Ever Increasing Bondage 5

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2015 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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Part 5

The party of three men and their female companion walked – casually, it seemed – over the low sand hills towards the spot where Lauren’s and the twins’ heads poked out of the ever diminishing strip of beach. When they reached a point around ten feet away from the three stricken young women, the men stopped, leaving Amber to approach on her own. Lauren watched as the black boots of the dominatrix approached and halted right by her head; so close, in fact, that the scent of the leather mingled with the salty air. As she moved, the soft creaking of Amber’s skin-tight latex cat-suit was audible over the crashing waves that were only a few feet away now... and getting nearer by the second. Amber looked down at her three helpless captives, a smile on her face as she surveyed the mayhem that – it was now obvious – had all been part of her devious plan.

“Well girls, how did you enjoy the little ‘damsels in distress’ scenario that I put together for you? I thought, as you all enjoy being tied up so much, that you wouldn’t mind being ‘kidnapped’ and held captive by my associates for the night. The whole burial thing was a nice touch, don’t you think? I hope it didn’t stress you out too much. At least now, it should make being kept as prisoners in my nice warm and cosy dungeon a much more appealing prospect.”

Lauren, who had in the past endured an extended period of time trapped in Amber’s underground prison, knew it to be anything but warm and cosy, but at this precise moment she really didn’t care. After staring what seemed like certain death in the face only minutes ago, the thought of being exhumed and held in bondage in any environment that wasn’t life threatening, did indeed have its appeal.

A large wave crashed onto the sand and rolled up the beach to within around five feet of Lauren’s head; causing Amber to avert her gaze seawards for a second or two, before turning her attention back to the three tape gagged heads that protruded from the sand.

“I guess we’d better be thinking of getting you out of there before the water gets any closer.”

She called across to the men, who had been standing silently a few feet away.

“Ok guys, better start digging them out.”

Carl and Al approached and – randomly, it seemed - chose to first excavate Jade and Jasmine out of their sandy tombs. Lauren squirmed nervously in her interred state. She was the one buried furthest down the beach, and therefore nearest to the inrushing tide and in more danger than either of the twins, so why dig them out first? Amber seemed to sense her unease and slowly crouched down in front of her, the shiny black latex on her thighs and knees seemingly stretching almost to breaking point in its tightness. She reached out her right hand and began stroking Lauren’s furrowed brow; whispering in a hushed voice that was barely audible above the crashing waves and whistling wind.

“Don’t worry my dear. I could never forgive myself if anything bad happened to you. We’ll get you out of there soon enough, get you all cleaned up then have some fun back at my place. How does that sound?”

In all honesty, Lauren had mixed feelings about the sequence of events that Amber was suggesting. Yes, of course she was eager to be out of this restrictive sandy hell that she’d been in for the best part of an hour now, but what exactly was Amber proposing? Both yesterday, whilst in the twins’ cellar, and now again this morning, Amber seemed to be paying a lot of attention to her, and making unspecified promises – or were they threats? – in respect of what she was going to do with Lauren once they reached her dungeon. What exactly was it that she was implying?

Another roller came crashing down only a few feet from Lauren’s head; the sight of the surf rushing up the beach towards her face temporarily distracting her from the contemplation of Amber’s intentions. All she was concerned about at that moment was being dug out before the water actually reached her. Luckily, this surge of frothing water peaked a few inches from her head, although she knew that the next one - or maybe the one after that, or the one after that - would eventually wash over her. She screamed long and hard into her gag, but still Amber showed no signs of urgency. To the right of her, Lauren now noticed another pair of boots stride into view, at which point Amber stood up from her crouching position.

“Where are my manners? I forgot to formally introduce you. This is Dave, he’s... well not exactly a friend... let’s just say that we help each other out from time to time.”

Dave – the man Carl and Al had referred to as ‘Boss’ – bowed theatrically to the three captive women.

“I’m very pleased to make your acquaintances, ladies. I do hope that the service my colleagues and I provided was up to your usual high standards.”

He took a step back and allowed Amber to continue with the story.

“As I said, this whole thing was set up to make you appreciate how wonderful your impending incarceration in my dungeon will be, compared to what you’ve just experienced. As soon as I left you in the car park, I phoned Dave and told him what was required. Everything you’ve experienced since then has been staged for your benefit, from the moment the car was taken from the car park yesterday afternoon, right up to your burial this morning. There was never any jewellery robbery being planned, of course, and Carl and Al were well aware that you were in the boot. You have to admit, these guys are pretty good actors, aren’t they?”

Lauren had to concede that she’d been totally fooled by the whole thing, but was incensed at how Amber could have been so cruel as to put them through all this. But she had already drawn the conclusion that nothing that Amber did would surprise her anymore, which made the unknown nature of the day ahead even more unsettling.

Behind her, Lauren could sense that Jasmine had now been lifted from the sand, whilst Jade, too, was on the point of being pulled clear. With the waves encroaching ever closer, Lauren’s anxiety grew by the second, as the exhumation of the twins seemed to have taken an eternity. It seemed, Lauren surmised, that digging someone out of a sand filled hole was a far more time consuming process than initially burying them.

Another big wave crashed down on the increasingly saturated sand and rolled up the beach at Lauren’s eye level. This time it almost baulked and receded prior to reaching Lauren, although the last remnants of its momentum trickled into the slight trough around her neck and soaked the top of the spandex sack. It was obvious that she would soon be engulfed. Luckily Amber seemed to finally sense that time was running out.

“I think you’d better start extricating this one Carl. She’s getting a bit nervous, what with the water about to ruin her hair and makeup.”

She knelt down behind Lauren now, so as to be out of the way of the incoming breakers.

“And besides, the water might loosen that tape gag of yours. And we wouldn’t want that now, would we?”

She patted Lauren gently on the head, as Carl dutifully pushed his spade into the sand only inches away from her face. Within seconds – with the twins now both exhumed and laid out higher up on the beach – he was joined by Al, as they worked in tandem to free the last remaining burial victim from her sandy encumbrance.

The next big roller – the biggest yet from Lauren’s perspective - crashed down onto the beach only feet away from her head, surged around the two workmen’s boots – almost knocking Al over in the process – before rushing into the hole that they’d dug. Lauren involuntarily screamed, as the cold liquid washed around her breasts, before gradually seeping through the spandex sack, oozing through any gaps in the duct tape and cling-film and finally saturating her cat-suit. As quickly as it had rushed up the beach, the water retreated, although for a few seconds a residual pool whirled around Lauren, before slowly draining into the surrounding sand.

The two men redoubled their efforts now; although whether this was to ensure her safety, or the fact that they didn’t want to be wading in ankle deep water, it was impossible to know. After only two or three more spadefuls of sand having been cleared, however, the next wave crashed into the hole with such force that the two workers recoiled for a second or two, to avoid the worst of the water’s thrust. Lauren, though, took the full assault of this latest tidal surge, and briefly found her head submerged in the stinging brine. As the remains of this wave ebbed, she found her now saturated hair falling lankly around her face, sticking to her cheeks and temples. The waterproof properties of the tape that covered her mouth, however, stood up to the test, as even after being drenched, it showed no sign of releasing its grip on her flesh.

Carl and Al began frantically shovelling once more, and finally – after two more gigantic waves had washed over her – excavated deeply enough to allow them to grasp Lauren’s shoulders and drag her out of the hole and onto dryer ground.

Lauren found herself being laid out beside the twins, neither of whom had been allowed out of the spandex sacks. Amber, who along with Dave, had been viewing the drama of the last few minutes from the vantage point of a tussock grass topped dune, now slowly wandered down to where all three of her captives lay.

“Well girls, that was exciting wasn’t it? I guess you’ll all be eager to get back to my place now.”

She turned to Carl and Al, who stood to one side, seemingly finding great amusement in the spectacle of three bound and forlorn women.

“Okay guys, you’ve done a great job in teaching my young friends here a valuable lesson, namely that being in my clutches is not such a bad option after all. Would you just do one more thing for me? Take the twins up to my car and stash them away in the boot. I’ll deal with this one.”

Her eyes fixed on Lauren as she spoke the final sentence, a smile playing on her glistening red lips. She waited, however, until Carl had picked Jade up, and Al had done likewise with Jasmine, before they, led by Dave, had disappeared back towards the church and cottages of Covehithe. Only then did she crouch down on her haunches beside the soaked and shivering Lauren.

“That was quite a close thing back there. I was getting a little worried that the guys wouldn’t get you out in time. Still, all’s well that ends well, as they say.”

Lauren visibly shuddered; partly from the cold water that had chilled her to the bone, but also partly due to the uncertainty surrounding her immediate future.

“Poor darling, you must be really cold and uncomfortable in all that wet bondage. I’ll tell you what we’ll do.”

She bent forward and gently swept the straggly wet hair away from Lauren’s eyes.

“We’ll drive back to Jasmine and Jade’s house and get you all cleaned up and refreshed. Then we’ll head back to my dungeon where we’ll have some fun. I’m sure after last night’s little ordeal, you’d welcome a bit of bondage pampering, wouldn’t you?”

She stood up and lifted Lauren into her arms, before beginning back along the pathway towards the church.

“Don’t worry my darling, I know just the thing that will get you all warmed up.”


The walk back to the church took only a couple of minutes. By now the sun had banished the netherworld of dawn, leaving a perfect autumn morning in its stead. As they approached the cars, Lauren was half expecting to encounter some unsuspecting passer-by out for a morning stroll, but the inhabitants of the hamlet still seemed not to have stirred. As they approached the church, Lauren recognised Amber’s car, the boot of which was standing open with Carl and Al loitering close at hand, whilst Dave stood leaning against his own car nearby. As they reached the boot’s gaping chasm, Lauren’s downward gaze was met by two pairs of eyes – Jade’s a deep green colour, with her sister’s a pale blue – looking mournfully up at her from their resting place in the tight confines of the luggage space. Gently but deliberately, Amber laid Lauren in between the twins, with Jade at her back and Jasmine in front.

“Don’t they look so cute and vulnerable?”

Al simply grinned and nodded, whilst Carl confirmed verbally that he was of the same opinion as Amber.

“Anyway, thanks for all your help yesterday and this morning guys. As promised, I’ve given Dave the money for your services, which I’m sure he’ll be sharing out with you later.”

She turned back to her three captives, as the men sauntered off.

“Say goodbye girls. I know you can’t really express yourselves very well at present, but I’m sure you’re very appreciative of all they’ve done for you.”

And with that, the now familiar sound of a cat boot closing over their heads echoed around the metal chamber, simultaneously plunging them into darkness.


The drive through the Suffolk countryside must surely have been a pleasant one that bright Sunday morning. At least it would have been for anyone able to view the coastal heaths and ancient woodlands in all their autumnal finery, plus the quaint, timeless villages with their ‘picture postcard’ thatched and painted cottages. To Lauren in the cramped and windowless car boot, however, there was little to focus on save the monotonous hum of the engine and the aftermath of their seaside escapade; sand that seemed to have found its way through the layered bondage to act as a skin irritant, salt that still stung in eyes and nostrils, and residual water still sporadically gurgling in her ears. The twins had got off lightly, Lauren mused, as at least they had only been buried up to their necks in relatively dry sand. She, on the other hand, now also had to endure the journey in a near frozen state due to the saturation of her cat-suit in the cold North Sea. Together, these factors all added up to a not particularly pleasant journey.

Mercifully, due to the body heat generated from being wedged in close proximity to both Jasmine and Jade, by the time the journey came to an end – after around three quarters of an hour by her own rough estimate - Lauren had begun to warm up slightly. As the boot opened, she could see the familiar back door of the twins’ parent’s house standing open a few feet away. For several seconds Amber stood over her three young captives, a slight smile on her lips as she surveyed the bedraggled trio. They must have looked a sorry sight, Lauren imagined; spandex sacks encrusted in semi-wet sand, with hair unkempt, tangled and matted.

“Right let’s get you inside girls.”

She reached in and picked Jasmine up, then shut the boot down on the two remaining occupants.

“Bet you never thought you would see this old house again, did you?” she was heard to ask as she carried Jasmine into the house.

About five minutes elapsed before Amber returned, during which time Jade squirmed and wriggled in her bonds; still believing, apparently, that a Houdini-like escape was on the cards. Her efforts must have been sufficient to make the car shake slightly, for as soon as Amber reopened the boot, she was aware of her cousin’s antics.

“You never learn do you Jade? Still, it gives me an excuse to add another layer or two to your bondage, just to make certain that you don’t get lucky with all that struggling.”

She reached into the back of the boot - her tight latex clad body gliding smoothly across Lauren’s wet spandex - and hauled Jade out. She glanced back at Lauren.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll just deal with this one, then I’ll be back for you.”

The boot slammed shut, leaving Lauren alone in the darkness. For what seemed like ten minutes, she waited in the long, drawn out silence; both fearful of Amber’s return and anxious to be out of this now rather damp and musty confining space. Hadn’t Amber promised her the chance to freshen up and get out of her wet attire? The thought of being out of the sodden cat-suit was really most appealing, although she knew for certain that her time in bondage wasn’t likely to end any time soon.

At last, the boot opened and Amber lifted her final captive out and held Lauren’s bedraggled form closely to her as they made their way indoors. The house seemed warm and inviting as they headed for the kitchen, where Lauren was once more reunited with her friends; the reason for the delay between the twins being taken inside and her own release from the boot, now becoming evident.

Both Jade and Jasmine were now lying on the kitchen floor. Shorn of the leather straps and the spandex sacks that they’d been interred in, and with the layers of cling-film now removed, their wrists still retained the steel handcuffs that had been the stumbling block to their escape attempts for almost twenty four hours. The ropes around their legs also remained, as did the crotch ropes. To compensate for the loss of their outer layers of bondage, however, more rope and duct tape had been added. But the major difference between the last time Lauren had laid eyes on her partners-in- bondage and now, was that before, the twins had been able to struggle and squirm independently of each other, whereas now they were no longer able to function as individuals, but had now been melded together to form one single, writhing entity.

In other words, Amber had placed them face to face, then set about roping their legs and torsi together, before encircling the duo in yards and yards of grey duct tape. The end result being that they were lashed in close proximity to each other. And just to add insult to injury, she’d forced their heads into tight leather hoods. Unlike the headgear that both they and Lauren had been wearing during their kidnap ordeal, these latest hoods lacked eye holes, thus leaving both twins visually incapacitated. The muffled moans coming from beneath these leather enforcers of sensory deprivation, hinted that their gags had been left in place.

Lauren was given no more than a fleeting moment to gaze upon her closest friends, however, before Amber carried her into the hallway and headed for the stairs.

“We’ll leave the twins there to ponder their fate for a while, shall we? In the meantime, I think I’m right in saying that you’d probably like to get out of those wet things and enjoy a nice warm bath.”


It took Lauren several minutes to realise that, for once, Amber wasn’t playing mind games, and that she really was going to be allowed to relax for a while. And even more incredibly, she was to be afforded the luxury of being free from bondage... well almost.

Having set Lauren down on the bathroom floor, Amber set the water running and poured in an ample measure of bubble bath liquid, before slowly beginning to remove the leather straps and unsheathing her from the wet, sand encrusted body-bag. This having being achieved, Amber then set about cutting away the layers of duct tape and cling-film that had been her cocoon for the previous twenty four hours. Once this was discarded, Amber began untying the ropes that held Lauren’s legs in check; her hands intermittently stroking the soft spandex fabric on Lauren’s thighs. She licked her lips playfully as she released the crotch rope; her fingers lingering longer than was strictly necessary between her helpless captive’s legs. Lauren shuddered, but whether this was through distaste at the intimate nature of Amber’s advances, or in anticipation of the same, even she wasn’t certain. But it seemed that Amber was merely teasing her - for the time being at any rate - as she soon retracted her hand and turned her attention to other, more practical matters.

With the expertise of someone accustomed to working with ligatures and knots of many differing types, she quickly loosened and removed the strict latticework of rope that encircled Lauren from shoulder to waist, before also setting Lauren’s upper arms free from the elbow bond. Now with only her wrists still tied, Lauren felt Amber’s hands sneak under her armpits from behind and gently caress her breasts. She whispered softly in Lauren’s left ear.

“Okay darling, the bath’s just about ready for you. Now I’m going to untie your hands in a minute, but you have to realise that you’re still my prisoner, and if you try to escape... well, you’re an intelligent girl, and you know that upsetting me isn’t a particularly smart thing to do. Am I making myself clear?”

Lauren nodded, and made a sound through her gag that she hoped would convey that she understood. Amber walked over to the bathtub, tested the water, seemed satisfied with the temperature and came back over to where her subdued captive still sat on the floor. Pulling her to her feet, she swiftly untied Lauren’s wrists and allowed her a few seconds to exercise her stiff limbs.

“Okay, you can take that nasty damp cat-suit off now and get into the bath.”

With fingers still tingling as the blood began to course freely to her extremities after so long in bondage, Lauren fumbled with the zipper that would allow her to remove her skin-tight garment. She was grateful that she was about to be rid of the wet fabric that clung to her, but also self-conscious at the realisation that she would soon be naked in Amber’s presence. Although she deliberately avoided eye contact with her captor, she sensed that Amber was watching her every move. Finally, with the spandex in a crumpled heap at her feet, Lauren turned towards the bath, one arm across her breasts, the other covering her crotch.

“Come on sweetie, don’t be shy. Get into the bath and have a long soak.”

Lauren complied with Amber’s request... or was it an order? She was pleased with the fact that the bubbles acted as a screen once she had immersed herself, which made most of her anatomy invisible to her onlooking admirer. The water was warm and soothing, and the scent from the bubble bath made her feel drowsy almost immediately. Instinctively, she laid her head back and closed her eyes. But suddenly she was alert again, as she felt a hand grab her right ankle. Her involuntary squeal made her realise that she was still gagged, and she watched wide-eyed as Amber placed one bracelet of a set of handcuffs around her ankle. Several clicks followed as the steel closed tightly against her flesh, before her tormentor pulled her foot towards the far end of the tub and clicked the second bracelet shut around the base of the cold tap; thus ensuring that Lauren was unable to get out of the bath.

“Okay my little plaything, I’ll leave you to relax and get yourself cleaned up for about twenty minutes or so. There’s shampoo on the side to get the sand and salt out of your hair. Don’t go away, I’ll be back soon.”

She blew a kiss as she exited the room, shutting the door behind her.

Lauren peeled the tape from her mouth and spat out the rolled up tights that had seemingly filled her mouth forever. She washed as best she could, then worked the shampoo through her hair and submerged momentarily beneath the rapidly decreasing bubbles, in order to rinse the lather out. It was a relief to get out of her wet clothes, and also to find herself – temporarily - free from her bonds. She knew that she was going to be bound again – that went without saying – and she had no problem with that.

In fact, even after the shock and despair of last night, she found the lure of being once more tied up a turn on. Her only worry now was the Amber’s unpredictability. Was she really interested in her sexually, or was this just a game? At this very moment, the ambiguity of the situation was the one thing on the horizon that was, more than anything else, giving her cause for concern.


The creaking of the door signalled Amber’s return.

“Well kitten, I hope you’re feeling all nice and refreshed now.”

She pulled the plug out and allowed the water to drain away, leaving Lauren sitting in the rapidly emptying bath, her ankle still shackled to the tap. Once the water had all gone, leaving only a residue of bubbles, Amber finally released Lauren’s foot, helped her out of the bath and wrapped her up in a large bath towel.

“Dry yourself and get dressed. I’ve brought you some fresh clothes, as that cat-suit of yours will need a wash before you can wear it again. I hope the costume I’ve brought for you will be to your liking.”

Lauren noticed for the first time that Amber had deposited two items of clothing on the floor. One of which she could see was a pair of black tights, the other – also black – seemed to be made from the same material as Amber’s outfit.

“You’ve got five minutes.” She gestured towards the garments. “That cat-suit belongs to one of the twins, but as you’re about the same size, it should fit you like a glove. Once you’re dressed, I want you to handcuff yourself behind your back. Don’t try anything stupid, will you? I want those cuffs to be nice and tight around your wrists when I return.”

She placed the cuffs on the edge of the bath, kissed Lauren gently on the forehead, then beat a hasty retreat, closing the door behind her again.

Lauren dried herself on the soft towel and pondered her next move. For the first time in more than a day she was unencumbered by any form of bondage. Should she try to escape? As far as she could tell, Amber hadn’t locked the door, so what was to stop her making a dash for freedom? But what if she happened to be waiting just outside? Was Amber, in fact, hoping that she would make such a move, in order to give her an excuse to mete out some form of punishment?

Having quickly weighed up all her options, Lauren decided to comply with Amber’s commands. And besides, the idea of placing her hands in the bracelets of steel and hearing the ratchets slowly click shut around her wrists had sent a thrill rushing through her. Even though she still had misgivings about Amber’s intentions, the thought of once more being a helpless prisoner seemed quite an appealing prospect.

Lauren slipped the tights over her feet and pulled them up to her waist, before holding the one piece latex suit out in front of her and examining it for a few seconds. Inserting her left foot into the leg, she slowly eased the alien garment up to her thigh; the latex gliding over the tights effortlessly. Having executed a similar manoeuvre with her right leg, she eased the strangely textured outfit over the rest of her body and manoeuvred her arms into the sleeves. Once ensconced up to the neck, she dexterously reached around and pulled the zipper up behind her. She turned and gazed in the mirror.

The cat-suit was an extremely tight fit, and moulded to every curve of her slim young figure. She ran her hands over high thighs and gradually worked upwards over her hips and up to her breasts. Her spandex suit had been tight and comfortable, but this was an entirely new sensation for her. The way that the tight latex seemed to constrict and squeeze her all over made her realise that this was in effect a form of bondage in itself. She could see now why Amber habitually wore such attire.

The thought of Amber - and specifically her imminent return - broke Lauren’s reverie and caused her to focus on the matter in hand; namely to get herself into the shackles that her been provided for her. Slipping her left wrist into the bracelet then securing it was easy enough. Getting the second ring of steel to shut around her right arm whilst holding both hands behind her back, however, proved more of a trial. After three or four attempts, however, she finally managed to correctly align the two arms and push with enough force to allow the ratchets to slide irreversibly into their intended socket. And not a moment too soon, for just as the last metallic click had signalled her inability to pull her wrist free, the door opened and Amber once more appeared. Immediately she bid Lauren turn around, to enable her to view her victim’s self bondage efforts. She grabbed and inspected the handcuffs and, finding them secured to her satisfaction, turned her captive around to face her again. She smiled.

“Okay darling, I’m just about to help the twins get washed and cleaned up, and I thought perhaps you’d like to witness the event. This will show you just how privileged you are to have been allowed a nice hot bath.”

Lauren had no idea what Amber meant by this, but within seconds she was powerless to ask. It was obvious that the rolled up tights that Amber held up to Lauren’s lips were not an option that she could accept or reject, so she meekly allowed the ball of material to be packed into her mouth. Duct tape being wound several times around her head completed the silencing process.

Fixing a dog collar and chain around Lauren’s neck, Amber led her compliant detainee out of the bathroom, along the corridor and into a room that Lauren had never been in before, but which she knew to be Jasmine and Jade’s parent’s bedroom. This wasn’t their final destination however, as leading off this master bedroom was an en suite shower room. As they entered, Lauren gasped as she noticed that the twins were already ensconced within the small cubicle. They were no longer bound to each other or hooded, but had been stripped of their cat-suits and stood naked in the tiny confined space. They still retained the handcuffs, as well as being gagged in similar fashion to Lauren. Their legs were also bound in several places, and each leant against the wall of the cramped space, their hair rat-tailed and tousled. As their cousin appeared, their eyes widened with what could only be described as fear.

It was obvious to Lauren that the method of cleansing the twins was going to be in stark contrast to her own bathing experience. However, as Amber slid back the Perspex shower screen, Lauren could only watch in horror as the temperature dial – until now set half way between the blue and red extremes – was turned to its fullest extent towards the blue - and therefore cold – end of the spectrum. Turning the water on, Amber quickly retracted her arm and closed the door, which coincided with two simultaneous screeches of anguish emanating from two well gagged mouths. As the freezing water struck, both twins tried desperately to take evasive action by cowering as far into the corners of the booth as they could. But it was impossible to elude the freezing spray that cascaded onto their bare skin, chilling them to the bone and causing goose bumps to rise on their breasts and their nipples to quickly stand to attention.

Now standing beside Lauren, Amber spoke softly; seemingly amused by her cousins’ discomfort.

“Aren’t you glad now that you didn’t have to go through this procedure? I hope this shows you just how honoured you are, and makes you realise that I don’t favour everyone with such special treatment.”

Lauren wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.


For what must have been fully five minutes – but undoubtedly felt like ten times longer to Jasmine and Jade – Amber allowed the torrent to gush unabated onto the helpless duo. Finally, however, she seemed to decide that the decontamination process had run its course and reached in to turn off the incessant flow. By now, Jade was crouched and quivering in one corner, whilst Jasmine stood on her tiptoes, squeezing her body as close to the wall as was humanly possible.

With the cessation of the deluge, Amber pulled the screen back to its fullest extent and helped her two shivering and bedraggled relatives out of the cubicle. Nonchalantly, she threw a bath towel around each of them, before grabbing Jade by the shoulders and forcing her to hop back into the bedroom. Attached to the wall beneath the window stood a sturdy radiator that was pumping out heat into the room, and Lauren now noticed that, attached to the pipe-work, Amber had locked one bracelet of a set of handcuffs. Forcing Jade to sit on the carpet with her back to the radiator, Amber reached behind her shivering and dripping wet prisoner and swiftly secured the empty bracelet of this set of cuffs to the connecting chain of the set she already wore, thus anchoring her to the building’s heating system. For an action replay, she performed an identical procedure on Jasmine; securing her to the far end of the six feet long radiator from the spot where her sister was moored.

“There, that should get you both dry in no time.”

She turned her attention back to Lauren.

“We’d better think about getting that hair of yours dry before we take a little trip back to my place. Wouldn’t want you to catch pneumonia now, would we?”

She held up a lock of Lauren’s rat-tailed hair for a second or two, before allowing it to fall back limply around her shoulders. Without further ado, she grabbed the chain that hung over Lauren’s breasts and immediately began to lead her out of the bedroom and back downstairs. Reaching the main living room, Lauren saw that there was a log fire burning in the grate. Gently coaxing Lauren down onto the fireside rug, Amber produced a silk scarf and quickly fashioned a blindfold that she tied tightly at the rear of her head.

“Don’t go away. I’m just going to get something to bind your legs with. I won’t be moment.”

Lauren was left sitting in the warmth of the fire for less than a minute, before she felt her feet being placed side by side and, true to her word, Amber proceeded to bind first her ankles, then her knees, with what felt like soft rope.

“We’ll be leaving in about an hour, so try to relax and get some rest.”


The warmth from the fire, plus the fact that she’d had very little sleep the previous night, conspired to lull Lauren very quickly into a state of slumber. When she awoke, the raging fire in the hearth had subsided down to mere embers that crackled every so often as they slowly cooled. But it wasn’t the noise of the disintegrating logs that prompted the disturbance of her period of rest, but a sound that she recognised – once she’d regained her senses – as that of duct tape being ripped from a reel. Almost immediately, she felt her legs being surrounded again and again, as the tape adhered to the tight latex of the cat-suit. For several minutes the tape continued to encircle her lower limbs, gradually working its way up from her ankles to her waist, via calves, knees and thighs. Lauren had been expecting that the tape would continue its upward journey to her shoulders and encompass her arms within the developing cocoon, so she was surprised to find that her abdomen was the limit of the mummifying process.

A second surprise was the sensation of her blindfold being removed, although she guessed – wrongly as it transpired - that this might merely be a temporary measure.

And to complete the hat-trick of surprises, Lauren watched as Amber picked at the end of the tape gag with her fingernails, before beginning the slow and somewhat painful process of stripping the tape from her face. With her lips stinging as the final piece came free, Lauren instinctively tried to spit the tights out, but Amber’s hand, backed up with a softly spoken but firm rebuke, dissuaded her from this course of action.

The amount of time Lauren’s mouth spent unhindered by clinging tape, however, could be measured in seconds rather than minutes. For lying on the rug beside the kneeling Amber, as well as the several customary reels of grey duct tape used for the mummification process, Lauren spied a cuckoo in the nest – a spool of tape different in colour which, when Amber began to loosen the end, proved to be transparent. This tape – comparative in width and adhesive quality to its grey relative – instantly found its way across Lauren’s mouth and around her head; leaving her capacity for vocalisation once more severely muted. Lauren was perplexed by this seemingly unnecessary change, but Amber seemed to sense her confusion and obligingly explained the situation for her.

“I’ve decided, for our next little jaunt in the car, that instead of you riding in the boot with my two cousins, you might like to sit beside me in the passenger seat. This means, of course, that having ugly grey tape smothering your face really wouldn’t be a good idea. What if someone was to see you like that? This clear tape will be a bit harder to detect.”

She gently but firmly smoothed the tape down over Lauren’s mouth.

“There’s just one more thing I need to do to make your face look realistic.”

Amber produced a tube of bright red lipstick – the same colour, by the look of it, as she wore herself – and swiftly began drawing the shape of a mouth on the tape. After admiring her artistic design for a second or two, she pulled Lauren to her feet.

“That’s perfect. See what you think.”

There was a mirror situated on the far wall of the room, in the direction of which Amber now made Lauren hop until she was in a position to see her own reflection. The image that stared back at her was of a young woman whose face was clearly taped up, with a bright red and, quite frankly, grotesque caricature of a smiling mouth painted over it. This would, Lauren knew for certain, fool nobody. Amber must surely have known this, but still seemed pleased with her efforts.

“Okay, I think we’re just about ready to go. I put the twins in the car while you were asleep, so it’s time we made a move.”


Lauren, with Amber’s arm to steady her, was made to hop out of the room, down the hallway, through the kitchen and out into the sunlight. Amber’s car stood directly outside. She briefly opened the boot to reveal Jasmine and Jade wedged inside; now attired in latex cat-suits that matched her own, and with tightly fitting handcuffs adorning their lower arms. These had then been supplemented with so much rope from shoulder to ankle, that the abundance of the white bonds seemed greater in visual proportion than the shiny black garments beneath. Their heads were once more hidden beneath leather hoods that rendered them sightless. Whether Amber’s purpose, in allowing Lauren this insight into the trials and tribulations that the twins were being forced to endure, was to make Lauren feel grateful or flattered, was not clear. Perhaps, it was a warning that, although she was being treated more favourably, the punishment - should she choose to disobey or in any way upset Amber - would be to have her privileges revoked and to rejoin her friends.

Whatever the reason, Lauren’s view of her friends was fleeting, as after only a few seconds, Amber slammed the boot shut and promptly ushered Lauren into the front passenger seat of the vehicle, before stretching the seat belt across her chest and fastening it. Having assured herself that Lauren was secure in her seat, Amber came around and eased her latex clad form behind the wheel, before securing her own belt and removing the leather hood from her head. She started the engine.

“Okay honey, here we go. If we encounter anyone on the road, just smile sweetly at them.”


It was now late morning, and the day’s early promise - from a meteorological perspective - hadn’t disappointed. Even so, the sun-soaked country lanes were relatively devoid of human presence. On only one occasion did Lauren think that her taped face and unnatural smile might have been noticed, and this was when Amber had to stop briefly at a crossroads to give way to a cyclist. The woman – probably about the same age as Lauren - turned momentarily to stare through the windscreen directly at her. Eye contact was made, but instead of the shock that Lauren had expected, the woman merely smiled and raised her hand in acknowledgment of them having allowed her right of way, before turning her attention back to the road ahead.


Although she had been imprisoned in Amber’s dungeon on one previous occasion, and she had gleaned – from the twins - that it was situated in a derelict, boarded up manor house somewhere in the wilds of rural Suffolk, Lauren had never actually seen the building before. Nor did she possess any idea of its precise location. Hidden from the road by thick woods, the once grand exterior was now crumbling and dilapidated. Part of the roof had caved in, and what had once been an elegantly manicured front garden was now overgrown and strewn with fallen masonry and tiles. The downstairs windows had all been secured against intruders with sheets of solid metal, whilst those upstairs - many of which were broken, or missing their panes completely - gazed out like empty black eyes into the surrounding trees.

Amber negotiated the pot-holed track that led to the front door then manoeuvred the car between the larger pieces of fallen brickwork and other debris, before stopping within a few feet of the metal obscured front door. Lauren watched as Amber killed the engine and, now that there was no one else around, once more squeezed her head into the contour hugging confines of her black latex hood; adjusting her long blonde ponytail so that it sprung fountain-like from the back of her head.

The way in looked impassable, but Amber clearly knew otherwise and within seconds the entrance restricting metal obstacle had been removed to reveal the original sturdy oak front door – once painted dark green, but now dirt encrusted and peeling. Amber selected a key from a huge bunch that she retrieved from her bag and within seconds Lauren witnessed the door swing slowly open. Inside, the view was one of impenetrable blackness.

Their passage into the house now free from obstructions, Amber came back to the car, opened the passenger door and released Lauren’s seat belt. After being hauled into an upright stance, the chain around Lauren’s neck received a sharp pull as Amber began leading the way into the house, leaving Lauren with no option than to hop forward in her captor’s wake. The floorboards creaked as they journeyed along the hallway; the darkness becoming ever more enveloping by the second. After a few steps/jumps however, they stopped beside a door on their right hand side. Sliding two heavy bolts back – one at the top, the other close to the floor - Amber somehow located a key from the overcrowded ring in the darkness, and unlocked the door. Pushing it open, she flicked a switch on the wall just inside and instantly a dim light pervaded the blackness ahead, revealing a flight of stone steps leading into the bowels of the earth.

“The benefit of having your own generator installed.” Amber informed her captive, just in case Lauren happened to be perplexed about the presence of electricity in an otherwise uninhabited house. But in reality, she had far more to occupy her mind than power sources at that moment. As Amber walked backwards with her arm around her bound victim’s waist, the helpless Lauren was eased down the steps one jump at a time, in what was to prove a nerve-wracking few moments, as there was no safety rail on their right to prevent either or both of them plummeting into the dark cavern below, should one of them stumble. To her relief, the bottom was reached with no mishaps, however, at which point Lauren was lead over to the far side of the chamber. There she was eased onto the stone floor and left in a sitting position with her back against the wall.

After the warmth of the log fire, followed by the unseasonably warm autumn sunshine streaming through the car windows, the significant drop in temperature in this subterranean hovel caused Lauren to visibly shiver. Although her next actions had undoubtedly been planned in advance, Amber used this as an excuse to further encase her already helpless detainee.

“Aw! Is my little plaything getting cold? We wouldn’t want you to catch a chill now, would we?”

Even as her rhetorical question was being uttered, she was seen to grab a black darlex sleep-sack from her stash of bondage supplies, before taking hold of Lauren’s taped legs and deftly shepherding them into the snug but yielding sheath. Encasing Lauren as far as her neck, Amber supplemented this latest affront to her victim’s liberty with several strategically placed leather straps; the lowest embracing her ankles, with further ones clinching her tightly at the knees, thighs, waist and chest. But still Amber hadn’t finished.

A strong metal ring could be seen protruding from the stonework just to the left of where Lauren sat, at approximately the level of her neck, and it was through this immovable mooring point that Amber threaded Lauren’s chain several times before securing it in place with a padlock. The length of chain left between her neck and the wall couldn’t have been more than six inches or so now, which effectively meant that she was unable to move her head more than this distance away from the cold stone. Amber now stood back to admire her latest bondage creation, slowly walking from left to right to view her work of art from every perspective. She seemed pleased with her endeavours.

“Right, I guess I’d better get those two cousins of mine inside before they begin to think that they’ve been abandoned and start trying to draw attention to themselves. Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.”

She smiled and winked at Lauren, before heading towards the stairs.


The interval between Amber’s latex clad derrière disappearing into the cellar’s gloom and her return with the first of the twins slung over her shoulder, couldn’t have been much more than two minutes. Another similar time-span would also elapse whilst she repeated the journey with the second identically trussed up young woman. In these interludes, however, Lauren had taken the opportunity to explore the restrictive qualities of her latest diverse array of bonds. Ropes, handcuffs, duct tape, chain, darlex body-bag and stringent belts all conspired to assure her that she had no means of escape.

But that didn’t worry her one iota. The experience of being tied up in as many layers as this had now become something she craved, and the chance to test her bonds to their limits by struggling and squirming never failed to instigate the first stirrings of arousal. So what if Amber’s attentions seemed to be getting a little out of hand? Being in bondage was, for Lauren, the thing she now lived for. Amber had been negligent in one crucial department however, and that was in her failure to secure any kind of crotch rope. But maybe this was deliberate. Maybe Amber planned to...

Her daydream was interrupted as Amber dumped the second of the bound pair on the stone floor. Without delay, she began to release the lacing on the back of the head of the first twin, before easing the hood off. A cascade of still not entirely dry raven-black hair tumbled around the young woman’s shoulders; the pale blue eyes that blinked in the unfamiliar light indentifying this as Jasmine. Amber knelt down beside the still sightless Jade and reached around the back of her head, in what was presumably intended to be a similar hood removal. Her plans were to be unexpectedly interrupted, however.


A faint sound of creaking wood first alerted Lauren to the possibility that the four women were not the only people occupying the premises at that moment. Or was it just the wind that had inched the door open slightly and caused that noise? The latter theory would almost instantly become redundant, as the sound of footsteps descending the stairs reached her ears. And it was obvious, from the way Amber swiftly rose to her feet, that she too had sensed the proximity of the intruder.

The blurred outline of a figure appeared at the foot of the stairs, his features gradually sharpening as he approached the end of the room in which all four women were assembled. The noise that emanated from Lauren’s taped mouth was both a gasp of surprise and, to a certain extent, a sigh of relief that this wasn’t someone completely unknown that had invaded the cellar. For she now recognised the man who had advanced to within a few feet of Amber; it was the kidnapper/ actor Dave - or the ‘Boss’ as Lauren had originally known him. Her relief at seeing a familiar face, however, was tempered by the fact that he appeared to be rather unhappy about something or other. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a brown envelope, from which the tops of a substantial wodge of banknotes could be seen protruding, and held it out to within inches of Amber’s face.

“What the fuck is this?”

His voice was low, but clearly conveyed a barely concealed anger. Amber looked at the package, then back at Dave.

“That” she said, with what Lauren interpreted as an air of arrogance “is the five hundred pounds I promised for the work you and your cronies carried out yesterday and this morning.”

Dave’s temper was clearly boiling over, and his face reddened.

“Each! It was supposed to be five hundred each! Five hundred for Carl, five hundred for Al, and five hundred for me!”

Amber met his belligerent stare with disdain.

“Don’t be absurd Dave. You know as well as I do that what you did wasn’t worth that sort of money.”

“But that’s what we agreed woman! And now you’re trying to short-change us? Now give me the rest of our cash, or I swear you’ll regret this!”

The decibel levels of his voice had now been upped to what could only be regarded as within the range commonly known as shouting.

“Really Dave? Do you have anything in writing to back up your claim? Of course you don’t. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like you to leave. I’ve got more important things to do than quarrel with you all day over a pittance.”

Amber’s contemptuous riposte was followed almost immediately by the click of her heels, as she turned her back on her verbal sparring partner. But this was to prove to be a grave error on her part; one that was about to lead to her downfall.


The events of the next minute or two seemed to pass in slow motion to the watching Lauren. For as Mistress de Sade turned away, she saw Dave reach over to the table that harboured much of Amber’s bondage equipment and grab hold of a pair of steel handcuffs that just happened to be lying open. With lightning speed, he grabbed Amber’s left arm and sharply twisted it up behind her. The shriek that emanated from Amber’s mouth as he pulled her hand high up into her back was, Lauren imagined, partially due to the pain that this move inflicted, and partly related to the shock of the sudden assault upon her person.

A split second later Amber was on her knees, as he applied more pressure to her unnaturally twisted arm. Then his knee seemed to push into her back and within seconds she was lying face down on the floor. Almost immediately, Dave was sitting astride her, his left hand still with a vice-like grip on her wrist, whilst his other hand grappled with Amber’s right arm as she attempted to thrash out at her assailant. It did her no good, of course, for although she fought like a tigress to break free, less than ten seconds after this whole wrestling match had begun, it was over; the loser now finding her wrists shackled inescapably behind her back with her own cuffs.


She tried to lash out with her now useless hands, but by now Dave had already begun to get to his feet. With the pressure relieved from her back, Amber rolled awkwardly over and tried to stand up. But as she did so, Dave grabbed a second set of handcuffs from the nearby stash and took hold of her right leg, forcing her back to the ground. Despite her attempts to kick out at him, he held her feet together and calmly began removing her high-heeled leather boots.


The second, or demanding, part of this shouted utterance was ignored, whilst the first was answered without hesitation.

“Teaching you a lesson, that’s what I’m fuckin’doing.”

Lauren could only look on in ever greater shock, as Dave now clicked the arm of one bracelet down onto Amber’s latex covered right ankle, before quickly locking the other around the left. Although these were actually designed as wrist restraints, Amber’s slender ankles fitted perfectly within their circumference, and the chain that linked the two rings of steel was of such short length that walking, or even standing, would now be impossible.

With his grip on her legs released, Amber bucked and writhed on the floor for a few seconds, as Dave searched for something amongst the assorted bondage paraphernalia spread out on the table. He soon found what he was looking for.


But the remainder of Amber’s words were muffled and unclear, as a large ball-gag was thrust into her protesting mouth, and no amount of shaking her head and trying to spit out the well chewed mass of rubber did any good. Within seconds, Dave had buckled the attached strap at the rear of her head, ensuring that it was as tight and secure as it could be. Amber continued to scream, but her words were now unrecognisable, and Dave was taking no notice anyway, having located the next piece of equipment he required.

Being a bondage dungeon, the fixtures and fittings required to suspend victims and submissives from the ceiling were already in place, so it didn’t take a great deal of effort on Dave’s part to attach a chain of one of the winches above his head and wrap the other end around Amber’s ankle cuffs, before making this arrangement permanent with a padlock. Although Amber tried to squirm away towards the stairs, she was in no position to counter Dave’s superior strength and mobility, and Lauren could only watch in both fascination and horror as he dragged his victim to a spot directly beneath the pulley and began hoisting her upwards by her feet.

The clanking of the chain did nothing to drown out Amber’s screams as her legs were drawn towards the ceiling. As her body slowly lifted off the ground, she twisted her legs and torso as violently as she could, in a frenzied act of desperation. But all this achieved was an oscillation of the chain, which caused her – once her head had left the floor – to spin helplessly in mid air. Taking her up to a height whereby the top of her head was roughly six inches above the ground, Dave fixed the other end of the chain to one of the anchoring hooks in the wall on the far side of the room, and secured it with a stout padlock.

Amber’s violent thrashing and contorting of her body may have looked spectacular, but it achieved very little other than to accentuate the swinging process to a significant degree. Finally, after several minutes of this activity, she seemed to sense that her efforts were futile and gradually the furious swaying motion calmed down. This cessation of physical defiance also coincided with a verbal change of tack, insofar as her screamed demands to be let down were now replaced by pitiful pleas for freedom. Once the swinging had died down, Dave knelt beside Amber’s head.

“Now, are you going to cough up the rest of the money you owe us, or am I going to have to leave you here?”

Amber’s response came out in a muffled shriek, but the message was clear. She couldn’t pay up because she didn’t have that amount of cash.

“Well I guess that means that you’re going to be ‘hanging around’ here for quite some time.”

This was the signal for Amber to start struggling violently again. But it cut no ice with Dave, as he stood up to his full height and walked across to the side of the room where the twins and Lauren languished.

“Right then girls, my initial thought was to let you go. After all, you’ve been through quite an ordeal these past two days.”

Deep in thought, he walked across to the table.

“But then I realised something. Amber kept telling me about how you all love being tied up, so I figured that perhaps I’d just leave you here to enjoy yourselves.”

He looked at them each in turn – Lauren chained to the wall, Jade still sightless beneath her hood, with Jasmine wide-eyed beside her - as if waiting for some sort of response. When none was forthcoming, he continued.

“And of course, if I let you go, one of you might take pity on this lying, cheating creature here and set her free.”

He pointed to the upside down and wildly gyrating Amber, who was now grunting and groaning as she tried to slip the manacles off her wrists.

“No, I’m afraid you’re just collateral damage in my dispute with Amber, which means you’re going to have to stay as you are and keep her company. I’m sure she mentioned something about her next paying customer not being until Wednesday. So I guess you’ll just have to wait until he or she turns up and finds you here. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

He uttered a harsh laugh and, without further ado, headed for the exit. As he passed the swinging Amber, he slapped her hard on her latex covered thigh.

“How does it feel to be getting a taste of your own medicine? It serves you right for ripping me and the lads off like that. Bye Amber. I hope you enjoy the next few days. ”

And then he was gone. Lauren listened, fearful of hearing the door being shut and locked. Mercifully no such sound materialised.


Almost as soon as Dave’s footsteps had faded, Jasmine swung into action. For several minutes she clawed at the mass of tight ropes around her body and contorted her shoulders in an effort to get herself loose. She failed to make much headway though; the knots – as Amber had intended – being situated out of her fingers’ reach. She had another plan, however. Sliding herself up so that she was back to back with her sister, she made an attempt at communication which seemed like gibberish to Lauren, but which Jade evidently understood. Although unable to see, seconds later the latter’s fingers began to probe the multitude of ropes on Jasmine’s back, until finally they chanced upon one of the knots. Unpicking this tightly secured impediment took her only a few seconds, and Lauren could only marvel at the skill involved as Jasmine, now with one encircling rope loosened, soon managed to twist, rotate and shake her arms until she was able to slither out of the worst of the rope bonds around her torso.

That was all very well, of course, but she still had the handcuffs to contend with. Using the wall to lever herself to her feet, she hopped on her still tightly bound legs over to the table where the diverse variety of bondage equipment lay in disarray. She seemed to know exactly where she was heading, however, and, upon reaching the table’s edge, she turned around and grabbed Amber’s shoulder bag. Turning it upside down, she tipped the contents onto the floor. Seemingly a thousand diverse items cascaded out, including lipsticks, mobile phone, coins etc . Amongst the pile now scattered at her feet, Jasmine spied the very thing she was after and eased herself onto the floor to retrieve it. With a stifled noise of triumph making its way through her gag, Jasmine picked something up, which proved to be a set of keys. Lauren’s hopes rose. These must be the keys to the handcuffs.

It took Jasmine a minute or more to insert the key into the lock on the left bracelet with her right hand, but once she’d completed this task the cuff instantly loosened and her hands were free. She cautiously stripped the tape from her mouth and spat her gag out with a sigh of relief, then set to work untying her legs. As soon as she was free from the last of her bonds, Jasmine headed straight over to her twin, released her handcuffs and helped her to remove the hood from her head. With her sister’s hands now free, Jasmine left Jade to free herself from her remaining bonds and remove her gag. Although Amber’s stifled cries had intensified as she watched the twins expertly extricating themselves, Jasmine chose to ignore her and instead came over to where Lauren sat chained to the wall.

“Will you be alright if we leave you there for a while Lauren? Amber’s tied and tormented us so much in the past, so now it’s payback time. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”

Jade was by now bond free, and had walked over to where Amber hung from the ceiling; begging and beseeching the twins to help her out of the undesirable and unexpected predicament she found herself in. It was clear that neither Jasmine nor Jade had any intention of acceding to her wishes, however.

Both of the twins carried the pairs of handcuffs that they’d so recently been wearing, and whilst Jasmine held their upside-down cousin steady, Jade preceded to place her set of cuffs around Amber’s already fettered wrists and click them shut. Jade and Jasmine then swapped roles and within seconds Amber’s lower arms were trapped in no less than three sets of steel bracelets. As the sound of the ratchets informed her of her ever worsening situation, Amber’s appeals for leniency grew ever more pathetic. At one point, her eyes and Lauren’s met briefly across the room, and the pitiful and pleading look on the once self-assured and domineering face almost - for a few brief seconds – persuaded Lauren to feel sorry for her erstwhile captor. No longer fighting like a lioness for her freedom, Mistress Amber de Sade was now reduced to a meek and frightened little kitten.

Of course, knowing the twins penchant for adding increasing layers to already inescapable bondage, it came as no great shock to Lauren that Jade and Jasmine hadn’t yet finished punishing their now subdued relative. Working in unison, both twins helped themselves to reels of duct tape that, no doubt, had once been earmarked for the encasement of Lauren and themselves. Now however, with the tables turned, the twins wasted no time in the commencement of what was to become Amber’s mummification. With Jasmine standing on tiptoes and wrapping the grey sealant around her protesting captive’s legs, and Jade simultaneously beginning at her shoulders and working upwards, the wrapping and packing process progressed apace until, after only three or four minutes, very little of Amber’s tight and shiny latex outfit remained on show.

“There you go Amber. See how you like being left helpless for hours at a time. Not so keen now that you’re on the receiving end, are you?”

Amber screamed as Jade grabbed her cocooned torso and shoved her playfully but forcefully, so that she swung back and forth for a minute or more; her momentum gradually slowing until she once again returned to her original position. Both twins seemed to take great amusement from this event, but after a couple of repeat performances, they seemed to tire of this game and suddenly seemed to recall that they’d temporarily forgotten their bound friend in the corner.

“So what do you think Lauren? Should we just leave Amber to ‘hang around’ here tonight?”

Lauren glanced across to where Amber’s upside-down face mournfully stared back at her; the desperation in the latter’s wide eyes seeking a sympathetic response. For a few seconds, Lauren found herself feeling sorry for Amber again, and was on the point of trying to communicate the fact that maybe the twins should forgive and forget. But the memories of Amber’s devious schemes were still too vivid in her mind, and she soon banished all such thoughts of leniency. And besides, she was still in the hands of the twins and, she reasoned, if she went against their wishes, she might find herself strung up and left here overnight alongside Amber. Through her gag, she did her best to confirm that leaving their former tormentor to face the consequences of her actions seemed like the right thing to do.

Jasmine retrieved the key to the padlock that held Lauren in thrall against the wall, whilst Jade undid the straps around her body, before slipping her out of the body-bag. Removing the duct tape and ropes from her legs left Lauren merely handcuffed and gagged, with the chain still hanging loosely from the leather collar around her neck. But no further release was planned. Helping their friend to her feet, Jade grabbed the chain and began leading Lauren towards the stairs, with Jasmine following a few paces behind.

Jade’s right foot alighting on the lowest step was the signal for Amber to once more begin her desperate clamour for clemency. But if she was hoping for an eleventh hour reprieve, the consequences of her latest outburst actually had the opposite effect, and in fact ensured that her dire situation worsened still further. Jasmine stopped in her tracks and addressed her sister.

“You know something Jade? I’m getting a bit fed up with seeing those pathetic ‘little girl’ eyes staring at us. And that constant wailing and bleating is getting on my nerves.”

She turned back to Amber, grabbed one of the reels of tape and tore off a length of around eight inches. Placing one end on the latex hood close to Amber’s left ear, she quickly slapped it down over the disapproving woman’s eyes. Smoothing the sight restrictor down, she followed this up by sticking more tape over Amber’s ball-gagged mouth, before winding it around the back of her hooded head and returning to the front. She repeated this encircling process three more times.

“Okay Amber, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the error of your ways now. We’ll come back to visit tomorrow, just to see how you’re getting on. If you’re not out by then we’ll probably add a few more ropes, chains, straps or whatever else takes our fancy. It will all depend on how considerate or cruel we happen to be feeling at the time.”

And with that she walked towards where Jade and Lauren waited at the foot of the stairs. As they ascended, Lauren glanced back down to where Amber’s form had begun to twist and gyrate in her feeble fight to attain a freedom that she must have known to be beyond her; her head only six inches or so from the ground, with her long blonde ponytail sweeping the area of floor directly beneath.


Once the cellar door was closed and locked, Amber’s mournful pleas became significantly fainter, and by the time the trio had exited the dilapidated building, they were no longer audible. They reached Amber’s car; the boot of which Jasmine was in the process of opening. She motioned for Lauren to climb inside.

“Well it’s certainly been quite an eventful weekend, hasn’t it? Don’t worry about Amber. It’ll do her good to find out what it’s like to be bound and helpless for a day or two. Now, let’s get back to the house and get you all comfortably tied up for the evening...

... Oh, by the way Lauren, did we mention that we’d ordered a new leather straitjacket? I’m sure it will be a perfect fit for you...”


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