Cameron and Heather

by kdcstyle

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© Copyright 2014 - kdcstyle - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; store; lingerie; naked; tease; bath; mast; oral; climax; rom; cons; X

[My story was written for my new girlfriend. With her approval, I look forward to any comments.]

Chapter One: Their Romantic Day

We find Cameron and Heather at Victoria Gardens outdoor mall. It is a sunny, subtly warm afternoon – perfect weather for window-shopping and people watching. Cameron is wearing a short-sleeved button-down striped brown shirt, black dress pants and black slip-on dress shoes. His short business-cut hair is keeping its shape well for the breeze that is blowing today during their afternoon outing. Heather is wearing a cotton, mono-colored beige dress, and beige wedge shoes. Her cinnamon blonde long hair is pulled up and clipped into place, yet long strands linger about the features of her face for a carefree look. With the breeze that is blowing today, her knee-length dress dances around lightly. While some strands of hair fly around her face she only moves it aside when she deems her attention is of importance or it becomes too much of a nuisance. He is only a couple inches taller than when she goes without heels. Based on outward appearances, they look good as a couple and either can easily attract others.

Occasionally, they go into a store to see something that interests one or the other of them and end up leaving without buying a thing, since it is not why they are here. At one point, they pass a very young couple sitting on a bench, shamelessly French kissing. Heather looks at Cameron with a great big smile and says, “I know the feeling!” Once they walk far enough past the couple, Cameron pulls Heather to face him and the two start a standing demonstration of the French kiss that the young couple publicly performed. He knows that she loves it when he takes charge of a moment. Kissing is one of their favorite pass-times.

After their passionate kiss they continue meandering about the mall and care only to enjoy a wonderful and casual day. Once they come upon the front of Macy’s, Cameron eyes Victoria’s Secret across the street and gives Heather one raised eyebrow – a look that shows he is interested in something. She gives a querying look at him and he nods over to the shop. She smiles and says, “Alright, let’s go!” Already holding hands, they walk across the street together and enter the shop.

A member of the staff comes up to the two lovebirds, who are arm-in-arm, and says, “My name is Janet. Is there anything I can help you with today?”

Cameron smiles to her, then looks Heather in the eye and asks, “Can you show us where the sleep shirts and slips are?”

Janet replies, “Of course!” Heather gives a look of approval at the suggestion as Janet leads them to where the slips hang and points out where the sleep shirts are located.

While perusing the garments Cameron says to Heather, “You know, while on our down time at home, I would love for you to be as bare as possible underneath your modesty. You do not have to go nude, much as I would rather see you. So, I thought this would be a compromise.”

Heather says, “I know you’re used to the nudist lifestyle. I may go nude in the house once in a while, but I thank you for giving me the option not to.”

Cameron whispers, “Well, you know as well as I do that we can’t hold our passion for long. So, I’d like you to wear something you could slip out of easily.” Heather smiles with agreement and kisses him.

Cameron and Heather have loved each other, deeply, ever since they spotted one another. It did not start out easy for them, but there was something each saw in the other that felt like destiny. He happened to share property with a friend, and as soon as things started up with the new love of his life, Heather, he arranged to trade off his portion of the property so he could have the freedom to entertain his love affair.

For her, it truly was love at first sight. But, she had her own situation that mimicked that of Cameron. One day, they happened to be working together, and through conversation, found it uncanny just how many mutual interests they shared. As time went on, they felt more and more like they were destined to be together – like they were star-crossed lovers.

Early on, Cameron admitted that he liked chick flicks, which started a whole new topic of mutual interests – love and devotion to a lover. Both, Cameron and Heather wanted the kind of relationship that was romantic and sexually exciting.

When Cameron and Heather were together, it was like they were kids again, but both are in their 50’s. With age and their newfound love comes the kind of wisdom that movies and books tailored them for. He took notice of all the things that women loved about men, be it light or dark in nature. She needed to feel desired. By feeling desired, she would do just about anything for her man. However, in the early months of getting to know each other (and not having much time for dating, thanks to their respective lives at the time) they also treaded on topics that tended to mold them for each other, with the normal give and take. Like a puzzle, they found how to fit all the pieces together and see the bigger picture for what it was – a life of romance, painted on the canvas of the drab lives they lived before they met.

Heather found a new boldness that shocked even her when it came to wanting Cameron to know how much she wanted and later needed him. From the beginning, she expressed, without fear or hesitation of rejection, her deepest feelings of lust for him. Something about Cameron drew out a want, a need not to lose him.

Cameron used every bit of knowledge he learned from stories and life to show Heather a passion that bordered on darkness with just the right amount of light mixed in. He even took a character trait from a book he read – every time Cameron is in Heather’s presence he looks directly at her to show his devotion to Her. By looking her in the eyes, it helps her feel sexy and let’s her know that he has nothing to hide. Of course, he loves to idolize, cherish and objectify her slender body when he can.

In other ways, he has tested the waters often (perhaps a little too often) to give her information about his life’s unconventional past. Her replies were almost always of a positive nature. Even when he timidly mentioned that he loved (ahem) bondage and bdsm, she did not discourage him. After researching the topics (she would question him about specifics later), she found him to be more intriguing than she imagined.

The two were completely open and honest from the start. It is the kind of solid foundation upon which any relationship should be built. They talked once of the prospects of marriage, but both opted to wait and see if the trend continued. Without the foundation of trust, they would not have moved in together as soon as they did. It is one of the reasons for this little outing today. They recently bought a home together and were given the keys just a couple of weeks ago. Their home has since been furnished and they just wanted to get some things today to go along with their romantic home life.

After finding sleep shirts and slips for Heather, Cameron asks, “Would you mind if I suggest… some panties?” Heather looks around nervously, then back to Cameron with his piercing gaze. Cameron asks the woman, while looking directly at Heather, “Could you show us… I think they’re called ‘Cheeky’s.”

Janet simply replies, “Of course, follow me, please.”

Heather feels a rush of embarrassment as they follow Janet. Heather has always felt desired, wanted and truly cared for. So, Cameron has a way of making her “sexy” come out, even if she has issues with it in public. He has shown time and time again that he truly cares for her and that she has nothing to be embarrassed about – unless he is playfully trying to make her feel a rush of nervousness. Heather says, “Oh, all right!” a little exasperated to be put in a public spot. She asks herself, ‘How does he do this to me? I have never felt embarrassment and excitement combined like this.’

Heather sees a mannequin that demonstrates how Cheeky’s look on a person and says, “Oh, but, I don’t have an ass for anything like that.”

Cameron says to Janet, “’My Girl’”, with a wink at Heather because she asked him to call her that, “thinks there is no way they’ll fit her… like that!” and points to the mannequin. “Could you help us?”

Janet replies, “No problem.” Scrutinizing Heather, Janet asks what colors Heather likes and says in an absent minded manner, “Let me see…”. Janet picks one of the preferred colors of Cheeky’s, and states, “You could try them on in there!” pointing toward a dressing room, with an open-handed gesture. On the way, Janet pulls the panty free of the hanger and hands it to Heather with the tag still hanging from it.

Heather closes the door, puts her purse down on the bench seat and takes off her shoes. She hikes up her dress, takes her panties down and puts them on the bench with her purse. She feels air wafting at her nether region, even though the dress has fallen back into position. She quickly pulls the Cheeky’s on, and, never having worn anything like these before, feels them ride up a little uncomfortably. Being in a dressing room, Heather naturally turns her back to the mirror, lifts her dress and sees that they actually fit her ass surprisingly well. They will certainly take some getting used to, according to the intimate way they touch and mold to her butt cheeks.

Meanwhile, Cameron has been waiting patiently. When he thinks enough time has gone by, he asks, “Well? How do they fit?”

Heather says, “Actually, they do seem to do the job. But, really, they’re just not, ‘ME’!”

Cameron pleads, “Can I take a look?” Heather looks back at the mirror and fights with herself. She agrees and says, “Alright…”, with a nervous lilt.

Heather opens the door and Cameron slips in, closing it behind him. Heather lifts her dress, a little embarrassed, but not wanting to disappoint ‘Her Man’ and turns so he can have a look at her derrière. Cameron smiles and gets a little weak in the knees just thinking about how wonderful the sculpted look is. At this moment, it reminds him of a rope pulled between her butt cheeks. Heather sees the wide smile on his face and knows that he would like her to get them.

Cameron takes her hands off the hem of her own dress, turns her around, looks her directly in the eyes and says, “You know you don’t have to get them if you don’t want to. But, I love how they look on you!” Then, he gives her a nice full kiss on the lips. She kisses him back and already knows she is getting more than a few of them. Playful as ever, Cameron reaches behind her, lifts her dress, lets the dress fall over his hands and slides his hands along the seams of the material and the curves of her ass.

Heather loves Cameron’s touch, even if right now it is making the panties ride in even more intimately. She starts to pull his hands away and puts both thumbs in the waistband of the Cheeky’s so she can take them off. He holds his hands where they are and begs her to keep them on. They are already down past the bottom of her butt when she stops and agrees, but pulls them back on without being as invasive as they just were. She bends to the side to put her originally worn panties in her purse. He gets down on a knee to find the tag and uses his teeth to remove it so they can take it to the register. The sleep shirts and slips will be tried on at home, so he can enjoy seeing them on her in the comfort of their own home.

After paying and leaving Victoria’s Secret, Cameron spots Kay Jewelers right next to Macy’s. He plans to make a visit in private, without her knowing that he has a certain plan for later. He suggests that Heather go into Macy’s to try on some dresses and surprise him later with what she finds. Although he has expressed that this kind of activity is romantic to him, to take part in the selection process, she guesses that he does not want to be bored. He says he will meet her in that section of the store in about an hour. Before they part they give each other a warm parting kiss.

Once Heather is deep enough in Macy’s, Cameron heads over to Kay Jewelers. He does not want Heather to know he planned to propose marriage so soon. One night, while she slept soundly, he used a length of thin string to get her finger size. Now, while taking the few strides it takes to get to the doors, he fishes for the string from his cargo pant pocket.

The ring is bought. Of course, what is a ring without a box? His plan does not include the telltale sign of a box in his pocket and he has no bags of goods with him to hide it within. So, he walks quickly to their Toyota Prius. Hiding the box is easy, but what to do with the ring? He does not want her to find it by accident. The idea comes quickly that he can place the ring at the top of his sock and fold the material over a couple of times. With the ring purchase out of the way and safely tucked away, he makes his way back to Macy’s. His timing could not have been better when he sees her at a checkout counter.

They head out to look for the first reason for their trip to the mall – candles for their romantic nights. At Bath & Body Works, Cameron asks an assistant if they have had any experience or comments on this candle, or that. He even pulls out his smartphone to look at some reviews. Some candles do not burn quite right. Some candles have mixed reviews on the aroma. They look over the reviews together. Once their research is done, they mutually decide which candles and combined accessories they like and go to pay for them.

It has been a nice leisurely romp around the outdoor mall. It is pre-evening and they have what they originally came for and more. They stop off at the Prius to drop off their purchases. Cameron suggests they go to Toby Keith’s I love this Bar & Grill. Heather thinks it is a wonderful idea. It happens to be on the opposite side of the mall from where they parked. However, it does not bother them to walk the distance. Besides, Cameron would rather have some time to walk back to their car after the very limited amount of drinking he plans to consume. Once they reach their destination, they are told that the wait is at least 20 minutes and are given the option to go to the bar or wait outside. They opt to wait at the bar.

Finding a couple of seats together, Cameron takes Heather’s hand in his gentlemanly way and supports her as she takes a seat on a barstool. As she situates herself, she is reminded of her new panties. Cameron spots Heather’s hand reaching down to pinch at one of the sides of her dress where she can pull at the seam of the panty. He tells her, “That won’t do. It’s made to ride that way. If anything, go to the Ladies Room and try pulling from under and the back so it rides just where it will fit your crevice best.”

Heather just looks at him and asks, “How do you know about such things?”

Cameron he picks up a barstool to set it a little closer to her and replies with a query, and a smile, and asks, “Do you really want to know?”

She thinks she knows, but is uncertain if it will have anything to do with another lady. It would devastate her to hear anything about one of his past lovers. But, believing she is right, she asks in a whisper, “It wouldn’t have anything to do with bondage would it?”

Cameron asks with a smirk, “You don’t think it has anything to do with an old girlfriend, do you?” They both give a knowing smile and look over to the bartender who just arrived.

Heather orders a Rosé and Cameron orders a Ginger ale. Before their drinks arrive, Cameron excuses himself so he can use the restroom. Actually, it is a ruse to find the manager so he can ask a favor and returns in about the expected time. During the wait for their meal, they make small talk. A table becomes available and they are escorted to it. After ordering the food, they look deeply into each other’s eyes from across the table and reach out their hands to each other – so much like when they were young. After a little more small talk, the food arrives and they get down to eating. Every once in a while they catch a stare at each other, smile and go back to eating or making idle conversation. Every utterance is that much more to add to their knowledge base of each other. As they enjoy the last bite of food, Cameron suggests a glass of champagne. With her agreeing, he catches the eye of the bartender and puts up a “V” with his fingers. Heather did not catch the signal.

A moment later, the Manager surprises Heather with a personal visit to ask if all was satisfactory. She gives a genuine smile and says that it was all absolutely delicious. A drink server steps out from behind the manager to place a couple of flutes of Champagne on the table in front of each of them. Heather immediately notices something glinting in the bottom of her glass. It is an old idea but romantic just the same – a ring spotted at the bottom of a glass of liquid. The manager produces a swizzle stick for Cameron to fish the ring out.

Heather’s eyes well up with tears since she knows what is coming next, but she thought they had put the subject on a back burner. Cameron dries the ring, looks directly into Heather’s eyes, pushes his chair back and stands. Suddenly the music stops playing, thanks to a cue from the Manager. Everyone notices the silence and the fact that the Manager is at one table in particular. A hush comes over the restaurant as the scene plays out. Heather smiles broadly with her pearly-whites glinting and her stomach spasming involuntarily with elation. The welled-up tears begin to stream down her cheeks. Cameron looks directly into the eyes of his lovely girl and goes down on one knee. Everyone gasps.

Knowing that all eyes are on him, Cameron feels the pressure of this publicly romantic moment. A number of patrons are quick to pull out and set up their phones in order to capture the moment. No one knows what can happen at a time like this – it could be something that goes viral on YouTube. Knowing that the pressure is on to make this go well, he clears his throat. He turns sober, eyes glinting and focused on hers. But, his own stomach spasms and tears start to well up in his eyes. Even so, speaking as loud and clear past the tremors in his voice, says, “Heather, we knew from the start that we have felt a special connection to each other – like star-crossed lovers. From the beginning, we have had honesty, trust, love, romance and passion. You make me feel like there is no other who can make me feel as if I am living a dream that has come to life. I will do my absolute best to continually make you feel cherished and desired. If you feel as I do, I would very much like to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Heather was on her feet before he said the word “wife” and watched her man quickly rise to his feet. The word “Yes!” hardly had a chance to exit her mouth before she planted her mouth on his. Apparently, that was all that needed to be said. The love they felt for each other was evidence enough and the room erupted with applause, hoots and hollers. Cameron and Heather kept kissing with tears mixed in. But, suddenly the two started smiling together – lips to lips – with the ongoing outcry of joy for the couple.

Cameron rehearsed his speech, over and over, to make sure he would say it exactly as he just did. He is happy that his emotions did not ruin his speech. He tried to keep his composure, but seeing her emotions at the start, he was as overcome with the same emotions that she exuded. He was beyond elated that this moment was how he dreamed it would go and would have been devastated if anyone blew the timing of it all, much less, if she had said anything other than “Yes!”

The Manager steps up to give a congratulatory handshake to Cameron and asks if he may give the wife-to-be a kiss, for luck. Strangers begin surrounding the couple to give words of congratulations and encouragement, and, to say how beautiful the moment was. Cameron and Heather thanked everyone as individually as they came. Finding the slightest lull in strangers coming up to them, Cameron thanked the room of witnesses with his hands posed in prayer. Then, Cameron and Heather look at each other and he becomes gleeful again and picks up his girl, full around the waist, to twirl her round and round.

Two of the restaurant’s staff, one female and one male, bring a new glass of champagne to the happy couple. The female gives the glass she holds to Heather and tells her that that was one of the best proposals she has ever witnessed. The male gives the glass he holds to Cameron and simply states, “Well done!” With new glasses in hand, Cameron and Heather clink glasses together, smile wide as ever and take sips of their celebratory bubbly.

Before anyone else could ply them with more drink, Cameron, thinking about driving home impaired, suggests that he and Heather take off while they are still sober. Just as they get up to leave, as expected would happen, one guy from a nearby table comes up to ask if he could buy them a drink. Heather, having seen the woman the guy just left, thanked him for the thought and suggested he buy ‘her’ whatever would make her happy. Heather points to the woman and gives a wink in the woman’s direction with a celebratory wave of her hand. Cameron pays up, with a healthy tip, and head out the doors.

Once outside, Cameron takes Heather’s hand and they start walking in the direction of their vehicle. As they switch to walk with arms around each other, she places her head on his shoulder and thanks him for making her so happy. He thanks her for saying, “Yes!” He begins thinking of their dream-like lives, how he wants it to continue without incident on this night of celebration and that he wants to slowly walk off even the small amount of drink.

While the two walk together, arms about their waists a couple who had left directly after them bounds up to them to regale Cameron with a wonderfully choreographed proposal. Before parting, they wish them all happiness the world has to offer.

On the drive home, every once in a while Heather squirms in her seat, still not quite adjusted to the new Cheeky’s. Never has she felt her panties actually touching her so intimately. Cameron is well aware that Heather may still be getting used to the slight predicament in her seat and smiles to himself. Soon, they pull up in their driveway – home at last. Cameron gets out and makes his way to Heather’s door – always the gentleman.

Once all the packages are out of the car and the car is locked, Cameron lets Heather lead the way to the front door, as a gentleman’s creed of, “Ladies first.” However, as she walks ahead, and he knows it is objectifying her, he takes advantage of the view of her legs and ass as she walks toward the porch light. He always wants to look her in the eye whenever possible but can not help these lustful opportunities. Lost in thought, he takes a step wider than expected and stumbles a bit. He rights himself and is pulled back to reality by his visible faux pas. Hopefully, the neighbors did not witness his stumble, easily seen with the porch light shining. Heather happened to catch sight of her fiancée’s stumble and just turns to the door and smiles broadly knowing that she herself was on his mind when he stumbled.

Heather already has her keys out and unlocks the door. Once inside, the door is locked and Cameron takes everything out of Heather’s hands to place them on a nearby table. He takes her into his arms, looks directly into her eyes and moves in for a kiss. She kisses him back with the same intensity and both let their tongues invade each other. The intimate kiss causes them both to feel their juices flowing. It is a celebratory kiss of his proposal and her acceptance. They break their kiss, look each other in the eye and give a knowing smile that they are going to enjoy this evening.

Cameron asks Heather, “May I remove your dress so I can look after you as we take these things to the bedroom?”

Heather replies, “I don’t see why not.”

That being said, he bends slightly to lift her dress from the hem, gathering the material in his hands as he pulls the dress upward and brushes his hands, purposefully, along her body. She raises her arms as he continues to raise it, going up over her breasts, arms and head. He raises himself fully and gets the dress completely free of her already lowering arms. He drapes the dress over his left arm and they both pick up the items they bought today and head off to the bedroom. Once again, he takes a lustful look at her, but now she is even more tantalizing to look at – all because he envisions her butt roped up and she has no dress to impede the vision of her nearly nude body.

Once in the bedroom, they put everything down on a table near the entryway and his hands immediately go to take off her bra. Then, he slides his right hand down her back to her left butt cheek. He follows the material to where it comes up to a V at the lower center of her cheeks, causing him to bend slightly. As he continues, he digs his hand right in there and pushes his fingers forward to grope at her pussy lips, right through the material. Cameron can feel how his personal attention is turning her on and Heather loves the control he has over her body. She feels him dig and pull the material to the side so he can finger her pussy from behind and she knows he will find it wet with anticipation. While he fingers her, Heather can feel his inner wrist pushing into her lower cheeks and feels a further thrill for the full feeling pushing into her buttocks. He reaches with his left hand to grope her bare breasts.

Heather is swooning by his touch and opens her legs a little more, enjoying the sensations he is giving her. She puts her left hand on his left arm at her breasts and brings her right hand down to cover his right hand to push his fingers further into her love canal. While his hands are occupied, he bends to give several kisses to her panty-clad left cheek. Heather goes with the feeling and lets her head fall back. She opens her mouth to gasp, thanks to his expert handling of her breasts and pussy. She pulls his hand forward to get him to push his finger into her a little more and he knows that she is primed for a full on finger assault. He decides to grab at the lowest point of the panties and pull them downward past her hips until they rest at her spread knees. He immediately brings his hand back to its target and finds no resistance upon pushing his fingers back into her moist hole. He gives thrust after thrust as she starts to fondle her own clit. It does not take long before she starts convulsing and becomes weak at the knees.

As she cums, and he can feel her convulsing, Cameron feels her weight pushing down on his hand. He quickly pulls his fingers out and palms her pussy, pushing her fingers away. With the heel of his palm holding her, he places two of his fingers to either side of her pussy and his middle finger finds its way to her clit. This has the effect of intensifying her ongoing orgasm. Her legs start to give out completely. He feels her weight on his hand again and physically lifts her, pushing her body to rest against his head and swings her to his right, right toward the bed. He takes three steps before dropping her body to bounce heavily upon it, with her bottom barely on the edge. Without wasting a moment he goes in for a deep, penetrating kiss while the orgasm finishes coursing through her body. They breathe heavily through their nostrils while they continue to kiss until she no longer feels the orgasm. However, liquid has started to leak its way out of her plumped vaginal lips and south toward their neon floral red and black comforter.

A couple of weeks ago they wanted a romantic and sexy bed for their bedroom. They found and bought a mahogany four-poster, which is situated across from the sliding glass doors to the spacious back yard. The glass doors are adorned with flower-patterned velveteen in the colors of red, chocolate and black, which is heavy enough to block out almost all daylight. The drapes hang from a large brass drapery rod. The beds’ headboard and footboard have tall six-inch posts at each corner, giving the look and feel of a durably heavy bed. Between the posts at both ends is a strong latticework of arcs. The bed sheet set, hidden by the comforter and blanket, are bright red satin – the classic style of romantic love. There is a darker red velveteen blanket, which is sandwiched between the sheets and the comforter.

Cameron told Heather early on about his love for bondage and bdsm, and Heather was intrigued by his admission. To this day they have only played a couple of times. The first time was actually a trial run using mental-bondage where she was told to only imagine being tied, having to hold on to a tree branch over her head as if tied there. He played with her body how he saw fit, even punishing her with a spanking for breaking her hold of the branch. The second time, she was actually tied with her hands behind her back. That time he wanted her to feel vulnerable, used and unable to touch him. She enjoyed both experiences since he always made her feel a sense of control – she was told that she could stop anything that did not feel good or right. However, it always felt good, thanks to his efforts to keep her safe, yet mildly on edge in just the right way.

Tonight, after a soothing bath, he plans to step things up with an experiment in impact sensation play, an element of bdsm. He wants her to experience being whipped and slapped. Not necessarily for the pain of impacts, but for the effects he wishes her to draw from them.

When searching for a bed he suggested the potential uses of the four-poster when it comes to bondage/bdsm play. She liked the bed for its esthetic looks, as well as the intriguing uses he alluded to. He has built a level of trust in her that she finds surprisingly natural.

After a few minutes of kissing, Cameron and Heather come up for air. Kneeling, he pulls the panties free, as well as her shoes and socks. His mouth goes to lick at her slit, starting near her perineum. He points his tongue while pulling her lips apart and slowly laps upwards with his tongue curled to scoop at her juices while feeling her velvety and moist inner skin. He gives a few more licks and stops before setting her up for another round. He stands to looks upon her, satisfied that she has had as wonderful an experience as he has. He reaches out a hand to help her up and says, “Why don’t I walk you to the restroom and start a bath for us?” All she can do is let him pull her up.

After a slight head-rush, she is able to stand on her own and they walk around the foot of the bed toward the bathroom. It is opposite the entryway, to the right of the sliding glass doors. A fairly large walk-in closet is to the right of the bathroom. Cameron lets Heather sit on the edge of the tub while reaching over to push the stopper shut and turns the faucets on. He feels the cascading water to make sure the temperature is right before leaving the water to fill on its own.

The bathroom is large enough for the large claw tub, a spacious shower and a one-piece dual-sink with marble top and mahogany cabinets to fill the length. The wall behind the sink set is adorned with a full-length mirror and beautifully sculpted sconces above it.

While the tub fills, Cameron takes off his button-down shirt and undershirt. Heather pulls him by the waistband of his Dickey’s and unzips his fly with hungry eyes looking up at him. She unbuttons his pants and pulls the fly ends to the sides so she can pull his pants down to his ankles. Seeing that his rod is thickened and laying to his right in his briefs, she looks up at him again and brings her mouth to kiss along its length, starting at the base, all while still staring into his eyes. Within seconds, his member is pushing at the waistband of his briefs and she pulls them down to his ankles. She looks down, unlaces his shoes and takes each one, sock included, and throws each article to the side. She holds his pants and shorts open so he can step out of them; also discarding them to the side.

With his full and nearly erect penis bobbing slightly in front of her face, she looks into his eyes and kisses the underside of the tip of his penis. It bobs up from her warm, intimate kiss and the tip of her nose is lightly smeared with fluid. She takes a scrutinizing look at his pre-cum and licks at it with the tip of her tongue and neatly cleans his manly slit. Liking the taste of his pre-cum, she grasps his shaft and uses a thumb to push more liquid up through the vein on the underside of his meaty rod. She watches as clear fluid oozes out the tip and down along the underside. Just before it reaches her hand at the base of his cock she licks as much of it before putting her mouth over the head of his penis to suck the head clean.

Knowing that they will be enjoying a romantically intimate evening after their bath, Heather finishes by pointing her tongue and digging out any remaining fluid and pulls away to look up at her man. Cameron holds out his hands and pulls her to stand up. She lifts a leg and stabs her toes at the tub water to test the temperature before planting her foot and following it with her other foot. He steps close and enters the tub behind her. Once he is seated, she stoops and finds a cozy position in front of his folded legs.

Cameron pulls her back to arch over his legs, submerges the back of her head so that her hair is thoroughly wet and lifts from behind her shoulder blades so she is in a sitting position. He begins shampooing her hair and massaging her head; taking his time with the massage. He dips one hand into the water to rid his hand of the suds, gives it a good shake and places it on her forehead so he can keep her head still while massaging the back of her head. She moans approval at the wonderful sensation of being taken such good care of.

Once Cameron finishes shampooing Heather’s hair and massaging her head, he indicates that she can lie back to allow him to rinse out her hair. He puts a supporting hand at the center of her back and uses his free hand to move her hair around. Heather feels him drench the sides of her face and around her ears so he can rid her of any shampoo.

Cameron grabs one of two washcloths from behind his shoulder and wets it in the water. Then he grabs a bottle of body wash and pours soap onto the cloth and works up some foam. He begins washing her forehead and the rest of her face before moving on to her neck and shoulders. He puts the washcloth in the water, pumps his hand several times and rings as much of the soap out as he can. Then he goes back over Heather’s forehead, face, neck and shoulders to clean the skin of any apparent suds and soap. He pushes her forward to wash and massage her back. Almost each new area that he begins massaging, she gives an audible, “Mmmmm!” He squeezes more soap from the bottle into the cloth and begins massaging her arms with the suds, right down to her fingers, first the right arm, then the left.

Next comes Cameron’s favorite part: washing Heather’s breasts and abdomen. The washcloth is filled with soap again and he begins massaging her soft mounds with a firm pressure until he gets to her nipples. He takes care not to let the cloth be abrasive to her nipples and works the cloth to pull and knead at each one. As he washes and massages each breast she sounds out with an approving, “Mmmmm!” The cloth goes up between her breasts to her neck and back down to swirl around the center and sides of her stomach, then along the length of the sides of her torso. Again, he rings out the cloth to wipe away the foam from her just washed torso. The soap is lathered extra well into the cloth so he can submerge it and wash all around her lower abdomen, her lovely slit and beyond her perineum to work the cloth over her sphincter, without pushing in and violating her inner muscle ring. He goes back to her lovely slit and loses the cloth so he can be more intimate with her. He slides his fingers along the folds of skin, pinches and pulls at the outer lips and slides a middle finger lengthwise along the inner velvety skin. He slides his finger up and down, up and down – until he knows she is clean, of course.

Cameron is ready for Heather to turn and face him so he can wash her legs. He rings the cloth out again and reapplies the soap and uses both of his hands to massage the thigh muscles of her right leg, then her left leg. She loves the massage she is getting. He submerges the cloth to get at the back of her legs too, then onwards to her knees and lower legs. As he continues, he pays special attention to her feet.

Once he is done with what he can wash with her sitting, he asks her to stand and turn so her butt is facing him. He really likes soaping up her rear end and upper thighs where they meet up at the bottom of her cheeks. Heather’s bum is sore from sitting in the tub and the way Cameron is working her butt muscles and lower spine is fantastic. She also loves when he places one hand in front, on her lower abdomen and really works at giving her backside a vigorous going over. All the attention he is giving her really helps relieve her aches from sitting in the tub. How long has it been, ten, twelve, fifteen minutes? She has no idea. But, now she is ready to switch positions and give him the same treatment he just gave her.

Heather walks around Cameron as he scoots forward in the tub so she can sit behind him and cross her legs. After the workout he gave her backside, she does not mind the time it will take to wash him up. First to shampoo and massage his head, almost mirroring everything he did, giving him the chance to moan approval. Next, his face, neck, shoulders and, with a cleansing rinse with the cloth. His arms get the treatment she got and he really enjoys it, moaning approval again and again, all the way to his finger tips. The way she takes such loving care, as he did her, makes him dream of keeping her just as happy as possible.

Cameron’s chest is next, including her ministrations to work his pecks. She even works over his nipples, mirroring his actions on her. Onward to his lower abdomen and the sides at his outer butt cheeks. When she gets to his genitals, she takes extra good care with caressing his balls. As she is touching him so intimately, she notices that his flaccid member has started to fill out. Since it is not quite there yet, she takes this moment to pass the cloth around his sphincter. Knowing that he gets a thrill when she touches him there, she works at his puckered hole and his balls a little more until she has the desired results. Now that he has an erection it makes washing and massaging him more enjoyable – for them both. She slides the cloth up and down a couple of times, then loses the cloth to give his rod a personal touch, sliding up and down, up and down. She even uses a fingernail along the slit of his shaft and plays there for a second. She feels the handful of meat buck at the flick of her nail and it makes her hand retreat so as to keep him from getting too excited.

Cameron is instructed to turn and face Heather so she can give his legs and feet the treatment, too. Afterwards, he stands and is given the glorious massage of his lower spine and butt cheeks. When she reaches a hand around to steady him, she finds his now wilting flagpole and pulls it up to place her palm upon it and traps it against his lower stomach muscles. This starts to bring it to attention again and she feels it bulging in her hand. Nonetheless, she finishes massaging his backside and they are ready to take a quick shower to properly rinse off all the soap.

The tub stopper is released to let the water drain away and Cameron takes Heather’s hand to steady her as she exits the tub. Cameron follows her to the shower stall and the water is engaged with the right temperature. Cameron grabs Heather by the upper arms and goes in for a deep and passionate kiss. He pushes her until they are both being pummeled by the streaming shower water. After a minute or more, Heather pushes Cameron backwards until she only feels the water hitting her back and they part from the delicious kiss – smiling as they part.

After drying themselves they are ready to blow dry their hair. The double sink has enough room for both to stick out their elbows as they look into their own area of the mirror and blow dry their own hair. Of course, Cameron’s hair is shorter and he finishes first. He loves to give his personal attention to Heather, so he helps her finish blow drying her hair. He takes the blow dryer from her left hand and takes the hairbrush from the right one and makes good time drying her hair. He has the advantage over her by directly angling the hair dryer right at the trail of hair exiting the bristles.


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