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Storycodes: M/f; bond; spank; cuffs; naked; belt; hum; rom; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Clair and Fred are in their sophomore year of college. The story continues to be more intense and sado/masochistic. Enjoy.

Chapter 24: Farm, Clair's Chain

One afternoon, on one of Clair’s regular Facetime calls with Gran, Mr. Franklin answered the phone. Clair thought: “I’m really going to have to start calling him Leon, since he’s sleeping with my Gran.”

“Oh, hello Clair, Lou can’t come to the phone right now, she’s uh, tied up.” Leon said.

“You mean Chained up, don’t you?” Clair giggled.

“Well, I might as well admit it, since she’s going to be there a while.” Leon replied, “Do you want me to take her the phone?”

“Look, um, Leon, um, you might want to ask her about FaceTime before you take the phone out there because back when… um… never mind.” Clair stammered.

“Yes, Clair, she’s naked but I’m sure she can hold the phone discreetly,” Leon laughed, “And she’s not out in the tool shed, she’s in the guest bedroom.”

“Hi granddaughter,” Gran said when Leon handed her the phone.

After some usual small talk Clair had a question: “So Gran, I think it’s about time you guys meet Fred, what are you and Leon doing over spring break?”

“Well dear,” Gran answered with a twinkle in her eye, “we were thinking about spending the week in Panama City, Leon’s never seen me in a wet t-shirt contest! But I guess we could stay here.”

“Oh Gran, I know you guys hardly ever go anywhere but I had to ask.”

“Just kidding kid, so when is your spring break anyway.”

Dates and details were exchanged and then Clair asked, “So, Gran, um, you moved the chain into the spare bedroom?”

“Yes Clair, but don’t worry, we can put the bed back in here when you two visit. And don’t worry, I’m not prudish enough to suggest you sleep in separate bedrooms. And no, we didn’t move the chain, Leon bought a brand new shiny one!”

“So,” Clair asked, “you’re not doing this full-time?”

“No,” Gran answered, “we modified The Program. We’re old, you know! Leon improved my crude spanking sawhorse and moved it in here too. Most of the time I’m around the house nude, so make sure you text before you and Fred arrive. Leon keeps a close inventory of all the food in the house, plus we’re together almost all the time. If I cheat, he locks me on the chain in the spare bedroom with just enough slack to get into the bathroom. He’s removed all the furniture except the spanking sawhorse. He usually leaves me in here for at least 24 hours to think about my ‘sins’ then straps me to the bench…”

Clair interrupted her: “TMI as usual Gran! But, uh, when we come visit and you put the furniture back, do you think you could leave the sawhorse?”

“I don't think there is room, that bedroom is pretty small, but perhaps Fred could help Leon take it out to the shed. And I suppose you’ll be wanting to borrow our ping-pong paddle too,” said Gran in mock exasperation.

“Oh, no that won’t be necessary. my ass is tougher than yours and Fred wears this really nice leather belt,” Clair replied.

“TMI as usual Clair,” Gran said in mock outrage.

“Excuse me,” smiled Clair, but you’re the one chained up naked in the spare bedroom about to get her ass turned a bright shade of pink!”

Fred and Clair did come for a lovely visit. Gran cooked all the family recipes, so much food, of which she and Clair ate very little! This left it to Fred and Leon to pig out on the meals and leftovers. Fred commented one night that at this rate HE was going to need a chain, to which Gran replied to Leon’s obvious discomfort, “That can be arranged.”

Yes, Fred was going to fit into this family just fine.

Clair made sure Fred got the full country experience. Gran borrowed a tame mare from a neighbor because Fred had never ridden a horse before. Clair rode Henry and taught the reluctant Fred to ride the mare and they explored both of Gran and Leon’s farms. They even had a picnic down next to Watkins Creek. On Sunday they all went to Church. It turns out Fred was raised Methodist, and his Mom was the organist, so he knew all the hymns in the Baptist hymnal by heart, earning serious points with Gran. They also helped Leon with a few maintenance projects around the farm over Gran’s objection that their guests shouldn’t be working. But Leon was getting up there in years, and climbing ladders, moving heavy stuff, etc. just wasn’t in the cards anymore so he was thankful for the help.

There were only three days left in the visit and Fred was coming to the realization that he was really going to miss the farm and Leon and Gran. They were such down to earth, honest, and open people! That’s why he was a little surprised when Gran announced that she and Leon would be gone for a couple of days and nights. Since Leon had moved in with her, she explained, they had been slowly cleaning out his old place. They had a bunch of personal stuff they needed to sort before the Church community garage sale next weekend. Fred was surprised, since he and Clair were only there for an extended week, and he thought surely, they would prefer to spend time with Clair. He really didn’t completely understand until the next morning, when as he was helping Gran load Leon’s car that she made the offhand comment: “Oh and the keys to the shed are in that mason jar over there should you need them.”

Oh. How could he have been so dense? Clair and her family had ‘history’ with this farm and that shed was an important part of it. This could be a fun couple of days, he thought. But he was also worried. He and Clair’s play, up to this point, hadn’t been anywhere near as intense as the shed implied.

So, on one of their trips back and forth between the car and kitchen Fred pulled Gran aside: “Lou, I’m a little dense sometimes, but I think I get it now and I appreciate your giving up your precious time with your granddaughter.”

Gran was impressed, the boy not only ‘got it’ but he understood that this was a sacrifice on Gran’s part.

“But,” Fred continued, “I’m not sure I know exactly what Clair is expecting? How should I play my role?”

“Son”, Lou said, “Not my place to tell you how to ‘play’ with my Granddaughter-in-law.”

“OH, NO, I wasn’t…“ Fred stammered.

“It’s OK son, I will tell you this. Talk. That one word is essential to any relationship. I assure you, it will not lessen her respect for you as her, what do the kids call it, her ‘Dom’, if you just ask her what she wants.”

“Yea, I guess,” Fred said, still a bit embarrassed that he had basically asked Clair’s grandmother for sex advice.

“No guessing about it,” said Gran, “Now, there are leftovers in the refrigerator, but I suggest you guys go into the Wedgewood Diner on the road to Chain for a dinner out. Then come home, build a fire, open some wine and talk. Ask her everything and insist she tell you exactly what she expects, what she is and isn’t willing to do, and what she hopes. And when you’re done talking, get a good night. sleep and then enjoy the next two days. I’ll be sure to text before Leon and I head back.

And don’t feel too sorry for us,” Gran added, “Leon and I have already done all our talking. and cleaning out ‘Old Junk’ can have two meanings!”

Now it was Gran’s turn to blush.

Clair was a bit surprised when Fred just announced that she should put on her nice dress with no underwear and meet him at the car. She was beginning to wonder if he had gotten the point of Gran and Leon leaving, but then he did mention ‘no underwear.’

Fred had already laid the fire so when they got home all he had to do was light it, pour the wine and sit Clair down in the living room.

“Do you want me to take the dress off?” Clair asked coyly, trying to find a way to get things started.

“I love you!” Fred started.

“Butttt, “said Clair slowly? Just the way he said, “I love you.” Implied a but.

“Oh, there’s no ‘but’ about that part, I love you. Full stop,” Fred said emphatically.

“We have never done things as ‘extreme’ as I think we’re about to over the next two days.” Fred continued. “And I want to talk first. I must confess that your Gran made it clear before she and Leon left that talk is critical to any healthy relationship. And she made me remember our first semester in Psychology 101. The professor talked about communications and how relationships were so easily destroyed by people simply not talking. We’re going to talk!”

“OK,” said Clair.

“What do you expect,” asked Fred, echoing what Gran had said, “what do you need, what are your limits, things you absolutely don’t want to do.”

It surprised Clair, both that Fred was being all logical, not just ravishing her right now but also that she hadn’t already thought about his questions before. What did she want?

“Why do we have to discuss this right now Fred?” Clair asked, a little frustrated.

“Because I said so!” answered Fred with authority. That simple statement gave Clair a tingle, she liked this side of Fred. He was putting her safety, she realized, before his lust. And he was taking charge! Yes, she could get used to this.

“Well,” Clair answered, “I like this new, in charge Fred. Let me think a minute.” And she took a sip of wine, sat back and stared at the fire. Fred waited patiently.

“On the surface, I’ve wanted to try ‘the Shed’ since the first time Gran told me how she and my Grandfather used it. I want to know how she felt, chained up, naked, alone, sleeping on that hard, dirt floor. I want to experience that, and I can’t do that anyplace but here at the farm. And I can’t exactly ask Gran or Leon to chain me up even though I know Gran understands, she has seen me staring at the shed and just ‘knows.’”

“I figured that much,” said Fred, “but somehow, I don’t think you want me to just lock you to the chain, lock the door and come back two days later. So, keep talking.”

“Oh, you’re right,” Clair said quickly and now understanding more why Fred wanted to talk. “Our time is short, and I want to experience so much more,” continued Clair.

“Does it involve that sawhorse that I helped Leon move from the house to the shed?” Fred asked.

“Oh yes,” said Clair, “and your belt and burlap and a pitchfork too!”

Now Fred was REALLY confused. The belt part he got, he had doubled it over and spanked Clair’s lovely behind on a couple of occasions when she was bent over the bed. But burlap? And her reference to a pitchfork scared him a little bit.

Clair saw his expression and laughed.

“Remember, this started as a weight loss program. Grandfather used to make Gran work off calories by cleaning stalls and pitching hay. He couldn’t have her completely naked because occasionally neighbors or farm workers would show up unannounced as country people are wont to do. So, he made Gran sew a simple dress out of old burlap seed bags and wear it. It’s still hanging, all dusty and dirty, in the back of the barn. Gran said she'd rather go naked than work and get all sweaty in that thing and the burlap apparently rubs your nipples raw if you’re not wearing a bra, which of course, she wasn’t. I can’t wait to try it.”

“And you want me to make you work?” Fred asked.

“Heavy emphasis on the ‘MAKE’ me work.” Clair replied. “Look, you asked what I ‘need’, I don’t honestly know what I need. I don’t know what my limits are. But I know what I want! I want to try EVERYTHING.”

“OK, but I’m still not sure what that means?” Fred said.

“I’m not sure either but for right now I know, I want to try everything Gran has tried. And that means that you need to take control, physically and mentally for the next two days.”

“But what if I hurt you? What if you wind up hating me? What if this ends us?” Fred was worried.

“Fred, I love you, full stop, wasn’t that what you said. I’m the one asking for this. If It turns out this isn’t what I want after all then it’s nobody’s fault but mine. We’ll talk about it afterwards and that will be it. Look, my Dad explained something important to me back when he and Mom were getting my buy-in on her weight loss program. He said: ‘there is a difference between harming someone and hurting someone.’” Clair explained. “I want you to hurt me. When you pull that belt out of your pants, the sound gives me goosebumps. I don’t understand it completely, but I want you to hurt me more than you ever have with that belt.”

“So, how will I know if I’m harming you?” Fred asked.

“I believe you’ll know because you love me. Oh, you might make a few mistakes occasionally, go too far, but I trust you completely,” Clair said while looking him straight in the eye.

“OK, but I worry more about emotional ‘harm’, about harming our relationship.” Fred pressed.

“I know, but that’s where you have to trust me and trust Gran’s advice about talk.

“OK, but we’re still going to have a safeword, so what’s your safeword, the usual?” asked Fred, starting to feel better about all this.

“No, my safeword for today is ‘talk’,” replied Clair simply.

“Nice… symbolic… I like it,” said Fred.

“And Fred,” Clair said taking the final sip of her wine, “there is a difference between sexual fantasy and real life. I hope that you can find an inner ‘sadistic bastard’ and let him loose while we’re playing. I’ve seen how much harder you get those times when you’ve playfully spanked me. Let the Demon out! I can take it. I want to see just how much I can take. Make me cry. Make me beg. Please?”

“I’ll try Clair, as long as you still love the plain ol’ nerdy boyfriend Fred after we are done playing.”

Gran had suggested that Fred and Clair start in the morning after a romantic evening, but Fred figured time was short and if Clair wanted the full ‘Gran’ experience he would start right then. He didn’t really have a plan, he just started improvising.

“Stand up and take your dress off, and I sincerely hope you aren’t wearing underwear!” Fred said in his best command voice.

Clair jumped up, “Yes Sir.” And she unzipped the dress and pulled it over her head.

Fred never got tired of watching those firm B cups bounce. She was indeed naked under the dress.

“Good Girl” said Fred, and Clair felt all warm inside, why did that simple phrase affect her?

“Face the wall and put your nose on the wall, clasp your hands behind you and don’t move.” Fred commanded.

“Um, Sir, may I use the restroom before we get started?” Clair asked quietly.

“Did I give you permission to speak!” BOOMED Fred, almost causing Clair to jump out of her skin.

Clair heard him walk away into Gran’s room. In a few minutes he came back and put handcuffs on her wrists. Well, I guess he knew where Gran and Leon’s toy box was.

“Stay” was all he said, and he left walking into the kitchen.

Over the next few minutes Clair heard the refrigerator door open and close and then heard the screen door slam shut. “Well, this is promising,” thought Clair as she squirmed a little to get her hands more comfortable in the cuffs. She hoped Gran had left the keys, sometimes she kept them in her purse!

Fred had grabbed a couple of bottles of water out of the refrigerator and the keys from the mason jar. He was pleased to find the handcuff keys in there as well, he really should have thought about that before putting them on Clair, he really had a lot to learn. He unlocked the shed and looked around. The chain was still there, with the padlock on the end. Fred located the key and opened it. He put the water bottles on the small wooden shelf. He looked at the bucket and found a very old, dirty but serviceable ½ roll of toilet paper. Satisfied, he headed back to the living room.

God, Clair was beautiful standing there, nude, in handcuffs, her hair and makeup still perfect from their night out. Well, he might have to fix that. “Come,” Fred said, starting to get into the mood of the thing.

Fred was a good six inches taller than Clair, so grabbing her hair at the back of her head was easy. He marched her through the kitchen and out the screen door. Clair expected to be marched right across the yard to the shed, but Fred had other ideas, he pulled her up short right in the middle of the yard, halfway between the house and the barn. The ground here was mostly hard packed dirt with a little grass clump here and there. Clair quickly looked around, even though it was late at night, to reassure herself that nobody was looking.

“Squat, spread your feet and sit on your heels.” Fred ordered as he started pushing Clair’s head down.

“What?” Clair exclaimed, taken completely by surprise.

“There you go talking without permission again,” Fred growled. “Last time I was lenient since I hadn’t explained the rule, but this time you’ll be punished. Now squat! Feet further apart.” Clair tried to comply, but it was hard keeping her balance without her hands. At least Fred kept hold of her hair until she caught her balance.

“Well Slut, you said you had to pee. This is where the other farm animals do it so go ahead.”

Fred was right, Clair had dodged Henry’s stream more than once after bringing him out of the barn to saddle up. Henry had the good sense to wait until he was out of the barn to let loose, and oh how a horse could let loose. And Clair did have to pee. Ever since Fred had denied her a trip to the bathroom earlier, her bladder had become more and more insistent. She had used the toilet with Fred in the next room many times, but right now, like this, out in the open, her bladder just wouldn’t let go.

“Did you lie to me? Either pee right now or face another punishment for lying!” Fred commanded.

“I didn’t lie sir, I swear.” But after almost a minute of silence, Clair still couldn’t pee.

“Enough of this, slut, I don’t have all night,” said Fred as he pushed her with his foot so she tumbled face first into the dirt. Fred then unbuckled his belt and whipped it out of his belt loops so it made that sound Clair said gave her goosebumps. Without warning he knelt beside Clair and brought the belt down twice, in rapid succession across her lovely rump.

Clair screamed!

Fred jumped to his feet and suddenly thought “What have I done!”

He looked down at his girlfriend, lying face down in the dirt, her hair scattered around her head and he could hear her sobbing. But before he could reach down to comfort her, between sobs he heard her quiet voice say, “thank you sir for correcting me.”

Clair didn’t know why she said that. She hadn’t really thought about it. Somewhere deep in her heart she knew that Fred probably needed some reassurance that things were OK. Clair wasn’t sure if they were OK or not, she really wasn’t thinking much as all. Fred had started so quickly and so violently that she was simply reacting as a scared animal. And that’s mostly what she was right at that moment, a scared animal totally in his control.

After a long pause both to let Clair get control and to let Fred think, he commanded her to: “Crawl.” Clair, he remembered, said she wanted to meet the “sadistic bastard” inside of him. Well, that bastard was in full control.

“Belly crawl to the shed. If I see either of your tits rise off the dirt you’ll get another strip across that ass!” Fred announced.

Clair had never belly crawled in her life. As she tried to keep at least her face out of the dirt she suddenly remembered what Fred had pointed out earlier, this was where Henry urinated and frequently left steaming piles of manure that Clair had shoveled up many times. And now she was crawling across it. She almost threw up.

She wasn’t making much progress, but Fred was starting to relax again and really enjoy both the way her bottom was wiggling and the bright pink stripes that were emerging. She had only made it about five feet when Fred spotted the garden hose coiled up on the corner of the barn. While Clair was still trying to swim with her legs and slide across dirt Fred walked over and turned on the hose. Clair immediately stopped and tensed up, sure that Fred was going to turn the cold water on her. Well, at least it was a warm spring evening. But instead, Fred started to wet down the ground between Clair and the shed.
“Bastard!” Clair thought, but her ass still hurt enough that she refrained from saying it out loud.

When he had the ground wet enough to have standing pools of water and mud, Fred flicked the cold stream across Clair’s back.

“Did I say you could stop crawling slut!”

“No Sir, Sorry Sir.” Clair replied, surprising Fred.

But as Clair started to crawl again, her progress was even slower than before, her legs couldn’t get much traction in the mud. Fred had draped his belt over his shoulder while he was using the hose. He took it down now and made a loop in the end. Reaching down and grabbing Clair’s ankle he put her foot through the loop then used the belt to start dragging her towards the shed.

Clair squealed as he spun her around, feet towards the shed, and then started to slide her through the mud. Fred reached the shed in seconds and, looking down, realized that Clair’s back was still mostly clean.

“Roll over on your back!” he ordered. Clair flopped her legs around obscenely until she managed to flip over. Fred then walked in a circle, spinning Clair around in the mud until her back was as filthy as her front.

Taking his belt off her ankle he let her get on her knees and crawl into the shed. He pushed the sawhorse to the side of the shed, that was Gran and Leon’s toy. He locked the chain around her waist while Clair kneeled passively. He then looked at the shelf to decide if Clair could reach the water and realized… What an idiot. Not only could she not reach the water, but she would never be able to open and drink it with her hands cuffed. Fred didn’t know if Gran was locked in the shed with her hands cuffed or not, so he didn’t know what Clair expected. He really wanted to leave them cuffed because he wanted Clair sexually frustrated tomorrow and he couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t rub off if he undid her hands. It would be next week before Fred came to understand how much agony he was putting Clair through. At present, he had no idea the pain and stiffness she was going to feel in her shoulders and wrists after just a short time with her hands behind her. For now, he had to make his oversight of the water bottles look like part of the plan.

Fred left the light on but slammed the shed door as he exited. He quickly walked back to the kitchen and searched through Gran’s pots and pans. He finally found a well-used pie tin pie pan that was about 9 inches around and a couple of inches deep. Perfect. Walking quickly back to the shed, Fred pulled open the door and there… There was Clair, partially propped against the wall, squatting on the bucket, peeing as the saying goes ‘like a racehorse.’ Clair hadn’t heard him coming and thought he was gone for the night. When the door opened, she simultaneously stopped peeing, and tried to spin around to put her back to Fred. Fred, stopped in his tracks for a second then grabbed the water bottles, opened them, and poured them into the pie pan and set it in the middle of the floor.

Clair, while Fred is doing this, is hit by the irony in the whole situation. Her boyfriend has just dragged her naked and handcuffed, through the mud, across a barnyard, and into a cement block shed where he is going to lock her, for the night, and she is embarrassed because she was peeing in front of him.

Clair started to giggle, something she did frequently and one of the things Fred loved about her.

He looked at her for a minute before he also started to laugh.

By then Clair had managed to turn back around and rebalance herself over the bucket.

Fred leaned over and kissed her mud encrusted lips.
“Good night slut.” He said tenderly, stood up, turned out the light and locked the shed door.

“Damn, it is dark in here,” was Clair’s first thought. Then the tenderness of Fred’s kiss washed over her, and she sighed. The last few minutes had been the most intense of her life. Somehow the evening went from Clair being unsure if she could even get Fred to lock her in the shed, to a sudden, violent, and filthy start to their two days. She was tired, wet, crusted with mud, her hair was matted to her face and back, her shoulders were starting to really ache, her wrists were chafing in the handcuffs, there was a burning like rug burn on the inside of her knees, belly and breasts… and she was content. Fred had kissed her. She now knew, without a doubt, that Fred could be the man she needed him to be. Now if she could just survive the night.

Fred also had a lot to think about. There were several points in the last half hour where he almost panicked or freaked out. But Clair seemed, consciously or unconsciously, to send him clear signals at just the right moment. He was surprised at how mean he had been to the love of his life; at the same time, he was proud of how he was fulfilling her needs. Not to mention his needs. Fred’s penis was absolutely throbbing: it hurt, it was so erect. Fred went inside the farmhouse and stripped off his clothes. While he was undressing, he noticed that he had failed to change out of his good dress shoes when he and Clair had returned from dinner and now, they were covered in mud from dragging Clair. Well, that gave him an idea for tomorrow.

Before he took a shower, it occurred to Fred that Gran had obviously implied they could use the shed, but he wasn’t even sure Gran knew he had noticed the “toy box” under their bed. Fred suddenly felt guilty about borrowing Gran’s handcuffs. He had been raised better than that. He pulled out his phone and, although it was late, he sent a Text to Gran’s phone:

Fred: Sorry it’s late but I need to ask, would you mind if I borrowed your handcuffs?

Gran: Fred, this is Leon, Gran’s unavailable at the moment but I asked her, and we agree that you’re welcome to borrow anything in the box, or in the house for that matter.

Fred: Thanks!

Gran: Oh, Gran just asked that you not use the silicone dildo in the box. It’s kinda personal.

Fred: Understood.

Gran: and I would suggest, if you want to try that leather single tail that you be careful. I made it by hand, but we’ve only used it once. That thing can shred skin.

Fred: Got it.

Fred correctly suspected that the dildo was an exact replica of Leon’s penis. Clair had shared with him that her Mom had bought her Dad a novelty kit to mold your own body parts. So, it wasn’t surprising that Gran and Leon had done this as well. He therefore completely understood that sharing an anatomically correct replica with a granddaughter was crossing a line in their mind. But Fred also thought that he would have to find out where they ordered those kits.

Sleep was hard for Fred even though it was late, SO many ideas running around in his head for tomorrow. But sleep was infinitely harder for Clair. After some time, she had no way of knowing how much time, she dropped off for a bit from sheer exhaustion. But the pain from laying on her arms was intense. If she tried laying on her stomach she couldn’t breathe. Laying on her side was no better without a pillow or one of her arms to support her head. At some point in the night she woke herself up sobbing. She struggled to sit up and then gave herself a good ‘talking to’. “You’ve fantasized about this for years!”, she told herself, “Now you’re getting a bit more than you expected. Well suck it up girl, get a grip and figure out how to survive the night. If you don’t get some rest, tomorrow will be all the worse!” Clair scooted her butt into the corner of the shed and propped up in the corner of the walls. That wasn’t so bad, and Clair slowly drifted off thinking “Tomorrow, what exactly does Fred think I expect tomorrow. More importantly, just how much of a sadist has been hiding in this boyfriend of mine!”


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