, so that within no more than thirty seconds of her plea on Amber’s behalf commencing, it had well and truly been stifled.

Jade turned to her sister.

“You know something Jas, I think Lauren must actually have begun to believe all that bullshit that Amber’s been spouting about how special she is to her.”

Jasmine laughed contemptuously and looked Lauren in the eyes.

“Do you honestly think that Amber has any feelings for you? Do you really believe that she cares about you?  How naive are you Lauren?”

“There’s only one person that Amber cares about” Jade chimed in “and that’s herself. All that crap about how you’re her favourite is just her playing mind games with you. She has dozens of people paying for her services, both male and female, and I know for a fact that she says exactly the same to all of them. So don’t believe for a second that she’s in love with you, or she wants some kind of relationship, because it’s all a complete sham.”

“And even if she did have a crush on you” continued Jasmine “how long do you think it would last, eh?  Amber doesn’t do long term relationships with anyone. She’d soon get bored and dump you when someone else caught her eye. Sorry to disillusion you Lauren, but you’re nothing to her.”

“You know what Jas? I think poor little Lauren here may have become smitten with our dear cousin.”

They both giggled at this notion.

Lauren tried to convey the message that this wasn’t the case, and that her reasoning for wanting to alleviate Amber’s suffering was based on altruism not affection, but her words came out as unrecognisable gibberish.

Jasmine sighed, took hold of Lauren’s arm and began to guide her towards the door.

 “Anyway Lauren, whether you like it or not, Amber’s going to stay tied up for the foreseeable future, and we’re going to get a lot of enjoyment from seeing her humiliated.”

“And you’re going to get to watch the fun unfolding.” Jade interjected. Then she looked at her sister, as if she’d suddenly had a brainwave.

“You know what Jas? Maybe Lauren would like to be part of the entertainment.”

A knowing smile lit up Jasmine’s face. It often seemed to Lauren that Jasmine and Jade were in telepathic communication with each other – as identical twins are often assumed to be -  and it appeared that now, even without anything specific being uttered, they had both had the same idea simultaneously.

“I think you’re right Jade. It looks like this day is going to be even better than we first thought.”


In contrast to the day before, Monday morning had turned out dull, overcast and much cooler, with the prospect of rain being hinted at by the bank of dark grey clouds on the horizon that seemed to merge with the bleak autumn fields.  Before leaving the house, Jade had slipped Lauren’s feet into her ankle boots then secured a black leather collar and chain around her neck. Amber’s car stood outside in the driveway, but to her surprise, Lauren found herself being led past this in the direction of the large double garage which stood separate from the main house, across the courtyard to the left. Jasmine had gone ahead and the heavy sliding doors had already been opened, revealing just one vehicle within; the twins’ parents’ 4x4 Land Rover complete with bull bar on the front and rooftop luggage rack. Lauren noticed that, lashed to the latter was a roll of old carpet, although the significance of this was not to become obvious until later in the day. As Jade and Lauren approached, Jasmine was in the process of manoeuvring the vehicle out into the driveway.

Jumping out, Jasmine reached the rear door of the car just as Jade arrived with her captive. With the door opened, Lauren was made to sit on the edge while first her ankles, then her knees were securely bound with ropes. This was followed by her immersion inside the darlex sleep-sack that she’d come to know and love on her previous bondage adventures. As was now customary, this was then supplemented with straps that were pulled tightly around her and securely buckled at various points from shoulder to ankle.

But these weren’t the only straps that were to be utilised to secure Lauren for the duration of the journey. She had noticed that several straps were hanging loosely from the panel that divided the luggage compartment from the seating area beyond, as well as from either side of the interior into which she was now being manoeuvred. Being made to lie flat against the partition, she could only watch as Jade and Jasmine employed these straps - normally used to prevent luggage and other transported goods from being buffeted about during transportation - to fasten her sheathed body and limbs firmly and securely into place. Lastly, a scarf blindfold was applied, before the sound of the Land Rover’s rear door slamming shut was shortly followed by the revving up of the engine and the sensation of motion.

Lauren tested the efficiency of the straps that held her rigidly in place, finding that rolling forward even a fraction of an inch was not an option open to her. This was, she was soon to discover, a blessing, as the narrow winding lanes with their numerous potholes would, if she hadn’t been so tightly fastened to the perimeter walls of her mobile prison, have seen her being flung around the enclosed space with great regularity. Some of the driving seemed a bit erratic too; a circumstance, Lauren guessed, born of the fact that whichever twin was driving would probably be unfamiliar with their parents’ vehicle.

Mercifully, as Lauren by now knew, the journey to Amber’s hideout wasn’t too far, and soon the Land Rover had slowed down as it negotiated the uneven track that led to the once grand but now abandoned mansion that Amber had commandeered as her bondage headquarters.

No sooner had the vehicle come to a halt, than the sound of footsteps outside was quickly succeeded by that of the door opening.  Immediately, two pairs of hands were at work, loosening the straps that had helped keep her from sustaining any serious injury during the rough passage through rural Suffolk.   Lifting their helpless victim out of the car, the twins quickly removed the blindfold, extricated Lauren from the straps and skin-tight darlex sheath, and untied her legs so she was able to walk. Grabbing the chain that still hung from her neck, they urged her towards the semi-ruined building at a rapid pace, and at that moment it occurred to Lauren that the twins seemed to be in a hurry; anxious, she surmised, to get inside and inflict further torment on their unfortunate cousin.

Making their way into the dark house, they soon arrived at the cellar door. No one had spoken since their arrival, and when Jasmine did now break the silence, it was in hushed tones.

“Now the fun’s going to begin. We’re going to creep down the stairs and play a few games with Amber, so try to make as little sound as possible please Lauren.”

As quietly as she could, Jade unlocked and then opened the door that led into the underground chamber. Flicking on the light switch, she began to descend, pulling Lauren along behind her. Jasmine brought up the rear. In the dim glow given off by the single light-bulb, Lauren could just make out a slender shape hanging down vertically from the ceiling; a plume of blonde hair bridging the gap between the lower point of this figure and the floor. The dungeon was in complete silence and the figure, which Lauren knew to be the upside down form of Mistress Amber de Sade, hung motionless in the stuffy atmosphere. Was she asleep?  Had she fainted? Or was she - the thought suddenly hit Lauren like a hammer blow – dead?

After a few seconds, a slight, almost inaudible groaning sound dispelled the latter theory.  This low sound, coupled with a slight movement of the long-time captive’s shoulders, made Jade and Jasmine stop dead in their tracks. They looked at each other and grinned mischievously. Tiptoeing to within inches of her suspended cousin, Jade crouched down and gently pulled Amber’s ponytail. At once, Amber’s body went rigid, and a sound that Lauren interpreted as a startled attempt to say “Who’s there?” issued from the taped and ball-gagged mouth.  Jade did and said nothing. Several seconds elapsed before Amber tried to speak again.

“Hello, is anyone there?”

Still the twins maintained their silence, although it was clear that Amber had sensed their presence. After a few seconds, Amber spoke again, only this time the words uttered were a desperate plea for assistance.

“Please help me! Get me out of this!!”

Jade’s only response was to lightly push her cousin, so that she began to swing from side to side.

“Jasmine? Jade? Is that you?”

Jasmine stepped forward and gave Amber a firm push that turned the moderate swinging motion into a forceful spiralling effect.

“Of course it’s us. Who else did you think it would be? Some knight in shining armour come to rescue the damsel in distress and whisk her away into the sunset on his white steed, perhaps? Bad luck Amber, there’ll be no “happily ever after” ending to this story. It’s us and you’re not going anywhere of you own freewill for a long time yet. Payback has only just begun.”

Lauren could see that Amber was still well and truly cocooned in the duct tape that the twins had enmeshed her in.  The black contour-hugging latex hood that almost entirely covered her head was still supplemented with the strips of tape over her eyes and mouth.  From above, the chain that had been secured around her ankles clinked every time she swayed from one side to the other. The to-ing and fro-ing momentum that the twins had instigated was gradually subsiding now, but this was counteracted by Amber herself, who began bucking and twisting in a show of defiance that had no chance whatsoever of either getting her loose or persuading the twins to release her. The one token gesture of kindness that they allowed her was the removal of the tape from her eyes, and even this was done with such force as to cause a scream of anguish to issue through the gag.

Blinking in a brightness that she hadn’t known for nearly twenty hours, Amber’s eyes were red with tears, and smudged black where her eye makeup had run. She gazed around forlornly, her eyes finally meeting Lauren’s.  Immediately she began whimpering, and Lauren realised that this pitiful sound was directed at her; as she obviously saw Lauren as the closest thing to an ally that she had at that moment.  And Lauren did feel sorry for her, even after all that Amber had put her through. But what could she do? Although Amber must have known that she too was bound, instinctively Lauren half turned to reveal her securely roped wrists; as if to say “I can’t help you, I’m tied up too.”

While this silent communing was taking place, the twins had turned their attention away from their cousin, and were searching through her stash of bondage equipment; picking out whatever took their fancy and placing the chosen items into a large holdall. Lauren watched as leather arm-binders, hoods, ropes, straps and Amber’s remaining sets of handcuffs were stuffed into the bag. Finally, several lengths of chain, plus numerous padlocks of various sizes, were placed on top, before the now bulging bag was zipped shut. Whether these bonds were intended for use on herself, or on the far less willing Amber, Lauren had no idea. She hoped it was the former, but feared that this wasn’t to be their primary purpose.

As Amber saw Jade and Jasmine walking back across the cellar towards her, she screamed her most impassioned and despairing plea yet. Although the words were muffled and indistinct, the message was plain enough; she would do anything to regain her freedom, the twins just had to name their price.  Crouching down beside her again, Jasmine was clearly taking immense pleasure from her helpless captive’s misery.

“So you want us to let you down, do you? Okay then, your wish is granted.”

Even as her sister spoke, Jade was releasing the chain that had kept Amber airborne since yesterday afternoon.  Slowly at first, she gradually allowed the chain to slacken until Amber’s head touched the ground.  Inch by inch, Amber was lowered until her shoulders and upper body were once again on terra firma. But then, without warning, Jade suddenly released the chain from her grasp. There followed a rapid clanking sound as the chain sped through the pulley, and in an instant Amber’s legs came crashing down to the ground with a thud. She groaned, more in surprise than pain, and began to writhe around on the dusty floor; perhaps hoping that the change from the vertical to the horizontal had in some way loosened her bonds.

It hadn’t.

The twins moved fast now, and within seconds had hauled the squirming cocooned package to her feet. Even though Amber had no idea of their intentions, she fought for all she was worth to break free of their clutches; presumably because she guessed – rightly as it turned out – that whatever the twins had in store for her, it was unlikely to be anything that she would find particularly pleasant.

“Come on Amber. You took us on a trip in your car on Saturday, so now it’s time for us to return the favour.”

Holding their helpless cousin firmly, Jasmine and Jade forcefully encouraged Amber in the direction of the stairs. When they reached the bottom step, Amber baulked at their attempts to coax her upwards. A quick tug on her ponytail and an arm around her throat, however, seemed to convince her that resistance was futile.

“Look Amber, whether you like it or not, you’re coming with us. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It’s entirely up to you.”

Reluctantly, the softly whimpering Amber conceded defeat, and with the twins help began to jump up the stone steps. Lauren stood observing the unfolding scene. It felt almost as if she had been forgotten about, so preoccupied were the twins with making Amber’s life a misery, and it wasn’t until they were three quarters of the way up that Jasmine happened to glance back down into the cellar.

“Don’t worry Lauren, we’ll be back to get you in a couple of minutes. Don’t go away.”

Seconds later, the twins and their unenthusiastic captive disappeared from sight. 

Lauren used the time that she was alone to test the efficiency of her wrist bond. Thankfully, she discovered that it was still as tight and inescapable as when it had been tied. It was this mock struggle for an unwanted freedom that brought home to Lauren that, although her circumstances and those of Amber were currently very similar, their attitude to the situation was one of complete contrast. Why, she wondered, couldn’t Amber relax and be happy in her bonds? But there again, it always seemed strange to Lauren that the rest of the world didn’t share her fascination with bondage in all its wonderfully deviant variations. Still, she would have expected Amber to have been slightly more open to the idea of being tied up long term. After all, that was what she inflicted on others all the time.

Jade’s reappearance broke her train of thought on these matters. Grabbing Lauren’s neck chain, she led her willing prisoner up the stairs and out into the open.  Jasmine stood leaning against the Land Rover, the doors of which stood open, and it was obvious straight away that Amber wasn’t inside. Where was she? Lauren’s eyes quickly scanned the surrounding trees, but of Amber there was no sign. Had she escaped? No, that was impossible. Had the twins let her go?  That was extremely hard to believe.  So what had happened to her?

A slight movement from the vicinity of the vehicle’s roof suddenly alerted her to the whereabouts of the missing woman.  Now the reason for the carpet on the luggage rack became clear. The worn and discoloured floor covering, wrapped up tightly and encircled in several places with taut strapping, was wriggling about somewhat.  An almost inaudible moaning sound also seemed to be emanating from the same source. The carpet was of such length as to completely hide Amber’s mummified form, and two things were immediately obvious to Lauren. Firstly, that Amber had been secured to the rack with the twins’ usual efficiency, which meant that she wasn’t going anywhere. And secondly, that this was the method of transportation that she was going to have to endure on the journey to... well, what was their next destination, exactly? This was something known only to the twins at present.

Lauren had been expecting to find herself bound and strapped into the rear luggage compartment of the vehicle again, but to her surprise, Jade led her to the back passenger seat, where she straight away commenced tying Lauren’s legs in all the usually places. And for good measure, Lauren found her already bound arms being cajoled into a leather single-sleeve arm-binder, which, when laced up as uncompromisingly as Jade could manage, forced Lauren’s elbows to almost touch.  The final piece of the bondage jigsaw turned out to be the implementation of three leather straps, which were pulled firmly around her, then buckled at her stomach and breasts to lash her arms to her body.  With Jasmine taking hold of her shoulders and Jade doing likewise with her feet, Lauren found herself being laid in the narrow foot-well between the front and rear seats of the car.


 “Sit tight Amber, and try not to move around too much.”

This shouted advice was given as the twins jumped into the front seats, and with Jasmine behind the wheel they were soon traversing the bumpy track that led away from the derelict house and back to the road.

As the Land Rover sped along the roads of rural Suffolk, Lauren could only imagine what sort of emotional turmoil Amber must have been going through. What if the straps came loose and she was flung from the roof and onto the road? Or worse still, into the path of an oncoming vehicle? Lauren took some comfort from the fact that the twins knew what they were doing when it came to making straps secure, although for Amber it must have been an ordeal of horrendous magnitude.  And what would happen if someone saw the carpet squirming around on the roof?

Mercifully - for Amber, at least – they were on the move for no more than ten minutes, although from her position on the floor Lauren was unable to see exactly where it was that they had stopped. That is, until the twins climbed out, opened the rear passenger door and helped her onto her feet.  Lauren did a 360 degree scan of the area. Aside from a stand of Scots pine trees immediately behind them, the outlook was of an open, flat, featureless landscape. The ground beneath their feet seemed to be a vast expanse of concrete, although as she gazed first to her left, then her right, it appeared that this stretch of man-made terrain - which seemed to extend indefinitely in each direction - had been left unmaintained for years, as the surface was cracked and crumbling, with grass and other stunted plants growing unchecked through the numerous fissures. It took her only a moment or two to fathom out the nature of this environment, however. What they were standing on was clearly the runway of one of the regions many long abandoned World War II airfields. The cloud-laden sky and whistling wind gave the deserted site an eerie feel.  But why were they here?

Lauren’s capacity to ask coherent questions was severely restricted at that moment, but even as she was contemplating an attempted enquiry as to the purpose of their presence here, she found herself being turned around and made to hop the thirty yards or so towards the trees.  

The needles on the pine trees rustled in the strengthening breeze as she found herself being forced to stand with her back against the sturdy trunk of a mature specimen. Within seconds Jade had wrapped the chain that hung from Lauren’s neck around the trunk and locked it with a large padlock. At the same time, Jasmine had made use of a length of rope to anchor Lauren’s feet to the base of the tree. Any movement away from this arboreal mooring post was now impossible, and she discovered that she could no longer move her head more than a couple of inches in any direction, such was the shortness of the remaining chain between neck and timber.

“Okay Lauren, you just chill out here and watch the fun unfold. I think you’ll enjoy this.”

The mat of pine needles beneath their feet created a spongy effect when walking, although Lauren guessed, as she watched the twins walk the short distance back to the Land Rover, that this was not the only reason that they appeared to have a spring in their step. Whatever devious plans they had for their cousin, it was clear that they possessed a great deal of enthusiasm for the task ahead.

It took the two of them no time at all to release the roll of carpet from its fastenings and place it on the ground.  Up to this point, there had been no movement from within the still tightly strapped tube, although once removed from its precarious perch, the bundle began to squirm and writhe – tentatively at first, but gradually building up into a full blown struggle for freedom. The twins looked on for a while, seemingly amused at the wriggling mass at their feet.  After a minute or two, however, Lauren watched their spandex-clad forms kneel down beside their cousin and begin to unbuckle the straps around her chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles, that had kept her out of sight within the long cylindrical encasement for the duration of the journey here.  With the straps released, the twins positioned themselves at either end of the still rolled up parcel and grinned mischievously at each other.

“After three then Jade?”

“Okay. Ready? One... two... three!”

In one synchronised action, the twins unfurled the carpet with great force, sending it spinning across the ground.  The carpet itself took no more than a second or so to spread out to its fullest extent, but Amber, in her helpless state, was propelled onwards, with no means of halting the spinning motion. For two or three further yards she hurtled on, before finally her momentum waned sufficiently for her to come to a standstill, face down. A loud groan forced its way through her gag, and she gazed around her, bemused by her sudden and unexpected reappearance into daylight.

Immediately, Jasmine and Jade were upon her, pulling her to her feet. Looking dishevelled and disorientated, Amber put up scant resistance as her tormentors hurried her around to the front of the Land Rover and rested her against the bull bar.

The tree-tethered Lauren watched in equal measures of horror and fascination now, as Jasmine produced a pair of scissors and began cutting away the tape that had held Amber tightly cocooned all night. Starting at her prisoner’s feet, she slowly worked her way upwards, whilst Jade followed in her sister’s wake by unpeeling and removing the now loosened strips from Amber’s latex cat-suit.  As the sharp scissors worked their way up over Amber’s breasts, she watched the slashing blades wide eyed as they approached her neck; wisely refraining from any sudden movement lest Jasmine’s hand should slip. Her lack of movement, however, didn’t extend to her vocal chords.

“What are you going to do with me? Let me go NOW, or you’ll be sorry!”

Her words, which had to contend with both the ball-gag and the duct tape, were only semi-intelligible, but their meaning was never in any doubt.  These were the utterances of someone frightened out of her wits, yet determined to put on a brave face with an act of defiance.  This was, of course, ignored by both Jade and Jasmine.

“Did you hear something just then Jade?”

“Yes Jas, I heard it, but I think it must have been the wind in the trees. Whatever it was, I shouldn’t pay any attention to it.”

The removal of Amber’s adhesive sheath revealed her skin-tight latex outfit, which must, Lauren presumed as she watched the drama developing before her, have become pretty hot and uncomfortable when topped with that unbreakable tape armour.  Amber, of course, was still restrained in no less than three sets of handcuffs around her wrists, with a fourth pair shackling her ankles.


Whether it was the sight of the chains and straps that caused Amber to try to make a dash for freedom, or simply because the twins – either through a momentary lapse in concentration, or maybe a deliberate act to see if Amber would attempt to escape – left her unattended for a few seconds. Either way, the chains being produced from the car caused Amber to thrust herself away from her position leaning against the bonnet and shuffle frantically by the only method open to her. She clearly had no particular destination in mind as she headed away from the car, and she must have known that she wouldn’t get far, as within two or three seconds Jade had caught up with her and dragged the wriggling female back to her original position.

“That was a pretty stupid thing to do, Amber. You should have realised by now that you’re not going to get away that easily.”

Without warning, Jasmine pushed Amber back against the car and quickly encircled the helpless woman with a heavy chain that she threaded through the bull bar on the right hand side of the vehicle. A muffled scream of anguish split the air, but this dissipated almost at once in the strong breeze, as the chain was wound around her shoulders and under her armpits, until all the slack had been taken up. A stout padlock, placed neatly between her heaving breasts, secured the two ends of the metal restraint. Amber struggled against this latest setback, but she was powerless to wriggle free, and seconds later her situation deteriorated still further, as her feet were lifted from the ground and another chain, similar in length to the first, was used to lash her lower legs to the left hand end of the bull bar.  Amber was now trapped horizontally along the front of the Land Rover; her feet over one headlight, her head covering the other. But the twins still hadn’t finished, and for good measure began adding thick leather straps to further secure their victim to the rigid metal bars, at her knees, thighs and waist.  The volume of Amber’s screams grew in tandem with her ever worsening plight, as the nature of what was coming next became obvious to her.

“Hold tight Amber. We’re going to take you for a little spin.”

The twins jumped gleefully into the front seats, before Jasmine started the engine and began revving up. Seconds later, with a squeal of tyres and the smell of burning rubber, the car shot away at what, to the spectating Lauren, seemed like breakneck speed. She watched as a cloud of exhaust fumes and displaced stones and dust obscured the car’s departure into the distance. After three or four hundred yards, a screech of brakes was heard, which coincided with the sight of the vehicle going into a wild skid. Seconds later, it was careening back towards its starting point, picking up speed by the second until, when almost in line with the spot where Lauren stood, Jasmine turned the wheel violently again and sent the car into a spin.

When it stopped moving, the Land Rover was facing Lauren, and no more than twenty yards or so away from her anchorage. She could see the fear in Amber’s eyes and noticed that she was motionless, her whole body held rigid with dread. She was shivering uncontrollably. At a snail’s pace, Jasmine drove the car over towards the copse of trees, until Amber was no more than three feet from Lauren’s mooring post.  Jade and Jasmine clambered out and, with the engine still running, came around to gauge how their cousin had reacted to her recent excursion.

“That was exhilarating, wasn’t it Amber? Do you fancy a repeat?”

Amber shook her head wildly and pleaded into her gag for mercy. But it did her no good.

“It’s my turn now” Jade announced, and moved towards the driver’s door. “Are you coming Jas?”

“No you go on Jade. I’ll stay here with Lauren and watch.”

Jade whooped with joy, jumped in, revved up for several seconds, then sped away across the abandoned air field even faster – if that were possible - than Jasmine had done.

Powerless to intervene, Lauren, was shocked by the twins’ brutality. Okay Amber had subjected herself and the twins to a nightmare ordeal, but this really was dangerous. As Jade skidded around 180 degrees and was about to begin her return, Lauren tried to convey her dismay at this worrying turn of events. Jasmine looked at her scornfully.

“You really do feel sorry for her don’t you? Let me tell you something Lauren, that woman is pure evil.”

The Land Rover hurtled past at high speed; the volume of noise causing Jasmine to pause for a few seconds.

“We know her better than you do, and if you think she wouldn’t do exactly the same thing to you given half a chance then you’re completely deluded.”

 Lauren was given no time to formulate a response, as away to the left Jade swung the vehicle around and hurtled back in the direction she had just come. As she neared the trees, she suddenly did an emergency stop. Lauren watched as Amber’s latex-clad body tried to continue onwards with its forward momentum. But the chains and straps did their job, and forced her back against the bars.  Slowly, Jade manoeuvred the car under the trees and shut the engine off. Amber was visibly shaking and her eyes were bloodshot, although how much of that was down to tears, and how much was a consequence of the strengthening wind as it pummelled her face, it was impossible to tell. Through her gag, she let out a desperate plea for her torment to be brought to an end.


Alighting from the driver’s seat, Jade strolled around to the front of the car and knelt down beside her stricken cousin.

“You see Amber? This is what it’s like being terrified. Not so great when you’re on the receiving end, is it?”

Jasmine had now joined her twin.

“Looks like it’s my turn again. I do so enjoy a pleasant drive in the countryside, don’t you Amber?”

Despite Amber’s whimpering, Jasmine strode around to the driver’s door. She was about to get in, when the sound that emanated from Lauren’s mouth intervened and stopped her in her tracks. Lauren was shaking her head and screaming for her friends to stop right now. She’d finally realised why she had been campaigning for Amber’s ordeal to end.  It had nothing to do with the latter’s advances towards her. She knew that she and Amber would never be friends. And she knew that, strictly speaking, Amber probably deserved her punishment. No, the reason that Lauren was so disturbed by this ongoing spree of terror being meted out by the twins on their cousin was, she now understood, quite simple.

It was because, for Lauren, bondage was supposed to be fun; something to be looked forward to and, when you were participating in it, something to be cherished; something you didn’t want to end.  But this? What the twins were doing right now had nothing to do with pleasure – at least not for their victim.  Amber may have taken the name ‘de Sade’, but it was the twins who were at this moment showing their sadistic streaks. And it didn’t make particularly pleasant viewing.

Unfortunately, Lauren’s attempts to convey these sentiments through her gag proved unsuccessful.  Jasmine turned to her sister.

“You know Jade, Lauren’s moaning is beginning to get on my nerves now. Maybe, as she’s so fond of Amber, we should let her have a turn on the front of the car. Just so that she can share the experience. After all, that’s what friends do, isn’t it, share things?”

She turned back to her quivering cousin.

 “What do you think Amber? Should we let Lauren take your place and endure a bit of our stunt driving?”

Without a second’s hesitation, Amber began nodding her head, and the utterances that seeped from behind her gag left Lauren in no doubt that she had no qualms about putting someone else through this high speed hell, so long as it meant she didn’t have to endure any more punishment herself. Jade turned to her with disdain.

 “That just about sums you up, doesn’t it Amber?  A real friend wouldn’t put someone they cared about through an ordeal like this. They’d take their punishment on the chin, wouldn’t they?  But not you. Oh no. The minute you see a way out, you don’t care who gets hurt.”

Despite Jade’s taunts, Amber’s eyes flashed with renewed hope, as the prospects of her ordeal coming to a conclusion suddenly seemed to take a step closer to reality.

“But then, if Lauren feels the need to step in and rescue you, then so be it. So, much as we would love to keep you there all day Amber, we’re going to bow to Lauren’s wishes and give you a bit of respite.”

“Don’t think that your ordeal’s over and done with though” her sister continued “as we’ve still got a few more lessons to teach you before today’s over.”

The twins began releasing Amber from her horizontal position on the bull bar; firstly getting rid of the straps, then unlocking the padlocks and removing the heavy chains. Pulling their cousin up into a standing position, they began to walk her over towards the tree to which Lauren was secured. Amber seemed almost on the point of collapse after her ordeal, and her ankle chain meant that she was incapable of taking anything other than tiny steps. The ponytail of long blonde hair, once so sleek and glossy, now sprouted in a dirty, rat-tailed mass of knots and tangles from the top of her latex hood.

Reaching the tree, Jade released Lauren’s neck chain and unbuckled her collar. Immediately these were used to anchor Amber to the tree. More rope was produced from the stash in the car, and this was soon being employed in binding Amber’s legs and body to the sturdy trunk, to ensure that she couldn’t wander off. Meanwhile, Jasmine had released the rope that held Lauren’s ankles to the lower reaches of the tree, and was assisting her in making the few jumping motions needed for the short journey to the Land Rover.  

Lauren, whose unease had been on the increase for several minutes now, began to panic as Jasmine wrapped the first chain around her breasts and urged her to stand against the bull bar. By this time, Jade had completed securing Amber, and was at her sister’s side to help facilitate the shackling and strapping process. With her back only inches from the radiator grille, the heat given off from the vehicle’s recent exploits was intense, which only added to her sense of trepidation. Lauren tried her best to persuade the twins that, actually, this wasn’t what she had in mind when standing up for Amber, but her words went unheeded.

“You wanted to save Amber any further torture, didn’t you? Well this is the price you have to pay for that kindness. Sorry Lauren, but you’ve only got yourself to blame.”

Then Jade knelt down close to Lauren’s ear and lowered her voice so that Amber would be unable to hear her. She reiterated her sister’s sentiments of only minutes before.

“You’ll see later on that your act of self-sacrifice will cut no ice with her. If you think she’ll reciprocate the favour, then you’ve got a lot to learn about our dear cousin.”

By now, Lauren was laying just above the Land Rover’s bumper, chained around the chest and lower legs with strong chains that gave her no scope for movement. The straps that had lain where they’d fallen since being removed from Amber, now found their way around her; pulled so tight that they bit through the spandex fabric of her cat-suit and dug deeply into her flesh.  And just to compound her misery, at that moment it began to rain; the first few spots splattering on the car, the ground around the vehicle, and onto Lauren. The twins, however, seemed not to notice this downturn in the weather conditions, and continued on with their intended course of action.

With the straps secured in place, both Jasmine and Jade tested the efficiency of their work by pulling at the restraints to ensure nothing was likely to work loose during the little excursion that they had planned. Satisfied, they proceeded to jump into the vehicle.

“Hold on tight Lauren. You might want to close your eyes and...”

The end of Jade’s parting shot was drowned out with the sound of Jasmine revving up as hard as she could. The noise, from Lauren’s position only a few inches away from the engine, was ear splitting. She gazed out in fear at the wide expanse of open wasteland in front of her.  And then the Land Rover began to move; slowly at first, but swiftly picking up speed.

Lauren braced herself. She realised that her hands, trapped within the bondage mitten, were tightly clenched. She tried to console herself with the thought that it would all be over in a few minutes, although for some reason this did nothing to calm her nerves. For a second or two she took Jade’s advice and closed her eyes, but this seemed to make the sensation worse and she quickly opened them again. By now the rain was lashing down in sheets, with the wind strengthening to gale force; soaking Lauren’s spandex attire in seconds.  As the vehicle picked up speed, she found her vision blurring, not only as a consequence of the rain, but also due to the vibration of the car as it juddered and jolted over the potholed and broken terrain. She found herself screaming as the seemingly out of control Land Rover bucked and shuddered as if it was about to fall apart. She watched as bushes and shrubs that had grown up through the decaying ground appeared to rush towards her, only to flash past in the blinking of an eye. How much longer would this nightmare go on?

Then, as if in answer to her question, a piercing squeal from the brakes coincided with a sharp careering movement to the left. For a second or too, the car spun around violently, before coming to a halt. A sickening dizziness overcame Lauren for a few seconds, as she tried to focus on an horizon which seemed to be swimming before her eyes. Then, just as her vision seemed to be stabilising, the car thrust forward again, heading back towards the wooded area in the distance. Those tall, elegant trees seemed to grow larger by the second, as Jasmine slammed her foot down and pushed the Land Rover to its limits.

As the copse drew ever closer, Lauren could make out the shape of a blonde woman standing rigid against the largest tree. A second or two later, Amber’s wide eyed features became discernible. There was no sign that Jasmine had any intention of hitting the brakes, or swerving away from what now seemed to be an imminent collision. Lauren’s whole life seemed to flash before her, as what seemed to be her inevitable death - as well as Amber’s - loomed ever closer. She shut her eyes and braced herself for oblivion...


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