Cathy's First Time 2

by Lady Tressa

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story continued from part one

Part Two

For nearly two hours I was forced to remain kneeling in the cramped cage, my ankles and wrists secured to the bars by leather cuffs. While I could occasionally hear Claire moving nearby, my vision was restricted by the positioning of the cage.

At some point Mistress returned and I could hear Claire relating how disobedient I had been. It was all a put on of course, but Mistress played the role of feigned indignation. My cage was repositioned so that I could see about the dungeon, with Mistress and Claire the only persons present.

“You will pay for your disrespect, the deal to take you to the biker bar fell through but the bitch you served on stage last night at the club is willing to pay a good amount to keep you at her house for the night. I was reluctant at first but I now think it is a good idea and she might invite some of her friends, including her three hundred pound sister, I will transport you there within the hour and you will perform to their satisfaction”, announced Mistress.

As revolting as this news was, there was no mention of permanent enslavement and I was optimistic I would be released the same day, despite the mention of an overnight stay. Still, the thought of serving a bunch of obese lesbians was more terrifying than serving male bikers at the bar. At least Mistress would be present and be able to control them. Since she would not be present, were I to stay overnight, there was no telling what my sadistic captors might do to me.

While both ideas were repugnant, the thought of performing at a biker bar, was slightly more palatable than at a house full of lesbians. Since I wasn’t gagged, I pleaded that I had not been disobedient and didn’t deserved to be subjected to either scenario. Mistress simply ridiculed my plea, and I was once again gagged.

The latest gag was different than previous ones. It was a double cock, harness type, consisting of a rubber mouth cock about five inches long to chomp on, and the outer portion was an eight inch rubber cock. It required little imagination that the later portion would be used to force me to cunt or ass fuck someone.

Mistress again expounded upon her rules for submissives. They were to provide her with pleasure, not the sub. I was required to address her as “Mistress” any time I spoke with her, and absolutely no unsolicited conversation by me was permitted. She stated her preference was to keep her submissives gagged, unless there was a specific need for their mouth, such as oral sex.

Since departure wouldn’t be for another two hours, I was made to stand with my wrists in leather cuffs, attached to the overhead. Claire and Mistress spent most of the time in the basement watching a bondage porno movie. They didn’t even have the decency of permitting me to watch, positioning me so I was facing away from the screen.

In the meantime Mistress had a new device that would be used to control me. A circular piece of thin metal was attached around my neck, which I assumed was a bondage collar, although they are usually much thicker.

Mistress then pressed a button on a fob device and I convulsed in pain, with the realization it was a shock collar. “This will allow me to control you, from now on any disobedience will be punished instantly but I still intend to keep restraints on you as they are very sexy, do you understand?”, she stated.

When I failed to reply I received another painful shock. “I’ll ask you again do you understand”, she commanded. “Yes Mistress”, I replied as I struggled to regain my composure and conceal my anger.

When it was time to depart, I was prepped pretty much as I had been for the nightclub trip. After being made to put on the burqa, my wrists were cuffed behind me, and the leg hobbles put on.

Claire and Mistress debated whether or not I should continue to wear the cock gag, or have it replaced with a conventional ball gag. Claire favored the ball gag, but Mistress felt that the cock gag would be a bigger turn on for the women, so the cock gag stayed on.

Using a metal leash, I was led to the garage and once again made to sit in the love seat of the van, with Claire sitting beside me, and Mistress driving. This time I was blindfolded, evidently so I would not be aware of the location of the residence where I would be performing.

The trip to this residence took about twenty minutes, during which time I was not subjected to any physical contact. Mistress cranked up the volume on 60s on 6 channel on the Sirius-XM radio, and there were no conversational exchanges during the trip.

After coming to a stop in the driveway, I was led directly into the house before my blindfold was removed, without ever seeing the exterior of the house. Awaiting me in the kitchen was the same fat and smelly woman, whom I had performed on stage with the previous night. She was wearing the same red mini skirt.

I was ordered to address her as “ Mistress Felony”. She announced that some friends would be arriving within the hour, and that in the meantime she wanted to display a new “fixture” in the bathroom.

The “fixture” was a nude petite female, who appeared to be no older than twenty one. She was kneeling on the floor facing the toilet, with her wrists secured by handcuffs to the rear of the toilet base, in such a manner that her mouth would be exposed to anyone sitting on the toilet.

“She will service the pussy of anyone sitting on the toilet, she is not permitted to speak and will remain in her current position for hours”, announced Felony.

Mistress, whom was seemingly quite impressed with this arrangement, inquired how the sub had been procured. Felony explained that the sub was delinquent on a financial loan. When she stopped by the house about two hours ago, to request an extension, Felony and one of her cohorts decided that the sub would be offered a choice of bondage submission to pay off the loan.

Although Felony characterized her bondage as initially being consensual, she emphasized that the sub would be kept in bondage regardless of her wishes, meaning that it was now non-consensual.

“I need to use the toilet”, chuckled Mistress as she sat on the toilet seat and hiked her mini-skirt. “Pleasure the Mistress with your tongue or you will feel the sting of the whip”, commanded Felony.

The sub quickly complied and spent about three minutes performing oral sex on Mistress’s cunt before she was permitted to stop. Felony, a flogger in hand, stood ready to whip the sub, but it wasn’t necessary.

Still handcuffed, gagged and in leg hobbles, I was led to the living room and ordered to kneel on a decrepit mattress lying on the floor, to await the arrival of the other women who would be participating in the bondage orgy. Mistress and Claire sat on the couch, while Felony prepared three glasses of wine and the trio engaged in banter as they enjoyed their drinks.

It quickly became apparent that Felony had plenty of bondage planned for me, as several lengths of rope were lying on the floor next to the couch. I was also prohibited from looking directly at anyone’s face, and had to bow my head down unless directed otherwise.

Felony remarked that her sister had lost weight and now weighed about two hundred fifty pounds. “She loves face sitting on bitches and will love being fucked by the cock gag the bitch is wearing, once the guests arrive the bitch will perform a dance in her burqa, then be stripped and tied to the bed so everybody gets a shot at her. I want to get my moneys worth for the two hours she’ll be here”, she added.

Her remark about the two hours was welcome news. That meant I wouldn’t be spending the night with Felony, although I wasn’t certain if I could survive another night with Mistress. I did resent the fact that Mistress was making money off me, by renting me to a group of lesbians.

My attention was attracted by the sounds of at least two people entering the house from the garage and I instinctively glanced to see who it was. This prompted a stern rebuke from Felony and the punishment was an electric shock, delivered by Mistress, once again causing me to convulse in pain.

I knew my ordeal was far from over...


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