by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2007 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; machine; electroplay; toys; cons; X

Author's Note
This is a sequal to "Screwy". To my knowledge all devices mentioned are fictional. If anyone wishes to try and contstruct them they are welcome to do so but the names are my copyright and I reserve the right to claim Intellectual rights on them.


"Sounds like some sort of Sci-fi character or story," Michelle complained. "don't you want something more obvious like Fucking Machines?"

"I kinda like it. It's got class, besides, as you well know they are not all just fucking machines, and anyway there is already a web site and company with that name."

"Yes, but nobody will know what it's all about."

"The answer is on the screen ."


"But how will they find it?"

"People don't search by domain name or site name: they use Meta-tags, and  content details. If they want this sort of thing they will find me. I am spending enough on advertising and registrations, not to mention all the rules over adult sites."
"I know you have been spending more time on this than you have on me," Michelle pouted.

Adrian ignored her.

Michelle stamped her foot in frustration and regretted it immediately. She was wearing several of Adrian's creations and that movement had triggered a painful response. She returned to her pacing about, glancing all the time at the computer screen that Adrian was concentrating so hard on.

Her tits were being tormented by the BETTA bra. She could not remove it even if her wrists were not being held tightly behind her. The pacing was not frustration but necessity. The shoes she was wearing had pressure sensors that monitored her movements and shocked her if she stopped walking for more than a minute. They had also reacted to her stomp with added ferocity. The target was an electric butt plug. It was literally a pain in the ass. She had consented to the use of these items so could not complain when they performed their assigned duties. The idea was to give her something to think about while Adrian was busy. She had hoped it might distract him but so far his attention had not wavered.

Adrian had come a long way since that first meeting. With her encouragement he had been developing these clothing lines to add to his earlier inventions. The bondage element had been a revelation to her. She had never considered it before. She had understood the necessity when using some of the machines to make sure they touched the right places, what had surprised her was her reaction to being restrained. The frustration and helplessness  really turned her on. She was in sexual overload but Adrian was still concentrating on that damned computer!

She had come up with the idea of the BETTA bra, but it had taken Adrian's technical ingenuity to make it work.

Teased &

Putting it on, the victim would find it possibly the most comfortable bra they had ever worn They were individually tailored to exact measurements of both the diameter, and size including the exact dimensions of the nipple. It followed her contours exactly with nipple cups that fitted her nipples when fully aroused. Initially of course the nipple cup was not needed, it was only when the bra's electronics were activated that the full devilment was discovered and the need for such precision was seen.

The bra had a wire frame around the base of each breast, once activated this wire could be tightened to various degrees. At this moment her tits were being squeezed very hard, forcing her nipples into the small cups. These cups also had a wire rim that squeezed the nipples like any good nipple wire, but that was not the limit of this evil contraption. There were electrodes sewn into all parts of the bra that gave anything from a tingle to a sharp shock. Another setting massaged her nipples tirelessly. As the name suggested the bra cycled through it's functions in what to the wearer seemed like a random order. The bra was locked into position so even if she had her hands free she would not have been able to remove it. The exact behaviour of the bra was governed by a small box of tricks at her back, programmable by a computer link. It seemed that the aim at present was to get her as horny as possible and boy was it succeeding!

The shoes had been Adrian's brainchild. They had, of course, an acronym

but they were anything but passive. What they did depended on the settings. The sensors could react to pressure or lack of it. Some models had sensors only in the heel. The ones  Michelle were wearing also had sensor under the ball of the foot. The sensors sent a signal to another device to activate or stop it.

She remembered on one occasion she was forced to run on a treadmill. The faster she ran: the faster a vibrator in her pussy had run. Her body had got confused with the conflicting demands put on it. If Adrian had not pressed the emergency stop button on the treadmill when he did she could have been seriously injured. As it was she ended up in convulsions on the floor

Now, of course, the sensors were driving a means of torture not pleasure. As long as she kept moving the butt plug stayed dormant but it had shocked her several times already and she was growing a little weary from all this pacing about.

The belt was a work of pure genius or maybe insanity? It had a steel wire running through a complicated set of wheels and magnetic closures ending up at two fur lined cuffs which were, of course locked in place. How it worked Michelle had no idea. All she knew was that her wrists could be forced into virtually any position around her waist independent of each other or given enough slack to allow her free movement. Her wrists were at present behind her back almost touching as if they had been tied together.  Internal blocks prevented the cuffs from being pulled beyond the physical capabilities of the human body, that is, her left cuff would not go all the way around to the right side and vice versa. 

All the devices made by Adrian had been tested and perfected first on TESS the dummy and then on Michelle. She was also the model for all the pictures that Adrian was uploading. The idea of her bound and often naked body being displayed for all the world was not one she relished but the chances of someone she knew seeing them were remote, and most of the time her face was either obscured or unrecognisable.

The most expensive item was the now renamed BUCKER. They had established that it could be used on men or women so the sexist title of Females Under Control etc. had to be changed. People was the obvious replacement but a "Pucker" did not produce the right sort of image so they plumped for "Bodies". Unfortunately Michelle had conjured up an image of a corpse being tormented, which admittedly would be pointless as you cannot sexually stimulate a dead body, nevertheless, she wondered if other people would think the same?

"I need a pee, can you release my hands please?"

"I'll get you your bottle."

"Please no. Just let me use the loo. You know I hate that bottle."

"Rules are rules.  No release until either you or I have had an orgasm, that is what we agreed."

"But it would not be a full release," she wheedled, "my wrists are still under the control of the belt and you only need slacken one of them."

"I have made my decision. Do you want the bottle or not? Or are you just trying to get off your feet for a while?"

Michelle swore under her breath. Although she could use the loo, her primary goal had been some relief from all this pacing about. She could sit down with her feet off the ground and the sensors would have ignored her. As it was there were no chairs or places to perch in this slightly cramped study of his and he had closed the door to stop her leaving.

"How long are you going to be?" she whined.

"I have no idea. I did warn you that this could take some time but you insisted. Now do you want the bottle or not?"

"I'll wait."

The bottle in question was an adapted catheter . Rather than just suspending it from the belt or attaching it to the inside of her leg, this one attached to the front of her bra. It was not very elegant to look at but as the amount of liquid in it increased so did the pressure on her already tortured tits.

"Can't you just let me go upstairs or something? I can't do anything with my wrists still held in place."

"Just let me finish will you, or do you want me to silence you as well?"

Michelle hated gags and Adrian knew it. The fact that he had threatened one showed how set he was on finishing his precious web site. All right, it was for her benefit as well. If it succeeded she would be able to give up her rather boring office job but such things were a long way off.  For now all she could think of was how much her feet ached and the continuous barrage to her tits. How could either of them get an orgasm? There was nothing inside her pussy to give her any encouragement and Adrian was fully clothed and engrossed in his work!

She set up a  rhythmic pacing designed to get on his nerves.

"All right, all right," he said with clear exasperation, "I give in!  Just let me load this page and I will sort you out! I will never get this finished at this rate."

Michelle could not be sure if this was going to be a happy release or further endurance.

"I could do with a break anyway," he sighed as the computer confirmed a successful upload. He touched some keys on the belt control pad and her wrists moved apart and to her front before being given a considerable amount of slack.

"Now make us a coffee," he said

"Can you turn the bra down a bit as well?"

She stopped short of requesting he take her shoes off.

Slavery was not part of their lifestyle. Bondage and sexual games maybe, but Adrian shared both the housework and in fact was often the one in bondage. They had developed several male devices as well as female ones including a vacuum cock cage that held the prick in a glass bubble from which much of the air had been extracted. Just enough to keep it hard but not enough to encourage ejaculation. It looked a little weird but by all accounts it was very effective.

Eventually she was able to sit down and take the weight off her feet. She was still acutely aware of the invader in her backside but at least it was dormant for the time being.

"It's actually going well," Adrian enthused, "despite your distractions. I should be done in an hour or so."

"An hour!"

"I did tell you."

"I know, but do you have to make it so uncomfortable for me?"

"I suppose not, but I am working, so why should you have fun?"

"I do my bit."

She bit her lip before proclaiming that it was her money that was financing this little venture. There was no point in antagonising him now that she had his attention for a while.

"Wouldn't you rather play with me for a while?" she added mischievously.

"The idea has appeal, but I really would like to get this done and it is in your interest."

"Assuming it works."

"We can only try. If our own enjoyment is anything to go by these things should fly."

"New ideas don't always take, even if they are good, you know that."

"We will just have to see, won't we. Now, coffee over, what do we do with little miss moaner?"

Michelle thought that was a little unjust but was not willing to provoke him any further. She kept her peace as the wires tightened on her cuff s pulling her wrists back to the belt.

"Wouldn't you prefer me naked?"

"That would be difficult without releasing you from the bra and the belt."

"I won't tell," she answered, "besides, we made the rules, surely we can also bend them?"

"What exactly are asking for?"

"I want you to fuck me. We haven't had sex in over three weeks since you embarked on this Internet site. You haven't got bored with me have you?"

"Of course not," he stammered defensively, "it's just that I've been busy. It's not as if I have ignored you completely."

"You might just as well have. Your only interest has been that computer.  Did you think I hadn't noticed you taking all those pictures?"

Michelle was desperate not to turn this into a row.

"Look, " she said quietly, "Just set me up for a good fuck then get on with your damned site. It might encourage you to finish quicker. Especially if you use the camera so that you can see me waiting."

"You will let me do anything I want?"

Michelle should have smelt something wrong at this point. It was a carte blanche request to which she had never before conceded but she responded quickly.

"Uh, yes, of course."

All the locks on her sprung open almost simultaneously.

"You had better go and take that pee then," he told her, "hurry up. Oh and you can take the butt plug out as well, you won't be wanting that. Meet me in the spare bedroom."

Something was definitely up. The BUCKER was the only thing in the spare bedroom. There wasn't any room for anything else. To her knowledge the BUCKER needed someone at the controls all the time.......

"I have been working on a automation program," he told her, "this will be a good chance to give it a try.. You know where to go, I will fix you up in a tick, I just have to set the program up."

A shiver went through Michelle form head to foot. Her tits were still tingling form all the attention they had been getting. She was also genuinely horny. She knew what this machine was capable of.  She lay down placidly as the straps were adjusted. Se had never quite got used to the sensation of almost flying as her body was suspended in mid air.

"One more thing. You said I could do anything......"

Her vision went black. She was just about to complain when something was stuffed into her mouth as well.

"Don't worry I will be watching."

She tried to complain that he would be too busy on the computer but she could not form the words properly.

"Enjoy yourself!" he called, "I will be back later to finish you off."

Finish me off?

She heard something moving. She had no idea what or where. She was struggling wildly, despite the knowledge that there could be no escape. Something touched her nipple. She screamed ineffectually. There was no pain, just an irritation which she could not scratch or relieve.

As the minutes passed her struggles decreased. It was clear that the intention was to keep her aroused but not give any sort of satisfaction. The touches when they came were light and unexpected. She jumped every time, but no sooner had she started to enjoy the sensation then it stopped and she howled in frustration.

The fact that her noises were both muffled and indecipherable seemed to encourage her to make more of them. She was vocalising every jump or sensation. Her ears were straining to locate what was going on but without sight she was disorientated. To add to her confusion it kept adjusting her position raising her left side or her hands or her feet. She was not even sure where the floor was anymore. The temperature in the room seemed extraordinarily high or was it just her? She was desperate for something or someone to enter her wide open pussy but that was not part of the program it would seem. Every now and then air would be blown into her between her legs fanning her desire and offering no relief at all.

She descended into a haze of sexual torment, her body aching for fulfilment and the machine doing everything to encourage her without actually getting her going. She had read stories about machines taking over. She was now living it. The machine was relentless and cruel yet there was neither pain or discomfort only a longing for sexual fulfilment.

The sound of whirring motors stopped. Her body was still. She could not tell whether she was horizontal or vertical. Something touched her breasts, but this was warm. She moaned softly.

Adrian did not have the finesse of the machine. His touch was harder and more pressured. He pulled her nipples, squeezing them between his fingers. She gasped in dismay. She felt him fumble between her legs. At last something was entering her. He was big. He was rough. He came too soon. She squealed again.

There was a prolonged pause.

Something entered her again

This was hard and plastic. It started buzzing. Adrian knew where to put it

The long awaited orgasm swelled up inside her. She thought she would go through the ceiling. Her release was shrill, so much so that it escaped the ball that still filled her mouth. Her body bucked; the machine had been well named. She got several good ones before her muffled cries persuaded him to stop.

"All finished," Adrian said triumphantly.

Michelle had to agree with him.