The Costume Party 4: Magic Tricks

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2010 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; costumes; party; bond; cuffs; rope; scarves; tease; oral; mast; sex; reluct/cons; X

continued on from Part 3: The Naughty Nurse

Part 4: Magic Tricks

Choosing a costume for Ann and Ron’s costume party was easy for Brad.  Since he did some illusions, he would go as a Magician, in a classic short jacketed tuxedo and tails, top hat, white gloves and black cape.  He’d bring along some simple illusions, some card tricks, slight of hand and alike to entertain the crowd.  Ron thought it would add something fun to the evening when they discussed it.

The question was how would Katie dress?  She never got into Brad’s act, but always enjoyed going to his performances at the magic club shows.  They joked that if some day he became a house hold name, she’s join the act as his ‘lovely assistant.’  But for the costume party, that just didn’t seem to fit right.  They thought of going as a mad magician and his victim, but it wasn’t that kind of party and didn’t feel like being that ghoulish.  Besides, it seemed a bit too juvenile.

Then Katie hit on the idea of if Brad was a magician, why can’t she be a magician too, only sexier.  She remembered seeing some cartoons of female magicians, the top of the costume a tuxedo, but with a body suit that showed the entire leg in fishnet pantyhose and spiked high heels or boots.  She too would have white gloves, a top hat and bow tie, matching her husbands.  Katie even suggested that Brad could show her how to perform a few trick as well.

At first, Brad didn’t like the idea.  He didn’t want to share the stage with his upstart wife.  Yes, she would make a sexy assistant in a sequin-covered satin dress or some other slinky outfit.  But to be an equal to him wasn’t his pleasure.  But when Katie showed him an idea of what she wanted to wear, he relented.  The outfit was way outside the norm of what she would ever wear, showing off every curve of her curvaceous body. 

Katie was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  While she had a wonderful, shapely body, perfectly proportional and without a single extra pound on her frame, Katie never wore skirts or dresses. She hardly even owned feminine outfits.  Not that she was shy of her figure, for she looked fantastic in shorts or a two-piece swimsuit, and even better when naked.  But she wasn’t the kind to dress in female type clothes.  She just wasn’t a girly-girl.

So to have her suggest such a feminine costume showed how much she desired to do this with him.  She wanted to be a partner to him and was willing to do something extra to make it happen.  Brad happily agreed.

Katie ordered the costume and it came a week later.  While it looked great on her, it was still missing the extra sex appeal he was expecting.  She wore plain pantyhose and a most modest pair of high heels.  Brad decided then and there that he wanted the complete set and was willing to make it happen despite her protests.  But he kept his thoughts to himself.  He also came up with another idea of his own that would help him achieve a long held desire of his.   His worked to make both happen on the same night.

He taught his wife a few simple slight of hand tricks.  To the surprise of them both, she was pretty good at it and only needed some repetition to make it perfect.  After perfecting a few illusions, he then started on his plan and showed her his ‘new’ trick that lent well to a new partner.

“I don’t know if I like this idea.” She said when she first saw what was involved.

“Let me show you how it works and it wall put your mind at ease.”

After the demonstration, Katie reluctantly tried it and found it worked just like he said it would.  She agreed to add it to the show for the costume party.  Step one was complete.

Two days before the party, Brad came home with a new purchase.  He refused to give it to her till after dinner was over and cleared up.  He handed Katie the shoe box with a big red bow on the top.  Katie opened it and gasped.

“You expect me to wear these?” she asked.

“As part of your costume, yes.”

On top was two pair of black fishnet pantyhose with a small tight pattern.  Below was a brand new pair of shinny black leather high heeled pumps, with 5 inch heels and 1 inch platforms and slender ankle straps.  They were incredibly sexy shoes, at least Brad thought they were.

“How do I walk in these?”

“Oh come on, you’ve wore heels before.”

“Not like these.  Only hookers walk in these.”

“Lay and screw in them too.  And why is that?”

“So they get more clients.”  She retorted.  “So you want me to look like a hooker?”

“No, I want you to look like the picture you showed me.  I thought we had a bargain.   You dress in the outfit, I teach you the tricks and we go to the party as magicians.”

“Well, yeah, but I didn’t expect to look like a whore doing it.”

“You won’t look like a whore.  You will look like a very sexy woman.  Lot’s of women wear shoes like these and are not whores.  They’re just very sexy shoes.  Think how tall you’ll be, and how incredibly long you’re legs will look.”

“Yeah, tall right.  Tall slut.   What’s wrong with my black heels?”

“For starters, they’re old, scuffed, and only an inch high.  No assistant or professional would wear shoes like that to a paying appearance.  But more importantly, your old ones don’t even come close to the look you promised me.  And for once, I want you to be the sexist dressed woman in the room.  Besides, it’s only for one night.”

Katie sighed.  “They’ll kill my feet if I’m in them all night.”

“I’ll give you foot massages after.”

“I’ll could fall off them and break my neck.”

“That’s a lame argument, even if it could be true.”

Katie sighed again.  She knew she was loosing the battle.  “You know I don’t like these kinds of things.  It’s not me.  I’ll feel like, like a...”

“A woman?”

“You know what I mean.  It’s not my style.”

“Please, do it for me, just once.” He said calmly, firmly but not begging.

“It’s that important to you?”

“I don’t often ask you to do this, but this time it is that important to me.”

Katie sighed one last time.  She knew he was right, for he never asked for these kinds of things much.  He knew she didn’t feel comfortable in really feminine clothes.  He’d buy her a teddy once in a while and she would wear it for him when he asked or the mood hit her.  But he never pushed if she didn’t or complain when she didn’t dress up for him.  Besides, she’s the one who found the picture and show it to him.  She made the bargain, so she needed to live up to her end if it.

“Ok, I’ll wear ‘em, and the fishnets too.  Guess you’ll have a hard on all night.”

“Most likely.  I’d be dead if I didn’t get excited seeing you.  You can help with that too.”

“Don’t push your luck, buddy.” She said as she grabbed him.  “Only one slut request per night is all you get.”

“One a night?   I’ve been missing out on my quota.  Then I’ll request you strip naked and wear your new shoes tonight.” He said with a grin.  “You need to break them in anyways.”

“You are too much.  You just want me to walk around naked all evening in these?”

“Well, you need to make sure you won’t break your neck.  Then you can wear them to bed.”

“That’s two requests. You’re using up your quote for the week.”

“Actually, that makes three requests, which bring me even for the week, but who’s counting.”

But Katie did both anyway.  With a seductive smile, she stripped off her clothes till she was sitting on the couch naked.  She then worked her feet into the shoes and buckled the ankle straps in place.  At first, she just looked at her feet in the shoes, turning her legs to view herself.  She then raised a leg and gave her husband a sexy little smile.  She knew she was teasing him, but Brad didn’t mind one bit. 

Katie then slowly stood.  Brad’s cock sprang to attention.  Never before had his wife looked so sexy.  Amazing what a pair of heels can do to a woman.  Katie took a couple steps.

“Well?” she asked as the turned around for him, then slowly strutted over to him, running her hands through her long dark hair.

“Wow.” He replied.  “You look fantastic.  How do they feel?”

“Surprisingly, not bad.  Not at all painful, like I expected.”  She rubbed his crotch. “I take it you like them too.”

“No.” he said as he took hold if his wife.  “I’m like YOU in them.” He replied. 

They kissed.  It was strange kissing his wife like this, for she was so much taller, easier to reach.  Since she was over 6 inches shorter than him, he usually had to reach down to kiss her while standing.  This was so much better. Now he could wrap his arms wound her and not strain to reach her lips.  He could get into this.  He liked being able to grop his tall naked wife and not hunch over her.

Katie liked it to, for once not having to strain her neck to reach her husband.  She pressed her naked body against his as his hands pulled her close.  He had free access to her and neither one of them had to move much to reach one another.  She moaned into his mouth, getting turned on by his attentions.  She felt very sexy at that moment. Amazing what a pair of heels can do to a woman.

“You should walk around a little, get use to them.” He grinned after the impromptu make out and fondling session.

“I suppose you want me to dance around a brass pole too.” She said as she walked away from him, slowly and seductively.  Though her wardrobe was less than girly, underneath she was all woman and knew how to turn her husband on to a feverish pitch.  She knew how to do a sultry strut and show how she was a woman and he was a man.

“I have a pole, just not a brass one you can dance on.” He grinned.  To say he was hard was an understatement.

“How about we just take a little walk to our bedroom, so I can dance over your pole in private.” she said as she slowly walked away from him.  He followed, watching her fine ass wiggle on top of her extended legs.  He was in heaven and she looked just as good lying on the bed in her heels as she did walking in them.

They made hot, passionate love that evening.  Brad brought his wife to two orgasms before she took him into her mouth.  Before he would climax, Brad rolled them over and used his mouth on her once more before he slid himself inside his steamy hot wife.  When she wrapped her legs around him, he felt the heels bite into his legs. This only urged him on further until he exploded deep inside her.  After a brief time to rest, he was restored fully and they did it again, with Katie on top before Brad rolled her over and took her again with her legs wrapped around him once more.  They both decided it was a great night of love making.

To further break the shoes in, Katie walked in the heels the next night as well, only while wearing blue jean shorts and t-shirt.  Brad still liked the way it made her look.  Silently he wished she would wear them every night, especially when he later stripped her topless.  She looked so fine and sexy in her shorts and heels.  Equally turned on, she knelt and gave him a slow, teasing blowjob.  Stimulated orally and visually, he blew his load quickly, shooting himself onto her naked chest and breast.  He repaid the favor later with several oral climaxes on her before he slid into her love tunnel to finish off their love making.

“Who’d a thought a pair of high heels would turn you into a sex machine.” She said as they enjoyed the afterglow of another great night of love making.

“Who’d a thought a pair of high heels would turn you into a sex dynamo too.” He replied.   “Those come in red too, you know.”  Red was her favorite color.


The night of the party they got ready and dressed.  When Katie completed her costume, she stood before the mirror.  He husband looked on, amazed at the transformation.  For the first time he could remember, Katie looked like the hot woman he knew she could be.

“You really look unbelievable.” He said.  “A real fantasy.”

“You sure I’m not too over the top in this?” she asked.

“It’s a costume party.  You should be a little over the top.  But I think you look fantastic.”

“Thank you, lover.” She said.  “I guess it is sexy.” She replied as she turned to look at her back.  “Does my butt look big in this?”

“You’re butt looks perfect.” He said.  “In fact, everything looks perfect.”

She sat on the bed and took the shoes off.  “I’ll wear my slipper in the car and put my shoes on when we get there.  No sense torturing my feet till then.” 

Brad wanted to argue, but decided he had all night to ogle her, so better not to complain now.  Besides, he still had phase two of his master plan to accomplish.  No sense starting the evening off wrong and blowing a chance like this.

At the party, Katie wore her slippers in, but changed into her sky high heels.  They really looked cute together, but Katie stole the show.  All their friends couldn’t believe the sight of Katie in something so feminine, even if it was a costume.  Ann was most impressed.

Katie was hardly the most provocatively dressed woman at the party, which helped put her at ease.  Many of the other guests were quite sexy too and cleavage seemed the rule rather than the exception.  A late arriving French maid made several heads turn, as did an Elvira.  There was a woman dressed as nurse who was flirting with everyone, much to the disapproval of her husband.  Catwoman and Barbarella were very eye catching as well.  A sloppy farmer and his Daisy Duke wife made a comedic paring.  And there were plenty of subdue costumes and fun outfits too. 

But for Brad, Katie was still the sexiest, most desirable woman of the evening, the only woman for him ever, and the one he had his designs on all evening.  Each time he looked at her, he couldn’t help but think of the fun that awaited them later.

Katie and Brad set to work on entertaining the crowd.  While Brad was very good at it and did some very cool close up illusions, Katie further wowed everyone with her own simple tricks.  Didn’t hurt she looked so good doing them.  But the best illusion of the night was when they did the new trick they practiced.

It involved a pair of handcuffs.  First, they select someone, usually a woman Katie realized some time later, to inspect the cuffs to prove they were real.  Next, Katie would lock the cuffs onto the woman and have her try and get free, always without success. Then Brad would lock the cuffs on Katie.  Katie tugged on them and showed her hands were empty of a key or anything that could pick the locks.  Then, Brad covered her wrists with a red silk scarf.  A few seconds later, he pulled the scarf off and the cuffs were gone.  He showed everyone the scarf that contained the still locked cuffs while Katie displayed her empty hands again.

They showed the trick to several people.  The skimpily dressed nurse immediately volunteered to test the cuffs.

“Help, Help, save me.” She said in mock distress before they were removed.  Afterwards, she tried to get the two illusionists to divulge the secret to the trick.

“A good magician never reveals her secrets.”  Was all Katie replied.

“Drunk little slut.” Katie commented later as the moved away from the nurse.

“You know her?”

“Yeah, a little.  She’s really a nurse of some kind and her husband’s a surgeon, good one I hear.  Rumor is she’s cheated on him a few times.  Nobody really likes her, but he’s a good friend of Ron, so they manage to tolerate her.”

“Sucks to be them.” Brad replied taking a drink.

“It’s sad, really.  Too bad her husband doesn’t keep her under control.”

“I could loan him these.” Brad said twirling the cuffs.  “That would control her.”

“Hasn’t me yet.” She replied with a grin.  “I’ve had them on all night.”

“Don’t press your luck, love.”  Little did Katie know, that was already arranged.

As the party wore on, they did their tricks less.  Katie found herself wanting to sit more than stand and found a nice breakfast nook stool to perch herself on.  Her long fishnet covered legs dangled as she chatted with others, looking absolutely fabulous.  Later, Brad checked on the ruckus in the family room and reported back to his wife.

“Looks like the doctor took your advice.” He said as they saw him carry the taped up and gagged nurse out the door, having told the story already.

“Best thing to happen all night.” She replied.  “I wonder what other fireworks will happen tonight.”

“You never know.” He said.  “Night like this could be full of surprises.”

The party was winding down.  Bran and Katie decided to make their way out.  They meet up with hosts Ron and Ann, and they complimented each other again on their costumes.

“Have you seen their little trick, my dear?” Ron asked pretty his wife.

“No, I heard but have not seen it for myself.  Can you do it for me?”  In truth, Ann had seen it from afar but wanted to see it once more up close, for her own personal reasons.

Again, they showed the cuffs and locked Ann into them.

“Like my new bracelets?” she asked her husband.

“We have better ones.” He replied to which they all laughed.  Little did Brad and Katie know how true that statement was.

Brad then removed the cuffs and locked his own wife in them.  This was the moment of truth.  Katie never noticed the difference in the cuffs.

But she did when she could not get the cuffs off.  To her complete surprise, she couldn’t remove them when the time came.  She was locked in.  Brad pulled the cloth off and there they were, still locked around her wrists.

“Woops, let’s try that again.”  The result was the same.

“Um, honey, did you bring the spare key?” Brad asked, checking his pockets.

“Not funny dear.” Katie replied, getting irritated.

“We’ll let you two work this out.” Ron said.  “Oh, have fun kids.  I need to learn this trick.” Ron said to Ann, which earned him a nudge from his wife.

“Honey, get me out of these, please. “ Katie said quietly.

“Sorry, but I don’t think I can right now.”

“Excuse me.”

“These aren’t the right cuffs.” He said to her quietly

“What do you mean the wrong cuffs?  Aren’t these the ones we’ve used all night?”

“No they’re not.  I brought a different set in case someone knew the trick. I’d used these first, then switch to the other set before I locked you in.  But I didn’t need them.  I grabbed the wrong when I locked you in them.”

“Ok, so why can’t you get these off now?”

“Because I didn’t bring the right key with us.”

“Tell me you’re joking.”

“I’m not.  These are real cuffs, like cops use.  These use a different key that the ones we use for the trick.”

“So, where is the right key?” already fearing the worst.  “We have one, right?”

“Yes we do, at home.”

“At home!  You mean I need to ride all the way home with these on.” She said with a sigh, jingling the cuffs in her husbands face.

“Sorry, but yeah, you do.”

“Then get our stuff and let’s go.”

“You want to leave already?  The party’s not over yet.”

“Of course I do.  I can’t stay like this all night.”

“Well you could, actually.”


“I’m kidding.  You loose your sense of humor too?  I’ll get our stuff and we’ll go.”

But Brad didn’t get everything.  He purposely left her slippers behind.  No sense stopping a good thing now.  After they got in the car and started driving, Katie asked for them, wanting to change into them

“Ah, I think I left them there.” He said.  He chuckled to himself.

“Great.  Now my feet are as trapped as well as my hands.  You’re oh for two big boy.”

“Oh, don’t complain.  It’s not that bad.  Besides, you look cute like that.”

“Pervert.  First the outfit, then the cuffs, now my slippers.  It’s like you planned all this.  Got any other surprises in store for me tonight?  Got the rack set up for me or something?”

“Maybe.”  Was all he said.  For some reason, Katie wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t more.  The more she stewed about it, the more she believed he did plan all this, and there was yet more to come.

Back at their apartment, Katie and Brad headed straight for the bedroom.  “They key is in the dresser.” He said.

Katie sat on the bed while he looked in his dresser drawer.  She knew well that Brad didn’t keep his magic stuff there, so why would the key be here.  She was fully expecting something to happen.

Instead of holding the key, he pulled out some white bundles.

“Sorry honey, no key, but I did find these.” He said showing her the lengths of white rope.

“You jerk.  You’ve tricked me!  I’ve been had.  You had this all planned, didn’t you!”  She said as he looped a rope around the cuff links.  “First the shoes and fishnets then the trick and the handcuffs.  Then forgetting my slippers.  You’ve been playing me all along.”

“Like a violin, my love.”  He said as he pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her hands to the head board.  “But it’s your one fault, you know.”

“Me?  What did I do to deserve all this?” She said as he lashed the rope to the headboard.

Brad took another rope.  “You’re the one who wanted to be a magician.  You picked the costume.  You agreed to the hose and heels and the illusion.”  He tied her ankles together, with Katie actually trying to break free of his grip.  “Then when I saw you tonight, I couldn’t help myself.  I knew this may be the one and only chance to keep you dressed up so sexy for a long time.”  He anchored her feet to the foot to the bed, stretching her tight.  “So I decided that I WILL keep you like, regardless of what you think about it.” 

“I made that much of an impression on you that you came up with this whole plot?” she asked.  Her body was drawn tight by the ropes. She could squirm but not free herself of the ropes that held her down.  Getting out of the cuffs without the key would be impossible short of a hack saw.

“Honey, I’ve been planning this since we decided on our costumes. I got more energized when I saw you in those heels.  So when I saw you tonight I decided to act on it.”  Brad lay on the bed next to her.

“I don’t know if I should feel flattered or frightened.” She joked.  “You got me so trussed up, I can’t fight you off.”

“Do you want to fight me off?” He said as he let his hands roam over her figure.  “I mean, I do have more to my plan that just restraining you on our bed.”

“Such as?” she said, already relaxing to his touch.

“Well, I though I’d keep you here a while and make you come at least few times.”

“You’d do that for me?” she asked with a grin.

“Don’t I always?  I owe you that much for putting up with all this.  Then, I’d use you for my own pleasures.”  He found the top button on her top and flipped it open.

“Little hard to do that in my pantyhose and with my legs tied together.” She replied.

“Let me worry about that.  Like I said, I’ve been planning.”

With all this attention and plotting, Katie was feeling very wanted.  He gone through so much to make all this happen.  He was always so attentive and giving of himself.  In a way, she felt guilty he had to go to this length to do all this, but then again, he did put a lot of time and effort into it.  She just answered her own questions, she was flattered.

“You know, you could have asked to do all this.” She said softly.

“Would you have let me do all this had I asked?” he said, more rhetorical than asking for an honest answer.

“Honestly, probably not.”  She answered after a few seconds of introspective thought.  “Had you asked, I most likely would have said no.”

“That’s why I didn’t ask.”

“Point noted.  Any other surprises in store for me?” she said in a whisper.  Actually, to her own surprise, she was getting turned on by all this.  Brad hadn’t shown this side of himself for a long time.  The sex the past few nights had been great and she was hoping they would continue their hot streak.  He’d gone through a lot of trouble to get her like this.  The least she could do was play along to the end.

“Maybe.” He said.  “But I have one trick that I can show you.”  From thin air, he produced the red silk scarf and a longer black one.  “No damsel in distress is complete without her gag.”

Katie hesitated.  She wasn’t sure about this one.  “What if I don’t like that?” She asked.

“I’ll take it out.” He said without hesitation.

“What if I said let me out of all this?”

“I’ll let you out.” He said without hesitation again.

“Ok, but first do me one favor.  Change the cuffs to the ropes.  It might be more comfortable on my wrists.”

Brad did as she asked and soon had her completely tied with ropes.  The key had been in his pocket all along.

Brad rolled the red silk scarf into a ball and placed it on her mouth.  The black scarf was placed between her teeth and wrapped around her head to hold it in place.

Brad took in the awesome site of his lovely wife, bound, gagged and dressed for him on their bed.  He watched as she slowly squirmed under his watch.  On their wedding day, she looked more beautiful and radiant that he ever could have imagined.  This night, she looked more sexy and desirable than he dreamed she could.

For the next hour, Brad took his time and slowly explored his squirming and moaning wife.  He carefully opened her top and freed her breasts from her lace.  He played with her breasts, hold, squeezing, kissing, pinching, licking and sucking on them.  The more he did, the more she struggled and made sexy groans.

He unsnapped the body briefer at the crotch and caressed her pussy.  She was hot, burning for his touch.  She squirmed when he fingered her clit through the fishnet pantyhose and squealed in delight when he brought her to her first climax.  Her whole body trembled and shook as the climax crashed over her bound body.

He pulled her pantyhose down her hips.  Now it was his mouth and tongue that worked her pussy, slowly and methodically building her to another powerful climax.  This time, she screamed in delight.  He reached under her bound body and squeezed her ass as she came.  The orgasm seemed to last longer and was stronger than the first.

The third one took much more time and Brad was willing to make it last.  Shortly before she climaxed, she was rolling in her fetters begging through the gag to come again. With his hands on her breasts, his tongue did the work and soon she was screaming again as the orgasm rocked her body as she felt it from her fingers to her toes.  This was the best one yet.

Brad could wait no longer.  He loosened her feet some, rolled her over and shoved a pillow under her hips before he pulled her tight again and bound her in place.  Katie understood what he was doing.  He opened his pants and mounted his wife from behind, feeding his solid cock into her drenched pussy.  She was burning hot and wetter than she ever had been before.  He slowly pumped into her, savoring the moment knowing he might never get this chance again.

He tried his best to keep a slow, steady pace of strong forward plunges and slow, teasing withdrawals.  But lust soon took over.  Just the though of having his hot wife dressed so sexy with her bound and gagged on their bed would make him cream his jeans.  Now that he had her that very way, he couldn’t control himself for long.  He fucked her harder as the orgasm built quickly, trying his best to hold it back.  To his surprise, his wife suddenly climaxed again, a rarity while having actual intercourse.  This only spurred him on and he climaxed along with her, pumping his hot load into her as he made the hardest and deepest thrust into her he could.  He seemed to pump gallons into her and the climax went on and on, rocking his own body from top to bottom.

He held himself inside her long after the climax was over.  He flirted with the idea of staying there till he was hard again and doing the same fucking all over again.  Knowing what he knew and seeing her stretched out under him with her hands tied and fingers fluttering, his cock still tingling inside her warm, moist love tunnel, he was tempted.  But he had other plans too and wanted this acted out as scripted.  The groan he got from his gagged wife almost made him wish he didn’t pull out when he did.  He lay on the bed next to her and slowly ran his fingers over her backside.

Katie was confused at first.  She fully expected to be untied after the great screwing she just gotten.  Was he too tired to untie her, planning on something else or was he just going to leave her like this all night?  She had no choice but to wait and see what he was going to do.

“Give me a few moments, and I’ll be ready to go again.” He said.

Katie giggled.  Brad could go twice in an hour, like he did the past nights.  But twice in a few minutes, he must think he’s the man of steel or could magically make himself hard a will.

But to her surprise, he was ready within minutes.  In fact, he was still semi rigid when he pulled from her.  But looking at his sexy wife for a while, he was good and solid again and ready for more.

But instead of just mounting her again, he loosened the rope holding her feet to the bed.  He slowly pushed her legs under her, forcing her ass into the air.  Katie understood where this was going and her butt was already wiggling with excitement.  She loved being taken this way and got excited waiting for him to penetrate her again.

Brad quickly stripped off his clothes.  It was funny because he was naked and she was nearly fully clothed.  This was a dream come true, for he always wanted to see her like this.  He straddled her bound legs, playing with her backside as she wormed in her ropes, softly moaning under his groping.  His cock was ready and he aimed it at her pussy.  He started to enter her slowly but fully penetrated her when Katie rocked back and impaled herself onto him.  She wanted him badly as he wanted her.

Being the second time in less than 15 minutes, the screwing was long, hard and deep.  Again and again he thrusted into her, pulled back and slammed in again.  Katie clamped down on his cock with each stroke, maximizing the pleasure for them both.  Her climax built up and she came again, screaming into the mattress as he pounded her repeatedly.  As Katie came down from her orgasmic high, Brad felt his load build up and exploded into her, pumping his hot sperm into her once again.  This one was even better than the first.

Exhausted, he reluctantly withdrew from her when his cock went limp.  It was over, perhaps never to happen again.  Katie pushed her feet down and lay flat on the bed again, her body tingling all over.  She sighed contently as the afterglow flooded over her.

Brad pulled the gag from her mouth and rolled her onto her side and kissed her slowly and deeply.  It was a strange kiss for Katie, still tied to the bed and unable to really wrap herself around him, but it was still full of passion and lover.

Soon Katie was freed from her ropes and allowed to undress, finally being able to remove her feet from their shoe bondage.  They crawled into the bed and held one another.

“Was that all you had hoped for?” she asked.

“More than.” He replied.  “It was better than I had dreamed it could be.”

They both slept well that night.

They didn’t discuss the night much over the next few days other than they agreed it was one of the best nights they'd spent in bed.  Since they didn’t discuss what happened and Katie didn’t seem to want to talk about a repeat, Brad concluded it was a one time event or a while before they had a repeat performance.   As good as it was, Brad feared most it was going to remain a happy memory.

But it was a watershed moment for Katie.  She realized that her husband had this deep desire for her to be more feminine and to play more of these bondage games.  While he was a great, giving lover, she needed to return his giving in kind and made her mind up to give him more of what he wanted.

When the next weekend came, Katie expressed her desire to remain home on Saturday evening.  After dinner, she came from the bedroom, dressed in a newly purchased black satin corset, seamed stocking, thin panty and the sexy stiletto heels.   Brad gasped at the sight of his lovely bride looking more feminine than ever before.  When she turned and displayed the handcuffs locking her wrists behind her back, the fantasy came to life.  She knelt at her husband’s feet and asked to pleasure him.  It turned out to be the finest oral sex she ever gave him.  In turn, with her tied to the bed spread eagle and on her fourth climax, Katie decided she needed to do this much more often.  The following day they did discuss their feelings, desires and ideas.

Katie changed her wardrobe, but it was exclusively for her appreciative husband.  Her work attire remained the same, but at home she dressed in tight shorts, skirts and more attractive clothes.  Her dresser filled with lingerie that both she and he bought for her. Her closet was purged of flats and old boring shoes, replaced with sexy heels of 4 inches or more.  When they went out for the evening, she wore a dress or a short skirt and blouse, always in heels, with something special under her clothes for later.

And bondage played a bigger part in their sexual activates.   They experimented and tried many things.  Katie discovered she liked to be tied, even if it didn’t lead to sex right away or at all.  She might spend the evening tied hand and foot lying on the couch or tied to a chair, sometimes fully dressed, other times naked and only in heels, wiggling in the ropes while her husband looked on or toyed with.  Then freed, she’d have powerful orgasms and a good screwing, or maybe perform mutual oral action on one another.  Or she might be bound, gagged and pleasured for the entire evening and later hump into climax one last time.  Or be his sexual toy, played with and used for his own pleasures, which in turn pleased her too knowing she was fulfilling her husbands needs.  The possibilities were limitless, as was the action.

Of course, the outfit that started it all, the sexy magician, made her appearance again, but only for special events.  Every time she showed, she was bound, gagged and made to climax and force to climax him.  The sex would go on for hours and they ended completely spent but completely satisfied.  Halloween was her favorite time to wear it, and she even did in public again for another party.  Of course, the cuffs were brought along too and she was subject to them more intently in private.

So Katie had many kinky bondage tales to experience with her husband and gossip to her friends, thanks to events that transpired at the costume party.