Call Me Mistress

by Ann Onominos

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© Copyright 2019 - Ann Onominos - Used by permission

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Richard and I have been dating for about 6 months and our relationship is starting to get very serious. We have many interests in common and our values are very similar, except for politics, but that is not that important in a relationship. It is not my fault if he is wrong. We have vacationed together twice. I think this is a good test for a relationship, and we have survived both times.

The one area we have a little conflict is in the bedroom. We were fine for months. Then he found out I experimented being dominant with one guy in my past. Ever since he found that out, he has wanted me to dominate him. He started dropping little hints, like asking me what he should wear and how to dress. Lately, he has wanted me on top most of the time when we make love. He has asked me to hold him down and hand gag him. Last week, he asked me to tie him to the bed. I decided I was either going to put a stop to this behavior or try to be more dominant. Maybe I should try both… I think I have an idea!

During dinner on Friday, I informed Richard that he was to take me shopping the next day, Saturday. He looked at me a little funny, probably because this was very much out of character for me.

“What will we be shopping for?” he asked.

“You will not be shopping for anything. I will be shopping for new boots, black leather boots,” I said.

I told him, “If you want me to dominate you, I need to dress the part, right?”

“Yes, of course,” he said.

At that point, I dropped my napkin on the floor and, while picking it up, glanced at my boy friends crotch to see if I got a rise out of him. I reached over and gently put my hand on his pecker and said, “Settle down for now.  I’ll take care of this little problem later.” I said it with wicked little smile on my face.

That night in bed, he snuggled up to me as if we were going to have sex. I just rolled over and said good-night. As I lay in bed, I mentally prepared a shopping list. Rope, handcuffs, a gag, a whip, a cane, duct tape, the list goes on and on……

The next day after breakfast, I told Richard it was time to go shopping; it was off to Victoria’s Secret. I didn’t really need anything there, but I thought it might get his enthusiasm up, among other things, to see me try on a few things. I have a nice figure and didn’t fall off the ugly truck either. We ended up buying a garter belt and some black stockings. There is a nice leather goods store in the mall so we went there next. I tried on a pair of tight fitting pants. Perfect! I also bought a studded belt and a halter that fit perfectly.

Next we went to the shoe store where I found a wonderful pair of knee high boots with a 5 inch heel, black leather of course. On the way home I asked Richard to stop at the hardware store. When he asked what I needed there, I told if he wanted me to dominate him, I would need to do it right. I bought 200 feet of 10 mm diameter rope and four padlocks, keyed alike. I also bought three rolls of duct tape. I made him wait in the car so he did not see what I bought.

That night after dinner I said, “You better pour me some wine while you can still move.”  I had wicked smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye.

After my second drink, I told Richard to go get my boots I had just bought. I turned to him and said, “I know what you want. You want me to dominate you, to be in control.”

He quickly agreed and I reminded him, “Once you agree to this, there is no backing out, no changing your mind.”

Again, he eagerly agreed.

“Okay, go take a shower. Don’t bother getting dressed. You won’t be needing clothes for a while,” I told him.

While he was in the shower, I quickly gathered my toys. Some rope, a blindfold, a couple of handkerchiefs, and my riding crop. I had time to get my new leathers on before he came downstairs. The smell of the new leather was very intoxicating to me. It made feel strong and powerful. I knew that tonight I was in control. I would dictate what would happen. He was going to get what he wanted and so would I.

I heard him coming down the steps and I stood up straight with my hands on my hips. “Call me Mistress, slave. That is your first lesson.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he quickly answered.

“I am going to teach you how to be a good slave. When you address me, you are always to be in the submissive slave stance. You are to stand erect with your head bowed and your hands behind your back. Your feet are to be spread apart, shoulder width. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered while moving into the slave position I had described.

“Very well, slave.  Who is in control now?”

“You are” he answered.

With that, my riding crop sliced through the air and found his buttocks. “MISTRESS!!!” I sternly corrected him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded.

“Now turn around,” I ordered.

I crossed his wrists behind him and wound the rope ten wraps before cinching the bindings with five quick wraps.

“Now get those elbows together,” I ordered.

I wrapped the rope just above his elbows, winding it ten times, pulling his elbows closer together with each wrapping. I then cinched my rope with five more wraps around his elbow bindings. I tugged at the ropes, making sure he was secured. I turned him around and tied a rope around his neck and tied it off with a square knot so it would not slip. I pulled at his new leash, showing him who was in charge without saying a word. I now wrapped the rope around his balls and cock three times, pulling it quite tightly before tying it off.

I stepped back to admire my handy work and commented, “There you go, slave. What should I call my slave? Slave boy? Little Richie? How about just Slut!”

“Lay down on the floor slut,” I ordered.

I then crossed his legs and tied his ankles together, the same as his wrists, cinching them tightly. I then tied his ankles to his elbow ropes, giving him a tight hogtie.

I sat on the couch and ordered him, “Crawl to me, slut. Crawl on the floor like the worm you are”.

He started to slither across the floor towards me.

“Faster, slave!” I barked. “Now kiss my boots. Lick them clean. I want them to shine!”

He licked my boots clean, first one, then the other. I felt the urge to use my riding crop on his butt, and I surely did, until it was quite red.

Several times I asked him who was in charge. He quickly responded “You  are Mistress.”

“Okay, slut, time for a break.” I untied his feet and helped him to his knees.

“I want you to take my boots off my feet. Do it, slut. Use your teeth to get that zipper.”

He struggled to get the zipper down using just his teeth, but eventually managed. I helped him along a little by resting the heel of my boot firmly on the floor and slipped my foot out.

“Good slut, now the other one!” I ordered.

He proceeded to remove the second boot, using just his teeth again. I was impressed how much faster he was with second boot. I thought to myself that he must be a quick study.

“Now suck my toes. I want all my toes in that slutty mouth of yours.”

He sucked my toes clean, first one foot, then the other. I pushed him away and took my leather pants off and removed my black panties.

“Now eat my pussy, slut!” I ordered. “You better do a good job or I’ll get my whip out.”

He worked his way up to my love box, which was very hot and wet by this time. As I felt his tongue enter my pussy I wrapped my legs around his head, holding him firmly in my grasp. I grabbed a handful of his curly locks and forced him tightly to me. The next 30 minutes were like heaven to me. My slender legs played games with his bound arms, teasing him mercilessly. He never stopped pleasing me even once, not even to catch his breath. I made him lick me until I came three times, using my whip from time to time, not really hard, but just hard enough to let him know I was in charge.

Next, I told him to stand up. I had to help him a little but he managed. I put the blindfold on him and slapped his face gently with my riding crop.

“Who’s in charge, Slut?” I sternly asked.

“You are,” he responded quickly.

That answer cost him ten hard strokes with my whip. “MISTRESS!” I screamed at him. “CALL ME MISTRESS!!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he corrected himself.

“Open your slutty mouth,” I ordered as I stuffed a handkerchief in his mouth, filling it completely. I then took another handkerchief and tied it around his head, covering his mouth so he could not spit out his gag. He was now completely blindfolded, gagged and bound.

“Do you want to sleep like this?” I asked.

He MMMMPPPPHHHHEEDD something and nodded his head yes.

I helped him lie down on the floor and proceeded to tie his feet together again. I hogtied him again and covered him with a sheet and whispered, “Goodnight.”

 As I lay back on the couch, enjoying the afterglow of several orgasms, I watched my boy friend, bound and gagged, at my mercy.

I thought this was a good beginning of a new side of both of us.

* * * * *

As you may recall my boy friend, Richard, wants me to dominate him during our sexual activities. I decided to give him a strong taste, to get it out of his system, or see if that’s what he really wants.

The weekend is here at last and my boy friend, Richard and I wanted to unwind and relax. He wanted to play sex games. I wanted to watch the woman’s final figure skating. I am adamant about the skating and I know he really wants to play. What is a woman to do, but please her man? I told him to gather up all our bondage gear and meet me in the bedroom in 20 minutes. Let’s see, 1 minute to get the gear ready and 19 minutes to anticipate what’s to come.

He was naked when I entered the room, as ordered.

“Alright, hands behind your back,” I ordered.

I wound some soft, 10mm diameter rope around his wrists about a dozen times before cinching it tight. I tugged at the bindings, making sure they were tight. Next I moved up to his elbows. I tied them tight together, as close together as I could pull them, before cinching them, the same as the wrists. Then I applied three strips of duct tape across his lips, then two more to make a big “x” across his mouth. I then pulled a stocking over his head, cutting away a piece so his nose could stick through.

Next I started winding more duct tape around his head and didn’t stop until his entire head was encased in tape. His head looked like a silver ball with a nose. I laughed to myself at my artwork. I gently pinched his nose and asked “Who’s in control now?”

He started violently shaking his head to break loose of the hold I had on him. He MMMPPHHHED something completely unintelligible.

I grabbed his cock and said, “Follow me, big guy.”

I led him into the walk-in closet and helped him then lie face down. Next, I tied a rope around his wrists and pulled them as high up as I could before tying off the other end of the rope to the clothes rod, high above the floor. I then tied a spreader bar to each of his ankles, forcing them about three feet apart. I tied a rope to each ankle with the other end tied to the clothes rod, pulling his feet about two feet off the floor. With his feet in the air and his wrists tied near the ceiling, he was going nowhere.

I stepped back and announced, “I’m going down stairs to watch the ice skating. Any objections?”

MMMPPHH was all I heard.

“I take that as a no,” I said, and left to watch the skating.

I returned every half hour or so during the commercials to check on him. There really was no need. He definitely was not going anywhere. As I watched the skating, I found myself getting somewhat aroused, watching the perfectly formed bodies of the female skaters gracefully dancing across the ice. Between that, and two glasses of wine, I was really getting in the mood. But, with my lover incapacitated for the evening, I had to make other plans. I went to my toy drawer and found my vibrator and proceeded to play with myself. I brought myself to a nice orgasm but thought, this is not what I really want. I thought about it for a short time and decided to see if my friend Krissy was busy. I thought how lucky I was to have a good friend like Krissy and hoped she wasn’t busy. Well, I was in luck. She said she’d be right over.

Krissy and I have been very good friends for years and have been sexually intimate many times. We both liked things a little kinky. I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with her. When the doorbell rang, I almost killed myself rushing to answer it. I greeted her with a kiss, make that a sloppy kiss, and she got the idea right away.

“Where’s Rich?” she asked.

“Oh, I guess I didn’t tell you. Funny story. He decided he wants me to be more ‘dominant’ with him. So I am giving him a real strong taste of BDSM to see if I can knock it out of his system,” I explained. “He’s upstairs. Come on, I’ll show you.”

I led Krissy to the bedroom closet and opened the door.

Her jaw dropped. “Anna, how long have you had him tied up like this?”

“About two hours. Why? Is there a problem?” I asked.

“Well, I really think you should untie him, or at least give him a break. His hands have turned red and cold,” Krissy said as she reached down to touch him. “It does turn me on some to see him so helpless. Two hours, huh? Do you think maybe you could tie me up like that? I mean after you untie him?” asked Krissy.

“Maybe some other time, Hun. I’ve got other plans tonight,” I said. “Do you think I should untie him right now? I was thinking of watching his white ass turn red. We could each have a cheek. I have an extra riding crop. You do remember how to use one, don’t you?”

For the next 15 minutes, Krissy and I used our riding crops on Richard’s ass. It was a nice shade of dark pink when we were done.

“Ok, let’s get him untied. I want to tie him to a chair this time. Do you have a problem with him watching us play?” I asked.

Krissy’s face turned red as she blushed, shaking her head slowly from side to side as she tried to hide her embarrassment. I untied Rich and retied him to a chair, facing the bed. I left him gagged so he could not protest, but I removed all the tape and the stocking from his head. I wanted him to watch as two horny women played.

I reached out and took Krissy’s hand and led her to the bed. I slowly removed her blouse and bra and I took my sweet time kissing and caressing her perky tits. My right hand found her pussy soaking wet. Oh good, I thought to myself, clean shaven. I slipped her panties off, leaving her completely nude.

She moaned as I slid my finger into her eagerly waiting pussy. First one finger, then another, until I had four fingers inside her. She played with my tits as well, until I decided she needed to be tied to the bed. I had plenty of rope handy from tying Rich. After I had her arms tied to the headboard, I checked on my boyfriend. He had a huge erection.

“What the hell is this?” I asked.

He just MMMFFFPPPED into his gag.

I took some rope and wound it tightly around his cock and balls about twenty times, tying it very tightly. “There, that should keep your mind occupied,” I said as I climbed back into bed and proceeded to play with Krissy. I played with her until she had three orgasms. I loved probing her pussy with my tongue, reaching deep inside her, her juices running down my face. I loved to hear her scream and moan when she cums, tied to the bed, totally in my control.

After an hour or so, I decided it was my turn to orgasm. I try to be a generous lover, but I still want to have fun. Fair is fair, I figure. I untied Krissy from the bed and retied her arms behind her back. I told her to be good to me or she would end up in the closet, just like she found Richard.

I then untied Richard from the chair and removed his gag. I left his arms tied behind his back and I left the cock bondage on. I next ordered both of them to make me cum using only their tongues. I climbed on the bed and lay down with my arms and legs spread. I fantasized being tied like that while my two slaves pleased me with their mouths. Krissy sure knew what to do, sucking on my tits and stimulating me with her tongue while Richard ate at the “Y”. Richard gave excellent oral sex as well. I have trained him in that aspect as well.

After at least two hours of Krissy and Richard pleasing me, I glanced at the clock. I had to study the digits for several seconds before they finally came into focus. It was almost 5 AM!! I had totally lost track of the time and I had to get some sleep. I untied both my slaves and the three of us, exhausted, fell asleep on the bed.

story continues in chapter two