The Costume Party 5: The Farmer's Wife

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; costumes; party; bond; rope; scarves; tease; oral; sex; cons; X

continued on from Part 4: Magic Tricks

Part 5: The Farmer's Wife

When Steve and Terri received their invitation to Rob and Ann’s costume party early in October, they had a difficult time coming up with the ideal costumes to wear. They wanted something that went together, but still a little unusual and catchy and played on the tag line friends had given them as ‘the Beautiful Couple.’

Since Steve grew up on a farm, they thought it might be fun to go with some kind of costumes based on that. They considered a Wizard of Oz theme, with Steve the scarecrow and Terri a sexy version of Dorothy, but heard someone else was already considering the idea. One night, while watching TV, they ran across the old Duke’s of Hazard TV show and got inspired.

The night of the party, Steve dressed in bib overalls, plain white muscle t-shirt, a red bandana tied around his neck, cowboy boots & straw hat. He looked like a dirt poor farmer, especially with the blade of wheat that he held in his mouth.

Terri, on the other hand, looked hot and sexy in a pair of faded cut off jeans, a tied-on red and white plaid shirt that showed off her flat tummy and plenty of cleavage from her ample bosom, and 4” white high heels that more than accented her fantastic legs. She did her hair up big, like 60’s country western singers use to do. No farmer’s wife never looked better.

“Holly Cow!!” Steve said when he first saw his wife strut in.

“Do I look OK?” she asked as she displayed her costume, giving him a show from all sides. She knew he did, but liked to hear the compliments anyways.

“We can’t go. I’ll never get a moment to enjoy the party while prying guys off you all night”

Terri smiled sweetly. “Thank you, stranger.” She said using a southern accent as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Ya’ll being most kind to me.”

Of course, Steve knew his wife was going to turn heads that night. While knowing they wouldn’t win any contests with their choice of rather simple costumes, he wondered if she was going to be too much or too sexy for this kind of gathering.

His fears were eased when they got to the shindig. The party was just starting to get into full swing. Pretty women in all sorts of short, tight, revealing and sexy costumes seemed to be the rule rather than the exception. There was Catwomen in a form fitting vinyl outfit that left nothing to imagination, a woman in a blue playboy bunny uniform, a dark hair French Maid, nearly naked Barbarella and a hot Elvira all vamped up and more. Terri seemed almost boring in her costume by comparison, even though she looked mighty delicious.

Still many a man turned a lusty eye toward Terri to get a good look. This was a night of eye candy and Terri gave out her treats as well as any of the ladies there. The good news was most of the people there were in couples, with only a handful of singles to do try any kind of hook-ups with. So the attempts to cut in between him and his sexy wife would be scarce. But Steve did hear one male partier say, after Terri had saunter by, something about needed to get out to the country more to take in the beautiful sights it offered.

What escaped Steve’s eye, but not Terri’s, was how many women gave her husband a lingering once over. Steve worked out and it showed. His flat abs, his strong chest and arm muscles showed in his costume. Since most of the other men were middle aged, more than a few wives looked at Steve and wondered what he would be like between the sheets.

The host couple was arrayed in dazzling Victorian costumes complete with powered wigs. It was like they had just stepped out of a big Hollywood movie production. While Steve and Terri were fairly new neighbors with their hosts, Rob and Ann treated them like old friends and made them feel warmly welcome and comfortable, as did many of the other guests as the mingled and chatter among the costumed crowd. Everyone was friendly and happy.

With the party going strong inside, the outside patio served as a dance floor, and the farmers took good use if it, dancing to both current pop songs and oldies from the 60s through the 80s. They didn’t drink much, for they both had unspoken designs on a private after-party party back at their place, one that involved a lot less clothing and different kind of dancing that occurred horizontally. Their costumes had gotten each other turned aroused.

Back inside, the farm couple mingled with other people. A flirtatious nurse gave Steve a quick checkup, her breasts nearly popping out of her undersized uniform when she bent over, which caused her tight skirt to hike up in turn. Though nice to the eye and appropriate for a porn movie, she was far too flighty and tipsy to give any real attention too.

Later on, another couple, dressed as magicians, stepped over to entertain the three couples that were conversing. The guy, Brad, was great at slight of hand and his pretty dark haired wife, Katie, did some neat tricks as well, but was not nearly the equal of her husband. Then they pulled out a pair of handcuffs to show their last trick. For some reason, Katie picked Terri over the other women in their little group. Terri smiled and turned her back to the illusionists, with her hands behind her back as if she was about to be arrested.

“How about we do this with your hands in front, so you can see it too?” Brad said.

Terri turned back around and presented the couple with her upturned wrists. Katie placed the cuffs on Terri, who then inspected the cuffs like she was some kind of expert on these things. Unable to get them off, she showed them to her husband.

“How every man wants his wife.” She said with a grin as she tested the restraints.

“What, arrested?” one of the women joked, getting a jovial response from the little group.

Steve saw a look in his wife’s eye, something he only saw when she was very excited or when they had something big planned. He wondered why she had it now.

The cuffs came off and were applied to the female magician, who was vamped up much like the other ladies at the party in a tight bodysuit, short tux jacket, fishnet stockings and spiked high heels all in black. A red scarf was placed over her locked wrists and removed a few seconds later, showing the scarf completely empty and the cuffs gone.

“I bet the cops never want us to learn that trick.” Steve joked and everyone laughed as the little group applauded the trick playing couple for their fine display of entertainment.

Terri smiled, giving Steve a sly look, like she was on to something that he didn’t understand. That was exactly what she was thinking herself. Perhaps her husband could learn that little trick himself.

Some time later, a small ruckus was brewing the one of the rooms. Terri was already among the gathered crowd when Steve joined in to see. Expecting to see the illusionists doing some kind of large scale trick, Steve was quite surprised at what he saw.

The flirtatious nurse from earlier, apparently suffering from too much wine, was sitting on the couch with her doctor counterpart. At that moment, the doctor was placing a strip of white surgical tape over the nurse’s mouth. He had already wrapped several layers of tape around her ankles and at her thighs. With her arms hidden behind her back, Steve assumed her hands must be similarly taped up as well. A second layer of tape went over the first, sealing her lips for the night. Several on looks gave the scene respectful applause, including Terri.

“What the hell….?” Steve whispered to his wife.

“Shush. Just watch.” She replied, with a glint of excitement in her voice.

The taped up nurse wiggled on the couch and grunted from behind her gag. In fact, she was wiggling so much, her already for obscenely short and far too tight dress was working it’s way up further, exposing the top of her white stockings.

“If she keeps struggling that hard, her boobs are going to fall out for everyone to see too.” Terri whispered.

Steve was transfixed on the sight before him. The blond was a very attractive gal, but a bit too much on the trashy side for his tastes. Still, she played her part well in the little drama. Her tight uniform showed off her bodies every curve. But the sight of her all bound up, worming in the sticky tape was quite a sexy one. Adding in she couldn’t talk or complain only added a sleazy, kinky aspect to the scene. It was having an affect on him.

Steve looked over at his wife, who was shifting from one foot to the other, almost a little agitated. Terri seemed transfixed on the scene. Her breathing was a little faster between her parted lips and the look from earlier when she had the handcuffs on her wrists was back. She sure didn’t seem appalled. Did she like what she was seeing?

“We should leave them be.” Steve said as he took Terri’s arm and led her away from the display when others started to filter away as well. As they did, Terri gave the doctor a thumbs-up and nodded her approval.

“That was exciting.” Terri said calmly as they went outside.

“You think so?” Steve answered, shocked at his wife’s comment.

“Yeah, I think it could be fun.” She replied with a twinkle in her eye as she sipped her drink.

“How so?”

“Well, I mean, it could lead to something fun for them. I mean, have you ever thought about what you’d do with me if I was all tied up and helpless? You could do whatever you wanted with me, or have me do what you like most, within reason of course.”

“Till this moment, I’ve never thought about it.” Steve answered. He never had reason to. Steve was never into kinky stuff and having a hot wife like Terri who enjoyed sex and liked having it often, he never needed to look at porn for it paled in comparison.

“Maybe you should. You could make me into your own little sex slave.” Terri replied as she walked away from her husband, placing her hands behind her back and holding them there. Steve noticed an extra sexy wiggle in her walk, like she was trying to entice him. Maybe she was telling him something.

Steve sat outside for a few moments thinking things over. From where he stood at the corner of the patio, he could see the end of the driveway. His eye caught the sight of the taped up nurse hopping around all alone. He wondered if she had made a break for it or someone had sent her packing. Steve could see her hands were indeed taped behind her back, not too different that Terri looked just a few moments before. An expensive car pulled up and the doctor climbed out. A moment later, the nurse was in the passenger seat and they were driving off. Terri’s words of ‘leading to fun for them’ echoed in his mind.

For the rest of the evening, Steve’s mind kept drifting back between the sight of the sexy nurse taped tied and gagged and his wife walking away from him with her hands behind her back and the sight of the silver handcuffs around her wrists. He wondered what the doctor would do with his helpless nurse. Wrap her in more tape till she was a mummy? No, wouldn’t it be better to expose and grope her up some before having hot sex with her. That would be fun.

Steve began to wonder how would Terri look like that? How would she react? Would she like it or hate it?

Then it dawned on him. Twice this evening he saw that unexplained, crazy look in her and both times some kind of bondage was involved, and twice she gave a tease of being tied up. Was Terri into that kind of scene, or at least intrigued by it to want to experiment? Maybe she had some first hand knowledge and was expressing her desires to do it again or show it to him. He knew there was one way to find out and for the next few moments, he thought about how he could make it happen.

The party was still going strong when Steve found Terri talking to some other neighbors. He slid up and wrapped his arm around her waist. Looking at how she was dressed, he thought about how she would look with ropes or tape wrapped around her feminine form, struggling against the same. It happened a few times to that chick on the TV show that inspired their costumes. Would she look as hot, or like the kinky nurse did? No, he decided she’d look far better, for Terri would be his, well, his sex slave?

“You horny?” he whispered into her ear when the chance arose a small time later.

“I could be, if you’re offering.” She replied, knowing her mate was aroused as badly as she was. “You’ve got something in mind?”

“I do.” He replied caressing her ass. “Wan’na go home and do something about it?”

“You bet. I’m game for anything.” she replied. Was that permission or a suggestion, Steve wondered. He took it as both.

After thanking their hosts, they made the quick drive home. They drove in silence, both thinking about what the coming hours could be. They pulled into the garage and Steve hit the button to close the door behind them. While the door was coming down, he leaned over and kissed his wife, holding onto one of her wrists. It was the first time tonight, but it accomplished the goal of holding them back till the door was down.

They got out of the car. Steve looked at the shelves in the garage and saw what he wanted.

“Before we head in, there’s something I want to do.” He said.

“What’s that?” Terri replied as he moved to the back of the garage. He got something off a shelf, a length of rope left over from putting up cloths lines early in the spring.

“You seemed a little excited when those handcuffs were on you, and when we saw that nurse gal all taped up. And when you were walking away from me on the patio, I got the impression you’d might want to give this bondage stuff a try ourselves.”

“Maybe.” She replied, leaning against the car with her ankles crossed. “Do you?”

Steve held up the rope. “Does this answer your question?”

“I guess it does.” She said. That look came back. “Do you know how to actually do this?”

“Not really.”

“Let me show you then.” She said taking the rope from his hand. She matched up the rope ends and feed the ends through the loop, making a band around her one wrist. Steve clearly getting the impression Terri was not new to this at all.

She handed the rope back to Steve, then turned around and placed her hands behind her back, with her palms together and her hands balled up into fists, just as she did earlier.

Steve took his queue and a moment later had her hands tied firmly together. He also figured out to wrap the rope between her wrists and pulled it snug, cinching the middle so her hands couldn’t slip out before he tied the knots away from her fingers. The whole time, she made no effort to resist or struggle, but did squirmed a bit. She was totally submissive to him tying her up.

“You sure you don’t know more than you’re letting on?” Terri said as she tested her ropes.

“I swear I’ve never tied up a girl before in my life.” He replied.

“Then you’ve got natural instincts, my husband. I’m trapped, but good.” She said as she walked around the car, strutting her stuff and testing her restraints. With her hands pulled behind, her chest seemed to be more pronounced, almost calling for attention. At that moment, her whole body was calling for it.

“Shall we go inside and continue?” Terri said as she walked to the door.

Steve opened the door and Terri walked in. Even the wiggle on her ass was more pronounced, as when she had walked away from him on the patio. She walked into the living room before she turned and faced her husband.

“I seem to be moving around way too much to be considered restrained.” She said with that sexy look in her eyes again. “I mean, you don’t want me to run away before you can take advantage of me, do you? Any idea on how to prevent this?”

Steve used another length of rope to tie her ankles together. Somehow even her feet standing in her high heels and wrapped in ropes looked amazing sexy. Remembering the nurse, he also tied her knees together. Terri almost seemed to sigh contently as he did.

As he stood up, his hands slid up her now simply bound body, making Terri moan. Standing tall, he took a firm hold of his wife and kissed her deeply. She wormed in his grasp, moaning hard into his mouth while pressing her body up against his. Her breathing was hard and fast too. Terri almost seemed to melt, like she got when she was really turned on, and faster than Steve ever saw it happen.

Terri’s excitement was transferring to him as well. His cock was at full rigged attention and his hands were roaming over his tied wife’s body. He liked she couldn’t resist him too.

“Gag me.” She said in an erotic breath while he was kissing her neck.

“What?” Steve replied in a bit of shock.

“Your bandana, gag me with it.” she replied. “I want to be totally helpless to you.”

Steve hadn’t planned on gagging her, but it sounded like a really good idea and considering she wanted it, why the hell not. He took the red bandana off his neck and pushed it into her willing mouth, Terri moaning as he did. He tied the ends behind her head, rendering her totally helpless.

Steve felt he had full permission to do what he wanted to Terri. She had asked if he wanted her to be his sex slave. This was a clear answer that she was going to be. His hands groped and explored her entire body while his mouth kissed and licked her everywhere. He didn’t even think about stopping so he could take her to the bedroom or even drop her to the floor. Things were progressing too rapidly and intensely to interrupt the moment with trivial things like a bed.

He took hold of her breasts though her top. To his surprise, she wasn’t wearing a bra and found her nipples were already very hard. After a moment of groping, he pulled her top open and gave her boobs a long manhandling. He squeezed and pinched her breasts and nipples, just how she liked when they were usually in the mist of a hot sex session.

Terri responded by withering in her bindings and giving plenty of moans and groans, even calling his name though garbled by the gag. Steve realized that this gag was hardly affective, but served a useful purpose for now.

Moving behind her tied body, her hands were trying to grope for his cock but couldn’t get a grip on it. With the overalls he wore, he couldn’t free his cock to give to her, so they were both frustrated. This made Steve realize what this bondage stuff was all about, control and denial. He could do anything he wanted with Terri and there’s nothing she could do to stop or encourage him. He had total control over her of what she get and how much. He liked this new found power.

But since Terri was giving him something, he felt he wanted to give her something too. He moved his hands from her naked breasts, moving lower to unbutton her shorts. Without pulling her cutoffs down, he reached in and found her hot and wet. He worked his fingers around till he found her swollen clit and started to rub it while his other hand grappled with her boob. Terri went wild, constantly moaning and her body thrashing about in her ropes while grinding up against his. Her moans got stronger and more intense as did her thrashing. He knew she was getting already close to cumming, amazed at how fast this was happening.

Steve intensified his labors, pulling on her nipples and rubbing her clit firmly, just as she liked. Terri bucked uncontrollably and groaned loud. A moment later, she reached her peak. Terri cried out with strong moans as the orgasm exploded inside her. She bucked her hips against his hands as she shuttered to a powerful orgasm, calling out his name and her approvals around the gag. Steve was amazed at how long she came and at how strong the climax seemed to be.

At last, Terri body slacked and soon she was hardly standing on her heels as she leaned against her husband, panting in the sweet afterglow of a fine orgasm. Eventually Steve took the saliva soaked gag out.

“Oh Steve, that was amazing. Oh thank you, I’ve wanted you to do this with me for so long. Thank you for doing this for me.”

Steve took all this in. Terri was a passionate lover and usually vocal, but this was totally different. She never thanked him for giving her an orgasm before. Even as she enjoyed the afterglow, she kept thanking him and telling how much she enjoyed.

“Want me to untie you?” he asked, wondering if she was ready for a romp in bed.

“No, not yet. Help me down to my knees.” She said. Figuring she was too weak to stand, Steve lowered his bound wife to her knees.

“Take off your clothes.” She said softly.

Confused, Steve looked down at his wife.

“Please, get naked.” She repeated.

Steve complied, and a moment later he had removed all his clothes and was standing butt naked a few feet away from his wife.

“Come closer, let me suck on you.” She said.

Terri was never adverse or resistant to suck his cock. She was good at it too, so Steve always enjoyed it. Steve was over 7” long and Terri always handled him well. But usually it was while they were in bed, warming him up for the main event of intercourse or as sexual payoff for being nice to her family or something. Now she was asking him to do it.

Steve stepped close and Terri took him right in, sucking in his full shaft. There was no pretense or warm up here. No licking, kissing or teasing at all. This was a full, all out, hard core cock sucking. Terri went right after him, vigorously pumping her mouth up and down his entire length. Soon Steve was responding, slowly gyrating his hips and softly groaning.

“Yeah, fuck my mouth like that.” Terri extricated him from her mouth. “Make me take it all.” She said before her lips fully enveloped his shaft again.

Terri never spoke like this. Yes, she would ask for things, want to get into a position or urged him on during sex, but never said anything like this. She was nearly begging him to screw her mouth like he would her pussy. Steve didn’t need further encouragement.

Steve rocked his hips back and forth, causing his rod to slide between her lips as his hands ran through her hair. Terri was hardly still herself, moving her head in reverse unison with her husband so her lips were traveling the full length of his shaft, from head to base and her tongue flickered over the tip. To Steve, it felt wonderful, giving his tool the maximum oral pleasures possible.

And it sure worked. Combined with how sexy she was dressed and the ropes looked around her limbs, Steve could feel his load boiling up. With all his grunting and groaning, Terri knew it too for she was moving even faster, trying to get her husband to blow off.

Steve felt his orgasm reach it’s zenith. He tired to hold back, but it was like holding back a train. With one last loud grunt, Steve’s orgasm exploded, spewing the first waves of his cum into bound wife’s mouth. Terri tried her best to keep up, but he pumped out so much it leaked out and eventually she just had to let a shower of cum blow over her face and onto her chest. He just kept cumming and cumming, so after catching a few breaths, Terri took him back in to gobble up the last globs that he spewed and sucked out the last remnants when he was done pumping for himself.

At last he dried up, but she kept him planted in her mouth. Steve didn’t move, still enjoying the warmth of her mouth as the echoes of his orgasm revered through his body. Looking down at his wife, cum dripping off her chin, he guessed that if he held himself there long enough, he’d be hard again in minutes and enjoy the repeat performance.

But figuring she was still as horny as he was, there was plenty more they could do together, Steve slowly pulled out, still a pleasant semi-rigged rod hanging before her eyes. Terri was quite pleased with herself, giving him a blowjob to completion without the use of her hands, and hoping more was to come.

“That was amazing.” He said.

Terri smiled, resuming her squirming once more. She was still wildly horny and hoped her husband would be too. Letting it show didn’t hurt her cause. She’d like nothing better than another orgasm followed by a long hard screwing, preferably while tied up and vulnerable.

“So, I take it you like this bondage stuff so far.” She said, looking down at the scattered droplets of cum across her chest.

“I suppose it’s something I can get into.” He replied. “Or should I say, get YOU into.”

“I was hoping you’d feel that way.” She said as he helped her to her feet. “There’s a lot more we can do with it, you know.”

Steve went off to get a warm wash cloth to clean his wife up with. Once his sperm was wiped off, he got his wife back onto her heels once more.

“Time for you to fess up.” He said. “You really get into this bondage stuff, don’t you?”

“Would you be upset with me if I said I did?”

“Do you hear me complaining?” he said with a smile, tracing a finger around her exposed boobs. “But I’m thinking this isn’t the first time you’ve been tied up during sex. Mind telling me where you learned about it?”

“You’re right, it’s not.” She said, looking down at her bound feet. His fingers and his naked body were fanning her lust again. “I had a boyfriend that was really into it. One night, he talked to me about it and asked if I was willing to try. I found I liked it and we started doing it more and more. As time went on, it got to the point where I’d be tied up for hours and sometimes not even for sex. We both got really involved in it.”

“Why did it stop?” Steve asked as he lightly caressed her breast. He felt like he was questioning her. He knew there were other men in her life before him, but he never asked too many questions.

“Because that’s all we had and I wanted more.” She said. “While bondage is great, but it doesn’t make up for a crappy relationship. So I broke it off with him.”

“Were there others?”

“Not till tonight. Ohhh.” She replied as he gently took hold of her nipples.

“Really?” he said. He could like this domination stuff.

“Honest. You’re the only one I’ve trusted enough to let tie me up since.”

Steve smiled, seeing she needed some reassurance. It was strange to have this kind of conversation with his wife while she was half naked in heels, tied up and getting fondled. But it was a good kind of strange.

“So are you willing to teach me more?” he asked as he lowered his lips to her breast.

“Do you really want more?” she asked in gasps. He was getting her outrageously horny again. “You aren’t just saying that?”

“I’m dead serious.” He said as he picked her and carried her to their bedroom. “We’ve worked hard to keep our marriage growing, so this seems like a great next step. Besides, I kind of dig this idea of having my wife all bound up and looking sexy for me, so I can take some pleasures on her while I do what I want with her. I think I would enjoy having you as my bound sex kitten. You can show me how to do it, right?”

“Oh Steve, I’d love do that!” she said excitedly.

He put her on the bed and removed all of her ropes. “OK love, take your cloths off, but leave the heels on.” he said. “The next lesson begins now. We have more orgasms to have too.” He said as he toyed with a rope.

Terri looked to see his cock was fully restored. “Can I make a suggestion first?”

“Of course.”

“Wait one moment.” She said as she hopped off the bed and rummaged through the closet floor. She pulled out a small blue suitcase that was locked with a tiny padlock.

“Let’s use these instead.” She said as she opened the case. Inside were a dozens of smooth nylon ropes in little bundles of different sizes. Also, there were some other things Steve had now idea what they were, but guessed he would discover over the coming nights. She pulled out several bundles of ropes. “These are much softer and easier against the skin than that rough clothes line stuff.”

“How long have you had these?” Steve said, amazed at the hidden collection.

“Years.” She replied. “I kept them in hopes that we’d use them some day.”

“Well, some day has come.” He said taking the ropes from her. “Now get your clothes off and tell me how I can tie you up so you can’t get away, yet I can get to you anywhere I want.”

Terri slowly stripped of her clothes, first removing her open top then slowly sliding off her tight shorts, till she was standing naked in her white heels. She laid down on the bed, with her arms and legs stretch out to the corners of the 4 poster bed. Before long, Steve had her firmly tied to the bed in a wide and tight spread eagle.

“Understand why I insisted when we bought this bed?” she said as he tried off the last rope.

“I do now.” he said as he crawled between her legs, with a fresh bandana in his hand, only this one was longer and had a knot tied in the middle, perfect for keeping her tongue in check. “And I think I know what to do, so I’ll just take it from here.” He said as he placed the knot into her mouth and tied the ends securely behind her head.

Terri spent the next two hours like this, withering on the bedspread and struggling against the ropes while Steve slowly explored and teased her entire naked body, bring her to not one but two more powerful climaxes before he slid himself inside her and made extended bondage love to her for the very first time. Terri was happier that she ever was in her life, trilled that her lover was enthusiastically getting into the bondage life she craved.

And Terri had many bondage details to teach to her motivated husband over the next few months, embarking them on a whole new erotic aspect of their love life, all thanks to events that transpired at the costume party.