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Storycodes: M/f; bond; incest; teen; chain; naked; basement; conditioning; oral; punish; cons; X

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Author's Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and chapter 1.

Chapter 3: First Week

Sunday was uneventful. Clair still couldn’t get up the nerve to go down to the basement and visit with her Mom, so she worked on a school project, talked with friends, rearranged her closet. Bob slept late, then spent most of the day in his woodworking shop refinishing an antique from his Mother-in-Law’s farm. Clair offered to cook some pork chops for dinner and Bob, as was their deal, did the dishes. Bob did show Clair how he prepared Jill’s dinner and suggested that she do it herself for practice on Monday. But Clair still wasn’t interested in taking the meager cup of dinner down to her Mom.

For Jill, the hunger was really starting to set in. She knew her body would adapt to the single meal a day schedule, but for now her stomach really protested at breakfast and lunch time. Well, to be honest it protested all the time, but it REALLY protested when the light came on in the morning and she knew it was breakfast time.

Jill was also still VERY horny. Being chained, naked, in her meager corner of the basement fired all kinds of fetish fantasies and just one orgasm, no matter how earth shattering, wasn’t going to quench that.

On Tuesday Clair came home with some calculus homework that she really didn’t understand. Worse, she was quite sure that her dad, who was math challenged anyway, would be no help at all. She was going to have to go to the basement and see her mom. She had an apple, changed clothes, and reviewed the homework for her other classes. She knew she was stalling. Finally, about an hour before her father would be home and they would need to start dinner, she walked downstairs and, after hesitating for a minute, opened the door between the two halves of the basement into her mother’s “quarters.” Not sure what to expect, she was surprised to see her mother at a fast walk on the treadmill, with her ample breasts, belly fat and even her ass bouncing up and down with each step.

“Oh, sorry, Uhhh, I’ll come back, uhh, when you’re done, like later, or whatever.” Clair said as she averted her eyes and started to turn around.

“Please don’t,” Jill said, “I’m almost done, and I’ve missed you!”

“Uh, OK,” Clair said as she continued to look at anything in the room, but her Mom as Jill slowed the machine and stepped off, wiping her hair, which was wet with sweat and stuck to her face, out of her eyes.

“I wish your Dad would at least give me a small hand towel to dry off after exercising. I know he keeps it warm down here because I’m naked, but I can really work up a sweat when I’m running, and I guess he’s not going to hose me off but every 2 or 3 days. That’s what he did the last time.”

Having mother just talking casually about being naked, sweaty and being “hosed down” while standing there naked and sweaty should have shocked Clair but instead, the absurdity of the whole thing made her giggle. “What’s so funny young lady . . . “and just like that the tension was broken for Clair. They both sat on the floor and did homework, talked about Clair’s day, her upcoming game and other usual stuff.

But it wasn’t until the next day that the standing joke between them evolved. Clair came downstairs, opened the door to her mom’s area and, without thinking, said in a loud and cheerful voice, “So, how was your day!?” At which point Jill, who was sitting on her cot doing absolutely nothing, burst out in a deep, hearty laugh. From that day forward, Clair would ask “how was your day?” when she first came down and Jill would usually answer “Another fantastic day naked and chained up in a basement, starving!”

The family fell into a routine after that first week. Bob would get up and check on Jill, document her treadmill and spin cycle mileage and reset the counters, then fix breakfast. He and Clair would eat breakfast, talk about the day’s schedule then Bob would head off to work while Clair did dishes and straightened the kitchen before driving herself to school. If she needed or wanted help with her hair or clothing choices she might go down and check with Jill, but that was becoming less and less frequent. There were a few nights when Bob had to work late and one where he had to attend the Teacher Conferences at Clair’s school. That was the one night he wished he could give Jill a night off as he hated those. On nights when Bob wasn’t home or was late, he made sure to remind Clair to feed Jill.

Usually on Wednesday and Saturday Bob would hose Jill down, unless the smell in the basement just became too obvious causing him to add another hose down during the week. “Hose down” was their expression for a shower. There was a floor drain in the cement floor of the basement and Bob had added a hose bib that was fed with both hot and cold water. He would take a hose off the wall, adjust the temperature and spray Jill down. He would then hand her a plastic scrubber and a sample bottle of body wash he bought by the case at the dollar store. She had to wash her hair with the same body wash unless she had “paid” for shampoo with points from her weigh-in the previous Saturday.

Jill found she got to spend longer washing her hair and body if she made a sexy spectacle of soaping her body and rubbing it around. Bob came to expect the show. Since Bob, to prevent his clothes from getting wet, usually stripped before giving Jill a hose down, the rinse was usually followed by a blowjob.

If Bob was in a particularly mischievous mood or if he didn’t think Jill put enough enthusiasm into sucking his cock, he would administer a second rinse with cold water. Jill tried VERY HARD to avoid the cold because after the hose-down Jill simply had to “air dry”, no towel was provided. The result was some very sexy behavior and enthusiastic oral sex on her part during and after hose down.

One night, in the middle of a week, Bob was headed down to the basement after dinner to hose Jill down. As he was heading down the stairs, he got a text from work. It irritated the hell out of him that his boss would text at night, invading Bob’s family time without thought, but that seemed to be a norm in the new electronic world. Bob had to answer, and it wasn’t a quick response, so he went to the wall, adjusted the water temperature, and simply handed Jill the hose and body wash.

At first Jill just started wetting herself down and, using her hands, rubbing the body wash in her hair and over her body. But instead of getting naked, hosing her down himself and watching her put on a show, Bob just turned his back and worked on his text. Jill was really hoping to put on a show and lure him into at least a blowjob if not an orgasm for herself. So, when she realized he wasn’t paying her any attention, she got irritated. It’s not good to get irritated when you’re naked, chained in a basement; you might do something stupid, like soak your busy, fully dressed husband with the hose.
Bob froze. He didn’t turn around. He didn’t say anything. He just walked out of Jill’s enclosure, shut the door, and finished his text. “Oh Shit” thought Jill, I really shouldn’t have done that.

Bob walked back in a few minutes later. He was naked and carrying handcuffs. “Well,” thought Jill, “this could get interesting after all!”
But Bob wasn’t thinking about sex, he had just stripped down because his clothes were wet to his skin. “Up against the pole, hands behind,” he ordered.

“Yes Sir,” Jill answered contritely but with a seductive smile on her face.

But Bob didn’t play with her, didn’t want a blowjob, it didn’t even seem like he was going to punish her at all. He just gathered up the hose, body wash and went back to the water valves. But then he turned off the hot, turned the cold up full and turned the hose on Jill. Not only that, but he hooked the hose nozzle onto the back of the exercise cycle where the spray was aimed right at Jill. And he set the pattern wide enough that no matter how she moved she was getting sprayed by a continuous stream of very cold water. The ultimate cold shower instantly killed any thought Jill had of Sex.

“I’ll be back after dinner to see if you think cold water is still funny!” said Bob calmly as he walked out.

After dinner? Was he serious?

No, he wasn’t. That long in cold water would have given Jill a serious case of hyperthermia. But when he did come down, after fixing dinner but before he and Clair ate, Jill was chilled to the bone and shivering violently. Bob turned the water to warm while letting it wash over Jill for a few minutes till she stopped shivering. Then he asked, “Still think cold water is funny?” “No sir.” Jill said quietly, “I thought I was just being playful, but it was wrong to interrupt you when you were concentrating on work, I realize that now.” “Well, drop to your knees and concentrate on this and be quick about it, our dinner is getting cold. Oh, and this is all the dinner you’ll be getting tonight.”

“Thank you sir, that’s all I really wanted in the first place.” Said Jill with a smile.

Jill’s efforts were exceptional, and Bob did relent and send Clair down with her protein shake after they finished the dishes.

Saturday morning weigh-in was always suspenseful. The first Saturday Clair made sure she wasn’t home, and she really did have a team practice a little later that day. But by the next Saturday, her comfort level had increased enough that she really wanted to satisfy her curiosity. When she heard her dad starting downstairs with the family scale she asked if she could go with him?

“Sure,” Bob said, “you can be the official recorder.”

Clair took a clipboard with a form that Bob had prepared and wrote down what her Dad called out. First, they went over the numbers from the whiteboard for the number of miles walked and cycled each day, then Jill did her physical fitness test. First, she tried to do a pullup, and failed. Next, she did 4 full pushups from her toes. Finally, she did 38 deep knee squats. Bob subtracted one because he didn’t think she went all the way down, but he did enjoy watching her tits bounce with each squat. That earned her 6 points for miles run and cycled, no points for pullups, no points for pushups as she had not advanced her total on either of those tests. However, she got 1 point for adding more than 5 deep knee bends. Then came the weigh in. Jill’s goal was 4 lbs. per week. She would get 10 points for each pound she lost over 4 each week. Jill was thrilled when the scale showed a 5 lb. loss. She and Bob both knew she probably would not continue this pace as her body adapted to the restricted diet, but it was a good start! So, all told, she earned 17 points.

Bob explained to Clair that her Mom had several choices for what she would do with the points:

  1. She could “bank them” and combine them with any points she might make next week.
  2. She could “buy” luxuries, for example one night’s use of a pillow (no pillowcase) was one point, the use of shampoo during her “hose down” was a point, etc. There was a list and Bob was always up for negotiating new items although he would usually set a steep price.
  3. She could buy treats. For example, a single Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss was 2 points. Or she could buy an increase in her nightly meal which was 1 point per day for an additional 1 ounce.

Jill ALWAYS opted for pillow if she had enough points and would frequently buy a Kiss as she was a chocoholic. She knew the wise thing was to buy the meal increase, but who would expect someone chained naked in a basement to be wise.

“Bob, you didn’t tell her about option #4.” Jill said, causing Bob to stammer “If you want to…”

“Most weeks I’ll bank a few points and save up. For 25 points I get one, really satisfying orgasm!”

“I really didn’t need to know that Mom.” Clair said with a shake of her head.


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