Dianne's First Bondage Session

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2007 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; sbf; cons; X

I met Dianne through an Internet dating service.  I saw her profile and thought she was very hot, so I sent her a message.  Nothing special, just hi, like your profile, I’m interested in you and asked if she had ever practiced bondage before.  I don’t know what it was that sparked her interest but she replied with great curiosity about the bondage statement.  She replied that she never even considered being tied up and the thought of it kind of scared her but it also stimulated her.  She wondered what it would be like to be tied up, helpless and at someone’s mercy.

I decided to educate her on the many facets of bondage.  I first told her to go to Gromet’s and Utopia’s web sites, read some of the stories and tell me what she thinks about them.  She did and she came back with what seemed like about a hundred or more questions.  We chatted online for hours discussing what she read and my opinions and views on the subject.  We talked about selfbondage and timed release methods.  We also talked about having a play partner for role-playing, methods of tying, use of safety words and what fantasies I have. 

Dianne kept asking me about my most desirable, kinky bondage fantasy so I thought I would just include her in it.  I told her that I invited her up to the lake for the afternoon and to wear a string bikini that the bottoms tie over the hips and the top ties in back and around the neck.  (That makes them easy to remove after she’s tied up.)  She thinks she’s coming up for a swim and to get a little sun, but I have other plans.  I told her in detail how I would seize her, tie her up in various positions, strip her and force her to cum over and over again.  She told me that she was surprised that anyone would think of her that way and was a little embarrassed too.  The fact that she was embarrassed kind of embarrassed me also and I apologized for being so graphic.  She said that it was ok and we signed off.   I sent her several messages after that, with no reply.  Later I thought, well I guess I must of scared her off and I won’t be hearing from her again.

Saturday morning about two weeks later there was a knock at the door.  I looked through the peephole and couldn’t believe my eyes.  It can’t be.  I opened the door and said, "Dianne, Is that you?"  I recognized her from the pictures on her web page.

"Hi, yes it is."

"What are you doing clear up here?"  (She lived about 3 and a half hours away from me.)

"Oh, I was just in the neighborhood."

I jokingly said, "Yeah, you drove a long way to get to this neighborhood. Come in, come in.  How in the world did you find me?  We never exchanged addresses."

She stepped into my apartment and I asked her to have a seat on the couch.  She was wearing a loose fitting T-shirt and tight form fitting jeans.  She really looked hot in those jeans and I was getting hard just looking at her.

She proceeded to tell me that she had a geek friend that was an expert on the computer and he had even written some of his own viruses.  He had quit causing mayhem over the Internet because he got in trouble with the law, but he had no trouble locating me after he hacked into my Internet provider.

I said, "You were lucky to catch me at home today.  I’m usually out running around on Saturday’s and I’m seldom home.  So what motivated you to drive all the way here to see me?"

" Well," She replied, "I’m a little embarrassed to say, but it’s because of everything we chatted about.  I kept thinking about what you said, about your fantasy about me, about you tying me up, stripping me and then having your way with me.  The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on and the more I wanted it.  Just thinking about what you’d do to me made me very wet and horny, like I’m feeling right now!"

I was shocked at what she just said, and I said, "Wow, I’m amazed that you’re that interested."  I wasn’t used to a woman being that forward about bondage or even being that forward toward me sexually, at least until we had gotten to know each other a lot better.  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, and being a little shy, I could feel myself blushing.  That isn’t the manliest thing to do now is it!

Almost stuttering, I said, "Uh, well, uh, what would you like to do?

She stood up, kicked off her flip-flops and pulled her T-shirt off over her head.  Then she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off.  She was wearing a white string bikini that looked soooo sexy especially in contrast with her dark hair and soft tanned skin.  She then stood in front of me, held her arms out and crossed her wrists said; "I thought I would accept your invitation to come up here to the lake to go for a swim.  By the way, my safety word is, Uh-oh, or MMM-mmm."  I got so hard that my cock hurt being bent over inside my jeans. 

At this point I knew exactly what she wanted.  She was ready to live out MY fantasy, but I’m thinking maybe it has become hers too.  She was shaking a little bit from being nervous and excited and she said, "You better take me before I loose my nerve."

I grabbed her by the wrist and forcefully pulled her back into my bedroom.  She momentarily gasped with excitement and then immediately got into character and said, "Wait.  What are you doing?"

I said, "Don’t worry, I’m just getting ready to go down to the lake."  She watched as I reached down and pulled a black vinyl brief case from under the bed.  I opened it up and pulled out a bunch of rope. 

She asked, "What is all that rope for?"

I said, "It’s for our knotical trip."  I then pushed her down on the bed, rolling her over on her stomach and pulling her arms behind her back.  Pulling her wrists together I wrapped several loops of rope around them and then wrapped an cinch loop around that a few times knotting it tight.

She pulled on her wrists to try to get free and shouted, "NO, Wait!  Stop.  What are you doing to me?  Let me go.  Please!  I’ll do anything you want, just let me go!"

Ignoring her play-acting pleas and continuing to bind her, I wrapped a rope around her chest and used it to secure her elbows, not quite together but tight against her back.  Now there was no way she could work her arms or hands free.  Crossing her ankles I wound several loops of rope vertically around them.  This way she could not stand up and she could not close her legs, which gave me easier access to violate her.  Then pulling her ankles up to about a foot from her wrists, I tied them to her wrists.  She was now hogtied good and tight

Struggling and begging for freedom, she really was playing her role well.  She obviously paid close attention to all our correspondence because she struggled enough to play the game, but not too much that I couldn’t easily handle tying her.

As she was squirming and testing her bonds I pulled a two inch red ball gag from the case.  Her eyes got big and she nervously asked, "Wa-what’s that for?"

I said, "Here, I’ll show you."  I grabbed her jaw and pulled her mouth open and pushed in the ball pulling the strap around behind her head and securely buckling it.  Testing the effectiveness of the gag she went, MMMMMmmmmmmphph.  She was now bound, gagged, totally helpless and at my mercy.

In most circles a two-inch ball gag is considered a large gag.  Dianne had a large mouth though and it fit her perfectly.  When she pulled her lips back her teeth had a perfect circular bite on the ball.  When her lips touched it, they made a very sexy seal around the ball.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she’s a big mouth.  Her lips are broad and she has a large spread of teeth but her mouth is well proportioned with her beautiful face.

Pulling Dianne over to the side of the bed I loosely bunched up the covers in the middle of the bed.  I then rolled her over on her back so she could lie comfortably on her arms on the bunched up covers.  She wiggled, struggled and mmphed a little but could not get free.  She had one knee in the air while the other was against the bed and then she rolled them the other way.  She was trying to close her legs but that was impossible the way her ankles were tied.  She finally gave up and let both knees fall spreading her wide. She looked over at me and saw me watching her and rubbing my crotch.  She mmphed at me, turned her head and rolled her eyes to look at her torso as if she was saying; Get over here and rape me.

I stepped over and set down beside her on the bed and started caressing her body.  She stared up at my face as I slid my hand gently up and down her torso concentrating on her breasts and between her legs as she let out little moans of pleasure through her gag.  I reached up with a very light touch and sweped her hair out of her eyes.  I then gently kissed her on her forehead moving down around her eyes and to her cheeks and then kissing her lips around the ball gag.

It was now time to expose her but I still had one more rope to tie.  She saw me pick up another length of rope and looked at me with a confused look on her face an if to say; what are you going to do with that?  I’m already completely tied up and can’t move now!

She again stared intently at my face as I reached around her waist and pulled the rope around it and tied it in front.  Then putting it between her legs and slipping it over the waist loop in back, I pulled it tight, looped it once around the cinch on her wrists and then pulled it tightly back between her legs and tied it to the loop in front.  Her eyes got big again and she wiggled and mmphed a little bit.  As she struggled, the rope worked its way into her pussy lips pulling her bikini bottoms in with it.  After her lips swallowed it up she looked naked between her legs.

I reached behind her neck and untied her top.  I then slid it around a little and untied the back and pulled her top off exposing her perfect 34C breasts.  Her nipples were already hard and I gave them a gentle twist, which she responded with a shutter and a strong MMmmphph.  Moving to the bottoms. I untied them on each side, pulling the strings in-between the two strands of the crotch rope and slowly pulling them through, tickling her clit as I pulled them off of her.  She arched her back with pleasure and moaned loudly as the strings pulled through her pussy.  The bottoms were very wet from her excitement and she was oozing love juices around the crotch rope.

With one hand I started caressing her breasts tickling and gently twisting her nipples.  With the other hand I lightly tugged on her crotch rope teasing her and stimulating her.  Her eyes would shift from looking at mine to looking at the activity that’s happening to her body and back again.  Continuing to caress her and tug on her rope, she really got hot and excited.  It didn’t take long and bang, MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmphph, she had her first bondage orgasm.  She arched her back, twisted, shook and mmphed loudly as she came.  I couldn’t think of a better first orgasm in bondage than to have one induced by a tightly tied rope.

Though I wanted to have more foreplay and to do some things to stimulate her and drive her wild, I just couldn’t stand it any longer.  She was soooo hot, I’m starting to loose control and I have to fuck her right now. 

As she was coming down from her high she looked over at me while I was quickly pulling off my clothes.  She looked at my face, then down at my hard-on and back to my face as I slipped on a condom.  My cock had been hard ever since she stripped down to her swim suite, and I couldn’t hardly think of anything else but being inside her. 

I pulled the two strands of crotch rope out of her pussy and spread them to each side of her mound and each side of her lips.  Then I crawled up over her to insert myself into her, but lying on her tied legs started to hurt her.  She immediately said the safety word, "MMM-mmm, MMM-mmm, MMM-mmm."

I immediately stopped what I was doing and from experience I kind of had an idea what was wrong.  I asked her if it hurt for me to lie on her legs like that.  She nodded yes.  I also asked if it was hurting her to lie on her arms.  She nodded no.  I then asked if everything else is all right.  She again nodded yes.  Still staring at my face I think I saw a look of satisfaction and pleasure in her eyes over the concern I showed her about her discomfort.  It seemed to put her a little more at ease over being tied up by someone she barely knew.

With that out of the way I still ‘HAVE’ to fuck her.  I quickly untied her legs and spread them out wide on the bed.  Since I keep four cuffs tied to the legs of the bed for spread eagle ties, I quickly tied her legs to the corners.  Her eyes almost got as wide as her legs over the fact that I had her legs retied so quickly.  She didn’t even have time to put up much resistance.

I crawled back up on the bed between her legs as she got back into character.  She struggled hard trying to pull her legs together, mmphing, twisting, wiggling to get free without success.  She looked me in the eyes, shook her head and mmphed a loud "No", but leveled her hips for easy insertion.  I held my cock against her and started slowly pushing in.  She clenched up her vaginal muscles to try to prevent me from entering but I eventually pushed through.  Her back arched and she let out a loud MMmmphph, as I fully penetrated her.

I started slowly stroking back and forth in her as she twisted and wiggled to get free.  Again I wanted to continue to go slow but between her struggling and being soooo hot, I lost control and started pumping fast.  It didn’t really matter to her though because she was ready to cum and cum she did.   MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmphph, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmphphph.  Twisting, wiggling and thrusting, another wave hit her, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmphph, MMMMMMmmmmmmmmphphph.

A few short thrusts later I came, shouting my ooo’s, ah’s and oh yeah’s.   After coming down from my high, I looked down at her and she was staring up at me again with pleasure in her eyes and a slight grin around the ball gag. 

I said to her, "Oh you think you’re proud of yourself, don’t you!"

She nodded affirmative and said, "Mmm-Humm."

I said, "Well I’m not through with you yet."

Her eyes got big again and she said, "HUMMM?"

Now satisfied and still hard inside her, I started sliding in and out of her with long slow strokes that I could now maintain for a while.  I held the weight of my body off of her with my arms and watched her twist her torso and pull on her legs in a faint effort to get free.  I stared at her face this time and occasionally caught her glance as she’s turning her head from side to side and rolling her eyes.  Her breasts were also flopping from side to side so I caught a nipple with my lips licking and sucking on it.  She immediately stopped moving her upper torso to aid in my assault on her breasts, but she still struggled with her legs.  It didn’t take long before she was getting close.  The long slow strokes were stimulating her deep inside and she was building up to a mind blower this time. 

A few more strokes and she started to shake and shutter.  I continued to stroke her non-stop and all the sudden her eyes got large and she lifted her torso up as the first wave her, mmmmmMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmphph.  She shook and struggled breathing heavily, MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmphphph.  Still stroking inside her, wave after wave hitting her, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmphphph, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmphphph.   Wanting to grab my hips to stop the onslaught but couldn’t because she was tied, struggling hard and squealing, another wave hit her, EEEEEEEKKKMMMMMMmmmmphph, MMMMMmmmmmmmmphphph.  Breathing hard and trying to say STOP, but all she could get out is a shaky, SMMmmooppph, SMmmmooppph, MMEEESSSsph, SSMMMMOOOPPPph.  

I finally took pity on her and stopped fucking her.  Pulling out of her stimulated her again and another wave hit her which she loudly mmphed through.  I got off her and sat down beside her on the bed gently stroking her body with my hand as she was coming down from that high.  I unbuckled her gag and pulled it out of her mouth.  She let out a few "OH GOD’s" and a few "WOW’s" working her jaw a little to loosen up the stiffness.

I asked, "So, what did you think of your first bondage experience?"

She replied, "Wow, You were right about how bondage can intensify an orgasm.  I never knew I could have such an intense orgasms.  Now, are you going to untie me?"

Well, maybe.

She shouted back, "What do you mean maybe?"

I laughed and replied, "Only if you agree to have lunch with me."

"Absolutely, I’m starving.  So now will you untie me?"

I replied, "Sure", as I quickly untied her. 

She got up, put her swimsuit back on and we put on our clothes.  She rubbed her wrists where the rope marks were and asked, "How can I hide these marks?  People are going to see them and look at me funny."

I replied, "Don’t worry about it.  We’re going to the drive-in and sit in the car.  Nobody’s going to see them in there and we can talk privately so no one can hear our conversation.  Besides that, the marks will fade soon."

Part 2

After ordering our food at the drive-in, I asked Dianne what she thought about her experience this morning.  She replied that her head was still spinning but it was still strangely wonderful.  She also was curious and had some questions about self-bondage.  I asked her what she wanted to know and she explained to me that she read a lot about it, methods used, methods of release, safety, but she couldn’t quite picture in her mind or understand how to actually tie herself.

I explained to her that the easiest and safest way is to use lock-on wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs.  That way you can easily lock them on and when your timer allows your key to fall within reach, you can get yourself loose.  You can order these items over the Internet but they can get to be expensive, especially if you are on a budget.  She said that she was on a budget and asked if there was there a cheaper way.  I told her the cheapest way was to use rope but you have to be very careful because you can get yourself into something you can’t get out of, or even worse kill yourself.  I further explained that I usually prefer to use rope in bondage because it looks real.  A body securely bound with rope looks much sexier than using cuffs.  I have even done a little self-bondage with rope. 

She got curious and asked why I tied myself up and what did I get out of it.  I explained that for me, it wasn’t a need on my part to be tied up, but that it was a form of masturbation.  Tying myself helped me to fantasize what the tied up girl that I was fantasizing about would feel when I was fucking her and at the same time I was humping something to get off.  She found that interesting and she then asked if I could show her how to use rope to tie herself and do it safely and I replied, "Sure after we eat."

The carhop soon brought our food.  As we sat there eating our burgers and drinking our sodas, I was watching her eat and thinking that I would like to be eating her.  I also thought that after showing her a little how-to on self-bondage I might get the chance.

When we were done eating, I took her back to my apartment.  We went straight back to my bedroom to the pile of ropes I left on the bed.  I proceeded to show her some knots, how to use a loop of rope and a cinch loop to tie her hands and how she could tie her legs.  She asked about tying her legs apart to the bed and I told her that it wasn’t a good idea unless she had her method of freedom within reach on the bed.  Otherwise you might no be able to get off the bed to get to your release. 

I said that if she wanted her legs apart she should tie her ankles crossed like I did this morning or use a spreader bar.  That way she can still struggle her way around the room to eventually get free.  Then I showed her my homemade wooden spreader bar.  It is three feet long and has eyebolts in each end and one in the middle.  I said she could tie her ankles to each end and tie her cinch noose to the center one.  She could then get into a perfect spread-leg hogtie.  She looked at it and then said that she would like to try it and asked if I would help her.  I replied that I would show her what to do but she would have to do it herself.  This is after all, self-bondage.  She agreed and stripped off all of her clothes except for her bikini.

I showed her the best way to tie her ankles comfortably to the spreader bar.  I then showed her how to set up her wrist bondage and cinch.  I explained that it’s trial and error to find the proper length for the cinch rope.  She rolled herself over on her stomach to check for the cinch rope length.  It was a bit too long and wouldn’t make a very good hogtie.  She rolled back over and I showed her that she needed it as short as possible but long enough so she could still put her wrists into the loops with her arms behind her back.  She adjusted it and rolled back over on her stomach and proceeded to work her hands through the loops.  The length was now just right.

I told her she was now ready.  All she had to do was pull on her legs thus pulling the cinch tight and she would be tied.  She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and pulled against the cinch noose slowly.  As she was pulling I told her to wiggle her wrists a little to help the cinch loops to take up.  She did and could feel it tighten as she pulled.  She had already gone too far when she decided to test to see if she could get her hands loose.  The cinch had done its job and tied her.  Since she went this far she decided to pull it the rest of the way tightening it up completely.  Now she couldn’t escape and she had done it herself.

I patted her on the butt and said, "I’ll leave you here for a while to explore your predicament."

She said, "Ok" as I left the room.  I went into the office (my other bedroom) to write this story on the computer while she struggled.

Dianne struggled and tugged, reached and stretched, but couldn’t even come close to releasing any of her bonds.  It took some effort but she finally rolled over on her back, but that didn’t help any either.  She twisted, wiggled and thrusted her torso in the air but to no avail.  She had tied herself up but good.   She rolled back over on her stomach and continued to try to get loose.  Then a tingling sensation of fear and embarrassment came over her and she could feel herself blush.   She also felt another sensation, a feeling from deep inside her; she liked this and it’s really turning her on. 

She wiggled around on the bed and managed to maneuver a pillow between her legs.  Horny and getting wetter by the minute, she humped the pillow stimulating herself.  The hotter and hornier she got the faster she humped and the more she struggled. 

Typing away in the other room, I heard some loud moans so I got up to investigate.  I looked in and saw her twitching and shuttering as she was coming down from the orgasm she just had.  I said to her, "Well, you little bondage slut!"  That remark embarrassed the hell out of her and she turned beak red.  I giggled at her and said, "That’s ok, I like you that way."

I started gathering up the pillows and blankets, pulling them out from under her.  She asked, "What are you doing?"

I replied, "I can’t have you doing that again.  Just look at this pillow, you got it all wet.  She blushed again as I held it up to my nose, sniffed and said, "MMMMmmmm, Nice!  I’ll leave you here and will be in the other room, so when you get loose come join me in there."

After resting a few minutes she started trying again to get loose, looking around the room for sharp edges or anything she thought would help her free herself.  Seeing nothing that she thought would help she tried to fight the ropes really hard, pulling and tugging with all her might but all that did was tighten the cinch a little more.  At this point she decided there was no way out of this without some help, so after about twenty minutes she called me back into the room and asked, "How do I get out of this?" 

"Use your release method."

"What release method?"

"You know, the one you set up when you do self-bondage."

"But I didn’t set up a release method."

"What?  You didn’t set up a release method?  Why not?"

"You didn’t tell me to.  Besides, you’re here to untie me."

"Yeah but this is self-bondage.  You tie yourself up, you have get yourself loose."

"But I CAN’T get loose."

"Well, that’s not my problem. "

"But you can still untie me, can’t you? Please?"

"Yeah but what if I wasn’t here?  What would you do?"

She hung her head in silence for a minute and then said, "I don’t know.  I guess I would just be tied up forever."

"Good!  You just learned a valuable lesson."

"What lesson?"

"You got all wrapped up in the excitement of tying yourself up you forgot about how you will get free.  Never tie yourself up without setting up a release method first.  You should also use a backup safety just in case your primary form of release fails too."

"Ok, ok, I get your point.  Now will you untie me?"

"I don’t know.  What’s in it for me? "

"What do you mean, what’s in it for you.  Untie me, PLEASE!  I need to go to the bathroom."

I said, "Ok" and I reached up and untied her bikini top and pulled it off and did the same thing to her bottoms which were soaked again with her juices.  I smiled, as she lay there naked, glaring over at me as she angrily blurted out, "That’s not what I meant!"

"What did you mean?"

"I MEAN, untie my hands and feet.  Not my bikini."

"Well, if you want to get free your going to have to earn it."

"Earn it???  What in the hell can I do all tied up like this?"

"It’s not what you can do, it’s what you’re going to let me do to you!"

Pausing for a few seconds she then said, "Ok, I’ll do anything you want, just untie me."


"Yes, yes anything."

I stared at her for a few seconds as our conversation began to sink in and then it hit her and she thought, 'what in the hell did I just agree to now?'

I went ahead and started untying her releasing the spreader bar and allowing her legs to stretch out, then untied her ankles from it.  I tried to untie her wrists but all the struggling she did tightened the cinch knot too tight.  I told her I would have to go get a knife out of the kitchen to cut her free.  I turned and headed for the kitchen as she got up and followed me as far as the bathroom.  She couldn’t wait so she just sat down on the toilet with her hands tied behind her back. 

I came back just as she was starting to pee and said, "Need some help?!"  She just glared at me and then I said, "Hum, this could be interesting!"  Rolling her eyes, she just shook her head no.  I snickered and said, "Ok, ok, here, hold you hands up."  She bent over and held her hands up as I cut them free, then sat back up rubbing her wrists where the rope marks are.  I turned and stepped outside the bathroom and before shutting the door I said, "I’ll be waiting for you when you’re through."

Part 3

After Dianne finished up her business she slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked out to find me waiting for her.  She was getting nervous over what she may have just agreed to and wasn’t sure what I was going do to her now.  She reluctantly stepped out as I took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom and beside the bed.  Picking up a padded blindfold, I slipped it over her head and adjusted it to cover her eyes.  I told her to lie down in the middle of the bed and as she lay back to what she estimated to be the middle, I seized each arm and tied each wrist to the upper corners of the bed.  She asked, "What are you going to do to me?"

As I started to tie each ankle to the lower corners of the bed I replied, "You’ll find out soon enough, so just lay back and relax.  I know your going to enjoy this!"  Those remarks didn’t seem to calm her anxiety much as I pulled her legs to stretch her out snugly and finished fastening them to the corners.  She was now spread eagle stretched and tied pretty tight with not much room to struggle.  I finished the tie by cinching a crotch rope tightly between her legs, which would stimulate her while I worked on other parts of her body.

After removing my clothes I stretched out beside her and draped one leg over hers.  I’ve heard it said that the proper way to fuck a woman is to fuck her mind first.  Now even though that phrase usually means sensual conversation, I decided to use the touch method instead.  Besides, she will be gagged soon and there won’t be much conversation. 

I decided to start at the top and work my way down, caressing and kissing her forehead and around the blindfold, gently fingering and brushing her hair back and moving down her face until I reached her lips, very lightly kissing and nibbling on each lip until she lifted her mouth and kissed me back.  While running my fingers through her hair, I gently caressed her cheek with my fingertips.  Our mouths were open wide and our tongues intertwined we kissed passionately for several minutes, closing to finish the kiss then back open to start another. 

Pulling away from her, with her mouth still open, I picked up the ball gag and reached up and easily pushed it into her mouth buckling it behind her head.  She let out a disappointing mmph because she was really enjoying the kissing and didn’t want to stop.  She at least had calmed down a bit and was not as worried about what I had planned for her. 

Bound, gagged and blindfolded as Dianne is, she is now a bundle of struggling hot flesh, reduced to pure female sex.  She can do nothing now but listen and feel as her sex is caressed, stimulated and violated.  All her expression’s restrained except for her sex and now it’s time to make her feel her sex cum alive.

Though she couldn’t return the affection I returned to kissing her lips around the ball in her mouth.  Moving to her neck, I started kissing from one side to the other and from her ears to her shoulders.  I think I hit a few erroneous zones because she moaned loudly several times. 

After working on her neck I moved to her breasts.  Dianne has the most beautiful pair that I have ever seen on a woman and I’m not going to let them go to waste.  Caressing, kissing and sucking, I worked on them for about 15 or 20 minutes, lulling her into heaven.  She has large nipples and I especially concentrated on them, sending tiny shocks of pleasure up her spine.  As her body jerked, she lightly struggled and thrusted her pelvis up and down riding her crotch rope.  I sensed she was about to cum so I stopped, leaving her frustrated and unrewarded.

Moving over between her legs I moved up just high enough to start kissing her on the stomach.  Cris-crossing and still kissing I moved slowly down to her pussy.  The crotch rope had pulled deeply into her mound so I left it in while I started to eat her.  Following the rope with my tongue I worked my way down from her hairy mound into her pleasure port and back up again.  She was already wound up from the assault on her breasts and now she’s moaning loudly with pleasure and thrusting her hips toward me.  She got really hot as I continued to explore her, licking around the rope.  Between the tight rope and my tongue an orgasm hit her fast, MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmphphph, MMMMMMmmmmmmmphphph, mmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmphph. 

As she was twitching and panting heavily I quickly undid the crotch rope and when I pulled it out another spasm hit her, MMMMMMmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmphphph.  Twisting and twitching in her bonds, she mmphed a few more times as she was coming down from this high.

With the crotch rope out of the way, her clit is now fully accessible so I went to work on it, licking and nibbling it, getting her hot again.  No rest for her now!  Sensing she’s about to cum again I stopped, then putting on another condom and moving back up her body, I slid my cock right into her.  She arched her back and moaned loudly as I penetrated her.  Starting slow I moved my hips in all directions in and out, side to side, twisting them while exploring every inch of her love tunnel with my probe.  She responded by thrusting her pelvis toward me twisting and struggling to get free.  Between tugging on her bonds and me ramming my cock in her she quickly came, MMMMMMmmmmmmmphphph, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmphphph, breathing heavily and struggling hard as more waves hit, MMMMMMmmmmmmmphph, MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmphphph.  She continued with short breaths and mmphs, as I continued to thrust in her until I came.

We lay there panting heavily as we were coming down from our highs and as soon as I composed myself I reached up, unbuckled her gag, pulled it out of her mouth and removed the blindfold.  Not giving her a chance to say anything I started kissing her passionately.  We kissed like that for a few minutes then I rolled off her and lay beside her.  We talked about how great that was and also that it was getting late and she had to get going, so I teasingly asked, "How are you going to ‘get going’ all tied up like this. "

She whined, "Not again.  Aren’t you going to untie me?"

"What?  Untie you.  I’m just getting started.  I have a lot of other positions I want to tie you in.  You could be here all weekend."

"No, please!  You can’t do that.  I’ve got to be somewhere tonight."

Tugging, pulling and struggling but unable to get free, she begged, "Please untie me.  Please?  Let me go, please?"  Batting her eyes at me with a begging look, "Please. Pretty please?"

"OK, OK, I’m just messing with you anyway.  I’ve got plans tonight too and I can’t cancel them either, so we’ll have to get together another time for some more fun if you want to."

As I started untying her as she said, "That sounds great.  I’ll have to check my schedule to see when I’m free to be tied up again."

Though I wanted to keep her tied up here all weekend, I decided to let her go.  Besides, by letting her go it helps gain her trust so she will be more willing to allow me to tie her tighter and role-play a little rougher fantasies like burglar or kidnapper / victim.  The more comfortable she is with me, the more fun both of us will have. 

When I finished untying her she asked, "There’s one thing I would like to know though?"


"The next time we get together, would you let me tie you up once or twice?"

Now normally I take the dominant role in bondage games because it usually doesn’t turn me on much to be tied up.  Most women who have tied me up have done a sloppy job of it.  They either tie me up too loosely and I easily get free or they only tie my hands and not my feet or something to that nature.  For me to enjoy the submissive role I need to be tied tight so I can focus on my helplessness and what she’s doing to my sex.  I do however let a woman occasionally tie me up for her pleasure if she wishes and to let her see what it’s like to play the dominant role.  Dianne is so smokin’ hot that I’d love to have her dominate me, tie me up, force me to eat her and have her fuck me helpless.  Besides that, I can also teach her how I would like to be tied so I can really enjoy her dominating me, so I replied, "Well, twice may be better than once especially if you give good head."

She blushed again as she was putting on her clothes and with a sly grin on her face she said, "I’ll try my best."  She paused for a moment as she was buttoning up her jeans and then asked, "What else did you have planned for me?"

"Well, I have some other sexy positions to tie you in and drive you wild while you struggle.  "

"What positions?"

I started teasing her and said, "Oh no.  It’s a surprise.  I’m not telling you all my secrets."

We comically bantered back and forth as she continued, "Oh come on, tell me."

"NoOOOoo!  That’s for me to know and for you to find out."

"Ok, but I’ll weasel it out of you over the Internet."

"Oh no you won’t."

"Oh Yes I will!"

"Oh you think you will, but you won’t."

"We’ll see."

After we were dressed, I held her hand as we walked to the door where we had a long kiss goodbye.  She then lightly stroked my jaw with her fingertip and turned to leave.  I watched her as she walked to her car.  She glanced back and gave me a wink before she got into her car and left.  As she drove away I thought I really hope I get to tie her up again!


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