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by Zephyr

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Part 4 – Con-sensuality

Now at school the blouses were normally buttoned up again. If he was going to play that rough with me I didn't necessarily need to pour gas on that fire. He was disappointed and had me unbutton them but once he was out of sight for the day the buttons were fastened right back up. He did remind me that Saturday was again going to be his day but he wouldn't tell me what we were doing. Friday night he told me he wanted me to be ready at 6 AM for a day at the beach. I was to wear my blue string bikini under whatever else I decided to wear while we drove down to the beach and he was OK with that. I didn't say a thing or let anything on but my heart sank. OK, I could, would be naked whenever he wanted while I was hidden from everyone else. That was ok but walking around in a bikini, especially that bikini, in public was a very unhappy thought. Way too much skin showing even at the beach. Other women could do what they wanted. Yeah, I'd look ok, even fine in it, I knew, but the fabric-to-skin ratio was entirely, unsatisfactorily out of proportion.

But what could I do? As long as I could wait until we settled down on the sand to take off the t-shirt and shorts it'd be alright. If things got bad I could just lay on my stomach. But that was way too little fabric to walk past strange males (were there any other kind?). They could look at women without shame that would parade past them in front and behind me but not me.

 On time I was dressed as requested. I had a towel and lotion and sunglasses and off we went. It was about a two-hour drive to the ocean and there were a lot of choices. I wondered which one we were going to and was just relieved that Fernando Rocks Park was behind us and getting further away.

Then I figured out where he was going. I had a bad feeling about it. There were three or four nice options and one really bad one: Warner Cove. Knowing Scott, my situation, and how things went last week my heart sank further and further as we drew closer. And then we took the appropriate exit and my worst fears were confirmed.

Warner Beach is a two-mile stretch of sand where the Warner River flowed into the ocean. That would have been a problem because of the bikini but in view of it not being the alternative where we were last weekend I vowed to smile the whole time and not say a word. But I knew it wasn't our destination. We were going to Warner Cove. That terrified me. 

Warner Beach ran the two miles north of the river. South of the river after a little more than a quarter mile the coast ran around a promontory, Warner Point, and then curved inward, hidden from sight of everything else. It was almost like a hairpin the next two miles or so of beach. The hairpin was about three-quarters of a mile deep and averaged less than a quarter mile between the sides, at some points more or less. You didn’t have to be bothered by what was happening on the other side of the cove but you could see it if you tried. The beach was at the base of some sheer bluffs so the only way to reach it was to walk along the shore and around the promontory. Past the promontory it was - clothing optional. From the wild stories I had heard, manners optional too. Everything else civilized was optional.

I had friends who went there, like Yvonne Harrelson. I had heard a lot about it from her. In fact I had a fantasy about going there and being naked but that was just a fantasy. It was never ever ever meant to happen in real life. Including now.

Yvonne came here a lot and usually had a blast. Von talked about it a lot too. She was - different. Where Scott and I were into bondage and risk games for fun she was off the cliff and so far gone as to have disappeared from view. She was a 24/7 submissive in a relationship with a guy named Phillip that Scott knew and I could recognize in a crowd. She was serious. She wore a chrome metal collar locked around her neck, everywhere, openly, and no, she didn't have the key to it. It stood out when you saw it but it was beautiful. Phillip, or "Sir" as she referred to him, had the only key.

This would never ever ever be my cup of tea but it was hers. Their choice. She had a really nice body, long hair, showed it off a lot. Everything was thin or short or tight or all three ("Sir insists" she would say with a grin). She told me tales of long, long bondage sessions, doing things whenever and wherever he liked and having no higher goal than to make "Sir" happy. It worked for her. She wasn't weird outside of that, an accounting major, actually really smart, probably more than me. 

She had a small group of other couples who were in similar lifestyles and she would have sex with any of them which was something I could never do. She'd tell me of parties and get-togethers they would go to where every so often it would be her turn and she would be tied up naked and open and public somewhere at the meeting. Anyone could do anything they wanted with her the whole night, including sex, and they did. Knowing Scott and I were into bondage too she and Phillip kept trying to get Scott and I to go to one of the get-togethers but I never could. I was just alone, just for Scott. I didn't care to be in that environment. I sure as hell didn't want Scott somewhere he could get bad ideas or screw some other girl with nonchalance.

They also tried to talk us into going here, to Warner Cove. They came out here a lot. The nearer side of the cove was just strictly for sunbathing and general stuff but the far side, rockier and not as inviting, was where much heavier things happened. Everybody who went there, Von told me, was really cool. As long as you didn't look like you were being forced anything goes. Nobody wanted to call the police into the Cove for obvious reasons. Von told me she'd walked down the cove naked, even naked and handcuffed or otherwise restrained a few times and nobody cared. She loved it. I would never go and the once or twice Scott brought it up while we were dating I killed that thought firmly and immediately. I wasn't going to show any of my naked body to anyone but him. No. Way. At. All. I'd rather go through a lower GI exam without anesthetics.

I had a bad moment. Would Scott order me to go to one (or more) of Von and Phil's parties out here? What would he make me do? What would he allow me to wear? And would he force me to do? People had group sex out there, sometimes got tied up for helpless group sex. What would I do if he tried? Would I even be able to refuse? Everyone, lots of woman and men free to play with me however they wanted and were going to. I shivered even in the sunlight.

We pulled into the parking lot on the side near the cove. There were plenty of people, families, normal folks here enjoying the beach. Scott had his backpack out of the trunk with what he assured me was a picnic lunch and two large bottles of water in the netting on the sides.

He shouldered his backpack and met me at my door before I closed it. "Leave your t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops in the car."

"No!" I reacted instinctively then covered my mouth. There were people *everywhere*. The bikini I was wearing, that he commanded me to wear, was bought for special play when we were alone and with the sort of things we did when we were alone in mind. The top's fabric could be slid along the string that held the lower part of it in place which could make it nice and wide and properly covering or about as narrow (and on my chest as useful) as a postage stamp. The bottoms were the same way front and back so you could wear it in what was normal for a bikini or in a second or two convert it into a dangerously sexy thong. And of course the bottom tied in bows on both sides so it like the top could be removed if my hands and feet were already tied to something.

Scott glared at me. I remembered last weekend. 

"I mean, no, Scott, you can't. You know me. I'll die in just this bikini. What will people think? I mean, I thought you'd let me wear the shirt and shorts until we got around the point and then I'd be ok with just the bikini. But not here!"

Scott was still glaring. "Fine." He offered. "Sit back down. We'll start picking out pictures of you to post."

It was his standard go-to threat when I got cold feet and mine were deep space absolute zero. But I looked in his face and he could be serious and willing to do this. "You can't. You'd destroy me. You know that. Just this once. I'll never deny you again."

"You won't do it now either." He firmly informed me. I looked frantic, despairing. I pressed back into the side of the car looking like I was ready to burst into tears.

"I will." He promised. "Damn right I will. Look, you're right we are going to the Cove and yeah, your bikini won't be lasting too long. I know you are petrified at the thought and think you're going to have ten hours of hell but I'll bet you that ten minutes after you are naked and nobody else cares neither will you!" I wasn't buying.

"Look." He pushed. "You have a choice. Ten hours in the Cove, having lunch, tanning, swimming, and nobody else will care. I know Yvonne has told you all about it. Or you can have ten years of hell dealing with all those pictures of you all over the internet naked, a lot of them tied up, some doing sex acts. Everyone will know. I would really truly hate to do that but I will. It's up to you. Ten hours or ten years. Leave your shirt and shorts and sandals in the car or let's pick out the first couple of pictures. Decide!"

I felt helpless but he had me. He had hundreds of pictures. I could star in my own photo-book all by myself and it would not be a small one.

I looked at him, hate in my eyes for a second and then it was gone. I was not going to enjoy this at all but I could survive it. The alternative was way worse. And the problem was that the risk taker in me was doing handsprings somewhere in the background while the rest of me desperately wanted to slap it unconscious. The modest part of me was standing over it with a baseball bat telling it to stop that shit right now.

I sighed heavily then stripped off my shirt and threw it hard in the seat followed by my shorts. He waited then looked down at my feet. With more under-my breath growling my flip-flops landed on the floorboard. I adjusted the bikini as widely as I could. "You got any alcohol in there?" I asked him about the backpack. He nodded yes. "Good. Give it to me."

He reached into the bag and drew out a reasonably large bottle that he told me was premixed Long Island Iced Tea. It was still even a bit cold. I took a really healthy swig before handing it back to him then shut the car door.

OK, Gina, make it look good, like you're happy and ok. You are 90% fucking naked right now and it would not be good to draw attention to yourself by being pissy. I felt the Iced Tea or something start to kick in. I reached for his hand. "Let's get this over with, ok?"

He smiled but before he took my hand he adjusted the sides of my top back in. My breasts were large and were now about a third exposed between the insides and outsides. I better not go running but running would be suicidal in this bikini top anyway. I expected everything would stay In place if we were just walking. He adjusted the front of my bikini bottoms in a bit and converted the back to a thong. I felt a rise about to boil me over that the alcohol fortunately diluted. I lowered my head and sighed as he did it but made no move to stop him. "Don't adjust it or the bottoms at all today, understood?" He ordered.

"Yes, master." I said, with both sarcasm and resignation in my voice as we walked away from the car.

We crossed the bridge that allowed people and cars that could get past the roadblocks (park rangers and police) to cross the river. It was a short walk to the Point and then the real fun, my biggest nightmare, would begin. 

We passed people. I was horribly scared that we'd meet someone I knew . Or who would react badly to me walking around damn near naked. My whole butt was hanging out there to everyone’s view. We passed nobody we knew and nobody paid us any exceptional attention. Just yet another young couple walking to the Cove even if the girl did look horribly nervous. Probably her first time there.

The beach here was thin and rocky, the south sides of everything around here were that way and the north sides made up for it. There were lots of people around, not heavy, just there. A few in front of us, some passing us. I wondered at it, figuring that all those people walking past me were doubtless naked in the sand and water a half hour ago. For some that might have been an interesting sight but there were a few that were probably in the "need major alcohol to un-see" category. 

The sand felt warm between my toes. The air was salty, tangy, and fresh blowing off the ocean. The sun (all over me) was warm but I was petrified. Slightly drunk. Putting on a great act of casual nonchalance but petrified every time someone, especially someone male, walked past us and got all the looks at me they wanted.

I hated being in so little clothing. I hated even more that Scott had slid things together and made it so much worse. Huge boobs with huge sideboob. When people would walk by I would discreetly use my arms to try to hide myself. Scott didn't appreciate it and I could tell he was getting annoyed but he didn't say anything. As we walked and he looked away I sneaked three times a quick adjustment wider to the bikini tops so I wouldn't quite fall out and show my breasts if a stiff wind blew over me. We were two thirds of the way from the river to the Point. The ground was rocky and all the vanilla sunbathers and families were behind us and I blew it. I was trying one last time to move the tops a little further to safety and Scott caught me.

He shrugged and just looked at me. "I guess we're close enough." He reached into his backpack and pulled out... handcuffs.

"Put your hands behind your back." 

"No, I'll be good." I pleaded. "Please don't." I hurriedly put the bikini top back to where he had originally placed it.

"Hands behind your back, please!"

"No, please wait. We both know you're going to do anything you want with me once we get around the Point. Wait until then. I'm begging you!"

"Now! I saw you adjusting out your top both the other times. This is what you get. Now." I was dismayed but at least I had gotten away with one of them.

I looked into his eyes for mercy and found none so my wrists went behind my back. One cuff ratcheted around my left wrist but I felt him put the closed cuff into my other hand instead of closing it around my wrist. 

"Hold on to it. I won't lock it on you for now."

I stood still, numbly silent as he fixed the bikini top even a bit further in than he had originally placed it. But there was nothing I could do about it now. He narrowed the front of the bottoms until it barely covered my landing strip but left the back side alone. The backs were still thong length and the sun was warm on both of my fully exposed butt cheeks but he could have put it all the way together until the back was little more than a thick string. He nodded and we continued walking. 

I really hated it now. Most of my breasts were hanging out and the bikini top was more a courtesy than a cover. It was still covering my nipples but I was not about to take a deep breath. It felt weird with all that skin near my pubic region getting the warmth of sunlight and the caress of sea air but I could do nothing about any of it unless I let go of the cuffs and I dared not do that. He’d lock the other side of the cuffs on me in an instant for that so I suffered. Nine hours, thirty minutes left. If anyone I knew saw me like this, almost naked and almost wearing handcuffs I'd just die.

We walked across the thin part of the beach, only a few dozen yards wide that was the Point and it was gratefully behind us. We continued and the public part of the beach disappeared from view behind the Point. Scott told me to stop and I held my breath. The worst was still coming and was now here.

He went behind me and I felt him remove the handcuff from where I held it and then felt it ratchet down on that wrist. I would have run screaming but I was far too scared to move and anyway running was unthinkable with the bikini top where it was. It was barely meaningful as it was now. Then I felt him slowly start to pull on the back string of the bikini top. Bastard. I don't suppose he could have just gotten it over with quickly. Over an agonizing long ten seconds I felt the string pull and then the bow pop and untie and the ends of the strap were pulled in front of me. With my hands cuffed they were out of reach and my bikini just loosely hung around my neck. It still covered my nipples but as soon as we started to walk again that would no longer be true.

Still saying nothing, a lamb to the slaughter, I felt the string around my neck begin to pull. He took second after long second, the bastard, and then that bow opened and my top fell to the sand in front of me.

I was terrified but I was still frozen. I was topless and there were hundreds of people up and down the Cove. Dozens could see me, a few were even watching. My hands were handcuffed behind my back to make it the complete kinky spectacle. As almost the last of my modesty was ripped away from me and savaged I wanted to scream, "Well ok, here they are, look all you want!" But I was still too scared to move and even more fearful of what would happen later in response from Scott if I did. This was a horrible nightmare but he easily could make it much worse.

I could throw a fit. One thing Von was very clear about: People were really, really tolerant of what other people were doing as long as everybody was consensual. Von had also told me of a few times that women had been forced out there (like me?) and reacted badly and the people around had addressed the situation for the girl. Nobody wanted the cops in the Cove.

The sun felt warm on my breasts. The sea breeze blew across my nipples and brought them to erectness. I looked around. One or two people were watching; either they were set up here for the voyeur thing or maybe the handcuffs and my nervousness were a factor. Other people, other couples walked by shedding their suits without a thought and continuing on completely naked and apparently happy.

"Spread your legs about two feet apart." I did. The strings on the sides of my bottoms were slowly pulled as well, equally slowly, and the bottom fell to the sand between my feet. And there I was, my worst nightmare come to life. Completely stark naked with all these people around. And since my wrists were handcuffed behind me unable to cover anything at all. All those people, hundreds in my sight, they all could see me. All of me.

And they didn't care a bit.

Scott stowed my bikini and his shorts in his backpack and we walked on. "How far are you taking me?" I asked.

"All the way to the far side. I'll pick some place to stop along the way and we'll go back to it and have lunch."

We walked on, about a quarter mile. My hands were still cuffed behind me and every inch of me on display. Nobody cared. A few women had bottoms on but nobody had on a top. I was so glad I had taken the drink at the car. I wished now I had drunk more. But I was relaxing. Nothing horrible was happening. A little bit of attention because of the handcuffs but without them I figured people would be ignoring us.

"Scott?" I asked tentatively. He looked over at me.

"I'd feel so much better if I wasn't in handcuffs and if I could hold your hand. I'll be good, I promise. Please take them off. I won't try to cover myself. You can put them back on if I do, you know that. Please?" The cuffs came off and went back into the bag. I took his hand and we continued walking. Now that I was free and relaxing I noticed he had a huge hard-on flopping around in front of him. I could find uses for that. I had him stop so I could take another healthy shot from the bottle.

I gave up worrying; the drunkenness helped. When there were hundreds of naked people all around you, your own nakedness wasn't special, it meant nothing. I gave a sigh and put it behind me. It wasn't doing me any good any way. And the forced-sex doll inside of me was having a great time. In some ways I knew in private and in safety at home I could get myself off for months to what was happening here.

We reached the halfway of the cove and started up the south side. The sandy, inviting beach changed to more rocks and less of the inviting spots that brought the several hundred people we had walked past to the Cove. The way the tide worked the sand piled up on the side we just passed and not so much here.

The south side was the less vanilla area. If you were here for the nude beach, you stayed on the north side with all the sand. While there were plenty of inviting sandy spots on the south half it was known and understood that if you wanted more to do it over here away from the vanilla part of the nude beach. Some people over on the north side were lifestyle folks and had their children with them.

As we continued a fear struck me. "Scott?" I asked, a little timid, worried about the answer. "Are we meeting anyone here?"

There was a pause and a bit of consternation on his face and then he stopped and grabbed my other hand and held them both as he looked into my eyes.

"No. Look, I know how hard this is for you and how much you are afraid of showing people just how beautiful you really are." He tossed his head at the beach we had passed. "I'm sure eighty percent of the women on that beach wish they looked as good as you. You are incredible, you look great, just awesome and the hardest thing is to walk beside you like this and not stop and throw you to the ground and do the things I really want to you. But I am so proud of you and I’m marveling at your strength." He had been sporting a massively hard cock the entire time, yes. He clearly was happy to see what he was seeing. I appreciated the compliments like rain in the desert but I did wish he had actually answered my question.

I reflected, yes. I had been watching him and what he was seeing here was me. It was a strange revelation, a happy one. The Scott I dated a year ago would have had his eyes all over the other women on the beach. He’d be comparing them to me and I'd be so mortified that I'd be numb. And furious. But the Scott walking beside me hadn't been doing that. Yeah, he looked around, he was human and male. But he'd been with me, not with every other woman on the beach and pretending. I figured that was one of the reasons I wasn't having the horrid nightmare that I had expected. Even with all the naked women around us Scott was still here with me.

"I know you'd be very happy to run into the water and stay there until midnight or just hide in the rocks. But you're being so good, so excellent about this. I am so happy with you and I just can't tell you."

"But no, the last thing I want to do is to run into anyone we know. You're on the edge of panic and bolting" (well, maybe at first, not so much anymore. He still had all my clothes. I’d be running naked past a bunch of people and then once out of the Cove, then what?) "and it's hard enough for you to be naked here. To have someone you know see you, I expect, would push you over the edge. I don't want that. Just us. Just me and you."

He looked up the beach to the area ahead and it hit him. "Oh. You mean Phil and Yvonne or someone like them?"

I nodded, hopeful based upon his words so far.

"No. Absolutely not, I swear it. If we come across them or anyone we know we can just say hi and keep going. No plans at all to meet anyone here."

I let his other hand go and started pulling him forward with a genuine smile. "Come on then, let's finish the walk. I'm starting to get a little hungry."

The south side of the beach was much less populated. I was looking for a certain spot that Yvonne always talked about where they had their parties out here. The bluff wall ran close to the water here, maybe 40 feet, and there was one spot somewhere on the rock in the cliff wall which was relatively flat and had very convenient outcropping around it. You could tie a person spread-eagled there. It had been done to Von several times during parties and to lots of others as she had told me. She said they called it "Standing Rock" which was short for "Standing Rack Rock." What I imagined of it was the focus of some of my forced-sex fantasies: being tied to the rock while a party was going on, slowly stripped then caressed and made love to over and over by hunky guys. I was curious what it actually looked like.

About two-thirds of the way up the south side of the beach we saw it. Apparently Scott had heard of it too. The rock where the person would be held was smoothed off a bit, not flat but pretty much so. The person there would be reclining a little, it wasn’t straight up and down. I had to admit Von's point. If one was tied there it didn't look like having others take advantage of them would be hard at all. We kept walking. 

We reached the end of the beach. The cliffs curved around to continue down the coastline. To the north I could see the normal part of the beach far off in the distance. Scott smiled at me and I smiled back. We began to retrace our steps.

When we came to Standing Rock Scott looked at me and I knew what he wanted. Looking around there was no one around for several hundred feet. The other side of the cove was almost a half-mile across the water. I shrugged at the thought. Even if anyone over there could see us, and they'd damn near need a telescope to do it, they wouldn't be seeing anything that wasn't there when we walked past. And besides I had to admit that the thought had crossed my mind when I learned we were coming here and if we walked past it I was going to inquire about the possibility. Just for me to feel what it would be like. Research for my fantasy life. And yes I was getting wet at the thought. And like Scott some scratching of a particular itch would feel real good to me right now.

I decided to play it pensive. I bit my lip, murmured a "Yes, Sir" and moved over to stand with my back against the rock. It was more or less a flattened-out slab, reclining slightly. There were protrusions about each side that had been preserved so shorter people could stand on them for additional height. When you did that it forced your legs to be spread, I thought, which was probably a plus. There were also a few holes cut into the rock on the sides. Von had told me they could be used for stashing things or to climb up so you could get the person tied to the rock to give you head or eat your pussy. Or pee on them, Von admitted but she had only heard of that happening. I stepped on one of the lower protrusions to get me a little higher so Scott wouldn’t have to crouch down. Out came ropes and went around my wrists and over convenient protruding pieces of rock above me to stretch my wrists up and out. The ropes were tied off to pieces of rebar that had been driven into the cliff wall for that purpose. Helpless, arms now stretched out and tied over my head I just watched Scott move and wondered what the captive’s fate would be.

He wasn't done. "Oughta be the full experience." He muttered as two more pieces of rope went around my ankles and were tied to other pieces of rebar trapping my ankles where they were about four feet apart. And then he showed me why Yvonne had been right and my fantasies had been underrated.

I liked forced sex. Scott knew that and knew exactly where my switches and levers were. How hot this would get me. How to make me wait, how to drive me wild and incandescent hot and then when he was ready and long, long after I was to drive me over the edge to a thundering orgasm. We were alone, nobody was anywhere near. Perhaps we could be seen from across the bay but what of it? I had walked past all of them naked and some of them with my hands cuffed behind me. We were alone, semi-private, and we had done *this* a lot, just nowhere like here. He kissed and caressed me, knowing where I liked it and when to stop so that I was instantly begging for more. And more, and more, and more until I was thrashing against the ropes that held me with frustrated need each time he stopped. He was in no hurry and I couldn’t escape him. And he loved how I shook and cursed in a frenzy when he got me right near the edge and then backed away and all I could do was feel it slipping away through my clutching fingers. Again. And again. Knowing as soon as I stopped shaking he was going to reduce me to a thrashing and begging wave of desperate need. Again. And Again. Finally he drove me over the edge. I just collapsed and hung limp in my bonds against the rock wall until all the waves passed. It took a while. Boy had my fantasies been naive.

Lunch, suntanning, and swimming were nice, too.


[Author’s note: Lots of other people's copyrights and IP in this segment. No endorsement or infringement of any kind meant or imagined. The IP owners can sue me for a reasonable share of all the money I make with this story. A small and round number. Single digit.]

One of the absolute hardest things Scott asked me to do came later, after being left naked in the middle of the forest and having to walk a long ways that way to get back to my clothes and after several trips to the nude beach where we had nice times and never got any of our clothing dirty. If he had tried any of this when we were dating I would have left him on the spot.

It was about a week before the ComicCon that was held in our city. We had gone to the one that occurred while we were dating and had a reasonably good time. We were both in Star Trek TNG uniforms, he a commander in gold, me a medical officer in blue. It was a costume I was happy and comfortable in. Even though it was tight-fitting and hugged my curves there were a lot of other girls running around in much, much less and back then even though Scott was trying his hardest by the end of day two it was getting to him and therefore to me so we didn’t go the third day.

Yesterday he had me come over and told me he had a costume for me for the upcoming event. I had a really bad feeling about it. I knew the possibility of it being something considered full clothing, seeing our situation, had the same chance as a photon escaping the event horizon of a black hole.

But on thinking about it I found I was rather ok with a more revealing costume. I did have a nice body and took the trouble to keep it that way. My body had been seen often enough at Warner Cove for the thought of it being seen again in the right circumstances, wearing little but still wearing something, not to really bother me anymore.

But this was pushing it. The box, the large box, boldly proclaimed, "Slave Leia Costume. From Panormal Costumers." And in smaller print below it "When you want the fantasy to be real." The box was worrisomely heavy.

Inside was what everything one would expect, or fear. Someone had spent a lot of time thinking this one through. I had a friend who had worn a Slave Leia costume to Cons before. Her costume was adequate but kind of cheap. The plastic would hold together pretty well but it was nothing like this one. This one was made out of real metal, lightweight but quite strong. The costume came with two keys that looked sort of like police handcuff keys but more ornate. The collar actually locked behind my neck and the chain hanging from it was made of a light metal but quite real. It came with the two matching bracelets and a pair of the snake bicep bands, also one for each arm. The canon costume only had one of each on differing arms so the wearer had the option of which set to wear, or both. 

The bracelets departed just a little from the canon design. They were of the same light metal but not thin. It turned out they had additional functionality. The circle hole on each bracelet actually was a metal loop that was hinged and could pop up providing a quiet usable loop to attach rope or the end of the collar chain. Each bracelet was bent on and off with a large tool that clamped them around the girl's wrists. They didn't come off except with the same tool or something like it. They were padded and a bit thicker on the wrist end of each. The documentation said this was done so they could be used as suspension cuffs. There were also three more links of chain like the ones on the collar available for the loop on each bracelet They would have to be put on with the bracelet tool and were not designed to come off. Those had never been seen on screen but the paperwork said it was part of the original design.

The bra, as was canon, would only cover the forward part of my breasts. For me, my large breasts, they were more just ornate caps than bra. Lots and lots of sideboob in every direction. It had a hole on the inside where the girl's nipple could poke through, I thought that was thoughtful of them until I learned the full usage of it. 

The waist was front and back two pieces of solid metal which could just latch on the left side or be locked so as to require the key to release. Since they rode high enough above the wearer's pelvis there was no way to slide it off. The front piece underneath had an indent and a pouch big enough to hold a car key or a hotel room card key and maybe even a little money. It'd look like you were grabbing your crotch but there really wasn't any other place to put it and I regarded it as thoughtful. There was a modesty strap that ran between the wearer's legs and covered the more private areas made of the same fabric as the front and back drapes. They all attached to the waist-pieces with velcro and could be removed with a swift pull or not even worn. The front waist piece, if all the cloth was removed, stopped high enough that my vagina and a lot of my pubic region were fully exposed. Devilishly, there were a set of guides in the waist-pieces so the width of the front and back drapes could be adjusted from the full width of the waist-pieces as was canon down to about two inches. That would only cover the girl if she were standing still and even then not really. The guides ratcheted inward freely at a touch but required the key to move them outward.

It came with ribbons for the woman's hair and the ankle boots that looked perfect but were quite the bondage gear if you knew it. There was a pliable metal strap that ran around and could lock around the girl's ankles and required the key to open. Attached to that were more metal straps that ran up each side of each boot and ended still hidden just below the top in a D-clip so the booties could be locked on the wearer and then the d-clips used to secure her ankles. The boots were well made and quite comfortable and the metalwork inside wasn't noticeable when you were wearing them. It wasn't canon but bangled anklets came with the kit as an alternative to the boots if you wanted to run around barefoot. It was a common alternative to the boots that I had seen more than once. Of course the bangle chain could be locked on with the key. The last link in the neck chain was actually a craftily designed carabiner and could be discreetly locked closed with the key. The instructions noted the girl's wrists could be locked to the end of the chain in front of her or the collar could be reversed to hold her hands behind her back. The instructions pointed out the carabiner could be locked to the wrists and to a higher link on the neck chain to bring about a reverse prayer position. The instructions clearly did not recommend using the collar this way at all since it was a choking hazard pulled against the wearer’s throat and included only for completeness. Yeah right. 

The holes for the nipples. I learned from the documentation (and looked at it myself in disbelief once I did) that the front of each breast cap popped off to reveal a circular clamp around each nipple hole. The front cover of each bra piece could be removed, the girl's nipples inserted into the holes, then the clamp spun closed around each pinning each nipple in its cap. The clamps pulled up a little as they tightened to maintain the grip. The clamps looked like they could be closed very tight, painfully tight. And of course you could tighten them down freely but it took the key to loosen the clamps or pop the cover off the bra top. I didn't like that part of the costume a bit.

Pretty damn expensive too. All the pieces were custom-sized for the wearer. And Scott let me know that I was going to wear this all day on Saturday at the ComicCon coming up next weekend. I was a bit unhappy but in many ways that part of me was gone and I knew from experience that a lot of other girls wore about as much in differing costumes there. I'd be a show but one of many, many there. I said nothing and just nodded my head in acceptance.

All in all unless you were a screaming exhibitionist bondage pain slut this costume was terrifying. Yet I was going to wear this all day in public in a few days. I wondered briefly what that said about me.

Scott asked if he could come over Tuesday after school so I could try on the costume and wear it around the house until we went to bed that night. I was fine with that. Left to my own I actually had an exhibitionist streak. Even the old Gina would have happily worn the outfit just around the house for Scott. Around the house anything and everything goes. Always had.

When we got home after class and settled in he had me strip naked and then put the costume on. I braided my hair and used the ribbons to hold it in place. He then used the tool to clamp the bracelets around my wrists. He let me play with them a little bit before continuing. If I twisted hard I could flip them from inside of my wrist to the outside position but it had only a sliver opening and there was no way they could be slipped off without being pried back open with the tool. He took me into the living room and took down the two plants hanging from hooks in the ceiling that we had often used in the past to tie me in a standing position and this was no different. He put the links into the bracelet loops and had me stand on a chair then fastened the end of each chain to the plant hooks in the ceiling. And then he told me to kick the chair out from under me. It took me a couple of tries to get up the nerve but I jumped off the chair backward, giving it a huge kick as I came forward, knocking it well clear of any hope of helping me. There I was, naked and suspended by my wrists, slowly swinging back and forth with my leftover momentum. Scott was entranced. All he could do was watch the show.

He recovered and took a few pictures of me like that. I was way past caring about that any more. 

The bracelets were reasonably comfortable and adequately supportive. It was never fun to hang by one’s wrists but understanding that, these cuffs were pretty good. My toes, if I stretched as hard as I could, were still an inch or two away from brushing the top of the carpeting.

He walked up to me. When I was like this my head was just a smidge below his in height. He grabbed my hair at the back of my head, used it to point my face upward to his and spent about two minutes kissing me deeply and exploring my mouth. Then he stepped back, let his hands run over the rest of my body and then got to work.

"Doing ok?" He asked me.

"Hanging in there." Standard answer when he had me like this. "But can't stay like this forever."

He brought the waist-pieces out, attached the drapes and the modesty strap to it, then as I obediently spread my legs to allow it to be put on. It went into place and he locked it on to me with a click. He ran his hands under the drape and fingered my pussy through the modesty strap. I wasn’t wet but not dry either. The bicep bands would have to wait until he let me down so they stayed in the box. The collar came out. He put it around my neck with the chain in the traditional place in front and closed the locking mechanism behind my neck. I did get a thrill run through me as it clicked closed. A collar had been locked around my neck, a real one. I couldn’t take it off. OMG, I felt a tingle between my legs. I really needed to talk to Von about this.

The booties went on easy. I was already pointing my toes any time he could see my legs. He slipped them on and then closed the ankle locks inside them. He went and grabbed two pieces of rope, used them with the half-loops on the outside of each boot to tie my ankles open. It probably was a good idea, the only thing left was the bra and its clamps and if my feet were free he probably feared if he got it too tight I might “accidentally” kick him. Correctly.

And then came me bra. He sucked on my nipples for a few minutes to make sure they were fully erect then popped the covers off and put them on me making sure each nipple was pushing through its hole. I closed my eyes but could hear the clicks, feel the clamps bearing down on my nipples and stretching them a little away from my chest as they were designed to do as they tightened. When I gave a gasp and started shaking my head in pain thankfully Scott stopped. He did warn me to brace myself and tried to pull them off. With a squeak of pain from me they went nowhere except to stretch my breasts underneath the caps. He tugged pretty hard a couple of times. Fortunately for him I was tied and suspended and couldn't do anything about it. After a few strong pulls which brought sparks to my chest he stopped. He remarked that the instructions said they were designed to hold to around 50 pounds of pressure and then let the woman's nipples slip through. He could pull that hard if I wanted him to show me that it wouldn't rip my nipples off. If he made an effort he could certainly do it. Having had enough from his tugs a moment ago I shook my head a strong no and told him I was happy to take that one on faith. I had hoped he would loosen the clamps a little after that but all he did was put the covers back on. He freed my feet and put the chair back under me so I could stand on it again. The squeezing and the outward pull on my nipples was a constant reminder, especially any time I moved and my breasts tried to move in the caps. By the time I had my hands free it had settled down to an annoyance, the pain from his tugging fading. The covers required the key to open and Scott showed no sign of interest in doing that so I just decided to ignore it and go on with the evening.

Which from there on was pretty enjoyable. All the windows were closed and Scott made no move to open them so I was happy in the situation. The chain on the collar was a minor inconvenience but not heavy. He let me wear the modesty strap for about an hour and then reached into my lap and with a swift pull it came away in his hand. The waist drapes still covered me fine. I had trimmed my pubic hair down to a neat landing strip to help things. He over the evening ratcheted the drapes all the way down. It made the drapes sexy as hell as they covered less and less of me and my movements showed skin deeper and deeper toward my pussy but that was no real problem indoors. Saturday I'd just have to be careful and use the time now to learn how to move in such a way as to keep the front drape in place. It seemed to be mostly a matter of walking with your feet apart so your thighs didn't bump the drape forward and leave a gap on that side when the leg retreated. I practiced but forgot a lot of the time. I'd no doubt be much more careful on Saturday.

The bra - surprisingly it turned out to be a plus. Having my nipples held through meant they got constant stimulation as I moved and the breast only bounced a little in the bra. They sure in hell were not popping out. That wasn't a bad thing.

We retired back to the bedroom. He used the chains on my wrists to secure me to the headboard and the half-clip on the boots to spread my ankles wide. Off came the waist-pieces which was no big deal. Then gently off came the bra caps and since my nipples had been squeezed mercilessly for the last 5 hours in them it felt, well, less than optimum. It was a good thing he had me tied down to the bed hand and foot when he did that. But once I stopped thrashing he sucked on them gently for a while and I felt much better about the whole thing. But the sex was good and relaxing. We both had been looking forward to it since we had gotten home and it was everything both of us wanted. He let my wrists and ankles go. II pulled the boots off and he used the tool to pry the cuffs open and off my wrists and we both sank into a well-wanted sleep. He did leave the collar on all night for some reason. Whatever. The next morning before I showered I stared at him and pointed and it came off (no, I’m not wearing this to school) and we both left for classes.

Collars weren’t as bad as I thought. Yeah the chain hanging down from it sort of ruined it but I felt, well, sensual at knowing that it was locked on me and couldn’t really be hidden. A sure sign of my sexuality and desirability and that I had absolutely no control over removing it. I really was going to have to talk to Von.

Friday was fun in our Starfleet costumes. It was a huge hotel and Scott had gotten us a room there in the hotel so we didn't have to travel. I cut a fine figure in my costume, tight-fitting and showing me off while covering me from head to toe. Many other girls were in anime costumes or similar. Scott did his best not to ogle too much, he wasn't perfect but he actually did a pretty good job. I could forgive him for being male as long as he was *trying* to suppress that part of it and he was.

We ran into some friends there, a couple we knew from classes, Chad and Jodi, and a single guy, Allen. Chad and Jodi on Friday were Malcolm and Kaylee from Firefly and Allan had a costume that looked anime but he said it was custom and not from a series. It looked good. Nice ornate longsword.

Saturday morning came and I wanted to be down on the convention floor at 9 AM sharp. There was a panel at 9:30 where I really wanted to get good seats. Scott dressed in his Corellian ("nerf-herder" I teased him) and it was time for me to put the Slave Leia costume back on.

I was out of the shower early, had my hair all braided up perfectly and the ribbons on, and Scott helped me get the costume on. Thankfully he gave me no grief about the modesty strap (I wondered how long that would last) and the neck chain, but he was clearly hugely turned on by the thought of me running around in so little all day. His cock inside his pants was huge. We had played before we went to sleep but he looked like he was ready for more. Pity there was no time for that right now.

The bracelets were bent back around my wrists and the collar was locked on. You could see Scott was having the time of his life. The boots went on and were locked, and then it was time for the bra. He had me put my hands behind my back and then spun the collar around and used the carabiner to lock my wrists behind me. I complained at this wanting to get downstairs but with my hands locked behind me it was already too late. I sat on the side of the bed as he rubbed my nipples up and spun the clamps down again until I complained, and then two clicks further. He was right, I had started complaining early and it wound up about as tight as it had been Tuesday night. I was only a little unhappy at that which changed when he pushed me backward onto my back, placed my ankles on his shoulders then pushed the front drape and the modesty strap aside. With his pants down he shoved a huge and rock-hard cock into me. Normally I'd be ok with this but I wanted to get downstairs. It was 8:45 and we needed to go.

I complained but he ignored me. He also wasn't using a condom this time. It wasn't a worry; I had been on the pill since I was 13 for medical reasons but I chafed at the delay. He thankfully didn't take long and at 8:52 he was pushing hard into me and holding as he pumped semen with a mighty groan. "I know you want to go but you just look so damn good and I didn't want to wait until tonight." I was in a bit of a panic because now I had his cum inside of me and there was no time to take care of that either. With a glare at him we gathered our things and headed out. He actually didn't uncuff my hands from behind my back until we were in the elevator but there was nobody to witness it up until then. If I wasn’t in so much of a hurry I would not have worried about it. Handcuffed in the hallways? Teens and twenty-somethings at a Con. We perhaps didn't get the seats we could have if we were in line ten minutes earlier but they were good and we enjoyed the panel.

We ran back into them and Chad and Jodi were Jim and Joyce from Stranger Things. Allen was an excellent Lelouch from Code Geass with his black hair down and going everywhere and Academy uniform pressed to perfection. There was a problem though: He was fascinated by my Slave Leia costume and was enjoying the incredible amount of exposed skin and trying a little too hard to see what was under the two drapes. He sat on the other side of me from Scott and honestly spent more time looking hard at me and must have missed most of the presentation. When you sat down the drapes fell between your legs unless you deliberately pulled them over your legs and Scott had forbidden me adjusting them at all. It was a bikini anyways and legs right up to my hips were firmly showing when I sat. This entranced Allen. I brushed it off. it was annoying but I had Scott with me so it was manageable. But Allen really did need to find someone here and hook up with them and take the top off of that head of steam.

We all agreed to meet for lunch at the restaurant there in the hotel. Just before we went to lunch Scott had me accompany him upstairs to our room where he requested that I switch into the bangle anklets and leave the boots up here. I sighed and shrugged. I loved being barefoot so it wouldn't bother me a bit but I wondered if some of the convention staff would care. But all in all I didn't really have a choice in this, did I? I sat down, he unlocked the boots and locked the bangles on. Off we went to the elevator, me somewhat melodically noisier than before.

While we were at lunch Allen was still on his inquisition which my bare feet just made an order of magnitude worse. I was in the process of getting really tired of it and a bit creeped out. I decided that if Scott wanted us to get drunk tonight there was no way Allen would be around when we did. He made me think that he'd tear my clothes off and rape me given half a chance. Scott was getting a little tired of it too. He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear: "Show him your modesty strap. Maybe then he'll calm down."

I looked at him, incredulous. "Really?" I whispered back.

He looked back firmly at me with a smile. "Absolutely. That's an order. You will show him your modesty strap. Got it?" And he quietly reached under the table ratcheted the front drape down two more notches.

I glared at him, then sighed. Who knows, answering Allen’s question just might work. When the time came for us to leave our seats I exited mine to his side. My front drape was fully over my far leg, right up to the bottom of the front plate. I got up a little slowly to make sure Allen got a good view, or at least so I couldn’t be blamed if he didn’t. As I pushed back and stood up the modesty strap was fully visible. Of course Allen was looking so of course he saw it clearly. It was only about two inches wide so he saw a lot of me he shouldn't have but an order was an order. We all went our separate ways after the meal so I had no idea if and how well it worked but... it was in the past now. Whatever.

On our way to the next panel Scott pulled me down an unused hallway and into a small room that was dark and currently empty. "Hands behind your back." He snapped at me. Having no real reason to argue I complied. He pulled a carabiner out of his pocket and around the bracelet d-rings locking them together behind me. Then he did what I had been dreading and expecting all day. He reached under my drapes and tore off the modesty strap. I froze. If the drape in front had been canon width I would have been unhappy but said nothing and just been extra careful. But he had already moved it in a few clicks earlier today and the front drape was hiding much less than it should.

"No! Scott please!. You can't! I'll..." My words were cut off by his mouth clamping over mine, kissing me deeply and rubbing his hands over my butt cheeks reaching under the back drapes and ratcheting the one in back a bit closed. I groaned. The sides of my butt would be visible now and there was nothing I could do about it. I had a problem when he reached in front of me and I tried to pull away but he had me against a wall and the front ratcheted closed another notch as well. Still plenty wide, about two-thirds, but I'd have to be deadly careful now. Dismayed but having no choice and fearing he might expose me more if I fought him I kissed him back for a few minutes until he was satisfied. He removed and pocketed the carabiner and we went on our way. Me much more nervous than ten minutes ago.

I got used to it. I walked right and I don't think I flashed anybody. At least I saw no signs of it. I was sure as hell very careful. After a while it lost the flare and I forgot about it. He did as the day passed close the front guide a few more clicks. I was unhappy but reminded myself that I had no choice and I could always piss him off and he could close it further. He had a huge number of pictures of me and perhaps me in a slave girl costume was more reasonable than most people would suspect. I just had to do the best I could as the front drape over time slowly got smaller.

The 3 PM demo we had gone to let out a little before 4 and we didn't have anything scheduled until at least 6. He took me off the convention floor, into a stairwell. We headed down. I wondered where we were going, I had been fully prepared to run back up to the room for a quickie (if it takes an hour and a half, it is really a quickie?) if he wanted one. With me running around 90% naked he surely did. He'd had a hard cock pretty much every time I looked at him (and me occasionally "accidentally" (or if we were alone, non accidentally) brushing it didn't help), we could just go back to our room and I'd oblige him. But we were going downstairs.

We got to the bottom floor. (I remembered Acron Hall. What did he have about basements?) Once we were there and finished with stairs he stopped and hooked my wrists behind my back with the carabiner again then used the neck chain to guide me far, far down the very deserted corridor into a mechanical room. (How did he find places like this? And when?) But although there were hundreds of people a few dozen feet above us it was deserted as hell. The door was unlocked, there were pipes everywhere, some racks with equipment I couldn't identify, not foot deep in dust but not heavily used at all. Thankfully it was deserted like the rest of the floor.With foreboding I was led around a rack and to the back of the room where a chain link wall with a locked chain link gate blocked off a small storage area. He pushed me back against the chain link and told me to go down on my knees, feet against the chain link.

"Scott, you're scaring me." I tried to tell him, but it made no difference to him. We were so far away from anyone else I figured I could scream until I was unconscious and nobody else would hear me. I was getting worried but I trusted Scott. Yeah, he'd probably enjoy chaining me to the fence and then fucking me. We had plenty of practice while we were dating having sex while I was tied in a standing spread-eagle. It wouldn't be a problem. If he wanted me on my knees I guessed a blow job was in my immediate future. But all in all I really wished he had just taken me upstairs to our room.

It went where I expected. There on my knees I was presented with what I had been playing with on and off all day: his very hard cock. I only minded a little. It made no sense to come down here when we were paying for a comfortable bed sixteen floors above us. But whatever. Men. You could never tell. I started in. I could do this. I wished I had my hands free; it would have been easier and faster. Whatever.

At first he was patient and let me work on him but in scenes like this that normally didn't last and he sure seemed in a forceful mood today. This one was no exception. After a minute or two he grabbed two handfuls of my hair and held me still while he roughly fucked my mouth. For the most part it was ok. He had a tight grip on my hair which wasn't optimal. He was long enough to ram the back of my throat so I had to play breathing games not to gag but I had plenty of practice in doing that too. No problem. 

But then he pulled out and stopped. I wondered what was up. I couldn't think how I could have done anything wrong when all I could do is hold still while he jammed his cock down my throat and not choke. There were two cinder blocks against the chain link, about four feet apart, holes up. He helped me on to them and pushed until my back was against the chain link wall. Standing on the cinder blocks was reasonable, it elevated me enough so he didn't have to crouch down to have sex with me. That wasn't unusual. I wished the blocks were flat side up, the holes made it a little more difficult and less comfortable in bare feet. There was nothing for it and I wasn't going to complain. With me in place phase two began.

He moved my wrists so that they were high and out, putting me in a traditional and expected standing spread-eagle. Two more small but strong carabiners came out and attached my bracelets to the chain link wall. It'd be effective enough. Even if I could rotate my wrists there was no way I could get to them to open them. For me, they might as well have been key locks.

Yup, I knew what was coming. I even smiled a little bit inside. It'd feel real good. Running around in public 90% naked had an effect on me too. He produced two large steri-strips out of his pocket. I recognized them for how we'd used them in the past: they were big and wide enough to be used like duct tape to tape my mouth shut. He didn't open one and put it on me which was unusual but ok. Two more small carabiners went through my bangle anklets and the fence, securing my ankles in place also as expected. Out came something I had only seen briefly today, the key to my costume. The key went into the lock on the front waist-piece and the latch popped open. I pushed my hips forward as Scott pulled it off me, leaving me naked from the waist down. I had expected him to just pull the front drape off but it didn't matter. I hadn't heard another soul since we entered the stairwell and I was way down a deserted hallway and in a quiet room behind a firmly closed door. Next was the bra. The clamps had my nipples tight but I had forgotten about it. He removed the covers, disconnected the back straps, then quickly opened the clamps and pulled the bra off.

It didn't pull as it came off but the blood rushing back suddenly hurt as much as I had expected and I groaned and tried hard not to make noise. I still thrashed a little for a moment while he put the bra carefully on the floor. He spent some time running his hands all over my naked body, rubbing me, reminding me of how helpless and vulnerable I was. He knew my weak spots, knew how to appeal to the damsel-in-distress part of me to turn me on and it was working great. I started getting real itchy, looking forward to the hard cock I had in my mouth a few minutes ago and hopefully the orgasm that would end the event. I knew what was coming and it was starting to get to the point where I couldn't wait.

Strangely enough though he stopped and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. He anointed himself well and then rubbed quite a bit of lube into me. I wondered why he was bothering, surely I was wet enough. The location wasn't what I would have preferred but I did have a love for forced sex and this was really prime forced sex in semi-public (or at least not in private). I would hurry it along if I could because of the location and how he had gotten my orgasm on my mind but the overall plan I was fine with.

He put the lube bottle away, leaned right up next to me. I could feel his hard cock right there, and really wanted to feel it moving inside of me. He was about an inch or two from my face, waiting, and said to me: "You know what I'm going to do?" As he thrust savagely in me, he told me: "When I'm done, I'm going to put your costume back on you and leave you here, then go find Allen and tell him where you are."

At first a wave of panic washed over me but then I relaxed. This was a game we had actually played a lot even when we were dating. He'd tie me up and tell me he was leaving me for someone else to find and have fun with me. Back when we were dating he'd tie me to the bed then as he fucked me tell me how he was going to tell someone else where to find me, tell me a long story. Of course we were safe in one of our houses and nothing like that was going to happen but it was a game we played. I was perfectly happy to play games when we were alone at home even while we were dating and he sure seemed to enjoy it. He definitely screwed me hard at times like those. 

It actually made sense. Most guys had fantasies of their woman pleasing or being forced to please other men and with the bondage in our relationship it was a natural extension. Sometimes when we were dating he would stop, leave the room for a few minutes and when he came back we both pretended he was now the threatened person. He got to play a rape fantasy and I got to struggle and fight as hard as I wanted. We both enjoyed it.

"Yeah. That's what I'm going to do." He continued as he thrust in and out of me. "I've told Allen to be down here in about an hour, told him he can have about two hours to play with you and have sex with you. I've told him about the costume and told him to study up on it because you'll be locked in it when he finds you. I'm going to put the costume back on you, lock the bra on but this time I'm going to tighten the clamps all the way down. You can scream and struggle all you want ‘cause nobody will see you or hear you down here." He paused for a long series of drives that felt real good to us both. "I haven't decided, maybe I'll lock the waist-pieces, maybe not. Should he get to see all of you, or just tear the drapes off and see all he needs to? Oh, yeah, I'll tell him that people would never know it from college but actually you are a very kinky and wild woman. In exchange for agreeing to wear the Leia costume I had to agree to let you have your favorite fantasy, where you get tied up somewhere completely helpless and I have to go tell someone else where you are and then stay away for an hour. If they find you they have that hour to do anything they want with you, and yes *that* is completely understood to be an option."

His breathing was getting heavy, he was getting worked up. "I'll tell him he shouldn't listen to a thing you say. Of course you'll tell him you don't want him to have you. You'll say anything you can to try to get away, fight him, struggle, threaten, do anything you can. It's part of the game you play, it's fun to you. I’ll tell him that you expect him to ignore you completely and just do whatever he wants to you. In fact, if he lets you go before having all your fun you are generally really, really furious with the guy for you going through all the trouble and not getting what you wanted. In fact, you love it best and come the hardest when the guy is rough and brutal and does whatever he wants with you. When he just uses you and comes in you and dominates you and does whatever he wants and doesn't care about you. You come like a freight train when you have sex like that."

He paused for a few more thrusts. He was really into this. "But your bra will be locked on tight, all the way down. I'll tell him it's glued on and it has to be yanked off. It might hurt so I'll leave him something to gag you with if he wants to. He should just pull hard until the bra pieces come off. You won't like it but you know it has to be done if he wants to see your chest and he will."

The story was getting a little disturbing but there was nothing I could do about it and it was just words anyways. He came with a cry, tightening up and holding in me. I felt him pulse a couple of times. At least it was over. I wondered what we'd do until 6.

He pulled out, rolled off the condom and knotted it, putting it in the baggie like he always did. But instead of letting me down he picked the waist-piece set back up, and fitted it back on me. He fastened it back down and it went together with a click. He didn't lock it.

"Just let me down sweetie! I can do that." He stopped and stared at me, coldly. Feeling the coldness wash over me, suddenly worried. I found myself at a complete loss of further words.

He picked up the bra, approached me. What was he doing? Surely he wouldn't... I worried for a second then calmed down. Of course he wouldn't. He had in the past "left" me in places, like the time a few months ago at the top of the stairwell at Acron hall or on the picnic table at the park that one day or late that one night tied to a fence in a quiet corner of Northwest Park. But he always just pretended. He was always far enough away that I felt alone but close enough to protect me if something happened.

There had been times I had forced him to leave me. Once or twice when he had me cuffed and tied spread at the top of the stairwell at Acron and before he started I had told him, made him go get me a soda. To do that he had to go to the cafeteria on the first floor, well far away and out of any possible contact with me for at least a few minutes. It wouldn't be that he never left me alone in bondage. Sometimes I forced him to.

Yet when he chained me naked to the tree at Fernando Rocks Park as far as I knew he really did walk away and left me, naked and alone for several hours. Yes most of the time I was only chained and if someone had found me and wanted to attack me I could have screamed for help. But there was a period during that day when he had left me spread out and gagged. Anyone that had found me could have done anything they wanted to me. He said he had gone back home and I hadn't even thought about doubting that at the time. He might have just been out of my sight or he might have been, as he said, miles away. I didn't know any more.

The bra went back on. I leaned forward so he could get the back straps on. I sure hoped the threat to tighten it all the way down was not real but I knew I was about to find out. My nipples were nowhere near recovered from being in the clamps for the last six hours and putting them back into that would hurt twice as bad. He put the bottom of the bra caps in place ensuring my nipples were pushing fully through the holes. Coldish air and stimulation I wished they were reluctant but they were standing strong. All he had to do was spin the wheels and tighten the clamps down.

He looked into my eyes as he twisted the wheels. I felt the clamps dig in solid but nowhere near as tight as they could go. Then he put the cover plates on the bra pieces and locked them in place. I was a little shaken but still had hope. Yeah, he had re-dressed me in the costume. No, he hadn't crushed my nipples like he had threatened to. Now that I was back in costume he could let me go and we would walk away. Or -- he could walk away alone and leave me here. I waited, unable to breathe, wondering which way things would go.

He smiled and kissed me on the cheek and then walked away. Really? The door was not in direct sight of where I was chained. He turned the corner and disappeared and a few seconds later I heard the door open and close and then silence. Dead silence.

Then again, there was no guarantee Scott had actually walked out the door. He could have just opened and closed it, creating doubt in her mind if he was still in the room. There was a low level of machinery hum and I started to listen to see if he might make a mistake and give himself away.

I assessed my situation while I waited for Scott's game to play out. We had kept each other awake last night and I was tired but it had been a fun day. It was nice running around the hotel in effectively a string bikini and getting away with it. Despite my bitching my nipples I the caps had kept them running as an undercurrent in my mind and I had been walking around more or less turned on all day. Lots of admiring, lustful looks to reinforce my ego. Lots and lots and lots of them. And Scott, being quite attentive all day as he should.

Downside: I was chained by my costume to a fence in a basement mechanical room far from anyone except the one who put me here. The cinder blocks I was standing on were turned holes-side up which was uncomfortable and would grow worse but I'd survive. I was spread terribly widely and in this costume I screamed "use me for sex" in a loud voice. But it was quiet upstairs, there wasn't anything really going on. If Scott hadn't led me down here, I reflected, we'd probably be in our room taking a nap until the sneak preview I wanted to see at 7. No sex if I could help it, I was planning to keep that flame burning until later on tonight when I could make it up to Scott and get maximum enjoyment out of it myself. Scott knew not to play too long and make me miss the preview so I knew I would only be here an hour or two at worst.

Could Scott actually be leaving me here for Allen? I didn't know. I'd like to say I doubted it but I just didn't know. If this had been when we were dating there would have been no way. But the dynamics now were much different. The Scott I dated would never have left me chained naked in a public park and walked away either.

I must have dozed off because I woke up with a start. I heard the door slam shut and footsteps. I steeled myself. It was the moment of truth: The lady or the tiger? I didn't even want to bet with myself.

The footsteps rounded the corner. I got the tiger. Allen stood there with a very evil smile on his face. Quite happy to see me. Huge erection in his pants. Wasn't I wishing a couple of hours ago that he could find a girl to get his rocks off?

I felt strangely wet between my legs. Way too slippery. Then I remembered, just before Scott left me, when he was putting all that stuff on the box, he had drawn out a large syringe full of a clear fluid.

"Lube." He told me. "For when Allen stops by." He pushed my front drape and the modesty strap aside then stuck the syringe way up inside of me and then I could feel the fluid flowing into me. Lots of it. And slowly pulling the syringe out as the last fluid was squeezed out, ensuring I would be well lubed. And appear like I was wet and enjoying the situation.

"Hello Allen!" I managed gamely.

"Hello Gina!" He responded, closing in on my helpless body. "Have I told you how good you look in that costume?"

"Allen, this is all a big mistake. Please let me go. You shouldn't be here. Suppose I could get you to let me down and you could tell me at length over a cup of coffee?" He had closed the distance between us and was reaching out to me. 

"No." He said softly as I shrunk away what little I could. One hand grabbed my neck, squeezed a little. Nothing I could do about it and the implied threat was perfectly clear. The other hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head backward so he could savagely kiss me, rape my mouth with his tongue. Scared, I gave no resistance.

It was a hard kiss, almost brutal. A part of me would have liked it if it had been Scott. A little part of me still enjoyed it even though it wasn't.

I looked around, saw some things sitting on a nearby box that I hadn't noticed before. My red ball gag, the one with just the strap around my head. The steri-strips Scott had had earlier. A roll of duct tape. A flogger from the house. And something that levelled up my fear quite a few notches: The taser I kept in my purse. The two electrodes stuck out of the thin unit in silent threat. What was Scott thinking leaving that for Allen? In this costume I was nothing but exposed skin!

"Please let me go." I asked him after he pulled away. "This is all a big mistake."

He sighed. "Scott warned me you would talk like this. Told me it was a game you played and that I should gag you if you got too annoying." He looked back at all the things sitting on the box. "Or punish you for it." He looked back at me. "Or both. Or you could just stop. I'm here to have fun with you and we both know you're not in a position to stop me. Depends on you how rough things get." I decided to stop asking him to let me go.

He reached down and grabbed the front drape. "The instructions say this just pulls off." He gave a hard tug and it came loose in his hand. A second, equally hard tug removed the back drape. Then he fingered the now-exposed modesty strap, playing with my nether lips through it. I shivered and struggled but could not dislodge his hand. In a flash he had grabbed the modesty strap and jerked and I felt the fabric leave my skin. I felt air running through my now-exposed pubic hair. I flinched but there was little else I could do. I knew I must look red down there due to what Scott had recently done with me. And moist because of all the lube he pumped up inside me. Ripe for misinterpretation.

He ran his fingers through my pussy hair, then down into the slot. I saw the look of surprise on his face replaced with a look of triumph with how wet it was. I didn't see any point in telling him it was just lube. 

He reached under the side of the front waistplate, knowing where the mechanism was and pushed it. The side clicked open and he easily took the two belly plates off. I could have fought him, pushed against the chain link fence holding me to prevent that but a passing glance at my ball gag and taser six feet away with Allen already aware of them quelled that thought. He put it in the box on top of the drapes and my modesty strap.

Now I was naked from the waist down. There was nothing I could do about it. And the worst was yet to come. He reached to the side of my breasts to work with the bra straps. I tried to move away but could not move more than just a little. The catches themselves were unlocked and the straps disconnected. I couldn't stop him as he ran his hands under the caps and confirmed that they were both indeed locked on to my nipples. He tried to pull them out, which of course didn't work and all it did was get gasps of pain from me and breasts stretched by my nipples. He gave up and looked at me.

"We both know they're coming off, so how do you want me to do it? A fast hard pull or steady pressure?"

I didn't suppose there was a third option. I figured I'd better answer him since he was quite capable of doing it however he wanted. "Fast and hard, please. Just get it over with."

He nodded. He reached back and grabbed the duct tape. He tore off an adequate strip and plastered it against my lips sealing them. He stepped back for a second then grabbed both breast pieces. I was going to kill Scott for this. Preferably cut his balls off and watch him bleed to death. I closed my eyes.

"Three... two..." And then he jerked hard on both of them before getting to one.

He was right to put the duct tape over my mouth. I screamed like someone was trying to tear my nipples off because that was exactly what was happening. I screamed, tried to lunge forward but got barely an inch in my bonds. I felt my breasts stretch hard, impossibly hard, nipples screaming like they were tearing off, me screaming and thrashing too for the second or two it took. He was pulling as hard as he could, plenty hard to pull the bra pieces off, and after a second or two of complete mind-numbing agony my nipples came free of the caps.

He just stepped back and let me get over it, shaking and hyperventilating which is very hard with your mouth taped shut. When I could finally open my eyes I looked down wondering how much blood I had already lost and how much of each nipple had been torn away. None as it turned out but they smarted like hell and were a beautiful shade of angry red. And of course they hurt like hell. I knew to take short shallow breaths to deal with the pain.

Allen took a small ointment tube out of his pocket. I looked at him confused and scared. It could be a heating rub but I didn't think him that much of a sadist.

"Numbing gel." He informed me as he opened the cap and squeezed a dab on his finger. "Scott said he was going to leave the bra pieces locked on. I thought he was joking but I figured I ought to be prepared just in case." I still couldn't move and shied away as he reached with the finger for my tortured left nipple but I couldn’t stop that either. I screamed into the duct tape and shook as he touched the nipple and rubbed it in but five seconds later the pain faded to a dull roar. A warm spot but no longer flaring in sharp bolts of pain with each of my heartbeats. I nodded and just gritted my teeth as he did the other one. In a similar amount of time the pain there faded as well and I felt pretty much human again. He carefully peeled the duct tape off my mouth.

"Thank you." I told him, looking him in the eye. "And once you let me go leave the state so you won't be associated with Scott’s murder, ok?" 

He smiled understandingly and I was feeling a bit better. Ok, I was fully naked. Ok, he was about to have sex with me. I could survive that. Not what I wanted but it didn't seem like a horrible thing any more. I’d been through so much in the last few months. Lots of red lines had been blown past like that.

But then he picked up my taser. He tried it for a second and it produced the buzz and bolt of blue-white electricity between the two prongs. I shrank back, wondering why he bothered to un-gag me as I faintly smelled the ozone in the air. He came back to me but hadn't tased me or even threatened me with it. Yet.

"I want to kiss with you for a while, Gina, but of course you might do something stupid when my tongue is in your mouth. I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to use this and I won't, I promise, as long as we just kiss. Got it?"

I knew what it was like to have that taser used on me once and couldn’t dream of having it used repeatedly on my naked body in anger. I nodded yes. He leaned in for the kiss. His hands were out to toy with my breasts while he did that. And then he would fuck me. Scott was so dead. I started to consider places to stash his body. I was so wrong about Scott. He was so, so very dead. Slowly. I closed my eyes and vowed not to scream.


I opened my eyes. I was still chained to the fence in the storeroom but Allen was nowhere to be found. I was still wearing my Slave Leia costume and my taser and ball gag were not on the boxes in front of me. Only Scott was there. I slumped down. Thank you God! Just a dream. But it was so real!

“We gotta go to get good seats for the preview.” He unfastened my feet then carefully unfastened my wrists, being sure to be in front of me in case I collapsed. 

It only took a second for my feet to steady back up under me. “Is your costume ok?” He asked. I nodded. It’d be nice to have the modesty strap back but it was long gone and I didn’t bother asking. Still a little shook from the realness of where I had just been and I was scared at how perfectly willing I had been to brutally murder Scott in my dream what to me had been a few seconds ago.

“Let’s go then, beautiful.” He took my hand and we were gone. 

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