Bondage in the Woods

by Knotmaster

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Continued from

Part Three

Mr. Ed gets tied this time

It was a month after Destiny had submitted to being tied, climaxed & punished in the woods by Mr. Ed and Dustin. She Left a note on the tree at the site asking to meet up again. She did not have a good way to contact Mr. Ed and hoped that this would do. She wanted to do something like that again.

She thought back when:

Destiny had signed the invitation indicating she was over 18 and that she wanted to do this. After the first bondage session she had decided to be much more adventurous this time. She had checked and signed box #1. She had also checked & signed for unlimited penetration for box #2, and had boldly checked & signed for box #3 also. Mr. Ed looked at the signed document, trying to hide his astonishment & excitement, while Destiny nervously looked at the mattress that was covered with a blanket. Last time she had gotten 13 climaxes while naked and tied down to that mattress.

She had signed the consent form and agreed to get tied up, punished & fucked. It was an intense experience. She wanted to do it again. She remembered her final moments on that day:

As Mr. Ed started packing up his things, Destiny walked up to him and took his hand. She led him away from the mattress so she could talk to him privately. Turning to face him, she said “This afternoon was beyond words. I am still tingling inside from the climaxes I had and my nipples almost feel like they still have clamps on them. My heart is still racing and I am just drained. I really would like to do this again. I gave you everything I had while I was tied up so I can only give you a hug and kiss before I leave.” In a whisper she said to him, “I want to do this again but with just you and me.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in to her pressing her breasts into his chest. Her lips met his and she kissed him again and again. “Thanks for a great time.” She said as she walked away.

Mr. Ed had planned the whole thing and Dustin was just along for the ride. Destiny thought to herself.

She had gone to Goodwill for that event and bought old clothes so when they got ruined, she would not be out much and Mr. Ed had provided money to cover the cost of anything ruined. His donation had more than covered her Goodwill clothes. She was sure Mr. Ed would go for another session but what did she want it to be like.

Would I want to get tied up again? Yes! Maybe have a girlfriend come along and make it a threesome or a foursome. Maybe I could just try asking Mr. Ed if he would submit to being tied like I was and then I would be the one to deliver the punishment and make him climax. Would he go for it? I would love to give him a whipping like he & Dustin gave me. I have not forgotten about the nipple clamps and the crop. Can I do to him what he did to me. You bet I can. I would even make him sign a consent form, so I would be safe from it being considered rape. Wait a minute, would I suck him dry or maybe have him tied down on a mattress and ride his cock. Now that sounds like fun.

Her note read:

Mr. Ed,

I want to do another Outdoor bondage. Just the two of us. I want to tie you up and/or be tied again soon, if not yesterday. That day in the woods a month ago was really special. I have not stopped thinking about it. I am getting warm just thinking about it now. Please contact me ASAP. I want to put a plan together for us to meet in the woods.


Two days later Mr. Ed came across the note and wondered what she meant by “wanting to tie and/or be tied.” Would she really want to tie me up and punish me? After what Dustin & I did to her, she might want to get back at me. Well, she does know what it feels like that’s for sure. It was so much fun getting her to climax over and over again. Would only a repeat be fun for her again? Maybe I could let her tie me up and whip me, but I would want to do her first?

Mr. Ed was able to contact her the next day and he met her at the McDonalds in Walmart. She looked good and she had a smile on her face when she entered McDonalds and found Mr. Ed at a table in the corner. They hugged and then sat down to talk about another, ‘Bondage in the Woods Adventure. She wanted another adventure and she wanted to tie up Mr. Ed. She wanted to experience being on the dominant end instead of the submissive. She even thought she might have a girlfriend that she could talk into getting tied and climaxed like she had been. It would be good to have to two guys there, if there were two girls tied up. Dustin had moved away so we would have to find someone else. They made a date to meet at the site in two days. That would give Mr. Ed some time to get things ready.

Destiny arrived at the selected site grinning and ready for action. She had hoped to bring a friend but that did not work out. She had on a button up blouse and a light button up skirt. Underneath She was wearing what looked like panty hose. thick socks and walking shoes. She was carrying a cloth bag that had her spare clothes. Mr. Ed was already sitting waiting on an old bucket. He stood and opened his arms so he could get a hug. Mr. Ed was wearing a nice shirt and a kilt skirt, with tall socks and black shoes. Destiny’s eyes wandered down his body, taking in the kilt and wondering what was underneath. She had heard many kilt wearers went commando (no underwear). Mr. Ed looked at her blouse where her breasts were clearly outlined. Then lowered his gaze to her skirt and then to her shapely legs and black hose. He was clearly impressed as he returned to look at her face and tried to hide his excitement at her decision to wear panty hose and ask for punishment.

He smiled and said, “It is great to see you again. You look as sexy as ever. I really hope this is going to be another great afternoon for both of us. Do you want something to drink? I have water, coke, and some rum if you want a rum and coke!!”

Destiny asked for a rum & coke and sat down on a nearby bucket. Mr. Ed watched as she sat down and noticed her skirt ride up some. Getting right down to business, she dug into her bag and handed him her consent form. She had signed up for everything. She wanted to tie him up, and she wanted to get stripped, whipped and penetrated. Mr. Ed handed her his consent form and he had also consented to everything including getting tied, punished and climaxed. “Nice pantyhose. I accept your request to be punished,” he said.

In response she said “I wore them special for you and so you could punish me, like you and Dustin did last time. Nice kilt, are you Scottish or Irish? I see you have signed up for getting tied and punished also. I can hardly wait to get you tied and naked. And what are you wearing under that kilt?”

“I am a lot Irish and you will find out what I am wearing under my kilt soon enough, but you will have to tie me up before you will get to take off my kilt.” he replied.

She responded, “If that is an invitation for me to tie you up so I can take off your clothes, then I accept the invitation and can hardly wait to get started doing it. I have been trying to imagine getting you tied naked and using a whip on your butt for nearly a month now.”

“Yes, that was an invitation to tie me up and strip me.” He said grinning as he sat down on an old chair he had scrounged up in woods. “And by the way, if a man asked you what you had on under your skirt, he would expect to get slapped. Asking what a man is wearing under his kilt is also rude, and you have just earned yourself some extra punishment.”

“Well hell, I guess I asked for that. That was rude, and I apologize. I cannot believe I asked that,” she said, hoping her apology was good enough to make him forget about the extra punishment. He made a point of ignoring her apology, making her think she was going to find out what that extra punishment would be soon enough.

Looking around she noticed the four anchors next to the air mattress with ropes tied to them. Then she saw the yellow ropes tied to two pine trees on their right. She took another big drink from her cup, thinking, I want to tie him to those trees and rip his clothes off. I could whip him front and back. I wonder if he will be doing that to me there again like last time?

Finishing off her rum & coke, and with as much courage as she could muster, she said, “I am ready to start the fun.”

Rubbing her hands up and down her hose, she pulled her skirt down a bit with nervous energy. She was nervous because she would be punishing him and she did not know how that would go. Could I really use a whip on Mr. Ed? Then she remembered how he had whipped her to tears a month ago. Pay back time. Would he get angry or just tough it out or would I get him crying like a baby?

Mr. Ed stood up, looked at her and said “since you signed up for everything and you are wearing panty hose today which is a clear infraction of the dress guidelines, I think you need to be punished first.” Mr. Ed smiled.

Destiny replied, “Yes, I knew the pantyhose were outside the dress guidelines, that’s why I wore them. I want to be tied up first so that way I will get a refresher on how this is done and I will know how far to go with you. Just remember that when you are whipping me, that I get to tie you up for punishment afterwards, so what comes around goes around. I may not have given anyone punishment before, but I am a quick learner and it looks like we have plenty of equipment to make this very interesting. I am really excited about today and can hardly wait to get started. Where do you want me? On the mattress, or between the trees like last time?”

“Let’s get you tied standing between the trees. Just stand on the short stool and I will get the wrist cuffs on so I can hook up the ropes. Do you want to have me remove any of your clothes before you get tied up so they don’t get ruined?”

“No, it’s more fun when you cut and rip them off, so you can destroy them if you want.”

She stood quietly holding out her arms, while he connected the cuffs. Then one by one he pulled her arms up and connected the cuff to the ropes. With her arms tied out and up, Mr. Ed connected the ankle cuffs to each leg. After asking her to spread her legs to a comfortable width, he tied the cuff on her left ankle to the bottom of the tree then the right leg to the bottom of the other tree.

Well this is interesting. With my legs out wide like this, he will have a great view of my pussy when he gets me naked. He will also have easy access to whip my pussy too. Oh boy, did I really just think about that or did I want him to do that all along. Last time I begged him not to do it. I think he did it anyway but only lightly and only after I was tied to the mattress. The cunt whipping was so intense that I climaxed a couple of times when he did it to me. I loved it that time. He will have to put a gag in my mouth again because I know I will be screaming soon if he whips my pussy. I know he won’t really hurt me but this is still going to sting. That’s OK, he will be next and if he makes me cry, then I will make him cry too. Count on it.

With her legs tied out wide and with her arms tied out, she was mostly comfortable but also uncomfortable thinking about what he was going to do to her while she was in this position.

Mr. Ed reached down, picked up the blindfold and stood behind her. Putting it over her head he covered her eyes and tied it in back. Pushing himself into her backside he reached his arms around her and fondled her breasts, and hugged her tightly. He ran his hands up and down her sides and then over her stomach. He was warming her up before getting to the job of removing her clothes. Moving to stand in front of her, he firmly kneaded her breasts. She moaned a little as he pulled and squeezed them. Putting a hand on her chest just below her throat, and grabbing the top of her blouse where the first button was, he pushed her back and pulled hard on her blouse at the same time. She knew something was going to happened but was still surprised as the fabric ripped and the buttons popped as he ripped the front of blouse to expose her bra. Not all the buttons had ripped loose so he placed his left hand against her right breast. Squeezing it firmly, so she could not move much, he quickly pulled the bottom of the blouse to rip out the rest. Using a scissors, he cut away the blouse, and let it fall in shreds around her feet. She knew her skirt would be next and was not surprised as she felt her skirt being lifted some and him fiddling with the buttons. Some of the button holes were quite tight and it took some time to get all 5 buttons undone. Soon he was unwrapping the skirt from her and throwing her skirt aside.

Surprise,she thought to herself. He had just discovered her secret. She was not wearing pantyhose, but had put on an old fashioned black garter belt and was wearing nylons that covered her thighs almost up to her crotch. She had put on a black pair of panties over top of the garter straps. Without her blouse and skirt, she could feel the welcome coolness from a little breeze. It did make her a little nervous as she thought about what she must look like tied up like this.

“WOW!,” was his comment. “I like it. You look very sexy. Are you hoping to get less punishment by wearing something sexy like this?”

“No, but I knew you would like the look though. Come to think about it, you will probably want to punish me more because I am wearing the garter and nylons.” was her answer.

“I think first I need to see some nipples. So be still again because I am going to cut off your bra.” Mr. Ed said.

Taking off his own shirt, he laid it aside and moved back in front of her. He pulled the bra strap away from her shoulder then slid the scissors under the strap of her bra and easily cut the fabric. He did the same to the other strap. Pushing the bra down over her stomach, he uncovered her breasts. With her mature figure, she had big breasts but she was still young enough that her breasts had very little sag. They were just nice, perky globes with large dark areolas surrounding the nipples. Gazing at them for a moment, he then cut the bra in half and threw it to the side. Wow. She looked sexy standing topless, with nylons & garters and of course helpless too. Moving up in front of her, Mr. Ed put his hands on her hips and slowly brought them up her sides then over to her smooth breasts. After cupping them, he kneaded the nipples some then wrapped his arms around her and brought her into him. Angling her head up, he kissed her warmly savoring the taste of her mouth. Pressing into her he could feel her nipples pushing on his stomach. She responded by pressing her lips into his. Her excitement went directly from her lips to her pussy. Bob gently bent over some and started caressing her right leg. Starting near her knee, and slowly moving his hand up her thigh, she tightened her stomach involuntarily as her vagina tightened when he got closer to the top of her nylon and then up the skin close to her crotch. He continued to hug her topless body and fondle her right leg all the way to her crotch when he noticed she was responding so much to his touch. Eventually after deeply kissing her lips again, he pulled away leaving her a little breathless and went back to the mattress where his bag was resting. Digging in his bag he came out with the nipple hardware, a ball gag, the whip, crop & strap. Destiny could hear him rustling thru his bag and knew he was getting out his toys.

Setting the toys down next to her, he picked up the nipple suckers and after pinching the left nipple, he put the sucker on it. Then he moved to the right one. He tightened them up until she started moaning.

“Just getting your nipples stretched out a little more to get them ready for some clamps.”

Picking up the ball gag he moved behind her, pushing his groin into her butt while holding the ball gag in front of her face he asked her if she was too warm wearing those nylons. Knowing he was behind her, she thought maybe he was preparing to cut off the panties and nylons from behind, When she opened her mouth to tell him she was getting warm but not from wearing the nylons, he pulled the ball gag into her mouth and tied it in the back. She never got to answer him.

By now the nipple suckers had her nipples pulled out nicely and ready for the clamps. Removing the suckers, he quickly clamped the butterfly nipple clamps on her extended nipples. He added a weight to each clamp. Each time he put one on, she cried out exclaiming about how much it hurt. Mr. Ed knew what she was trying to say but with the ball gag in her mouth, it just came out garbled. Next, he picked up the whip and moved behind her. He set himself to do some backhanded swings first. She did not hear him move because she was being too noisy moaning about the clamps on her nipples. She jumped and grunted as she felt the first blow hit her butt. She was still wearing her black panties so the whip was not too bad. After five backhanded swings, Mr. Ed moved to the other side and gave her 5 more firm blows with a forehand swing. The whip made a lot of noise but she was not responding much from it. Tiring of this, Mr. Ed went to his bag and pulled out the slapper. Walking behind her again, he delivered 5 firm slaps on one cheek of her ass and then 5 firm slaps to the opposite cheek. Now he could tell she was feeling it. She was moving her butt around and grunting each time he hit her butt. Each time she moved though, the weights would swing and pull on her nipples.

She was a little out of breath when Mr. Ed moved to the front of her. Backing up a little, Mr. Ed hit her stomach with the whip 5 times with a good forehand swing. When he stopped, Destiny cringed as she wondered if he was going to whip her breast now. Moving in front of her, Mr. Ed wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. As he hugged her, she could feel her breasts crushed into his chest making her clamped nipples hurt. She was still whimpering a little as he told her that he was going to cut off her panties so she needed to be still. Reaching for the waistband of her panties, he cut downward on each leg, then across the front. The fabric fell away as he cut them all the way down each leg. All she had on now was her black garter belt and the nylons hooked up to the garter. Right now, she just wanted to have him touch her pussy and get her climaxed. Once again, he stood in front of her, and hugged her. Using his left hand, he gently ran his hand up her nylons. She sucked in her stomach and tried to will his hand to move up to her pussy. Finally moving up her thigh, his fingers touched her wet cunt. He ran is fingers up and down her pussy and then tried to inserted one into her open fuck hole. With her legs tied out wide, he had no trouble getting in. After pushing in two of his fingers he ran them in and out a couple of times, she was starting to pant into her ball gag. She was really enjoying the attention her pussy was getting. Watching her get more and more excited, he pulled out and backed away to let her calm down. With her savoring the building climax, and hoping he would give her pussy more attention she was disappointed when his hand left her pussy. He picked up the two white clothes pins with a chain attached. Reaching down to her vulva, he squeezed the right side and clamped the first clothespin on. She groaned and then screamed. He quickly pulled on the other side and clamped the second one on. She had never had clothes pins on her pussy before and tried to move to make them more comfortable and only succeeded in causing them to hurt more as they dangled between her legs. Since there was a chain attached between the clothes pins, he clipped a couple of weights to the chain, causing the lips of her pussy to stretch. She was grunting and moaning all the time he was putting the clothes pins & weights on her pussy lips.

With her dressed only in garter & nylons, & with clamps on her most sensitive parts, she was really turned on. He picked up the crop and taking aim he laid 4-5 slaps on her belly button. Then moving his aim down he laid 5-6 slaps to the area just above her pussy. Right on the pubic bone. After a moment with her squirming some, he gave her 5 more slaps of the crop just above her pussy. She was groaning and whimpering when he stopped. Picking up the chain on the pussy clamps, and aiming for the area on her inner thigh only 3 inches away from her pussy, he gave her right thigh 5-6 slaps and then moving to the left thigh. He gave her 5-6 slaps on her inner thigh just below her pussy. With the heat of the crop so close around her pussy & and with the pain of the clamps, she was quivering with excitement. I am going to cum, she thought. Then her whole body stiffened and she climaxed violently, screaming into her gag.

Giving her no time to recover from her climax, Mr. Ed moved behind her and started slapping her naked butt with quick bursts of 4-5 slaps at a time. In no time she was squirming from the pain. With her crying again, he moved to her front. The clamps & chain were still there dangling every time she moved, and she had been moving a lot. Her nipples & vulva must be hurting, he thought. The perfect time to use the crop on those areas. Mr. Ed reached up and gently took the tension off the first nipple clamp. Destiny screamed as the blood came back into the nipple. The second nipple was no different. Mr. Ed grabbed both nipples and massaged them roughly while Destiny screamed from the pain. Reaching down to her pussy, he pulled off the clamps on her pussy as she groaned from the pain. Then stepping back, he picked up the crop and moved to the side so he could take some quick slaps to her stomach. He aimed at her belly button first. Then moved down and gave her 5-6 slaps just above her pussy again. She cried out and squirmed as her lower stomach got hot again from the crop. Having been thru this the last time, Destiny knew her nipples would probably be next. She steeled herself and waited for the crop touch her breast. She was not disappointed. Mr. Ed laid the crop on her right breast. She knew what was coming and started screaming before he even started. He slapped the top of her breast a few times firmly getting his aim right, then he gave her sore nipple 3 slaps. The muscles in her arms and legs tightened up and She tried to double over from the pain and to protect herself, but she could not move enough. Mr. Ed slapped the top of her left breast a couple of times and moved to the nipple to give 3 quick slaps to her already puffed up & sore nipple. She was screaming and jerking on her bonds trying to tell him to stop. he laid 3 more slaps to each nipple, leaving her sobbing & shaking. Mr. Ed had one more thing he wanted to do.

“Now for the extra punishment I promised when you rudely asked what I was wearing under my kilt.”

She had forgotten all about that. She shouted into her gag saying, ”Please don’t hit my nipples again. Please don’t hurt me. Please.”

“Don’t worry, I have an even better place to crop you.”

Ignoring her protests, he moved behind her and fondled the cheeks of her ass. Then, kneeling down he looked up into her wet pussy and got a good look at where to aim the crop. Standing up and bending over so he could see, he reached under her and fondled her pussy, pushing his fingers up into her fuck hole. The clothes pins were still hanging from her pussy and he made them swing as he stood up. She heard him moving to the front again and reaching down he removed the clothespins and weights. They hurt like the dickens when he removed them. She could only scream into her gag.Are you ready for your extra punishment?”

Knowing what he might be thinking she shouted into her gag. “No, Not my pussy, please, no! Hit my nipples instead.” It of course came out all garbled so he could not understand it.

“OK, You want me to hit your nipples again after I hit your pussy. I can handle that.”

Mr. Ed stood in front of he and lined up the crop on her pussy as she was shouting, “NO. NO. NO!” He gave her pussy 5 quick firm slaps. She screamed again from the pain that burned in her pussy. I will get you for that, just wait until I have you tied up, she thought, as she sobbed with tears running down her face. Ignoring her tears, and picking up the clamps again, he pulled out her right nipple, he put a clamp on it. She continued to scream as he put a clamp on the left one.

When she had quieted down some, he told her, “Ok, here is the deal. I am going to give you a break and let up a bit. I am going to unsnap your arms one at a time and I want you to bend over and put it on your thigh to help balance.”

When her arm was released, she took her hand and rubbed her sore pussy a little, then put her loose hand on her thigh. Mr. Ed tied it with the leftover cord from her ankle ropes. He did the other side the same way. Now she was bent over at the waist with her back nearly parallel with the ground. When she bent over, the clamps on her nipples pulled downward. Picking up the weights again, he added a weight on each clamp. Now the clamps really hurt. She was moaning from the pain as he quickly removed his kilt and his underwear. He picked up a medium weight whip and put it on her back. Removing the gag she had in her mouth, he grabbed the hair on the back of her head and lifted her head so he could put his hard cock in her mouth.

“Suck on this while I whip your pussy.”

He started whipping her between the cheeks of her ass. The ends of the whip were bending over the crack of her ass and landing on her pussy right near her clitoris. He was giving her light to medium lashes as she grunted with each blow. She was starting to shake so he started whipping faster. In no time she climaxed groaning as she was sucking on his dick. He knew he would not last long so he kept whipping her pussy as she climaxed again. He climaxed right after she did and he pumped his load into her mouth, telling her to swallow it all or he would crop her pussy again.

Pulling out of her mouth, Mr. Ed grabbed the dildo and knelt down in behind her. He inserted the dildo in her wet cunt. She tightened up her vagina and squeezed on the dildo as he slowly fucked her with the dildo. She came in a rush, straining and then just leaning on her arms.

Quickly, Mr. Ed. Put his kilt back on and also his underwear. Then reaching down he untied her arms so she could stand up straight. Then he removed the clamps from her nipples. She screamed again as each of them came off. Then he unsnapped her ankle shackles so she could put her legs together and stand normally. Taking off the blindfold, he hugged her one last time and enjoying the feel of her hot sweaty body against his. When she was fully untied, she limped around the site to get herself loosened up. She was a sight for sore eyes walking around in the woods in just garters and nylons. You could tell where she had been whipped and cropped because the skin was red. Her butt was red, her stomach was red and her breasts were red. Her pussy still tingled from the crop and the climaxes she had. And she looked like she was VERY PISSED. How could he crop my pussy like that?? That extra punishment really hurt. I will never ask what’s under a kilt again, she vowed.

Mr. Ed did not want to think he had gone too far but maybe he had.

“If you think I went too far with the crop on your pussy, I am sorry,” he said, in hopes it would make her feel better about what happened while he had her tied spreadeagled. Destiny ignored his comment, which added to his worrying about giving her the extra punishment. He asked her if she wanted another rum & coke.

“That would be nice, thank you Sir,” she said firmly and politely, trying not to sound angry. She did not fool Mr. Ed, she was acting too nice. After getting the drink she walked around the mattress and around the two trees trying to put together a plan for tying and whipping him. Mr. Ed, quietly watched her as she walked nearly naked drinking her rum & coke. Her breasts were bouncing and her ass swaying as she walked. Mr. Ed’s gaze followed her everywhere. She really looked sexy walking around the site in a garter belt & nylons.

“Look what you have done to me,” she said, as she looked down on her breasts and stomach. “I need a few minutes to decide on what I want to do before I get started on you.” There was a touch of anger in her voice.

“Take all the time you need, and again I am really sorry if you are angry with me about the extra punishment. Please forgive me if I hurt you.”

Mr. Ed waited patiently while she got her plan together. She drank her drink while she looked at him sitting on the old bucket. She could tell that he was nervous about getting tied. He had every right to be after what he had just put her through. She still did not know what he was wearing under his kilt. He was in for a surprise if he thought his punishment was going to be easy. She continued watching him, making him think she was more angry that she really was. When she was more composed, she got up and started walking around again knowing he was watching her every move and of course her tits and ass.

Abruptly she said, “I have to go pee, don’t go anywhere. It’s my turn to tie you up and whip you now. Something I have been waiting almost a month to do.”

When she returned to the site, she finished her drink and announced with the voice of authority: “OK, I have decided on where I want you to be when I tie you up. We are going to skip the mattress for now, so I am going to tie you to the trees where you tied me. So let’s get started,” she commanded.

Still wearing his kilt and he quickly walked over to the spot, turned to face her and hung his head down. Dragging over the old bucket next to the trees, Destiny put the wrist cuffs on his shaking outstretched arms. She stood on the bucket and tied out his right arm. Going to the left she tied that one as snug as she could.

“I have to tie your legs so please bear with me on this. I want you to spread your legs as far out as you can.”

She put a ankle cuff on each leg and then tied them to the two trees. Later when she got him naked, his thighs would be in a great position to whip & strap.

Liking the idea of the blindfold she quickly put that over his eyes and tied it behind his head. She decided that before she put the ball gag in his mouth, she wanted to hug & kiss him. Maybe she could comfort him enough to get him to stop shaking. She stepped up in front of him she pressed her body into his chest. Wrapping her arms around him, she hugged and kissed him until he was calm. She gently ran her hand up his leg starting at the knee and slowly moved up.

WOW, that feels good. Maybe she is not as angry as I thought she was. Or maybe it is the calm before the storm, he thought as she eventually came up to his crotch and touching his underwear.

OK, so now I know he is not doing the commando thing. I received all that punishment just to find out he was wearing underwear all the time.

“What did you use on my tits that hurt so much?”

“I used the white & clear suckers that screw up for increased pull. They are too big for my nipples so you might want to use the purple bulb suckers on me. I used the crop on your nipples. There are two crops. The long one stings a lot and the heart shaped one has more padding and needs a harder swing to make it sting. The long one can be quite extreme and you need to careful with it. It is not something you want to use like a paddle. Short quick strokes works best,” he said. “The strap I used on your butt before I took off your tights and panties, was the black slapper. It can be brutal also so be careful if you use it. I used the crop on your pussy for the extra punishment.”

“OK, thanks,” she said, “there are three types of nipple clamps here. Which ones did you use on tits and what did you use on my pussy lips?”

“I used the butterfly clamps with attached chain on your nipples pussy. They will work great on my nipples too. The plastic clothes pins are what I used on your pussy lips. They have a groove that keeps the clothespin from pinching to much. The metal ones with the heavy ring are OK to use for a short time, although they do hurt some, and they slide off when the skin gets wet.” There two sets of weights and they weigh 2oz each. I used one set on your nipples and one on your pussy.”

“One more question... I plan to be just as hard on you so, when I use a gag on you to keep you quiet, do I use the same one you used on me.”

“Yes, or there is a second one in the tool bag, and it whistles when I breath hard.”

“I intend to find out if old men cry more than young men, so get ready for some action. Now that you are helpless to stop me, it is time to get suckers on your nipples so I can put the clamps on later, just like you did to me.”

She licked on the nipple suckers and put them over his nipples. She held them tight on his skin so they would make a good seal and soon they were pulling nicely.

She picked up the gag, moved close up in front of him, and asked him if he would need a drink before she went any further. When he opened his mouth, she pushed the ball gag in and slipped the strap over his head. He soon felt his kilt moving on the bottom and her hand start touching his right knee. She brought her hand up his thigh and under his kilt. He felt her hand touch his underwear. He felt some tugging on the bottom of the kilt while she tried to unhook the pin that kept the flap in place. Then he felt her tugging on his kilt near the waist and could tell she was working on the buttons and buckles. A moment later, he felt the kilt unwrap and get pulled away. He was standing there dressed only in his black bikini underwear. When she saw this she thought, did I see a spray bottle around her someplace? Sure enough, she found a sprayer with cold water in it in the ice chest. Kneeling in front of him, and aiming the sprayer at his crotch she pumped the lever. She hit his underwear with a dozen strong blasts of ice cold water. The water went right through the fabric, instantly chilling his cock & balls. He jerked and moaned as his crotch started freezing. Moving to his rear she pumped 12 times and blasted his butt. He had ice cold water running down both legs. Going back to his front, she pulled on the waist band of his underwear so she could aim into his crotch. Pumping the bottle 10 times, she filled his underwear.

She picked up the whip and standing behind him she laid into his butt with a dozen blows swinging the whip as hard as she could. When the first blow hit, Destiny could see his muscles tighten in his butt. He grunted some each time the whip connected. She was getting frustrated because she wanted him to be crying by now. The whip did not seem to faze him. She kept whipping him for nearly 4 minutes. It was time to get serious. Picking up the slapper she started in on his butt again. He tightened his butt muscles again and held them tight while she slapped him. Now she was getting some real feedback, and the slapper even sounded like it hurt. She could tell he was hurting because he was grunting and moving a lot trying to get away from the slapper. She knew she could not hit his cock or balls because it could cause permanent damage but every where else was fair game. She moved to the front of him and seeing the suckers still on his nipples. She decided it was time to put the clamps on his nipples. Pulling off the sucker, she pushed the first clamp over his left nipple and released the clamp. He grimaced and groaned a little so she pressed on and put the second clamp on his right nipple. She pulled on the clamps to see if they would stay on. Picking up the weights she added a weight to each clamp. Reaching down she ran her hand up his leg and cupped his crotch. Getting the scissors, she slowly cut his bikini underwear to shreds. His balls were sucked up inside from the cold but his cock was springing to life. She gazed at his shaved crotch thinking about the men she had fucked and none of them had shaved themselves. This was a nice change.

He was still panting and gasping for air when she picked up the crop. She moved to the side and started cropping his right thigh with quick short strokes. He jumped with surprise as if he had just woke up. He was soon groaning and pulling trying to get away from the crop. She switched sides and started slapping the other thigh very close to his crotch. Soon he was again twisting away. Picking up the whip again she started laying blows to his stomach. Swinging as hard as she could she worked her way up.

Moving behind him, she stood off to the side and started in on his now bare butt. She did not hold back and gave him a half dozen quick hard slaps, spreading them out all over his rear. He pushed himself forward trying to get away from the crop. She just kept slapping him with quick short slaps. He was groaning and whimpering loudly and his butt was really starting to burn when she stopped.

She gave him a minute to get his breathing slowed down some. When he finally relaxed, he was quivering in anticipation of another set of slaps. Destiny walked around to the front of him and removed the nipple clamps. Stepping behind him, and getting on the bucket, she reached around him and began massaging his nipples and roughly pinching and pulling on his nipples making him grimace & groan. Moving back to his front, she again pinched his nipples pulling hard on them. He thought he knew what was coming next. He grimaced as he expected her to crop his sore nipples. Surprise, she landed the first 3-4 on his stomach then when he least expected it, she delivered 3 quick firm slaps on his right nipple. He screamed into the gag and tried to double over to make the pain less. She moved to the other side and repeated the process. 5 quick hard ones to his stomach and by then he knew his left nipple was next. He could not shrink away from it and she delivered 3 quick hard slaps to his sore left nipple. He screamed into the gag and pulled and jerked from the pain. He was out of breath now and gasping for air again.

When he quit moving some, Destiny gave his right nipple 3 more hard quick slaps driving him into a frenzy again. With almost no delay she gave his left nipple 3 more quick hard slaps. He went wild again from the pain and then sagged on his arms. He was gasping for air, his gag dripping wet, with tears running down his face. He tried to tell her to stop but he could not get it out because he was fighting to breath. He hung his head down sobbing. When he caught his breath some, she swung the crop and gave him 3-4 quick slaps to the right nipple again, and while he was stiff & straining from the pain, she hit his left nipple with 3-4 firm slaps. He was reeling from the pain again, moaning and whimpering into his gag. He was gasping for breath with his chest heaving. She thought he might have a heart attack. Reaching up she pulled the gag out of his mouth so he could breathe better thru his mouth. Standing in front of him on the stool, she reached around him and hugged his hot, sweaty shaking body, comforting him, just as he had done for her. When he was settled down and was breathing almost normal, she pressed her lips to his and kissed him firmly. She held her body as tight to him as she could. It felt so good.

Wrapping her hand around his now hard cock she decided to suck on it a little. She knelt down in front of him. With one hand on his cock and the free hand to lightly fondle his thighs and balls, she put her mouth over his cock and started sucking. Up and down her head went with her tongue pressing against his rising cock. She pulled away to take a break but kept fondling his shaved balls. Going back down she decided to press on and climax him so she could get back to some serious punishment. Because he had climaxed while he had her bent over, he was slow to get really hard. She finally gave up and decided to give him some more slaps of the slapper. Starting on his backside she gave him a dozen or so, then switched to his stomach and to his thighs. He was getting red all over just like she was when she was tied. He was gasping for breath when she landed a few slaps on each of his nipples. Finally, she untied his legs so he could straighten up. Then she disconnected his arms so he could put them down and finally removed the blindfold.

All he could do was limp over to the mattress and lay down whimpering as he was gasping for air. Destiny came and stood over him and saw that he was red all over. She might have gone to far she thought as he lay there breathing heavy and not saying a thing. She laid down next to him to comfort him. Wrapping her arms around him she was soon fondling his cock and balls.

His ass hurt, his nipples hurt, his stomach hurt but his cock was feeling good. Her gentle hands felt so good massaging his balls and squeezing his cock. He laid there for nearly 5 minutes enjoying her body next to him and letting her play with him before he rolled on his side.

Finally she pushed away from him and sat up. “I am sorry if I hurt you, I guess I got carried away trying to get back at you for punishing me so much. For a while there, I thought you might even have a heart attack when you were so out of breath.”

Mr. Ed replied “OK, stop right there, I got exactly what I wanted. You were GREAT!!! I signed the consent form asking to get punished. You signed the consent form asking for punishment and even wore tights so you would get punished. You knew coming in today, what you were in for, since you were punished last time too. I wanted to punish you first with some intensity, so you would feel good about reciprocating with similar intensity. I wanted you to be somewhat pissed off when it was my turn to get tied and punished. It worked!! I wanted you to lean into the whip, the strap and the crop. The repeated crop on my nipples really hurt a lot but it was what I wanted. I really hope we can set up something again soon. Lets meet at McDonalds at 11AM in 3 weeks from today, to talk about doing another afternoon in the woods.”

Looking into her eyes, Mr. Ed said, “I would love to see and hear you climaxing again. Let me lick your pussy and use the dildo so you can climax again. What do you say?”

“Sounds great! But only if I can suck on your cock and try to climax you again.”

He climbed on top of her in a 69 position and put his limp cock in her mouth. He got somewhat hard but she could not get him to climax again. Licking her pussy, Mr. Ed was able to get her climaxed one more time before he decided it was time to stop. When they were finally dressed again, they hugged and kissed promising to meet in next three weeks.


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