Bob and Carol and Alice 6

by Racer and Rick

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© Copyright 2008 - Racer and Rick - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; cuffs; pole; collar; oral; cons; X

story continues from: Parts 3, 4, & 5

(Racer and Rick are a relatively normal(?) heterosexual 30 something couple living in New York City who enjoy bondage, domination, and sex.  Rick is an accountant.  Racer is a rather good female long distance runner, and she placed well enough in last year’s New York City marathon that if you saw her real name you might recognize it).

* * * * * *

This is a story about two girls and a guy.  They are college-educated professionals successfully pursuing careers in a mid-western city.  All three attended college together, and all three are sexually passionate with an interest in bondage sex.  They attended college together, where Carol and Alice were roommates and they both dated Bob.  Carol is a blond, Alice is a brunette, and Bob is somewhere in between.  Bob is heterosexual, while Carol and Alice – well, we will let the reader decide!

They had the good fortune to find careers in the same city, and so they purchased three adjoining two-story condominium townhouses.  Bob’s is the one in the center.  They immediately had doors cut through in such a manner that they all had their own space and yet all three can gather together in any one of the three townhouses, which means the connecting doors are open most of the time.  In addition to being sexual partners, they are also good friends, and they frequently dine out together, work out at the gym together, or just hang out together.

And they have developed an interesting routine.  Once a week, usually on the weekend, they pursue their bondage lifestyle.  A pair of dice is rolled by each.  The person with the highest score gets to be the dom, in charge for the evening and entrusted with developing the sexual scenario.  The person with the lowest score is the sub.  The person with the median score is somewhere in between, depending on the whim of the winner.

They have some ground rules.  Safe and sane bondage is the byword.  There is no rough stuff or anything that leaves marks for more than a few hours.  (The dom is always acutely aware that next week, the roles may be reversed, and he/she may become the submissive).  Mutual sexual satisfaction is required.  On their home computers the screensaver is the phrase “Everybody cums – at least once”, and that is the underlying principle of their lifestyle.

* * * * * *

Part 6

I’m Carol.  And in tonight’s roll of the dice, Bob scored the highest and I scored the lowest.  Which means that I will be his sub for the evening, with Alice as a middle person.

Bob has a workshop in his garage, and he has been working on a project down there that he has been careful to keep out of sight from Alice and I.  His workshop has previously produced stocks, bondage benches, whipping posts, etc.

In his living room, Bob commands Alice and I to strip naked.  We fold our clothes neatly and leave them stacked on his couch.

Bob starts with me.  First he locks my wrists behind me in leather cuffs.  We prefer leather cuffs to steel handcuffs because they are more comfortable.  They lock together and are virtually inescapable.  Then Bob fits another set of cuffs to my upper arms and draws my elbows together until they almost touch in back.  After this there are a set of locking leather ankle cuffs separated by about six inches of chain.  Finally he places a high leather posture collar around my neck and it too locks in place with a small padlock.  My head is held up and I can only look straight ahead.  He snaps a metal leash to the D-ring on the front of the posture collar and leads me down the hall toward the spare bedroom, followed by Alice, who is naked but unfettered.  I have to take quick little steps because of the short chain between my ankle cuffs, and this makes my boobs bounce, so I feel mildly ridiculous.

When we enter his spare bedroom I suddenly see what he has been working on for the past few days.  In the middle of the bedroom stands a steel post about two inches in diameter and a little over 30 inches tall.  It is anchored securely on a 4’ by 4’ plywood base.  The post is a shiny stainless steel and the plywood base has been painted a sinister black.  The whole scene is so melodramatic that Alice and I both gasp with surprise.

Gently but firmly, Bob guides me to my knees with my stomach against the steel post.  I shiver at the contact with the cold steel post between my breasts and my nipples harden.

I am kneeling on a small knee-pad that is softer than the floor.  A strap is placed around the post and my waist and buckled tight, with the buckle in front of the post and well out of my reach.  The chain between my ankle cuffs is locked to a ring fastened to the base/floor.  Another short chain is locked snugly between my wrist cuffs and my ankle cuffs.

At the top of the post (just under my chin) a 2” ring is rigidly attached.  Bob feeds the chain from my posture collar through the ring and pulls it tight, and then locks it off with a small padlock.

On command, Alice braids my shoulder-length hair into a single pony-tail braid, starting high up on my head.  At the end of this single pony-table braid she weaves in a 2” steel ring.  Although I had not noticed it, there is a pulley mounted on the ceiling above the post.  A rope is run through the pulley with a snap-hook on the end of the rope.  Bob lowers the rope and snaps the hook through the ring in the end of my braid.  Pulling the slack out of the rope, he applies tension to the rope so that it holds my head immobile and up and ties it off to a ring in the wall.

I am really immobilized!  Between the rope from the ceiling and the posture collar, I cannot turn my head or look up or down.  My only horizon is a spot on the far wall – where Bob has had the foresight to place a full length mirror – so I have no choice but to look at myself!  My wrists and elbows and ankles are locked behind me, and the post holds me upright.  Alice can’t resist the temptation to tickle the upturned soles of my bare feet, and I can only squirm an inch or two.  As a finishing touch, Bob clips a nipple clamp on each of my breasts, linked together by a short length of chain that rattles against the steel post with the rise and fall of my chest as I breathe.

I don’t mind being bound hand and feet.  When I was a kid playing “Cowboys and Indians” I was always the girl that wound up being tied to a tree and groped by the boys.  I can spend hours in bondage while somebody else tease me or loves me or abuses me.

And I am hot and horny!  Being tied hand and foot makes my juices flow, and this particular position is especially erotic.  My cunt burns like a hot stove.  My face is level with the crotch of my two best friends, and I know that before the evening is over I will be forced to service them with my tongue.  While Alice alternates between tickling my feet and my boobs, Bob gets undressed.  He shrugs out of his shorts and has a rigid hard-on, with a drop of pre-cum glistening on the end of his dick.  He circles my helpless position, admiring his handiwork and my nakedness.  He runs his dick across my shoulder blades and even rubs it against my ear, and massages the pre-cum onto my shoulders (feels good).

Bob has a nice dick, and Alice and I are very fond of it.

To keep Alice out of mischief, Bob anchors her wrists behind her back with another set of locking leather wrist cuffs.   With his arm around her waist he approaches me and slides his dick between my waiting lips.  The position is perfect, and his dick slides down my throat and seems to touch my tonsils.  With his free hand, he grabs my hair, although I can’t move my head anyway.  He works his dick in and out of my mouth, savoring the pleasure and moaning softly.  My nose is buried in his pubic hair.  I can hear Alice smirking.

I suck him with vigor, and try to make him cum, but he is wary, and withdraws after several minutes.  He steps back and leaves me to the tender mercies of Alice.  With her hands locked behind her back, she can only present her shaved pussy for me to lick.  She is hot and wet and it tastes great.  She moans with pleasure as I tongue her clit and lick her with as much gusto as my bound position will allow.  She grinds her crotch into my face and I can tell she is frustrated since her hands are not free to grab my head.  Abruptly she reaches orgasm and I can tell it is a beaut.  She moans and writhes and stands on her toes and comes all over my face.

After her orgasm is past and her breathing subsides, Bob returns to the scene and forces Alice to her knees facing me.  He places a strap around our waists, locking us in a face-to-face kneeling position.  Alice gets a posture collar similar to mine so that she cannot look away.  My nipple clamps are removed and replaced with double-ended clamps that lock my left nipple to Alice’s right nipple and vice-versa.  Now any body motion on the part of either one of us will result in breast torture for both of us.  Her ankles also get locked together in leather cuffs.

My face is still wet with Alice’s vaginal juices.  We are locked face-to-face, and she kisses me with passion, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth.  I kiss back, and the world sorta goes around in circles for a few heady moments.  The air reeks of sex.

Now Bob steps in and sticks his dick between us.  I lick one side of it and Alice polishes the other side.  She smirks at me as we lick dick.  Bob pulls back and slides it into my mouth and then into Alice’s mouth alternately.  He grips our heads with each of his hands and moans in pleasure.

But he is also careful not to orgasm.  Withdrawing from this ménage-a-trois, Bob walks around our bound bodies and admires his handiwork.  He strokes the sole of Alice’s bound feet (she is ticklish) and makes her squirm.  He picks up his belt and slaps the soles of my feet, hard enough to make me jerk, which jerks on the nipple clamps and makes Alice squeal.

By now I have been tied in a kneeling position for an hour or so.  It is not exactly painful but is not exactly comfortable either.  My knees are starting to complain and my arms ache behind my back.  My head is still held upright by the rope and the loop in my braided hair.  And I want desperately want to cum – but can’t without some outside assistance.

Bob slips his hand between my thighs and penetrates my vagina.  His fingers probe me deeply and he strokes my clit and I love it.  I moan and squirm and generally make a fool of myself.  Alice smirks at me as I eventually cum – it feels like it starts at my toes and makes my head spin and I soar to the moon and back and it is great!  Then he turns and services Alice in the same way – and she certainly seems to enjoy it!

Bob steps back and unstraps Alice and helps her stand (she is a little unsteady).  He holds her with an arm around her waist and slips his dick into my mouth.  He plunges deep into my throat and I suck it with vigor.  With his free hand, he holds my head against his crotch so that my nose is in his pubic hair.  With arching gusto, he comes in my throat and his semen squirts in great gushing spurts.  When you are bound hand and foot and your guy comes in your mouth you don’t have a lot of choices except to swallow it but I don’t mind – it tastes hot and a little bland – like yesterday’s clam chowder.

Bob staggers and almost faints with the thunder of his orgasm.  He frees Alice from the cuffs and leaves the room to wash up, leaving me still bound and helpless.  Alice kneels and tongue-kisses me again, savoring the taste of cum and vaginal juices that by now are plastered all over my face.  Stretching lazily, she slowly and teasingly unlocks my wrists and ankles and waist strap and finally the chain from my collar.

We all take a shower together and soap each other and jerk Bob’s dick enough to make it hard again.  Then we go to Bob’s king-size bed, where we jump his bones and fuck each other and then sleep for hours.


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