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Storycodes: M/f; bond; incest; teen; chain; naked; conditioning; cuffs; oral; gag; toys; tease; cons; X

Authors Note: These chapters will make almost no sense if not read in order. If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you go back to the introduction and .


Chapter 2: The Basement

Bob had a tote in the basement with the equipment from the last two times they had used the “program,” which included four lengths of carefully measured ½ inch high strength steel chain and six high security padlocks. Bob would wrap one short chain tightly around Jill’s waist and padlock it.

Their unfinished basement did have a few unpainted sheetrock walls, one divided the basement roughly in half between the “daylight” part that had windows onto the back yard and the front part that was mostly underground with poured cement foundation walls. The daylight part was mostly used for storage plus Bob had a simple workbench and some tools. The front of the basement had no windows and only one insulated door to enter the space. Along the front of the area was an 8 X 8 alcove that was under the main front door stoop. This alcove had a cement roof that supported the tiles in the entryway. This room was intended to be a basement half bathroom and had a simple sink and toilet. Clair had always been told the toilet was there for when they finally finished the basement into a rec-room and had not thought much about it until now. “So THAT’s what that toilet is for” Clair exclaimed when she finally figured it out.

Because the room was underground and cement on 5 sides, it never got more than about 80 on the hottest days of summer. Bob had installed electric baseboard heaters that easily kept the area above 75 in the winter. In the middle of the alcove was a steel support column. This column was put in place before the cement floor was poured so it went right down into 4 inches of cement. The top was welded to a steel beam that held up the cement ceiling. Bob would wrap another 20ft length of chain around the bottom of the column and padlock it on, then attach the other end of that chain to Jill’s waist chain.

Bob spent the rest of Saturday pulling things out of storage and setting up. First, they had an army surplus metal folding bed frame with wire springs. On top of that was a 2-inch cotton tick mattress. No sheets or blankets were allowed to make it easier for the cameras to see if Jill was trying to masturbate. Nor were blankets needed due to the excellent climate control. A small, 4 ft high shelf was added to the room and stocked with feminine hygiene products, bottled water, a toothbrush, and tooth paste and a small hairbrush.

The white board used to record Jill’s program was mounted on a wall just out of reach of her chain. 

Next Bob moved the modified family treadmill and spin cycle into the space, mounting their controls outside the space. This left only about enough room for a yoga mat for Jill’s exercises. Bob had previously mounted a chin up bar at the perfect height for Jill. The light switches for this space were programmable timers and were on the outside of the door, as was the thermostat for the baseboard heaters. The ceiling in the basement was almost 12 feet high so Bob got out his ladder and mounted the two security cameras, on opposite corners of the room at the ceiling and made sure the cameras and wiring were well out of Jill’s reach. The cameras fed to Bob’s computer and recorded to a large hard drive. Next Bob organized the cleaning closets on the 1st and 2nd floors of the house and, using welded eye bolts that he had mounted years ago, attached the two other long chains with padlocks.

During most of this time Jill simply stood near the steel pole she was chained to or, once Bob set it up, sat on the bed and stayed out of his way. Clair was around for the morning but, if she was curious, she stayed upstairs. Shortly after lunch she hollered down the steps that she was going to the mall with some friends. Jill and Bob chatted occasionally about what he was setting up but were largely silent. Jill was still processing what she had gotten herself into again.

First Night

By Saturday night, Bob had everything setup including a run to Costco for cases of protein drink, vitamins, and other supplies he would need. He picked up some dinner at the local Mexican takeout and arrived home just as Clair was returning from the Mall. While Bob fixed Jill’s first dinner in the blender, carefully measuring the ingredients, Clair laid out the takeout dinner.

“Want to take Mom her dinner?” asked Bob.

“ummm no, I don’t think so, not tonight.” Clair said slowly, “I mean, she’s naked right?”

“Yessss,” Bob laughed, “and she will be for the foreseeable future. You’re going to have to get used to it sometime. It’s not like you haven’t seen her naked before.”

“God Dad, the last time I was probably eight and we went in the locker room to change bathing suits, I think I’ll pass tonight, OK?” Clair then looked again at the cup of goo and asked. “Is that all she gets?”

“Yep,“ Bob replied, “It’s just a little over a cup according to my calculations.”

Bob came back up in just a minute and they sat down to Tacos. They talked about the mall, things Clair bought, the calendar for next week, just normal dinner talk. but Bob felt like Clair was a little more reserved. “Your mom’s fine Clair,” Bob said after a particularly long pause, “I’ll go back down and spend some time talking with her later, I just didn’t want dinner to get cold.”

“I know,” Clair said, “I just keep thinking about that tiny cup of goo with every bite of Taco and how hungry Mom must be.”

“Well,” Bob pointed out, “perhaps that’s not such a bad thing, you have the same gene’s and really need to start learning to eat right!”

Bob did go back down after dinner while Clair cleaned up the kitchen. As she went by the basement stairs on the way to her room, she noticed a yellow Post It note stuck to the door just above the door knob. Printed neatly on the Post It was “Privacy Please.” “Well, I guess I know how THAT’s going to work now,” Clair laughed to herself.

Bob had been trying to hide a recurring erection all evening. While he was setting things up, staying busy kept him focused and, even though he had a naked, chained, (if overweight) woman nearby, his penis behaved itself. But once he ventured back upstairs, he found, more than once, that he had to hide his erection from his daughter. So as soon as dinner was over, he decided to avail himself of that, naked, chained woman in the basement.

“I wondered how long it would take you to get down here!” Jill laughed.

“Oh, like you’re not dripping wet!” Bob shot back. “I know how that chain affects you. In fact, perhaps you should just suck me off so we can leave you frustrated, and I can see the big wet spot you leave on the mattress overnight!”

“You wouldn’t,” Jill said confidently, “you like watching me get off too much.”

“Yes,” Bob replied, “but I also love watching you suffer, and based on experience, you’ve been fantasizing about being chained up all week and you’re about ready to squirt all over the basement.”

“Not me,” Jill grinned, “by the way, did you bring a towel?”

Bob loved his wife. He knew that, at some point, she wouldn’t be quite so playful.

Bob went to the equipment cabinet kept on the other side of the basement and containing all kinds of toys! He grabbed a set of leather suspension cuffs, a short piece of chain and two padlocks.

“Aww,” complained Jill with a smile on her face, “Can’t we just have sex in the bed like normal married people.”

“Back up against the pole.” Was all Bob said as he put the cuffs on Jill and locked her hands above her head and behind the pole. He then proceeded to remove his clothes, throwing them on Jill’s metal bed as she watched. Once naked, Bob started running his fingernails all over Jill’s body, creating goosebumps from her arms to her ankles.

“You did work out a signal with Clair, didn’t you?” Jill exclaimed with a sudden panic as she remembered her daughter was in the house. This would be the first time that she and Bob had EVER played BDSM games when Clair was around. The image of both of them naked, Jill chained to a steel pole and impaled on a flesh pole flashed through her mind.

“Yes,” laughed Bob, “Post It notes are wonderful things,” as he pushed her to her knees, and she wrapped her lips around his throbbing penis.

After a few minutes Bob knew he wouldn’t last long, so he pulled Jill back to her feet, wrapped his arms under her legs and lifted her so he could smoothy impale her dripping wet vagina. Jill was heavy, but Bob worked out and besides, the adrenalin was flowing. Sadly, it only took a dozen thrusts before he exploded into Jill and then he left her there, cuffed and chained to the pole while he went to the sink to clean up.

The smell of Jill’s sex and need was palatable in the basement and Jill watched him with needy eyes, wondering if he would leave her in this state of unfulfilled lust. Surely he wouldn’t do that on the first night? Would he? He could be a bastard sometimes. But then he did love to see her orgasm, and from the way Jill’s whole body was quivering this should be a good one.

Without saying a word, Bob went back to the cabinet and came back with their panel gag, a 2-inch-long dildo mounted to a wide leather piece that went over the mouth. Jill could be a screamer and Bob didn’t want to shock Clair too much this early in the “program”. This gag would also give Jill something to suck/chew on. Bob also brought back the battery powered Hitachi vibrator. Jill had a love / hate relationship with that vibrator. When she was holding it, she loved it! When Bob was holding it, he never knew exactly the right spot, exactly the right pressure, exactly the right amount of time. It could be VERY frustrating. Given the current state of her hands, Jill was pretty sure she was going to hate the Hitachi tonight.

Bob lowered Jill onto the cold cement floor with her back on the floor and her hands still cuffed around the pole.

“Keep those knees bent and wide apart and we’ll do this the easy way, but if you can’t keep your knees open, I may just decide this is too much trouble and go upstairs and watch some Football.” Bob said sternly.

Bob started with a single finger slowly stroking down the side of Jill’s clit. Just brushing the side, slowly stroking, just a little pressure… it was maddening.

This went on for several minutes then he added two fingers from his other hand into her vagina and slowly started stroking in and out with a hook motion.
Jill was wet. Not damp, wet. Her brain knew her hands were cuffed but she couldn’t stop pulling on them, trying to help Bob’s fingers.

After what seemed like an eternity of slowly building need, Bob picked up the Hitachi, but he didn’t put it right on Jill’s clit, instead he rested it on the back of his fingers that were stroking her clit, providing a muted, maddening vibration that wasn’t enough.
“Please Bob, I need to CUM! Please?” Jill begged through her Gag. It came out as an unintelligible mumble, but Bob knew what she was saying, this wasn’t his first Rodeo after all.

“I’m getting bored” Bob teased, “if you don’t keep those knees apart, I think I’d rather watch Football.”

After a minute or so, Bob moved the vibrator to directly on her Clit and grinned as she struggled to keep her knees apart.

Bob may not have been as skilled as Jill was in vibrating her own Clit, but on this night, it didn’t matter and after just a few minutes of moaning and writhing, Jill exploded. Bob thought the contractions of her vaginal walls might break a finger and the squirt that resulted was going to require a mop. Of course, in the heat of passion, he had forgotten to put the towel down under Jill, not that it would have helped much. Bob knew his wife could probably have 2 or 3 more orgasms, but he wanted to leave her in a bit of lust for the start of the week.

“Well, Football game has started and I’m exhausted. You just lay there and relax; I’ll send Clair down in an hour or so to put you to bed.” Bob said as he picked up his clothes and left through the door between the back and front halves of the basement. Jill’s brain, in its post orgasmic stupor, didn’t really register what Bob was saying until he left. She would have screamed at him, but that damn gag was very effective. Would he really send their daughter down to take the gag out, uncuff her mother and, worse, help clean up all the sex fluids all over Jill and the floor? Surely not? Right? Oh God!

Once Bob closed the door to the back part of the basement, he got dressed and, with a grin thinking about the mind fuck he just played, bounced upstairs, and did watch football.

But at Half Time he went back downstairs and, to her great relief, uncuffed and ungagged his wife. He left her a bucket and some rags to clean the floor and made it clear that after everything was clean, she was to empty the bucket, wring out the rags and throw both across the room out of her reach. And she better hurry as the timer would turn out the lights shortly!

The second half of the game was exciting. Not as exciting as the sex, but there would be a lot more of that in the coming weeks!


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