Cameron and Heather 2

by kdcstyle

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Storycodes: M/f; naked; rom; first; D/s; rope; bond; bdsm; breast; torment; tickle; bfold; sex; toys; cons; XX

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Chapter Two: Their Bondage Night

[The day started out with Cameron and Heather going to an outdoor mall to pick up some candles for their romantic evenings. In addition, Heather wound up with a few more dresses and items of intimate wear. Cameron enjoyed seeing Heather squirm in her new ‘cheeky’ panties. Then, Heather, dually surprised and elated, learned that Cameron was proposing to her in front of a crowd of strangers. Once they got home, she enjoyed him masturbating her before a loving and romantic bath together.]

After their romantic bath together, there is no need to don any robes. After all, the house is closed up and the curtains are shut for the night. Cameron prefers going nude or wearing only shorts whenever possible. He may be King of this particular castle, but she is the Queen, with equal say as to protocol and any other matters. However, Heather has made the concession to join him in going nude in the house, or wearing only underwear, when practical. Going nude is not a hard-set rule for either of them. However, there are times, like this evening, when they wish to be intimate and the clothing will just be coming off anyway. Since there is no work for either of them tomorrow, it also means they have plenty of time to enjoy.

Thinking about the ambiance, Cameron wants the mood to fit the occasion he has planned. He asks Heather to light some of the new candles and turn off the overhead and bedside table lamps. He suggests that the light on the dresser should stay on and that the aromatic candles will set a nice romantic mood.

While Heather takes the time to light and place candles around the bedroom, looking as beautiful in the buff as ever, Cameron goes to the stereo to find some fitting instrumental music. He figures that lyrical music may detract from her bondage experience tonight. Some time ago, he went to his iTunes account to search for ‘bondage instrumentals’. However, he opted for a CD with a light and classical sound of violins and other romantic sounding instruments.

Upon seeing Heather’s panties on the floor where he carelessly threw them, Cameron thought of the image that they brought to mind and can not help but grin broadly. He picks them up and thinks this is the perfect opportunity to mention that seeing them on her was reminiscent of her having a rope between her butt cheeks.

Picking up on his clue, Heather asks, “So, what does that mean? You want to tie me up tonight?”

Cameron replies with a smile, “Yes, I would like to tie you up!” He adds more boldly, “And, work your body into a frenzy.” He steps closer to her as a means of intimidating her with a power that he knows she loves.

She asks him, “So, what do you want me to do?” She is not too nervous because of how they have played with bondage before. Tonight will probably be more intense than the first two times since it will be her first experience in this house. Before, they hardly had time to be intimate, much less find time or a place for bondage.

As he heads to the closet, to get some of the things he has planned, he replies, “First, I want to see rope right where I imagined it while you were wearing those Cheeky’s. Then, I want to place your hands and arms where they won’t be in the way.”

She asks, with a little alarm in her voice, “What do you mean, ‘Where they won’t be in the way?’ What do you have in mind?”

Coming back and throwing bundles of rope at the foot of the bed, he simply states, “Trust me!”

In fact, Heather does trust Cameron because the two times he had her in bondage, whether physical or mental, since he made it fun, exciting and well worth the anticipation and experience. With these thoughts in mind, she walks up to put her arms around him and gives him a passionate kiss before stating, “I do trust you.” And, she adds for good measure, “After all, I wouldn’t marry you if I didn’t trust you.”

He gives her the same passionate kiss right back. Then states, “That goes both ways, and you know it – my soon to be, ‘Wife’.”

It has been more than a handful of years since he actually worked with rope. He hopes he does not show how rusty he is. Most of his bondage partners have been love interests who were intrigued enough when he mentioned bondage. Regardless, they were not in his life for longer than months or a couple of years. He admits to himself that he was too passionate in love. Or, it is better said, they could not keep up with his passion for love and romance. In Heather, he has met someone who relishes the kind of romantic passion he exudes.

Cameron takes a single length of rope, coiled and bound by its own ends in a neat and tidy manner, and unravels it. Heather judges it to be about 10-12 feet in length. He makes quick work of uncoiling the rope and lets a major portion of it fall to the floor while holding onto one end. He pulls the rope through one hand until he has its matching end, letting the rest fall to the floor. He matches up the rope ends and starts pulling the paired rope through his left hand until he finds the mid-point of the rope and creates a bend, or a bight; the slack part or loop in a rope. The manner in which he works the rope makes him appear to be an expert.

He advances towards her and passes the bight completely around her waist. Cameron uses the bight as an eyelet and passes the rest of the rope through until the rope around Heather’s waist is snug. Her juices start to seep from the anticipation of the unexpected. He turns the rope until the bight is centered below her belly button. He holds the rope down near her slit to judge where to make a simple knot so that it rests upon her clit when he wedges the rope into her lips. Then, he pulls the rope up the crack of her butt cheeks. The rope is threaded up past the V of her butt to go between her back and the rope that is around her waist. The excess is pulled through and brought back through her butt cheeks. At her perineum, he splits the rope and places them on either side of her pussy lips. With the rope nearing the end of its useful length, it is tied off at the eyelet with a Granny Knot. Any excess is split off in its natural direction and wrapped around the rope at her waist – to stay out of the way.

Cameron picks up a new bundle of rope, approximately 25 feet in length and unravels it to make a new bight and brings it to Heather’s wrists. Using a Cow Hitch (two ends going through the bend, wrists inside the wrappings) he wraps two times around. The paired rope is pulled through the bight and is split, with each individual rope wrapping in opposite directions between her wrists. He uses a Granny Knot to finish the wrist tie. He checks to make sure there is enough slack but not enough for her wrists to escape the binding.

Taking the loose ends of rope, Heather’s wrists are pulled up and over her head, then down behind the nape of her neck. Even though her arms are not pulled to an extreme, she feels her upper arms’ back muscles becoming taught. Without causing her to arch her back to any degree, Cameron splits the individual lengths of rope from Heather’s wrist binding and brings them to each underarm. The rope is crossed above her breasts, goes behind her back, brought to the front to cross under her breasts and stops at the center of her back. He crosses the two individual lengths of rope and wraps them twice in opposite directions around the horizontal ropes at Heather’s back. Without tying them further, he splits the rope again, takes them up to either side of her neck, then down to the center of her breasts.

Now to tie the upper and lower horizontal ropes at the center of her breasts. Cameron threads the diminishing lengths, one rope going between the horizontal ropes and her skin, the other rope going on the outside of the ropes and threaded in the same fashion from the lower horizontal rope and up. This tends to squeeze her breasts at the center of her chest and firms them throughout. One more Granny Knot is used before wrapping the loose ends to either side away from the tie until they are no longer hanging loosely.

Cameron takes a few steps back to inspect his rope work. Heather is now tied so her arms are pulled behind her head. She can not pull them forward, nor can she pull her wrists very easily to the sides since her head will not fit through either of her bent elbows. She also has rope going around her waist and through her crotch. However, her legs are left free. She watches Cameron go back to the closet to pull out a whip. It is the one with hundreds of thin rubber strands, much thinner than spaghetti. It is about a foot long and attached to a thick plastic tube with a big black ball on either end and has a wrist strap.

Cameron throws the whips’ tasseled end over his right shoulder with the handle hanging over his nipple. Heather sees his hands come up to grope her body and is elated that his hands will be upon her. He places a couple of fingers under all of the vital points where the rope can potentially cut off circulation and pays special attention to her hands. But, then, he paws at her roped up breasts, squeezing and kneading them. After more than a minute of groping her, he manhandles her pussy, digging his fingers under the rope to feel her slick slit. It makes him happy to know that she is enjoying the situation she is in. This is his first serious attempt to expose her to bondage sex, while risking impact play with her.

A minute later he moves behind her to grope, slap and splay her ass. The rope has dug into her pussy and is digging into the crack of her butt. Once he is done manhandling her, he reaches underneath and pinches the ropes at the lowest point between her pussy and anus to pull it downward and take the pressure off her perineum; another pressure point. She feels him tug the rope twice and the knot at her clit rubs downward twice, then, settles back into place.

Cameron asks Heather, “Now, would you be more comfortable standing? Or, would you rather kneel on the bed?”

Heather thinks furiously for a moment about the whip and any amount of pain. She trusts that Cameron knows what he is doing. But, the thought of feeling pain is unsettling. Knowing Cameron as she does, he will want to use the whip on her breasts, and more importantly, on her pussy. Her juices are seeping more with the anticipation of the unexpected. With the thought of pain upon her pussy, she considers that her back and ass should be his only targets if she is on the bed – or, so she hopes. Heather replies, “I think I’d rather be on the bed.”

She automatically lifts a knee up to the edge of the bed and feels Cameron lift her other leg while steadying her for the sake of her balance. She walks on her knees to find a good spot and balance. All of a sudden, she feels him pull her right leg closer to the head of the bed. She suspects that he will be attempting to whip at her from underneath. This thought makes her bring her legs closer together like she wanted in the first place. Cameron responds by slapping her on the ass and pulls the leg back to the position of his liking.

Since he plans to step over to the entertainment system, he places his right hand on her right hip, steps to his left and into her visual range. He tells Heather, “Do not close your legs. I know that you can already feel your leg muscles when spread outward, but I do not plan on keeping you there for longer than you can stand it.” He leaves her with a few pats on her right cheek before heading to the CD Player to stab at the play button. “Besides,” he states from the entertainment system, “I will be able to give you a fantastic massage after we are done. You may even fall asleep during the massage from sheer exhaustion. But, I must make sure your muscles are well taken care of.” She smiles at her loving and caring hubby-to-be.

A violin whines, accompanied by the warbling styles of a woman’s synthetic voice singing irregularly with a, “Yah-ee-yah-ee-yah-ee-yah-ah-ooh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.” Then, symbols and drums join in and the music has a nice classical, sophisticated, yet jumpy tune playing rhythmically and is a pleasure to listen to. The candles dance and their aromatic scent is just noticeable in the modestly spacious room.

Heather, keeping her knees parted, is facing a wall painting between the bathroom and closet. The painting is an artist rendering of a trees and grasses landscape on the lower half and a twilight sky on the upper half. On the landscape, a cabin’s right side is in the lower left, representing humanities presence even though no one is in view. On the sky-scape, the skyline is infused with superimposed stars, with a couple of vaguely apparent galaxies speckling the darkened and cloudless azure sky. Also, the Milky Way bisects the sky in a slight downward arc from the horizon on the right to barely past the top center as it disappears into the frame. The picture’s many details can draw one in to be fascinated by. Having something to focus her attention is soothing to her.

The ultimate plan is to create an experience that builds towards Heather having an incredible orgasm. In this circumstance, he is hoping to build her chemical responses, due to the impact play he has planned for her, thereby elevating her body and mind to experience sex in a whole different fashion than anything she has previously encountered. The impacts upon her body will make her act and react, physically and mentally.

Physically, her muscles will react to being hit and her skin will turn shades of red. In tonight’s case, her skin should not get very red, but may become slightly sensitive to touch. Mentally, she will have many things going on – sometimes all at once. It all depends on what and how much is going on at any given moment. She may judge or misjudge when the next impact will occur. One hard impact may cause her to expect another hard one, which may not come for a while, making it that much more difficult to judge anything at all. At some point, she may give in to whatever may come and find herself in a mental state known, especially to those in the bdsm community, as “sub-space”. Sub-space is a condition where the mind drifts, sensations are endured and feelings of euphoria may engulf the one.

Cameron swipes the whip across Heather’s middle back, left-to-right, and she jumps for the first time. As she jumps, she feels the ropes tug to maintain her arms’ position. He smiles when he sees her flinch – it says she is not quite sure what to expect. Cameron wants Heather to stay in this state for as long as he can keep her there. She was not sure if he would start out making her feel any real pain or not. And now she knows that the rubber tassels of the whip are softer and nothing like the thought of what she imagined.

Cameron takes a downward swipe at the center of her ass and Heather jumps again. The rope maintains its hold on her wrists. The music is lofty and mesmerizing to her. The whip hits her back in a downward left-to-right strike. Then, a downward strike on her right butt cheek. An upward strike on the side of her left butt cheek. An upward strike from right-to-left on her back. Even her thighs are whipped at with inner and outer strikes. The whip has been more than tolerable until he puts a little speed and heft into his work. With each hit, she feels the soft rubber tassels making her skin warm.

To keep her guessing about what might happen, Cameron slows down and she has to wonder when the next blow will fall upon whichever part of her body. At one point he stops and she barely notices. Heather suddenly feels his fingers digging into her sides, making her giggle loudly. He moves his fingers to her underarms, making Heather move her back around similar to a slithering snake.

He chuckles, “I just need to check the ropes. Pardon me if my fingers get a little carried away.”

She exhales her exclamation, “Yeah, right!”

He starts feeling her hands and under her arms, following the rope and tickling her as he does so. His naked chest is pushing into her bottom as he brings his hands up to and around the sides of her breasts. As he moves around, his thighs brush her feet. She feels his hard-on at each of her thighs and the tell-tale cool liquid of his pre-come. Strangely, she is happy to know he finds hitting her exciting.

He pulls the rope slightly away from her skin. Then, he starts tickling at the sides of her breasts, under them and trailing his fingertips across her nipples. All the while she is giggling and moving her ass against his chest. She told him once that she likes to be tickled and is enjoying the fact that he is using it against her. It takes her mind off any pain she has been feeling and it cheers her mood.

Cameron gives a couple more digs into her sides and trails off. Before she knows it, Heather’s fiancée is back to whipping her back, butt and thighs. After a moment, he starts taking upswings at her butt cheeks. She flinches as he does this, not knowing if he would actually… Just as she had the thought, the whip strikes with mild intensity at her pussy. The whip cleaves her cheeks as it pulls up and away. Since the rope is covering her clit, it is less traumatic of a sensation than it could have been. But, in that instant, instinctively she bends forward, causing the knot at her clit to slide downwards, off her clit, and settle at the center of her slit. She does not feel any real pain from the whip and is simply shocked by it.

All of a sudden, his voice is booming out, “Give me a color, green or red. I want to her your voice. Don’t think! Green! and we keep playing… Red! and I stop… Quick! Green!?… Or, Red!?…”

Heather is brought to the present and her mind clears enough to know what he is asking of her. Since the unexpected strike did not hurt her terribly, she instantly felt she was safe in saying that it is ok to continue. She straightens up and feels the knot slide back into place over her clit. The sensation of it doing this distracts her, but, she blurts out, “Green! Don’t stop!” She is surprised to hear her own voice say it. And, if given the chance to think about it, there is something rather stimulating about the whipping.

Before her mind could work out any more details, she feels the whip hitting her back again. Then, her butt… Her thighs… Her back a couple of times… Her butt a few times… Her thighs more than a few times… Her back… And, whoop! He hits her from underneath her ass again. But, it was only a light slap of the tassels. That was an aiming shot as Cameron takes a new and slightly harder slap at her pussy from behind. Heather feels the whips’ bulk between her lowest cheeks before the ends slap hard at her pussy. Again, she instinctively bends at the waist, causing the knot to slide off her clit. At least the pair of ropes protected that sensitive spot. But, the pair of ropes riding outside of her pussy lips caused her lips to be more susceptible to the whip and feel a slight shock of pain.

Without giving Heather time to think, Cameron tosses the whip over his shoulder to free his hands and starts massaging her pussy in a loving and soothing manner. Then he begins pulling at the ropes and lets them go. All of a sudden he starts tickling her in rapid fashion and she begins to buck and sway wildly, trying in vain to get away from those maniacal fingers. Even though she is bucking and swaying, she feels his legs move past one foot and the other as he moves this way and that to tickle her. And, she feels the tip of his hard-on leave several cool traces of liquid on the backs of her lower thighs.

Heather can not help doubling herself forward and straightening back up when Cameron tickles her stomach. She feels that little knot sliding off and on her clit, and, the rope is sliding back and forth through her lips and the crack of her ass. Suddenly, Cameron stops tickling her and she takes some deep breaths as her giggles stops. She hears him tell her to get off the bed. She takes some backward steps with her knees and he is right there to lift her off the bed. She feels for the ground and then stands on her own. It feels so good to straighten her legs and stretch out those cramped muscles.

Cameron grabs Heather around the waist, pulling her over his hard-on and gives her a very passionate kiss. With her hands up over her head, she can not pull him into her lips. So, she pushes her head forward, past her arms, to kiss him back. Their two bodies grind together, back and forth, side to side.. He is making it easier for her to grind into him since he is really pulling her into himself and loving the feel of his erection under her pussy. She tries to trap his member with her legs and is turned on by this action. Fluid seeps into the ropes, making them feel slick.

He stops kissing her and lets go of her waist. He steps behind her to place his hands on the areas he was whipping her to feel how warm her skin is. Satisfied, he goes to the dresser, returns with a silk scarf and Heather knows what he plans to do with it. He folds it a few times while she remains silent. She knows that his plan is to keep her guessing as to each hit as she stands before him. As he moves towards her with the scarf, he asks, “Are you ready for more?”

She thinks about the minutes of whipping that she has endured. Her skin feels warm where he has whipped her. The pain is bearable and she knows that, when he intensified the strikes, she was able to take it as time went on. ‘The fact is’, she thinks to herself, ‘the whip has almost a therapeutic quality’. She never expected to think of being tied and whipped as being anything therapeutic. So, Heather smiles, looks Cameron straight in his eyes and honestly replies, “Yes, I think I am.”

Cameron steps in front of Heather and places each end of the scarf past her throat. He lets it hang there as he steps behind her. She feels his hands touch both of her arms as he pulls the scarf up from her neck to her eyes. With her sight taken away and the scarf tied firmly in place, she can faintly smell the candles in the air and hears the music continuing with a lofty and rhythmic tune. That beautiful painting is no longer a visible source of intrigue amidst the time she endured looking at it.

Cameron comes to stand in front of her and pushes her to stand about a foot from the bed. If she were to fall back, she will have the bed to fall on. If she were to fall forward, he will be there to see and catch her. He taps his bare foot at Heather’s instep and she instinctively widens her stance from one of simply standing, to one of a shoulder width apart. He must be satisfied because he is not tapping her foot again. She steels herself for his new assault. He begins to slap at her breasts, lightly at first but building in intensity. She feels the pressure of the impacts but does her best to go with the activity of the whip. She hears his knees and ankles creak as he apparently stoops and she suddenly jumps as he slaps lightly at her rope-covered pussy.

Though she was expecting it, she was unprepared for how repeatedly he would slap at her pussy. He is swinging the whip over and over, lightly. She bends forward slightly and a little more with each slap, trying to protect herself from the assault that her pussy lips are taking; light though it may be. The ropes slide easier through her slit thanks to how moist it is and because of her alternating standing and bending positions. He builds in intensity for a moment before stopping altogether, causing her to wonder where the next strikes will fall. All of a sudden, she feels him hit her inner and outer thighs, stronger than he was doing to her pussy. She lifts one leg, then the other and tries to turn her body in an attempt to get away from this new assault. Then, the seconds tick away without a single strike and she figures that he is waiting for her to take her stance again.

Heather rocks on both feet to resume her shoulder width stance. Then, Cameron resumes whipping at her, this time at her breasts and stomach. He notices her grimacing and thinks that she is worried that he may hit her face. Since he is well aware of the distance to his targets he lets her be and starts whipping her breasts, alternately, like he was doing to her pussy in an over and over fashion. Each time the whip would hit her breasts, she feels the weight of the whip pull the breast downwards. As time goes on, he builds in intensity. Then, all of a sudden, he is no longer striking her.

The whip goes over his should and he steps up to her and pulls her to a regular standing position and forward from the bed. Heather feels his hands on her hands. She thinks to herself, ‘Cameron must be checking the ropes and I’ll bet he’s going to tickle me again.’ But then, she feels him checking her skins’ temperature. As a matter of fact, she already knows her skin has warmed up. And, she has been holding her breath during most of the strikes at her breasts. Right now her breathing is slowing down from its pace; now that he has stopped whipping her. His hands check all of the pressure points, like before. He pulls at the ropes, here and there making sure that the vital areas are not causing any problems. Then, all of a sudden, he grabs her from behind and she feels his erection under her ass as he brings his hands to her mound and begins massaging it so wonderfully, even though the ropes are covering her there.

Cameron moves his hands up to Heather’s breasts and starts kneading them and slides his hands all over them. She winces from how sensitive they have become to touch. He finds her nipples and starts pinching and rolling them between his thumb and the side of his middle finger, causing her to wince some more. But, she does not say anything because it is more than bearable. His erection is right below her and is further making its presence known. Heather starts to moan, making her enjoyment at feeling his hands everywhere known. She gyrates her butt against his abdomen and feels his erection pushing up stronger under her ass. When he is done playing with her nipples and breasts, he slides his hands off and along her sides. All of a sudden he starts tickling her sides and her body is once again a serpent, moving and squirming to get away from his finger-assault. His erection stays with her and she feels it pressing even stronger upwards as she moves all around.

Just as soon as he started tickling her, he stops and keeps her on top of his erection for a moment longer. They both enjoy the moment together, exhaling twice, in unison. But, he urges himself to continue tonight’s event and get to the all-important moment when he can bring her to an incredible orgasm. So, he pulls away from her, leaving a trace of cool liquid under a butt cheek and steps around to face her. He pushes her back to her position in front of the bed and pulls the whip from his shoulder. The session continues as if it has never stopped.

The whip continues to strike her breasts, pussy and thighs from all angles. He also begins building the intensity of the strikes. Her breathing is getting quicker as time goes on. He asks her, “Are you able to take these stronger hits?”

She strains to answer, “Yes,” as she is barraged with the hard swats.

He states, “That’s because your adrenaline is pumping in reaction to what I’m doing. It makes it easier for you to deal with what you can not stop from happening.”

Her juices are making the rope even more damp. She can not see or use her hands. Her stance is beginning to cause her leg muscles to become weak. Her back is starting to ache from her bound position and all the jolting her body is experiencing from the impact play. Cameron understands much of the sensations she must be experiencing and figures it is a good time to stop his assault upon her body. She hears the whip handle hit the floor and his hands are suddenly at her hips and he is removing the rope from her crotch and waist. Knowing that her pussy has been trapped, rubbed and squeezed by the rope, he takes a moment to massage it. But, it is a quick moment.

Heather feels Cameron push her backwards. She feels the bed at the back of her legs and flops down carelessly upon it. Her head is trapped between her arms with her wrists acting as a pillow to lay upon. Her butt is barely on the edge of the bed while her bodies’ weight holds her to the spot. She hears him pad over to the closet. Then, she hears him doing something by her bed stand. Suddenly she feels him wrap rope to her left ankle and it is quickly tied to the bed’s headboard at the center of the bed – using one of the decorative moldings as an anchor point. The same happens to her right ankle – tied to the center of the footboard. Her legs are bent at the knees and only barely stretched to the sides, just enough so she can not close her legs to prevent him from his next action. She tries to pull them closed and can only wave her knees forward and back.

Cameron is right in front of Heather’s open legs. He looks down at her blindfolded, bound body with lust. He has been rock hard and oozing this whole time because she has never told him to stop. He has even had to take moments during this whole activity to simply wipe his pre-cum on his inner thighs to keep it from dripping onto the carpet. He is now ready for her next experience.

Heather feels Cameron’s hands on her inner thighs and touching her vaginal lips. His fingers open her lips and he starts pinching them between his fingers and getting her fluid all over his thumbs. After a minute of pinching he slides his middle fingers along the velvety inner skin, massaging her pussy just outside the entrance to her vaginal cavity. Then, he delves his right middle finger into her hole. There is no resistance and he starts to pump it in and out while using his left-hand fingers to play with her clit. He moves the skin covering her clit up and down her pee shaft, much the same as she might do to his rock hard shaft.

Heather’s breathing is getting faster again and she feels her excitement building. Unexpectedly, he pulls his fingers from her and he gives her pussy a slap. She yelps with a jump at the sensation of being hit there. He goes back to using his fingers as before, building her excitement, and suddenly pulls them so he can hit her pussy again; a little harder. He starts a pattern of doing this and she yelps and jumps each time – and, each time, it is easier for her to bear because she is anticipating that it will happen. Since he figures that she is anticipating what he is doing, he changes to slapping her a few times in a row. This goes on for a few minutes until he is no longer touching her.

Heather is breathing fast and hard. Suddenly, she feels, not Cameron’s fingers, but the familiar sensation of the tip of his penis, spreading her pussy lips. He slips in easily and slowly starts to push in and pull out, purposefully slow. Her pussy molds itself to his penis with each inward and outward motion. She feels her muscles being pushed outward and then pushing at his penis’ retreat.

Suddenly, she hears an unexpected click and the sound of a vibrator. While he is pumping in and out of her pussy, he applies a Hitachi to the top of her clit. She jumps from the vibration on her clit, so Cameron removes it and reapplies it a little longer. Cameron starts a new pattern of sensations and Heather has no way of stopping him. This new assault on her pussy begins to get her to move her legs and butt around. She does not know if she wants to get closer to the vibrator or not. All she can do is move her head and arms up and back, and, move her legs and butt around. She even arches her back alternately.

Cameron starts pumping into her a little faster while leaving the Hitachi on her clit. She is close to the edge of ecstasy. Cameron continues pumping harder, faster and making her body rock with the pounding. Now, she pushes her feet into the bed and raises her hips up and down while he continues to feverishly pound her. All of a sudden her orgasm washes over her with such intensity that he feels her vaginal muscles spasming and he drops the Hitachi to the floor. That is all it takes for him to start his own orgasm.

For Heather, it is more powerful an orgasm than she has ever had before and she brings her arms up, lifting her head with them. She digs her chin into her neck as the orgasm continues to surge through her whole body. The way Heather’s body is reacting to her powerful orgasm, Cameron gets a rush of adrenaline and feels his orgasm stronger than ever. He has to stop pumping and just pushes into her with as much force as he can to stay with her. They can feel each other’s muscles rippling as their mutual orgasm rocks their world.

Heather, and Cameron, feel each other start to pulse with their whole body as they feel the last remnants of their orgasms begin to fade. Cameron leans his body forward and lays on top of Heather’s body while still inside her. She is trapped underneath the weight of his body and the condition of her own bound body, but she does not give a damn about any of that. She is still reveling in the powerful sensation that she has just experienced. The weight of his body on her, pushing her legs to the sides, just adds to the experience. She feels more satisfied than at any other time, including her younger life.

Heather has a myriad of thoughts and feelings going through her mind and tears start to flow, dampening the scarf at the corners of her eyes. She had no idea this was something she would enjoy. She hardly knew anything about bondage or this so-called “BDSM” world until she met Cameron. Now she does not know if she will be able to have sex without it in some form or another. For that reason alone the tears begin to flow like a dam has burst.

Cameron becomes aware of her emotional state when he feels her stomach muscles start to jump around with her need to cry. He becomes concerned and gets up off Heather’s body and immediately finds his knife to cut the main restricting ropes away, just as quickly as he can.

Heather does not say a word or try to stop him. She has just had one of the most incredible experiences of her life and just wants out of the bindings so she can hold her man close to her. He pulls her head up and cuts the ropes that are keeping her hands tethered to her back. Once free, though her hands are still bound, she immediately pulls Cameron into as strong an embrace as ever before.

After a couple of minutes, Cameron pulls away to rip that damned blindfold away and look into her eyes. He has to know how she is feeling. He asks, “Are you ok? Is anything wrong? Did I do anything to hurt you?”

Heather takes a couple of cleansing breaths to chase the sobs away and wipes tears from her drenched eyes with her bound hands. As her face turns downward, she looks upwards and into his eyes to tell him, “I just had the most incredible experience and now I don’t know what to think.” Then she asks, “How did you know about all that adrenaline stuff and how to make me feel all those sensations?”

Cameron lets out a breath of his own and looks down at the ropes still clinging to her wrists. He pulls at the ropes as he says, with as much humility as he owns, “I just love this kind of lifestyle, so I’ve looked into as much of it as I could. I’ve turned my research into fantasies. Ones that I wished to turn into reality. So, I play out these fantasies, down to vivid details. This was one of those things that I’ve always wanted to experience – in real time.”

Heather lays her head down on the bed and throws her legs out to let them fall over the side of the bed. The emotions are still there, but she is fully satisfied by the powerful and mutual orgasm. However, she is also drained from the experience. She just has too much going on in her mind to make sense of it all.

Cameron says to her, in as calm and soothing a voice as he can muster, “What you need is a little down time, to decompress from all the emotions that are pressing on your mind. Now, let me take the rest of these ropes off you.” He makes quick work of removing the ropes with little regard to their usefulness. Then, he adds, “ I want you to lay down on your stomach and let me give you a massage. Try to clear you mind for now. You can sort it all out in your sleep or while doing some menial work. For me, I sort things out best when I rake the yard or sweep or mop a floor – you know, while doing something that takes mindless time to accomplish.”

After the bed is clear of all signs of the materials used from their session, she lies on her stomach and waits for him to return with the lotion. He starts the massage at her neck and shoulders. By the time he gets to her buttocks he noticed that she is in a deep sleep. Even though she is in a deep sleep, he continues massaging her whole body, including her arms, hands, legs and feet.

Knowing that the lotion on her body will make her feel a chill, Cameron gets up to pull a blanket from the closet. When he returns, he goes to his side of the bed, the side closest to the painting, and lays out the blanket alongside her body. He gently rolls Heather’s nude and exhausted body over and onto it. Then, he places a pillow under her head and throws the blanket across to cover her body. He walks around to her side of the bed to make sure the blanket is covering her well. He would have tucked the blanket around her body but thinks better of the notion. She has already been trapped by rope and he does not want her to feel trapped when she awakes. So, he leaves it loosely pulled up to her chin, leaving only her head sticking out from its protective warmth. He kisses her on the forehead and says, “Good night, My Girl! You deserve a good night’s rest.”

Cameron goes to blow out all but one of the candles and turns out the dresser light. He puts on a robe, picks up a book and goes to sit in one of the bedroom chairs. He turns on a reading light and blows out the last candle. He wants to be there in case she rouses and needs him for anything. After what she has been through, he feels obligated to watch over her.

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