Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos | Forum Feedback

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story continued from chapter one

Chapter 2: The Chicken Dance

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my training of Richard lately. He certainly has not complained at all about the recent changes in our play sessions. (I can’t call them love making sessions because there has not been what I call love taking place.) I did decide that I wanted to make my life easier, of course. I wanted some leather wrist cuffs so I would not have to tie knots. I found some very nice toys at the on the net. They have a very nice selection, decent prices, and prompt delivery. (I recommend them highly.) I also purchased some ankle cuffs while I was online shopping. I had already purchased some keyed alike padlocks. I have found the sound of the lock clicking closed to be quite stimulating. Something about the total security of the bondage, knowing that escape is not possible when the lock snaps closed.

When my package arrived from the Stockroom, I tried the cuffs on. They are too big for me, but the feeling and smell of the leather on my wrists and ankles was quite intoxicating to me. I have heard that certain pressure on the wrists stimulates sexual interest due to acupressure. I think this is true because I became quite aroused as soon as I tried them on. I could not wait to see Richard in them.

I also purchased a shock type dog collar, the kind used to train dogs. It has two modes. The first is set to shock the dog when it barks loudly, or maybe if a slave screams too loudly I hoped. The second mode is activated by a remote control so the trainer. That would be me in this case. I can shock the dog at will. The shock intensity is adjustable from 1 to 8. The instructions say to shock the dog within 1 ½ seconds of the bad behavior. Any longer than that and the dog does not know why it is being shocked. I will keep that in mind while training Richard. Hmmm, 1 ½ seconds….. That’s not much time, I thought to myself.

I decided that I needed to see if the collar worked. I plugged it in to charge it up. It takes 16 hours to charge completely, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to test it out.

The next day, with the collar all charged up, I decided to try it out. This could be a mistake, but I felt I really needed to know if it worked and just how it felt. I watched some kids shocking themselves on YouTube so I knew it would hurt, but not how much. I held the collar to my neck with the setting at number 1 and pressed the remote button. OWCH!! It did hurt some, but not too bad. I jumped to the number 4 setting and bravely pushed the button. OWWWWWWUCH!!! Yeah, that was definitely 4 times worse. I decided then never to shock Richard at a higher level than 4 or 5, maybe 6 if he was bad. I can’t imagine shocking an animal at the maximum level. I realize they have hair and tougher skin that I do, but still… how cruel that is to the poor dog? I thought to myself how much power I would actually have over Richard when he was wearing the collar. Then I felt that familiar warm feeling between my legs and I knew what that meant. Mmmmmmm I could not wait for him to get home.

After dinner, we settled in for some TV and a drink. There was nothing worth watching on TV and Richard starting hinting around that he wanted sex. I told him to take a shower and come back naked. While he was cleaning himself, I retrieved my new toys and put some kinky clothes on, leather boots and pants and a leather halter. I put some leather gloves on too. I also got a blindfold, some duct tape and my riding crop. hehe.

When Richard entered the room, I ordered, “Assume the position slave.” He immediately stood in the submissive slave position I had taught him. I walked around him slowly, several times, as if I was inspecting him. I love the sound of my boots on the hardwood floor. It makes me feel so powerful. I think he likes it too because I can see he is getting an erection. The suspense was slowly building. I finally took out the blindfold and covered his eyes. I walk around him a few more times. I glanced down at his penis and could see his erection growing. I reached down and fondled his cock gently, but just for a moment, until he was very hard and large. Out came the rope! I tied the rope around his balls and penis and wrapped it around about six times before tying it tight. I left a “leash” about five meters long so I could pull him around if I wanted.

I circled around behind him. I then pulled his arms behind his back and placed the leather cuffs on his wrists, as I said softly, “Surprise! I bought you something.” I locked them on with a padlock and then locked them together with a very short chain. “Like your present?” I asked.

“Yes, I do,” he replied

He got ten blows from my riding crop before I shouted, “MISTRESS! CALL ME MISTRESS!”

“Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry. I forgot. It won’t happen again,” he said.

“It’s not my white ass turning red. If you continue to disrespect me you will suffer the consequences,” I said.

“Yes, Mistress,” he softly said.

“Now then, let’s play a game. What animal would you like to be tonight? A snake? A dog? Let’s see, I think a duck. Yes, you can be a duck tonight. Now squat down and walk like a duck. Don’t forget to quack”.

He squatted down and started walking around like a duck. “Quack, quack,” he said. He looked so silly. A grown man acting like a duck. I wonder why he lets me humiliate him like this. He was having a tough time waddling, blindfolded and with the rope around his balls, trailing behind him, painfully tripping him often when he stepped on the rope.

“Do you have a duck bill?” I asked him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.

“Waddle over here and lick my boots with your duck bill,” I said. I pulled on the rope tied to his balls and gently drew him closer to me. “Down on your knees, slave, and lick my boots clean. I want them to shine. Do it, slave, now! And keeping quacking like the Aflac duck you are,” I ordered as I removed his blindfold.

I let him tongue wash my boots while I rubbed my pussy. I managed to get my hand inside my pants and panties. Luckily for me, I keep a vibrator close by in the end table drawer. I spread my legs for my own convenience, not his. As the heat began to build in my loins, I felt the frustration of too many clothes, so I gently pushed Richard away with my boot. I quickly took off my boots, pants and panties. I stretched out my legs and grabbed Richard’s head with my bare feet and pulled him back to me. “Now eat me, slave,” I ordered.

Richard worked his tongue inside me as I moaned in pleasure. I wrapped my legs around his head, forcing him closer to me. I grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled his head into me. I was so horny, I came within three minutes. I then pushed Richard to the floor. He was gasping, trying to catch his breath, for I had nearly suffocated him with my sex. He must have thought he was finished. He had a silly grin on his face, as if he had just won a conquest. How dare he! A rage grew inside of me and I pounced on him. He was so stunned at this sudden outburst that I easily rolled him onto his stomach, and swiftly hogtied him. Grabbing a hand full of his hair, I pulled back his head and shoved a ball gag in his mouth, buckling the strap tightly in place. I also put the blindfold back on.

I made sure he was okay and secured and went down to the basement to set up my next punishment. Did you ever see a dancing chicken? I’ve never seen it, but I heard about it. At the fair, they put the chicken on the stove and turn the heat on. People pay to see the dancing chicken. If it works for a chicken, why not a slave?

I took a few bricks and arranged them in a square pattern, making a wall of sorts, about ½ meter on a side, with the middle empty. Then I added another layer. I placed a hot plate in the center of my brick “wall” and then put a cast iron griddle on top on my brick wall, covering the hot plate. I turned the hot plate on and waited for it to get hot. In about five minutes, the griddle was hot to the touch. I put a thermometer on it and kept adjusting the hot plate until the griddle temperature read 125 degrees. Perfect! Not hot enough to burn him, but hot enough to make him very uncomfortable. I then unplugged the hotplate and went upstairs to get my slave. I untied his feet and removed the blindfold. I helped him to his feet and marched him down stairs to the basement. I removed his gag and ordered him to step up on the griddle. I’m sure he could not see the hot plate. hehe.

I then put the leather ankle cuffs on him and locked them on with padlocks. I locked a short chain to each ankle cuff, giving him a few centimeters slack.

“What do you think of your new foot warmer?” I asked, knowing the griddle was still a little warm.

“Very nice,” he replied.

WHACK,WHACK,WHACK!!! With the riding crop. “MISTRESS!! CALL ME MISTRESS!! WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO LEARN?!!” I shouted. “I see I have not done a good job training you. Maybe this will help motivate you,” I said as I fastened the shock collar around his neck. “This collar will give you a shock when I push the remote. It will also shock you if you make too much noise. I have it set to give you a weak shock. Shall I try it out?” I asked, not waiting for an answer.

“Ouch” he yelped. “Anna, you can’t do this to me. That thing hurts like hell,” he wimpered.

WHACK,WHACK,WHACK. Went the riding crop. “MISTRESS, you stupid twit” I said. “It’s MISTRESS to you, not Anna. And I can do this to you. I can do anything I want to you.”

I turned the intensity up to a number 4 and shocked him again. “Now, what’s my name?” I asked.

“Mistress Anna, Mistress. Your name is Mistress Anna,” he quickly replied.

“That’s better.  Now I want you to dance for me.” He looked at me like I was crazy. I reached down and plugged in the hot plate. Within a few seconds, he was dancing like a court jester. “That’s not too bad. Let’s see if I can add a little spark to your dance.” I hit the remote and he screamed bloody murder, shocking himself even more because of the sound he made. It was clear that he needed to be gagged for his own good. I put a soft rubber ball in his mouth and sealed his lips with three strips of duct tape over his mouth and hit the remote again. I laughed hysterically while Richard danced and twitched like crazy.

For some reason, I felt very sadistic. I added some nipple clamps to add to his pain. I also used my riding crop generously on his ass, legs, and bound cock. After a while, I blindfolded Richard. I wanted to cum again and I really don’t like it when he watches. I placed the remote for the collar on the couch so I could activate it with my leg occasionally while I was working myself up to an orgasm. Mostly, I kept my eyes closed but I could hear him screaming through his gag when every I happen to hit the remote with my leg. I think hearing him scream through his gag actually helped make me cum!

After I came twice more, I unplugged the hot plate and removed the blindfold. I said, “Have you had enough fun for one night?” He nodded enthusiastically yes and I said “Good then. I have some questions for you. I want you to make some stocks and a pillory so I can lock you up in them. Do you think you can do this for me?” He nodded yes and I said, “Good. Surf the net for some ideas and we can review them together. I also want a cage to lock you in. If you think you can make one that’s fine. If not, then I want you to buy one, maybe a large dog kennel. We can go over the details before you make or buy anything.”

“I’m not finished yet. I want you to start pulling your weight around the house. That means cooking, laundry, cleaning, dusting, anything else you call ‘women’s work’. Do you understand me?” He nodded affirmative. “Good. I’m tired. I’ll get you untied so we can go to bed now.” His eyes lit up slightly as if he thought his ordeal was over. Little did he know that he would be sleeping in the basement.

I locked a chain around a post in the basement. The other end was locked to Richard’s ankle. I handed him a blanket and kissed him good night as I walked up the stairs and went to bed.

* * * * *

I had instructed Richard to build some stocks and a pillory so I could lock him up for extended periods of time. He had sketched up some ideas and I selected ones that looked restrictive enough. The leg stocks consisted of two heavy wood planks hinged at one end when folded together it looked like one big board with four holes in it, one hole for each ankle and one for each wrist. He had measured his ankles and wrists to determine the size of the holes. The ankle holes were about one meter apart and the wrist holes were about ½ meter apart, centered between the ankle holes. This alone would make a very effective restraint.

He also sketched a unique pillory of sorts. It looked like a large board, but was really two boards hinged and locked together. When locked together, it was about one meter square with three holes in it, one for his neck and one for each wrist, in the shape of a triangle. It also had four eye bolts in it, one in each corner. It could be chained to the ceiling at any convenient height, or he could actually walk around wearing the pillory. The board was hinged so, when opened, he could be placed inside. Both the leg stocks and the wrist/head pillory had heavy hasps on them so they could be locked closed.

He spent the next few evenings in the basement workshop. He told me I was not allowed to see them until he was finished. I played along with his little game and didn’t peek on his progress. I heard a lot of sawing and pounding coming from the basement and it was getting me excited. I anticipated the hours of enjoyment I would get tormenting Richard in the weeks and months to come.

After almost two weeks of him spending his evenings in the basement, he announced he was ready for inspection. I was instructed to keep my eyes closed until he said it was okay to look. I just laughed at his request, but did it anyway to humor him. I was shocked to see that he had not only finished the stocks, but he also had made a cage. The cage was a complete surprise to me. We had not discussed it since I told him to make it. It was about a one meter cube, or maybe a little larger, made with heavy wood. One side had an opening with steel rods in it, spaced about 8 to 10 centimeters apart. I could stick my hand between the rods, but I don’t think Richard’s would fit. The door was hinged on the side and could be locked with a padlock. All the wood was sanded smooth and finished with a varnish of some type. It truly was a work of art! I walked around the cage, testing the joinery and the hinges.

“WOW” I said. “I’m impressed with your workmanship. Let’s try this stuff out. Get naked, slave.”

I placed his feet and wrists in the foot stocks and made sure they were not too tight but tight enough so escape was not possible. He had smoothed out the holes so as not to chafe himself. A smart move on his part. When I was satisfied with those I made him try the head and wrist pillory. I told him to try to get free. He twisted and pulled but was unable to remove his hands. I was satisfied that he could not free himself, so I released him and ordered him into the cage. He crawled in and I closed and locked the door. “You look a little cramped in there. Are you sure you made this thing big enough?” I asked. He assured me it was large enough. “Okay, we’ll see,” I said and went upstairs, turning off the lights when I reached the top of the stairs.

I left Richard in his new cage for two hours. When I asked how he felt, he said he was cramped up and sore and couldn’t wait to get his release. I laughed and let him out, promising that I knew where he was going if he was bad. “Okay, upstairs you go.” I marched him upstairs and said, “I have the perfect way to loosen up those cramped muscles of yours. Start doing pushups and don’t stop until I tell you. Now count off!” He counted off all right, but so did I, with my riding crop on his butt! Every time his butt went up, my whip came down on it. Whack! He did about 20 pushups and he was really straining. “Keep going, wimp” I yelled. When he could not do one more, I said, “Okay, roll over and do sit-ups, MOVE!” I yelled. “Faster!” I yelled. I straddled his legs and told him to kiss my pussy every time he sat up. I felt like a drill sergeant. hehe When he could not do one more sit-up, I told him to roll over and do push ups again. I kept making him exercise for an hour. “You’ll sleep well tonight,” I said.

I took him upstairs and tied him spread eagle on the bed. I started stroking his cock until he was rock hard and was moaning for more. But wait! I stopped and covered his groin with ice. He screamed for me to stop, but no way. I kept the ice on him until he was placid and showed some serious shrinkage. Then I stroked him again. I repeated this process for two more hours. I finally let him get some sleep, but I left him tied up until the morning. I slept in the guest room.

The next evening, when Richard got home from work, I had a necklace around my neck with a key on it. I asked, “Do you know what this key is to?”

“Yes, I’m afraid I do… Mistress.” I just laughed and told him to fix dinner while I took a bubble bath.

“Richard.” I yelled from the tub. “Did you lose any weight yesterday?” He muttered something but I didn’t hear…. or care. I was just enjoying the power I had over him.

After dinner, I ordered him into his stocks. I used both the leg stocks and the pillory. I locked his legs to the stocks and his head and arms into the pillory. I had chained the pillory from an oak beam near the ceiling, about a meter or so from the floor. With his legs locked in the stocks and his arms and head in the pillory, he looked quite pathetic. “You need a gag” I said and buckled a large ball gag in his mouth. “Do you want ice tonight, dear?” I asked ever so sweetly, taunting him. He violently shook his head no. “I was kind of thinking about sex tonight, but it doesn’t look like you are going to be able to accommodate me. Am I going to have to go to the bar and pick up some stud?” I asked. “I think I’ll change into my party clothes”.

I was only gone a few minutes. When he saw my outfit, his eyes widened. I was wearing a black leather mini skirt, black stockings, and knee high black leather boots. I had a black tight fitting sweater on top and was wearing a wide studded leather belt around my waist. He started sobbing and I thought he was going to start crying. “I thought this is what you wanted, me to dominate you. Well, Dear, this is the way I dominate you.” I stepped back and watched my helpless boyfriend and smiled. “I’m just teasing you Richard,” I said. “I’m not gonna pick up any guy. You’re my guy. You know that. However, I might find a lady who would appreciate me,” I said as I walked out the door. “Well, I’m off to the pub, see ya, Oh, I need some cash. Where is your wallet?” I took most of the money he had in his wallet. “Thanks. I’ll see ya later,” I said as I closed the door.

I returned home shortly after closing time. I think Richard was happy to see me, until he saw I wasn’t alone. I had met these two ladies at the bar, and after a few pints, we all got a little giddy. Well, the subject of tickling came up and one thing led to another. I mentioned I had my boyfriend bound and gagged at home and we all decided to come to my place and tickle torture Richard. We didn’t waste any time either. We used feathers, finger nails, ball point pens, ice cubes, and a toothbrush on poor Richard. Being naked and locked in stocks, he was totally open and available. His feet, arm pits, ribs, everywhere. We really let him have it until the neighbors pounded on the door complaining about the ruckus.

We were so drunk that we invited them in to join the fun. They accepted and we all had a ball. We tickled him until he cried and started to pee. I threw a towel over his penis and tried to catch his piss, but I think most of it went on us and the floor. Good times were had by all, except of course Richard. We were all laughing so that hard we were crying too.

When the girls and neighbors finally left, I released Richard. I was so tired that I zonked out on the couch. He must have been tired too because he zonked out beside me. We both took the next day off we were so tired. I didn't tell Richard, but I definitely planned on having those girls over again.

In the morning, Richard fixed me breakfast. I told him that I wanted eggs benedict, but he was not to have anything. I had a special breakfast planned for him. He looked puzzled, but did as he was told. He made me a delicious breakfast which I enjoyed while he watched me eat it. I told him I had a special treat in mind for him this morning. After I finished eating I told Richard to pour himself a cup of coffee, which he did. Then I said,  “Richard, I have not permitted you to cum once since we started with your training. This morning that will change. Do you like cream in your coffee?” I asked.

“No Mistress, you know I drink it black” he replied.

“Not this morning you don’t. You WILL have cream in your coffee. I want you to masturbate now. I want you to cum into your coffee cup. Do it! Now!”

He begged me not to make him do this but no way. I had my mind made up. It took a few minutes, but he finally exploded into his coffee. He had quite a load. I usually don’t see how much cum he has, but this was a lot, I reasoned, because he had not had an orgasm in several days. When he had finished I said “Drink it, slave, every last drop.”

“Please, Mistress, don’t make me do this.  Please Mistress,” he begged.

“Drink it” I ordered. “Drink it now!” I really didn’t see the big deal, I mean, he expects me to swallow, right?

Well, after he finished his coffee, I led him over to the stocks which were still set up from last night. “Before I lock you up, I want you to tie up your cock with these.” I said as I handed him 12 rubber bands. “Make it tight, as tight as you can” I ordered. After his cock was completely constrained with the rubber bands, I locked his head and arms in the pillory and his feet in the stocks. I let him sit like that for an hour before I brought him two bottles of warm water. “Thirsty?” I asked. I began pouring the water down his throat. “Don’t spill any!” I commanded. I kept forcing him to drink until all the water was gone. I then gagged him with his ball gag.

I turned on the television and laid back to enjoy some daytime talk shows, which I don’t get to see very often. “Richard, if you need anything, just holler?” I said, knowing full well he could not.

“Mmmmmuuggghhhpphhh” was about all he could say.

“Did you need more water Dear?” I asked. His head shock violently no. “Should I give the girls a call and see if they want to tickle you some more?”

I’m sure he had to pee very badly, but that’s a shame. I just love tormenting that man.

story continues in chapter three