by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; machine; bond; toys; cons; X

“I am inventor.” He said dramatically

Michelle was not impressed. To her it was nearly as corny as “Would you like to see my etchings? She knew he worked, they shared the same office building. Brendan lived alone, that much was certain. No woman would be able to stand living in a place like this. Admittedly it looked clean and reasonably cared for but there was no organisation, discarded tools lying every where, the books were not in any order on the book shelf and there were several teetering stacks of videos either side of the television. She had known him on and off for years, but they had never got together until now. He had wooed her slowly taking her out and showering her with gifts. This was the first time she had ever been in his home and she did not know what to expect.

“Really.” She said trying to sound interested. “What do you invent?”

“Automated Pleasure Enhancers.” He replied as if this would make perfect sense. “I call them Apes.” He continued.” "You know using the first letter of each word to make a new one.”

Michelle looked back at him with a blank stare. This was getting rather awkward.

“I have a longer name for one of them but it is more a description then a name:’ Female Under Control Kept Excited Remotely’.” He paused for her to work it out.

“F u c k e r.” She concluded and went bright red from head to toe. “You invent fucking machines.” She said incredulously.

“Not exactly fucking machines. They are designed more to titillate and stimulate than simulate actual intercourse.”

“I see.” She said, but she did not really. This was almost surreal.

“Would you like to see?”

She was back to “Would you like to see my etchings/” but at least this was slightly more original. She was curious as to what he might consider to be ‘Pleasure enhancer’ after all he was a man, and he had said they were aimed at women. She then remembered part of the longer description.

“Females under control? You male chauvinist bastard.” She exploded.

“Hold on a minute.” He said defensively. You have to be in the right position for the things to work so naturally there is a certain amount of strapping involved, but it’s not dominance, just necessary.”

Michelle was not convinced.

“If you think you are going to strap me into on of your torturing devices you have another think coming.” She blurted.

He looked disappointed. “They are not torture devices, at least they are not supposed to be.” He corrected. “Look I’m not going to try and overpower you, besides you would make mincemeat of me if it came to a struggle.”

They were much the same size but he was thin and scrawny. She was not a body builder but she regularly went swimming and kept in good shape. She suspected he was stronger than he looked but she was certainly not afraid that he would overpower her.

“I just want your honest opinion.” He continued. “After all you are woman.”

“Have you actually tested any of these inventions.” She queried.

“I got hold of a lifelike dummy, but all that does is tell me if things are in the right place.” He said slightly sheepishly. “I was hoping you would test them for me.”

At this point it was touch and go whether she ran from the house screaming or let her curiosity get the better of her.

“I make no promises. “ she said flatly.

Unbelievably he showed her into the basement. This was right out of story books, the mad inventor in his basement making mad machines that would never work.

“This was my first attempt” he said pointing to a chair. It had a hole in the seat and a vibrator stuffed a through it. “I call it the Dole model”

She tried to come up with an acronym to make dole but failed.

“Basically it doesn’t work” he explained.

Michelle now knew he was mad. He pointed to the next chair which looked like some sort of electrocuting device there were wires everywhere leading to different vibrators. He fetched his doll, which did look remarkably life like and proceeded to attach the bits to it.

“It’s a Machine.” He said exaggerating slightly in her opinion. “Multi Attachment Chair Hiding Interesting Naughty Extras.”

“It might work, but it is hardly an invention, just putting together a load of vibrators. And what about the hidden extras? Everything looks blatantly open to me.”

He turned the chair over sending the dummy flying and getting tangled in his own wires. Michelle couldn’t help smirking at this ineptitude. She was starting to enjoy herself at his expense. Once again there were holes drilled through the bottom but this time the protrusions were linked to a gearing mechanism. They would obviously go up and down depending on the gear setting,

“I can adjust which dildo comes up touching the cunt or the ass.” he said crudely.

“I don’t think I will try it.” She said trying to keep a straight face.

He shrugged. “Never mind perhaps this will suit you better.”

At least it was not a chair. She looked at the contraption, a long round beam set on two supports with various straps and a rather terrifying looking device at one end. It looked like a piston with a vibrator on the end of it. He sat astride it to demonstrate.

“It my Horizontal Orgazmatron Rear Style Entry.”

“H o r s e.” She spelled out

With the person strapped onto the pole the stimulator can be aimed at either the bum or the vagina.”

She was not convinced. “Looks mighty uncomfortable. I don’t think I could get off in that position.” She concluded, surprised that she was getting into the spirit of things. She must be going soft, still, she was intrigued as to what he might come up with next.

“This is just an attachment I came up with, it’s my ‘Nasty’ device.”

She waited for the inevitable translation.

“Nip And Suck Tit Yanker.”

There was a rubber cup, a vibrator in the back of it, all attached to another piston. A small tube allowed air to be sucked or blown into the cup. He attached it to the dummy and she watched with a certain admiration as it pulled, titillated and blew air over the simulated nipple. She could almost imagine it on her and it made some very strange feelings inside her. He had her full attention now.

“The question was how to utilise it to it’s best potential. I also needed a vaginal stimulator. The Horse was quite good but it lacked a certain finesse. I came up with this. Vaginal Integrated Automatic Gyrating Retractable Attachment.”

“You will have to change the name, some one has already patented that one.” She chided.

“Perhaps you could come up with a better name.” He challenged.

Michelle looked at the device, broadly based on the stimulator on the back of the horse it was smaller with a head that looked like a small mop. It could spin making the strands open out for tickling or lightly stroking. It could vibrate and also pump back and forth. Combining the three in differing speeds it would certainly give some different sensations she concluded.

“It looks like a mop.” How about “Multi Orgasmic Protrusion.”

He smiled “Multi Orgasmic Protrusion it is then,”

Michelle smiled too. She was starting to take him seriously despite herself.

“What’s next?”

“I know some people are into spanking and things. It’s not my bag really but I came up with an ‘Automatic Spanking Simulator’.”

“You like your names don’t you.” She laughed.

“I can’t help it.” He confessed “The names just come to me.”

It was a simple idea. A spinning wheel with interchangeable extensions. There were padded wide leather straps, thinner, more whip like fronds, one that looked like a hairbrush and small canes that looked like they would do serious damage if the machine was spinning at full speed.

“I think I will give that a miss.” She shuddered.

Her change in attitude had not gone unnoticed. He was gaining in confidence. He proudly presented his next invention.

“My ‘Skin Massager Utilising Touch Technology’.”

It was basically a shiatsu massager, she had seen them advertised on television, but he had rigged up a multi-jointed arm allowing it to remotely guided to any position he chose. By varying the pressure he could make it tickle as well as massage. All he needed now was a platform on which to mount these ideas. She was beginning to think that the final result might be worth investigating further. He lead her to the far end of the room.

“I saw something like this on a foreign satellite channel.” He explained. “Take a seat.” He suggested. “I won’t strap you in unless you agree to it.” He assured her. “Besides you are still fully dressed.”

Michelle felt a little silly but she mounted the contraption. If she had been naked she would have felt very exposed. She was seated, leaning backwards with her legs lifted in front and apart. There was a strap for each wrist and ankle and a relatively small seat. Her back was well supported and the position was quite comfortable. The mop was ready and waiting, poised in front of her groin. The ‘Nasty’ tit device and the ‘Smutt’ massager were able to be rotated over her so as to stimulate their allotted places.

“It feels more like an operating table than a pleasuring device.” She informed him. “I am not prepared for you to strap me down but you can show me how the massager would work.

“Take your top off.” He suggested.

She felt a little self conscious, but she did not remove her bra so she was only showing a bit of belly. He manoeuvred the device into position and set it in motion. It was like a rubber pillow with two protrusion like little mounds that slowly rotated in opposite directions. He touched it to her tummy and she jumped as it tickled.

“I can see why you would want to tie the person down.” She giggled using all her self control to allow the massager to touch and caress her. “What do you call this thing?”

“Machine 2” he said lamely

He moved the massager up towards her breasts.

“That will be enough.” She said panting slightly. “I get the idea. .” She pushed the massager away from her. “What’s the suprise in this one?”

He flicked a switch and there was a feint tingling in her bottom.”

“Electric current.” He said. “Can be quite stimulating.”

She jumped off quickly feeling slightly flushed.

“That’s not the final model.” He said mysteriously

She looked around but there was nothing she had not already seen.

“I built the last one in the spare bedroom. This one is all right but it only allows access to the front. When I worked out what I wanted it was too big to fit down here so I put it in the spare room. I had to remove the bed.” He said casually indicating what she now recognised as the parts of a double bed leaning against the wall. “Would you like to see it?”

She followed dutifully. As they went back upstairs she found the light hurt her eyes. The basement had been typically dingy and poorly lit. It was the atmosphere as much as anything that had made things more like torturing devices than pleasurers. The bedroom was airy and well lit and the construction that confronted her was much more robust. It bore more resemblance to a car hoist than a bed, well, maybe the shell of a four poster she conceeded. There was not even a mattress.

It was taller than she was. The pillars were hollow with a pulley mechanism embedded inside. There was a chain and a leather cuff at the base of each one which would obviously travel up the pillar.. A two inch leather strap was laid across the floor in the middle with a chain either side drooping gracefully from the beams that connected the pillars at the top. A second squarer supporter drooped nearer the wall. These beams had runners, like a curtain rail running on a circle right the way around the edge. The three attachments had their own arm which could run along the rail allowing it to be on any side. The arms were multi-jointed allowing the devices to go virtually any where within the inside of the structure. There was even a motor that pulled the arms around the rail like a train. Michelle was fascinated.

“You lie here” he said laying flat in the middle, extending his limbs into an x. “The cuffs adjust to get you into the right tension and the strap in the middle supports your back, the other cradles your head. Then you are lifted into mid air, giving access to any part of your body.”

Michelle stared in unbelief. It would work. Not only that it would be unbelievably erotic. It would be almost like flying, with stimulation from any angle.

“The whole thing is controlled from this panel.”

It was obviously derived from a sound mixer. There were sliders and dials everywhere.

“Do you want me to demonstrate?”

“You are not getting me on that thing.” She blurted, her whole body was shaking in either fear or excitement. She did not know which, and she was not prepared to find out.

“I’ll get Tess.”


“You know the dummy ‘Testing Erotic Stimulation Safely’.”

Of course, she smiled. He disappeared leaving her to contemplate the monstrosity in front of her.

“He hasn’t given it a name.” She thought idly.

Tess was suitably locked into place. He raised her up horizontally, and aimed attachments at various parts of her. He could make her whole body tip forward by lowering the feet and raising the hands, the chains adjusting to allow for the different lengths He could even simulate the position of the ‘Machine 2’ by loosening the tension in the chains and allowing the back support to descend slightly.

“So do you fancy a go?”

“Why don’t you try it?”

It’s not designed for men, besides who would operate it?”

“As far as operating is concerned I reckon I could master if with a bit of practice. To say it is not designed for men is bullshit. What do you reckon would happen if the ‘nasty’ attachment was used on your prick? Tell you what.” She challenged “If you go first I will let you try it out on me afterwards.”

She was convinced he would not go for it. Men like him never did, ‘All mouth and no trousers so to speak’. She watched him mull it over.

“ How do I know you will not just secure me in place and leave me here?”

“Perish the thought.” She said laughing. She would have been lying had she said that the thought had not crossed her mind, but she had dismissed it immediately. He was a bit of a crackpot, but he was harmless, certainly no threat to her, and besides, if she left him there would be no one to free him. “You have my word.”

“You know I would never hurt you. “ he almost whispered. She could see he was in mental torment.

“You never told me what it was called?” She said trying to distract him.

“This is the ‘Fucker’. he said quietly.

“Female under control.....” She faltered

“Kept excited remotely.” He reminded her. “Note the Female part.”

“You just want to dominate women.” She accused. “So what’s it to be?”

She could see him caught in two minds. If he wanted to test it out on her, he would have to try it out first. If not then she would never agree to it.

“You can practice on poor Tess.” He mumbled.

She was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to pick up. The controls were very sensitive, but she was quite dextrous and took to it like a duck to water. She brought the attachments round in turn so that she could see how they reacted to the controls. She could reach out and touch with one hand while adjusting speeds with the other. Having got the general idea she then subjected Tess to a thorough going over. She was vaguely aware of Brendan watching over her shoulder but she was immersed in the task at hand.

“You might consider little cameras on each of the attachments so you can see exactly where they are.” She suggested.

“I never thought of that; I will.” He said enthusiastically.

Despite the distance she found she could guess fairly accurately where things were going to touch. Eventually she lowered Tess gently to the floor.

“I will release her, you get your kit off.” She said briskly.

If Brendan was having second thoughts she was not going to notice. She strode purposefully forward without looking to see if he was doing as she ordered. She was all fingers and thumbs with the cuff buckles, the excitement was getting to her. She stood up to see Brendan still wearing his pants and looking completely embarrassed.

“Come on, those too.” She chivied. “I’m sure you expect me to be completely naked.” The thought of this made her heart pound heavily but she put on a brave face. Brendan meekly dropped his pants to reveal a raging hard on. She looked at him with approval. He was lean, and white skinned with little hair except around the base of his swollen manhood. He looked awfully self conscious, his hands automatically straying to protect his modesty.

As she fastened the buckles on his wrists she could not help but notice his arms muscles straining. She was right, there was more strength there than had been apparent from a distance. He was solid muscle, no fat to speak of, his tinkering providing all the exercise he needed. It took all her will power not rub her hands over his now immobile, but still quivering body.

“Comfortable?” She said lightly, but did not wait for an answer. “Then we’ll begin..”

He was obviously heavier than Tess so the hoists were slower and more laboured, but she quickly adjusted to the way they were behaving and treated Brendan to a flying lesson. His face was a picture; a cross between amazement and downright fear. His eyes opened wide as she put the massage in motion towards him but he was held firm and unable to stop it’s first caress. She brought it underneath him and played with his bottom. He bucked uncontrollably at first then relaxed as the kneading pressed against his taught back.

“Hey that’s quite nice.” He yelled.

With her other hand she started up the ‘mop’. She had decided that it would make an interesting sensation if she let it twirl over his chest. He had shut his eyes and not noticed the approach so that when she set it in motion his reaction was dramatic. She saw his arms and legs strain, but there was to be no escape. When she finally activated the sucking ‘nasty’ device he was already out of control. She headed straight for his unprotected manhood and he gasped his dismay at the first touch. It took her several attempt to get the right angle to close on the tip but once in place the vibration was too much for him. He let out a surprised growl and seemed to vibrate from head to foot before going absolutely limp. She let him down as gently as she could and released the cuff on his wrists before retreating to a safe distance. He sat up looking flushed but there was a smile on his face.

“You were right.” He said shakily. “With a little work that could be made into a really effective masturbating device.” He paused for breath. “Now it’s your turn.”

She was going to suggest a break while he recovered properly but decided that might seem like she was backing out of it.

“Be gentle with me.” She pleaded as she started to undress.

With him already naked she was less self conscious. She stood before him and wondered what he was thinking. His prick was already swelling again despite it’s recent exertions. She had better get it over with before he had other ideas.

She lay down and stretched out. Her wrists were much thinner than his so he had to pull the straps round much further. When he had attached the ankle cuffs she suddenly felt the urge to struggle. He was wiping out the inside of the ‘nasty’ cup with meticulous care. She eventually controlled herself and lay waiting for the next stage.

She expected heavy pressure on her limbs as he raised her up but the two straps gave enough support not to make it uncomfortable. It was like flying, at least it was how she thought flying might feel. She felt very vulnerable unable to move her arms or legs and her pussy was wide open and vacant. Following her lead he started with the massager, but he headed straight for her breasts. This time there was no escape and the pummelling felt very strange. He avoided her stomach and pressed against her groin producing an ache which was inside her waiting to be released. He used the ‘nasty device’ as he had intended it and she squealed as it sent reactions all over her body, converging on her wide gaping pussy. She watched the approach of the penetrator with a dazed fascination, mentally jumping long before it reached it’s target.

There was no quick release. He played with her for what seemed like an eternity, stimulating then pulling away. Titillating but not letting her reach orgasm. Eventually he allowed her to cum and she strained uncontrollably as the machine held her fast. He started to let her down but she was not satisfied.

“More.” She screamed. “I need more!”

There was an agonising delay while he comprehended her request.

“I want to cum again. “ she pleaded fighting the machine with all her might. With the slack he had allowed her there was danger of her pulling something apart. She felt her limbs stretch as he nearly over compensated. The ‘Mop’ returned and she welcomed the intrusion. it was like nothing she had ever felt before. The small strands stroked inside her all at once, some inevitably brushing her clitoris. He had tried to push it up her vagina but it was not a dildo and could not push home. Nestled in the mouth of her pussy it produced the most amazing combination of sensations as if her whole groin was just one vibrator. She welcomed the next climax and this time he did not slow down.

“Let my legs go a bit.” She called as she felt the tension holding her back.

The next few sounds were indecipherable as she screamed through the growing climax. She hoped for one more and was not disappointed.

“Stop.” Her voice was shrill. The machine moved with what seemed like agonising slowness until she was laid on the floor. Her arms and legs ached like she had swum 100 lengths and her groin still pulsed as the remnants of her orgasms made their presence felt. He fumbled with her wrist cuff.

“No my ankles.” She pleaded. “I need to close my legs.”

Eventually she was free. She curled her self up into a ball and rocked herself sane.

“My God Brendan.” There was still strain in her voice. “That was incredible.”

He looked pleased.

“But you need to understand more about the way a woman climaxes. “

He looked puzzled.

“Keeping my limbs stretched was agony.” She explained. “Especially after I came.”

“I told you I had never tested it on a real person.” He said weakly.

“It was great, as far as it goes..” She assured him “But you need a few adjustments if you want it to be perfect. A solid prick for one thing.”

“Will you help me?”

“I am not an inventor.”

“No but you are a woman. Tess is all very well but she cannot tell me how it feels.

“You want me to be your guinea pig.” She concluded.

“I can’t pay you, but you might get something else out of it.”

She rolled her head remembering how it felt.

“Not too often. I don't think I could stand that too often. Besides nature has provided you with a custom made pleasurer. I might like that sometimes.”

His eyes seemed to open so wide that they would burst. His mouth opened and closed without any words coming out as he realised what she was saying.

“You would sleep with me?” He said incredulously.

“Actually I had other things in mind.” She said coyly. “But yes, I would sleep with you. Why not? You’re a man aren’t you?”

He may not be the greatest catch she decided, but life with him would probably not be boring. Besides, if they cracked this machine business she might be able to leave that awful office. Now there was a thought.