Dianne's Second Time

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2008 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; F/m; bond; spank; stuck; oral; cons; X

Authors note; This is a sequel to Dianne’s First Bondage Session.  Though this story stands on its own, you may want to read the first part to see how this relationship was established.  This story is complete fiction and totally based on my own personal fantasies and experiences.  Hope you like it.

It had been two months since our first session together.  Though we tried to get together sooner, our schedules wouldn’t permit it.  During this time we chatted about our first session together and how she just loved it.  Since then she told me in detail about some self-bondages she put herself into and how much fun she had in them except it just wasn’t the same as having someone there to stimulate her.  She told me about this four-post canopy bed she has and I told her I had some great ideas for tying her to it.  She kept at me, wanting me to tell her what I had in mind for her but I wouldn’t budge.  I just told her it would be worth the wait.

We delved into the subject of her tying me up again.  She wanted to know the ways I would like to be tied and the best way she could do it so I would really enjoy it.  I first told her how others had failed by not tying me tight enough or leaving my ankles untied and such.  I gave her an idea or two on how I wanted to be tied.  I told her about a fantasy I had after attending a topless strip club.  While I was there I got a private dance from one of the girls.  They had rules that you can’t touch the girls in any way but they could rub themselves all over you.  The girl did a good job but the dance really didn’t turn me on that much, though I got to thinking if I were all tied up while she was doing it, that ‘would’ have turned me on.  It would have been even better if she had stripped me while I was tied and taken me too.

Dianne also had spent a lot of time on the Internet looking at bondage sites and stores and had bought quite a bit of bondage gear.  She told me about the stuff she bought, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, ball gags, one with a head harness, blindfold, a dildo with a vibrator, padlocks and lots of ¼ inch white cotton rope.  I asked her how she could afford all of this and she said that she just used her charge card.  On her budget she is going to be paying for this stuff for a while.  She said she also wanted a butt plug, nipple clamps and a chastity belt but would not be able to afford them until she paid off some of what she already bought.  They always say; if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it and she did.  I think I may have created a monster but at least she’s showing a little responsibility. 

Finally, we both could schedule a weekend off when we could get together.  We wanted more than just a day together because we lived so far apart and with today’s high gas prices makes it almost impossible to get together more often.  The plan was that I would drive down early Saturday morning and would arrive around 10:30.  We would get to spend the day, evening, and most of the next day together until I had to drive home.

Earlier that week she sent me a padded envelope.  Inside that envelope were two more envelopes.  One was marked ‘Do Not Open’, the other marked ‘Instructions, Open Me First’.  I opened that envelope and it came with a map to her home and a note that read; Here are the directions to my apartment.  As soon as you reach the truck stop at the edge of the city, stop and call me to tell me you have made it to town.  From there, it will take you about 20 minutes to get here.  Please wait until you get to my place to open the other envelope.  It’s a surprise!  I could feel something hard inside it and thought it was a key but I wasn’t sure. Thinking about it got me excited and I could hardly wait for Saturday to arrive.

Finally, Saturday arrived and I woke up earlier than I had planned from being so excited.  I left home at about 6:30 AM, just over a half an hour earlier than I was going to leave and drove straight through until I got to the city at about 9:30.  I haven’t taken the step into the present and acquired a cell phone yet, so I used the pay phone at the truck stop.  I called her and she was surprised that I got there so early and was very excited that I was here.  With a playful tone, she said, “I’ll see you in a little bit”. 

A little later I pulled into her parking lot and easily found her apartment as to her instructions.  I parked my car and opened the other envelope.  Inside was a key and another note.  It read; Here is the key to my apartment.  Please, very quietly come inside.  I have a little surprise waiting for you but you must keep very quiet. 

I got out of the car and locked it and then went to her door, gently inserting the key and opening the door.  After quietly stepping inside, I gently shut the door.  I thought she really had a nice apartment as I was looking around.  Over on her dining table was a riding crop and another note that read; I’ve been a very bad girl.  Please go easy on me!  I thought, she didn’t tell me about the riding crop.  What’s she getting into?   Picking up the crop I turned and started looking through the rest of the apartment.

Soon as I stepped into her bedroom I saw her.  Dianne had tied herself in a standing spread eagle at the end of the bed facing the bed.  She had used the wrist and ankle cuffs and padlocked her limbs to loops of rope tied to the canopy and to the D rings on the cuffs.  Straight up above each hand she hung an ice cube, one larger than the other to stagger her timed release, with a key frozen in each one for her release incase something happened and I didn’t make it.  Smart girl! 

She was wearing that white string bikini I liked so well along with a blindfold, ball-gag and a tightly tied crotch rope.  She also had earplugs in each ear, the little orange ones with a string attaching them together, like the ones they use in manufacturing facilities.  They muffle a lot of sound but you can still hear someone talk through them.  This way, as long as I was quiet, she would not know when I was here until I announced my presence somehow.  I’m thinking; I see she likes surprises too.

Walking around her from side to side I spent some time admiring the bound beauty in all her tied up splendor and watch her as she occasionally struggled.  I was ready to announce my presence with the crop across her fanny when I thought; wait a minute, I’ve never used a riding crop before, so I don’t know how hard I can hit her without really hurting her and also, I think I’d like to watch the ‘stew simmer’ a little longer and make her worry a little bit.

Leaving her I stepped outside to test the crop.  I slapped my thigh, “OUCH!” Ooooo that was too hard.  I’ll try this, slap, “ouch”, slap, “ouch.”  There, that’s about right I thought.  Enough to sting a little but no bruising.  Then I tried out that little folded over leather flap at the end.  Slapping my hand I found just the right force to tap it and make noise but with no pain.  I was going to use that to whip her tits and pussy.  Well, whip is really too harsh a word and not what I meant.  Maybe I should say tantalize.

Back inside I headed straight for her bedroom.  The ice was dripping down on her hands, and by this time I could see she was getting a little frustrated over the fact I haven’t arrived yet, or so she thought.  Removing the ice cubed keys from the canopy, I took them to the bathroom and laid them in the sink with the strings draped over the faucet so the keys would not go down the drain when the ice melted.  After returning to the bedroom I sat in a chair and watched her for a while. 

Although Dianne was blindfolded, she still would try to look back over her shoulder as if to see or feel me standing there.  She also tugged at her bonds, mmphed and tried riding her crotch rope a little but getting frustrated because she was not getting off.  After two months of somewhat satisfying but empty self-bondage games, there was a need welling up deep inside her, one that only I could fill.  Sure she had a vibrator and it got her off pretty well a few times, but it couldn’t take the place of the caressing touch, the fondling and the feel of a man inside her.  She wanted me now!

After a few minutes she realized that the cold water dripping on her hands had stopped.  She knew someone was there now and she was frantically trying to look all around and mmphing for response.  I decided it was time to say hello.

SWAT, “EEEEEEEMMMMMMMmmmph, mmph, mmph, mmph.”  It not only stung, it startled the hell out of her.  SWAT, “EEEEEEEEMMMMMmmmphph.”  SWAT, “EEEEMMMMMGRGRGRGRgrgrgrgrphph, mph, mph, mph, mph, mph, mph.”

I pulled out her earplugs and then, standing behind her and putting my arm around her pulling myself closer to her, I said in a low tone, “Hello my dear.  I’ve missed you”.  She calmed down a bit and moaned in her gag.  Then I said, “I removed the keys so now your all mine until and ‘IF’ I decide to let you go.”  She mmphed and tugged on her bonds and then after a brief pause, I said, “I see you’ve been a really bad girl.  Naughty, naughty!  You must be punished!”

Mmphing and frantically shaking her head no because her butt was still stinging, I gave her three more swats.  That lit her up.  She jerked hard against her bonds, squealing and mmphing loudly and forcefully twisting her torso to get away from the punishment. 

I asked, “Is that enough?” 

Shaking her head in the affirmative, she mmphed, “Umm Humm”.

I said, “Wrong answer”, and applied two more swats.  She squealed and struggled a little more franticly, and I asked again, “Is that enough?”

Shaking her head yes again and again, she said, “Um Hum, Um hum.”

In an angry tone of voice I said, “Wrong answer again” and applied three more swats.  Her struggling and thrusting had pulled her crotch rope and most of her bottoms into her crack and pussy, which exposed most of her cheeks that were getting pretty red from the spankings.  I was ready to stop because I’m not into pain but her lesson wasn’t over yet.  She was also starting to whimper and cry and that bothered me because I was starting to care a lot for this girl.  Then I asked again in a softer tone of voice, “Is that enough?”

Writhing in a complete frantic, she almost nodded yes again but caught herself and thought for a second and then shaking her head no she replied,  “MMM mmm, MMM mmm, MMM mmm.” 

That was also our safety word but I don’t believe she was using it as such.  So in a pleasant tone I said, “Good answer.”  Then after giving her three more slightly lighter swats for good measure, I said, “That should be enough”.  That was all I felt I could give her anyway, safety word or not.

Still whimpering, she let out a shaky sigh of relief.  I dropped the crop on the bed and stood behind her caressing her body, gently rubbing the sting from her butt cheeks and running my hands gently up and down her torso.  Her demeanor changed immediately and she moaned softly in her gag as I continued to caress and stimulate her body.  I then reached up and untied her top and let it fall on the bed exposing her perfect breasts.  Her nipples were already hard and erect.  I took them between my fingers and gently twisting them, sending tiny shocks of pleasure up and down her spine, turning her on and making her very wet.  Reaching down and tugging on her crotch rope made her even wetter.

Moving around I sat on the bed in front of her, picking up the crop and using it on her breasts.  I lightly slapped her breasts and nipples with the wide leather end, not hard enough to cause pain but enough to stimulate her.  I fluttered it over her nipples like a playing card flapping in bicycle spokes.  She jerked, squirmed and moaned as the stimulation was having the desired effect.  Then, alternating it between her tits and pussy I was driving her wild.  After she was thoroughly excited I focused the tapping on her pussy.  It wasn’t long before it moved her over the edge and she came with a loud mmph, bucking, thrusting and twisting in her bonds.

Giving her a little time to cum down from that high, I decided to remove her crotch rope and her bottoms.  One of my favorite parts of stripping a tied up woman is removing her panties or bottoms and exposing her helpless pussy.  It would have been easier to remove the crotch rope first but it was going to be a lot more fun pulling her bottoms out from under the rope buried deep in her mound.  Savoring every second I slowly pulled the strings untying the bow ties on each side of her.  Then slowly I pulled and tugged them through her crotch out from under the rope.  Dianne twitched and moaned repeatedly as I was pulling them out with short tugs.  She almost had another orgasm.  I then untied and removed the crotch rope.  Both the rope and her bottoms were as wet as she still was.

Now standing behind her, I started caressing her again.  Moving my hands gently over her soft skin I cupped her breasts and fingered her nipples.  Then in seesaw fashion I moved one hand down to her inner thigh, bringing it up, brushing against her pussy and back up while I brought the other hand down to do the same thing.  Dianne moaned and purred with every stroke.  She even thrusted her mound forward to meet each hand rubbing her sex.  This was driving her absolutely wild and the only relief she wanted now was me inside her.

I stepped back, undid my jeans and let my already hard-on out.  After slipping on a condom, I squatted down a little with my knees against the mattress and after cupping her pussy in my right hand I entered her from behind.  As I was sliding in and out of her pussy I fingered her clit and using my left hand I reached up and stimulated her breasts some more.  With my cock entering her at this angle I was brushing against that special ‘G’ button.  In no time she exploded with a mind-blowing orgasm, shaking, shuttering, twisting with so much force that I could hardly hang on to this wildcat.  She even moaned so loud her ball gag wasn’t even having much effect. 

Though it was enjoyable giving her pleasure it was a too strenuous position for me to get off.  I pulled out, stood up and stretched a little to remove the kinks, then buttoned and sipped up my pants.  Dianne’s head was leaning forward in exhaustion, which made it easier to remove her gag.  After unbuckling it, I slowly pulled the ball out of her mouth.  Working her jaw and licking her chops a couple of times and while I was unbuckling and removing her blindfold, she said, “Mmmmm, I missed you too”.

Retrieving one of the keys from the bathroom by running hot water over it to melt the ice, I brought it back and undid her from her ties.  Wearing nothing but her cuffs, she turned around, threw her arms around me and gave me a long passionate kiss, which I had no trouble returning.  After the kiss she backed up and with her right hand slapped me hard on the chest and said, “I can’t believe you spanked me like that.  It still stings a little”. 

I remarked, “Naughty girls need punished, don’t they”?

Slapping me on the chest again, she replied, “Not that hard”.  Then she smiled, gave me a coy look and a wink and said, “And besides, I’m not that naughty”.

Then, seeking approval she showed me her cuffs, and asked, “How do you like these”?

I replied, “Those are nice…and secure”.

She said, “Yeah, they work great for self-bondage.  By the way, I didn’t hear you cum”.

I replied, “Your right I didn’t.  Because I’m so tall, squatting down like that puts a strain on my back and tends to kill my libido”.

Smiling, she quickly unbuttoned my shirt, reaching up and pulling it off my shoulders.  As I reached behind me to pull the sleeves off, she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my shorts.  She took a hold of my still somewhat hard member, stroking it, and said, “I’ll help you work the kinks out”.

I chuckled and said, “The kinks are in my back, not my cock”.  I sat down on the edge of the bed as she removed my shoes along with the rest of my clothes.  She told me to lay face down on the bed, which I did. 

For several minutes she rubbed my back, then she said, “I have an idea”.  She grabbed her blindfold and put it on me.  She then lead me out of the bedroom and into her other bedroom, which was an office of sorts that had her computer in it.  I asked what she was doing and she replied, “Don’t worry.  I think you’re going to enjoy this”.  She rolled her office chair behind me and had me sit down.  The chair was a typical older type with four legs on casters, a heel ring on top of the legs, a cushioned swivel seat and a cushioned backrest, which was supported by a single steel post.  Unknown to me she already had a length of rope tied to the backrest support just waiting to tie my wrists. 

As I was sitting in the chair she rubbed my neck and shoulders with a masseuse’s perfection.  She rubbed and pushed against my shoulder as she pulled my arm behind me and then the other in a sneaky con to lull me into submission.  When she was sure she had me mesmerized, she pulled and held my wrists together with one hand and continued to rub with the other, but something changed.  I could feel a difference in her demeanor as her rubbing got careless and scattered and the hand she was holding my wrists with was shaking.  It obviously scared her to tie someone up.

In her mind Dianne had every thing planned out.  She would play her trick on me, seize me, tie me up good and tight and have her way with me.  It was all fine when it was a fantasy in her mind but now she was faced with doing it for real and it scared her to death.  Doing this to someone wasn’t in her personality and she was afraid she might hurt me. 

I knew what she was trying to do because I had been in her shoes myself.  I have tied women up before, not telling them what I was going to do.  I would roll them over on their stomach and sit back on their thighs.  Then while rubbing their back I would lay a piece of rope across their lower back and then gently pull their arms behind them as I was still rubbing.  Before they knew it, I had looped that rope around their wrists and knotted it off.  They were now tied.  Sometimes it went well and we had a good time, and sometimes they demanded I untie them, which I did.  Now it was Dianne’s turn to play dominant and I sensed she was about to chicken out.  So I turned my head back and said, “It’s Ok”.

Startled, she asked, “What”?

“I said it’s Ok.  It’s all right if you tie me up!”

Surprised, she asked, “How’d you know”?

I replied, “I’ve been there before.  I know what it feels like.  So here, go ahead and tie me”.  I held my wrists together in a way so she could easily tie them.  Then she nervously wrapped the rope around and quickly tied my wrists tightly to the backrest support.  She started to relax a little and it started to turn her on because she knew she had me now and there was nothing I could do.  With newfound confidence she worked quickly as she tied several loops of rope around my chest and to the backrest.  Now with my arms pinned there is no way I could work my wrists loose.  I was thinking; she obviously planned all this out and I was glad she decided to go through with it, as it was making me hard again. 

I started being uncooperative as she tried to tie my ankles together, so she tied the rope around one ankle and pulled to one of the legs and after securing it she did the same to the other ankle.  Then she looped a rope around both ankles and tied a cinch loop between them.  She then tied several loops around and just above my knees cinching it tight too.  I was now tied really tight to the chair and all that was left was a gaaauugh….”MMMmmph, MMMmmmphph”.  All I could do now was mmph, wiggle and get a hard on, which I already have now.

Dianne hadn’t realized it until she was through, but she all the sudden found it very exhilarating to tie someone else up.  It gave her a feeling of power, made her horny and scared her a little too, because she wasn’t sure if she’d overstepped her bounds, which was what she was afraid of in the first place.  Now she was totally responsible for her catch.  She had to carefully take care of me and she had some wonderful ideas. 

One of the things she never told me was that she had gone to a local strip club and got some pointers from some of the girls, which of course she was about to use on me.  She straddled me with her legs and rubbed her breasts against my face, up and down, side to side.  Then squatting up and down gently rubbed her body against mine as she was probing the outside of her sex with my hard-on.  Next, sitting on my legs she rubbed her sex and juices up and down each leg.  She would let her hair caress my face and she would, in a tickling touch, blow on and kiss my ears and neck.  She repeated and combined all these moves just to drive me wild, which she did in mega proportions.  Then reaching up she gently took hold of my hair, pulled my head over a little to one side, nibbled on and whispered into my ear, “Struggle for me”.

Just for her reaction I did what she said.  I started struggling hard, pulling and tugging in earnest, mmphing for help and seesawing my legs all in a vain attempt to get loose.  Sitting back she watched the muscles in my chest and arms bulge as I struggled and she got so excited that something inside her snapped.  Like a tiger pouncing on its prey, she moved up and immediately impaled herself on me, bouncing up and down, thrusting her mound forward against my stomach and back and then up and down again.  All she was thinking about now is that she had captured her a new fuck toy and she was going to use it up.  It wasn’t long before she came and cum she did.  Her juices were all over my pubic hair and balls. 

She sat there for a while, still impaled and holding me close, as she came down from that high.  After she regained her composure she reached up and took off my blindfold.  As my eyes were adjusting to the light, she said, “You didn’t cum yet, did you?  Well I’m going to take care of that”.

Dianne lifted herself off of me and left the room.  She came back with two padlocks and a key.  She placed the key on top of a file cabinet then knelt down in front of me.  After removing my condom, she adjusted her cuffs so the D rings were on the inside of her wrists and ankles.  She then proceeded to lock her ankles together followed by her wrists behind her back.  Then she went to work on me.

She had a little fun trying to get a hold of my erection with her mouth but got the knack of it in short order.  She would slide her mouth and tongue up and down the shank and then take the head in her mouth bobbing up and down and then back down the shank.  That felt soooo good that I started twitching a little from being tickled.  She kept it up so I struggled a little bit, which excited both of us.  Then she did something I would of never thought of, which really turned me on.  She struggled, twisting her shoulders and arms back and forth and when she had me in her mouth she mmphed as if she were ball-gagged and moaned when she was working on the shank. 

She kept on working this game and it wasn’t long before I exploded.  The first couple of shots hit her in the face and the rest were all over my legs and running down my shank all over my balls.  She moved back and wiped her cheek off against my leg, sat back and said, “That’s more like it”!  I mmphed at her but I was thinking is ‘you said it girl’.

It was about lunchtime and now time to get loose.  That’s when she realized her mistake.  She could reach the key standing up, but not kneeling down and with her ankles bound she couldn’t stand up.  Now we both were tied and helpless.  She tried standing by pushing herself center over her feet but before she could stand up she would fall over.  Next she tried laying across my legs and moving her feet under her to try to stand but she easily slid off because of all the cum.  Now she was tied and messy too.  I don’t think she noticed but I had a smile behind that ball gag.  She then tried the desk but her computer took up most of the area and she couldn’t get enough of her on top of it to get back on her legs.  She struggled hard and let out a frustrating, “Dammit”, which only turned me on again.

Looking up at me she asked, “Where did you put the other key”?

I replied, “Mmmph, mmmph”.

“Oh your no help!”  She said, and then after thinking for a few seconds, she asked, “Well which direction is it”?  I nodded toward the bed and bath rooms.  She then asked, “Did you leave it in the bedroom”?  I shook my head no.  “In the bathroom?”  I shook my head yes.  “Did you leave it in the bathtub?”  I shook my head no.  “In the sink?”  I shook my head yes.  She said, “Great, that’s up high too.  But it’s not as high as this one”.

She got up on her knees and shuffled in three-inch steps weaving and bowing trying to keep her balance, moving out of the office and into the bathroom up to the sink.  Though it was a little high she managed to move up high enough to grab the string with her teeth and pull the partially melted ice and key out of the sink.  She then let it drop on the floor and most of the ice that was left broke off.  She maneuvered around and picked up what was left around the key and held it in her hands until the rest of the ice melted off and she unlocked herself.

She came back into the office with a relieved look on her face.  Sitting on my lap, she kissed me and warmed her ice-cold hands on my neck.  Whew that was cold.  Then, looking at my now limp cock, she said, “It’s lunch time.  We need to get this fed.  It has a lot of work to do this afternoon”.  With that she removed my gag, passionately kissed me, untied me and we got dressed and went to lunch. 

This afternoon we…….Well I might tell you what happened later!

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