Double or Nothing

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2013 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; D/s; captives; bond; rope; gag; bdsm; crop; latex; wrap; toys; insert; vegetables; mast; oral; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Chapter 9

Ray whistled while he peeled the carrots. He could hear his wife through the open bedroom door. She was trying to scream for his attention through her black leather peargag. Ray imagined that the words she was trying to yell were not pleasant, but this wouldn’t be the first time. Janice had cuffed herself for him and now she had to suffer the consequences. Besides, he knew all the ruckus she made was because she was as horny as hell. If she was really in trouble, she would have hummed their ‘safe tune’. No, he knew her pussy was itching for someone to scratch it.

The last carrot joined the rest of the fresh vegetables in the bowl beside the sink. He had carefully washed and trimmed several stalks of celery, some carrots, a parsnip, a Daikon radish, and a pair of English cucumbers. The other salad fixings were in a separate bowl chilling in the fridge. He wrapped the bowl of veggies in Saran wrap and put them in the refrigerator as well. Now, it was time to go take care of his lovely wife.

Janice was still bound to their bed, nude save her brass collar and bindings. Her wrists were fastened to her corresponding ankle and each pair chained to the top corners of the wrought-iron headboard, spreading her legs wide so that her glistening sex was ready to use in any way he wished. Her nipples were clasped in a pair of cloverleaf clamps tethered to each of her big toes by some twine. Upon seeing her husband, Janice moaned again in earnest and writhed as best she could to try to entice him.

The blonde watched as her husband sat down beside her, smiling. Gently he traced his fingers over the flat of her stomach to the edge of her slit before pulling back. She moaned and rocked, trying to get his fingers to dip lower, but he only teased her all the more, touching her briefly before pulling his hand away. It made her sex ache for even more attention.

The salve that Ray had rubbed between her legs was also driving her insane, its tickly ministrations turning her desires into an insatiable need that only Ray could sate. Janice needed to be fucked and she needed it now and all he was doing was teasing her more.

“Are you going to be a good slave and do what your Master wants?” Ray asked as he grinned at his helpless wife.

Janice nodded and moaned into her gag.

“That’s a good lil’ slave. Quit your squirming and we’ll get you to your proper place.”

The blonde stopped her gyrating as much as she could. Her libido had been crammed into high gear and the lust welling inside her threatened to erupt at his first firm caress of her sex. She watched as her husband unfastened the chain holding her left ankle to the headboard and refastened it to the front ‘D’ ring of her collar. He repeated the feat with her right ankle, turning her position into a kind of balltie. There was some slack on her sore nips, not much, but it was better than before.

Janice yelped in surprise as he scooped her up and carried her in his arms. He headed towards the kitchen and the wooden table centered there. A thick, black towel was draped over the top of it and Ray set his bound wife on top of it. The table wobbled a bit but held up.

“Don’t go anywhere, I need to get our dinner guests.”


Detective Yolanda Sandoval sat back in her office chair and stretched. To her partner Greg O’Connor, she looked like a sleek panther awakening from a much deserved nap. Her Hispanic-African heritage had sculpted her into a perfect woman with long black hair kept in a ponytail, full lips and eyes the color of onyx. She was tall, too, standing a full head above him. It wasn’t the first time he had eyed her, but his wedding vows and two kids kept him from pursuing his fantasies any further.

Sandoval met his eyes and gave him a tight smile. It was almost as if she was reading his mind.

“We’re against a brick wall until something turns up,” O’Connor said, stating the obvious.

Sandoval nodded. The kidnapping was brazen, to say the least. The kidnappers had posed as detectives in front of twenty-some people, including a guard, and were able to get away with the two girls. To make it worse, the media had already gotten their canines into it and blared their versions of the story everywhere they could. Both her message machine and that of her partner were full of tips and sightings of the twins and every one of them would have to be checked. So far, nothing panned out. They were on hold until forensics filed their finding on the slim evidence that was at the crime scene or the kidnappers phoned in their ransom demands.

“You would think that we would have heard the demands by now,” O’Connor said.

“It’s only been a couple of hours. I think that our kidnappers are smart enough to let things calm down a bit before letting us know what they want. These people knew what the hell they were doing. This was well planned from the get go.”

“Parents are going ape shit. Taylor is with them trying to calm them down.”

“I wouldn’t want to be them,” Sandoval said, taking a sip of her luke-warm coffee. “All we can do now is to plow through these tips and hope to catch a break.”


All Amanda could do was try to keep herself upright and steady in her restraints. No matter how much she threw herself at her bindings, there was no give to them. She only ended up frustrating herself.

The itchiness of the lotion the man had spread between her sex-swollen lips had begun to fade with the embers of her orgasm, but it hadn’t gone away altogether. There was still a prickliness that needed to be tended to and there was no way for her to do it. The bastard had even left the slender vibrator humming away just inches from where it would do the most good. She was exhausted and irritated and all she could really do is hang in her bondage and await her fate with all the little aches and pains that had decided to accompany her misery.

A stout chain ran from her red leather collar to an eyebolt in the ceiling, forcing her to sit up in the bed. Her cuffed ankles were crossed and chained few inches away onto her collar, forcing her to balance on her tailbone. Her wrists were still cuffed behind her and her hands forced into fists by the tight leather bags enveloping each. She used her balled hands to help her balance as she tried to take the strain off her collar. The young blonde had always been afraid of being strangled and the way she was bound elevated those fears. Lastly, her nips were numb from the chrome clamps that still adorned them.

At the creak of the door opening, her whole body tensed. The man appeared holding bulging plastic bag and something made of red leather. He was also clutching that horrid riding crop.

“I see that you’re awake, Number 1. Good. It’s time to dress you all for dinner.”

He plopped the bag and leather thing beside her on the bed.

“Now I know you all are the sensible one, aren’t you, darling? So I know you won’t be causing me any trouble now. I would hate to hurt that sister of yours for something bad you did. So, Number 1, are you going to make me any trouble?”

Amanda shook her head and moaned her agreement into her gag. She knew in her heart that the threats to her sister Sandy were very real.

“I knew you were the sensible one. Any fuss from you and your sister gets the brunt of any punishment. Now the first thing I need to do is get you all ready.”

The first thing the man did was unfasten the chain from her ankles to her red collar. A flood of relief washed through Amanda as her legs shot down so she could sit properly in the bed. Her hips had become stiff from the position she had been forced into, and she wriggled a bit in what little relaxation she could get. The man then unfastened her collar from the chain suspended above her bed, easing her aches even more.

The man pulled from the bag a roll of silver duct tape. He tore off a small strip and stuck one end to his thick wrist.

“I am going to take your gag out. Not one sound should come from those pretty little lips of yours. Do you understand Number 1?”

Amanda nodded. She would be glad to be rid of it. Her jaw had been aching for awhile now due to its size. She felt the gag being unbuckled from behind her head and he pulled the large ball from her mouth, wet from her saliva. No sooner was it removed than the man plastered the duct tape over her lips sealing them shut. Even though she was still gagged, she was relieved to get out the gag that had stretched her jaws open.

The young blonde’s relief turned to distress when she realized what the red leather thing on the bed was, as the man picked it up. She shook her head and bucked as her captor pulled the tight-fitting hood over her head, plunging her into darkness.

“Stop!” the man commanded as he slapped her across her masked face.

Amanda wailed into her gag from shock and pain, but she stopped her squirming.

“That’s two slaps for your sister,” he hissed.

The bound girl willed herself not to move as she felt her long hair being pulled back into a pony tail. The leather enveloping her head became even more constrictive as more buckles and zippers were pulled and fastened. The tangy smell of leather now filled her nostrils and her hearing became muffled.

Amanda waited in her silent darkness.

With a not-so-gentle tug, she felt her legs being pulled straight and held there. Then she felt something being wrapped tightly above her knees. Amanda knew it wasn’t rope. It was wide and stretchy and clung to her like a second skin. Slowly, the man wound the material down until it covered her ankles.

To Ray, this was the epitome of what bondage should be. He took out another roll of the black latex bandage and began to wind it up Number 1’s thighs. Her lower extremities were now being welded together into a single sleek sculpture, as the rest of her soon would be. It didn’t take long before he stopped his wrapping just shy of her crotch.

Amanda then felt him begin to wrap the material around her shoulders and over her upper chest. The slow constriction made her think again about being that poor field mouse being squeezed in the coils of a snake. There was nothing she could do about it. He continued to bind her, wrapping above and below her breasts, leaving them exposed as he wound the tape down over her ribs, but under her arms.

When he had finished winding the latex tape over her belly, she felt him starting to wind the stuff around her elbows. He tugged at it until her elbows were mercilessly touching each other. He wound the stretchy tape down her forearms to her wrists. Amanda winced a bit as he then started to enwrap her arms from her elbows to her shoulders. Lastly, she felt her arms being welded to her back as he continued to tape her body until she was nearly completely mummified.

“Not quite done, lil’ one,” he said, “Stand up!”

Amanda felt a tug on her collar and she scooted the best she could to the edge of the bed and swung her feet over to touch the floor. Unsteadily, she wiggled her way standing up. She gasped when he grabbed her shoulders roughly and twirled her around several times before letting her go.

“Bend over number 1,” commanded the man.

Amanda hesitated, her disorientation clouding over his words.


The mummified blonde yelped in pain as the riding crop bit into her well rounded ass. The shock of the blow caused her to totter a bit.

“Bend over!”

Amanda started to bend slowly, not knowing how far she could go without falling over. She shifted her feet a little and eased herself into a slight bow.


“Further!” the man yelled.

Amanda was still stiff from her earlier bondage and being blindfolded had confused her sense of direction. She continued to bow deeper, thrusting her hips back slightly to balance herself. Inch by inch she bent down lower until she could feel herself starting to lose balance.

“Lower, number 1, or so help me God, I will whip your ass raw!”

Amanda could feel her warm tears dripping down the edges of the leather mask. She bent forward even more and she felt herself buckling and collapsing. The girl screamed and the man grabbed her and eased her down the few inches onto the bed.

“There, there, lil’ filly, I’m not going to let you injure your pretty lil’ self. You all are worth too much. You all just have to learn to trust me, that’s all. . .”

The bound girl was bent over the side of the bed, her feet still touching the floor and her face flat on the mattress. The sheer terror of the fall coupled with the abruptness of her ‘rescue’ caused her to sob into her gag.

“. . . now scoot your ass up, number 1.”

Amanda thrust her rear up as high as she could, standing on her toes and scrunching herself back. Ray smiled as he looked down on her delightfully tight ass with its red welts where his crop had kissed her skin. With both hands he spread her cheeks to reveal the pucker of her anus. He reached down and pressed his finger into it, causing her to thrash and scream into her gag.

The man ignored her screams and continued to ease his finger into her. The squeals were more out of humiliation than out of pain. The shock of him violating her like this was soul-wrenching.

“Got a nice and tight one, number 1.”

The man let go of her for a moment. Amanda strained to hear what he was doing, but any sound was muffled by her tight leather hood. She felt him in back of her again, pulling her cheeks apart. There was another push on her sphincter as he pushed something smooth into her. The pain was getting much more intense the more he pushed the object in.

“Relax, number 1, and it will just pop right in there.”

Amanda tried to take her abductors advice, willing herself to relax, but her whole being was fighting this, and she found that she just couldn’t. Finally, as the man said, the object just popped inside her. It filled her anus with a sort-of warm wantonness that she hadn’t experienced before. Her thoughts on this were brief as she felt another invader being eased into her sex. The vibrator slid into her easily as he pushed it in as far as it could go. She could feel the vibe and the butt plug pressing against each other inside her, flaring the illicit desires now flooding her body.


The bound girl struggled a bit and found there was no way she could stand herself up in her current position. She rolled over onto her back and, maneuvering her butt to the edge of the bed, she sat herself up and then eased herself off the bed. Finally, she was able to stand unsteadily.

Just as Amanda felt she had found her balance, there was another sting from the crop. Four more followed it and Amanda wondered what the hell she had done wrong now. She had followed the man’s orders and yet he was still whipping her.

“And those were compliments of your fellow slave. Number 2 just can’t follow orders very well.”

Amanda’s heart raced at the thought of her sister being treated as she was being treated. Being mummified would be so much worse for Sandy. She was claustrophobic and being enveloped by these elastic bandages would just terrify her.

Amanda’s thoughts were interrupted when she felt more tape being wound down her hips and over her sex until the only flesh showing was her clamped-bejeweled breasts.

“You all have been a very good slave, number 1. You should be proud of yourself. Now, I am going to change your gag and I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. Do you understand, number 1?”

She nodded her head. Amanda knew that any fuss at this time would only result in the punishment of herself and her sister. There wasn’t a damn thing she could do now to try to escape. Better to prepare for the opportune moment when it revealed itself.

The tape ripped off her lips painfully. Amanda involuntarily shrieked and immediately braced herself for a flogging, but it never came. Instead, she felt something pushing against her lips.

“Open wide,” the man said in a sing-song fashion.

She did as she was told and opened her mouth all the way. She felt aa almost familiar ring being put behind her teeth and the tang of rubber once again overwhelmed her taste buds. As the man fastened the gag behind her head, she ran her tongue over it. It was not the same ring gag he had used earlier. This one seemed to be made of the same type of hard rubber used for doggy chew toys. She could bite down, but it took some effort.

Then, she felt the familiar tug on her collar.

Cautiously, number 1 hopped forward. Her lithe form swathed in black latex strips was a beauty to behold. With every little jump, her large breasts jiggled temptingly with their chrome nipple clamps still firmly in place. With every little hop, they were getting closer and closer to the dinner table.

Amanda felt the man’s hands directing her. He steered her until she could feel something pressing behind her calves.


Cautiously, she began to seat herself and she breathed a sigh of relief when she took the weight off her bare feet.

Ray stepped back and enjoyed the feast in front of him. His gorgeous wife was still spread in a frogtie on the wooden table, her sex glistening and her voice mewling their mutual need. Slave number 1 and slave number 2, mummified identically, were side by side, sitting at the end of the table between his wife’s legs and unaware of each other’s presence. Also on the table was the bowl of vegetables, ready to complete tonight’s salad.

Slave number two, her head encased in a black leather hood, had a thick stalk of celery already protruding from her mouth. Ray nudged her forward until the stalk penetrated his wife’s swollen sex. Without a word, he began to rock his captive’s head until she got into the rhythm.

“Continue,” Ray told number 2.

Cassandra continued as she was told to. Her ass was still tender from the whipping she had got earlier when the man wrapped her and she didn’t want to incur any more of his wrath. In her mind, she knew what she was doing to her sister and she knew that the fresh taste of celery would forever be branded in her mind as something horrific. She could hear the muffled moans of pleasure as she continued to pump.

Janice thrust her hips up to meet every stroke, the pleasure churning through her like a white-water rapid. Every touch felt like a geyser of pure bliss as she writhed in her bonds. She glanced down briefly to see that her husband had placed a carrot in the other girls mouth and was about to switch number 2 out.

Each of their captives took their turn fucking Janice with their vegetable and after one girl was done, he replaced the used veggie with another fresh one from the bowl.

Amanda was just as horrified as her sister Sandy. She couldn’t tell what vegetable it was by taste but she bit into the end of it and held it tightly as she rocked back and forth in her bonds. Amanda was pretty sure the woman she was fucking was not her sister. The moans coming from the woman sounded more like ‘Mistress’ but she wasn’t quite sure. The hood enwrapping her head muffled all sounds. Regardless, she could imagine what they were having for dinner tonight and it caused her stomach to lurch.

As she was thrusting the parsnip into the woman, the vibrator inside Amanda erupted to life, causing her to lose her rhythm and pause to savor its spell. Her rapture was cut short by two taps on the top of her head, so she willed herself to continue to pump the vegetable into the woman despite the device’s hum.

Number 1 started to thrust faster and Janice met her stroke for stroke as the wanton storm inside her grew more and more pitched. She bucked and strained at her bonds and wave after crashing wave of bliss battled toward the precipice of an orgasm. With a roar of pure ecstasy, Janice screamed into her gag as she shuddered uncontrollably. So violent was her cum that her mummified slave jerked away, leaving the cream-colored parsnip within Janice. She barely noticed her husband shoving the twins aside to make room for himself as he flung the parsnip into the bowl. His rampant cock jutted out of his unzipped jeans as he grabbed her hips and impaled her upon himself. A pain shot through where her bindings bit unforgivingly but she didn’t care. It added to the thunderous joy that was swallowing her alive.

Her muscles squeezed down on him hungrily as he thrust into her faster and fast. He could feel the molten pressure building inside him, fought his eruption as long as he could, until he pulled himself out and sprayed his seed into the bowl with the veggies. He continued to spurt for what seemed to be a long time. Beside him, he could hear the garbled whines of the twins as they fidgeted and twisted in their latex wrappings. Ray didn’t know if they were trying to cum or needed to pee. We would take care of those needs later.

Wearily, he tucked himself back into his jeans and began to prepare tonight’s salad.


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