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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you havenโ€™t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

More elder BDSM in this chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 8 – Google It

After too short of time, Clair’s summer was over, and it was time to head back to the “real world” and her first year at college. Besides, her mom was planning a huge 18th birthday party for her the next weekend.

As Clair was saying her goodbyes and packing the car, she made a point of saying: “so, did Grandfather give you that perfume you were wearing when Mr. Franklin took you to the movies?”

“Yes,” Gran replied slowly.

“Well, I’m quite sure he would be happy that you’re putting it to good use! Now if you can just get Mr. Franklin to chain you up, you’ll be all set! I think the idea turns him on, you know!” Clair said with a twinkle in her eye.

“You really need to learn some social filters young lady, are all your friends this forward?” asked Gran.

“Yea,” Clair said, “I think most people in Chain are forward, but certainly the bondage obsessed women in my family are,” said Clair.

“What’s ‘bondage?” asked Gran.

“Google it,” said Clair and then instantly regretted it, picturing the web sites that were going to come up as soon as Gran did.

But Gran did Google it. Oh my. First, she found a whole lot of pay sites and she just couldn’t bring herself to put a charge like that on her credit card, what would the bank think! Then she found the bondage section of Literotica and spent way too many days binge reading. She didn’t like everything she found, but she found enough stories about being locked in cages or cells to keep her occupied for days.

Then a link in a story took her to a picture in and she was off down that rabbit hole. It took a while, but she figured out how to do a search, and “friend” people and she found a few users who collected the kind of pictures that turned her on. Then she followed a link to a user’s blog who reviewed sex toys, and that led her to several women friendly sites like Good Vibrations and Extreme Restraints. Oh my. She spent hours fantasizing about some of the cages, steel restraints and especially the collars. But it was all so expensive, she agreed with several bloggers she read that the local hardware store was perhaps the kinkiest place of all, kinky, she giggled, a new word she had learned. So many new words, phrases, and concepts, who knew that she and George weren’t so different. Now if she could just bring Leon around, unless Clair was right, and he was already interested.

Lou had to do something, the rabbit hole she had spent days diving down was just too deep. She had thought to start a conversation with Leon on one of their now regular dates or “sleep overs” but somehow, she just couldn’t find a good way to start. Then it occurred to her, just “start, the same way she had when she first had sex with Leon.” If he wound up hating her kinks, so be it, life was short.

They had been alternating between his place and hers, so the following Friday night Leon was due to come over for dinner. Lou was living on a limited fixed income; she couldn’t just order a bunch of expensive bondage toys, but she did order a modest sized ball gag as they seemed to be almost required equipment. She also ordered a couple of leather cuffs and really splurged on two sets of real, police, double locking handcuffs. And almost as expensive, she bought a battery powered Hitachi vibrator. Somehow, she managed NOT to try out the vibrator before she could bring her plan to completion.

First step: she had to text Clair. She thought about texting her daughter Jill, but Jill had never met Leon, didn’t know what had gone on over the summer and it would just take too much explanation.
LOU: Curse you Granddaughter for your Google suggestion.

CLAIR: ๐Ÿ˜Š, had fun did we.

LOU: Now I know what SSC means, do you? I need you to be my Safety.

CLAIR: Yes, I understand SSC, what are you planning?

LOU: A little surprise for Mr. Franklin. Friday evening. But he’s old, you know. If I don’t call or text by midnight, call his phone. If he answers, ask why I haven’t called. If he doesn’t answer, call the Chain fire department and request a wellness check.

After a while Clair texted back.

CLAIR: Are you sure Gran?

LOU: Never been surer Clair. Love you. Talk to you later tonight.

Having lived on a farm her whole life, Lou knew how to use tools. She dragged an old sawhorse out of the back of the barn and into the shed. She drilled a hole near the base of each leg and bolted in an eyebolt from the local hardware store. She took an old horse blanket and wrapped it several times around the top of the sawhorse to pad it, tying some rope around it to hold it on. Then she went into the kitchen and cooked a nice meal for one. The quantities were obviously for one: one pork chop, one baked potato, one salad. She set the table for one, put the salad in the refrigerator, put the plate in the oven on warm and put a note describing where dinner could be found on the table. The note ended with “I’m sorry I can’t join you, but when you’re finished with dinner come to the old shed. Don’t bother to knock this time.”

Lou stripped naked and left all her clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. She then walked naked across the barnyard to the old shed; after all, there was nobody around to see, yet. She had everything ready. She had brought a TV Table out from the house. On the table were a few things designed to send a very clear signal to Leon. First there was a bottle of Olive oil. Second, the brand-new Hitachi vibrator. Third, a ping pong paddle that was left over from years ago when they used to have a table. She wasn’t sure about the ping pong paddle. She had never tried any type of impact play, and she had NO idea how Leon would react. But she wanted to find out, and she figured a ping pong paddle was safer on her ancient butt than some of the other stuff she had seen used on the web.

She closed the shed door but couldn’t lock it since the hasp was outside. She put the Ball Gag in her mouth and tightened the strap, but not too tight. She put a cuff around each ankle and clipped them to the eye bolt on the legs on the end of the sawhorse facing the door. Then she locked the handcuffs on, one on each wrist, double locked them so they wouldn’t over tighten, and threw the key into the corner of the shed where she couldn’t reach it. Then, laying along the length of the sawhorse, face down with her pendulous tits hanging down on each side of the rail, Lou locked the other end of each handcuff to the eyebolts. During this whole process she never hesitated, never stopped to think, she was focused and determined. She just hoped Leon wasn’t delayed or worse yet, had a wreck. But then she had Clair for a safety. Still, it could be a long night!

Leon arrived right on time and just walked right in the back door as Lou never locked it. He called out her name a couple of times and looked in the living room before he saw the set table and the note. Reading it he thought, “Well, I wondered when you would get around to this Lou. I guess it’s tonight.”

Leon thought about just heading straight out to the shed, but it was obvious Lou had done a lot of preparation, he didn’t want to upset her plans, and he WAS hungry, especially smelling that pork chop. Leon poured himself a glass of iced tea, pulled the plate and salad out and enjoyed an excellent dinner. He then put the dishes in the sink, started a pot of coffee, used the restroom, and THEN headed out to the shed.

Lou was starting to get just a bit worried. She had no way to tell time, but she had heard Leon drive up some time ago. And her knees were starting to hurt. She hadn’t expected this, but she couldn’t really bend her knees much and the arthritis was kicking in. Also, her sternum was beginning to tire from the pressure of the sawhorse on her ribs, padding or not. This wasn’t quite as easy as those 20-year-old bondage models made it look! But, like when George used to chain her up in this very shed, she really had no option but to endure. And this realization, of total helplessness, of total dependance on Leon, was, well, it was making her wet; wetter than she had been in years and years.

Lou wasn’t sure how Leon was going to react. She thought it would be one of three things: a) He would open the door, be horrified, release her, leave, and never talk to her again. b) He would open the door, be annoyed, release her, tell her to never do anything like this again but remain a friend with privileges (another new term she had learned from Google). c) Well, let’s just say that what she got was option c.

Leon opened the door. He was expecting to find a nude Lou, locked to a chain in the shed. After all, she and George had explained the entire Weight Loss Program and their use of the shed on that interesting evening so many years ago. What he found, on opening the door, was a very shapely, if a little wrinkled ass staring straight at him. Leon walked around the sawhorse slowly, taking in the entire scene and noting the ball gag, the cuffs and the handcuffs. He then looked over the contents of the TV Table and he did indeed understand the messages portrayed there very clearly. Leon had never thought about spanking but looking at that ass, and looking at that ping pong paddle, he was intrigued to try.

“Well, you’ve certainly done a lot of preparation, slut,” Leon said in a slow, low voice. After he said it he wondered why he had called her a slut, it wasn’t a term he ever used? And then he wondered if he just ruined the mood, Lou had been his friend and fellow church member for years. But if she was offended, she didn’t show it. She’d heard the word used, along with slave, cum dump and much more on the internet. And she was a slut, thought Lou, and she determined she’d wear the title proudly. She wanted to be Leon’s slut!

Rubbing his hand lightly over her ass, Leon occasionally let his fingers stroke her labia or brush across her clit. Then without warning he quietly picked up the paddle with the other hand and brought it down squarely on the left cheek. He instantly regretted how hard, in his excitement, he had brought the paddle down. It made a really loud smack. Lou gave a sudden intake of breath through the hole in the ball gag, then slowly exhaled and Leon could swear that she purred. 

As Leon had intended, the stroke had caught Lou completely by surprise. In fact, had she been anticipating it the pain might have been worse. But she had read a story about spanking on Literotica where the submissive focused on FEELING the pain and ABSORBING the pain, so that’s what she was prepared for, and that’s what she did. And the sting carried right across her ass and into her Clit. As did the second strike, and the third strike, and the fourth strike. By the fifth it was becoming more than she could take, except she had no choice but to take as many strikes as Leon chose. And in that moment, she understood just how much she trusted this man. They had never discussed this, what was it they called it, a “scene”. He had no idea how much she could take, hell, SHE had no idea how much she could take, but she wasn’t afraid.

Leon was having about the same thoughts, not the “shit this hurts” part, but the part about when to stop. Lou’s ass was already turning a bright shade of pink. And he didn’t want to create any deep bruising, at their age that could cause blood clots. He decided to lighten up a bit and continue to 10 unless Lou showed more obvious signs of distress. Six. Seven, she was moving her ass quite a bit now between strokes. Eight. Nine, was she swearing through the gag? He couldn’t tell. Ten, one final hard one, and Lou did a sudden inhale and a long slow exhale.

“That was hard work and I think I left my iced tea in the kitchen,” Lou said. “Think I’ll go get a refill and when I come back, I can give you another ten, perhaps a little harder this time?” And with that put the paddle on Lou’s back and walked out the door. Leon had never heard of a “mind fuck” but he instinctively knew how to do it!

It took a few minutes for the words to sink in before Lou thought “He’s left?” then “10 more?!”

As women age, the glands that supply lubricant to the Vagina tend to become less productive. But as Lou realized that if Leon wanted to give her 10 more, she was going to get 10 more, she felt a slow drip run down her thigh. She hadn’t been this turned on since that mountain cabin she and George went to for their first wedding anniversary. Why, oh why hadn’t she and George discovered impact play years ago, oh the wasted time.

As men age, their ability to get and keep a firm erection lessens. But Leon had talked to Dr. Montgomery about that new Cialis stuff. It wasn’t cheap but tonight it was going to be worth it. He had taken a dose before leaving his house earlier and after spanking Lou, his erection was threatening to rip his pants. But Lou also knew his erection wouldn’t last like it would when he was young. When he returned to the shed, he complimented Lou on her iced tea, touching the ice-cold glass to her bright red ass, causing her to jump several inches off the sawhorse. He then pulled out his penis and, opening the bottle of olive oil, poured a little on the head. Her ass was next as he poured on a generous amount, letting it run down across her labia and clit. Using his hand, he rubbed the oil all over her ass, massaged it into her labia and the opening of her vagina. 

Lou was in the perfect position for anal, but Leon never even considered it. He was afraid that ass holes of their age were too easily damaged, and he wasn’t sure if Lou had hemorrhoids or other problems. This was one thing he wanted to discuss first. But he plunged without hesitation into her cunt. He wasn’t gentile, he wasn’t slow, he was determined to come before his aged penis wore out and gave up on him. Besides, this whole setup, the height of the sawhorse, the position of Lou’s ass gave him the perfect leverage to grab her hips and pound away. So, pound away he did. It only took a few minutes and Lou felt something she hadn’t felt in years, that warm pulsing inside her. Leon could swear he heard her purr again.

What happened next made Lou both surprised and grateful. Her jaw was really starting to ache. Ball gags, she decided, were something else made for 20-year-old models. Lou had been wearing this one for almost 45 minutes now and it was getting bad. Leon didn’t realize how much it was bothering her, but it did occur to him that there were no tissues or paper towels in the shed. Short of wiping it on his pants, the only thing he could think of to clean his penis was to have Lou lick it off. It took him a minute to find how the strap buckled but he soon had it off and Lou was working her jaw open and closed.

“Since we’re in the tool shed, I’m sure George taught you that a job isn’t finished until the tools are cleaned and put away,” Leon said as he pushed his penis in front of Lou’s mouth.

“Well,” thought Lou, “this is another first, I wonder what semen tastes like?” And without taking too long to ponder the sloppy, olive oil, semen and cream covered limp penis in front of her, opened and started sucking as best she could in her position.

If he were younger, Leon had no doubt that he would have “risen” to the occasion and given Lou more to suck on, but he still enjoyed the experience and the sensation for a few minutes. Then he pulled out and picked the ball gag off the floor.

“Please no.” Lou pleaded. She would have opened her mouth and accepted it if he had insisted but she was really worried about her Jaw. Leon heard the tone of her voice and instantly decided the gag was done, but he did say “then I don’t want to hear a word out of you except ‘thank you’ when I’m done or I will put it back in, understand!”

Lou answered, “Yes Sir.” She didn’t realize until much later that she had instinctively called Leon “Sir”.

Leon moved back to her ass and picked up the vibrator. He had never seen one in person, but he knew what it was and that it was powerful. He started by putting his thumb in her Vagina and laying his first two fingers alongside her clit. Then he turned the vibrator on and pressed it against the back of his fingers which made his whole hand vibrate. He slowly moved his thumb in and out which also slid his fingers up and down along the sides of her clit. The fingers were muting the vibrations and the total sensation was building and building. Leon then switched to putting two fingers inside her and his thumb right on top of her clit with the vibrator on top of his thumb.

“Oh god, if he keeps this up too long, I’m going to go numb and never get off.” Lou thought, but obeying Leon she kept silent.

But Leon had made love to Lou enough times to have a feel for how much her clit could take. He removed his thumb and jammed the vibrator between the top of the sawhorse and her clit where she could grind on it and control the intensity herself. Then he started finger fucking her, occasionally wiping his fingers in a puddle of olive oil pooled on the top of the sawhorse.

It didn’t take long. Lou literally screamed a long drawn out “THANK YOU!” as she shuddered and came. Leon had to grab her waist with his free hand, he was afraid she was going to tip the sawhorse over as she came.

Lou had to tell him where she had thrown the keys. After he released her Leon had to help her into the house and into bed. Thank goodness, at the last moment before collapsing into a sound sleep, she remembered Clair. “My phone please Lou.”

“Who in the world do you have to call right now?” Leon asked.

“I must send a text. I’ll explain it to you tomorrow.” Lou said and she text:

LOU: I’m done. Talk to you tomorrow.

CLAIR: You’re Ok then?

LOU: Oh, I’m more than OK, I’m done. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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