The Camping Trip 2

by Aita

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© Copyright 2017 - Aita - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; campingtrip; outdoors; revenge; sleepingbag; stuck; rainsuits; multilayer; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; forced; bdsm; spank; torment; cons/reluct; X

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Part Two

Jess had not slept all night. She was tied in a very tight hogtie, gagged and wearing five layers of waterproof jackets and trousers on a warm summer’s night. Her body ached all over and sweat covered her body. The other girls had left her bound like this in her tent and gone back to their own tents for a good night’s sleep. She was in agony and exhausted.

But Jess wasn’t angry with the girls that her tied her up and left her like this. She wanted to be their friend and she could see how her actions yesterday had upset them. She hoped that by letting them do this to her they might forgive her and maybe they’d become friends. That was what Jess had hoped.

Lying bound, gagged and hogtied, Jess couldn’t tell what time it was. With the hood of one of the waterproof jackets over her face she couldn’t see anything. She had laid there in the darkness for what felt like eternity. Occasionally she would try to move, to change position a little and ease the pain over her body, but there was little relief.

She couldn't make too much noise, couldn't call out, in case that gave away her situation to one of the other girls or her teacher. Although that would likely get her released early, Madeline had threatened to release pictures of her putting the waterproof jackets on to the entire school and she didn’t want that. Better to remain as she was and serve her punishment. Maybe then the other girls would be her friends.

After what felt like ages she began to see some light penetrate through the hood over her face. There were some small ventilation holes in the hood and they were letting a small amount of light through. The Sun must be rising she thought. Shortly thereafter she began to hear voices and movement. With so many hoods over her head she couldn’t make out what was being said, but she knew the other girls must be waking up and moving around. She would be released soon.

Time went on, the voices continued, but no one came to release her. She could hear multiple voices, some quiet, some shouting out instructions. She stayed quiet, not wanting to be discovered until the girls came to release her. She could hear some of the tents being packed up, but still no one came to release her.

After a while the noises stopped and everything was quiet. Had everyone gone? Had they left her here? Surely Miss Forbes wouldn’t have left without all the students, and certainly not with one of the tents still standing.

Then she heard the zip of her tent being opened and somebody came inside. She felt hands on the ropes that bound her and the slack eased off the ropes tying her legs to her arms. Jess let her feet lower onto the floor, relishing the relief that that gave her aching legs. She felt the ropes binding her legs being undone and then her legs were able to separate a little. As the feeling returned to her legs, Jess could feel how sweaty they were, she was practically drenched.

Then Jess felt other arms grab her shoulders and reach under her still-bound arms. They pulled her prone body out from the tent and helped her stand. Her legs were wobbly and only just regaining her strength but they helped her walk a few paces until the strength in her legs returned. They helped her walk a bit and then turned her around and pushed her body down until she was sat on what felt like a log.

She could hear some voices, but they were quiet and she couldn’t make out what was being said. Someone was undoing the hood of the Arcteryx jacket over her head and pulling it down, and then the hood over her face was pulled down. Cool air rushed against her face and her eyes scrunched under the bright sunlight. The breeze and the light was wonderful, and for a few seconds she kept her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the cool air before trying to open her eyes. When she opened her eyes and got used to the light she saw Madeline standing in front of her smiling.

“Morning Jess, sleep well did you?” she said with a wicked smile.

Behind Jess she could see the other girls from last night: Sophie, Alice and Roberta, as well as another girl, Julie. They were all wearing t-shirts and shorts, and must have been wonderfully cool on this warm summer’s day. Jess was still wearing all the waterproofs and she felt silly sat in front of them all, still gagged and with her arms bound behind her back.

“Oh my god!” said Julie, looking Jess’s figure up and down, “you really had her tied up like this for the whole night?”

“Yep”, said Alice, “we wanted her to experience the unpleasantness we went through yesterday”.

“How many jackets is she wearing” asked Julie.

“Five waterproof jackets, and five pairs of waterproof trousers”, said Roberta.

Jess looked out at the girls wearily. Most of the tents had gone, as had half the group, including Miss Forbes.

“You’re probably wondering where everyone has gone”, said Madeline, “well, we told Miss Forbes that a group of us weren’t feeling well and couldn’t continue with the hike and the camping trip. So she and the other girls have gone on without us and we’re to head back to the car park where the school has sent a vehicle to pick us up.”

Jess was relieved. She was feeling so exhausted and dirty she was glad she wouldn’t have to continue with the hike. At least this way she could take the rest of the day easily and be home in her bed tonight. Hopefully the girls would untie her now and she could get these jackets off and maybe get a shower. There weren’t any clouds in the sky today and the Sun was already warming her up.

“Shall we pack the tents up girls?” said Madeline to the others.

“Maybe Jess would like to help us?” said Alice.

“What a good idea!” said Madeline, “would you like to help us pack up all the tents?”

Jess tried to say that of course she’d help them, once they untied her, but all that came out of the gag in her mouth was “mmmmppppfffff”-ing noises.

“I think that means she’d love to help us”, said Alice, “in fact, given that she’s so good at camping I think she’s offering to do all the work for us”.

That wasn’t was Jess had in mind at all, but perhaps if she did this for the girls they’d be her friends. Anything to get untied and get these jackets off. She groaned, but nodded her agreement.

“Excellent” said Madeline. And with that she went behind Jess and undid the ropes that bound her arms. Once they were released Jess felt an immense relief and could feel the ache in her joints diminishing. She was about to reach for the zip on the outer Arcteryx jacket when Madeline grabbed her arm and said “no, keep those on”.

Jess was shocked and looked up at Madeline, “pack up the tents first” Madeline instructed.

Groaning, and with a sigh that the other girls took great pleasure in hearing, Jess started to pack up the tents. The other girls sat around the campfire having breakfast and shouting instructions to Jess as she worked.

Jess was exhausted and couldn’t move very fast, and with all the waterproof jackets on her movement was a little awkward. The Sun was beating down on her now and the day was warming up. She could feel herself sweating again, the five layers of waterproof jackets creating a nylon prison in which she was stewing.

She fumbled at the tent poles and camping ropes and did her best to get them all packed away properly. The waterproof gloves she had on also made it difficult at times. At one point she dropped a huge pile of tent poles that made a deafening clatter. As she was bending over to pick them up she felt a huge thwack on her arse that sent her tumbling to the floor. Sophie was standing over her, a short metal tent pole in her hands. She looked angry and shouted down at Jess “come on Jess, stop messing around!”

Jess mmmmppppffff-ed into her gag, trying to tell her that the waterproof gloves she was wearing made it hard to hold things properly. Sophie swung the tent pole again and hit Jess on the arse sending shock waves of pain through her body.

“Stop complaining and get the job done!” said Sophie, “I want to go home”.

“Stop messing with her Sophie” said Roberta from near the campfire.

Sophie scowled at Jess and walked back over to the girls who were all laughing.

“It’s ok, I think the little bitch can take it”, said Madeline.

Jess kept working and after about an hour she had all four remaining tents packed up into their bags. She walked back over to the girls and mmmppppfffff-ed into her gag to get their attention.

Madeline turned to look at her work and seemed pleased, “good girl”, she said to Jess, “or should I say, good bitch?” as she winked at the other girls. The others laughed, but Jess just remained quiet, hoping she would now be allowed to take the waterproofs off.

“Kneel” said Madeline, and Jess sunk to her knees, hoping Madeline was going to help her remove the waterproof jackets and end this torture.

“Shall we head to the car park?” said Madeline to the other girls.

“Sounds good to me”, said Roberta, “shall we let Jess take off those jackets now?” Jess was relieved to hear this, and looked up at Madeline with a pleading look it her eyes.

“I’m not sure”, said Sophie, looking up at the sky, “it looks like it might rain”.

Jess looked up at the sky but couldn’t see any clouds. The sky was a brilliant blue, the Sun was shining, there was no chance of rain today.

“I think you’re right”, said Madeline, “better to be prepared,” and turning to Jess, she said, “don’t you agree Jess? Better to be prepared, right?”. Jess groaned, realizing the girls were intent on punishing her a little longer for her actions the day before. “No no, I think you better keep your waterproof jackets on until we get to the car, you know, just in case it rains” said Madeline as she winked at the other girls.

Jess sighed and hung her head, surely this couldn’t continue any longer?

“The bitch is ignoring you Madeline”, said Sophie, “I don’t think she respects you”. Sophie swung the metal camping pole and hit Jess in the arse again. Jess toppled over from the impact, put her hands out and landed on all fours.

“You’re right Sophie”, said Madeline, “we’re going to have to teach this girl some respect. I wonder how we could do that?”.

Sophie looked around the campsite until her eyes rested on Julie’s waterproof jacket resting on one of the logs. “There’s one more set of waterproofs for Jess to put on!” she exclaimed, pointing at Julie’s jacket.

“Oh that’s a great idea”, said Julie, who grabbed her jacket and trousers and brought them over to Jess.

“Stand up, bitch”, said Madeline, and Jess slowly got to her feet.

"Put these on", said Julie, handing Jess her green waterproof trousers, which Jess slowly put on, pulling them up to her waist and over Roberta’s blue Arcteryx jacket. Then she took Julie’s jacket, a brown Arcteryx rain jacket, which she also put on. Now with six layers on these waterproofs were tight, which further added to the discomfort.

Madeline came up to Jess, and taking the blue waterproof jacket hood that Jess had had over her face all day she tucked it away. “I don’t think we’ll need this for a bit, otherwise you won’t be able to see where you’re going”. Jess was relieved to hear that, her face was the only exposed part of her and the only part to have any fresh air.

Madeline then pulled the hood of the blue Arcteryx jacket and then the hood of Julie’s brown Arcteryx jacket over Jess’s head, tying the bow strings of each jacket’s hood until the hoods were tightly held in place.

“Now, since you’re such an excellent camper, perhaps you can help us carry our bags back to the car?” said Madeline. Jess groaned.

The girls took one of the large camping bags and helped it over Jess’s shoulders. They tightened the shoulder straps and used the waist straps to secure it to her. Then they took the other large shoulder bag and helped Jess carry it on her front. Again the shoulder straps were tightened and the waist straps attached and tightened. The girls then set about tightening various other straps until the two large camping bags were firmly tied to Jess’s rain jacket-covered body.

The only bags left were two small shoulder bags that Sophie and Madeline carried with them.

Then Madeline took Jess’s arms and tied them together behind her back, tucking them underneath the shoulder bag. She was once more completely gagged and restrained and at the mercy of the girls.

“Are we ready?” said Madeline.

“Just one small addition”, said Sophie. She walked over to Jess and tied one of the camping ropes loosely around Jess’s neck. Two cords extended from the rope, one of which Sophie passed to Roberta while she held onto the other. “There, that’ll stop the little bitch from wandering off or slowing down”.

And with that the girls set off. Madeline, Alice and Roberta walked up front, with Roberta pulling on Jess’s leash, while Sophie and Julie walked behind. Jess was exhausted, covered in six layers of waterproof jackets, bound and gagged and carrying two very heavy rucksacks. If she slowed down she felt Roberta pull on her leash, while if Sophie got too close to her she would beat her arse with the tent pole she carried.

The journey was agonising. Sophie seemed to take quite a lot of pleasure from beating her and was doing it regularly. Jess tried to walk faster to avoid the swipes of the rod, but at one point while doing this she accidentally walked into the back of Roberta. Roberta swung round angrily “what did you do that for?”, but Jess could do nothing but “mmmmpppphhh” into her gag.

Madeline walked over and said to Jess, “if you’re just going to walk into people then what’s the point in us leaving this hood down”, she said as she took the blue waterproof hood and pulled it up over Jess’s face. The hood was tightened and then the other two hoods were pulled over the top of it.

Jess was now sealed into the waterproofs once more but this time she was required to walk along the dirt track. Luckily with Roberta tugging on one of the leashes in front of her she could vaguely tell which way to go, though she regularly stumbled over rocks on the track and would then receive a beating from Sophie in exchange.

Eventually after many hours of walking Jess heard the other girls mention the car park and her stumbling was brought to a halt. At last they were here and hopefully soon they would be picked up by one of the other teachers. That would mean the other girls would have to untie her and she would be able to take all these jackets off.

She could feel her arms being untied and the shoulder bags being disconnected and taken off. She could hear voices but wasn’t sure who it was, surely the teacher couldn’t have arrived yet could she? She wouldn’t have let Jess remain like this if she had.

She felt someone undo the hood of the brown Arcteryx jacket, and then the hood of the blue Arcteryx jacket. Finally the hood of the blue jacket over her face was removed and Jess felt cool air hit her.

Jess looked at the girls standing in front of her. Next to Madeline was somebody new, somebody she didn’t recognise. The girl was a few years older than them, and was leaning against a large car with her arms folded and a smirk across her face.

“Have you met my sister, Jess?” said Madeline, with a wicked grin across her face. And at that point Jess realised this was far from over.


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