Caged Fantasies 3

by M

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Caged Fantasy #3 - Art

With the click of the last lock, it is done.

I sit naked in a large dog cage. There is a metal pan under me, the walls and ceiling made of steel mesh. The door is now secured with four padlocks along with the two regular sliding latches. My wrists and ankles are locked in leather cuffs which are chained to the wall mesh – though my movements are restricted I can still move around as the cage is quite large and I am not that big. In any case, it is impossible for me to open the cage door or leave the cage.

On top of the cage, sitting on the wire mesh, are four ice cubes the size of a deck of playing cards. On top of each cube is a paper cup, but more about that later. Inside each cube a key is frozen – one key for each lock on the door. Once a cube melts, the key will fall through the mesh and I will be able to open the door. However, I will still be unable to leave due to the chains locked to the cage itself. For those locks, I will need another four keys.

The cups sitting on top of the ice cubes each contain one of the keys to my cuffs. They are also filled to the brim with paint – two with red, one with white, the other blue. A patriotic motif.

So now I am left waiting for the ice to melt, during which time the cups of paint will fall at some point, splashing my nude body and making a general mess of me. In the past it’s taken a couple of hours for the cubes to melt so I will have a long, uncomfortable wait in my self-made prison. Things are not helped when, fifteen minutes into my imprisonment, a timer clicks and the lights go out. Now I will have to find the keys by feel while wallowing in the slippery, slimy paint.

Just to make things interesting, I have drunk a dozen or so glasses of warm water and three cups of strong tea before entering the cage. I’m hoping I won’t have to piss myself as well before I can get out.

In the end, I will eventually find all the keys and, sometime in the night, unlock my restraints and open the door. In the dark, I will crawl out of the cage and onto the white canvas laid out in front of it. Covered in paint and possibly pee-soaked, I will masturbate to a very satisfying orgasm.

After cleaning myself up, I will return to the cellar and see what my new artwork looks like.

I will call it “Freedom”.


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