Cindy, Lovedoll

by Gromet

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Author's note (04-10-23): Updated in 2023, 20 Years after the story was originally posted.

Chapter Three: Bagged!

After spending that first weekend mostly kept in the box, bound with several straps, while dressed again as his latex sex doll, I’d come to love or should I say crave being kept this way, maybe I was becoming too much like a doll, an object to be used and discarded and not as a living, breathing, thinking person, or even a woman with her own desires and needs, though I guess that they were currently being taken care of with me being kept as his sex doll. But I didn’t seem to care, I was his to do with as he pleased, and I was loving every moment.

The next weekend came and went in a blur, most of the time I was kept enclosed in the love doll as ‘Cindy’ again, secured down inside the box, and put away under the bed, stored out of sight as he had to work at home on some important project, and having his alluring sex doll there enchanting him and available for some reason seemed to distract him for working. Well, it’s not a doll’s fault that she’s so sexy and enticing.

This seemed to be the default place to store me away now, kept out of sight, but on my part it was sheer bliss to be treated like this, my mind lost in my fantasies, all the cares, worries and stresses of work now completely forgotten, this was my place of sanctuary, where I was shielded from the outside world, my box was a very special, safe space for me, but also the sex was good, to be taken and used by him, my owner, it fed my inner submissive being, leaving contented and satisfied.

He’d come in and check on me, and then shake his head and wondered about how I’d come to like being his toy, a mere plaything. Whilst in real life, he knew that I was a headstrong woman, business orientated and an executive with my company, responsible for millions of dollars. Yet, here I was bound in a box, looking for all the world like a plastic sex doll, and enjoying being treated like his sexual plaything.

My boyfriend or should I now say ‘owner’, used me a couple of times that weekend, mostly after he’d spent many hours working on his project. I think I was just some sort of pressure release for him, available should he feel the need, he’d unstrap me from the box, then pick me up and carry me over to the bed and climb on top of me and use me for his own pleasure, either with me face down or on my back. He didn’t make me climax all weekend while he used me, it was more about his own sexual gratification, although I had some very nice orgasms of my own whilst tied inside of the box.

But I was happy, I was just his sex toy, and it gave me great pleasure to see him enjoy and use me. This was what I had desired to happen, to be used and then put away afterwards, to be useful to him and fulfil his needs, and I got great enjoyment from being kept and treated this way by him. I could indulge my own fantasies while locked away inside of the box, and it was a wonderful distraction for both of us from the everyday work-life that we both experienced.

On Sunday morning he insisted that I come out of the doll and relax, and he said that we needed to talk. I was feeling a bit edgy about what he would want to say, maybe he was getting tired of me, that keeping me as a doll in the box was becoming boring for him. After a quick shower, and washing the doll suit, leaving it to dry, I sat on the stool in the kitchen, still naked, drinking the coffee he’d prepared and waited with dread what he’d say, the pit in my stomach opening my angst that left me thinking that maybe we were done.

As it turned out, my fears were groundless, he’d wanted to say that he loved having me here this weekend, and he apologised for basically ignoring me all weekend, leaving me locked away in the bedroom and that maybe we should start spending some more time together, outside of the doll. My fears eased, and my stomach stopped flipping, I smiled at him and replied that I’d love to be here every weekend if he’d have me.

He then said that maybe we could also go out more, see and do things together, but that I would still be his ‘Cindy’ love doll whenever I wanted to be. I moved over to him and placed my arms around his neck and kissed him. He smiled, picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where we made exquisite, splendid love for the next hour or more, just exploring each other's bodies. I drifted off to sleep afterwards very contented, dreaming of dolls and boxes, whilst he left me to return to his work.

When I awoke, I grabbed a quick drink and then walked naked into his study, which was now my usual state when staying at his place, my hair still tussled from our previous lovemaking, he smiled and said, “You look lovely!”

“I’d look lovelier covered head to toe in latex,” I replied, “as your dolly”.

Ten minutes later I was ‘dressed’ back in the doll and tightly strapped back inside the box. I remained this way until early evening when he finally released me from the box, but still inside of the dollsuit he carried me in his arms out to the kitchen, where he placed me face down on top of the table where I just lay there waiting for him to use me, and use me he did. He quickly entered me from behind, his manhood thrust deeply into me from the rear, I was already well lubricated from my time in the box, just the slight frisson of pain as he entered me, giving way to the pleasure thereafter. He began pumping himself into my opening, it felt very carnal, and animalistic to be taken and used by him this way.

My body moved slightly on the table as he pounded into my soft flesh, my breasts pressed hard against the table’s rigid surface, my hardened nipples rubbing against the latex dollsuit and the solid table top. He held my head down with one hand and my waist with the other. I was in sheer bliss and waited for the inevitable to happen, which didn’t take too long. I felt his member begin to thicken and start to pulse, and he was soon spurting himself deeply within me.

He left me where I lay on the table as he withdrew himself, zipping himself up and walking over to the coffee percolator, leaving me feeling used and discarded, but I was satisfied and very happy that he had taken me this way. I still couldn’t move, it was as if my body couldn’t respond to any of my commands to move, not that I had any desire to move. I laid there for fifteen minutes before he came over to check on me, I smiled at him through the latex that covered my face and thanked him for using me, telling him how much I’d enjoyed it.

The weekend ended when we decided to go out to a restaurant for a meal, afterwards, he took me to my home by taxi and left after I’d entered my apartment building.

Intro to Latex

Throughout the week we were both very busy at work so we didn’t see each other, and I missed not being enclosed within the latex doll and used by him, but I also seemed to be developing a craving for latex, the feel of it against my own skin, it becomes another layer of my own body. the heightened feeling of sensuality that I experienced from wearing the suit, my body and sex reaching new levels of pleasure, leaving me wanting more.

So summoning up the courage, I called into an ‘adult store’ on my way home one night. I had never been inside one before as I had visions of dirty old men in raincoats thumbing through magazines, those with girls in various stages of undress and positions unimaginable. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that this store was run by a young woman, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the place was well-lit. But I went bright red in the face when she walked over and asked if she could help me. I at first stuttered then blurted out something about latex. She held my arm and told me not to worry, it’s okay to be here, don’t feel embarrassed.

She led me over to racks of clothing, I could smell the latex from a distance, the aroma of the rubber sending delightful signals to certain parts of my body. She explained to me the various items as she withdrew them from the rack, from catsuits to straitjackets she seemed to have them all. I liked the feel and the look of one particular catsuit and asked if she had it in my size, she said yes and asked me if I would like to try it on. I again stuttered and considered heading for the exit, but she quickly ushered me towards the changing room, she pulled the curtain closed telling me to take off my clothing while she retrieved my size.

When she returned I was just folding my work clothes over the back of the chair, just in my bra and undies, when she told me that I needed to take off everything except my panties, I was extremely embarrassed at this, but the thought of wearing the latex again overcame my fears. Soon she was helping me get into the catsuit, it was black in colour and had a semi-gloss sheen to the outside, it felt great as it slid up my legs, my mind slipped back to being enclosed within the doll, and I could feel my pussy tingle, the folds of my sex began to awaken and becoming inflamed and aroused as the suit slipped over my body, hopefully my panties could keep back the wetness I felt down there.

I knew that I just had to buy this, and once it was fully on and zipped closed, I realised that this was what I was looking for, though not another doll suit, this still gave me the same feelings inside that I felt when encased inside of the doll, or at least very similar. I walked about the room looking at myself in the mirror; the assistant disappeared outside, leaving me to enjoy my inner feelings, and shortly returned with some more latex in her hand. She told me that the hood would complete the outfit. I sat down as she slid it down over my head, closing the zipper at the back, it was nice & tight enclosed totally within the latex.

I just had to get this, it felt so good, she then asked if I would like to see some other items that would compliment the suit. I ended up not only purchasing the suit, along with the hood but also some locks to secure me within, a vibrating dildo and butt plug, leather cuffs for both wrists and ankles and a penis gag. Plus a corset, that she had placed around my body to show off just how good my body looked in the latex suit, much to the delight of one or two customers that had walked in while I was on display, I think that I made her night with my purchases, I know that she had made mine.

I couldn’t wait to get home to try everything out and left the store still wearing the catsuit under my coat, along with the corset, the tight feeling making me quite worked up. It was deliciously wicked of me to venture outside covered in latex. As soon as I arrived home, I sorted through my new goodies and was soon suitably bound within the latex catsuit and hood, my two holes below plugged and vibrating nicely, my lips stretched around the penis gag. Bound and squirming in erotic pleasure on my bed on to several intense orgasms that night.

I awoke in the morning, I’d managed to undo the locks binding my cuffs together before, exhausted and thoroughly sated, drifting off to sleep, but still leaving the leather cuffs around my limbs, also the gag and plugs were still firmly in place inside me, though now run-down, their batteries used and spent, just like how my body felt. It had been a very good night. I got off the bed and walked my latex-clad body into the bathroom, where I started to run a bath to ease my aching body before work, and also clean off the sweat and other fluids from my overnight exertions if you know what I mean. I removed each item carefully and placed them in the sink, I would attend to them later.

Now taking off the latex hood, my hair was a matted mess flat against my head, after releasing my waist from the tight confines of the corset, missing the feel of being so securely held by it, lastly and reluctantly off came the latex suit. As I lay there in the bath I reflected on the few hours I’d spent self-bound within the latex, my hand drifting down to my pleasure centre, playing there as I relived last night, my climax came fast and furious. As I came back down to earth as my body recovered, I thought to myself that I would definitely have to have a repeat performance of last night.


During the week I again explored the latex catsuit that I’d purchased recently, the overwhelming urges that called for me to again encase my body in the soft, slinky feel of the latex as it covered every inch of my body. Pulling the cool material over my limbs, covering the pink flesh in the blackness of the latex catsuit, the suit clinging to every part of my body, an all-encompassing embrace over my entire being.

With the hood covering my head entirely completing the overall covering of my body, replacing mere flesh with smooth black latex. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and admired the way that my body looked, it was as though someone had poured the black liquid all over my body, covering it in a shiny surface, without blemish.

I loved the way I looked dressed in the catsuit and felt a delightful tingle as my hands ran over my latex-clad skin, touching myself through the latex gloves running over my new outer layer, its warmth seeping through to my fingers as they ran over it, It gave me both a wicked and delicious feeling throughout my body, the caressing of my body sending signals to all the right parts of my body, each responding and reacting in perfect harmony.

I moved over to the bed and began my further preparations for the night. I picked up the dildo, and after lubricating it pushed it home deeply into me, filling my soaked slit with its girth, the initial coldness of it dissipating as it slowly began warming to my inner body temperature. Testing the device was working by turning the switch, it came to life within me, the intruder gently vibrating, throbbing within my inner being. I could have just laid down then and there to allow the pleasure to wash over me, but I wanted more. I needed to be bound.

After switching the vibrator off I picked up the butt plug and gingerly placed it within my rear passage, the feeling of fullness as it sank deeper within me, a welcome accompaniment to the other now filling my pussy. I had overcome my fear of using my hole back there it seemed, going from never experiencing being used that way, to full-on enjoyment, my sexual awakening and journey continued, or should I say corruption, I felt that my attitudes had changed greatly.

Now that I had both holes filled, again the overwhelming desire to lay down and just enjoy myself came over me, it would have been so easy, but also disappointing and over so quickly, this was supposed to be more of a slow-building fire, not a raging inferno, that would come later, many times I hoped. But first I needed to feel tightly restrained. The thing that I needed was laying there on the bed patiently waiting to enclose my body in its tight grasp; bound limbs were one thing, but this felt like a whole other level of restriction.

Wrapping the corset around my waist, and bringing the fastening to the front, I began closing the hooks over the eyelets, closing the busk and pulling the corset tighter around me. Next, I reached behind and grasped the lacing pull loops, having practised this at home alone I found that after that first time, it was easy for me to do, though if I wanted it to be really tight and restrictive, then finding a useful hook or doorknob to put the laces over and walk away from the hook really tightened the corset. But not tonight, this was more for pleasure and not torment, so I restricted myself to just using my hands.

Happy with the comfort and feel of the corset holding me firmly, I finished off the lacing, tying the ends and taking a moment to admire the way that I looked in the mirror. But before I simply threw myself down and switched on the toys inside of me, I needed to get on. I quickly picked up the leather cuffs, I was in a hurry to bind myself, my resistance to seek self-pleasure was starting to take hold of me, my sex wanting me to give myself over to the ‘pleasure-side’, but I wanted to be bound and helpless before gaining any sexual indulgences.

First, came the ankle cuffs these were placed around my lower limbs and locked on, I then connected them together with a small padlock, and my ankles were now securely bound, testing any movement that I had when wearing them, I found that I could only take small steps, and nearly fell over when trying to walk too fast. Next came the wrist cuffs, these again were locked on with small padlocks, and I had another lock to help connect them behind my back when I was ready for that part of my self-bondage.

Picking up the penis gag I opened my mouth, willingly inviting the invader to my parted lips, the thing that would take away my ability to call out, to speak, I was to become its slave and suck on its length within my mouth, my saliva began flowing at the prospect. Fastening its straps behind my head, I could feel the hard member in my mouth, pressing down on my tongue, I imagined it was real and that I’d been forced to suck and pleasure him. A tingle went throughout my body, and a mini-wave of delight shivered through me as my knees went weak.

Regaining my senses, I lay down on the bed and, slightly struggling with the restrictions caused by the corset, I picked up a wide leather belt to tie around my knees, keeping my legs tightly bound together and leaving me with much less movement. I was a slave to bondage, and to my other lover latex, both of them had taken over my body and mind, and it seemed that they used me in whatever cruel way that they saw fit.

I moved myself into the middle of the bed, as I didn’t want to fall off if I rolled around too much during the night; what with the gag in place, I certainly couldn’t call out for help, not that anyone would be able to hear me through the walls anyway. Now finally ready, I went through my mental checklist, doors locked, power off, answerphone on. It’s amazing what runs through your head, one minute you're deep in sexy thoughts then mundane things like, 'have I turned off the power'.

I settled myself down on the bed and rolled over to lay face down, as I wanted to secure my arms behind my back. It made me feel more helpless and pushed my breasts forward into the bed, both my nipples hardened and rubbed against the bed covers in response. I wondered if I should try some nipple torment next time to add some more spice to my alone time. I'd seen them in several bondage images and though they looked painful, it still made me think that it would add that extra thrill.

But getting my mind back to what I was doing, I placed my hands behind me and held the lock in place, the connection was nearly in place, the moment of no return, should I do it and have to wait until morning to find my keys or should I just stop now and pleasure myself. Without another thought I quickly closed the clasp of the padlock, securing my hands and arms behind me. Now fully bound, I had no choice but to lie there and enjoy myself until daylight when I would be able to see where I’d thrown the keys somewhere in the bedroom.

I pushed my breasts deeper into the mattress, I loved the way they felt as the latex covering them stretched slightly, holding them firmly in its grasp. The vibrator within me was now busy slowly working its magic on me, the rear plug was being squeezed by my anal muscles as my body worked in unison towards the ultimate goal and heaven. I was deeply involved in what I was doing and never heard the front door to my apartment open…


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