Bondage in the Woods

by Knotmaster

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Continued from

Part Four

Finally a foursome!!!

The Ladies get tied!!

Destiny was busy telling her friend Becky about the incredible experience she had being tied up in the woods, stripped, punished, and climaxed repeatedly by a man named Mr. Ed two days ago. Destiny had volunteered for bondage in the woods two times already and the third time was really over the top. The third time she even got to tie Mr. Ed spreadeagled so she could whip and climax him. She told her friend how she had signed the consent form and agreed to be punished and climaxed by Mr. Ed. She had worn tights, a clear deviation from the clothes guidelines Mr. Ed had set down on the consent from. Any deviation from the guidelines would be view as a request for punishment. In return she got to tie up Mr. Ed, so she could whip & climax him. He had told her that she could tie him up and punish him, only if she consented to be tied and punished by him before hand. Destiny told Becky about being tied between two trees hand & foot and then stripped. Mr. Ed had cut and ripped her clothes off. Then he had whipped, fondled & dildoed her so that she had climaxed over and over. Mr. Ed had worked his magic on her so much that she was exhausted when it was her turn to do him.

She related to Becky that she had to rest for a while and then put together a plan of how she would to tie him up. Becky was really taken by this story and quickly decided that she wanted to experience the thrill of being tied in the woods to be climaxed repeatedly and then get to punish and climax another person. She conveniently ignored the prospect that she would be getting whipped and fucked by a stranger a lot older than her. She begged Destiny to get in contact with Mr. Ed to set up a date & time make this happen. Of course, she wanted her boyfriend to be there, so she could have fun tying him up. Becky was sure she could talk Tom into joining in on this, especially if he would get to help tie her up, strip her and play with her. If she was going to get to tie up the men, and play with them, she would have to get tied too. So be it.

Destiny set up a meeting with Mr. Ed the following Tuesday. Once again, they met at McDonalds for lunch. Mr. Ed grinned when Destiny walked in and gave him a warm hug. Over Lunch Destiny told him about Becky and Tom. She told him that Becky was begging to do a “Bondage in the woods” after Destiny had told her about the over the top event she experienced when she had gotten to tie Mr. Ed up and punish him. Mr. Ed asked if her boyfriend was invited to join in on a bondage event.

Destiny replied, “Becky is going to invite Tom to join in, but she wants to be sure that you and Tom both agree to be tied up and punished. If he accepts, then she will sign up for the whole thing otherwise she thinks she might only want to be tied up and climaxed. We will not know until we get back the consent forms. Would Becky and her boyfriend get something for clothes ruined like I did?”

“Yes,” Mr. Ed replied, “I could provide a donation to Becky if she goes for the whole experience, including getting fucked and punished. Of course, you would also get a donation for clothes ruined if you decided to get tied & punished and would agree to help Becky when it came time to tie Tom & I up and whip us. It sounds like fun and having two women, & two men, to switch off between us would make for quite an afternoon. If Tom does not go along with this, can we convince Becky to go for everything anyway? Let’s try to set this up next Thursday afternoon. Is that too soon?”

“No, that is not soon enough, but I guess I could wait that long. I will talk with Becky tomorrow to see if Tom wants to do this. Having just Becky and me there would be fun anyway. She could be tied and made to watch when you tie me up and work me over. That would put quite a scare into her so that when you untied me, we team up and really give her a workout. Having both of us ladies tie and whip you, would be great fun. We would probably be fighting over who got to suck you off or who got to be fucked by you,” she said with a grin.

Mr. Ed responded with. “Just to be clear on this, you & I would be put in a unique position on this. We would both have a good idea about what was going to happen, but Becky & Tom would not. Tom would see you naked and would be able to touch, lick and even fuck you in front of Becky. Are you good with that? Do you think Becky would be good for that? Do you think Becky would be up for being punished, fondled and fucked by me while Tom was watching? If we do this as a foursome, having Becky or Tom watch while the other is punished and fucked, might be quite an experience for them.”

“I see what you mean but I am good with all that. We just have to convince Becky & Tom to be good with everything. I will get consent forms signed and we will proceed from there. I really think Tom will be good for any of this. What red blooded man wouldn’t? After the twosome we had last time, I really want the chance to tie you up and whip you again. It was so much fun and I know you loved it too. Getting to tie up Tom and whip him will be a blast for Becky. Will you wear a kilt again this time?”

“With both of you girls wearing a skirt, I will and maybe you could talk about the term “commando” to Becky and hint that she might want to ask what I am wearing under the kilt, so I can dish out some extra punishment for her being rude and asking that. Of course, either of you ladies could go “commando” also. I know you remember the extra punishment I gave you last week for asking what I was wearing under my kilt,” Mr. Ed said.

“Oh, I remember quit clearly, I like that plan,” Destiny said. “Consider it done. I wish I could be the one delivering the extra punishment. If we get Becky fired up & angry from being punished, like you did me last time, us girls will have a really good time punishing both you and Tom.”

“I will look forward to getting a whipping from you ladies, I think. As for you delivering some of Becky’s extra punishment, I will make a point to arrange for you to whip or crop her pussy. When she is blindfolded, she would not know who is swinging the whip. I will have you deliver the third set of slaps to her pussy and maybe you could deliver a few to her thighs and then some to each of her nipples after that. She will be screaming bloody murder and crying her heart out by then, so you would have to ignore all that and just deliver the punishment with no mercy. Are you up for doing that?” Mr. Ed asked with a grin.

“I really like that idea. Just let me know when you want me to join in on that action,” Destiny said excitedly, with a big smile on her face.

It was only two days later when Destiny got back with Mr. Ed. Both Becky and Tom had agreed to doing a “Bondage in the Woods.” Destiny told Mr. Ed that Tom’s face lit up like a 100W bulb when he learned that he would be able to have both Becky and Destiny tied up, naked, and willing to be, both fucked and whipped.

“Oh wow, of course you can count me in,” Tom had said.

Becky on the other hand had some reservations but decided in the end to just go for it. Destiny told her that she was going to check the box for unlimited penetration so that both Mr. Ed & Tom would have the opportunity to fuck her while tied down and blindfolded. Becky decided to check the unlimited penetration box too. “What the hell,” she had said. “I want to have Tom fuck me while I am tied up & blindfolded and if Mr. Ed wants to ram his dick in me too, I won’t be able to stop him if I am tied down.”

Mr. Ed wanted to meet with both Becky and Tom before doing anything in the woods. They met at McDonalds and made small talk for a while. Becky was a small young girl about 24yrs old with a short brown haircut and a cute smile. She was maybe 5’ 4” and probably only 120lbs. She had a nice figure and she wore clothes that really made her look sexy. Tom also about 24yrs old and was nearly 6’. about 190lbs with some big hands and a square jaw and looked to very fit. After the usual introductions, every one became quiet with grins on their faces as if they were afraid to say something. Mr. Ed suggested the ladies go to the restroom so he and Tom could talk. The girls wanted to get away to talk privately anyway. They needed to do some planning.

“OK, Tom, are you going to sign up for the works? I recommend that you do because this event may not come up again.”

“Yes,” Tom replied. “It will be fun to get both Destiny and Becky naked & tied up. I would love to get the chance to fuck them both. Destiny has all the right curves in the right places, if you know what I mean. She has some nice tits and a great ass.”

“Are you going to be good with me fucking Becky when she is helpless & tied down?”

“If Becky signs up for getting fucked, then hell yes, it will be fun to watch,” Tom said. “Getting to fuck both of them, while they are tied down, will be quite exciting for both of us.”

“Destiny has done this before and she will be coaching Becky when we are both tied up. Maybe we should make this two separate events. That way, we will be fresh and able to get our dicks hard when we are tied. That way the girls will get a chance to suck or fuck us, while we are tied.”

When the girls came back to the table, they were grinning and laughing. Mr. Ed said, “I think we need to make this two separate events just so that Tom & I can get hard again while we get punished, that is of course if we all sign up for everything on the consent form. That way you girls get to play with hard dicks, not limp ones. What do you think?”

Destiny, and Becky both agreed, so they all agreed to set up two different days to do the foursome, “Bondage in the Woods.”

The 1st day for the foursome Bondage in the Woods came and Mr. Ed thought he was ready. He had to make extra wrist & ankle cuffs, and had to find a second blindfold but he decided only one person could be tied to the bed while the other person would have to be tied between the trees. That might make some interesting things happen, because blindfolds do not have to be on all the time, so if the women were tied, one might be allowed to watch. Maybe each of them could watch but only when they were not being punished. This could get to be really interesting.

Destiny needed a ride so Mr. Ed picked her up at the bowling alley, along the parkway. She was wearing a nice skirt and blouse with the top 2 buttons of the blouse undone. After arriving at the site, and while they waited for Becky & Tom, Mr. Ed offered Destiny a rum & coke like last time.

“Well, Mr. Ed, do we let Becky see you punishing me to scare her some before you start on her? I think you should leave the blindfold off and get Tom to fuck me while she watches. It would be a big turn on for me and probably Becky too. It would be especially good to do before you start any punishment on her.” Destiny said.

“Sounds like a good plan, although not seeing it and only hearing the punishment might be even better,” Mr. Ed said. “You may have to take the lead on tying us men up, and that includes punishment. You have done it before and Becky might be a wimp especially when it comes to Tom, her boyfriend. Just remember we all signed up for everything so give us hell, because I intend to do that to you and Becky. You know you really did look good last time when you wore those garters & nylons.”

They still had 15 minutes so Mr. Ed suggested it was time to do some warm up. Destiny put down her drink, walking over to the short stool. She turned around and opened her arms. Mr. Ed needed no encouragement. He walked into her open arms hugging her tight and giving her a long and passionate kiss. He was ready to get her tied up right then. They both fondled the other’s rear end, hoping to learn what they each were wearing. Mr. Ed could feel what he thought was panties and Destiny thought she could feel underwear also. Mr. Ed moved his hands up to her breasts and squeezed them trying to get her to moan at least a little. She did. Seconds later, Becky called out from the trail leading up to the site.

“You two are not trying to get a head start, are you?” she said, laughing.

As Tom and Becky walked up to the site, Destiny stepped down from the stool and sat down on the old bucket, her skirt riding up some.

“We were just getting warmed up some,” Mr. Ed said with a grin. “Make yourselves comfortable. I have beer, coke, water and some rum. Pick your poison.”

They each picked out something to drink and found a place to sit. Mr. Ed asked to see all the consent forms and then passed them around so everyone knew what each had signed up for. Everyone had signed up everything, so the event was on. When everyone had their drink and had read the consent forms, the woods grew silent except for the sound of the drinks being sipped. Becky had sat down on the old chair showing off some thigh as her skirt rode up.

“You girls really look great,” Mr. Ed said. ”To get this event started and to break the ice as the expression goes, let’s all act as if we are lovers. We are here to be fondled and touched, so let’s touch and fondle. Destiny will you stand on the short stool so Tom & I can fondle and touch you?”

Destiny stepped up on the stool and Mr. Ed stood in front of her hugging her firmly, then with both hands on the sides of her face he gave her a passionate kiss on her lips. Tom was next. He looked at Becky hoping to get her approval. She grinned and motioned for him to go hug and kiss Destiny. Becky was next on the stool, so Tom stood in front of her and kissed her passionately. Mr. Ed’s turn so he moved next to Becky and quickly cupped her breasts, squeezing them. He kissed her lips firmly, while he ran his hand down her side to rest on her skirt in front of her pussy. He pushed the fabric in and then brought his hand back up to her breast.

So does anyone have any questions?” Mr. Ed asked.

“Yes, I have a question,” Becky said. “Are you really offering to pay for any clothes that get ruined? My blouse and skirt are pretty new and if possible, I would like to save them, or at least be able to replace them.”

“Yes, as the consent form said, everyone will get a donation to cover any clothes that get ruined. If you want, we can make an extra effort to save your blouse and skirt, as long as you cooperate with Tom & I.”

Becky returned with “Destiny told me about how some men wear nothing under their kilts especially in Scotland, and Ireland. Are you wearing anything under your kilt?”

Mr. Ed grinned, looked over at Destiny and responded with, “Becky, asking what a man is wearing under their kilt is just as rude as a man asking you what you are wearing under your skirt. You have just earned yourself some extra punishment, young lady.”

Becky looked shocked, as she thought about what she had done. What was I thinking, she asked herself. Then she wondered what the extra punishment might be. She looked over at Destiny and thought maybe she had been set up.

“I am sure after today, You will not ask a man that question again” Mr. Ed replied.

“I’m sorry, You are right, I can’t believe I asked that, please forgive me sir.”

Mr. Ed ignored her request for forgiveness. “Ok, let’s get started by tying Becky to the mattress. Then we will tie Destiny between those trees.”

Becky was nervous when Mr. Ed took her hands and led her to the foot of the mattress. She thought he was still mad about the kilt question because he did not accept her apology.

“I am sorry, Mr. Ed. It was a dumb thing to ask.”

Standing in front of her he started unbuttoning her blouse. “I am going to take off your blouse before you are tied up so it will not get ruined by cutting it off.” With all the buttons unhooked, he slowly folded back the blouse revealing a very nice almost transparent black bra. Sliding the blouse over her arms Mr. Ed cast it aside. He had her sit on the edge of the mattress and then lay back. With her in place, Tom and him pulled out her arms, put cuffs on her wrists and connected these with the snaps that were tied with ropes to the anchors. She looked at both of the anchors, pulled on her arms and confirmed that she was secure. Moving down to her legs, the men put cuffs on her legs and pulled them out as wide as her skirt would allow.

Moving down between her legs, Mr. Ed put both hands on her thighs and slowly felt his way up. She picked up her head and watched him. She could not help from grinning when he got his hands under her skirt and kept going. With his hands up her skirt, the skirt was pushed up and he could see her panties. He looked up to see her glaring at him as she watched him looking right up her skirt. Tom was watching from the side and started grinning as Becky looked from Mr. Ed to Tom and back as if pleading for Tom to intervene. Mr. Ed got a good look at Becky’s black panties as he teased her. She could feel her face getting flush with embarrassment as she thought about her position and how her bra covered breasts were on display and her panties clearly visible to a “stranger” because her skirt was getting pushed up by her spread legs.

After looking up her skirt at her panties, Mr. Ed looked into her eyes, and said “I like how you look tied up like this, very sexy. Don’t worry about your panties getting exposed, we are going to see a lot more of you very soon.”

Destiny was next, so Mr. Ed had her stand on the stool so he could give her a warm hug and a long kiss. Tom wanted to get in on the action and moved in front of Destiny as well. Becky watched as Tom hugged Destiny, running his hands up and down her back, cupping her ass. Mr. Ed led Destiny to stand between the two trees facing Becky. Mr. Ed told Tom to go ahead and started undoing the buttons on her blouse. With them all undone he pushed her blouse back and removed it. Mr. Ed handed Tom a wrist cuff and they put the cuffs on her arms so they could tie her arms out wide to the trees. With her blouse lying on the ground where Tom had laid it. Mr. Ed stood behind Destiny, reached down and unzipped her mini skirt. Dropping it down he had her step out of it. Getting out the ankle cuffs, Mr. Ed told Destiny to spread her legs. With Tom on one side and Mr. Ed on the other, they tied her legs out. Standing there wearing just a black bra and black panties, she looked so sexy.

Going back to Becky, Becky watched as Tom straddled her and started unbuttoning her skirt. She had worn a skirt that had 5 buttons right up the front. I guess she wanted to make it easy for the guys to get her naked, or maybe make it so her skirt would not get ruined. With all the buttons unhooked, and the skirt spread out, Tom asked Becky to lift her ass, so he could pull it out. She arched up and he quickly pulled it out. Wearing just a bra and panties, she looked great and she was smiling.

Now that both ladies were down to their bra & panties and both tied spread eagled, Mr. Ed motioned for Tom to come with him away from the site. That left the two ladies tied securely and looking at each other.

When the men were away from the site, Destiny called to Becky in a low voice, “When they come back from their planning session, the action will really get started. Are you still excited to be doing this?” she asked.

“Yes, I am excited, but I somehow forgot that Mr. Ed would be doing such personal things to me. I know he will probably end up lying on top of me and fucking me, but somehow, taking off my clothes seemed very personal when he took off my blouse, and then he looked up under my skirt at my crotch. Am I safe and will the extra punishment hurt me? I think you set me up on that ‘commando’ question, by the way.”

“The punishment might hurt some but the pain will quickly go away. I think Tom is really enjoying this.”

“The way he has been hugging on you and taking your clothes off, I have to agree.”

Mr. Ed walked away with Tom following, far enough so they could discuss a strategy.

The first thing Mr. Ed said was, “last week I had Destiny tied to the trees and she asked about what I was wearing under my kilt. She got extra punishment just like I plan for Becky. I gave Destiny 5 firm slaps with the strap directly on her naked pussy. I plan for Becky to get some of the same but I want Destiny to participate also. I will tell you when we will do it. Have you ever fucked Becky in the past?”


“Ok, then let’s do this. I want you to cut off Destiny’s bra and panties and I will do Becky’s underwear. I want them each to know who is doing the cutting. I think Becky was a little reluctant to agree to have me get really personal with her and especially, to fuck her, since I am so much older than her. I want Becky to know that you are fucking Destiny while Becky is tied. I am thinking Becky will get a little jealous while her imagination will be running wild. I am pretty much only good for one fuck a day so I want to make Becky think that I am fucking Destiny just like you but I want to save myself so I can fuck Becky when we do her on the mattress. She will be able to tell that I am the one that is fucking her, but she won’t know I was saving myself just so I can fuck her.”

When they were both back at the site, Becky watched while Tom put a blindfold on Destiny. Then Mr. Ed came over and put a blindfold on Becky. Now that the ladies were both blindfolded, Mr. Ed walked over and picked up the spray bottle. The spray bottle was half cold water and half ice. Destiny had worn a black bra indicating she wanted to get punished, although everyone knew it already, because it was on her consent form.

Mr. Ed moved in front of Destiny and while aiming at her breasts, he pumped the bottle about 6 times aiming at one breast then the other. Destiny, groaned as the cold water went down her breasts into her bra and also sent thru the fabric to hit the skin. With the top of her dripping, Mr. Ed knelt down and using an upward angle, he pumped the spray bottle more than a dozen times, shooting a stream of cold water hitting her panties in the area that covered her pussy. She jerked on her arms an groaned as she felt stream after stream cut thru her thin panties. With his free hand Mr. Ed grabbed the waist band of her panties, pulled it away from her stomach and aiming the spray bottle into her panties, he pumped another dozed streams of water into her panties. Now she really felt the cold water as it seemed that he would not quit squirting her. With her panties full of ice water her pussy was starting to ache when he finally stopped.

Mr. Ed handed the spray bottle to Tom and motioned for him to do the same to Becky. Following Mr. Ed’s lead, he first squirted Becky’s bra on each side with a dozen pumps then he aimed for her panties. She squirmed as the water hit her crotch. When he lifted her panty elastic band and squirted her panties full of cold water she groaned and pulled on her bindings trying to protect herself.

Mr. Ed said, “Tom, here are the scissors, go ahead and cut off Destiny’s bra and cut off her panties too. You will want to see her pussy, it is gorgeous. When you are finished, I will cut off Becky’s undies.”

Tom soon had Destiny her standing naked. He got one of the towels and dried her off, then hugged her tight. She welcomed the heat of his body.

Becky flinched when she heard the Mr. Ed was going to cut off her remaining clothes. “Not fair, Tom was supposed to do that. Tom got to do Destiny’s underwear instead.”

Walking over to Becky, Mr. Ed cut the bra straps on Becky and then pulling up the middle of the bra, he cut mostly thru the center. Then leaning on her right breast with his left hand, and a pocket knife in his right hand he cut upward, jerking her bra to cut it the rest of the way. With her nipples exposed, he moved down to her panties. He cut her panties most of the way through and then ripped them like he had done to the bra. Becky’s pussy was surrounded with a brown bush and was spread out so nicely that looked like it just wanted to be fondled and fucked. Becky lay there naked and embarrassed because Mr. Ed was the one that had ripped off her panties exposing her cunt. He reached down and rubbed her pussy some as she inhaled and tightened her vagina while reacting from his touch.

Getting out a towel, Mr. Ed dried Becky, and then had her arch up some so he could pull her shredded panties & bra out from under her. She lay there naked, listening and waiting for them to do something else to her or Destiny.

Tom just stood there watching not knowing what he should be doing. When Mr. Ed stepped away from Becky, he moved to pick up the nipple suckers and the clamps from the tool bag. With Destiny standing quietly, Mr. Ed put the suckers over her nipples and put some tension on them. He wanted to get them nicely extended so he could easily put the clamps on them. When he got them tensioned nicely, he walked over to his bag and he pulled out the whip, strap and crop.

Standing behind Destiny, he forced the ball gag in her mouth hooking it behind her head so it would not come out of her mouth. Walking back to where Tom was waiting, Mr. Ed handed Tom the whip and motioned for him to start whipping Destiny’s bare ass. After a couple of pathetic wimpy swings, Mr. Ed stopped him. “Let me show you how to do that,” he said loud enough for Becky to hear clearly. “You need to put some effort into it.” He took the whip and moved into position behind and off to the side of Destiny. Getting a full swing of the whip, he gave Destiny 5 hard ones with a few seconds between them. She jumped when the first hard one hit and was groaning as he finished. Handing the whip back to Tom, he holds up 5 fingers and motioned for him to give Destiny 5 hard swings. This time Tom landed 5 firm hits leaving Destiny groaning again. Destiny knew they were heading for the front of her, as their footsteps crunched the pine straw. Her ass was a little red and felt pretty warm. Removing the nipple suckers, Mr. Ed quickly put the butterfly nipple clamps on her extended nipples. She groaned as each of them pinched down on her nipple. Mr. Ed added a weight to each clamp.

Becky could easily hear the conversation and then she heard the whip hit Destiny. That must be that big whip I saw lying on the table. I wonder where they are going to whip me. Thinking about how she was spread out, she thought, they will whip my tits! Then she realized she had another vulnerable spot. Oh no my pussy! Oh God no!

Then someone (Tom) knelt beside the mattress and after fondling her breast some he put the suckers over her nipples and tensioned them. Turning back to Destiny and handing Tom the strap and picking up the larger crop, he motioned for Tom to hit Destiny’s thighs 5 times from the front while at the same time he would hit the opposite thigh from the rear with the crop. With her heart racing, Becky listened as the two men landed the first hard slap on Destiny’s thighs. Destiny tightened her muscles and grunted and cried out from pain when the two blows hit her inner thighs. The men landed 4 more hard slaps as Destiny grunted into the gag.

With her panting and hanging on her arms, Becky was next. By now Becky’s nipples were extended enough, so with one man on each side of her, they removed the suckers and put clamps on her nipples. She grunted as each one clamped down on the nipple. They used the clamps that have large rings on them. Mr. Ed motioned for Tom to add a weight to each of Becky’s clamps. With the weights added to Becky’s clamps the clamps swung off to the side of her breast twisting her nipple. “Oww that hurts, take it off,” she shouted into her gag. Her cries were ignored.

Moving back to Destiny, Mr. Ed picked up the crop and Tom picked up the slapper. This time, Mr. Ed had Tom start to strap Destiny’s stomach, while he went to work with the crop on her bare ass. It did not take long before Destiny was crying and squirming from the blows they were delivering. After a dozen or so, Mr. Ed stepped around to her front and removed the clamps from her nipples. She grunted in pain as the blood rushed back into them. Mr. Ed grabbed each of them and kneaded them while Destiny moaned in pain. Picking up two clothes pins he put them on now sore nipples. She had thought they were finished with nipple clamps. With the clothes pins still on her nipples, Mr. Ed picked up a length of rope and started wrapping Destiny’s breasts. When he was finished her compressed breasts jutted out just waiting to be played with. He added the weights to each clothes pin and let them dangle. After a bit Mr. Ed took aim and landed 4-8 firm slaps of the crop to Destiny’s lower stomach, just above her pussy. She tried to double over and back away from the sting of the crop but tied hand and foot like she was, it was futile. The clothes pins dangled from her nipples increasing the pain. Mr. Ed reached up and lifted each of them and pulled gently. Destiny grimaced and groaned from the pain. These clothes pins really hurt when someone pulled then.

Soon Mr. Ed removed them so he and Tom could move on with something even more sinister. Mr. Ed and Tom, grabbed a nipple and started kneading the swollen nipples. Destiny groaned and groaned as they roughly pinched and pulled on her nipples. When they released them, Destiny guessed what coming next. Mr. Ed laid the crop on her right breast while she squirmed and cried out knowing that nipple was about to get cropped and it would really hurt. She had been thru this before with Mr. Ed the last time she was tied up out here. It was just Mr. Ed and her last time and he had slapped her breasts over and over to make her cry.

All thru this Becky could hear her friend cry out and grunt when she heard the slap of the strap and crop. What are they doing to her? she thought. What have I got myself in for?

“Are you OK, Destiny?” she asked.

The only answer she got was a muffled bunch of vowels. Then Becky heard some slaps and then some muffled screaming. Becky was starting to be scared about what she had volunteered for. How could Destiny talk me into something like this?

With the crop resting on the top her breast, Mr. Ed started slapping the right breast and quickly worked his way down to the nipple for 4-5 firm slaps right on Destiny’s sore right nipple. She screamed into the gag as the pain engulfed her. Mr. Ed moved to the left breast and rested the crop on the top of it for nearly 10 seconds. Then with some quick slaps on the top, he once again worked his way down to give her left nipple with 4-5 quick firm slaps. Destiny doubled up her muscles as she squirmed and strained at her bonds. She just knew pussy was next, So she steeled herself waiting for the pain to subside in her breasts and waited for her pussy to be hit. Mr. Ed handed the crop to Tom and motioned for him to crop Destiny’s nipples like he had just done. Tom imitated Mr. Ed and gave Destiny’s breast a few quick slaps, then move down and connected 4 more firm slaps to her right nipple. With little break, he gave her left nipple 4 firm slaps. Tears were streaming down Destiny’s face as she hung on her arms gasping for air, trying to will the pain away. Tom stood behind Destiny and after reaching around her, he fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. She was shouting into her gag when he finally moved to the front of her and untied the ropes around her breasts.

Mr. Ed picked up the whip from and after getting in position in front of Destiny, he swung the whip up into her pussy. Mr. Ed knew she could handle the pain and after waiting about 5 seconds he delivered 4 more waiting 5 seconds between each. When Destiny had caught her breath a little she thought to her self. OK guys, Both of you are in for a real beating when your turn comes up. Of course she knew when she had signed the consent form that she would be punished like this. It is time to get to the climaxing and the fucking. I am hot and ready!

Of course Tom wanted a chance to whip her pussy too. Handing the whip to Tom he signaled for 5 more up into her pussy. Tom gave Destiny the first lash surprising her and then gave her 4 more spaced out a bit. He was stronger than Mr. Ed and probably hit harder. Damn those hurt, Destiny thought as she squirmed and shouted into the gag for them to stop.

Becky sat still listening to each blow of the strap, crop & whip. She could hear Destiny cry out and now could hear her crying. Did she really sign up for something like this. She was going to be next. She would fight them every chance she got. She could hear the two men doing something with Destiny, Destiny was breathing hard and moaning as she stood waiting for them to quit beating her. When Mr. Ed removed her gag she said “Oh, it feels good to get that out of my mouth.” Tom unsnapped her ankles and Mr. Ed disconnected her arms. Destiny slowly walked over to the bucket and sat down with her head in her hands. She was exhausted.

“Ok, Becky, Destiny is untied so it is your turn for punishment. We are going start with you tied up to the trees like we did Destiny.”

“Destiny, are you OK? Are you hurt?” Becky asked.

“Becky, I am fine, really horny and waiting to get fondled & fucked. You will be fine. Tom is your friend, he will make sure you have a good time. The quicker they take care of you, the quicker I get climaxed & fucked.”

“OK, I guess I am ready. Please don’t hurt me though. I will try to be good,” Becky tried to say to the two men.

With Tom on one side and Mr. Ed on the other, they unsnapped the lines tied to her leg cuffs and her arm cuffs. With her still blindfolded, and with nipple clamps still attached to her nipples, the two men urged her to stand and then they walked her over to the spot between the trees. Getting her in place they connected the ropes to her arm cuffs. Telling to spread her legs, they connected the ropes to her leg cuffs. Now that she was secure Tom stood behind her, asked her if she was comfortable and when she opened her mouth to answer he put a ball gag in her mouth and tied it securely behind her head.

Meanwhile Mr. Ed went over to the mattress and tied Destiny down to the mattress. She was still naked and just wanted to rest while listening to the men play with Becky. When he was finished, he moved behind Becky and removed the blindfold from Becky’s face. She turned her head to see Destiny lying naked on the mattress, with her arms tied wide above her head and her legs tied out wide to expose her swollen pussy. She was still blindfolded. Becky could tell Destiny was tired and resting after her punishment. She did not look hurt, just tired. If they did not put the blindfold back on her she would be able to see what the men would do to Destiny including fucking her.

“Tom, I think it is time to play with Destiny again. She should be plenty rested by now, so let’s see how many times we can climax her. She should be good for at least 12, I think.” Mr. Ed said. Destiny grinned with anticipation when she heard what he had said.

“Tom, how about if you start licking her pussy, while I play with her tits?”

Knowing she would be screaming when she climaxed, Mr. Ed put a ball gag in her mouth and clamped it behind her head to muffle the sound some. Tom knelt down between her spread legs and started in licking her swollen pussy. Mr. Ed made good on his little speech as he knelt beside her and started kneading her breasts. Focusing on her nipples he squeezed and pulled on as she started squirming from the action on her pussy. She was starting to pant when he pulled her nipples upward, stretching her breasts painfully. With her stomach pumping up and down from excitement, she quickly arched up and climaxed, only to climax again 10 seconds later as Tom continued to massage her clit with his tongue. Tom was able to get one more climax out of her before he straightened up and said, “It’s your turn Mr. Ed.”

Becky was watching Tom work his magic on Destiny and thinking, OMG, I want him to do that to me. Then she saw Mr. Ed pick out a dildo and move in between the legs of Destiny. He started licking her like Tom had and then slowly pushed the big dildo in. Destiny, started moaning with pleasure as Mr. Ed started pumping the dildo into her pussy. She quickly stiffened up and climaxed screaming loudly. Mr. Ed continued ramming in the dildo and licking her clit as Tom stripped off his clothes and put on a condom. She climaxed over and over as Becky watched longing to have them do that to her. Then she saw Tom get ready to fuck Destiny and she got a little jealous.

“What about me?” she called out to him through her gag.

With Destiny gasping for air, Tom ignored Becky’s muffled question as Mr. Ed moved away, making room for Tom to move in between her spread legs. He was not going to give Destiny a chance to catch her breath. He slid his cock into her dripping pussy and quickly started ramming it to the hilt, banging her pelvic bone and clit firmly with each stroke. Destiny quickly climaxed as Tom banged her. Tom climaxed with a roar but not before Destiny, climaxed again screaming loudly into her gag.

With Tom finished, Mr. Ed quickly walked over to Becky and put a blindfold on her. She knew they were going to start on her now. Then she wondered why Mr. Ed did not fuck Destiny. Was he saving himself for her? Great, I get to get fucked by an old goat. I hope he can get it up for me. Becky was starting to really feel the pull on her nipples when Mr. Ed put his hand on her chest and pushed her back a little so the weights started swinging.

By now Tom was cleaned up some so he and Mr. Ed untied Destiny so she could stretch and get comfortable while she watched the men play with Becky. Looking over at Becky, destiny smiled when she saw the weights swinging on Becky’s nipple clamps. “It won’t be long now girl” she thought.

With her nipple clamps swinging again, Mr. Ed said. “Tom, how about if you start in with the whip on her bare butt. No need to hold back on it. She has been waiting for too long already.”

“I will enjoy whipping that pretty butt, especially with it uncovered because she should really feel the whip now.” Tom replied as he picked up the whip and got in position. Becky cringed when she heard the men talking about not holding back. What was she in for?

Tom started in swinging the whip to land loud and firm blows all over her butt. Becky thought the whip would hurt a lot but was surprised that it was not so bad. When tom had given her nearly a dozen, Mr. Ed took over and gave her a dozen more. Her butt was feeling pretty warm when he stopped but the amazing thing for her was that her pussy was warm too. She heard them come around to her front then felt the nipple clamps being removed. She sighed from the pain when they came off but then felt Tom came behind her and grabbed each of the nipples. He pinched them and then rolled each of them between his fingers. “Ssttoo aatt eeallii uurrtt” she said loudly, but Tom kept up his nipple torture for nearly 30 seconds. Becky was screaming into her gag as her nipples felt like they were on fire.

“Wow, what is that she tried to say thru her gag?” Tom said loudly behind her.

“I could not understand it but I think we need to put these back on”. Mr. Ed said.

Becky shook her head rapidly saying “oooowwww!”

Mr. Ed rested the clamp around her left nipple and released it triggering a loud “oohhwww” from Becky as it pinched the sore nipple. He did the same to the right nipple with a similar response from Becky. With the clamps back on, Tom added weights on each of them again. Tom swung the whip again aiming for her stomach, then her thighs. She grunted with each blow and felt the sting of the clamps on her nipples pull some as she jerked with the blows of the whip.

I guess this is what Destiny was feeling when I heard her grunting and moaning while she was being punished. These clamps really hurt, Becky thought.

She was focusing on her stinging nipples when Tom using the strap and Mr. Ed using the large crop started in on her thighs. Tom was in the front and Mr. Ed was in the back. The each aimed for her inner thigh on opposite sides, trying to land the blows at the same time. The first one took her by surprise and she tightened up all her muscles and screamed into the gag. Then as the pain was subsiding 5 seconds later the second series hit, then the third then the fourth and fifth. Her thighs were burning all over as the men got to 10 and quit. She was panting and moaning when they stopped. It was only about 30 seconds later that Mr. Ed started in again on her butt and Tom moved up to her lower stomach. Tom was aiming for the area just above her pussy and Mr. Ed was spreading his all over her whipped butt. They staggered their blows this time about every 3 seconds. After landing 8-10 blows each. The men stopped to let her rest. Tears were streaming down her face from the stinging pain of her stomach and her red butt. She could hardly breath fast enough as the men gave her a minute to catch up.

Mr. Ed came around the front and flicked the nipple clamps a couple of times. Becky grunted in pain each time as the weights started swinging. Those darn annoying clamps were really a pain. When she felt Tom’s hands on her right breast, she thought the clamps were coming off. When the first one was released, the blood started back into her nipple giving her a quick sharp pain. She grunted as it hit her brain and grunted again as the second clamp was removed. Mr. Ed grabbed one nipple and kneaded it working the blood back in as Becky groaned loudly. Tom worked the other and then the two of them pulled and pinched the nipples some. Becky was screaming into her gag wanting them to stop torturing her nipples.

Mr. Ed picked up the crop and laid it on top of her right breast. Becky wondered what was happening but when Mr. Ed started slapping the top of her breast, she knew her breasts were now the focus of attention and were in for some pain. After about 6-8 slaps to the top of her breast, Mr. Ed moved down to her swollen nipple and hit it 4-5 times. The explosion of pain hit her brain and she thought her nipple was on fire again. She tightened up every muscle in her body and screamed loudly. Handing the crop to Tom, he motioned for Tom to do the left breast. Tm laid the crop on the left breast with Becky now screaming into the gag. Landing 6-8 blows to the top of her left breast, he moved down and hit her nipple 4=5 times. The burning pain from this hit her brain again and she pulled on her bonds with all her might as she screamed again & again. When she quit screaming, she could hardly catch her breath and she was crying uncontrollably.

Destiny had been watching the whole thing as they progressed in punishing Becky. She had gotten out her bag and pulled out some fresh underwear and a T-shirt to put on. Then she found her mini skirt and slipped it on. Sitting back down she watched the men as they whipped & punished Becky. She was taking mental knots of how Mr. Ed worked the whip on her butt, how he worked her nipples from the suckers, thru to using the clamps and then the crop on them with no mercy. Mr. Ed and Tom were in for a tough time when they were finally tied. She was waiting to see if they would strap or whip Becky’s pussy. They had whipped hers, but when she and Mr. Ed had done the last bondage session she thought he had used the strap. “Will strapping Becky pussy be her extra punishment like it was for me last week? She thought. Maybe they will use the small crop she had seen laying nearby. This should be interesting. Becky and I will need to compare notes on this because, I am seeing what they are doing to her and I think she saw what they did to me. Those two men are in for some real pain when it is their turn.

Tom moved behind Becky and quickly surprised her with a dozen slaps of the slapper all over her ass. He was not holding back as he laid one after another. Mr. Ed motioned for him to come up front and lay some firm ones on Becky’s thighs again. She could not get away from the slaps and was soon crying uncontrollably.

“Becky, can you hear me?” Mr. Ed asked.

She nodded as she sobbed while hanging from her arms.

“It is time for your extra punishment. Are you ready? You probably don’t want us to hit your nipples again, right?”

She nodded.

“OK, No problem, we will do your pussy instead.”

Destiny smiled when she heard that exchange because that is what Mr. Ed had said to her last week at their bondage session.

Becky shook her head vigorously and tried to say “NNOOOOOO” thru her gag. Tom was not sure he wanted to do this but they had whipped Destiny’s pussy some, so why not.

Mr. Ed lined up in front of Becky and said, “OK Becky, get ready for your extra punishment.” He gave the slapper a pretty firm swing and landed the first slap dead center on her cunt. She screamed and jerked on her arms as the pain hit her. Mr. Ed waited about 2 seconds and gave her a second one, followed by 4 more with 2 seconds between each of them. When he had finished, he motioned for Tom to give her 5 more slaps of the strap. He kept the spacing to about 2 seconds giving her 5 slaps of the strap with the hardest one being the last one. By now her pussy was getting sore. She screamed into her gag again and again. After a short time, she quit screaming so Mr. Ed motioned for Destiny to come over to stand in front of Becky. He handed her the slapper motioned for her to give Becky 5 slaps on her pussy. Destiny gave Mr. Ed an OK sign and like Tom she gave Becky 5 slaps directly on her pussy with about only a second between each. Becky was surprised with this third set and was again crying and sobbing when Destiny finished. With the crop in hand Destiny started swing again aiming for each of Becky’s thighs. After about 10 quick slaps, Destiny took aim and hit Becky’s right nipple 4 times and only seconds later she gave the left nipple 4 quick firm slaps.

Tom unhooked the Becky’s gag so she could breathe better. She was sobbing so much that she was having a hard time breathing. It was time to unhook her and get her tied to the mattress. They each unhooked a leg tie so she could stand up straight. Together they unhooked the ropes on her arms and picked her up. Tom picked her up and told her they were going to let her rest now. He carried her to the mattress, and laid her down. The two men quickly tied her arms and legs spread out. She just let them do what they wanted to get her tied because she just did not have the strength to fight them.

The men let her rest for a couple of minutes before Tom asked “are you ready to get climaxed and fucked?”

“Yes, please” she replied feebly, “I really want to get fucked and climaxed.”

Since Tom was already naked, he started putting on a condom. Mr. Ed knelt between her legs and started licking her pussy. She was ready alright. In no time she was squirming and panting as she got close to climaxing. Quickly she arched her back and climaxed, screaming loudly.

“Tom, can you put the ball gag back in her?” Mr. Ed asked, as he moved back down to lick her pussy. Tom barely got the gag in when she climaxed again and then again. Mr. Ed moved away so Tom could move in. Tom got his head in position and started licking her pussy. It did not take long before Becky was again shaking all over and then breaking into a climax. Tom continued until Becky had climaxed 3 more times. Moving up onto Becky, Tom slid his hard cock into her wet pussy. This is what Becky was waiting for. Finally, she was getting the real thing. She was glad she had checked the box on the consent form saying she wanted to get fucked. Becky knew it was Tom when he slid in. Tom rammed his cock to the hilt over and over and Becky quickly climaxed while Tom continued to bang her. She was on her second climax when Tom climaxed and collapsed on top of her.

Destiny watched as Mr. Ed unwrapped his kilt. She knew what he looked like under his kilt so he was not worried that she wasn’t blindfolded like Becky. He had on a black jock strap that only covered his cock & balls. The back was just straps leaving the cheeks of his ass bare.

“I hope he wears that when we tie him up. We can whip his bare ass without even taking off his underwear.” Destiny thought.

When Mr. Ed was naked, he put on a condom and got ready to fuck Becky. Tom was getting up from Becky when Mr. Ed moved in between Becky’s spread out legs. Her pussy was dripping and she was still breathing rapidly from getting fucked by Tom. Kneeling down Mr. Ed slid his cock in easily. Becky groaned as he slid back out a little and then rammed his cock in. Because she was still blindfolded, she could not see Mr. Ed’s cock, but when he slid his cock into her, she knew it was him and was surprised to feel how hard he was. Get it over with, you old goat, she thought. He quickly got into a smooth rhythm, forcing his cock deep into her, pounding his pelvic bone into her pelvic bone and her clit. In no time she was climaxing, screaming into her gag. Mr. Ed continued to bang her, hoping to get her to climax again. He climaxed in a rush and like Tom, he laid down on top of her hot and sweaty body as he caught his breath. Mr. Ed could hardly believe how good it felt to lay lightly on top of Becky. He did not want it to end.

When he got up, Tom was still getting dressed so Mr. Ed did the same. Becky laid there exhausted and still blindfolded. When the men were dressed, Tom removed the blindfold and the gag. Then Tom started untying Becky’s arms and Mr. Ed undid her legs. It was a bit before Becky tried to get up. Destiny came over and helped Becky up and offered her a drink from the Ice chest. By then Tom and Mr. Ed had also put some clothes on and went to the ice chest for a cold drink. They drank in silence until Becky looked at Tom and said. “Tom, you and Mr. Ed really put me through the ringer. I didn’t think I would like getting fucked while being tied up, especially by an old man like you Mr. Ed, but it was great. It was really over the top, but you need to remember that this was only the first part of the bargain. You guys are in serious trouble when we meet back here in four days. Destiny and I need some time to regroup and renew ourselves, but rest assured we will remember everything you guys put us through. Now come bring that stool over so I can stand on it and you can give me a proper hug and a real kiss.” When they separated, Becky asked Mr. Ed to come to her for a hug and kiss. Destiny’s turn on the stool was next. She welcomed both men for a warm hug and a passionate kiss. When they were finished, they all helped pack up all of Mr. Ed’s things and carry them to his car that was down the trail some.


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