Dog Show

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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continued from Ken's Birthday Gift

I decided to try to keep a diary of the things that Ken and my boyfriend and I did over the years, but I would write them down in the order that I remembered them and not necessarily the order that we did them. This way my boyfriend, who turned into my husband, would be free to just experience what we did. I also realized that he would be less involved with what Ken and I did and if I continued to let him write about our adventures they would be from a limited perspective.

Ken had built a fenced in "dog run" around the old dog house at his cabin. The area was closed off and not more than three feet high all covered with chain link fence. Ken and I could tell that hubby liked being our pet dog and when the weather was nice and we were at the cabin he would spend some time in there with his food and water bowl. Ken liked it better when we screwed each others brains out without our pet dogs potential interruptions. Several times we went out for the day and left him there, but only if the weather was good. On rainy days or if it was cold out we could give him the run of the cabin and go out, or even lock him in the large dog training crate for the night.

After the first time with hubby being our dog, during my Barbie gang bang, we didn't use the elaborate cuff and harness set up on him. The rig was designed to limit his motions to "dog like" but were unnecessary because he was easy to train. He was only our dog when we were at the cabin and we put his collar on him. Many times we went to the cabin and didn't play at all, just friends camping together, friends with an odd relationship though.

We did get him thick leather "mitts" from a special leather store in the big city that turned his little hands into paws. They had two purposes, to protect his hands and to prevent him from using them as anything but paws. They buckled on and were impossible to remove without fingers. He had similar knee pads to protect his knees, and we could attach his ankles to his thighs to give him a more canine looking shape, but that caused him to cramp up too quickly. At some point we realized we would have to use some imagination with this whole pet dog thing, he could act like a dog quite well, but he wasn't really a dog. Nobody would feed their pet dog all the cream pie that mine ate either! And the purpose of "making" him a dog was to get him out of the way, in a subservient role, so Ken and I could make love to each other every chance we got. I loved hubby for allowing me the freedom to have Ken, but I lusted for Ken and his magnificent cock all the time.

Ken thought it would be funny to take a picture of me walking hubby out to his dog run with my camera phone and send it to him. This way Ken thought when hubby got home and turned on his phone he would get to see himself as a dog. I had no idea Ken was doing it, but I know he was only having fun. Ken went into my contacts info and found "Greg", hubbies given name that I never use, and sent him the compromising picture. The problem was hubby was just "h" in my contacts, and "Greg" comes first, so that's where Ken sent the picture. Greg was my interior design professor and by the way he talks I would have bet he was gay. Ken quickly forgot about the picture that I knew nothing about, and when I went back to night school and Greg asked to see me after class I had no clue what it was about.

Greg told me I surprised him as he thought I was very straight laced, and when he saw the puzzled look on my face he just showed me the picture on his phone, from my phone. I felt all the blood rush away from my face and Greg asked if I meant to send him that picture. If I had some warning of the picture I could have maybe thought of some convincing lie to tell him. But all I could say was the truth, I didn't send it to him on purpose, and I didn't take the picture. It was obvious somebody else took the picture to Greg, but he let the subject drop.

Greg said it was ironic that I was into "pets" as he called it, because he was also. He told me he was supposed to go to a "dog show" and was looking for somebody to go with him. I hesitated and thought about sending hubby to some dog show, as a dog, with a man I thought was gay. I smiled because I thought hubby may have some closet bisexual desires, and putting him into this situation would prove it one way or the other. It was only a thought and I told Greg that we only play like that privately, and I couldn't commit hubby to something like that. Greg told me he wasn't interested it taking hubby to the show. I visibly relaxed when I heard that!

Greg told me he needed a bitch for the show!

I felt the blood drain away from my face again and I told Greg that I couldn't possibly do something like that. He asked me why I smiled before then, and I couldn't tell him.

Greg said "I'll tell you what, I'll send your picture to all my students, and if anybody wants to take your place at the show, they can call you!"

I couldn't believe he was blackmailing me into this! I couldn't go to the school to report him, I couldn't let everybody I know see the kinky things I do either. Greg smiled when I told him this was a one time deal only, and that I wanted him to promise to delete my kinky picture when I went through with it. Greg promised and handed me a sheet of legal paper that stated I was freely agreeing to attend the show, and that I was drug and disease free, and would submit a blood test proving it.

Greg gave me a phone number to call with my measurements, so a suit could be altered to fit me, and I left the classroom with more questions than I could imagine. I wondered what one did at a human dog show. It obviously involved close personal contact, but at least the club was concerned about safety. I knew there was no way I was going to tell either of my guys about this, I would tell them both that I was doing an overnight project for class, it was only half a lie in my eyes!

The weekend of my first and only dog show had come and I met Greg as agreed at his place up on college hill as it was called. He owned a very nice Victorian that looked like it was built during the turn of the last century. I asked where my dog suit was and he said I would need help getting into it at the club, and that there were handlers there who would help me into and out of my suit when necessary. Greg ignored all other questions and simply said I would find out soon enough.

The club was VERY nice and I would have never guessed in a million years that some kinky club met there. Greg's inherited Bentley fit right in with the other cars in the parking lot, and I know now why he said to wear a nice conservative dress to match his sport coat. We were let in and each separately lead to changing rooms in a long hall with many doors. In my changing room there was a woman who was my handler to help me get dressed into my Dalmatian costume. The altered suit was waiting on me and my handler asked if this was my first time, and I told her yes. She told me to just relax and enjoy myself, and that nobody would know who I was anyway.

I didn't know what she meant, but I stripped out of my clothes right in front of her as she expected, and when I was nude she said I had a great body and that I should be proud of it. It was a compliment from an attractive woman and I was flattered. I knelt into the legs of the suit and my legs were crunched up into them until my knees were on the rear paw pads and my heels were tight against my ass. My sex and ass were covered with the thinnest membrane of latex and my tits fell through the two holes in the chest of the suit. My handler zipped me into the suit and my hands were buckled into the front paws preventing me from being able to remove the suit without help. There was a mirror in the room and I looked like a Dalmatian with huge bald tits and a human head. That was until my handler buckled the head piece on my head. Now I was just another anonymous bitch at a dog show.

My handler put a collar and leash on me and lead me out on all fours to a large open room where everybody else was in their dog suits already and waiting for me. I couldn't tell which one was Greg and we all just milled around each other. I was the only female dog there and I nearly jumped when another dog ran his cold leather nose up between my sex. He was starting to get me going and I just decided to go with it as another dog was using his pointy ears to tease my exposed hanging tits.

A third dog backed himself up to my dog face and I used my dog snoot to tease his cock that was erect in a kind of sheath. It looked like an industrial strength condom and the rest of his package was in it also. I could only see so good through my head piece, but I know how to tease a cock and the guy I was playing with was whimpering in a very dog like way as I felt him fill his sheath with cum. After that it turned into a dog orgy with the dog behind me, Greg I was guessing, mounted me and did his best to penetrate me through his sheath and my layer of latex. He ended up pushing up against my sex but not penetrating, but I instinctively lowered my chest to the floor pinning the ear dog under me. The dog humping me from behind came off and I felt him squirt up against my covered pussy, and I had a small orgasm when I felt it.

All the dogs got to hump me one way or the other, and I lost track of time until I saw the handlers removing one dog at a time until it was just me left. My handler lead me on my leash to my changing room and she helped my out of my now sweaty and messy suit. I told her I was sorry that I made the suit a mess and she said that was to be expected, and they were always dry cleaned after each session. I was embarrassed because it smelled like sex bad. She just said she wished I had a good first time, and I told her I did. There was a shower in the changing room and I needed it bad, and she left me to use it in private once she had me out of the suit.

I met Greg in the lobby and he asked how I liked my first dog show. I corrected him and said "only dog show" and that it was one of the strangest thing I ever did. He could tell from my face that I wasn't upset or anything, but that this was truly a one time only thing for me. He asked me if I was hungry and I said I was starving, but also sore from all the rubbing and being on all fours for hours. He said good, and I assumed he meant that it was good that I was hungry, because he said he made reservations for dinner.

Greg drove to a fine restaurant and we had a private table in the back where nobody could see us. When the waiter asked if we wanted anything to drink, Greg ordered a large bottle of wine to go with our meal. The food was great and I drank most of the wine as Greg kept filling my glass. I don't drink much so the wine had me feeling very loose by the time the check came. On the way to Greg's house I realized I couldn't drive myself home like this and wondered if that was his plan. When I asked Greg which dog he was he shocked me by telling me the club rules prohibited him from participating with his own guest!

"You weren't there", I asked?

"No" he said. "Years ago guys would bring their wives or secretaries and would get jealous for obvious reasons".

I was feeling the wine and had to ask for clarification, "You manipulated me into this situation and didn't even get any?"

His answer was an explanation, "It was past my turn and I have no girlfriend or wife now, and I would have been asked not to participate until I could bring somebody for everybody else to use anyway".

We didn't talk much more on the way home and I was deep in thought.

At Greg's house he suggested I stay the night in the guest room as I looked too drunk to drive. I never tried to drive drunk so I don't know if that was true or not, but I was not willing to take the risk, and I knew I couldn't go home like I was either. I had decided if Greg was anything it was bisexual, because he was a perfect gentleman with me, but I caught the hungry way he looked at me when he thought I couldn't see.

The guest room was nice and it had a large walk in closet that I had to explore. There was a short black and white bathrobe that reminded me of my Dalmatian suit from earlier. I didn't bring anything to sleep in and would probably just sleep nude if I couldn't find something to wear. I picked out the bathrobe and was surprised to see a leash and collar under it. I had a wicked thought at that moment and called out to Greg to ask if I could wear anything I found in the closet. He said "sure" and was surprised to see me come out a minute later wearing only the bathrobe and collar while twirling the attached leash in my hand.

Greg just looked at me and said it wasn't nice to tease him like that!

I walked right to him never taking my eyes off of him in a provocative way. I don't think it was the booze, I was just horny and felt sorry for Greg. I asked him if he wanted to walk his dog or what, as I put the leash into his hand. He looked like he wanted to object, but before he could I told him I was a big girl and I wanted him.

He walked me into his bed room on all fours and I climbed up on his bed and just stood there waiting on him. He stripped in seconds and positioned himself to mount me doggie style, as I expected. I was very ready and he entered me easily, his cock not all that impressively large. I put my head down on the bedspread to get him in better, but he just wasn't hitting the right spots. He aggressively hammered into me, but I knew I wouldn't get off like this unless something changed. I put my hands behind my back and crossed them and told him to hold me. Greg surprised me and quickly tied my wrists like that with my bathrobe sash. It wasn't the best knot, but it was working for me and it was only a matter of time before I came off. Unfortunately, it was working for him even better and he flooded my pussy with his seed before I got there.

Greg was panting like he just ran a marathon, and he fell out of me and rolled onto his back, completely spent. I pulled my wrists free of the sash and attempted to revive his limp cock with one of my best blow jobs! The only thing I accomplished was to clean off his cock for him, and I let him get some rest. I jumped into the shower and cleaned up and tried to sleep.

It was late morning when I woke and I didn't hear Greg moving around, and I thought for a moment I might have killed him last night. I was nude when I checked in on him because I had left my bathrobe in his room. He was awake and I could tell by his face that he felt bad about last night. He started to apologize for taking advantage of me when I was drunk and I stopped him right there. I told him I wasn't that drunk and I could see he didn't believe me. I knew what I had to do and I pulled back the sheets and climbed into bed with him to give him a second chance to make up for his terrible performance last night.

I gave Greg some much needed tutoring, and by the time I left him he was more confident, and I knew his future girl friends would appreciate what I did for him. Both of us pretended like the whole thing never happened, and we remained friends.