Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2013 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; D/s; captives; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; nipple; latex; wrap; toys; insert; mast; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Chapter 10

Cassandra could feel her orgasm blossoming inside her as she sat in her own cocooned darkness. The vibrator the man had pushed inside her was caressing her with its buzzing fingers. She could feel her drool leaking over her ring gag as she panted and moaned but there was little she could do about it. Even the soreness of her welt-stripped ass and the plug inside it seemed to help her wanton desires along. The young blonde didn’t want to cum but her body was ignoring her.

A molten rapture continued to fill the mummified girl as she bucked in her chair. She could hear another woman’s orgasm as she screamed through her gag. Was it Mandy? Did it matter? Another swell of burning pleasure burnt away those thoughts as Cassandra arched in her chair and was engulfed in fiery waves of rapture. Her entire soul was like an active volcano straining to erupt, but her restraints kept everything bottled in. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the vibrator was turned off and the pleasures ebbed away.

Panting, she could feel the cool of her saliva running over her bared breasts. The orgasm was like nothing else she had ever felt. Her fears and her pains all seemed to help fan the fires within her until all she felt was pure bliss. It scared her.

The tight swathes of latex that now enshrouded her made her sweat and her claustrophobic fears were now creeping back to haunt her. Cassandra tried to focus on something else, thinking of anything other than the tight blackness that encased her.

She could hear the clinking and ringing of dishes. The thoughts of what dinner was going to be made her retch. She was sure that, if she didn’t eat what was going to be placed in front of her, then the cropping she had received earlier would seem mild.

Suddenly, she felt her gag being unbuckled.

“Not a single peep out of you all or there’ll sure be something to scream about after. Understood?”

Cassandra nodded her head.

Her abductor pulled the gag from her mouth. She didn’t realize just how sore her jaw was until she tried to work the stiffness out of it.

“It is time for dinner and I expect you to eat everything in your bowl. I also expect you to answer my questions when I ask them. Do you understand, slaves?”

“Yes, Master,” Cassandra said as she heard her sister reply the same way.

“Now lean over the table and eat.”

The twins did as they were told, leaning over and finding the stainless steel dog bowls with their tongues and faces as did Janice, Ray’s wife. She was considerably less clothed but just as restrained with her wrists now locked behind her back and her cuffed ankles chained tightly to her chair. Ray had added a black leather blindfold to her ensemble and a pair of brass clamps on her nipples to match her collar and manacles.

The salad consisted of several finely chopped vegetables as well as shredded lettuce and chopped salami. It was lightly seasoned with some Italian herbs but Cassandra could taste other flavors as well; flavors that were best not dwelled upon. She didn’t realize just how hungry she really was. She also found, beside her bowl, a glass of water with a straw, with which she gladly used to wash down her salad with.

Cassandra desperately wanted to whisper something to her sister, but her fears of pain kept her as silent as if she were wearing a gag. The table was silent save for some clinks and slurps. She realized that her vibe had been turned down to a low purr, probably as she was riding out her last orgasm.

“Slave one, did you have an orgasm?” the man asked.

“Yes, Master,” Cassandra heard her sister reply quietly.

“I didn’t hear you, slave one.”

“Yes, Master,” Amanda said a little louder. Cassandra could hear the embarrassment in her tone.

“Did you have an orgasm, slave two?”

Cassandra nodded her head and answered loudly, “Yes Master.”

“Did I give either one of you slaves permission to cum?”

A wintry chill trickled through Cassandra. She remembered now that they needed permission to cum. She was so focused on keeping her claustrophobia at bay that cumming was a relief; taking her mind away from that dark place.

“No, Master,” she heard her sister reply.

“No, Master,” Cassandra quickly added.

All was quiet. The man they were calling Master did not say a single word. Cassandra braced herself for the pain that would inevitably come.

“Open wide, slave number one,” the man said quietly.

There were some muffled noises but that was it.

“Open wide, slave two.”

Cassandra did as she was told, opening her mouth. The man shoved in a large penis-shaped gag that filled her mouth and pressed down on her tongue. The man then buckled it tightly behind her head. Then she felt a tug on her collar and she gingerly rose from her chair. Another quick two tugs and she followed the man’s lead, hopping the fastest she could until he stopped her. She squealed in surprise as the man picked her up and put her over his muscular shoulder.

Sensing the steps downward, she knew he was taking her back to their basement prison. It wasn’t long before he plopped her down onto the bed like a sack of potatoes. He pulled and pushed her around until he was satisfied with her position.


The young blonde Cassandra stayed where he placed her, hardly daring to breathe. A whirl of perverted punishments churned in her brain, the worst of which involved them abandoning her just like she was. She could feel the panic begin to rise within her and clutch icily at her heart with its skeletal fingers.

Then she felt something being dumped beside her: her sister.

Knowing that her sister was here with her, Cassandra’s panic began to subside. The man placed Mandy against Cassandra and she could feel her sister’s little struggles against her.

Cassandra froze as she felt the man’s hands on her bare breast as he unclipped the clamps on her nipples. The numbness they had was gone and a dull pain flooded in as her circulation renewed. She panted around the gag as more drool collected on her lips. Slowly, the pain ebbed only to be renewed when he clamped her nipples again. Each felt a little heavier than the previous ones. She had little time to reflect before she felt herself being rolled onto her side.

There was a tugging on her left clamp as it was pulled, then clicked and fastened onto something. Quickly, the same thing happened on her right one. She knew now that she was face-to-face with Mandy.

“Now, slaves, you all are going to have to cuddle closely with one another tonight. Those clamps on your nips have magnets on them as well as a little radio device. You can pull yourselves apart. There is nothing stopping you from doing that, but, once you do, those pesky little vibrators keeping you all company will come alive again. I was pretty forgiving about you cumming and all last time, but it’s rare that I am ever in a forgiving mood. You cuties get your beauty rest and I’ll come on down check on you in the morning.”


Janice lounged in one of the living room chairs still wearing her brass collar and cuffs but nothing else. A contented smile lit her face as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. The change in dinner plans was wonderful. It was why she married Ray in the first place. He was a fountain of creativity when it came to love making. Having the twins there all mummified as they serviced her was a bonus.

Ray came up from the basement and grinned at his wife, “The twins are all tucked in for the night.”

“I bet they are,” Janice smiled.

Just then, Janice’s cell phone rang. She glanced at the number and recognized it.

“Hey there,” Janice said, “Anything to report?”

“Nothing that I could see,” the man on the other end said, “There was a beat-up old white K car sitting in the driveway and a blue Hundai Accent sitting out front. I got the license numbers if you want me to run a check on them.”

The K car belonged to Stephanie’s friend Kim. Steph must be having a couple of friends over for the night. No wonder she was too busy to answer her phone. Steph was probably now mesmerized by one of the Jason movies and clutching onto a bowl of popcorn for dear life.

“No, Mr. Rose, it won’t be necessary. Stephanie must be having a few of her friends for a sleep over. Thank you for dropping by for a look. Please keep an eye on them, though. I have one of those ‘mommy’ feelings, and I just want to make sure the kids are safe.”

“No problem, Mrs. Crimson, I’ll look in on them tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thank you, Mr. Rose. Let me know if anything is wrong.”

“Will do.”

Janice hung up. Mr. Rose was one of the clean-up guys at Magenta, the kind that does errands for the company. She had asked him to drop by after she couldn’t get hold of her daughter. Tonight, he had some free time, so he dropped by their house to make sure everything was okay.

“Trouble?” her husband asked.

“No, just checking up on a few things. Now, Master, when are you going to tuck me into bed?”


Lying on her side was uncomfortable for Amanda. The man had made sure that she had a pillow underneath her head but she normally didn’t sleep that way. She could hear her sister snoring around her gag and figured the stress of today had caught up with her. But Amanda couldn’t find sleep, at least not in this position.

The mummified blonde squirmed around a bit, trying not to wake up her sister. It was no good. Maybe if she shifted just a little.

Amanda rolled a little on her back. The magnetized clamp tugged at her nipple, causing a flash of near-pain. She jerked and the magnets parted. Her vibe screamed alive inside her, sending a gust of pleasure blustering through her. She tried to use her legs to try to roll back onto her side, but her sister started to thrash and moan loudly into her gag. Cassandra was panicking, having been awoken suddenly by the vibrator, and had rolled away from her.

She writhed and tried to keep her wits about her. Amanda scooted towards her sister, hoping that the feel of her body against Sandy’s would help calm her down. She pressed herself against her bucking sister. Slowly Sandy calmed down but did not stop moving around completely. Her hips were rocking her ass back against Amanda. Amanda could hear her sister moaning to her own rhythm.

Another gust of bliss enveloped Amanda. The motions of her sister against her and the humming of the vibe had wafted a heated breeze towards the flame of her primal desires. Soon, she was grinding her hips against her sister, the rhapsody of the feeling filling her, even though she knew she shouldn’t be doing this.

But Amanda needed the escape.

The blonde ground and writhed against her twin, her moans segueing in and out of her sister’s moans. She could feel the storm building within her about to peak and engulf her everything turned into a tsunami of pure ecstasy. The tightness of her wrappings seemed to concentrate it, focusing her orgasm in on itself and causing it to fuel itself until Amanda couldn’t take it anymore. She rolled onto her back and surrendered to it, sacrificing her soul for the rapture. Drained, she finally lost consciousness and drifted off into a warm heaven.


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