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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 23: Cell, Team Parties

At the Magnolia Tea Room, Karen requested a table in the back corner where the tennis teammates could talk in peace. Once they were seated Carmen said, “OK, Spill the beans!”

Jill looked around at the three women, her best friends since college, and pondered what and how much to tell them. She noticed, for the first time, that Carmen had a pretty gold chain around her neck with a heart shaped padlock. She must have put that on after showering.

Carmen noticed Jill staring at her chain and said “It’s my ‘public’ collar, I don’t usually put it back on till after lunch because we thought you might be vanilla. I have one almost as heavy as yours that my Manuel locks on me at home.”

Jill looked over at Maggie who was pulling two pieces of chrome out of her purse. “Well, might as well put mine on,” she said as she snapped the two halves of the polished chrome tube around her neck. “I suspect it’s like yours, it requires a special tool to remove it which Jeff keeps in his pocket. It looks enough like jewelry that I can get away with it in public, especially with this pendant attached.

Jill looked at Karen who immediately said, “Oh hell no, Reggie’s the one who wears a collar in my household.” To which all three women laughed. “But before this conversation goes any further Jill, you need to understand,” Karen said solemnly, “that what’s said in the tennis team STAYS in the tennis team. And if you share with Bob, that’s OK, but he must understand the same rule!”

“I understand, so,” Jill started quietly, “you two are submissive at home?”

“Si,” Carmen answered. Didn’t you notice how slowly I sat down? Manuel takes great pleasure in bruising my ass on Sunday because he knows I will still feel it on Tuesday when I play.

“Yea, Maggie chimed in, “I’ve seen her ass and legs a few times in the shower, and they play rough!”

“Ehh, I have a tough ass and I get off on the pain.” Karen added.

“And Jeff and I are mostly into butt stuff. I’ve been trained to orgasm from a good ass fucking!” Maggie said proudly. “Jeff also believes that I play better on a clean colon, so he gives me a three-quart enema every Tuesday morning!”

Jill’s curiosity had completely replaced any apprehension over her collar. So, she looked at Karen with a questioning expression.

“Reggie will come home from the bank tonight, strip, fix me a drink, rub my feet, fix dinner then either spend the evening doing laundry, cleaning the house or worshiping my clit!” Karen announced.

Jill was shocked to hear Karen say clit in a public restaurant but that wouldn’t be the last shock in this conversation.

So, Jill told them, between visits by the waitress, and bites of lunch, the story of her kinky life. She explained her family’s genetic weight problem, her three-generation solution to weight loss, her growing attraction to incarceration or captivity, and finally, that she and Bob had purchased a Cell and hired a ‘Jill Keeper’, although Jill didn’t use Helen’s name.

“Wait, you have a cell, a real jail cell, with bars and everything, in your basement?” Maggie almost gushed.

“Calm down Maggie,” Karen chided, “You and Jeff have an antique medical suite in your playroom.”

“Yea, but a jail cell! With her own prison guard!” Maggie said, “I guess that explains why we never see you around town the rest of the week.”

Jill just laughed. It was fun sharing kinky secret lives with her friend! She couldn’t wait to tell Bob about today.

“So, can we see it?” asked Carmen?

“Let me talk to Bob and I’ll let you know what he says.” Jill replied.

That night Jill was very excited. She was a little perturbed that Helen left her in her cell all afternoon, she was really hoping to cook and share dinner so she could talk with Bob. But when Bob brought her leftovers down to the cell after dinner, he could tell that she was about to bust!

“So, what happened today that has you so excited!” he asked.

And Jill just started babbling out the whole story of the collar and the team’s reaction to it, and how they were all kinky too, and what a great talk they had, and on and on.

“Bob, can we have the team over for dinner? Please? You’ll like them, I promise! I’ll suck your cock every night this week! Please!” Jill begged.

“You’ll suck my cock twice a day every day this week if that’s what I tell you to do!” Bob said as he smiled. “I don’t know about this; we’ve always kept our activities private. Are you sure you want to open up our life like this?”

“Wait,” Bob said as he started putting two and two together. “Karen is the team captain, and Reggie is her husband, and they are into FemDom, and Reggie is the manager of our bank who handled the closing on our refinance last year?”

“Actually, you know several of the members of the team. Manuel, Carmen’s husband/dom is the assistant manager at our grocery store.” Jill explained. “But Bob, to paraphrase that old Vegas ad, ‘what happens in tennis team, stays in tennis team. In other words, they completely separate their kinky and professional lives. If you see Manuel or Reggie in the ‘real world’ you never mention kinky stuff, ever.”

“And this works,” Bob asked?

“Yep, they have been doing it for years. Apparently, a lot of people in this town are Kinky and nobody talks about it outside of kinky events or parties.” Jill explained.

“Yea,” Bob said, “when I realized that several co-workers including Mrs. Wainwright were kinky and then figured out that the whole staff at Schwartz Iron Works were too…”

“So? Can I plan a dinner party? Please?”

“OK,” was all Bob said.

Jill conscripted Helen into her planning. Helen loosened up the rules that week, bringing Jill her Laptop so she could email invitations, type a menu and shopping list, etc. On Saturday, Jill and Bob went grocery shopping together. Bob volunteered to make his marinated grilled chicken, Jill planned a nice salad, baked potatoes and a fixins bar and Peach Cobbler for dessert.

Everybody arrived at almost the same time, introductions were made, wine opened. The men wandered out to the deck to watch Bob grill and the women gathered in the Kitchen. Mostly the conversation among the men revolved around work, what each of them did, etc. Once dinner was served and everyone was around the table, the conversation shifted seamlessly into kink. The women had played tennis together for years but this was the first time the men had met in a social environment so everyone wanted to understand each other’s kinks.

Bob was amazed that people could discuss their favorite whips the same way he could discuss what lawn service he used to make his grass so green. Carmen and Manuel discussed which whips caused the most pain without breaking the skin. Maggie and Jeff talked about best lubes for anal. When Bob admitted that he’d never tried Jill’s ass, Jeff launched into tips for first timers. Bob realized Reggie wasn’t talking much at all, so in an attempt to be a good host and engage his guest he asked “Reggie and you guys ever tried anal?” Everybody stopped talking and looked at Bob, who suddenly realized he had just put his foot in his mouth. Jill laughed out loud, “Oh Bob, such a kidder!” for which Bob was eternally grateful.

Karen, however, fully realized how for Bob and the other males at the table, their vision of anal was very different than her Reggie’s. “Oh, anal is the only sex Reggie ever gets, he’s especially fond of the silicone horse’s cock, aren’t you Reggie.”

Bob felt really bad that he had embarrassed Reggie this way and wasn’t sure how to change the subject, but Reggie just jumped right in, “Oh that thing is a beast! It tears me apart and yet it feels SO good on my prostate!”

“SO,” Maggie asked with enthusiasm, “When do we get to see this Jail Cell?”

“Jill told me that you were dying to see it,” Bob said. “Jill and I understand that this is our first gathering together and it’s to be purely social. But we thought the submissives might like to, not just see, but experience the cell. So we propose to serve dessert downstairs. If it’s alright with all the dom’s I’d suggest that Jill take Reggie, Maggie, and Carmen downstairs while I get the cobbler out of the oven.”

Karen, Jeff and Mauel all nodded, and Jill led the group off down the stairs.

Bob organized the remaining guests to gather bowls, the ice cream, and the cobbler. He intentionally delayed the process to give Jill time to get things organized in the basement. They had previously put out a folding table and some chairs from their camping gear, but Jill had additional tasks to get ready.

When Bob, Karen, Jeff and Manuel went downstairs and opened the door to the back part of the basement they were greeted by four naked slaves, standing inside the cell with their arms cuffed or tied through the bars below the middle horizontal bar. The slaves were a couple of feet from each other spaced across the front of the cell. Jill had locked her collar to the chain trolley.

“Well doesn’t this look like a delicious dessert!” Karen said enthusiastically.

Bob laid out the dessert table while Jill explained all the features and options of the cell from the electric locks to the chain trolley system. Everyone was extremely impressed, especially when Bob pulled out his cell phone and showed how he could open the cell, turn the lights on and off. He even made Jill scream, startling everyone, when he gave her a shock through the chain.

Bob served each of the doms a large bowl of cobbler and ice cream, then took his bowl and started sharing spoonfuls with Reggie. That surprised everyone, especially Karen, until she realized that he intended for each of them to select a sub and start sharing. Bob, being the host, had graciously chosen Reggie, even though he would have much preferred to hand feed one of the women. Manuel started feeding Maggie, Karen started feeding Carmen and Jeff started feeding Jill.

Bob couldn’t help but notice that, despite the sexually charged atmosphere, Reggie wasn’t sporting an erection. He wondered if Reggie had a ‘problem’ or if Karen had just trained him that well.

Karen, who was always good at reading minds, volunteered, “Reggie won’t get an erection Bob, at least he won’t if he doesn’t want to wind up curled in a fetal ball screaming!” She laughed, “I had the ‘Ultimate Chastity Device’ that Dr. MacDougal developed, surgically implanted in him a few years ago.

“I haven’t heard of that device,” Bob said while cringing at the very idea of surgically implanting anything.

Karen said, “It’s state of the art and Reggie won’t get an erection without my disabling the device using my cell phone app.”

Reggie was looking very uncomfortable for the first time tonight; probably afraid Karen would demonstrate the device.

Bob then accidentally missed Reggie’s mouth and let a generous spoonful of ice cream drop on his chest and slide slowly across his stomach, landing just above his penis. “Oops,” said Bob.

Jeff was the first to get the idea, splattering a helping of cobbler and ice cream all over Jill’s chest. He looked at Bob for approval and Bob said, “You made a mess Jeff, don’t waste good dessert, a good guest would lick that up.”

Jeff had Jill press herself against the bars so he could suck the cobbler and ice cream off her breasts, spending time making sure her generous nipples were very clean.

Everyone instantly understood the game. Ice cream and cobbler went everywhere. It was rubbed over tits, into pubic hair, on faces. It was licked off, sucked off, and wiped off. Bob hadn’t really thought about how he was going to handle Reggie however. Bob wasn’t the least bit bi-sexual and he didn’t think Reggie was either.

Bob looked at Karen for help and, realizing his dilemma, she said “Well, if you’re not going to clean up my husband, at least make your slave do it.”

Jeff had largely finished licking the mess off Jill’s chest when Bob tossed him the keys to Jill’s handcuffs.

“Are you and Reggie ok with this Karen?” Bob asked.

“Yes, I’m interested to see just how good his control is!” Karen answered, “Just no touching the penis, that’s mine and mine alone!”

“You heard Karen, Jill, be a good hostess and clean your guest off,” Bob said.

Jill was slightly in a daze. She and Bob had planned having dessert in the basement as a way to get everyone downstairs and show off the cell, but they had not discussed the whole sploshing scene. Bob seemed to be improvising. And how did she feel about licking another man’s chest and tummy? Did it matter how she felt about it? Bob had told her to do it, so she would do it enthusiastically.

Reggie, like the rest of the subs, still had his hands tied together through the bars. Jill knelt down, worked her body in between the bars and Reggie’s legs, being careful not to rub against his penis any more than she could help, then stood up between his arms. She started with his mouth, licking all the dessert off his lips and chin, then started working down his neck. The other two couples had stopped their ‘cleaning’ and were watching.

“Oh mistress,” Reggie started begging, “please make her stop! I can’t control it, the pain is already starting, oh please mistress.” Reggie was in full submissive mode already.

“Electric currents are starting to shoot through the length of his penis and his ball sacks,” Karen explained. “Unless I have pity on him and turn the device off, he’s going to suffer quite a bit in the next few minutes.”

Bob realized that Jill was trying to look at him while continuing to lick Reggie’s chest clean. Bob looked at Karen wondering if this was going too far. Karen smiled, she was tempted to push the punishment button and really make Reggie scream, but she also knew this group didn’t play nearly as hard as she and Reggie.

“That will be sufficient Bob.” Karen announced.

“Return to your place Jill,” Bob instructed.

When Jill was back at her spot at the bars, Bob pointed at her wrists and Jeff cuffed them again, throwing the keys back to Bob.

“Well, now we have an even greater mess.” Bob pointed out. “Would someone grab that hose on the wall over there?”

Manuel was the closest, he uncoiled the hose and turned on the water. He noticed there was both hot and cold but, what the hell, cold it was. Bob waved his hand indicating that Manuel should start the honors and he hit Maggie with a full spray. Maggie squealed and tried to turn away to no avail.

The hose was passed down the line and each sub had the cobbler and ice cream removed. Reggie actually seemed to be relieved as the cold water killed any chance of his having an erection.

When they were all clean, Bob washed the mess into the drain and asked Jeff to hang the hose back up while he uncuffed Jill.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but that whole scene gave me a chill, how about some coffee? I’ve got decaf or regular. I forgot to bring down some towels, so this group can air dry for a while,” Bob said as he headed for the door.

“Jill, you may untie the others and show them around your cell.”

With four people in an 8 X 8 ft. cell, Jill wasn’t sure how much showing around she could do, she would much prefer a hot cup of coffee right now.

Once back upstairs, Bob told the other doms “I’ll let them come back upstairs in just a few minutes after Jill shows off her cell for a while.”

When Bob unlocked the cell remotely about 15 minutes later, Jill instantly understood that Bob was giving them permission to return to the party. As they exited the back part of the basement, they found all of their clothes in neat stacks with a towel on top of each.

Everyone enjoyed a good cup of coffee and a few of the subs had more cobbler and ice cream, since some of them were served more on their chests than in their stomach’s downstairs.

It was agreed, all round, that it was a fun party and they should do it again. Although Bob and Jill worried that their antics had gone too far, they would learn, over the coming years, that it was a pretty tame event for this group.

Bob did learn, from Jeff and Manuel, about ‘daytime collars’ and ordered Jill an eternity collar that very night for her use when the ‘Bob’s Bitch’ collar wasn’t appropriate.


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