Caged Fantasies 2

by M

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Caged Fantasy #2 - Pet

“Honey, I’m home!”

There was no immediate response to my greeting though I knew she was in the house. I heard something from the cellar.

“Susan, are you okay?”

“Steve, stay upstairs for a second, okay?”

“Okay, hon. What’s up?”

I stood at the top of the cellar stairs and looked down but couldn’t see her. It was after eight and the cellar was dark.

“Want me to turn the lights on down there?”

“Okay, sure. Steve, you love me, right?” Her voice was soft and plaintive. There was a pause before I summoned up the courage to speak.

“Are you alone down there?”

“Yes,”said Susan, ”I’m alone but I have to tell you something before you come downstairs.”

“Okay,” I said a little stiffly, ”what?”

“Remember when Bruno died?”

Bruno was our old dog, a big bull mastiff who was sweet as can be. He ruled the house but slept in a big crate in the cellar. He had died the previous year and we were still deciding whether to replace him with a new puppy. I had no idea why she was talking about Bruno.

“Yes, I remember”

“Well, I was thinking about him today and how he lived with us and slept in the cellar for all those years and all those good memories we have of him. So I came downstairs and started cleaning up his cage, you know, just in case we decided to get a new puppy. So I needed to get in the crate to clean it and I didn’t want to get my new jeans dirty with dog hair so I just... well... I just stripped down and got in and started cleaning it.”

I let my silence speak for me.

“You still there, love?”

“Keep going”

“Okay, well, after the cage was clean I sat in it and thought about how nice Bruno was and what it must have been like for him to sleep in the crate. You know, it’s pretty big and roomy and kind of comfortable.”

Susan is a petite woman, very attractive with short brown hair and a stunning figure. My imagination was starting to send little shocks into my shorts as she spoke.

“So anyways, I was sitting here... I mean, there.. in the cage when I wondered what it was like not being able to leave it. I mean, at night he couldn’t open the door with his paws, right? Right, Steve? Steve?”

“Right....right, Sue. Sue, what’s going on?”

“In a minute.... so... I went and got a combination lock from your workshop shelf and went back in the cage and closed the door and even though I memorized the combination after I locked the door shut I couldn’t get it open and now.... I’m a little stuck.” The last came out in a rush and I thought I heard a catch in her voice.

“I’m coming downstairs, Susan. Okay?”

“Alright, honey, but please keep an open mind, okay? Okay?”

I walked slowly down the wooden stairs and turned the corner to find my lovely wife, stark naked, locked in a very clean black wire dog crate. She covered her perfect little breasts demurely with one arm, her sex with her other hand but little was left to the imagination and my imagination was using every bit of it. I stood with my hands on my hips and marveled at this sight. Her gaze dropped to the tightening in my pants.

“Well, I can see what you’re thinking,” she said impishly, ”but don’t get any ideas. I’ve been in here for too long and I’d like to get out now.”

I just stood and looked, my mental wheels turning feverishly.

“Are you just going to stand there? Get me out of here!”

I don’t know what it was about her voice that made me make the decision I did. Was it the imperious tone? Or was it the little girl looking for punishment after being bad? I knew I would never get this chance again.

“Are you okay, honey? Are you in any pain?” I asked solicitously.

“No,”she said, a little more annoyance creeping in, ”I told you it was comfortable in here but I want to get out so please get me out of here like I asked!”

I turned around and started back upstairs.

“What’s the combination?” I asked out loud.

“It’s 34, 10, 26. Where are you going, Steve? Steve!?”

At the top of the stairs I put my finger on the lightswitch.

“It’s 34, 15, 26,” I said, turning out the cellar light, “I’m going out for about an hour. When I get back we’ll talk about your release”

To the receding sounds of her noisy protests, I left the house and drove to a sex shop about 15 minutes away. We had bought a few things there, nothing too unusual, but this time I gave the credit card a workout. The clerk must have thought I was the world’s biggest pervert as I lugged the big shopping bag to my car. After one last stop at a pet store I returned to my house and my new pet.

I flicked on the cellar light and heard Susan immediately begin trying the correct combination.

“Don’t bother,” I said, “I was lying.”

“Steve!” she almost yelled, ”what do you think you’re doing??”

“You wanted to find out what it was like being locked in the dog crate and now you know. Now you’re going to find out what it’s like being a pet. My pet. Put these on.”

I pushed a pair of stainless steel ankle shackles through the bars.

“They go on your ankles,” I said helpfully.

She held them up and looked at them like they would bite.

“Steve, I... I don’t know....”

“Just do it, love,” I whispered,”don’t think about it.”

I watched in rapt attention as she slowly hefted the heavy steel cuffs. She sat back against the mesh and stretched out a leg as far as she could. Opening one of the cuffs, she placed it around her slim bare ankle, hesitating briefly before ratcheting it closed. She looked at me and grinned mischievously and I knew instantly she was excited. She took the other cuff and snapped it carefully around her other ankle. I handed her the smaller pair of handcuffs and watched as she expertly applied them to her wrists in front of her.

Lastly, I handed her a bright pink nylon dog collar; she examined it, mouth agape. It had two metal tags attached: a red heart stamped SUSAN and a silver bone stamped PROPERTY OF STEVE. She shook the collar and the tags made a merry tinkling sound. Looking up at me through the metal mesh, she put the collar around her neck and buckled it on. Now her every movement was revealed to me with the tinkle of her collar, it serving also to remind her of her “pethood”.

“Are you going to let me out now?” she asked softly. The chains rattled gently against the metal floor pan as she shifted position revealing her bare pussy, now glistening slightly with moisture. She brushed hair from her face with her manacled hands, the silvery metal contrasting nicely with her tanned skin.

“In a bit,” I said, unbuttoning my shirt, ”but first I want you to do a little something for me.”

“What’s would that be, sugar?” she asked, licking her lips. The rattling increased as she started moving into a kneeling position.

“No, not yet. First I want a show – I want you to pleasure yourself. For me.”

Susan blushed a deep pink. She had never done that in front of me before and I wasn’t sure she’d do it but she didn’t have much choice now, did she?

“No, Steve, please....” she pouted.

I slung my shirt over my shoulder and started back upstairs.

“Okay, okay!” she yelled after me, ”but give me something to think about.”

She lay back again against the black mesh, spreading her legs as wide as the cage and her shackles would allow. I removed my pants and underwear to unleash the biggest erection I’ve ever had. Her mouth opened, her pink lips glistening, as a hand slid down to her wet sex. Two fingers disappeared into her as the other hand began flicking and pinching her stiff nipples. Almost on its own, my hand wandered down to my stiff cock and began stroking it in a familiar rhythm. It was as if our lust fed off each other, captor and captive separated by wire and steel but still connected with the sights and sounds of our pleasuring.

Fearful of ending the fun too soon, I stopped and gestured for her to change position, bringing her face to the wire mesh. I knelt next to the crate and thrust my cock through the mesh and into her receptive mouth. Now I was fucking my caged animal and I could feel the pressure to come when she suddenly pulled away laughing. She lay back in the corner again, looking at me with an evil little smile.

“So who’s in charge now, Mr. Jailer?” she teased, continuing to stroke her inflamed pink pussy while staring at my shrinking, unsatisfied cock. I must have looked pathetic as I pulled away from the cage and stood up shakily. I wasn’t done playing this game yet, though. I went to the cage door and dialed in the correct combination, swinging the door open to let her out. She maneuvered around until her cuffed hands and head could come through the door. Quickly I pulled another sex shop item from the bag – an eyeless leather hood. In seconds I had it pulled over her head and strapped in place, the buckles secured with tiny brass locks – click, click, click!

“Steve!” she whined but was soon silent as I pushed a rubber penis gag into her open mouth, snapping it into place on the hood. Now her complaints were only muffled grunts as I helped her out of the cage. There she stood, naked and restrained for my pleasure. I moved in close behind her, my stiff cock nestling between the cheeks of her perfect ass, and reached around to her cuffed wrists. I unlocked one wrist then quickly drew her arms behind her to relock them together.

Moving back in front, I caressed her pert breasts with their hard little nipples, thinking how next time (and there would be a next time!) I would pick up some nipple clamps – maybe with bells – to adorn those beauties. She writhed under my touch, moaning softly in her dark world. I clipped a leather leash to her collar and led her carefully upstairs.

Once in the bedroom, I took my time positioning her on the bed. Using more of my sex shop purchases, I exchanged the hard steel shackles for some soft leather cuffs and thin steel chain which I used to secure her kneeling and buns up. A quick finger check of her pussy revealed her to be quite ready.

I climbed on the bed behind her and rubbed my hard cock up and down her wet, waiting slit. She wriggled helplessly in her restraints, thrusting back uselessly trying to impale herself on my teasing dick. I waited until her grunts and moans sounded more like whining and pleading and as I leaned over to her ear, my dick sliding slowly into her hot, waiting sex I whispered, “How’s this for doggy-style, my pet?”


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