Cindy, Lovedoll

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; doll; F2doll; packaged; objectify; straps; latex; sex; cons; X

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Author's note (4-10-23): Updated in 2023, 20 Years after the story was originally posted.

Chapter Two: Back as the Doll

It was Friday afternoon when he rang me at work and asked me to come directly to his place after work. He wouldn’t elaborate but said that I would enjoy myself. My tummy went into backflips at the thought of what might happen, I was certain that I would definitely enjoy myself. I hurried to get through my work, my mind drifting off to what would be happening later. I decided to finish early and rang him back to tell him so, he agreed to meet me and have a drink before heading home. Once we were together in the bar I kept asking what he had in store for me this weekend, but he refused to answer other than to say that I would be enclosed and maybe kept bound all weekend, it all sounded very enticing.

We eventually arrived back at his place, and it wasn’t long before I was naked again and once more getting dressed within the doll, he secured the zip and locked me within the doll. Now I was his again, ready for use, for his pleasure. But he told me that would come later on and that he had something special to show me in the bedroom, it was a surprise that he’d worked on all week. He placed a blindfold over my eyes and then carried me through his apartment and into his bedroom, when he had put me in the right spot he removed the blindfold and pointed to the floor.

There lay a large pink box about 5 feet in length, and about 1 ½ wide, the lid was mostly made up of clear cellophane with a banner going diagonally across the middle, it read “Cindy, Latex Love Doll” in gold and blue letters. He moved me forward and pulled off the top, the base part had sides equal in size to the top that covered the top part. To me it looked just like a Barbie doll's box, he said to me that he’d made it especially for me, now that I was to be his sex doll, I just had to have a box to contain me and keep me safe. “Like all good dollies do,” he exclaimed.

Once the top was clear I could see several straps inside, he pointed these out saying that they would be used to secure me inside, to stop any movement on my part. The thought of me, contained inside that box, strapped down and stuck in there until he released me, my tummy was now doing the magical dance of the butterflies with clogs on, while further down certain parts of my anatomy were woken up by the thought, but my mind, always much clearer and straightforward, was going in two directions, should I run or stay.

My body, and those parts due south of my belly button won the internal argument, overwhelmed by my steamy desires to again become his plaything, I decided that I should stay. Probably as I was already dressed inside the sex doll, which was one of my most favourite things in the world at this moment, plus the feeling of the latex encasing my body again my own also took hold of me, my mind losing the battle on all fronts. I would stay and let him do whatever he wanted to me, especially as I’d promised that I would be his love doll whenever he asked me, and I do enjoy my time as his submissive sex toy.

Looking again at the box I queried him about the Cindy, Lovedoll part on the lid?

Well, he told me, that as I was now his sex doll to play with, that he would now be calling me Cindy whilst I was contained within the doll, it was a much more fitting name for a doll than my own. And as I was now his doll, he could do whatever he desired with me.

Not only was I his, totally, in body and soul, but now my identity would be altered when coated in the latex doll, changed to reflect my new role and status. My mind melted at the thought, no longer would I be just a woman wearing the doll, but I would become the object to fulfil his sexual needs, my submissive side bowing down and unresisting, jumping at the prospect.

Now that he had finished answering my questions, he thought that the time was right to put his doll away, as he told me, picking me up and carrying me he helped me lay down my doll body in the box, it fitted me quite snugly, and he said to me that he didn’t want to make it too big for me, he had wanted a tight fit to make sure that I didn’t shift around too much, especially as dolls don’t move he laughed.

“Only the naughty ones!” I cheekily replied.

Inside the box, I adjusted myself into a comfortable position, and when I was ready he started to strap me down to the base part of the box. Each arm and leg was secured, with straps over my ankles, knees, thighs, then around my waist holding my wrists, elbows and arms beside me, and just above my breasts, which were all snugly fastened in place, then he placed one over my neck, just to hold my head in place he told me. Once all the straps were adjusted and tightened by him, he asked me how I felt.

Strangely enough, I felt very contented to be here. A feeling of inner peace or calm overcame me; it felt right that his sex doll should be kept inside of her box, this was her, no, my place, it felt so good.

Of course, the thought of being kept as his sex doll started my body to react again to the latex, and to the bondage as the straps held my limbs down, a warm tingly feeling came over me, the outer folds of my pussy became inflamed, my little bud was hard, engorged, and the familiar dampness down there letting me know just how aroused I now was, and the butterflies joined in and started dancing in my stomach. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was currently bound, I would have slipped my fingers below to find some relief.

He’d seen the changes in me as I lay there, slightly worried that he had done something wrong, he asked me if I was okay, and did I want to continue?

“Yes, please, make me yours, my owner…” I impassioned, my voice quietly fading as the sensations overwhelmed me, my inner turmoil hidden under the dollskin.

He seemed very happy with my reply, he picked up the lid and placed it back over the base and pushed it home. As the clear plastic closed down on me, I could make out the broad smile on his face, this pleased me that I had made him happy. Once the lid was down he told me that he would leave me in the box for a while, to enjoy myself, but if I had any problems just shout and he would hear me. He’d taken several photos while placing me within the box, then while strapping me down and now with the lid on several more of me enclosed within my new box, his love toy.

As I lay there in the box after he’d left, I could not shake the feeling growing within me of an impending climax very slowly climbing up within my body. After what seemed like several hours, but turned out only to be just over one, I had my first thunderous orgasm, my belly cramped, and cramped again, my body shaking as the waves rolled through me. It was sheer bliss, I had not moved, and I had not been touched in any way other than the latex and the straps holding me down. How it happened, I don’t know. I swear my fingers were not to blame, they were still held at my side.

My cries made while in the midst of my climax made him come running into the bedroom; he’d thought I was in some sort of trouble and was ready to quickly drag me out of the box. After removing the lid he looked in at his sex doll, he could see that I was breathing hard and fast, still unsure of what had happened or if he hadn’t made enough holes for me to breathe with, he asked if I was okay?

“Oh, mmm, yeah…” was all I could muster at first in reply.

Then I told him about what had just swept over me, the suit hiding my blushes from his gaze, this was definitely a first for me, my body still shuddering with the rippling after-effects, and the tight restraints holding me in place only enhanced them. He was amazed that I had managed to climax like that, maybe he was wondering who this woman was, this was certainly unexpected, but he liked it. He then asked if I wanted to continue, and I quietly told him yes.

An hour later he came into the bedroom and removed the lid again, this time he started removing the straps holding me in place, stating that it was time for his own fun now. He lifted me from the box, my body limp like a rag doll as he placed me down on the bed, he quickly undressed and was soon on top of me, his penis buried deep within my very wet pussy, my juices giving him easy access as he filled me with his flesh, thrusting himself as deeply as he could. He didn’t seem to take that long to use me and finish, his own sexual climax bringing on my own minor one, we must have both been incredibly turned on to have climaxed within that short time.

As he lay there next to me on the bed in the afterglow of our passionate embrace, his hands exploring the body of the doll as it lay there beside him, he asked me how I felt about the box?

I told him that I loved being his sex toy, his doll to use and play with, and the box was a super, unexpected bonus one that completed my being his love doll. And I continued in my best doll-like voice, “Cindy thanks my wonderful owner for being so clever to make it for me, his dolly. I also hope that he will put his dolly back inside at some point, I feel a need to be kept inside, after all, I am your doll now.”

Without another word, he quickly jumped up off the bed and picking me up lowered my latex-doll-coated body back down into the box, as he replaced the straps he smiled at me, he said to me that he was really pleased that I’d liked the box, and that he’d planned to keep me in it for most of the weekend. My heart leapt at the prospect of being bound and enclosed as his sex toy all weekend, as the straps tightened I started to feel the start of another climax building deep within me, it was going to be a long night.

Once tightly bound he said, “Goodnight Cindy, see you in the morning!” and kissed my latex forehead, then he replaced the lid. Now I was just an object again, a love toy ready for use, it was delicious.

Boxed & Stored

In the morning I was let out to be used again by him. After breakfast most of the morning was spent with me laying around his apartment still covered in the latex doll, either reading or just being a doll and not moving, sitting there or flat on my back, my legs held slightly apart like the sex doll that I now was, my sexual parts visible and available for my owner. He would use me occasionally whenever the mood took him, or I had teased him to the point that he needed to take me for his own needs. I was loving every moment.

Just before lunchtime, he approached and unlocked me from the doll, slightly disappointed that he hadn’t taken me for his pleasure first, but was content to obey my owner as he instructed me to clean the suit; it had become slightly messy with our joint sexual juices. Afterwards, I was allowed to shower and relax for a couple of hours free of any restraint, though I still felt very submissive to him at this point. We had a light lunch that he had made, and then we made love together on the kitchen floor, just a simple joining of our two bodies, afterwards, I asked him to place me back in the box.

He said that he would do anything to please me, so shortly afterwards I was redressed in the doll, the lock secured behind my neck and I was carried by him back into the bedroom, there he placed me back inside of the box, after he had strapped my body down, tightly restricting any chance of movement, not that I intended doing anything like that, and with the lid now closed, sealing me off from the outside world. He asked if I was okay?

“I was wondering, but this may sound slightly strange, but if you could… maybe, push my box under the bed, if it fits, just as you would with a real sex doll,” I replied. “As I’m now Cindy, your lovedoll, I feel that it would be right to keep me just like any other doll.”

I could see a broad smile appear as he bent down and lifted the bedclothes, and with his other hand shoved the box with me securely contained inside under the bed. All I could see once he had placed me there was the underside of the bed, the light fading as he dropped the bedcovers back down, hiding his sex doll from any prying eyes. He spent the afternoon lazing around the apartment, taking a few phone calls, whilst I lay squirming within the confines of the box, experiencing several more orgasms.

Late in the afternoon he came into the bedroom and removed the box from under the bed, and I was again released from its confines. Without a word spoken, he picked me up from the box and pushed me over onto the bed face down, my tummy lying against the mattress with my feet on the floor, and my hips on the edge of the bed. This time he entered me from the rear without any foreplay by him, he just started grunting his pleasure into me, taking me and using his doll for his own needs.

It made me feel used and more of an object than a woman, this was how sex dolls should expect to be treated, I thought, available to be used by my owner when they feel the need. I hadn’t reached my peak this time but was elated that he was satisfied with me. Again his pleasure was all that mattered to me, I’d had several utterly delicious orgasms already this afternoon so I didn’t mind.

Afterwards, he rolled me fully onto the bed and asked me what I wished to happen to me now? His masterful hands caressing my body, his touch sending little electric sparks through my body wherever they made contact, I lay there not wanting to move and enjoyed the feelings that I was experiencing. Maybe I was just wanting him to take me and use me again, but that was just me being greedy.

“Please, it would be nice to go back inside of my box, I feel that I need to be kept as your sex doll for a while longer, but maybe you could take me out later and use your Cindy doll again, my wonderful owner,” I replied. I craved the feeling of being enclosed, kept as just his sex doll, to be taken out and used by him whenever he felt the need, what was I becoming?

He then told me that he would be going out for a short while; some buddies had called and asked him out for a drink and he couldn’t say no to them. Maybe you could come too, he asked me.

“Thanks but no, I don’t want to go out just yet,” I replied, “But you go, I don’t mind you leaving me here, I want you to treat me as your sexual plaything, use me whenever you want and discard me afterwards when you’re finished with me. And I don’t want to cramp your time with your friends, by dragging me along”.

He seemed to be very pleased at hearing this, whether it was the fact that he could go out and drink with his buddies, or the fact that I had offered to remain as his sex toy, locked away and waiting for him to use when he returned later; either way I soon found myself packed away back inside of the box, secured in my straps holding me firmly in place, the lid put back on and again the box pushed back under the bed, just like I had asked, and just how a sex doll should be treated. I could hear him getting ready to go out, and just before he left, he again asked if I was okay. Which I was.


Several hours had gone by, and I’d drifted off to sleep when I heard a noise from the other room, it sounded as though several of his buddies had come back to the apartment to party. He came in to check up on me briefly, I said I was okay and to just leave me here, it would be awkward to get me out with his friends likely to come looking for him, and I didn’t wish to get out at the moment anyway.

I lay there listening to the noise that they were making, until after a couple of hours all seemed to go quiet, and I expected that soon my owner would be taking advantage of me. It was then that I heard the bedroom door quietly open and footsteps enter the room, I heard two bodies sit or fall onto the bed above me, then muffled voices, one was female, but the other sounded like my boyfriend, and they started making love right there above me.

They both seemed very intense and their foreplay was short-lived as they began moving into each other, they seemed to last for half an hour at least, before finally climaxing, I could hear her cry out as she came. I was peeved, to say the least, lying here bound under the bed, as he made out with some other female above me. I was getting to be very angry as they continued but also getting very turned on too and it wasn’t long after that I managed to climax too.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was securely bound within the box and placed under the bed I would have gotten out to confront them, but then again how would my embarrassment be with me still clad inside a latex doll’s body, it would look really weird, a talking sex doll chastising her owner for having sex with another and cheating on her.

I decided that I would confront him in the morning or whenever he’d eventually let me out. Lucky for me I slept on it as come the morning I heard voices, my boyfriend was waking up the two people above me. It seemed that his friends had used his bed whilst he’d fallen asleep beforehand from slightly too much drink on the couch, they quickly got dressed, apologised for using his bed and left.

Once he’d gotten rid of the others who’d fallen asleep at the party, cooking them all breakfast, they had all finally left by midday. By this time I was bursting within my latex body; not only from what had happened last night but I also really needed the bathroom very quickly. He pulled the box from under the bed, and then after he had removed the straps he lifted me out of the box. He checked that I was okay and carried me in his arms towards the bathroom, after helping me out of the suit he left me sitting on the toilet as he ran a bath for me. Afterwards, I lay there relaxing in the warm water as he brought me breakfast and insisted on feeding me as I lay there in the bath.

The rest of the day he felt so guilty about leaving me bound, and neglected, for so long, that he told me that he would do anything for me, he pampered and spoiled me. I was massaged from my neck to my toes, and he brought me warm drinks, and snacks and made sure that I was comfortable. Guilt can be such a wonderful thing sometimes, it’s just one of the weapons in a woman’s repertoire, to use when it’s needed.

I finally got around to asking him about the couple making love on the bed above me last night, and how it had sounded just like him. He told me that it was his younger brother and his girlfriend, they’d taken the opportunity to use the bedroom after he’d fallen asleep on the couch. I told him how incredibly turned-on I’d felt when I thought it was him using the woman with me lying below stored away in my box.

He replied that he would never cheat on me, no matter what the circumstances, he continued to say that he loved me deeply and would not do anything to hurt me. I cuddled up to him, contented and happy, and we eventually made love on the couch, it was sheer bliss, afterwards we just spooned and cuddled up close, and it was a great way to spend the afternoon, enjoying each other.

Later on in the early evening, he asked me what I would like to do now? I said that it would be good if we could finish off the weekend as planned by him with me back inside the doll. My inner cravings were starting to get to me again, he lifted me up off of the couch and carried me into the bedroom, where soon I was back inside the latex doll, laying there on the bed he used me as he pleased and then finally he placed me back inside my box. He left me inside for a couple of hours before bringing me out to use once again.

That was how I’d spent my first weekend in the box, dressed up as his love doll. I loved every moment of it, and my heart would leap thereafter when he mentioned that he wanted me to be his sexdoll, for his pleasure, his delight. I have spent many other weekends inside the box or just playing his love doll, but that’s another chapter.


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