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Storycodes: M/f; bond; sex; rope; pain; naked; cuffs; oral; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Clair and Fred are off to College and trying to enjoy their freshman year and are 18. So, YEA, we can write about her having sex, and better yet, bondage sex. Enjoy.

Chapter 9 – Freshmen

Their freshman year was tough for Clair and Fred. Not only did they have to adapt to being away from Chain, but academic life was very different, more self-directing and requiring self-discipline. Both were also aware that the freshman class made up almost half of the university. That meant that there were a huge number of their classmates that would flunk or drop out before the year was over. Fred was convinced that some of their classes were just designed to weed out the low performers, especially Calculus.

They both went home on weekends as often as they could, it was only a few hours drive. Fred didn’t have a car on campus, so they usually took Clair’s. Fred usually spent the weekend at his parents’ house, but Fred’s mother wasn’t quite as liberal as Jill and just assumed separate bedrooms. Since both Clair and Fred had roommates in their dorm rooms, there wasn’t a lot of sex their Freshman year. On those rare weekends when Fred stayed at Clair’s, usually because Fred’s parents were busy, Jill and Bob had no problem with Fred staying in Clair’s room. Jill would even leave a stack of Trojan’s in the bathroom, her way of reminding the ‘kids’ to have safe sex. Bob, on the other hand, just tried not to think about it.

Halfway through the semester, Fred got some news that was bitter/sweet. His Dad’s job in Quality Control at Chain Manufacturing really hadn’t worked out. There had been several ‘incidents’ where customers had returned entire orders due to quality issues. Fred’s parents realized that there was no future in a company town like Chain when you had been fired from the Company. They sold the house and moved back to Arizona in a matter of weeks. This meant Fred would see them much less often. It also meant that he and Clair could spend almost every weekend together.

It was on one of those Saturday afternoons that Clair explained why her family was so liberal about sex. Clair’s parents had announced after lunch that they had errands to run to the grocery store, hardware store, post office, etc. They would, Clair’s mom was emphatic to point out, pick up some Chinese for dinner and would absolutely not be home till at least 6pm. Fred got the message Jill was sending loud and clear, but he still found it somewhat disconcerting. His own parents were so straight laced that he was having trouble believing Jill and Bob’s attitudes towards sex.

His concerns, however, didn’t slow him down; he was horny. They were naked in bed within minutes of the garage door closing. Clair was in the mood as well, in the mood for a good bondage fuck. She had encouraged Fred to tie her up several times in the past, one time in the doom room when Clair knew her roommate had a two-hour exam. This time she hopped up and pulled the cloth belt out of her bathrobe. She handed it to Fred and flopped down on the bed, putting her hands up next to the headboard flashing Fred a seductive smile.

Fred was a Computer Science major; it hadn’t taken him long to figure out how Clair’s brain was programmed. And he definitely liked taking charge. He had been fantasizing about Clair riding him in a reverse cowgirl, but that could wait, this was good too. He tied Clair’s hands to the center spindle of her old wood bed. Fred was rolling on one of the condoms that Clair’s mom had left in the bathroom.

Clair easily twisted her hands out of the tie and glared at him.

“I thought you were an Eagle Scout?” she sneered.

“Well, I didn’t take Bondage Merit Badge,” Fred replied.

“I’m sure you can do better than that Fred.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you or leave rope marks that your parents would see,” Fred said in his defense.

“Look Fred, I want to tell you some things about my parents, and I will, but I also need to confess a few things about me. Being tied up is a turn-on for me.”

“Yea, I figured that out already,” Fred said.

“And how does that make you feel?” Clair asked.

“Hot.” Fred replied simply.

“Good, because right now I need to be fucked. But also understand,” Clair continued, “that to be a turn-on for me, the bondage needs to be real. If I know that I can just twist my hands out of it, you might as well not tie me up at all. I’d really prefer to use handcuffs or chain or something absolute. I need to know that you are TOTALLY in control, that I’m not getting out until you decide to let me out. Otherwise, it’s just not a turn-on. Do you understand?”

“I think so,” Fred replied, “I like that too.”

“And as to hurting me,” Clair continued slowly, “I hope this doesn’t scare you, but some pain makes me wet as hell.”

“You didn’t seem that turned on when you stubbed your toe last night in the bathroom,” Fred laughed.

“Yea, that HURT. What I’m talking about is loss of control and pain together in a sexual setting. I’ve been doing some research and sex releases endorphins in the body, so you feel the sex more intently. Pain and fear also release endorphins like adrenalin and that can heighten sexual experiences even more.”

“That makes sense I guess, but why does tying you up turn me on? That bothers me because I love you.” Fred sounded worried.

“There is a part of our cave ancestors still in each of us. Cave men used to raid the neighboring village, grab the girls they thought could bear children, drag them back to their cave by the hair and rape them. Women evolved to look for men who took charge, were strong and could defend them from saber-toothed Tigers and stuff. Some BDSM people call this being ‘primal.’ I just call it fun!”

“OK, Clair, this primal Boy Scout is about to tie you up and pound your cunt into the mattress,” Fred said with enthusiasm.

“Oh goodie,” Clair giggled, “but can I ask you for one more thing?”

“Yesssss,” Fred drawled.

“When you think I’m close, grab my nipples, pinch and twist, hard. I want to try that! Hurt me while you fuck me, Fred!”

Fred loved Clair’s nipples. Clair’s were the only nipples he had seen in person but from what he had seen in porn hers were exceptionally long and puffy.

This time Fred pulled Clair’s wrists in front of her and used a square lashing he had learned in Scouts. When he had her wrists tightly bound, he pushed them to the headboard and used the remaining rope to tie the lashing to the headboard. Clair twisted and turned her wrists, but they wouldn’t budge. She tried to reach the knots but could not. Clair started to pull herself up to see if she could bite the knots, but Fred quickly grabbed her hips and violently yanked her down. 

Clair closed her eyes and started to drift into the pain in her wrists. The ropes were tight, probably too tight but she and Fred would learn over time. Fred folded her legs back and positioned his cock. God this girl was beautiful! He thrust into her with one violent motion. God this girl was wet, there was almost no resistance. Fred started pumping with everything he had, slamming his hips down, then pulling almost all the way out, then slamming down again.

Fred came after only a few minutes. Clair, who was zoned out and feeling every thrust and the way it pulled on her wrist was disappointed. She let Fred lay on top of her while she lowered her legs.

“That was quick,” was all she said.

For just a second, Fred’s blood boiled. He sat up and slapped the side of Clair’s breast with his hand, hard! Then he immediately thought, “where did that come from?” Primal indeed.

Clair inhaled sharply in surprise but when Fred looked down a second later she had a faraway smile on her face. He slapped her other breast.

“OH, I’m not done with you yet, cunt!” Fred growled.

Sticking two fingers of his right hand in Clair’s vagina and his thumb on her clit, he almost lifted her hips off the bed and he began violently stroking in and out.

Clair moaned. Fred kept it up relentlessly.

“Yes, Oh god, yes,” she started chanting “Yes... Yes... Yes...” in rhythm with each thrust of Fred’s hand.

All of a sudden, Fred realized she had gone quiet and he wasn’t holding her up with his thrusting hand anymore, her body was rigid. He quickly grabbed the nipple closest to him between his fingers, squeezed as hard as he could and twisted it about 90 degrees.

Clair screamed until her lungs were empty and then collapsed. She looked unconscious but she was breathing, Fred checked.

Fred waited several minutes until Clair’s breathing steadied and while he was waiting he took the condom off and cleaned up. He switched sides of the bed then slapped the sides of her breasts again.

“Time for round two, slut,” he whispered right in Clair’s ear. Her eyes snapped open when he hit her, she sighed when he called her ‘slut.’

Fred went in with his fingers again but this time he started pinching her other nipple much sooner. Clair kept her eyes open this time and alternated between watching Fred’s face and watching what he was doing to her nipple. She cried out several times as he became unusually brutal with either her cunt or her nipple. Fred switched his finger to the other nipple then leaned over and grabbed the nipple he had been tormenting in between his teeth. This bent over position gave him less leverage to finger fuck Clair so he increased his thumb action on her clit. It wasn’t long before Fred’s triple attack had its intended effect and had another screaming orgasm.

This time Fred only allowed Clair to relax for as long as it took him to roll on a fresh condom. He grabbed Clair’s hips and manhandled her onto her stomach. She cried out and he didn’t understand until later that being twisted over had tightened the ropes on Clair’s wrists. Fred pulled her hips up and mounted her doggy style. He set the pace to optimize his pleasure, going faster or slower as he drew out the approach to his second orgasm. When he came, he was surprised that it was more intense than the first. He literally collapsed onto Clair’s back exhausted.

“Hea Caveman,” Clair said as loudly as she could with Fred laying on her back, crushing the air out of her, “You need to let me breathe, and my hands are turning purple, I don’t think that’s good.”

Fred scrambled off the bed in a panic. “Oh, they are purple,” and he quickly started untying them.

“Shit, I knew that was too tight, can you move your hands, do we need to go to the emergency room?”

Clair was much calmer now that she could catch a breath, “It’s OK Fred, they will be fine although we need to be more careful next time. Perhaps we should find some tutorials online.”

“They have those?” Fred looked genuinely amazed.

“You can find ANYTHING on the internet,.” she answered.

Then it hit Fred that she had clearly said “next time.”

“Sooo, this was good for you? I did OK?” Fred asked.

“Seriously, you have to ask?” Clair answered. “I don’t have to ask you the same question,” Clair said, pointing to the full condom still clinging to Fred’s rapidly shrinking penis.

“I feel like Jekyll and Hyde,” Fred said, “I hit you, I hurt you and I came harder than I’ve ever come.”

“Let’s clean up and then we can talk,“ said Clair, and I have something to show you.

They each wet a washcloth and wiped up. Fred started getting dressed but noticed that Clair was just standing, waiting for him, still nude. He looked at her and raised one eyebrow. 

“I’m good like this.” She smiled.

Once Fred was dressed Clair walked out the bedroom door, “Come on, I have something to show you.”

Clair walked into the kitchen and retrieved a ring of keys off the hooks in the kitchen. She walked to the basement door, with Fred following her naked ass like a little puppy. As she walked through the door she pointed out the “Do Not Disturb” post it note stuck to the back of the door. At the bottom of the steps Clair walked directly across the basement to the single door on the far wall and unlocked it. Fred had been in the basement many times, helping Bob with a project or to carry something. He had never paid attention to the door or wondered what was behind it.

As they stepped through the door, Fred at first thought it was a rather drab exercise room. The first thing he noticed was the treadmill and exercise cycle. Clair waited patiently for him to take it all in. Then Fred noticed the chain attached to the steel support post, the toilet and sink in the alcove, the old steel army bed with its drab, plastic covered mattress. He looked at Clair, he looked back at the chain.

“It’s a dungeon?” he asked, halfway between a statement and a question.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far,” replied Clair, “on second thought, perhaps I would.”

As they stood there Clair began to explain her parents “Weight Loss Program”. As she did so she would point out various things like the white board, the cabinet of bondage toys, how the displays of the exercise machines had been moved. Of course, she left out some of the more personal things she knew about, like how her mother had been punished after masturbating. Clair did make it very clear to Fred that this whole program was Jill’s idea. And she was also very clear about the consensual / non-consensual aspects; once Jill had started the program, she surrendered all control until she reached her target weight.

Fred looked Clair right in the eye, “So that’s where your mom was all those months we were dating in High School!” Fred said with an accusing tone.

“I didn’t lie to you, exactly. I told you she was in a ‘Residential Weight Loss Program.’ We had just started dating and this was my story to tell anyway. But if you want to punish me for lying to you...“ Clair said with a smile.

Fred looked at her, then continued to look around the room. After a minute he asked, “So, what happened the night of the Spirit Rally – you were really pissed when you came back to the car and then, all of a sudden, you were laughing. I still remember that night!”

“I’m surprised you remember.” Clair answered. “What happened is pretty personal and private to my mom, let’s just say that when I went back to get tampons mom was doing something that surprised and angered me until I realized how ridiculous the whole situation was.”

Fred realized he was probably never going to know that whole story and decided he wouldn’t press any more than he had that night in the car.

“Go look in that cabinet against the wall.” As Fred walked across the room Clair added, “there should be a pair of handcuffs and leg irons in the cabinet. If you think I need to be punished for lying to you.”

When Fred turned back around, cuffs in hand, Clair had kneeled with her back against the support post and crossed her hands behind it. Having her hands behind the post thrust her breast out and she had a huge smile on her face.

Fred hadn’t worked with handcuffs, but he had seen lots of cop shows. Soon, Clair’s wrists were locked behind the post. As he started to put the second leg cuff on Clair’s ankle she interrupted.

“Umm, not to ‘top from the bottom’ but why don't you loop that longer chain connecting the ankle cuffs through my arms so I can’t stand up.”

What the hell does ‘top from the bottom’ mean,” asked Fred as he did exactly what Clair suggested.

“Oh, it’s when a bratty submissive tries to tell her dominant male he’s doing it wrong," she giggled.

When they had left the bedroom, Clair hadn’t bothered to put her hair back, so it was falling down all around her face. Fred kneeled down and brushed it back over her shoulders.

“So, what now dearest.” He asked.

“Well, if you think I’ve been punished enough you can unlock me.” Clair replied.

“Are the keys on that key ring?” Indicating the keys Clair had used to unlock the door. “I didn’t see any in the cabinet.”

“Oh, that’s right, Daddy keeps the handcuff keys on the keyring in his pocket. Guess you’ll have to ask him for them when he gets home.” Clair was looking up at Fred, waiting for his reaction. She got one.

“Seriously? Oh, you’re kidding, I get it. You’re not kidding? I’m not asking your dad for keys!”

Clair was still grinning as she said, “Ouch, I guess I’m going to be here for a while then, these are professional police grade handcuffs. Since you locked me up here, the least you could do is face fuck me while we wait.”

Fred looked down at Clair, kneeling naked on the hard cement floor and realized he was getting his third erection of the afternoon. Could he get off a third time? Well, damn it, if he was going to have to face Clair’s father and ask for handcuff keys, he was damn well going to try.

Clair had gone down on Fred many times, especially in the dorms where they had to be quiet and discrete. She had always been able to use her hands to help get Fred off and to keep from having to take him down her throat, a skill she had not yet mastered. This time she didn’t have the use of her hands and she didn’t have control. Fred unzipped, grabbed two good handfuls of her hair and guided his growing penis into her open mouth.

“I don’t want to feel teeth!” He growled as he started aggressively pulling her head back and forth while he also thrust in and out.

It seemed to Clair that Fred went on forever. He had already come twice in the last couple of hours and, no matter how hard Clair tried, she came to realize that her mouth just wasn’t enough stimulation to get him off a third time. She tried every trick she could think of, holding her tongue against the bottom of his penis, relaxing her throat, sucking. He just kept pumping with no sign of cuming.

FINALLY, Fred stopped. He also had realized that he was going numb and wasn’t going to make it.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to come back later and finish this, assuming your father doesn’t kill me first,” Fred said.

Clair coughed and sputtered but before Fred could zip up and leave, she said, “Fred, you don’t need to worry about Daddy. I know my parents. He may give you a hard time, and he may lecture you about locking the cuffs before you knew where the keys were, but he won’t be mad.”

“You set me up!” Fred exclaimed, “You planned this whole thing.”

Clair just smiled sweetly up at him, “Who, me?”

“Oh, and Fred,” Clair added as Fred walked off, “put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ post it not on the outside of the basement door please.”

Fred found a basketball game on TV and tried not to think about Clair chained on her knees in the basement. He didn’t want to be sporting an erection while he asked Bob for the keys.

Just after 6, as promised, Jill and Bob came in with bags full of delicious smelling Chinese. After a few pleasantries Jill called out, “Clair... Dinner!”

“Ummm, about that.” Fred looked at Bob, “Clair said you might have the handcuff keys on your key ring.”
It was all Jill could do not to burst out laughing. Bob, on the other hand, couldn’t decide what to feel. Since he had used the cuffs on Jill more times than he could count, it would be hypocritical of him to get mad at Fred for cuffing his daughter. And he was pleased that Clair had found Fred and she trusted him. But he also didn’t want to think about where his baby girl was right now. Without saying a word, he tossed Fred the keys.

Fred was surprised, he had at least expected a lecture. Just after he left the kitchen, Jill couldn’t contain herself anymore and burst out laughing, which made Bob even more uncomfortable.

“Oh come ON!” Jill said, “You know this is funny. Can you even imagine, when we were dating, if you had to ask Gran for the shed keys?”

Fred found Clair right where he had left her. In spite of her discomfort her face still had a twinkle and she was holding her mouth wide open so as to say “let’s finish what we started!”

“Well, you were right,” Fred started, “your Dad just tossed me the keys. It was your Mom who was pissed... at you. She said you should know it wasn’t safe to let me lock you up when you KNEW your Dad had the keys. She thinks I should leave you right where you are all night, without dinner. Since that means more Chinese for me, I think I agree.”

Clair was taking him seriously, “What ever you think Fred, Mom’s probably right, it wasn’t safe. I was thinking with my cunt and not my head.”

Clair’s knees were killing her, her face itched where saliva had dried on her chin and cheeks, but the idea of being ‘punished’ also excited her.

After a minute she added, “Can I finish sucking you off before you go?”

Fred walked around behind Clair, “Oh lighten up Clair,” he laughed, “we have to study after dinner,” and he unlocked her cuffs and helped her stand.

“Uh, Fred, did you bring a robe or anything?”

“Shit,” Fred exclaimed as he scrambled back up the steps, coming back in a minute with, not her robe, but Clair’s clothes and shoes as well as a damp washcloth.

Dinner was, indeed, delicious with hot and sour soup, egg rolls and several main dishes. But there was an obvious elephant in the room as well. Oh, they talked about the basketball tournament, what errands Jill and Bob had run, other stuff. But It was clear nobody wanted to start the conversation they all knew they were going to have. 

Finally, Clair just blurted out: Yes, Fred and I are doing bondage, and this wasn’t the first time. Yes, I screwed up and told him to handcuff me, knowing Dad had the keys. It wasn’t safe and I didn’t think about that and I’m sorry. It was my fault and not Fred’s OK. I was just tired of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” going on between Fred and this Family. I want us all to be able to include Fred fully in our family conversations!”

Clair was almost in tears by the end of her confession.

“It’s OK sweetheart, we aren’t mad at Fred,” Jill said soothingly. “But Fred, if you’re going to put our daughter in bondage you, and you alone, must be responsible for her safety in the future. And making someone helpless without a plan for emergencies is unacceptable. If there had been a fire or Clair, or you for that matter, had a medical emergency, what would you have done?”

“I understand,” said Fred simply.

“We men,” Bob continued, “have a great responsibility when our partners give us the gift of submission. I’m going to send you some links by email later that I want you to read and think about. Some of it covers extreme stuff that, frankly, I hope you two never do, like breath play, blood play, etc. Other links are just good common-sense rules for any type of bondage play.”

“Now, “ Bob Continued, “tell me how in the world State lost that game this afternoon while I was being bag boy for my wife.”


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