Bound By My Wife

by Lockedup4eva

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© Copyright 2022 - Lockedup4eva - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; strip; rope; gag; blindfold; mum; bedtie; breathplay; tease; hogtie; denial; rom; cons; X

Chapter 1 - Friday Night

Chris was pleased to get home, it had been a long week at work and there was a beer with his name on it waiting in the fridge. His laptop bag dropped onto the wooden hallway floor with a gentle thud, and he walked through the house to the kitchen. Where was Becky? His wife was usually home first as her work was nearer and she hadn't shouted her usual greeting. No sign of her in the lounge, or the dining room...well, perhaps that beer would help...

Pushing the door to the kitchen open his search was over and, oh god, so was any chance of a relaxing Friday night. Even given how bad husbands can be at reading signals, Becky had left him no room to doubt her intentions for the evening. She was sitting playfully on the counter top, legs open, hands flat between them, leaning forward slightly and a tiny black and white check mini skirt covering her modesty. Her sexy legs were clad in fishnet hold-up stockings and knee length black boots, and - she knew his weakness - she wore his favourite black off-the- shoulder top, too. To complete the look her long brunette hair cascaded down her back in a loose ponytail, leaving her smokey eyes framed beneath a neat fringe.

"Hi honey", she grinned innocently, "fancy a beer?" Her hand reached towards him, having opened the bottle while he stood there, gawping.

He took it, sipped, and said "thanks Bex, erm, you look great are you going out somewhere?" He half hoped she was, being so tired, but knew his wife better than that.

"Awwww honey", she said, pouting playfully "this is all for you, I thought we might have a little fun tonight". Her index finger traced around the base of her perky tits as she maintained eye contact with him, before pinching and gently twisting her own nipple and biting her bottom lip, closing her eyes and moaning softly. He knew what was coming next.

Becky hopped down off the counter top and slinked over to him, her 5'6", toned but curvy body pressing into his, she reached behind with one hand and pulled him close via the small of his back, and kissing and nuzzling his neck, her other hand squeezed his package through his trousers. "Happy Friday baby" she said between kisses, and feeling the stirring sensation in his pants, continued "well HE seems to think it's a happy Friday anyway...are you gonna kiss me or not?"

Fuck it, he put the beer down on the table and dragged her into him, pulling her into a hot, passionate kiss and running his hands over her firm, rounded ass, all thoughts of tiredness suddenly gone. His hardening cock pressed into her belly as they kissed. She had him now, he was hers for the taking, any way she wanted; he would agree to anything if it meant he got a chance to cum that evening...though with her nothing was guaranteed when she was in a kinky mood.

Dropping to a squat with her feet together, knees wide and her hands on his belt, she kissed the bulge in his pants gently through the material, and held his gaze as he groaned in frustration at the lightness of her touch and how fucking sexy she looked right now.

"Baby...?" she said, looking him in the eyes whilst rubbing her face against his still clothed cock. "Can I make you a deal?" She paused briefly but not long enough for him to answer. "How about you let me tie you up and have my way with you tonight for as long as I want, however I want, until say...tomorrow afternoon. And then as a thank you, I'll arrange us an awesome trip away for next weekend?" She batted her lashes at him playfully, still stroking his hardening cock through the thin material of his trousers, and then gently kissed where the tip of his dick was making itself obvious.

He couldn't resist his wife when she was like this, even though he knew that once she had him restrained she changed into a different person from the caring, loving woman he had married 15 years before and it could be a real challenge to get himself free again. She loved having her man tied up and vulnerable, it gave her a powerful sexual feeling that she had found no other way to fulfil, not that she wanted another way. There was no doubting that being horny for her submissive man changed her character temporarily, and Becky was eternally grateful to the universe for pushing her and Chris together. Her love for him was unbending and he loved her back unreservedly. He might play the unwilling victim at first but she knew he secretly enjoyed every aspect of her kinky desires...Well, maybe not the tease denial part...for her though the bondage itself was her primary driver; she liked coming up with new binding methods, more secure or restrictive positions, and trying out new gear.

"OK Bex", he said and after downing the rest of his beer in about three gulps, "I'm yours until tomorrow, do your worst".

"Eeeeee..." She giggled and bounced up to her feet, "thank you baby, you'll regret it, I promise!"

This was no slip of the tongue, he knew that, and about 15 seconds later his clothes were gone and she had his arms behind his back. She gripped firmly just above the elbows, and quickly looped some hemp rope loosely around his wrists, before snugging it up comfortably but securely with a row of neat cinches that made a short rope 'bar' keeping his hands comfortably bound about 3 inches apart.

"One more for elbows" she said matter-of-factly as another rope was looped and cinched. A lot more cinch loops were needed for this tie as he wasn't all that flexible, this method kept his arms in place like a spreader bar and she loved how much more secure it was this way. Secure, but also comfortable - perfect for her favourite type of bondage game of no end in sight tease, denial, abandon, repeat!

After sexily slipping her white satin briefs off, giving a cheeky flash of her arse in the process, he opened wide and allowed her to pack his mouth with them. She'd had them on all day so he'd be tasting her for as long as he was kept gagged. This was the part HE liked best, a fully packed mouth, his speech reduced to muffled grunting, and about to be sealed up tight. Becky approached with his favourite four inch wide black cloth wrap and proceeded to wrap it around his head, leaving his nose and eyes free but wrapping around and around all over the rest of his head numerous times, under the chin and over the top of his head, stretching the self adhesive bandage with each pass so it would compress more and more with each layer. It made a kind of partial hood with only his eyes and nose left free - it also made his cock as hard as it had ever been. She used a whole 5 yard roll - it would be a long time before she would cut it off as she hated wasting it, and she LOVED making him beg and plead.

"One last rope for now" she said, and halving a 3 yard length of 1/4 inch, Bex passed the two ends together through the loop, and carefully but firmly tightened the noose behind his cock and balls, with the protruding rope underneath so he could really feel it dig into his balls when she tugged on his new leash. He followed the pull on his now bulging package as she led him towards and up the stairs and into their bedroom. One look at the room told him his 'choice' had been purely notional, she knew she would be able to convince him to play tonight, (after all she had never failed yet!)

"Thank you so much for letting me do this to you baby, now, please lay down on the bed, and I'll get you finished up".

He carefully flopped down on his front, and shimmied forwards to the centre. There were no pillows or bedding apart from a black sheet pulled tight. She started with his ankles, and crossing them with his knees apart she tied them securely. Running a rope under his arms and across the back of his neck she made a loop on the centre, and then, as he had expected, she cinched another doubled rope around his ankle bondage, ran it up under his wrist and elbow bindings, through the neck loop and back to his ankle ropes.

"Now for my favourite part, my lovely, wonderful, sexy, helpless husband. Grunt three times when it's too much". And so saying she began to pull the rope hand over hand, first taking up the slack, and then pulling his crossed ankles towards his shoulders, first into a hogtie, and then further, his back arching, shoulders and knees lifting off the bed. She started to struggle and wrapping the rope around her hand for purchase, she pulled upwards on his elbow bondage and gained and extra 4 inches before "MMF MMF MMMMMF" came from him and she stopped pulling, instead wrapping the loose end round and round the hogtie ropes before knotting it well out of reach of his hands. This action actually snugged him up still further but he knew that took it into account. "All OK baby? Nothing too tight, or too loose? Any hotspots?" He made the "I'm good" signal and she smiled to herself, drinking in the sight before her.

For both of them, his comfort was of the utmost importance. She wanted him bound a LONG time and he wanted to give her what she wanted. Neither of them wanted him hurt or in any undue danger and they had done this many times before, both knowing his limitations where rope bondage and gags were concerned. This was the same with security; she didn't want him to be able to escape and he didn't want to be able to!

He was now very tightly hogtied, arched, gagged, and helpless. She must have used more than 200 feet. She wasn't done though.

"Oh baby, you look so hot like that!" Rubbing her hands all over his taught body as she went on "I've got a challenge for you now. Whilst I finish off your bondage, you are not to make a sound - that's why you're gagged after all, right? If you can stay completely silent, you get to cum tonight but if not...I'm going out with the girls and leaving you bound until sometime tomorrow once we've done brunch and shopping."

This might sound dangerous, and there is danger in all bondage of course, but he knew how good she was at rope bondage and that there would be no problems with the position or circulation as they had done this tie many times. He also knew that he had next to no chance of staying quiet while she did whatever came next.

"Right, time to finish you up, my sexy little package, remember - not a sound!"

Chris did his best, and managed to get through her pulling his semi-hard cock and balls between his legs underneath him (this looked really hot - his own body weight and the strictness of the hogtie prevented him from moving enough to spring back to normal), managed to survive her leading the rope-leash, which was still secured behind his package, up his butt crack and through the shoulder harness, and tying it off to his ankles. Now every little struggle he made was transmitted to his dick which, pressed into the bed as it was, meant he could possibly struggle his way to a cum if he tried...

Bex was impressed, and happy that his silence so far meant she could go up a notch - but no way was she cancelling her plans for drinks and shopping!

Putting her lips next to his over-wrapped ear, she said "Mmmmm baby, thank you so much for letting me play with you tonight. You look so good trussed up like this. I've snapped a few photos so you can see yourself later but I'm sure you can feel just how tightly bound you are. Don't think I haven't noticed you bouncing your bound legs to tug on your cock rope, I know what you're up to, you dirty boy". He felt the rope go tight as she pulled it to one side and then let it go with a 'twang' but still he kept silent, though he was breathing hard through his nose.

"Ah ha! Maybe THAT'S it?" Her tone was playful, but...worrying to Chris. She'd had an idea to make him break his silence and given her creative mind it might not-

He suddenly couldn't think, couldn't move, and his mind panicked at the sudden lack of oxygen as she pinched his nose tightly shut and cut off his air completely. Increasingly desperate to break her grip he started struggling and squirming, attempting to shake off her hand and gain a quick breath, but she saw this coming and quickly cupped the back of his head with her other hand to maintain the seal around his airways. "All you have to do is 'mmmf' and I'll let go baby" He couldn't make a sound now even if he wanted to- you need air to make sounds.

The thrashing got more desperate and then, as his reserves ran out, she felt him begin to tire. Counting to five in her head (it made her SO horny holding on longer than she should) she let go just in time and he drew in a despairing breath through his nose, followed by quick, grunting breaths and, once he recovered enough, a loud, "MMMMMMMMMFF MMMFMMMF MMMMF..." Which, translated from gag-speak is roughly "you fucking bitch!".

"Sorry baby, I couldn't quite catch that, but hey, I win... Yay me! Well, I'm already dressed and ready, you're safe and secure here, so I'm gonna head out to the bar and meet the girls. Don't wait up!"

She twanged the cock rope again and padded out of the room. He heard the muffled sound of the door closing and settled into his bondage, knowing he had some time to wait for her return. She wouldn't leave him overnight, he knew that, and he spent the time she was out drifting in and out of his subconscious, enjoying a bit of sub-space, and occasionally testing his bonds. Of course every little pull on the ropes yanked his cock and balls, and try as he might he couldn't quite work up an orgasm, the position was just too strict.

Sometime later that night she came back, eased him out of the hogtie and let him sleep next to her, arms still bound but otherwise free, and very frustrated as she refused to touch his dick.

Tomorrow… would be another day.


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