The Camping Trip

by Aita

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Jessica enjoyed camping, she liked being outside with nature and the fresh air. She was tall, about five and a half feet, with long blonde-brown hair. At the age of 17 she had the freedom to go out camping by herself, but she enjoyed the company of being with others, despite not having many friends. She had never made friends easily, never quite sure why, but she found it hard to hit it off with other girls.

When her local high-school had organised a week-long camping trip she had signed up immediately, seeing it as a great chance to go camping and perhaps to make friends with other girls at the school who might also enjoy camping.

They had been picked up from the school early on a Saturday morning, a group of about two dozen girls and their teacher, Miss Forbes. They fitted into a small minibus and drove out of town and into the countryside and the rolling hills. It was still quite early so everyone was quite quiet, with most of the girls getting a little extra sleep on the ride. Jess was awake, sat quietly by herself at the front of the bus, looking forward to the trip.

After a few hours drive the bus pulled off the road into a small car park on the edge of a national park. The girls got off the bus and gathered their backpacks from the bus, getting ready for their hike to the first night’s camping ground. It was almost 11am, and the walk was expected to take the girls about 6 hours, with a short stop for lunch. That would get them to the camping ground late afternoon, with enough time to set up their tents before it got dark.

It was a warm June day, but there were dark clouds on the horizon and the weather forecast had mentioned a possible storm. Jess could see the dark clouds were coming in their direction and most likely threatened to rain on them all. Jess knew that the storm could hit them at any time, so it was better they were prepared.

“Miss Forbes”, Jess said to her teacher, “it looks like it might rain quite hard today, should we be prepared?”.

Miss Forbes looked at the dark clouds and nodded, “you’re right Jess, we should put our waterproofs on now so that we’re prepared.”

Upon hearing this the girls groaned. Nothing could be worse on a warm summer’s day than having to wear a layer of thick waterproof clothing, but they knew they couldn’t argue with their teacher now that Jess had put the idea in her head. The girls each unpacked their rain jackets from their bags and started to put them on.

“Put your waterproof trousers on as well girls”, said Miss Forbes, “We don’t want to have to stop once we’ve started walking if the rain starts coming down”. Another groan went round the group and some of the girls scowled at Jess.

Jess put on her blue and white waterproof jacket and matching blue waterproof trousers. She knew they would make her warm on a day like this, but she also knew they were right to be prepared for rain. She also swapped her shoes for a pair of blue waterproof rubber boots, a good choice of footwear in case the rain turned the paths into mud.

The other girls were doing the same, pulling on pairs of waterproof trousers and slipping on their rain jackets. They’d all been instructed to come prepared with rain gear, and it looked like they’d start their week using it. None of the girls looked happy about this situation, and Jess caught quite a few angry glances in her direction. She knew once the rain came down that they’d forgive her though, and hopefully she’d make a few friends after that as well.

Once all the girls were wearing their waterproof jackets and trousers, the teacher locked the van and they headed off. Their walk took them up a hill and through fields. For most of the route they were in direct sunlight, and despite the gathering dark clouds there wasn’t any rain. As the day went on the girls got quite hot in their waterproof jackets and trousers, and some yearned for the rain to come and cool them down.

After a few hours they stopped for a brief lunch and ate their sandwiches looking out over the hills. A few of the girls took off their waterproof jackets and enjoyed the cooling breeze coming over the hills.

Jess could hear two of the girls, Madeline and Sophie, talking nearby about how grateful they were to get their jackets off and cool down a bit. Madeline was short-ish, less than 5 foot tall with brown hair, and had on a blue North Face waterproof jacket and pair of dark blue waterproof trousers. Sophie had a lightweight pink North Face jacket and a pair of black waterproof trousers. She was taller and had long blonde hair that she knew all the boys loved.

Both girls took off their waterproof jackets and pulled down their waterproof trousers to get some air. Wanting to seem friendly Jess did the same. She sidled up to the girls and sat down near them, hoping for an opportunity to strike up a conversation.

Then Jess felt a drop of water land on her bare arm and looked up to see dark clouds overhead. She had expected this moment ever since they set off and now she was going to be vindicated. “Miss Forbes”, said Jess, “I think its about to rain, I felt a drop of water come down”.

Miss Forbes looked up at the dark clouds and agreed, “I think you’re right Jess”, she said, and then in a louder voice to the rest of the group said, “girls, put your jackets and waterproof trousers back on, it looks like the rain’s about to come down”.

Madeline turned to Jess and scowled at her. She pulled up her waterproof trousers and put her blue waterproof jacket back on, clearly upset at this. She turned to Sophie and whispered something in her ear, but Jess couldn’t hear what she said.

Once all the girls had their waterproof jackets and trousers back on they started walking again. Within a few minutes it was clear that it wasn’t raining, despite the dark clouds still lingering overhead. It had warmed up quite a bit and everyone was getting quite hot again.

Jess could see one of the other girls, Alice, going up to Miss Forbes and heard her say, “Miss, I don’t think its going to rain, can we take our waterproofs off please?” Alice was wearing a blue waterproof jacket and a pair of black waterproof trousers. Jess could see she was getting quite hot under her jacket and trousers.

Miss Forbes looked pityingly at her, “Sorry Alice, I don’t want to have to stop every time we need to take our waterproofs off and then put them back on when it rains. Jess felt some rain so lets keep them on until we get to the camp ground.”

Alice nodded and trudged on, but was soon walking alongside Madeline and Sophie, and while Jess couldn’t hear what they were saying she could see them glancing over at her regularly. Surely the girls would appreciate her caution once it started raining she thought?

But alas it did not rain, and after a couple more hours walking they got to the campsite. The site consisted of a small field surrounded by trees, with a brick building off to one side that contained bathrooms.

The girls put their bags down and gathered round the teacher. One of the girls, Roberta, who was wearing a thick light blue and dark blue Arcteryx rain jacket, said to Miss Forbes, “can we take our jackets off now please miss?”

Miss Forbes glanced up at the dark clouds again, “not yet, lets get our tents up first and then we’ll have somewhere to shelter when the rain comes down”.

The girls all groaned at this, but reluctantly set about putting their tents up. Some of the girls had single tents while others had brought double tents to share with a friend.

Jess didn’t have any friends so hers was only a single tent, but luckily she was skilled at camping so she had her tent up in a few minutes. Miss Forbes came over to see her hard work, “well done Jess, you can unpack and take off your waterproofs now if you like”.

Jess was glad to get her waterproofs off as the late afternoon sun was beating down on them all now. She took her wellington boots off, as well as her waterproof jacket and trousers, put them away in the tent and unpacked her other stuff.

Miss Forbes was setting up a small campfire in a central area surrounded by logs, so Jess went to sit down on one of the logs. The other girls were all still putting up their tents. It looked like none of the girls were very proficient at this, and all of them were making a lot of hard work out of it. Jess felt sorry for them, they must be roasting in their waterproofs doing all this hard work. Jess approached Madeline and Sophie to see if she could help them with their tent, but they brusquely turned their back on her, so Jess sat down by herself.

An hour later all the tents were up, the girls had taken their waterproofs off, had unpacked and were sat round the campfire. They cooked a little food and ate, but they were all quite tired from the long hike.

And then, like it had promised to do for the entire day, the heavens opened and the rain came down. “Right girls”, should Miss Forbes, “get your waterproofs on or retreat to your tents, hurry!”

There was a mad scurry and within a minute all the girls were back in their tents. Clearly no-one had any intention of putting their waterproofs back on if they didn’t have to. The campfire had quickly been extinguished in the downpour, and the Sun was disappearing below the horizon, so it looked like the evening was over.

Jess retreated to her tent, crawled inside and zipped up the opening behind her. She took off her damp clothes and hung them to dry at one end of the tent. The evening was warm, and with the thick clouds overheard it didn’t seem like it would cool down any time soon, so she slipped into her sleeping bag wearing just her panties and bra. She turned a light on and began to read a book.

After a couple of hours she needed the bathroom. She opened up the tent door and looked out. The campfire was dark, as were most of the other tents, though a few were dimly lit from the inside, but everything was very quiet. She looked at her watch, 9pm, everyone must have turned in for the night or gone to sleep.

It was still raining heavily outside so Jess put her waterproof trousers and jacket back on, as well as her rubber boots, and trudged out across the campsite to the bathroom block. The building was made entirely of brick and had a metal door that Jess pushed open. Inside was a room with two cubicle doors. Jess wiped her boots on the doormat, scraping the light layer of mud off them. She opened one of cubicle doors and went in. She had a short pee and then washed her hands.

Stepping out from the cubicle, Jess was surprised to see a group of girls in the room, each wearing their waterproof jackets, though by the sounds of it it had finished raining outside now. She could see Alice, Sophie, and Roberta, and standing in front of them was Madeline.

“Hi Jess”, said Madeline.

“Hi”, said Jess nervously, wondering what was going on.

“Had a nice day did you?”, she said in a not particularly friendly way.

“Yeah, I suppose”, said Jess.

“Thanks to you”, said Madeline, “we had to spend the entire day wearing our waterproof jackets and trousers, and it didn’t even rain!”

“I’m sorry”, said Jess, “it might have rained, I just wanted us to be prepared. I just wanted us to be friends”.

Madeline smiled at Jess, a wicked smile that made Jess even more nervous. “We want to be friends with you, would you like to play a game with us?”

Jess wasn’t sure what was going on. She wasn’t sure if she should trust Madeline, but if this was an opportunity to make friends she didn’t want to turn it down. “Sure”, she said, a slight tremor in her voice.

“Great!” said Madeline. “Since you wanted us to have our waterproofs on for the entire day, we thought you should try putting our waterproofs on now.

That didn’t sound so bad, thought Jess, she could try their jackets on if thats what they wanted. It sounded like the sort of fun little game that friends sometimes played.

Madeline continued, “we thought it would be fun to see how many of our jackets you could get on, do you think you could put them all on?”

That sounded slightly stranger to Jess, but not impossible, and if that’s what it took to become friends with these girls then she could manage it.

“Yeah I’m sure I could”, said Jess.

“Wonderful, lets do it now”, said Madeline. And with that the girls took off their waterproof jackets. Jess started to take her jacket off, but Madeline stopped her. “No, leave your jacket on, but take your boots off so you can get these on”. Jess took her rubber boots off and stood bare-foot on the concrete floor.

“Lets start with mine”, said Madeline, “they may be a little small for you, but I’m sure you can fit them on”.

Madeline handed Jess her dark blue waterproof trousers. Jess reached down and slid her foot into one of the leg holes, and then her foot into the other hole. Making sure not to pull her own trousers up with them she pulled Madeline’s trousers up to her waste.

“Let me help”, said Madeline, stepping over to her. Madeline pulled Jess’s waterproof jacket down and brought her trousers up over them. The trousers were a little small on Jess, which had the effect of pushing her own trousers down onto her bare skin underneath. Her waterproofs were a little cool to the touch, but the air was warm and she could feel her body warming up.

Madeline handed Jess the waterproof jacket. It too was a little small for Jess, so Madeline had to help her slide her arms down the sleeves, which pulled tight against her own jacket. Madeline tightened the wrist straps and then pulled the zip all the way up from her waist to below her chin.

“We better pull these hoods up, don’t you think?” said Madeline. But before waiting for a reply she pulled Jess’s blue waterproof hood up over her head and tightened the drawstring to pull it taught. Then she pulled the zip up to the top of the jacket, and folded the storm flap over the zip to cover it. She did the same with the blue waterproof hood of her own jacket, doing the zip up as far as it would go to help it stay in place. The two hoods over her head began to make her head feel a little warm.

Madeline turned around to face the other girls and Sophie handed her her pink waterproof jacket and black waterproof trousers. Madeline passed the trousers to Jess and said “these next”.

Jess took the trousers and slid them on, putting her feet through each hole and then pulling the trousers up. This pair was a little larger than the last pair so they went on easily. Jess pulled them up and tucked the blue waterproof jacket inside the trousers, as she had done with the last layer.

Then Madeline handed her the jacket, which Jess slid on easily. Again it was a good fit, so it was easy to put on. Madeline helped her tighten the wrist cuffs and then pulled the zip up, stopping only to pull the hood over Jess’s head. She tightened the drawstrings on the hood until it was tightly wrapped around Jess’s face, and then finished doing the zip up to under her chin. Then Madeline carefully folded the storm flat over the zip, pushing the velcro down to seal it closed.

Next Alice handed her a pair of black waterproof trousers, which she put on as before, then she handed her a blue waterproof jacket. Jess went to slide her arms down the sleeves, but Madeline reached out to stop her “no”, she said, “lets put this jacket on back to front, shall we?” Madeline winked at Alice, who smiled back at her.

Madeline held out the jacket with the back facing Jess, “put your arms in the sleeves” she said, in a way that sounded less playful and more commanding than before.

Jess reached out her hands and pushed them into the sleeves. Once they were just inside the sleeves, Madeline moved towards her, holding the jacket forward so that Jess’s arms were forced down into the sleeves and out the ends. Madeline helped the jacket up over Jess’s shoulders. Alice had moved behind Jess and now took the jacket and pulled it together behind Jess’s back.

Jess couldn’t see but she could feel Alice putting the ends of the zip together and pulling the zip up her back. While Alice was a similar size to Jess, with three jackets already on this jacket felt a little tight on her. Once Alice had done the zip up almost to the top she could see the hood hanging down over her face.

“Let’s leave that there for the moment shall we”, said Madeline, “otherwise you won’t be able to see what we’re doing!”. Although it sounded playful, Jess could hear some mischief in Madeline’s voice. She wasn’t sure what this whole game was about, but she was beginning to get a little nervous.

The last girl was Roberta, who handed Jess a pair of thick blue Arcteryx waterproof trousers. Since Roberta was a little smaller than Jess, and with four layers of waterproofs already on, these trousers were a little tricky to pull on, but Jess eventually managed it and pulled the trousers up over Alice’s jacket. At the bottom of the trouser legs was a small plastic strap which Roberta helped tuck under the bottom of Jess’s feet. “This’ll prevent them from slipping up your leg”, said Roberta, smiling.

Madeline handed her rubber boots back to Jess saying “you can put these back on now”. Jess did as she was told, not wanting to disobey Madeline’s commanding voice.

Finally Madeline passed Jess the blue Arcteryx jacket that Alice had been wearing. She put it on, noting how tight it was on her now with so many layers on. As she slid her arms down the sleeves and pulled the jacket round her body she could feel that all the layers were making her very warm inside. A trickle of sweat ran down her back.

Madeline passed Jess a pair of waterproof gloves. “Put these on”, she commanded.

Jess took the gloves, which were made of a waterproof, gore-tex like material, quite thin but with a shiny plastic coating on the inside and the outside. She slid her hands into them, noting how they added to her warmth.

Madeline then took the sleeves of Alice’s jacket and pulled them up over the gloves, tightening the wrist straps as tight as they would go to prevent the gloves coming off.

Then the girls stood back to admire their handiwork. Jess stood in front of them, her body covered from head to feet in waterproof clothing. Five layers of waterproof trousers and jackets, plus gloves and rubber boots. Only Jess’s face was uncovered. Inside all those layers Jess was beginning to sweat. She was feeling a little uncomfortable now, and was hoping the game was coming to an end.

“Great”, said Jess, trying to feign enthusiasm, “this is great. So what do we do now?”

“Yes”, said Madeline, “we’re almost finished”. She turned to the other girls and Jess could see them passing something to Madeline.

Madeline turned round and advanced on Jess, who nervously took a step back only to find her back against the wall. Madeline stepped right up to Jess, “I’ve just got one more addition to make”, she said.

From either side of Madeline, Alice and Sophie lunged towards Jess, each of them grabbing one of Jess’s arms and holding them hard against the wall. Two against one Jess couldn’t compete and the two girls had her firmly held in place.

“What are you doing?” asked Jess, “please stop”, she begged.

“All our troubles today have come from your big mouth” said Madeline, “I think its time we put a stop to that”.

Madeline reached towards Jess’s mouth and just as Jess was about to call out she forced a large ball into her mouth. Jess didn’t see what it was, but it was about an inch-and-a-half wide and Madeline had to really force it past Jess’s teeth to get it in her mouth.

Jess tried to call out, but all that came out of her mouth was “mmmmppppp”-ing noises.

One of the other girls passed Madeline a roll of duct tape that they must have taken from Miss Forbes’s camping supplies and put a piece of tape over Jess’s mouth. Then as the other girls moved Jess away from the wall Madeline began wrapping the tape around Jess’s head, each time covering her mouth further and each time getting tighter and tighter. After four wraps round her head Madeline cut off the tape and put the roll down.

“Now, that’s shut you up”, she said. “This whole day every time you opened your mouth you made our lives more and more unpleasant”.

Jess was hurt and frightened at the same time. She had meant to be helpful today, she had hoped to keep her friends dry in case it had rained, but now she could see that instead she’d made their day hot and unpleasant. She was sad that she’d upset the people she’d hoped to become friends with, but also frightened as to what they’d now do to her.

“We spent almost 8 hours wearing those waterproofs on a hot day, in the warm sun, and it never rained” Alice said to her.

Jess tried to tell them it had rained, although only after they’d taken their waterproofs off, but she could only make ‘mmmpppphhh’ noises now.

“So now we want a little revenge”, said Roberta smiling, “we want you to feel the discomfort that we’ve felt all day”.

Madeline lifted up a finger and gave it a twirl. The two guns holding Jess’s arms to the wall released them and spun her body round so she was facing the wall, then they grabbed the opposite arms and shoved her body against the wall again. Jess wasn’t sure what she could do, there were four of them and her body was already tired so fighting back was pointless. Hopefully if she went along with whatever they had planned it would be over quickly and maybe they’d become friends afterwards.

Madeline grabbed Jess’s arms and pulled them together behind her back. Roberta passed Madeline a bundle of camping rope and Madeline started wrapping it around Jess’s wrists, binding them together and then cinching the rope off so her wrists were locked together.

Jess was stuck now, bound and gagged, there was nothing she could do and almost out of exhaustion she let her body go limp, to take whatever the girls wanted to throw at her.

Madeline took another length of rope and started winding it around Jess’s elbows, pulling the rope tighter and tighter as she went and drawing Jess’s elbows together until they were almost touching. Again she cinched the rope off and tucked the loose ends away. Another few pieces of rope tied her bound arms to her body and prevented any movement from her arms.

Sophie and Alice spun Jess round again so she was facing the girls once more. They stood back, leaving Jess leaning exhausted against the wall. Jess could feel sweat pouring off her entire body. The warm summer’s night and the five layers of waterproof clothing were incredibly hot, but at the moment there was nothing she could do.

“We’re going to take you back to your tent now”, said Madeline. “If you try to struggle or make any noise, they’ll be trouble”. Roberta and Alice held up the screens of their camera phones showing photos of Jess putting on all the rain jackets.

“We have photos of you putting all those jackets on”, said Roberta. “If you make any noises or cause us any trouble we’ll show these images to the entire school.”

Jess didn’t want anyone else to see her putting on all those layers of waterproofs. She was also still hoping that once this was over these girls would forgive her and they could be friends. She so desperately wanted to be friends with these girls. She was going to go along with whatever they wanted of her, and hopefully this would all be over soon.

Roberta and Alice grabbed each side of Jess and they marched her out of the bathroom building and across the campground. The rain had stopped, not that Jess would ever get wet under all these layers of rain jackets, but the night was warm and Jess could feel the heat making her sweat.

They got to her tent and Madeline unzipped the entrance and they helped Jess in and lowered her body face down onto her sleeping bag. The other girls clambered inside and with a bundle of ropes started lashing her feet together in the same way they’d done with her arms. Jess could feel ropes around her ankles and above and below her knees, and soon her legs were inseparable.

Madeline took another rope and tied it to the rope lashing her ankles together. Then she looped the other end around the ropes holding her elbows together. Pulling on this rope Jess could feel her legs being pulled up until her feet were almost touching her butt. Madeline pulled even tighter until the strain on Jess became a little painful, and then knotted the rope off at her ankles.

The girls then spun her body round so she was facing the entrance to the tent. Sophie, Alice and Roberta then stepped out of the tent leaving only Madeline facing Jess.

“We’re going to leave you here for the night”, said Madeline, “as revenge for what you put us through today. Stay quiet, be a good girl, and in the morning we’ll come release you. If you make any noise then we’ll show all those photos to everyone in the school, and you don’t want that, do you?”

Jess looked up at Madeline with sad eyes, knowing that she didn’t want that but that there was nothing else she could do at the moment. She shook her head and Madeline smiled.

“Good girl”, said Madeline.

Then Madeline reached down for the hood of the blue waterproof jacket than Jess had put on back to front. She pulled the hood over Jess’s face until it covered her completely, then pulled the drawstrings tight and zipped the jacket up at the back.

Jess could just about make out some small ventilation holes in the hood of the jacket that allowed her to breathe, but her whole body was now effectively covered.

Jess could then feel Madeline pulling the last hood of the thick Arcteryx jacket up over her head. The thick hood pushed down on all the other hoods and helped to secure the hood over her face as well. She pulled the zip up as far as it would go and then pulled the drawstrings tight as well.

“Good girl”, said Madeline again, “just stay there and take your punishment and we’ll release you in the morning”.

And with that Jess could hear Madeline step outside the tent, pulling the zip of the tent door up to close it, leaving her tied up and alone in her tent.

Jess was hot and sweaty all over, she could feel sweat pouring off her body and gathering in pools. Her arms were already aching from being tied together behind her back and she could also feel a growing ache from her legs and her back as well.

She tried to adjust her body but her bondage was very secure. She couldn’t move her hands or arms at all, and the hogtie she was in made any rearranging virtually impossible.

There was nothing she could do, the girls had left her like this and gone back to their tents to get a proper night’s sleep. She was stuck like this for the entire night.


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