By Invitation

by Zephyr

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Continues from

Part 5

By Invitation Part 5 – Party time

Scott's job schedule changed and it took a lot of the air out of our relationship (or was it my captivity?) With much less time to spend together we did less and the more exotic things were less and less too. He took me back to the Cove several times until I not only didn't care but I sort of looked forward to the freedom of the nudity.

He did make me go with him to one of Phillip and Yvonne's house parties. That was an experience! I dressed up kind of kinky and slutty but he was fine with me wearing a coat over it until we got there. It was a different feeling, being in a group in that sort of clothing but like the Cove when you're not standing out nobody cares and I wasn't.

I did drink a lot. It was probably a mistake but I did it because of how nervous I was. By the time I wasn't nervous any more I was way drunk although Yvonne made sure I stayed out of trouble. The "centerpiece" that night was Davy, a hunky guy. His mistress, Darleen, said he was a mid-level manager. He was quite the sight and he was very happy and perfectly willing to be the centerpiece. That meant he was the one tied up naked on an inclined bench available for sucking anything proffered to him or other uses for a large iron-hard cock that stood straight up on his body. He had been tied up there naked when we arrived and stayed that way the whole time. They had a little meeting at the start for about 30 minutes as normal and then the party began until everyone went home. As the visitor of the opposite sex it was traditional for nobody else to make him come; that was reserved for me if I wanted it. In a strapless black leather, almost PVC micro-dress with the top of my boobs hanging all out and fishnet stockings I was quite the sight and with all that alcohol not worried about a damn thing. They had such interesting equipment in the basement of that house. Things I had only heard of but never actually seen. But the meeting was over almost an hour ago and Davy was mine if I wanted him and orgasmless all night unless I did. But until then lots of the women there were happy to toy with his body and his sanity.

I looked him over and he looked good. In retrospect I really should have drunk less so I would have put on less of a show and made better decisions. But I didn't. I looked over at Scott who just shrugged. “As long as you’re going home with me...” he started. I think he was surprised I wanted to do anything at all. I would have been.

I folded my top down and shoved my breasts in his mouth. He knew what to do with a woman's breasts. We had an audience but I didn’t care. It felt real, real good. Then I straddled his face and it was like velvet, just magical. Yes, I really needed Scott to pick up a few pointers. Having had enough foreplay I dropped a condom on the part of him that was next and rode him to my heart's content. I took my time and did him my way. Just the way I wanted, maximum pleasure. I began to see what Yvonne saw in this sort of thing. All I had to do was please myself; I could really have some fun with a boy toy. When I was getting close he began begging me to let him come. People had been playing with him all night and now someone was fucking him but he could not come unless allowed. Just to be devilish I told him no and started riding him harder. He held off with a massive groan and the strain on his face was incredible. I missed the look of shock and surprise at this that passed between Yvonne and Scott; she would have never thought I had this in me. When I started to come I told him to do it too and we came together. I eased off him and thanked him sweetly to which he told me that the pleasure was really all his. After that display and knowing me and alcohol Scott eased me out of there and took me home.

In the car I thought about it. Yeah, one could get used to that. A man to excellently take care of your every need and all you had to do was let him satisfy you. He didn’t matter. And you could have anything you wanted from him any time you wanted it. And he’d be the very, very best he could be. Um, yeah. Hell yeah.

And then it hit me. Yes, almost as if you were blackmailing him. I wondered if that was what I was like for Scott. I let that thought go in a hurry.

But if we kept going, after the third visit the sub in our couple, and it certainly would not be Scott, was eligible to be the centerpiece. It was pretty much a given they were on that fourth visit. Von said she had done it lots of times and would do it any time she was asked in a heartbeat. Hell, she said, get fucked to multiple orgasms by people you trust, what’s not to like? Everybody there wore condoms and they treated the subs real well. When she was the centerpiece she always had a good time and usually orgasmed three or four or five times in the hour or so after the meeting. They were especially good to a girl her first time. Von said people had played with her in every way for over two straight hours. She lost count that first time after her sixth orgasm.

And um... Yeah. Tied up and stretched out like that. Helpless. Before the meeting, naked, everything out there. My large firm breasts would be a certain target. Trapped there as the meeting progressed knowing what was coming (me). Knowing that in a short time I’d be taken, my breasts played with, toys used on me (and I had seen a lot of interesting toys there), maybe even be whipped. And fucked repeatedly. Unable to do anything about it except orgasm again as someone else took your quivering and helpless body. Damn girl, I caught myself, yeah, way, way too much alcohol tonight. But yeah, I could have personal time fun on the thoughts of one of those experiences for decades. And Scott seemed inclined to attend more events. And if he went there he had to bring a female with him. Including the fourth time. Guess who? Ummmmm. I was in the car and not willing to do what I really wanted to do: Play with myself until I came screaming. So I just went to sleep.

After throwing up the prerequisite amount of time the next morning I couldn’t believe what I remembered I had done and I really hoped that was all of it. But Scott never brought it up and I sure as hell didn’t.

I guess I made an impression. A few weeks later Scott told me he had accepted an invitation to us from Phillip and Yvonne to go to one of their parties out on the south side of Warner Cove Saturday night. I was surprised when the thought only bothered me a little. There had been a day when I would have moved to another state to avoid doing that. Today I just wondered if I’d have a good time.

The nudity didn’t bother me anymore. That horse was long gone out the corral and halfway across the state. We’d been back there several times since that first trip, mostly to just go (nude) to the beach. Scott after that first time hadn’t done anything to me or made me take off my bikini until we were around the Point. Once we were around the Point and among the other naked people and out of sight of the mundanes I was taking it off before he asked. It just didn’t bother me anymore. Nobody cared. Including me. I’d have stood out more there if I were not naked. And Scott every time had been there with me, not with the myriad other naked women there. With me. In the Scott I dated that would have been unthinkable, laughable. Bitterly laughable. But at least for once in a good way that was then and this was now. He seemed to have learned his lesson. Or maybe he was just too involved, too satisfied with what he had with me. Maybe I was enough for him now. I wanted to think that. At times it was still scary but I could be brave and unashamed because he made me feel beautiful and I wasn’t alone.

It wasn’t as if I hadn’t had fantasies about Standing Rock and being at a party and being tied there. Sure, in the fantasies all sorts of hunky guys came over and played with me (and in me) but that was a hard line in real life. Only Scott. Only someone I loved. I stopped dead in wonder at that word. After a second I just shook my head no and amended it. Including Scott because at the moment I had no other choice. You couldn’t love someone who was forcing you to do all sorts of kinky hard things and have sex with them twice a week.


We got to the parking lot at the beach and found a spot. I pulled off my shorts and left them in the car. I had a t-shirt to go over the bikini top but had never put it on. Even when we had stopped for a quick bite to eat. Yes, in there I looked like a young woman in a string bikini top and shorts who was heading for the beach. Exactly who I was. So what. We shouldered our backpacks and off we went.

It was middle afternoon, almost late afternoon and the sea wind had already blown the hottest part of the day away. We rounded Warner Point and the vanilla part of the world was out of sight. I tugged all the strings and handed my bikini to Scott who had to stop to take off his own trunks. He stowed them in his backpack and we continued walking in the late afternoon sun.

I spoke of the elephant in the room as we walked hand in hand down the north side of the Cove. It was more a statement than a question. “You want to tie me to Standing Rock again tonight?” He nodded.

“And have sex with me in front of a whole bunch of people?” Again he nodded yes.

“And leave me there and let other people have sex with me?” That question, unlike the others, did not get a fast answer.

“I... I haven’t decided.” He finally got out. “I do and I don’t. I don’t have an answer.”

I stopped and took his other hand and looked at him. “Sure you do and you need to face it. You keep bringing me to places and situations where things like that can happen. Here tonight, Phillip and Von’s house parties. You need to admit it. You want other people to have sex with me. Or you would avoid places like this with me.”

He was silent about that as we continued walking. “So on that topic,” he asked “what do you want?”

I just gave a little laugh as we continued walking. “You must have around two thousand pictures of me by now. I didn’t think I got a vote.”

The answer was breathtaking in what it didn’t say. It didn’t say no. Or hell no. Or no and go running away screaming and walking 60 miles back to where we lived. It wasn’t a yes, but it was saying that if he wanted me to he could. And I would do it. I had thought about it on the way down here when I realized what I had just told him about the places he kept taking me. And he could force me if he wanted to. So it really wasn’t a question of if. It was only a question of when. And when didn’t matter to me. Whenever. Get this over with too like a lot of other things. Today was an acceptable answer. I never was the type to run from things.

Besides I was curious. And I had fantasies about it. And I knew ever since that first time that someday he would take me back here and maybe make me do it. It didn’t matter. I had a body, a nice body, the kind that boys wanted to stick themselves into and play with my oversized breasts. What were bodies for? Maybe not “use them up and wear them out” but use them, for sure. Our bodies were a tool each of us had been given to use just like our minds.

He didn’t have a thing to say at all for quite a while and even then it was a different subject. It was about an hour before sunset when we got to Standing Rock. Phillip and Von were there. She came over and gave me a hug and told me how glad she was that I was finally here.

There were about thirty people already here, some swimming in the water, most sitting in the sand and drinking whatever they had brought. Probably about two thirds male, almost all about our age. Standing Rock was community property. If you wanted to come here and party and take advantage of the environment you were welcome to come and join everyone else. The live and let live attitude that permeated the Cove was in force here too. Come out, have fun, be naked, and if there’s someone tied to the Rock you want to have fun with and you can then go enjoy yourself. The group might swell to as much as forty or fifty after sunset. You might not know everybody every time you were here but you did get to know people.

We settled down next to Phillip and Yvonne and began to relax. Out came the food and drink from our packs and we began to slowly imbibe. People occasionally had an open cooler but most everybody drank what they had brought. For me it was my traditional bottles of Dos and occasionally something different. I had harder stuff for later but Dos was fine for now. The county had huge recycling bins for glass and aluminum and trash cans in a row just this side of the river. With all the stuff coming out of the Cove the aluminum and glass bins almost paid for the beach.

As I sipped my third Dos I was talking and looking at Von. Where I was taller and had a normal full figure Von was shorter, almost rail thin. Probably a size four or six at best I thought. Small breasts, maybe 34Bs or so. Pert, together, not spread across her chest. She absolutely had them but she wasn’t a candidate for future back problems like I was. Thin as a rail. Long trunk, long equally thin legs. She didn’t need to point her toes or wear heels for her legs to look nice. I sure envied that. She was smart and witty and so very, very in love with Phillip, or “Sir” as she always referred to him. She was devoted to him and from everything I could see he was devoted to her. He took good care of her and as she sometimes put it with a giggle, kept her very well fucked. From her stories in a huge number of ways. Most women only wanted sex about half as many times as the average male but she had gotten used to it. Boy did I know that these days but there was no way to say that.

The collar around her neck was beautiful. It flashed every once in a while in the fading sunlight. It set her apart, marked her as special. As someone wanted. As someone strong. The conventional thinking was that someone wore a collar because they were too weak to be on their own. It was across the universe from the truth. I had long ago seen from Von that the strength required to surrender that much to another was immense. And you had to have a very special person to be able to surrender it to. An incredibly rare person, an unicorn, who could be trusted with that control and was strong enough themselves to treasure and nurture it and not abuse it.

It made me compare it to my own situation and want to laugh. Or cry. But still it was beautiful against her skin and her long brown hair. I asked her if she could take it off and let me wear it for a while.

She was startled by the request. She would have never seen that coming from me. “What would people think, Gina? You can’t hide it under your clothes.”

“I don’t care what they think. They can think what they want. My life, my neck, my choice.” She was impressed by the answer. “Besides, it’s just for a little while. Clothes?” She said she’d ask Sir but she doubted he’d say yes.

Phillip was a few feet away and she walked over to him but came back pretty quickly. “He said no but he suggested we talk to Jerry. He thought he might have one.

I told Scott I’d be right back and we found Jerry. Jerry was tall, a little bulky, freckled and sandy, almost red hair. A friend of Phillip and Yvonne’s who also attended their evening get-togethers. He had met a girl, Julianne, who had come out here with him a few times. They had talked and even picked out a collar for her but after that she had ghosted him and it had been a month now. She was gone. He should probably just sell or return the collar and get on with his life. But sure, if it fit, I was welcome to try it. But it was a collar. If I wanted to try it on, to try on a collar and not just wear a band of metal around my neck we ought to have a little ceremony. Yes, but who would be my “sir”?

Well, ok. I wasn’t making a lifetime commitment though. Just the evening. I wanted to try the metal band but there was nobody I wanted to make that sort of commitment to. Especially not Scott no matter how good we looked to others. We looked like the textbook loving couple because neither of us wanted the truth to come out.

Jerry pulled the collar out of his backpack. It was wrapped in a cloth and it was shiny, beautiful chrome. It had a pair of small ornate keys attached. It was small, maybe an eighth of an inch in diameter where Von’s was a bit thicker. It was just a ring where Von’s had a small decorative (or maybe not decorative) ring that attached to the collar and normally rode in front. Hers was an unbroken loop with a hinge at one point and a fastening mechanism built into the near-unbroken surface on the far side of the hinge. The one in my hand had a small box which rested at the back of the wearer’s neck. The far end of the collar loop was almost like a small stopper. The stopper went into the small box where a mechanism inside captured it and held it fast until the key released it. I pushed it in and the stopper end went into the hole as I held it in my hand. I felt it meet some resistance as the stopper met the capture mechanism. With more pressure the stopper slowly forced the capture mechanism open and then with a click it locked. “How hard is it to pull apart?”

Jerry snorted. “You’d better not be able to do it at all. If you can I’m sending it back with a nasty letter. Go ahead and try.”

I took him at his word and tried, gently at first but then with all my strength to pull it back apart. Even though I had a pretty good grip I had no success. All I could do was get my fingers to slip down the length of the collar. I couldn’t bend it out of shape either. It was very strong metal. I took one of the keys that was attached on a small chain and put it into the lock and twisted. It popped right apart. And I was awestruck. It was real. It was actual. It wasn’t jewelry. If it were locked around my neck and I didn’t have the key it was staying on. And here I held it in my hands...

“May I...?” I looked up at Jerry.

“Sure, of course, why not.”

I opened it enough to place it around my neck. I fingered the small gap between the stopper and the box. I could push it closed. It didn’t feel too tight. I looked up hopefully at Jerry who just nodded. Von wasn’t even breathing. I pushed, then harder, then heard the click.

It was on. A band of metal was wrapped around my neck. I was collared. I fingered it around my clavicle, felt the small but very strong band run around my neck. Bright, shiny, unmistakable. Marking me as someone different. Someone strong. Someone sexual and unashamed. Sensual. Owned. Wanted. I found myself needing to take a breath. Oh, I had no idea how much I’d like this.

“You need to give it back, though.” Jerry told me. “Collars means something and if you want to wear that one I have a few caveats.”

I found one of the keys and turned it in the lock. The collar popped open and I carefully pulled it off. Even after only a few seconds my neck felt barren. I handed it back. “Caveats?” I asked him. I think Von still wasn’t breathing

“If you want to wear it I’m fine with loaning it to you for a little while, but not just out here. Not just for an evening. That’s wearing jewelry, that’s not wearing a collar. I’ve seen you and, Scott is it, at the PEAL meeting last week, didn’t I?” Yes - Phillip and Yvonne’s get togethers. “I will let you wear the collar but you need, even if it’s a little fluffy, a collaring ceremony. And you get to wear it until the PEAL meeting Monday after next.”

Oh wow. Oh wow. That meant wearing it to school all next week. That meant wearing it in the shower. When I slept. If Scott drug me out to a restaurant, to dinner. All day, all night, 24x7.

Scary. But I was beautiful in one. I could do it. “I accept your conditions.” Von got a great big smile.

“OK, ceremony.” Jerry started. “Who with?” I hesitated. To everyone else Scott, of course, but not Scott.

Von, oblivious to our real situation and thinking it wonderful to have a collar sister, even if it wasn’t the full monty and just for a while, read my hesitation wrong and told us she’d take care of it. She almost skipped over to Phillip and Scott and started talking to them.

I wanted to cringe. Of course Scott would like the idea. It wouldn’t even be that much of a stretch. But I really did want to try it on, to wear a collar for a while. Ever since the Slave Leia thing at the Comicon the idea had been getting to me.

I supposed if I had to have a master Scott really was the obvious choice. He certainly knew me like a well-worn book. And I did trust him to protect me and be there for me. Yet I could also trust him to make me walk naked down nude beaches and run around in mostly nothing with both nipples in vises or to wake me up in the middle of the night forcing my wrists into handcuffs so he could finish spread-eagling me and then plunge his cock into me.

But I was on Dos number five. It wouldn’t be as if we’d never played slave girl before when we were dating. It wasn’t if I had no experience sitting at his feet and being a submissive little kitten. I could do that for the night in exchange for a chance to feel what it would be like with a collar locked around my neck. To see if it really made me feel beautiful. More beautiful. For that I could play the game. For a while.

Von and Scott and Phillip came up to us. We talked. Scott looked at me and asked me if I was serious. I told him that I wanted to wear the collar and for it to be his collar but only until the meeting Monday after next. I understood the requirements. I told him out loud that I didn’t think I could make the commitment forever at this point but I understood it and was perfectly serious about making it for now. We could, I could decide next Monday night if we wanted to continue with this. But for right now I told him I could do it and I would if he would.

And I would. As sure as hell out here and probably a bit beyond it depending on how things went. That’d be fun and I was in the mood for it. I basically had to do anything he really wanted anyways. I just while we were playing this game had to give him less crap about it. Not that I was able to give him a whole bunch of crap now. Even when he deserved it.

They asked Scott if he understood. I wasn’t his play toy or his sex doll (oh yes I was!) I was trusting him and in return for that trust he could never abuse it. Or it’d be gone and when that happened it very rarely comes back.

Scott pulled me aside for a private conversation. “Are you serious?”

“Serious that I’d like to wear that collar for a while.”

He looked at me again. “And you’ll do what I say?”

“I don’t have a choice in that anyways, now do I?”

“There’s a difference.”

“Not a whole bunch from here. Look, just say yes. It’s just a game, it will probably only last tonight. I’ll be a good little sex kitten.” I stepped up next to him, nuzzled his chest with my hair. “Who knows, I might even like it.”

He muttered something under his breath like “Never in a million years.” I just smiled at him. But we walked back.

The collaring ceremony was impromptu but sweet. They asked me if I was willing to trust Scott for all my needs and honor him. I said yes. They asked Scott if he would care for me like his own body and treasure me. He said yes. Jerry had already handed him the collar and I knelt before Scott facing him. He brushed my hair back and I felt a tingle as the collar went around my neck. Scott pressed it together and I heard and felt it click and it was on. I had been collared. For real. This wasn’t a fantasy, wasn’t a dream. I fingered the chrome metal around my neck and rose up and kissed Scott, a deep, involved kiss. There was quiet applause from the watchers and it was done. Scott, per our agreement, left the keys with Jerry. I might have been able to persuade Scott to take off the caller before next Monday but with Jerry it was a non-starter. A collar was now around my neck and would be for the next week.

And I felt beautiful.

The sun had set and I had drunk my last Dos anyways so Scott I moved on to the harder stuff. Not too hard but not beer any more. Von was delighted to talk to me about it, thought it wonderful. We both sat in our masters’ laps talking quietly while we drank and they talked with the group they were in.

I looked over at the woman who was currently tied to Standing Rock, I think her name was Caryn. Tall, blonde beach bunny. Long legs. Didn’t need to stand on any of the rocks on the side. She had gotten a bit blitzed and let her boyfriend tie her to the Rock and then taken delicious advantage of her. And then another guy had come up to her and after a moment of acceptance had too. You could hear her cries as she came. Now a third guy was with her. Her neck was flushed dark red and from the sounds she was making she was having a hell of a time. Heading for number three.

A few weeks ago I had pushed down the top of a tube dress and then stuck my tits into the mouth of an absolute stranger. And then wrapped a condom on to him and rode him to both of our orgasms. I wasn’t going to get pregnant. What was I afraid of?

Nothing. Not anymore. Here I sat, drinking alcohol, buck naked on a beach. I’d been tied up and abandoned naked right next to a public path at a regional park. Ran around a hotel all day in less than a string bikini, locked into it and with my nipples strangling in the bra. Handcuffed to a pipe in a public building and then stripped naked and fucked until the guy came. Most of the males around me in school had never seen me naked of course but had seen me in micro and miniskirts and things tight and sheer enough across breasts and butt for them to know exactly what I had there. And maybe a few of them in some of those sheer enough outfits to know how the hair was configured underneath my skirt. There certainly had been opportunities. There wasn’t anything to hide. And nothing to be ashamed of.

I looked over at Scott then nodded toward Standing Rock. “Whenever you’re ready.” I told him.


It was a little after ten before it was my turn. A girl had cajoled her guy onto the Rock after Caryn had finally gotten done and then had climbed up the Rock and smashed her pussy in his face and just lay there moaning every so often while he took care of her. Several of the girls thought it delightful, since his eyes were covered, to lick and play with the decent-sized cock that was rock hard and standing straight out while he worked on his girlfriend. In a free moment I looked up at Scott who just shrugged and then I took my turn. It was delicious to feel him twitch and moan, not even knowing who it was whose lips were wrapped around his member and feeling so good. I enjoyed my lollipop completely but stopped when he started to spasm in his hips. He wasn’t about to get that pleasure, not from me. I ignored his groaning as I walked back to Scott who had been watching everything. I settled back down into his lap.

“I’ve been a bad girl, master” I told him with a huge smile “and very mean to a boy. Will you punish me properly and teach me a lesson?”

He smiled back. “I know just how to do it.”


I pulled Yvonne out for a quick private chat. “Von, I’m going to let Scott tie me to Standing Rock.” Her eyebrow went up. “If Scott gets antsy while I’m there could you... keep him occupied?”

She went back to Phillip and quietly asked him. He nodded his assent and she returned. “Sure. How far should I go?”

Oh wow. Wasn’t ready for that one. Sauce for the goose... “As far as you want. All the way if you think it's good.” We rejoined our masters. I got a “what was that all about” look from Scott so I just kissed him.

A few minutes later Standing Rock was open and it was my turn. Scott went with me up there and I climbed back to stand on the side rocks like I had the first time we were here. As I leaned back Scott fingered the band of chrome around my neck.

“If I want to tie you here, will you let me?”

“Yes, master.”

“And if I want to have your body, will you let me?”

“Yes, master.”

“And if I want to leave you here and let others play with you and have your body, will you let me?”

I shivered. A long pause. Then “A submissive’s only goal is to be pleasing to her master.”

He wrapped and tightened the loops around my wrists, spreading them up and away from me. He tied the ropes around my ankles so I could not pull them off the rocks where I stood. I moaned. My breasts felt so prominent with my hands stretched out above me. My legs were stretched wide and my pussy felt like it was standing alone. My legs so widely spread nobody would have a problem plunging things into me. All those fantasies. All those times by myself, dreaming and imagining. About to be real. Already too late. Already tied to the rock. Already no other choice. I hoped it only went as well as my dreams.

And that in it I would be pleasing to my master.

People knew it was our first party out here and left us be. Scott kissed me for about ten minutes until I was writhing and then plunged into me. I wanted to scream. It felt so good. And he was moving up and down, in and out inside of me. I floated. And then I came.

When I calmed down I nodded at him. And then he took me hard. And then he came.

When it was over Von was there. She asked Scott if I had ever, that he knew of, had sex with anyone else in this way. He said he was sure I had not. Von said it was traditional that the first time I was to be blindfolded. After that if it came off was up to him. She produced a long handkerchief and tied it around my eyes. OK, Gina, here it comes, I thought. Finally. There are about forty guys here and one of them is about to have you and you won’t know who. I’d never thought about this in any of my fantasies. As the thought settled over me I knew I should have. I heard Von and Scott walk away.

And here I was. This wasn’t a fantasy. This wasn’t under my control. I was blindfolded and naked at a party and tied open to Standing Rack Rock. Somebody, definitely not Scott, was about to take me and I wouldn’t even know who. With my eyes shut out my other senses bloomed. I felt the sea wind across my erect nipples, making goosebumps across my skin (maybe it wasn’t the wind), running through my landing strip. I felt the collar around my neck. Locked on. Real. Not jewelry that I could remove when the wind changed directions. Not under my control. On me until at least Monday after next. The feel of the rock supporting my back as I leaned against it, reclined on it. And my heart beating like a drum.

“She loves French kissing.” I heard Scott say to somebody. “She’ll like it more if you do.”

I heard footsteps in the sand walking up to me. Stopping right in front of me. Breathing. A foot in front of me. I felt so weak I wanted to dissolve.

And then strong, rough hands took my head. Large hands. Definitely not Scott’s. And pulled my face upward to meet his, lips touching mine. A bit of five-o-clock shadow on that face. Definitely not Scott. And forcing his tongue inside my mouth. Different breath. Coconut suntan oil, a little of it rubbing on my skin as his body touched mine. I gasped inside: a hard member pressing against my landing strip. A hand detaching from holding my face to grab and squeeze my breast, feeling my breast squeeze and like honey slowly slip through his fingers. And kissing me. Strong tongue, strong face, tongue conquering me, dominating me, accepting no surrender. My breasts longed for more of his touch, my pussy ached to feel him inside of me, writhing underneath him. I kissed him back. I was drowning here as he kissed me and touched me and there was nothing else I wanted to do.

And soon enough he stopped. I felt him pull back but I whispered to him. “No. No condom. Don’t you dare. I’m safe.” A second later I gave far too loud a cry as his hard cock, a little bigger and a bit longer than what I was used to, plunged into me. I shook, I spasmed, I tried to grasp with hands bound and held uselessly away from me. He kept plunging in and out of me and I wanted to... I wanted this to never stop.

He continued to stroke me with long, hard strokes. I continued in bliss. Eventually I felt him start to shake and I was shaking too. It seemed like he held off for a few strokes and then we came together. Me crashing over my barriers like a tidal wave, feeling the beats of the strong spurts he was placing in me. And then we both held still, him holding me tenderly, as we both floated down on the wind. Then he kissed me again and softly gave me the only sound of his deep voice I ever heard: a quiet “Thank you.” and he was gone.

A minute or two later I felt the handkerchief being removed. As it was lifted I saw it was Von. “That was quite a show.” She told me admiringly. “You two had everybody watching.” I could never get her or anyone to tell me who it was and there were too many choices to be able to figure it out. Scott later told me he knew who the guy was but didn’t know his name or anything about him. Just a beautiful, erotic dream made real.

Scott came up to me. He seemed to be doing ok. He seemed to be more checking out if I was ok after someone else had just had sex with me just like I was desperately trying to check him out to see how he was handling it. Well, I didn’t have much choice in it at the moment but I was used to that. He had on a good game face but I knew him well enough to know it was a game face.

“I could throw a fit.” I offered. “Make them take me down. A slave should do what her master wants.” I looked down and batted my eyelashes.

“Yeah.” He agreed. “I’m glad I’ve been drinking a little or this would be much harder to take.”

“It’s different when you’re not controlling all the players, isn’t it?” I looked askance at him then shook my head. “How many times have you told me stories when you left me out for someone else to use me? It’s a fantasy of yours. We both know it. Admit it.”

“Yeah, sure, like every other male. But not quite so good when you see your woman screaming and shaking from an orgasm someone else with a bigger dick than you just gave her.”

I shrugged. Noticed that? Good. “He doesn’t have a single picture of me.” I reminded him devilishly. “I know what’s good for me. And he, whoever he was, didn’t put this collar on me. My t-shirt and shorts are in your car. Relax.”

I looked around. By tradition as a first-timer I was here until 15 minutes had passed and no one showed an interest in me. From the looks of things I could I’d be tied here and busy for the next two or three hours. I expected lots of guys would want their turn with the first-timer with the big breasts.

“You gotta decide if you can handle it.” I told him. You’re taking me to those meetings. After the next one it’s this sort of thing again if we go. You get first shot then you get to watch.”

“I can handle it.”

“I know you can. Besides, have you been seeing how Von has been making eyes at you all night?” I asked him. He looked bewildered. Nope, he hadn’t. I had. Not so much at first but as she became more drunk it became more obvious. From her own descriptions Von when drunk had a mean streak and was *very* uninhibited. And she’d been drinking steadily. “If it gets too bad go talk to Von. She says Phillip always lets her.” Yes, especially when she’s already asked. “She’ll be happy to hold your hand. Or something.”


I knew I was going to be tied naked to this rock for a while and what was going to be happening to me. I looked down. This one was hard. “Why not?” I whispered, hardly hearing my own voice. “It’s only fair.”

We both looked over at Von who at the moment was taking a big swig of something, naked in the moonlight. Pert small breasts where mine were huge. Small rail-thin stretch-model body where I was rather tall and muscular. I was bulky but not fat. Her long straight brown hair cascading to her waist. Laughing. Taking life as it comes. Vital. Not timid. It’d be different. Hopefully not too good a change.

Scott looked back at me. “I’ll be fine, thank you. But what do you want? We both know this is your fantasy too.”

That stopped me. Yeah it was and so far so good. But it was all downhill from here. Now I was just a female body tied to a rock that anyone and everyone could play with. But that was the fantasy, wasn’t it? And I had drunk enough, and whoever it was felt good enough, that some more sampling of the herd might not be an unpleasant thing.

“Yes. but I wear your collar.” I reminded him. “You call my shots, not me.” Normally it’d be the decision of the person on the Standing Rock but in a master/sub relationship it was the master’s. People would be let known how available the person on the Rock was. Either the person on the Rock had to give consent for someone to play with them (and could revoke it at any time) or they were free and no consent was needed. Anyone could do the person on the Rock and they could do anything they wanted, be harder than they might be if he or she could send them away at any moment. Anything without asking. It wouldn’t get out of hand but it would get wilder, be harder and last longer.

“So” he asked me. “Are you free?”

I thought about it. Nobody had ever asked permission in any of my fantasies. Then again those were *fantasies*. I had been tied here long enough that the alcohol was starting to burn away but not enough of it. Scott was showing a pattern these days of wanting to put me situations like this. Maybe a good shock dose of watching what it was like would cure him of it. In for a dime...

“A slave” I said slowly with my eyes lowered “if her master permits wishes to be free.”

He turned and gestured to Von who came over and we told her. Word was passed. She’s free. And she’ll buck like a bronco if you French kiss her for a while first. I really didn’t appreciate my weak spot being revealed like that but it was out there now. The first guy came up. He was a little younger than me, a little thin, sandy-haired, not muscular Nervous. I’d have talked with him but I’d never have gone with him out on a date. He’d never have gotten this close to my naked body if I wasn’t tied to something and helpless to stop him. He already had the condom on over a average-sized but very stiff cock. I looked at him and gave him a little smile. He came in, grabbed both sides of my head gently and began to French-kiss me. He wasn’t that imaginative but it was ok. It and the situation did the trick for me. Not huge like Mr. Whoever. Not skilled and knowing me like Scott. But ok. I was only going a little when he seized up and held inside of me and I felt him throbbing as he came. When he recovered and pulled the rest of the way out of me he thanked me and was gone.

One down. I wondered how many more.

Three more came. One was a little rougher squeezing my breasts than he needed to be. Probably had a carpenter’s dream for a girlfriend. Hard wood. Not that easy to pound. I would probably have a few fingerprint bruises from that one. That too was survivable. And in this situation, with my breasts, probably inevitable.

More came up to me. Some wanted my pussy, some wanted my mouth. Eventually someone came up and pushed my breasts together over his cock and did me that way. He spurted all over my neck and my collar and left it all there to run down my chest as the night progressed. I tugged anyways at my wrists as I felt it start to slide down into the space between my breasts. Nope, nothing I could do about it but feel it happen as it dried.

Someone brought over a ball gag and shoved it in my mouth. Then they took me vaginally, crushing my nipples brutally the whole time and putting me into so much pain that all I could do is lay against the rock trapped with my eyes closed taking rapid, tiny breaths and moaning while I struggled the microscopic amount my bonds permitted. All the time he took me my nipples burned as I could feel his cock slowly running in and out of me. It was pushing it but it was within the rules. If anybody noticed nobody would interfere. They could do anything they wanted with me. Even this.

But most of the guys were just fine. Talked to me, kissed me a while first, took me in my pussy or in my mouth gently, considerate, getting their rocks off but fully aware that they were doing it with a living, breathing, real woman who was willing to let them. Those guys were fun. I was happy to feel them in me, different sizes and different styles or suck on their cocks and balls while their breathing grew ragged and then swallow it all if they let me. They made the few guys who were bastards in my memory almost disappear.


I didn’t know how long I had been tied to the rock but seemed like forever. How long had I been tied here? The guys just kept coming; there was never more than a minute or two from one to the next. I had stopped counting in the high tens and that was a while ago. I had expected to run out of guys and be done long before now. I didn’t think there were that many guys here in the group.

I looked over to see Von coming up to me. She was weaving just a little bit. She smelled strongly of tropical wine cooler. She grabbed the hair at both sides of my head, pulling my hair a little too hard for me. Harder than she needed to, for sure. She trapped my head and proceeded to give me a tonsillectomy. Oh yeah, she could have Scott when he was in one of his nipple-pinching moods.

She used my hair to turn my head so she could nibble in my ear. “Wow, Gina, you’re a star! You know, you’ve been up here for two and a half hours and you’re still going strong. A bunch of guys are still waiting to do you.” she giggled and it wasn’t a good thing. “You know, I’ve been tied like you are, lots of times, but I’ve never been free there. This is why. Word has gotten out up and down the Cove of the cute girl with the big boobs who is free on Standing Rock tonight. Lots of guys are coming by and they all want your pussy or your face.” She giggled again. Still not good. “And poor Gina is tied naked and wide open to the Rock and nobody will let her go. And more guys keep coming.”

She grinned at me and laughed. “By the number of guys still waiting you’re going to be here all night. Guy after guy. Fucking you. Making you swallow their cum. And if you’re here long enough they’re going to start coming up for seconds. And thirds. And... well, you may see the sun rise from right where you are now. The cocks will keep coming, and cumming (giggle) all night long, wouldn’t that be something? And they still might not be done with you even then.” She thankfully stopped her words for a while to press her body hard against mine and chew on my ear. Yup, her descriptions of herself when drunk were confirmed.

“Poor Gina.” She continued when she had enough of my ear. “Stuck up here on the Standing Rock. She’s quite the hit with the boys and her own boy is getting left all alone. All alone.” Between sentences she was still chewing on and even slobbering a little bit in my ear. “And he has such a huge problem right there in his lap. What a pity you’re way too busy for him to sink it into you.” More slobbering. More biting, not gentle but fortunately neither really hurting. Her voice got sweet in a vicious way. “But don’t worry, I’ll take care of that for you. While you’re tied here and some stranger is ramming you I’m going to fuck your boyfriend.” He wasn’t my boyfriend but nobody else knew that. “And you can just watch me fuck him while someone else you’ve never seen before shoves his cock into you. All you can do is watch.”

She gave a contented moan. “He looks nice. I think I’d like to see what it is you’ve got.” She paused and giggled. More sweetly vicious. “And then I’m going to come over here and fuck you and see what he’s got. Hard. And there’s nothing you can do about any of it, is there?” She giggled some more and mauled my ear a little longer. “That big prick, all lonely. I’ll bet it hasn’t tasted anyone but you in months. I’m gonna fix that.” She gave me a last loud kiss on that ear and then moved back to where she and Scott and several others had been talking.

I’d been watching Scott all night as I could between encounters. He had been good. Hadn’t done anything even though somebody different was shoving their cock into my slit or my mouth or up between my breasts every time he looked over. And I could see him seeing me see him. I could see it hurt. But I could see it in his eyes: I had asked him for this and he was going to give me what I wanted. And watch as others took, sometimes took cruel advantage of, what was his. Sometimes the person was rough, squeezing my breasts too hard or slapping them or pinching my nipples or something else. I’d cry out and he’d look up to me and our eyes would lock for a second. Then seeing I was in no real danger he’d just look away. Let me have what I had told him I had wanted. And his cock was rock-hard the whole time. I thought it must be aching by now.

The next guy came up to me. He wanted to kiss and I couldn’t watch Scott. When he finished and started the fucking part I looked again.

Scott was still there, leaning back with his arms supporting him behind him. Von’s head was bobbing up and down on his cock. She left a layer of spit as she moved up and down and she played with his balls with her free hand. Her long hair was spread all over him. And she was looking straight at me to make sure I could see her. And then she smiled. Scott had a beatific look on his face, eyes closed. Not thinking of me at all. Having a good time. Without me.

The guy in front of me grabbed my head and wanted to kiss while he fucked me so I lost sight of them again. When he was done I looked back. Scott had Von pinned to the sand underneath him and was holding her wrists out away from her. She wasn’t fighting him at all as they kissed. He didn’t seem to be in her or moving in her. Then he moved down to nuzzle and suck on her small breasts. He was sucking her whole breast, or damn near, in his mouth, something he could never do with me. It was driving her wild. She was writhing and enjoying it, still trapped underneath him. I could see his cock was still stiff and strong. Damn Von, can’t you give a blow job, I thought for a second. Or maybe I thought and it hurt, he’d already come once and was working on number two. If he was properly motivated he could come back pretty fast. There was no way to know which one for sure. The next guy came up to me. He wanted to kiss, everybody was kissing me for a while before getting to what they really wanted. More numb than I should have been, I surrendered and obliged him.

When I next had the chance I looked back again, almost afraid. I saw Scott flat on his back, Von astride him, riding him. At first she had her eyes closed, her head thrown back and her mouth opened in a wordless “O” as her small breasts bounced up and down as she pumped him. Scott was facing away from me, not seeing me anymore. Then Von saw me and she gave me a wicked “I’m enjoying the hell out of myself and you’re not” smile and a little wave as she rode up and down on him. I turned away. I couldn’t watch that. Now I was alone. Tied to a rock in the middle of nowhere naked while guys shoved their cocks into my mouth or my pussy and a few rode themselves between my breasts. Just something disposable and handy that nobody cared about to blow a load on or in. Alone. I closed my eyes and silently screamed.

But then I looked one last time as the next person finished kissing and started to fuck me. I wished I hadn’t. Yvonne, flat on her back in the sand. Folded in half, ankles crossed behind her head. Red flush on her throat. And Scott on top of her pounding her hard. She was writing and loving it. Both of them so lost in what they were doing and not even thinking of me. I had tried so many times for Scott but I could never fold up enough to get my ankles behind my shoulders. Hers were behind her *head*. The guy on me was a little rough and pounding me hard like he wanted to break something. Fine with me. It was nice to feel something even if it was pain.

When he was done I looked up to see Yvonne approaching me. Scott was still in his group watching me. Or was he watching Von now? She had a huge thick strap-on around her hips, dark blue rubber and a bit bigger than anything human. It was glistening with lube. She walked up to me, still drunk. And drunk on the power of what she had just done to me. Laughing at me. Scott’s cum inside her pussy, she taunted me. Maybe she’d make me eat it out of her. She grabbed me by the throat and squeezed a little. I just froze solid. I knew exactly what she was saying. She leaned in and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. She tasted of wine coolers and a little bit of cum. A lump leapt into my throat. Scott’s cum. Who’s else could it have been? Mission accomplished, she pulled back.

“I can see what you see in him.” She told me with a wicked smile, quietly so only I could hear her. “Yes, he does know how to use his tongue and use his cock. Yeah, he’s good. I’d like more of that. He seemed to like doing me, maybe I can get some more. We’ll see.” She just smiled as she caressed my breasts. “I know where you’ll be.” She laughed. “Here, with the cock of someone you’ve never seen before being rammed into you. Poor little free Gina.”

Her caresses on my breasts turned to scratches. Not hard, but scratches. I would have pulled away but tied like I was I couldn’t move. She grabbed both nipples and pinched, hard. I saw stars and thrashed a little but I was tied tight and she was so much on top of me hardly anyone saw it. The fear was burning the alcohol away in me but there was a lot of it to work through. “Poor Scott.” She continued in a merry voice. “Hadn’t had too much to drink but he did finally start. I guess watching your girlfriend take one hard cock after the other a dozen times will do that to you.” She grabbed both my breasts in her hands, dug her fingernails in and I winced at the pain. She leaned until she was barely an inch away. I felt her line the dildo up and ready it to plunge. “Now it’s time to find out what he sees in you.” With that she jerked down on my breasts as hard as she could and used the leverage to slam the plastic cock all the way up inside me. With all that lube it was easy and she banged my labia hard with the base.

I gave a muffled gasped yell as it filled me and stretched me even with what had been happening to me the last several hours. She laughed at me as she fucked me, slowly, hard, holding my breasts in her hands. She’d push them up and then jerk down on them hard to push the dildo in me while digging her fingernails into my flesh. I writhed more but my bonds were tight. She leaned in for another salvo. “Scott said he really liked it that I could put my feet behind my head as he fucked me. Too much to drink, I guess to know what not to say. He said he’d been trying to get you to do that forever but you just couldn’t ever do it.” I stiffened up. That hurt. But she was smiling at sliding the knife in as she jerked down yet again on my aching breasts and shoved the strap-on back into me. I was powerless to prevent either. I just wilted. “I suppose if I ever wanted him again I could just stick my feet behind my head and tell him to come and get it.” She giggled. “So could you... oh, sorry.” I lost it and jerked at the ropes holding my wrists but of course they held. Von just laughed at that. She was close up on me and I’m sure it looked to everyone else like Von was just doing me with a strap-on. Perfectly within the rules. Unlike everyone else it wasn’t like she was going to at some point cum and be finished. She could do this to me, keep hurting me, all night.

It went on. I noticed the talking around us had gotten quieter. The longer she fucked me the harder she clutched my already-aching breasts and the deeper her fingernails stabbed and it hurt. By now she was pulling down so hard each time and digging her claws in so deep I felt like she was trying to tear them off my chest. “I hate bitches with big tits.” She whispered to me. “I’m going to rip these things off you if I can. I’m sure as hell going to leave you black and blue and crying when you try to walk.” I was starting to thrash my head around when she’d jerk on my breasts much harder than she had to so she could ram that horribly oversized plastic cock back into me. And then she’d slowly pull the blue plastic out to make sure I felt each millimeter and then do it again. My vagina never stopped hurting now; it was just fierce pain or dull. My breasts felt like they were tearing. I thought I had hated Scott...

And Phillip was beside us, Scott beside him. “That’s enough, Von. Stop now.”

She looked and I saw something suddenly click in her eyes as she staggered back in horror. “Oh my God, Gina! I...”

Oh yeah, I thought through the pain. Don’t bother.

“Away, now!” Phillip snapped. Yvonne damn near ran back to where they had been sitting. Her head was down; she might have been crying. Phillip and Scott untied me and helped me down. “I am so sorry, Gina.” Phillip told me. “I didn’t realize how carried away she had gotten. This should never be done, much less to a first-timer. Oh yes, it will be dealt with. I promise you.” Both of my breasts were nothing but pain; they had been pretty much ok when Von walked up to me. And she had succeeded; It hurt to even breathe. I collapsed into Scott’s strong arms.

I was a mess. My hair was sweaty and everywhere, cum dried on my stomach and matting my pubic hair. More of it was all over my face, a little in my clavicle and on that beautiful shiny new collar and had run down between my breasts mixed in with the lube there. My crotch and breasts were both bright red compared to the rest of my skin and more parts of my breasts were turning black and blue. There were nail marks all over my breasts, some had even broken the skin a little. My mouth was sore and I figured I had swallowed about a full half-gallon of cum tonight. No condoms were used if they were in my mouth or between my breasts and when they came in my mouth almost all of them made me swallow every drop. Some who were having me suck them off, since they were standing over me and already up there, had even blown their load in my hair. Since they were wearing a condom a lot of the guys who were in my pussy would stop just before they came, pull out, then take off the condom and tribute me. I’d probably gotten some of their sperm inside of me anyways just by it dripping down and then being shoved inside me when the next guy did me. My pussy was just destroyed. It hurt bad and I didn’t dare look at it. Even through all of that if I could move well enough which I couldn’t I’d gleefully rip Von’s long brown hair out one hair at a time. Slowly, like she had fucked me.

I looked up at Scott, still sort of dazed. The collar still felt beautiful around my neck. I quietly asked. “Has a slave girl fulfilled her master’s fantasies?”

He looked down at me, stroking my hair and looking scared for me. “Yes, but stop that slave shit right now baby. You’re hurt and I’ve got to take care of you.” Phillip and Von were long gone before we got over there. We quickly followed.


We got home OK and Sunday was spent in bed. Scott made it perfectly clear that he was completely fine with staying away from me sexually until I felt up to it. He brought me breakfast and lunch in bed and I made it out to the living room and we ordered pizza for dinner. Naked. I wasn’t up to wearing clothes or rubbing anything against a few spots on me.

And there was the collar. Still on me. I reached down and felt the cool chrome as it ran around my neck. I had to go to school tomorrow. No turtlenecks could be worn in summer. People were going to see it. I asked, no Scott didn’t have the key, Jerry still did. He offered to cut it off but of course the thought of power tools that close to my neck was a non-starter. Besides it said something to me. Something I liked hearing. Strong. Sexy. Not afraid. I told Scott he shouldn’t worry about it. I’d just tell people it was an extended dare to wear one for a week.

We got a phone call. Phillip requested my presence at their house at 7, Tuesday night, guest optional, for me to punish for as long as I wanted and in any way I wanted a very disobedient slave. Von came on and said it was what Sir wanted and she was fine with this and she was still so, so sorry. I was still mad at Von for hurting me and for playing that game with Scott. Really mad. I told Phillip I accepted. I wanted Von to be on the Rock and free the next three times they went there. And on Tuesday I requested he have the miscreant slave strung up tightly and a bullwhip available. I’d bring my own taser. We heard a little choking noise from Von. Phillip asked me if I wanted to be present at any of those times out at the Cove. I told him that wouldn’t be necessary. He assured me all would be ready at 7 on Tuesday.

“She was drunk!” Scott protested after we hung up. “We all were!”

“You weren’t there!” I cornered him. “You didn’t see what I saw and it didn’t make you feel the way she made me feel.” Then sarcastically I continued. “No, she made you feel way, way better. She shoved her tongue down my throat and made me taste your cum that was still in her mouth. I can forgive you. You were drunk and doing what I had said I wanted and I damn near threw you into her lap when we were talking earlier last night. I can’t blame you. If the two of you had just screwed I’d probably still be jealous...” My words trailed off at that as I was surprised at the implications of my choice of words. Jealous? But then my anger re-surged. “...but that was far from what happened. I still hurt and she’s going to hurt too. She hurt me and I’m going to enjoy teaching her a lesson. And you aren’t even going to be there, got it!” After what happened and his part in it he said nothing on it further.

I had lots of pain meds on board Monday morning as we went to school. Not even a bra; I had Scott wrap my chest in athletic wrap because even a sports bra still hurt too much. In terms of between my legs it still hurt but with the pain meds I was walking pretty well by then. If anyone noticed anything they didn’t say it to me.

Not so about the collar. Jodi caught me coming out of class. “Talking to Von, I see.” She teased me.

I just smiled. “No, actually it’s just a dare to wear one until next week.”

“Sure. Right. Okay.” Jodi agreed. “I just could never see you doing that. Being that way. Even for Scott.” She shrugged, grinned slyly. “Then again, you never know.” I glared at her and we both broke up laughing. And then went our separate ways.

But it was there and there was no hiding it in the button-down blouse I wore. People treated me differently. The girls were curious and the guys were sort of in awe knowing what they imagined that meant about me sexually. With the way I had suddenly started wearing short skirts and dresses and revealing clothing a while back nobody except those who knew me for a long time and really well were surprised.

I liked the way it made me feel. I liked what it said about me. Showing it to Mom and Dad would be a problem but I had no intention of doing that. It was sexy and I found myself fingering it more than once and marveling at it.

But all I had was a collar, I didn’t have a “Sir”. In some ways I did have one but a “Sir” is someone you put there because you wanted them there and Scott was anything but that.

I didn’t see Von. We shared my third class on Monday; she wasn’t there. It quickly passed but I worried about her for a brief second. She had been so utterly drunk Saturday. I had known her for two years and she had never been like that. Always been a fine person. A metal collar around her neck but a fine person. And I really couldn’t say much about metal collars at the moment. I was still really mad and she still needed to be taught a lesson. She had sounded so sorry, so repentant on the phone Sunday. And then scared when it was decided what she had coming. Yeah, Saturday was her but not really Not the real her. Yet her taunts (and my fears) still echoed in my head and even now my breasts still hurt every once in a while when I breathed deeply,

Tuesday was better. Normal clothes, a bra, less pain meds. The bruises in my breasts Von and others had given me still looked awful but were starting to fade. Classes were quiet, Scott was good to me. And then it was 7 and we were at Phillip and Von’s house.

Phillip met us at the door and led us to their basement. Even though parts of it had hurt I was dressed for the occasion. In the middle of the empty basement and looking terrified was Von. She was stretched out naked and tight in suspension cuffs hands and feet. Still standing on the ground. A winch whose crank was on the side wall was holding her wrists widely on a spreader bar above her. Almost shivering. It must have been fright; it wasn’t that cold down here. I had my taser in its holster on my hip; when Von had first spotted it she had shuddered. A bullwhip lay coiled on a table off to the side. Other things were available if I wanted, Phillip assured me.

Scott was with me. I relented and let him come on the condition he absolutely would not interfere. I had told him I wanted him handcuffed to a chair or he couldn’t come at all. No interference. Phillip provided the handcuffs and I locked his wrists to the chair. Pity I couldn’t do to him what I was about to do to Von. It was pleasant to see him in handcuffs and me not for a change.

I was scary looking: Tall black 3-inch stiletto heels, short black leather miniskirt over bare legs, tight blouse that I took off to reveal a tight red corset bustier underneath. It hurt to wear it but it was worth it for the effect. My breasts were barely held in them. I was sure that as the night progressed they’d pop out the top and when they did I had no intention of putting them back in. Bruises were still visible all over the exposed skin of them. Some of them from Von’s own fingernails and as she looked at me she knew it. Von looked even more scared but as I stood there and at a look from Phil she cast her eyes down and began to speak.

“A slave has behaved badly and wishes to beg your deep forgiveness. There is no excuse for what this slave did. She was wrong, she has wronged you. And that slave accepts that you will now punish the slave in any way you see fit until you are no longer angry and satisfied that the slave has fully learned her lesson.”

“Good.” Was all I said. You could see it in her eyes. She knew she had played head and body games with me and pissed me off while I was tied and helpless and people were fucking me. She had played on my fears that she knew I had about Scott and myself, used her knowledge from our friendship to hurt me. Fucked Scott while laughing at me and then shoved his cum into my mouth. If I wanted to whip her brutally until she was bleeding all over she was already helpless and nobody here would stop me. If I wanted to shock her with my taser until long after she had lost all bodily control and was just a limp mass waiting for the next spark I could.

I was going to gag her myself to block her screams and then nobody would stop me. She was already secure, almost suspended, every inch of her an easy target. She couldn’t hardly even move. I walked up to her naked body, brown hair hanging down. The naked body that she had used to seduce and screw what was mine. Small breasts poking out that nobody had dug fingernails into or bruised like she could still see the ones over the top of my bustier. Her full triangle of pubic hair didn’t get cum matted into it so bad that it took two washings to get it all out. And she was feeling no pain in her vagina. At the moment. I planned to use the bullwhip to fix that. Thoroughly. I hope Scott was getting a good look, like he did on Saturday. She wasn’t going to be looking like this when I was through. She, unlike me, walked down here without any pain. She wasn’t going to walk back out of here that way. And as I stood a hand’s breadth from her face she whispered “Mercy, mistress!”

I snorted. “As if!”

She sagged in her bonds. Well, we could fix that. I strode over to the crank that controlled the winch holding her arms up and began to crank it. Slowly. And I smiled at her while I did it. Scott was still in the chair, unmoving. Her heels came off the ground. Then her toes. And then her legs stretched tight to the points where her ankle ropes were attached in the concrete floor. She was taut and I started to feel some resistance but I kept going. I stopped when I heard a whimper of pain from her. I walked up to her with the bullwhip and as traditional hung it around her neck.

“You’re really going to hurt me.” She whispered, hardly daring to believe it herself.

I was an inch or two away from her face. I shook my head and gave a little smile. “Oh yeah. I’ve got all night and for this I don’t care if I miss class tomorrow. You know, you might still be here when the sun rises. You’ve got it coming. And unless Phillip stops me you’re going to get all of it.”

She gave a muffled sob. In a cold steel voice she answered. “He won’t. He’s serious about this. He’ll let you whip me all night until I’m just shreds.”

A twinge of a smile passed my lips. “Sucks to be you.” I retorted. “I think that after tonight the lesson will be learned. Don’t ever screw my man and don’t ever, ever fuck with me like that again.”

I turned to Phillip. “Do you have a ball gag?”

“This basement is soundproof. I prefer to hear her screams.”

“Suit yourself.”

I retrieved the whip from around her neck then walked back a few steps and uncoiled it. Von looked like she wanted to be edging away but couldn’t move. Yeah, I remembered that feeling from Saturday. I flexed the whip a couple of times to get the feel of it. Then I looked at her. And gave her back the same smile she had given me on Saturday night as she was astride Scott pumping him. I’m having a good time and you’re not.

I flicked the whip out, off to the side. It cracked loudly in the still room and Von shrieked. It had come nowhere near her and after a second she realized that. But her eyes had a wide-eyed look in them now. She was hanging in the middle of the room. Tightly, so it’d hurt more. When I was done whipping her front she knew I could walk around and start working on the other side.

I dropped the whip on the floor and walked up to her. She wasn’t nearly scared enough yet. I pulled out the taser and the two metal prongs were gleaming in the light. Von couldn’t take her eyes off them. I held it up in front of her and pushed the trigger. She jumped as a large spark crackled between the prongs. Von sobbed involuntarily. I pushed it into her belly right beside her navel. She tensed but I didn’t push the trigger. I moved it and pressed it into her left breast. She still hadn’t breathed but just closed her eyes, stifling tears of fear. I stuck it between her legs so the charge would go right through her clit. She gasped at that and watched my face but I still hadn’t pressed the trigger yet.

I held it an inch from her right nipple, pushed the trigger, held it. The spark crackled and continued to play between the posts. Then I shut it off and held it with her nipple right between the posts. I could push the trigger and the spark would fry her nipple. Do some major damage. Surely burn the hell out of it. I could do the same thing to her other nipple and her clit unless Phillip stopped me.

I stood a foot away from her. “You understand now?”

“Yes mistress.”

“You’re never going to play head games like you did with me ever again?”

“Never, mistress.”

“And you’re not going to fuck someone else’s man just because you can?”

“Never, mistress.”

“And you’re ready for your punishment?”

She had started to hope it wasn’t going to happen and now realized she was wrong. She shuddered, almost a sob. “Yes, mistress.”

But it was gone. I grabbed her chin and looked her in the eyes. “OK. I’ve made my point. We’re done here then. You were drunk. I forgive you. It’s over.” I turned away to go unlock Scott so we could leave. “Phillip, my anger is satisfied and the issue is closed.”

I had looked into her eyes as she realized she really was going to be punished all night and she shuddered. Terrified. Scared. Trapped. But brave. Going to do what had to be done. Going to survive. She had made a stupid mistake, a lapse of judgement, and now had to deal with the horrific consequences. It wasn’t who she really was but it was where she was now.

Just like someone else I knew. Only too well. I didn’t want to be in my situation either. She was my friend. Yeah, watch her if she’s got a bottle in her hand. But knowing where I had been and where she was currently how could I take vengeance on her? My fire had snuffed out like a birthday candle in a hurricane.

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